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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  March 16, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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citizens in japan stay 50 mi. away from stricken nuclear plants. instead of the 20 mi. radius recommended by the japanese government. the order, president rock bottom of that with the chairman of the nuclear regulatory commission. meanwhile beat death toll as risen above 4300 people and it is still expected to climb well over 10,000. costs thousands more are in temporary shelters was no food and water amid the heavy snow and rain. now out to the tsunami surge. you remember the video were about to show you is from friday when the tsunami battered the santa cruz harbor. if votes were tossed about it and some even saw. there was major damage to the docks as well. crews have been out there all week. rob has the latest from were the hardest hit places of the harbor. >>rob: much of the damage occurred here in the north or upper harbor. this is you dock which remains padlock
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closed as a result of serious damage to the decadent, peers and the boats. the you dock is the first dock north of the murray street bridge where the channel marrow's and the tsunami surge hit hard. but go back to friday in you could see how the votes that were torn loose from the low or harbor where then swept underneath the bridge and slammed into you dock. then the boats that were tied up there at least five more boats were torn loose. many more were damaged so severely as that search took the boats that ought streamed back in the lower harbor only to return again with the next surge. it would on the way for more than three hours. the number of sunken boats has been revised down from 18 to 13. if crews are now using sonar as well as diverse to locate those boats and other hazardous debris on the bottom of the harbor. overall, damaged to the boats estimated about $4
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million. damage here to the dock as well as to the overall infrastructure of the harbor no a $25 million and rising. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: local universities are concerned about our students were studying abroad in japan. the chancellor of the csu system is ordering all students to be evacuated from japan citing concerns about potential for shortages and the increasing damage from the damaged nuclear facility. the csu system is not evacuating at this time. all students from stanford university are heading back after they were given the option to return. the devastation from last friday's quake was not enough, now the rescue and recovery teams are dealing with bad weather. rye and shows as " one team is up against in japan's northern coast. >>reporter: were in
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northeastern japan, we got here to find the scene here. it tells the story of complete devastation in the neighborhood. these teams have to comb through all of this rubble. the house is clearly have been displaced, not in to each other. there's a house that was not over and possibly this one. they are working against every conceivable lot over here. tons of mud and debris all over the place. they have downed power lines and the weather obviously has turned very, very bad and risky for the cruise. one of the added complications are the snow. first the slip and fall hazards are there, the snow adds a different element in that it does hide things, it makes the ground look identical all the way through. what may be a pit or entrance to a cellar we could easily mess. these
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guys have almost no room to operate as they try and get into this house that's been turned on its side. we have to slide through these openings with nails around and all kinds of sharp objects. there's a guy coming out in the hope of finding someone alive. it body was found inside the house and one of the crevices. they covered it in a flower blanket so like this area like many others no survivors found in the wreckage. so we move on. >>pam: internet reporter kimberly is with us now, she has a look at some dramatic pictures coming out of japan. >>kimberlee: i just found a video showing the airport, which was completely destroyed by the tsunami. it shows the wave coming in and sweeping off planes and cars from the tarmac. i want to show you exactly what happened. in the video you're going to hear people screaming because they, cars
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in the parking lot sitting still, people pressing against the window watching the tsunami. then from left to right the water starts rushing by. people were screaming once the they realize the extent of the disaster. it picked up cars and planes sweeping them away. it looks like at parallel river. i want to show you the aftermath after it's completely devastated. fauteuils posted online taken earlier today. another picture here showing residents in japan going to get water, you could see them carrying a large plastic containers. when about 1.5 people without access to clean water because the tsunami really contaminated municipal waters supply. >>jacqueline: a live look outside from our roof cam over downtown san francisco.
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have covered in the sow or but it is letting down. a few sunbreaks this afternoon as well. storm tracker 4 cosmonaut joined anything lighting up the radar which means it's really dry out there right now. there is a band of clouds the week been seeing over the past 24 hours that brought us rain. it is coming down in the south will be left with clear skies in the wake of a storm. this clear skies are going to bring as chilly conditions. into tomorrow, these '50s that you see here are going to drop into the opera 30's and '40's. 60 concord, 61 fairfield, 56 san francisco but again temperatures dropping off dramatically as the sun sets. we will see more rain in the forecast this week, i will tell you what will that coming up. >>pam: federal prosecutors have just released dozens
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of voice-mail messages left by former giants slugger barry bonds to his former mistress during their nine year relationship. most of the message is show him angrily you about his girlfriends whereabouts. to read what those voicemail say, just a door website at where we have the transcripts. a look at sighted traffic in san francisco, the james lick 80-101 split the traffic moving slowly on 80 at the top of your screen as well as 1 01 in a bottle. it will be back there's more news after the break. @
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>>pam: the japanese quake and tsunami raised the question could a disaster like that happen in the bay area? kron 4 looks at the possibility. >>reporter: using this map according to research could
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not defied geologists' the state university of a magnitude 9 earthquake occurred here beneath the ocean and glasgow. as a non because by the quake could travel across the pacific ocean and eventually passing through the golden gate streets. scientists say that would channel the powerful energy of the tsunami directly toward the east bay shoreline. here is the tsunami map. it this section in the red shows how far the water reached. the berkeley yacht harbor, the oakland army base would all be impacted. in fact, in 1964 s and on the originating from alaskan quake did reach the bay area causing property damage. scientists say the probability of a larger quake sending a major tsunami into the severance is go bay anytime soon, is not likely. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: pg&e said it is still searching for millions of documents to find all the
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safety records for its high- pressure gas line. pg&e set its missing about 8 percent of those records. some records and all the said a transmission line which exploded in san bruno where eight people were killed back in september. this is video from that time. pg&e plans to inspect or replace 150 mi. of pipeline which is either as old as the san bruno wrote or has similar characteristics. >>jacqueline: we're not done with the rain yet, a heavy rain expected friday and more rain this weekend. while details to come. [ female announcer ] for a limited time, get sizzler's
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>>jacqueline: who live look outside from our mount tam cam this afternoon. a few clouds remaining but we will see clear skies over night. it is continue to push down to the cells decrease in a cloud cover this evening going to lead to very cool conditions over night. last night was not completely saudicloudy skies. without that
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blanket the temperatures dropped into the 30's and '40's. with all the rain lately it's left all the moisture on the ground. into the afternoon we will see increasing clouds starting in the north bay. that will then spread south as another storm approaches. in the afternoon, similar to today. 61 redwood city, 62 mountain view, 63 in san jose. look at storm tracker 4 radar, the system that affected us yesterday's sliding down to the south. we will have clear conditions, but more rain sitting off shore and we will see that friday morning. 6:00 a.m., the heavy band of rate approaching the north bay by 8:00 you will be a full
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swing. moderate to heavy rain and the possibility of thunderstorms as is pushes through. by 11:00, still that band of heavy rain remains intact. the thing that will keep us from having high rainfall totals with the system is the fact that such a quick mover. we could see flash flood concerns through the bay area. these are pretty impressive for how quickly that storm is moving. , of the three-quarters of an inch of rain in the central east bay and 2 in. of rain in the santa cruz mountains in south bay. a look of your kron 4 here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, dry tomorrow are rainy friday. it a possibility of small-scale and then there and gusting winds as the storm pushes through. it saturday should stay mainly dry, it looks like it will be mainly sunny morning into sunday early afternoon. it followed by the chance of rain monday. >>pam: in with all that is
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going on in japan right now, the question is what kind of economic impact will the crisis there have on the u.s.. the port of oakland for example exports $3.4 billion worth of goods to japan each year. f kron 4 spent the day talking with experts were still on the fence as to the long term effects. >>reporter: japan may be 5,000 mi. from san francisco but what happens there often has an impact here. if when it comes to exports of the port of oakland, more ships travel to japan than anywhere else in the world. some of the top items to be sent, meat, fruit, nuts and vegetables. california's, rice, ominous and wide. that could change and change very soon. in the weeks to come experts say some and, plastics and steel will be needed to rebuild. the bid will be up, while demand for rice, allman said white cadet in the short term
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which could impact those in northern california. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: were back with rob black to talk about these kinds of issues. let's talk about what we just heard and the report. oakland's port relies on certain services from japan. japan's economy which is the third largest in the world after the u.s. and china accounts for about 10% of u.s. exports your still feeling its stock would have a big impact? >>rob: not nominal, over time. in the first week at a lot of delays, things put off and question marks. northern japan that hit, not all of japan not of china or south korea. other markets that could take those goods and read transport them. it is a big story, very dramatic. it will work itself out. >>pam: think the biggest issues, will be mainly delays in getting parts delivered and things like that?
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>>rob: some of the electricity issues are problematic, some city conductor issues will be fired up and tie. toyota will look for parts. a lot of economics were not talking about japan in a big consumer nation. if it was the united states it would be a disaster economically. this is the social and human disaster. i certainly would want to beat the shot group was to build these nuclear power plants across the united states. >>pam: overall its relatively minimal. >>rob: relatively. >>pam: should i use my r i a to pay off by credit cards? >>rob: that's the worst idea possible. to get a job selling keep saw, some stuff at your house. to which it can first and then sell-off your ira and get the credit card. most people don't look in other areas. borrow the
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money from your mom if you can. remember the gulf of mexico in the oil spill, that was a much more beaker ecological and economic disaster and look where we are 6 to 12 months later. were back again drilling in the gulf, the economies are doing fine so were going to be ok. i want people to know that about the japan scenario. it's going to get uglier before it gets better. >>pam: people see what's happening in the middle east and will have a larger impact on our economics and as japan thing well. they keep troubled figure e- mail's next time here. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>now, here is gabe slate, with some tech news. >>gabe: i'm outside the apple store that is sold out of the i pad 2. it's the hottest gadget rate now, almost impossible to find all the stores. it is sold out in the first three days and it didn't help that a lot of people bought up with the intent to turn around and sell it for profit. on the bay there for 200 i pad 2 is for sale. many are listed with ridiculous price tag like this one selling a drug buy it now for $3,000. hopefully no one will buy that. auctions of the bay for i pad 2 is our ending way over the cost of the device. this auction ended at $775 at 10 bids. that's 107 $5 over the retail price. you could see the countdown in the last few seconds someone bids $950 to one said. there paying to adjourn $50 over the retail
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price. on apple's website you could order the i pad to but they say it takes 45 weeks to ship. if you doll line waiting the 45 weeks to ship, the best way is through apple's website. you never know what my chip earlier, if your paying a couple hundred dollars over the retail price than do the bay are crags list and get it right away. or you could try your luck and apple store. it, every morning, stand in line before they opened, when they open the come out to the line and tell the people if they got a shipment of i pad 2 is coming in that day. if they do, they will reserve unit for you. if the stores don't know what they will get a shipment of the new i pad to until that day. they will know until each morning when they open, if they're going to get any or have any. gabe slate, kron 4 news. >>pam: wednesday traffic on the golden gate bridge, traffic moving well, media back up in the state city.
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overall pretty good, kron 4 news at 5:00 is right after this break.
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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 5:00. >>pam: 4 reactors in danger of meltdown, the u.s. embassy is warning americans to stay at least 50 mi. away. new developments tonight in the ongoing nuclear threat in japan, today the chief of the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission says, while the water is gone from one of the


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