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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  March 16, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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>>pam: as japan's nuclear nightmare deepens, the emperor goes on pension to stay calm. tokyo's streets are deserted as elevated radiation levels have spread beyond the evacuation zone. >> radiation levels are extremely high. >>pam: with four reactors in danger of meltdown the u.s. embassy is warning americans to stay at least 50 mi. away. >>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 4:00. >>pam: japanese officials say the best way of ending
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the threat of nuclear disaster is a new power line that could restore electrical power to the cooling pumps at the reactors. the u.s. regulatory commission said today all the water is gone from one of the polls. as kron 4 shows us, there is now nothing to stop the fuel rods from ultimately melting down. >>reporter: a new satellite pictures shows for the first time the extensive damage to the reactors. no. 1 lost its roof in an explosion, number two is in tact in releasing steam. no. 3 shows the most damage but the greatest danger is reactor for. it that is where all the water is train from the polls. u.s. officials say they could ignite with enough force to blast the radioactive fuel over the wide area. they told americans it's no longer safe to stay within 50 mi. of the plan. the japanese military tried to use helicopters to drop water on the reactors but then called
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them back when radiation levels bike. the crisis triggered a first-ever appearance of the japanese emperor on television. he told his people i pray we will take care of each other and overcome this tragedy. in downtown tokyo, and the streets. >> the water and no food so i am going back to my home town. >>reporter: it's scary says this owner of a new shop and lonely. no customers to serve the crowds are the airport. foreigners joining a mass exodus for one of the world's most populous cities. >> today's i felt ok but to. >>reporter: the nuclear crisis has overshadowed the last week's earthquake. the government has raised the official doubt that told the 4300. that number will likely double and could
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triple. food and power is running low, now snow and freezing temperatures are adding to their misery. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: we continue our coverage of the nuclear meltdown with kate thompson has been looking into the safety concerns. >>kate: people are watching the scary pictures from japan and are worried about how it's going to affect them. if we spoke with experts today in the confusion is is the radiation going to hit the west coast? experts your saying it was going to hit the west coast in a couple of days but it's in such a small amount, that people don't need to be worried about any sort of health risks. when the equipment starts to pick up the small readings of radiation. >> we will be able to measure it, the amount will be so small they will not cause any danger to anyone's health. we will be able to
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measure because our sensors are extremely sensitive to measure even minute amounts of radiation. it will not cause, any impact or health. >>kate: a simple way they tried to illustrate this to me is to think about it as the dose that makes the poison here. like with aspirin most people take one aspirin are to aspirin your fine. you take a thousand aspirin or 10,000 aspirin you're in trouble. it's how close you are to that source. california is 5,000 mi. away from japan, so even if we did those tiny readings, it's not that they did those that going to affect anybody negatively. >>pam: the more we see coming out of japan weekend in mind that enough. the crisis in japan is taking demand in the u.s. for potassium iodide. it's a cheap drugs that can protect against one type of radiation damage. christine
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conley spoke with state health experts and has the answers to some of your very important questions about the drug. >>christine: one of the most common questions it is will potassium iodide prevent radiation damage. state health officials say it only protect the thyroid would to see pictured here. it lies against the lyrics and trachea, the drug shields the thyroid from radioactive iodine which can cause thyroid cancer. think of the thyroid like a gas tank, if you fill up the tag with potassium iodide which is good iodide that prevents the bad radioactive iodine from coming in. potassium iodide blocks no other type of radiation and protect no other body part. it it should be given within a few hours of radiation exposure but it isn't considered that useful for people over the age of 40. should people be taking potassium iodide is precaution? health officials
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say the tablets which you see here are not recommended. they can pose a danger to people who of allergies to iodine, shellfish or have thyroid problems. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: growing concern it is prompting the united states government to provide action. the epa has announced it has plans to put an air monitors on the west coast. a source tells kron 4 news a new monitor could be coming to california and be placed here in the east bay. this is what the monitors look like. this one is currently in san francisco. experts explain they work by grabbing air samples and sending the information to testing sites throughout the united states. scientists then run a battery of tests. some of the test look for gamma radioactive material.
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besides stationary systems like this at the air resources board in the city, the epa also has mobile yet some of those are big world out right now to western states. in oakland, kron 4 news. >>pam: meanwhile the fear over japan's nuclear plants is raising concerns about nuclear sites here in california. jonathan blum joins us to show us just how close those plants are to where you are. >>jonathan: their sixth nuclear power plants in california but only two are operating. one of those is here a diablo canyon, the other way down south near san diego. let's look at these plants. these are both significantly smaller than the nuclear plant that's having trouble in japan. the diablo plant is the closest one to the bay area has two reactors as opposed to the six reactors in japan. those
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reactors are in the domed buildings at the middle of your screen. each one generates about thousand megawatts of electricity. that plant by the way it also cooled by sea water which is why is located on the coast. the sea water is used as a backup cooling source for the one in japan and were saying this the water as a last-ditch offer equal those reactors now. this other plant near san diego, also has two operating reactors, there you could see once again those to domed buildings are the two reactors. both generate a little over thousand megawatts each. these are no plans, slightly different technology that said be safer in the event of an earthquake. >>pam: still ahead, we will have a report from santa cruz where they are still cleaning up the harbor after was badly damaged following the tsunami on friday. stay
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with kron 4 and for continuing coverage on the tsunami, as well as the nuclear meltdown threat. >>jacqueline: a live look upside from the golden gate bridge this afternoon. we are seeing sunbreaks out there. you could see most of the clouds are sliding over the south bay right now. this will make our temperatures drop off dramatically when the sun goes down. the rate now the upper 50s for the most part and a couple 60 readings in concord and fairfield. 67 san jose, tonight into tomorrow, a decrease in cloud cover and because of all the moisture some patchy valley fog tomorrow morning. increasing clouds as our next approaches. i we'll have details on that coming up. back after this.
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and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do. >>pam: a developing story
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out of the south bay after a man was shot outside a mcdonald's restaurant in san jose. it it happened on bascom ave. we turned torso reporter jeff bush was live rate now at the scene. we see a police car there what is going on? >>henry: detectives are still in seen the trying to figure out the details. the entire parking lot of the mcdonald's is taped off and still very much an act of crime scene. officers of been out here for hours of what they have on their hands is not one but two mysteries. you could see the spot where the an unidentified man was shot. we outside in front of the mcdonald's on bascom and fruitvale. police say the victim was shot at close range at about noon. witnesses told officers they saw the suspect it often run to the north on bascom. it he lasting about a hundred yards away near the talk about. it please say the victim was taken to a local hospital and his condition is unknown. he didn't have any idea on him. please
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reopen to figure out who he is. speaker hoping when we identified the victim we will find out if he has been associated with gangs or had please contact. will give us an understanding of whether this was. >>jeff: it's especially disconcerting when the shooting takes place in broad daylight. >> when this activity occurs especially this type of situation where you the different individuals walking around and makes it a very more dangerous situation. >>jeff: police say the suspect may be waiting for someone or run into the neighborhood. in san jose, kron 4 news. >>pam: the shooting happened only a few blocks away from del mar high school. after getting word of the incident officials ordered a locked out of the campus to keep kids safe. listen as one student described what
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happened. >> we will of the middle of our third. and over the announcement said " blue. which means something happened around school. we lock the doors and turn the lights off. some kids in the class were freaking out. they were screaming, but they were paranoid that something was going to happen. >>pam: the lockdown lasted less than an hour after the police give the school to resume normal activities. we'll be back look at warnings the weather coming up. it succumbed cut, with
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but wrote he
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warmest locations and 40 in san jose to start the day. in the afternoon temperatures will warn that much. similar to today upper 50's and low 60s. the south bay will be the warmest 63 san jose, 64 los gatos, 61 concord. you could see the band of clouds sliding down to the south. another storm waiting in the wings and that will bring is pretty heavy rain falls by 8:00 in the morning heavy rain all over the north bay. it and will continue to the late morning hours. we will see remarkable rainfall totals with this one. a
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chance of lingering rain to saturday. saturday should soon try. a chance of rain on monday. >>pam: checking the stock market today the dow took a dive losing 242 points which is the largest drop since august. the nasdaq lost 60. if rob black is here to talk about your money. what happened today? >>rob: the headlines about radiation continue to be nasty, as long as are out there it's going to be self first and ask questions later. there is an extremely negative opening in japan. this is breaking news kind of stuff, nasty headlines. this week is over star watching basketball
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tournament. economically nothing has changed, japan is not that much of the play on gdp. the manufacturing will lose from japan we made up. whatever is toyota's costs, nissan's loss will be forbidden gm's game. the couple could have a problem because a lot of the touchscreens and semiconductors are manufactured in japan. they may have delays. that's one of the reason you saw couple shares down today. --apple. apple has the best problem in the world people are waiting six to 10 hours over night in snow and rain for the product. this is bad because they could of sold more units initially. i own shares of apple if they did under to enter%, why would cut off my arm salad on each day and buy shares on that. >>pam: new housing
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stocks plunged to the lowest numbers in years. >>rob: and worst permits. new housing no more inventory, we need no more new houses. the home builders are sobering up. this is good if you own a house, this is bad if you're an electrician or construction worker. that story we all know there's too many houses, too much inventory out there. and for the home builder's there's nothing they can do. >>pam: rob will be back later in the newscast. stay with us.
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>>pam: turning to the state budget battle now, discussions under way in sacramento today in anticipation of a long- awaited vote. dan curman has been monitoring the debate and he joins us now. it this is really crunch time for governor brown.
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>>dan: this is the debate we've been waiting for. there are 20 different bills but two key ones. a vote to put the governor's tax extensions on the ballot. if it goes on impasses is expected to save another $12 million. right now as you mentioned the debate is under way in the assembly of one of the 18 other bills. the budget bill needs a majority vote. the tax attention's needs a two- thirds vote which means they need a couple republicans in each house to join democrats for that to happen. >>pam: of course the tax extensions are the most controversial. >>dan: absolutely, if these tax attention's don't get on the ballot or past will be another 12 billion cuts the need to be made. >>pam: is are any indication, that the voters what action pass this?
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>>dan: there's a poll that indicates today, the majority of voters want this to be put on the ballot so voters can decide. to there's an indication that if it gets on the ballot voters would approve it. >>pam: why does the governor is glad to hear that. we will take a break will be right back. [ jerry ] look at this!
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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 430. >>pam: we're continuing to follow the latest on the nuclear meltdown threat in japan. today the chief of the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission reported that all of the water from one of the spent fuel pools was gone. this mean there is nothing to stop the fuel rods from getting hotter and ultimately from melting down. the fear is also that the outer shell of the rods could ignite with enough force to propel the radioactivity fuel outside. the white house is


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