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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 16, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>>reporter: morris shares wednesday at the damage fukushima a nuclear plant. first of fire in one reactor building and concerns that the second containment vessel had been breached. those problems appeared to a been resolved. a team remains on site to troubleshoot. >> there are upper limits untypically workers have to be removed when they reach that limit. that has been increased. these are true heroes of japan. >>reporter: according to japan's chief secretary, at current radiation levels detected in not pose an immediate health risk to citizens. evacuation orders are in effect and fear is widespread. >> this accident is not a problem restrictiorestricted tor area i asked people japan to recognize this as a national problem.
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>>reporter: they're still trying to grasp the magnitude of last friday's historic disaster. if the rescue and recovery continues as the number of dead and missing nears 15,000. rescue crews are still hopeful of finding survivors. there's still plenty of opportunity for us to find it lives. >>reporter: that effort is being hampered by freezing temperatures and snow. as a precaution the u.s. embassy in tokyo is recommending that americans who live within 50 mi. of the nuclear plant evacuate. in washington, samantha hayes. >>pam: dr. alan hanson, with the institute for international studies in stamford joins us tonight to answer some of the questions and concerns people have. thank you for joining us. if it is true, the u.s. government hasn't been confirmed by the japan yet that there is no water in the spent fuel pools what does that mean? >>caller: thank you for
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inviting me to >> with you. i have no more information that is available from the public media and from the u.s. and japan. i cannot confirm whether or not water remains in those schools.pools. if the r has been removed either by leakage or evaporation, there is several consequences. the first is for the local workers. the local radiation levels would skyrocket to high levels and be very difficult for them to approach the area to mitigate the situation. secondly, it would probably cause some failures in damage and some of the used fuel rods sitting in those polls. when those become damage there would be some radioactive hazards that would be released. we believe some of that is probably happening as we >> . we are far from a critical situation there at
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the moment. >>pam: we understand a company that runs the particular plant, is trying to get some electrical connections back to the plant it to help with the cooling process. with that debate this current emergency? >>caller: i'm sorry pam i'm not able to hear you. it would certainly help. with electrical power it's possible to operate pomps and that you could move more water into both the reactor and the used fuel pools. that would be a big help. we need to remember, that this whole problem has risen because all electrical power was lost. if that had not happened we would not be speaking. >>pam: certainly you know
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the concerns here in america, are we looking get a health crisis in japan as well as an industrial crisis? >>caller: not yet, the crisis in japan is primarily at the moment due to the damage from the earthquake and even more so from the tsunami. it thus far, the reactors while there are complications in need to be brought back under control, are not a serious health affected the local population. for those of us in the united states, they represent absolutely no hazard at all at the moment. >>pam: thank-you for your time in helping us try to sort through what is unfolding right now japan. the japanese quake and tsunami have raised the question, could a disaster like that happen here in the bay area. scientists conducted research on that subject a few years ago. kron 4 takes a look at what they found. >>reporter: according to research conducted by a
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geologist at the hubble state university, if a magnitude 9 earthquake occurred here as a non because by the quake could travel across the pacific to the bay area. here is the tsunami innovation not from the california emergency management agency. at the section in the red shows how far the water would reach. in fact, in 1964 as some of the originating from a lasting quake did reach the bay area causing property damage. scientists say the probability of a larger quake sending a major tsunami into the san francisco bay anytime soon, is not likely. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: the clean up in santa cruz continues after last friday's tsunami surge
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destroyed boats and docks there. caused more than $25 million in damage and that number continues to grow. selvage in recovery crews are now using the sonar " boat to locate vessels sunk by the tsunami search. a parking lot in the harbor looks like a makeshift morgue for the destroyed boats. the mast is all that's visible from a sailboat. one of 13 boats sunk by the surging waters. the coast guard said the harbor will remain closed until all of this open the sunken boats are pulled up. >> to take time to get the vessels off the bottom and floated and get them here to beat behind me. were trying to get a solid assessment of the vessels that we do know are on the bottom and see what pollution threats, are. >>pam: the coast guard said
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there was some light oil sheen in the harbour which is already been cleaned up. a spokeswoman said until all the boats are removed, there is a penchant potential for contamination. at this point there is not been a major impact on the items we import from japan. that's good news of course, $4.7 billion worth of goods come to the port of oakland from japan. as kron 4 explains, the price of those goods could increase in the coming weeks or months. >>j.r.stone what happened to japan often happens that affects us here. those of the port of oakland say they see $4.7 billion worth of goods come to japan from the bay area each year. the goods include electronic parts, electronic equipment like projectors and autoparts. so far ships from japan to oakland have only been delayed for three days. some economists say while we
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may not see increase prices in most areas, japan manufactures 35 percent of the flash memory used to mobile devices, cameras and high-tech products. meaning some of the cost for those items may increase in the weeks or months to come. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: fears that a nuclear reactor in japan may be in the midst of a partial meltdown shocked financial markets today on wall street. the stock indexes lost 2 percent and give up nearly all their gains for the year to date. this is its largest drop since august. the japanese open its thursday trading lowered down nearly 4%. japan's central bank has injected nearly $700 billion into the markets in hopes of staving off financial collapse in japan. will be right back. [ wheezing breaths ]
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federal prosecutors released a voice mail messages that barry bonds left for his former mistress during the nine your relationship. most messages shows mons angrily inquiring about her whereabouts. prosecutors say the and this is evidence of steroid use. they want to play a lead and was now messages during his perjury trial. new tonight at 6:00, we will show you some of the most explosive messages from barry bonds. in other news around the bay, pg&e says it is missing about 8% of its safety record for its high pressure pipe line. some of the records of all the segment of transmission line that exploded in san bruno where eight people were killed back in september. alameda police are looking for a man who touched a 10 year-old girl in appropriately. it it happened while she walked to school yesterday. the girl was able to get away from the man. the man ran away. in photographs of a suspect
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accused of robbing a wells fargo bank branch inside of and supermarket. the robbery occurred on southampton row. the suspect is a black male, 40 to 50 years old, 5 ft. 8 in. to 6 ft. tall with a stocky build. and severed his coat, police and forced the city's new signalize band. the ban makes it illegal to hang out on san francisco side box between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 at night. >>jacqueline: current conditions around the bay area, temperatures mild in the upper 50s. these temperatures will cool overnight with clear skies. more rain in the forecast as well, all tell you all about it coming up.
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>>pam: 4 weather is now hampering relief efforts in japan. rescuers are digging through snow in addition to
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rubble. half of the flights delivering food and water were able to make it in japan from american aircraft carrier. american videographer documented the earthquake in tsunami as the tragedy unfolded. he shared his story and video. >>reporter: it took him three days to get out. when brian landed in los angeles, the florida native show does what he went through. rye and and a team of environmental activists were at the harbor monitoring the hunt for the organization save japan dolphins with a 9.0 per earthquake hit. it was a split-second decision to drive through the town, if passed on a residence at the health 50 ft. above the harbor. he grabbed his
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camera and seven minutes after the ground shook up the first surge of water. here comes. then minutes later, all wall of water slammed through the town. taking everything in its path. >> it 1:00 in the afternoon, was that the whole day trying to get out of this and on the area. we took shelter on a hill and everything between that hill and several miles to anything that resembles civilization at this point is completely destroyed. >>reporter: after the tsunami he said he saw maybe a dozen survivors as you walk through town. >> there were several dead bodies behind us, a couple villagers had covered up. >>reporter: he took pictures of the dead were recognizable, hoping one day the missing might be identified. he's still haunted by the screams of a woman floating on a piece of wood in the see of debris. a
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victim he couldn't save. >> in my mind she was sort of a representative of what was happening. >>reporter: he says he and the team were lucky that they were able to leave with their lives, but it will forget what they left behind. >>pam: 1 woman search for relatives with successful banks to youtube video our internet reporter kimberly tells what happened. >>kimberlee: this woman is actually studying english in california, she completely given up hope for her family because the town that she's found nearly half of the residents are missing or feared dead. check out this youtube video. a friend to trough about this video of local news conference showing her older sister wearing a hard hat holding assigned and calling out to the cameras to let her liver system low in america out that the family had survived. >> i tried to call my
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parents many times but i could make it. my friends call me, she said i watched the news it and i think it's your sister. she said they all survived. this is my house. what i saw it i was years the shot. i couldn't believe that. it's a miracle. my parents also said it's a miracle. >>kimberlee: i don't know if you noticed in the video, she pointed at her home and completely surrounding the home everything else was wiped out. she posted another video i knew to try to tell her family that she saw the video and she's ok as well. >>jacqueline: decrease in clouds this afternoon as we
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see one storm passed through. we are going to see a dry period in between and see no cloud coverage out on the heels of this cloud band. if we do have more clouds of rain to come on friday. over night tonight, skies will continue to clear but we will see patchy fog as a result of the much on the ground. cool temperatures overnight because it will be mainly clear. increasing cloud cover tomorrow, increasing cloud cover continues wednesday night to end thursday night. by friday morning we will seek rain back in the bay area. the main band of rain up to the north at 6:00. if it was slide down to the o'clock hour. the morning to meet its should stay mostly dry. he conceded band of rain very heavy rain, it's going to stay intact. 11:00 in the
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morning, over redwood city, fremont and hayward of very heavy rain. we have a possibility of seeing small hail and under what the storm that pushes through. in the afternoon things will calm down as the fast-moving storm because it park itself over the bay area for a significant amount of time. we will keep you posted on that as it gets closer, rainfall totals right now looks like this. up to an inch and a half of rain on friday. up to three-quarters of an inch in the central east days, same thing in the santa cruz mountains 2 in. of rain expected. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, tried tomorrow, of rain on friday and looks like it will stay dry. a quick look at your ski report. 20 in. of new snow, all the ski resorts got fresh powder. 12 in. of fresh powder in the
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>>pam: now, at 6:30 p.m., tonight's big stories in one big block of news. more crews, more stories. right now, today's top story. the emperor goes on television to it encourages people to go out of town. the radiation levels have spread. >> asian levels are extremely high. >>pam: with four reactors in danger of miltown their warning americans to stay at
6:01 pm
least 50 mi. away. now japanese officials are saying they're close to completing a new power line to the stricken nuclear power plant. that could allow them to restart the cooling pumps that or crippled by last week's earthquake. kron 4 shows is why time may be running out. >>j.r.stone a new satellite pictures shows the extent of damage suffered by the four reactors. no. 1 lost its roof and an explosion, number two is in tact by releasing steam. no. 3 shows the most damage, but the greatest damage as a reactor for. that is world the water has drained from the polls. u.s. officials said they could ignite with enough force to blast the radioactive fuel inside over a wide area. they told americans it's no longer safe to stay within 50 mi. of the plant. the japanese military try to use helicopters to drop water on the reactors, but then called them one radiation
6:02 pm
levels bike. the crisis triggered the first-ever appearance by japanese emperor on television. he told his people i pray we will take care of each other and overcome this tragedy. in downtown tokyo and d streets, and to shelves. >> no water and no food is so in going back to my home town. >>j.r.stone it's scary says this older. no customers to serve the crowds are at the airport. japanese and foreigners joining a mass exodus from one of the most populous cities. >> are you worried something's going to happen? >> today and felt like no risk analysis think it's stupid when you could leave. >>j.r.stone the crisis is over shattered the crisis of the earthquake. they raised the official death toll to more than 4300. that number will likely double and triple. half a million
6:03 pm
people left homeless are living in shelters. food and power are low and now freezing temperatures are adding to their misery. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: we had an update, you heard we just heard a japanese helicopter has managed to dump water on the nuclear reactor. we heard that process is now under way. meantime, fear over exposure continues to bother people here in the bay area. >>kate: we ask nuclear experts said the radiation from japan will reach the bay area. >> it will transport within a couple of days and we will be able to measure it. the amount will be so small it will not cause any danger to human health or any health.
6:04 pm
does the amount of radiation reached california pose any threat? it will be extremely small. just being able to measure it does not mean harm to humans. i think the risk to california and the united states or any or the whole global community will be very small. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: radiation can be carried across the ocean seas. jacqueline bennett shows as the jet streams that run from japan to the united states. >>jacqueline: the jet stream does shift position with time. this is the forecast jet stream for tomorrow. japan is right here, this is a very strong storm that is riding the coast of japan up to russia. the jet stream is the flow of the wind. let's watch it go read the coast after russia and also turned here. let's talk about the jet stream again it is the wind flow from the west to
6:05 pm
the east, about 18,000 ft. above the surface. in order for that to get carried you need to see a big plus for the nuclear facility did shoot that material 18,000 ft. in the surface. the biggest danger would be a rush of it. as it moves with time it will spread out and the danger will lessen. it also the storms take days across the pacific and right now the jets stream it is driving up to the north before did down towards california. the risk to ask is pretty low. >>pam: the crisis in japan is picking demand in the united states we'll potassium iodide is a cheap drug that can protect against one type of radiation damage. kron 4 christine conley spoke with state health officials, to answer some of your most common important questions about the drug >>christine:. one of the most common questions is will potassium iodide
6:06 pm
prevent radiation damage? health officials say the drug only protected by ride which you see a picture here. the thyroid it lies against and around the leathernecks and trachea. it shields of the right from radioactive iodine which can cause thyroid cancer. think of it like a gas tank, he could fill the tank with potassium iodide which is good iodide. if that helps prevent the bad radioactive iodine from coming in. potassium iodide kreteks no other type of radiation and projects no other body parts. it should be given within a few hours of exposure but is in consider that useful for people over the age of 40. another question is if people should be taking potassium iodide is a precaution? the official say the tablets are not recommended at this time. they can pose a danger to people what allergies to iodine, shellfish or shelf have thyroid problems reporting live, kron 4 news.. some day area college
6:07 pm
students studying abroad in japan are heading back to their california campuses. 45 students have been ordered to return from japan. stanford said 35 students in japan have the option to choose to return and they are all taken that option. the university of california has not ordered an evacuation, though it has suspended programs at two universities in japan. california has two power plants of its own the diablo canyon plant n.d. other plant just north of san diego. last night the city council there ask the operators what they learned from the situation in japan. the council also asked the plant managers to set up workshops to address concern for residents. jonathan blum is your this that shows those plants on google earth and explain how save those two plants are. >>jonathan: these are different from the one in japan. the diablo planted
6:08 pm
and the plant near san diego you can see here. the diablo plant is the one we talked about before because it is the closest one to the bay. like the plants in japan it is on the pacific coast. the differences its elevation is different because its 8,500 ft. from sea level which means a 30 ft. tsunami would not damage this plan. it is considerably larger and new work. this plant has two reactors as opposed to six reactors at the fukushima plant. those reactors use a different cooling system that is said to be more safe in the event of an earthquake. the plant in san diego also about 85 ft. above sea level and this plan also has two reactors each generating about a thousand megawatts. both plants use ocean water to cool themselves. ocean water
6:09 pm
also one of the methods being used to cool down those reactors in the fukushima plant in japan. here once again, as you fly in at the map you could see how high up the elevation is. about 85 ft. above sea level, authorities insisted the plant is also say from the effects of the tsunami that would be generated by that earthquake. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: as radiation monitors work to detect radiation over the pacific ocean we will monitor the news from japan. stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage of the quick recovery and the nuclear meltdown threat. >>jacqueline: a live look outside, notice clear blue skies. were seeing a decrease in class this hour, a dry day tomorrow before rain returns. i will have details coming up. california should be proud.
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>>kate: pg&e could face fines as much as $1 million a day. the state utility commission said a pg&e did not produce the adequate pipeline records that it demanded. the deadline to produce the records was tuesday at 5:00. the utility commission said pg&e did not produce adequate records and is now putting public safety in jeopardy. for instance pg&e could not reduce the pressure test for the section of pipe that was involved in the san bruno explosion. the public utilities commission says that is inexcusable. reporting from the newsroom, kate thompson kron 4 news. >>pam: the barry bonds perjury trial is set to begin on monday. in a preview of what we can expect here, prosecutors have released dozens of voice-mail messages with barry bonds apparently left them for his former mistress
6:14 pm
kimberly bell. kron 4 does not look at the messages and what they want to play them in the jury. >>reporter: in fact in several of the messages bonds is inquiring about her whereabouts and an anchor tom. because steroids can cause rage in users, prosecutors are making the argument that a grave voice messages are information about his steroid use. he seemed agitated he can get ahold of camp and is suspicious about her whereabouts. bonn says yo, hello pick up the fallen off find do not let blood temperature is rising. in another message she says that calls to three times, you can even explain it. at this because they already called to it worked so your not work either. finally you better retreaded page me once in awhile or your up to something other than that. girl i'm not playing. in another message she seems agitated that to can't find
6:15 pm
anything, so agitated he makes a serious threat. another message bonds indicates that he wants his conversations to remain private. bill forget eraser messages later. >>pam: some people would think the prosecutors are jumping to the conclusion to assume that because he was behaving as we on voice mail that he was using steroids. >>reporter: it is a big conclusion but at the same time even at the jury doesn't make the connection between the steroid use of this behavior, the voice messages don't portray him as a nice guy. these messages may affect the overall character of what the jury thinks of his character. that may be what the prosecution needs to win the case. >>pam: the case begins monday, we will see. he could find all the transcripts on our web site
6:16 pm
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on the exhilarating cadillac cts. but like the beauty of spring, it won't last long. >>pam: police are investigating a murder at mcdonald's that left the ice will melt down. kron 4 jeff bush and maureen kelly had a team coverage on the shooting in a locked down. >>jeff: detectives are still one scene gathering clothes. the entire parking lot is taped off and very much an act of crime scene. it happened around to an unidentified man was standing out side in front of the mcdonald's when he was approached by young man who shot him at close range. the suspect took off on foot last seen about a hundred yards away. officers say the suspect may have jumped into a waiting car and escaped. as for the victim, officers
6:20 pm
of the ministry on his hands. he didn't have any idea on his body and he is still in the hospital. in san jose, jeff bush kron 4 news. >>maureen: that shooting is only a few blocks away from where i'm standing here in front of del mar high school. officials here got word of the incident from their campus police and at around 1215 they ordered it all locked down here to make sure all their kids and faculty stayed inside their classroom and out of harm's way. take a listen as one student described what happened next. >> we locked the doors and turn the lights out. some kids were freaking out, they were screaming they were paranoid a little bit that something was going to happen. >>maureen: the lock down lasted less than an hour. after 1:00 p.m. the school but the clear from san jose pb that it was safe to let things go back to normal. maureen kelly kron 4 news.
6:21 pm
>>jacqueline: a live look aside from our mount tam cam as the sun goes down. that will continue this evening degreasing cloud cover tonight. clear skies temperatures will get colder overnight. the clouds act as a blanket keeping us warmer. tonight it will be much cooler with temperatures in the upper 30's and low '40's. with the recent rains and patchy fog. by the afternoon mostly sunny skies but increasing north bay clouds by 3:00 p.m.. storm tracker 4 radar, here is the band of clouds we've been seeing through the day. drier conditions in the wake but not for long because we have another storm off shore. that will bring as heavy rain as we head into friday morning. 6:00 hour, lighter rain over santa rosa watch out quickly the main band of rain progresses over the north bay. it this is a
6:22 pm
solid line of heavy rain, we will see gusty winds and the possibility of small hail and under as it rolls through. 11:00 a.m., pushing south of the golden gate and that man namemain band of rain g to move quickly. if it didn't we would see pretty significant rainfall totals for friday. as it stands will be quite a bit of rain, north bay into the housean incha half, a third of an inch in the south bay, 2 in. of rain in the santa cruz mountains. i could rainmaker. your extended forecast, the rain and winds and possible thunder as the storm rolls through friday. i don't see any reason to put right in the forecast for saturday. maybe a few sprinkles, the neck strong wave of rain will be early sunday morning into the early afternoon and
6:23 pm
again potentially monday afternoon. but to check up on your snowballed ski report. nearly every ski report has seen some. there valley, sierra at tahoe 80 in. at the base after getting a foot of fresh powder. sugar bowl 22 in. of fresh snow in the past 24 hours. for more information on the ski resorts and others just log on to its no [ male announcer ] the network. a living, breathing intelligence
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stay >>pam: 8 lawmakers are in session voting on 20 bills in sacramento which make of this year's budget. it read now the state faces a $26 billion deficit. the budget proposal calls for $12.5 billion in spending cuts and tax extensions that will save the state another $12 billion. f dan curman joins us now with an update on the state budget battle u.n. monitoring. what do you know?
6:27 pm
>>dan: they are debating right now in both houses there are 20 bills are talking about. many are being voted on and many are passing. if these are all about drastic cuts and even the democrats generally support the bills, they're not happy about voting for them. >> will flee taking the rougher edges of these proposed cuts but at the same time having to recognize because the revenue is not there, we are making serious cuts an imposing gray impositions on those who go for the least. we don't do this with pleasure. i ask for your vote. >>dan: the two key ones are the budget bill itself. yet turkey one is the vote to put the tax exemptions on the ballot. that means a two-thirds vote. >>pam: governor brown has been tried to get the republicans on board to join in and get this on the ballot. >>dan: they might have extra incentive, a field poll shows 61 percent of voters want legislators to put this
6:28 pm
on the ballot so they can vote. 50 percent say they would vote in favor if it makes it to the ballot. >>pam: this is about getting it on the ballot in june, if they don't get the two- thirds vote tonight or tomorrow or even friday, is it over? >>dan: know, they still have extra time to twist a few more republicans to make this happen. there is speculation if they can't make this happen, there may be another effort to pass this with just a majority vote. hal and if it's anybody's guess. >>pam: it's one of those maneuvers they have up their sleeve. >>jacqueline: rain coming back to the bay area by friday, a big storm i will tell you all about it coming up.
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>>pam: now, at 6:30 p.m., tonight's big stories in one big block of news. more crews, more stories. right now, today's top story.
6:31 pm
>>pam: in japan and nuclear regulators said they from pushing me nuclear plant has no water in it. that means the fuel rods are exposed with nothing to cool them off. that could lead to a meltdown, the u.s. has acted citizens to stay at least 50 mi. from the plant. the japanese are recommending 20 mi.. fear of the meltdown has negatively affected the stock market. the dow fell to under 42 points if the largest drop since august dean. >>christine: the crosses and japan is striking demand for potassium iodide. a drawback to protect from one type of radiation damage. it's not recommending people to take the tablets at this time. they can pose a damage to people with allergies to iodine, shellfish and thyroid problems. it only protect against a radioactive iodine which could cause thyroid cancer.
6:32 pm
>>jeff: the harbor remains closed in the wake of friday's and on research. the damage continues to mount. their director said damage to infrastructure here at the harbor $25 million and counting. another $4 million damaged a boat. the number of sunken boats is 13 with all the wind now accounted for. the port expected to reopen on sunday. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>kate: nuclear experts to reiterate that the bay area in california coast are safe from any dangerous levels of radiation from japan. censors will detect a small increase in radiation over the next few days but, experts repeat that that is not cause for concern. it received a radiation levels are too small to have any negative effect on people's health. >>j.r.stone most experts i've talked to is said it's
6:33 pm
hard to know if our exports and imports will be affected. one thing is for sure, the third biggest export to japan, companies i talked to said they do expect changes. also the flash memory drive that you find in your computer. 35 percent come from japan as possible prices will increase in the coming weeks or months. for now reporting in the newsroom j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >>haazig: according to a state of california report a magnitude 9 earthquake originating up the coast of alaska could send ace in dummy into the san francisco bay through the golden gate straits reaching these the shoreline and inundating places like the emeryville shot yacht harbor as will support of oakland. although scientists say a similar scenario happened four years ago they say they find it highly unlikely that a major event will happen anytime soon. in oakland kron 4 news. >>jacqueline: our big
6:34 pm
weather story of big storms that to a packed friday. the clouds we saw push to the south we have clear conditions in the wake. a storm brewing offshore just coming into the picture. that will affect us come friday we will see strong rain. the band of heavy rain approach in the north, but adm full swing. we're talking about moderate to heavy rain pretty widespread. pushing self pretty quickly by 11:00 already south of the golden gate over mt. view, redwood city and hayward. by the afternoon of rain will taper off. or talking about an inch of rain bay area wide. >>now, here is gabe slate, with some tech news. >>gabe: and outside the apple store that is solely that of the i pad 2. it is the hottest gadgets rate now. it almost impossible to find all the stores are sold out. it's all the in the
6:35 pm
first three days and it didn't help that a lot of people thought up the i pad to supply with the intent to turn around and sell for profit. on the bay there are over 1400 i pad 2 is for sale. many are listed with ridiculous price tags like this one selling under a buy it now for $3,000. if hopefully no one will buy that. options on ebay for i pad to user and in way over the actual costs. this auction for 32 gig model ended at $775 with 10 bids. but the hundred $75 over the retail price. watches this option and sought for 64 gig model. and the last few seconds someone bids $950 to win it. there paying to under $50 over the retail price. had you get your hands on and i pad to? if you don't mind waiting for five weeks to ship, the best way is through apple's web site. you never know and may
6:36 pm
ship earlier if you don't mind paying a couple hundred dollars over the price, to the bay arkwright's listing get it right away. you can try your luck at an apple store but a telling people, every morning, stand in line when they opened it will come out to the line and tell the people if they got a shipment of i pad 2 is coming in that day. if they do, they will reserve unit for you. the trouble is they don't know when they will get a shipment of the new i pad to until that date. they won't know until each morning when they opened if they will even get any and how many. >>pam: our live look outside over the san francisco skyline. he could see this guy is a bit hazy, something clouds. but no rain expected at least until friday. more news after the break. it's really delicious, mom.
6:37 pm
it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend?
6:38 pm
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6:39 pm
>>pam: now here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly.
6:40 pm
>>stanley: in order to leave this elevator, this woman and child have to step over a puddle of year-end. in fact if you happen to use any of the elevators located at many of the bart and nummi stations, you may have to do the same. it's so bad that made its workers find themselves walking down the elevators multiple times a day. this elevator smells so bad it's almost unbearable to be inside. michelle like many of our bay area disabled population had very few options. >> sometimes o'clock over my mouth or face so it don't smell, other times i may make the choice is somewhat above to go to another station to ride the elevator. >>henry: i looked at all the elevators from the civic center stationed and pals
6:41 pm
street station and almost all smell bad. some had fresh your and inside the year-end and some had fresh here and outside. in most cases by trent tenements worker who immediately cleaned it up. one worker told me that sometimes they find what they like to call a poll of year-end inside the elevator. >> i don't get that they do it >>stanley: part of the problem since 911 all the underground restrooms have been closed for security reason which some people say this is happening. some people believe it something else. >> i feel like there's an element of hostility. >>stanley: no matter what it is the people who suffer the most are the disabled. in san francisco, stanley roberts kron 4 news. >>pam: coming up, at giants continue to impress in flight. what not, the nfl in a lock out. gary tells you
6:42 pm
what it is, he has all the sports next. >>kimberlee: right now, find out how people around the bay are behaving 1 fizzing kron 4 stanley roberts page. watch all of his video reports including people heading to the beach despite tsunami warnings. if you have a story idea for stanley we have information on how you can e-mail him on
6:43 pm
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6:45 pm
>>gary: evening because we have this new sponsorship with mercedes as well you know we've had to step up our guest list. now we have cam. now that mercedes is
6:46 pm
partners with us for a long time. guys who we have had on before i said sorry more of the pinto excuse us. now we just go toppled the line. the finest automobile the finest guess. tim that complete your time thanks for stopping by. sharks hit with a little don't get to physical bad news today. danny suspended by the nhl by two games. here's where they hurt you he's going to forfeit $80,645 and i laugh in the press release and 16¢ for delivering the hubble to the head of steve last night. he missed the sharks next two games against minnesota in st. louis he will return march 23rd against calgary. the big question in the world champs spring training is highly indebted brooklyn. of course
6:47 pm
i watched a little game today what ever chicago comes to bet you hear. if you have any home or tendencies you watch the white sox you feel right at home. and at random home run to left. it is is quite blind to start. here's but with a double. he had three hits and a couple rbis. the giants win today a final five to three they beat the good guys. days in active. president barack obama has time to make ncaa basketball selections. there is the president will do this fast again i don't want to get people there's some people sang with all that's going on the world what you doing on and espn with andy. others say is that nice to
6:48 pm
have a hip enough president who knows a back pack. one time all-american grant hill spoke out today on former michigan rival j monroes. his assertion that do only recruited uncle toms. he made the comments in sunday's night espn documentary about the michigan fab five. all freshmen starting group that made the ncaa finals in the early '90s. he said he did duke back then and said the acc program would never recruit someone like him. he wrote it was sad and pathetic. and to see people he considered friends to this rose was really honest and what i took from it was he said hey, i'm from the inner-city and they were not going to come in and recruit
6:49 pm
someone like me. they be more comfortable recruiting someone like me.someone else. in their minds they were recording uncle toms. you have to see it. the way i've heard it is j laroche was speaking from the heart. before you bring you and to show me chad who said he wants to play soccer. as in chad wants his name in the news. if you watch a basketball you and she is now dating havilland. they're engaged even better. evelyn used to be engaged in antoine walker. >>jacqueline: quality woman when he went bankrupt she skipped out the door. >>gabe: what are you going to do with this speech. he wants to play with the kansas city of major league
6:50 pm
soccer. this guy does want to get on the news. one of the last of spoken media performers, he is the great tam the bay area newsgroup back in a moment. [ wheezing breaths ]
6:51 pm
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>>gabe: you have the pick for the ncaa wonders? what happened to the bay area are recliner for drought or did same mary's ketch the drought. >> i think montgomery will get cal back yet. there's not a lot of local talent. what is the recruiting thing for these teams. that the good of l.a. that the good or ganed seattle. there's not a bunch of told to pick from. >>gabe: those of us live here know it's the best
6:54 pm
place but for 17 years old when you come to one of those towns are treated like a king. >> like goethe kentucky or duke. those glory days are over. >>gary: the giants are hard to pick on right now. >> on what to find something that will make it interesting. >>gary: you called save the a lot and had a real good argument. >> i think they want to find a way to have the roster and will see with the come up with. the put-left field, the greensboro or roland the make the roster i think they're kind of think you about the whole way and a few surprise them and expose the you put them in for space among people around. >>gary: i had some of the other day he said the a's could win as many games as the giants. if you buy that? because of their
6:55 pm
pitching. >> i don't think so. i think the giants are also much ratified a ways to keep thinking they're not. i can't find any reason they're not going to be good to to fixed off with that pitching if it stays healthy they're good. it's going to be a fun year baseball. that is good for them. >>gary: you think if smart is coming back to it? >> know i never thought that was a long-term thing. >>gary: would inspire him to get rid of a. >> the owner wants to pick his guide. >> they have brian shaw, everyone doesn't know the name. there's guys out there
6:56 pm
if you can identify. brian shaw is a local kid it obvious the it's the lakers now. if it doesn't replace phil jackson he will be the lead. >>gary: larry allison? maybe moving the team to san jose. >> can you imagine a brand new team in san jose larry ellison will put every dollar possible. he put to a million dollars into winning the america's cup. he might put a billion dollars in and try to win the championship. toch >>gary: are we going miss any games in football? >> at least one to i think so. they're going to go to the deadline and then they're going to move it and move it. >>gary: cam is a little bit jealous about my new association with mercedes.
6:57 pm
so she's hooked up with google and sitting next error is her goddaughter. once again its kron we can't get a shot. (laughter)
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
"the insider" has the most complete coverage on tonight's top star news. i'm lara spencer. >> and i'm kevin frazier. >> "the insider" is on. >> breaking news on reese witherspoon's fairy tale wedding. >> her ranch is getting transformed into a wedding paradise. >> the gown, the guests, the cleanup? >> and will her ex be invited to the ceremony? and, when i asked the question -- >> did bradley cooper just pop the question. then -- >> if someone touches my kid, my kid does whatever s needs to do to protect herself. >> hollywood's bully backlash. video of the teen fighting back. >> what happened after cameras stopped rolling? you threw me under the bu


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