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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 17, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> if you can just get some
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time and stabilize this situation i think that is what we are shooting for. >>reporter: rhodesian levels are still high. residents have radiation-levels-are still high. >> it is not as if the workers are on a suicide mission but there risk of cancer increases tremendously long term. >>reporter: with biohazard recommendations from barack obama reiterated that the u.s. commitment to recovery u.s. citizens from japan. >> the japanese people are not alone in this terrible time. her find a hand extended from the and it states as they get back on their feet. >>reporter: outside the nuclear evectioevacuate evacuatn area, a small sign of
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progress with supplies. some of the setbacks for these victims. >> i've not even a time to think. >>reporter: chartering planes of u.s. diplomats through japan from japan, to the u.s.. >>pam: air travel is looking for nuclear exand contamination levels in reports of rhodesian lovradiati. --none of these reported incidences or harmful levels. even though some haof the cargo have radiation levels. >>reporter: everybody is hitting screens, with the potential law will is dangerous? this is done 365 days a year everybody is-
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getting screened. the department of hulman is a home with a security is the department of all landis' attorney alerted yesterday homeland security. this device is the radiation detector. it is smaller than his cellphone. if the harmful lovell is detected? that person is wow if that person is found that their level is harmful ? they are isolated and dealt with. maureen kelly. >>pam: dr chivers.. if you look of this see tx scan and when you see eight t c x
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scan, the type of exposure of what you would see is a difficult to determine exactly what is going to be here. those folks will be at background or lower levels. to this amount of time. the radiation is impinging upon us. we do not have anything to worry about. with these one, with these one, some of isotopes. that could come over and one very small amounts. d. dr chivers uc-berkeley is posting a live result of its air quality on its website.
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>>pam: search and rescue continue to look for northeast japan for survivors. so far:no bodies have recovered. with the reason that snowfall, it is complicated with more slim chances >> in the midst of all of this sorrow, destruction ab baby born, and the water rose to the floor of a hospital. two-thirds of the staff are missing. >> and we're hoping that this baby will ease some of the suffering. no matter what happens we are still looking for work and perseverance, ahead.
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>>reporter: still hardship, and paint this volunteer firefighter returns to his house this volunteer firefighter. pain. >> my wife, my wife's family, four grand children are lost them all. >>reporter: others looked for love ones, searching for their son to work at the post office. (calling his name) new worries with food supplies. this man says that he has nothing to sell anymore and he is apologetic. >>reporter: at the a evacuation center, they still wait for help. all of th80 percent are over 65 years
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old and the one doctor. they have high blood pressure, diabetes. >> my blood pressure has got up and i forgot my madison. >>reporter: he is freshening he forgot-as medication--and it is he is rationing >> i cannot last for only three more days. so far, i've not getting any. a federal declaration could come anytime. this search swamped a harbor. with $30 million in damage. rob fladeboe has the latest in the cleanup efforts. >>reporter: recovery efforts for back at it today for destroyed boats. this is at the main boat launch ramp hauling large debri to dump
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sters from 18 boats to 11 boats and only 2 sailboa ts remain submerged. sonar equipment continue to scan the the bottom of the harbor. and the main channel looking for more hazards. plans are on the scheduled to reopen the harbor as soon as sunday. and the santa cruz, rob fladeboe. >> kimberlee: get right to this amazing video. this is a clothing store in hawaii. after the earthquake. the powerful tsunami ripple effect taking out everything. and it was 3.5 hours. clothing scattered
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all over. inside the gymnasium, beach, and in even the resort grounds. take a look at this. this national gas station, he pointed a gun. >> i tried to grab his gun and they put me on the floor and hit me with the gun on the shoulder. >> kimberlee: he did not realize that he served in the a iraq army and he was armed. he told after him and the man made a run for that. a trail of bullets. followed. suspects are still at large. a massive chunk of the pacific coast highway at big sur crumbled in the ocean. for many, this was the main access to work, home. some were forced to turn around, and other even had to walk. (music) >> jacqueline: a live look aside from the golden gate
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bridge. we are starting to see increasing clouds from a live look aside from the golden gate bridge. south of the golden gate, still clear skies with a live look outside from the golden gate bridge. if and streaming offshore, that hill and the system is brushing along the coast. heavy rainfall, as that system moves in. heavy rainfall, a band of very heavy rainfall from northern california into the north bay. over noon, the central bay and it could just start of snowfall in lake tahoe. heavy pushing through the cell to with gusting winds and even small hill as that pushes through to the south--and to the sierras, 4:00 p.m. still heavy to the south bay. your evening commute to the celtic is not going to be easy. also if your evening commute through self day is not going to be
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easy. if this south 15 dayflowethe south bay, is also g to be difficult. also difficult. the sacramento valley is also experiencing a flood watch. with blowing snow to the overnight hours and 2 the sierras. if you are planning on going? saturday would be a better day than friday. to ththis saturday snow is going to be heavy, wet. with one-2 ft. above 7,000 ft. pretty impressive was forced totals. locally, about 1 in.. pretty impressive-was totals. and another storm is going to drop in with strong storms and how about
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the small bom---snow bombo alpine 7 inches bear valley 4 inches, sierra 12 inch of fresh powder with 83 as a total base. [ wheezing breaths ]
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>>this just in to the kron 4 news room oakland police officers are looking for two men at the first/what carter. at the intersection at google earth. the the first/mcarthur at 51st and macarthur, with a car hijacking with a gun. they could have stolen the car and even hit another car and took off. a family of six people inside no injuries
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are life threatening. >>pam: ireland's new prime minister to the white house. he was just elected and both talked about economic recovery. first and foremost that y the two countries are great friends. >> we have obviously had the strongest possible relationship with ireland. the warmth, the affection, the familiar and person to person contact between our two countries extend far beyond any policy issues. >>pam: this was a luncheon and of, has ancestors from ireland. >> this worker from the white house cameras caught
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: of new pictures from new nuclear reactors u.s. officials to not expect the japanese to quickly regain control of the overheated fuel rods. those rods are still committing it dangerous levels of radiation. homeland security see that the levels have been detected on flights from japan are arriving in chicago, dallas, seattle but not enough for a health hazard. they are prepared for a worst-case scenario if there is a massive reliease radiation but for what are they going to equal those
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reactors? and japan to become a military helicopter struck 35 t of water but because of high elevation the could not get close. only one hit the target. not much of an impact. later, soldiers used high-pressure fire tanks. they hit no. 3 for over one hour. flopping that reactotsunami flooded the r that disable the cooling mechanism. in tokyo, they're clogging passport offices try to get out of the country. food, fuel, low. the united states has advised americans to stay at least 50 mi. away from the nuclear plant. today, the u.s. started evacuate family's pifrom diplomats, and american military families. >>pam: the urgency of the
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situation he signed a book of condolences. you can see that president obama spent over one minute writing messages, with a full page. during a white house news conference he told americans not to worry about the nuclear club causing damage and our country. >> i want to be very clear that we do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the united states. if it is the west coast, alaska, or a u.s. territory in the pacific. let me repeat that. we cannot expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the west coast, hawaii, alaska, where u.s. territory and the pacific. will also deploy some of were leading experts to will contain the damage. we are sharing expertise, equipment and technology so the greatest response is on the scene of the benefit of the american
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team work and support. >>pam: jonathan will show us the jet stream. with trace amounts of radioactive material. the source is the power plant. >>reporter: the reactor the could be releasing particles. let me show you through google earth. and it is still unlikely for us to reach harmful levels. this hero is 1 mi. tall, that is at least how high those particles that era tax- indicative on the map. carthe arrow is irepresenting the jet stream. and have to at least get 1 mi. of bothis level to even have an income
6:05 pm
/+ it. and the good thing is that you can see how the jet stream curves to the north. a big storm brewing. that will bring precipitation. and that was the radioactivity out of the clouds and into the ocean. you can see the air massive near the area, not having an impact. because of the storm, it is dispersing the radar activity, in a small mounds amou them time it makes landfall. there might be some detectable levels of radioactive particles. officials say because of the dilution in the air spreading out in the rainfall over the ocean, there is no chance that the will be any immeasurable of radioactive material. >>pam: everybody from the
6:06 pm
president on down is insisting that we are and no danger. radiation affect on the body is sieverts and christine when the dentist will x-ray you get about one-100th of a unit of rhodesian. and one 10th, ford paid an x-ray, a mammogram has about four times as much. americans are exposed to only 6 per year. with everything. the minimum dosage for a risk is 100 per year. for a risk of cancer. 200 = nausea, loss of appetite. it can damage your bone marrow, spleen. the highest has been 400 at the nuclear plant. thousand? you
6:07 pm
not recover. above that, it is usually fatal. if fain them real wha >>pam: regulation levels even at the gate, they're barely above normal. with radiation levels-even at the gate of the and what can you to to prepare? >> dr. stuart heard the california poison control is being aware of what is going on is the best thing people can do. we wanted to know potassium iodide? the more right now, you do not need it, to not take it. >> the plume should be taking reaching california. >> taking it in advance will not help. there is no need to take it. and if there is a risk? take it right before, and will be ample warning.
6:08 pm
>> should people be staying inside? >> at this point, no. we are not in japan, we are in the united states that plume is very predictable. it is doing what it is expected. and very low levels. >>reporter:>> are there any benefits to wearing a this mask? >> there is no point in wearing a mask. >>reporter: would it help you at any point? >> probably not. unless it is specifically designed for respiratory. kate thompson, kron 4 news. banff >>pam: continuing coverage. (music) >> jacqueline: a live look outside from our roof cam from downtown san francisco increasing clouds. more
6:09 pm
cloud coverage as overnight progresses. the north bay is seen mostly cloudy skies the approach is from offshore. targeting that storm. it is a strong storm. that core is tapping into the subtropical moisture. decent rainfall of paltz as to make your way into tomorrow. with decent roads of meaningful. to the sacramento valley, is still edging through fairfield, napa with heavy rainfall and flood watches and place for these areas. the possibility of flaweflooding in other areas. however, what could expect tonight with increasing cloud coverage tonight. it will cool and level off as the clouds come in. 8:00 a.m., gusting winds, even hail and thunderstorms towards the late afternoon.
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>>pam: twitter is staying in the san francisco if the city can agree to a tax break. moving to mid market. jeff bush. mid market is a difficult area. >> one of the biggest problem is is that it has a 30% vacancy rate that is one of the highest in the city. on the map. twitter is currently on the fulton/fourth street. they want to move them to market street. the hope is for twitter moving in there will revitalize the area, clean up, addressing the issues of panhandling, drugs. it is a big problem. and it can to jump-start
6:14 pm
that a return it around. >> mass-market, streets, breasts, and dilapidation. mid-market, the want to cool who----breasts-and they want all raftwitter to move on the more the only have one retail shops, bars, restaurants would be happy to help with twitter employees. you activity should see a reduction of the unruly behavior with arrests--it would have to pass a board of supervisors and the mayor is already on board. >>pam: part of this is a payroll tax break for twitter all that hurt tax
6:15 pm
revenue force san francisco? >> yes/no. it will lose $4 million in uncollected but that would happen, anyway if twitter would leave san francisco. the tax break that water is getting is going a fleet of payroll taxes that twitter is getting. they are set to expire. however, if they stay, a different story. >>pam: thank we will be right back. [ male announcer ] the network.
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in here, machines have a voice... ♪ in here, medical history follows you... even when you're away from home. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities, creating and integrating solutions, helping business, and the rethink possible. >>catherine: new video of this tsunami. a reporter with a video camera captured this terrifying moment. even as he was trying to get to safety. what is striking is that the fact that everybody is trying to help each other even in the midst of panic. this reporter jumped out of a taxi and it started yelling. a tsunami was on its way. this small group headed for the upper floor of the nearby building hustling upstairs trying to get out of the path of the
6:19 pm
rushing water. look at how close they came and you listen to the rushing water. moments after they began climbing the stairs. later, from the rooftops, the rooftop spotted that taxi was in. it was swept away. a father was hugging his two children, stranded near a pile of cars. others in trouble, somebody put a fire hose that rescued a woman in a tree. others eventually were saved with that fire hose. that woman is crying saying " thank you " over and over. eventually, this father and the two children were rescued. the father
6:20 pm
said that he could not think them enough for saving his children. it is what we hear, the height of the chaos are looking out for each other. in the end, there were rescued. brought safety to the building. even now, survivors are sharing food, shelter, and support to get to the stark and daddies. 850 households. these-dark days--with near freezing conditions and no electricity. 1.5 million homes to not have running water. long lines at gas stations, >> if thicken find anything, with gas stations are run out of fuel. and any that are still working? marketing sward. gamow atms stopped working. >> did not know what with
6:21 pm
over 11,000 the atms over japan with 26 million households. (music) >> jacqueline: a live look outside from the stormtracker 4 radar. the sto heal and to the pacific, and with some subtropical moisture. it is going to make its progression toward the coast line overnight. increasing cloud coverage through the bay area. clouds to the north bay and overnight south of the golden gate. removing and 8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m., the band of rainfall to the north bay. the yellow/orange indicating heavier rainfall. gusting winds, and even small hail possible. 11:00 a.m., we could see the north bay with pounded rainfall. san francisco starting to see the heavy rainfall. 1:00 p.m., it continues with heavy rainfall, synthesis, peninsula, east, the south
6:22 pm
bay and-san francisco, the afternoon commute could be impacted. you can see that 4:00 p.m. by south of the golden gate widespread with moderate/heavy rainfall. later, the it will improve by 6:00 p.m. atmosphere will be unstable which is thunderstorms popping up here, there as this storm continues to push through. by 7:00 p.m., not that impressive but isolated areas with heavy rainfall, lightning, small hail. noon, the totals are going to be near one-inch in santa rosa. with one 10th in other areas, into fast forward all the way. most of this rainfall is pushing through. which one-inch through the north bay, and six tenths of an inch in san francisco and even san francisco could see 3/4 your kron 4 7 day around the bay this is the first in a series of a strong storm.
6:23 pm
light rainfall if any. on saturday. not showing much on any however, sunday and another round of heavy rain and gusting winds and lingering towards monday morning. we will see the active, wet weather pattern:all the way through wednesday of next week. >> and kimberly sakamoto and right now federal prosecutors have released transcripts of the voice mail of former san francisco giants slugger barry bonds allegedly left for his girlfriend. the judge ruled to exclude them from the perch retrial. all of those are in its entirety. -perjury trial. if your word of radiation worried about rhodesian bubbles? we asked the experts rhodesian novelradiation levels
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>>this just in to the kron 4 news room live pictures of a carjacking in oakland. police armed with the scene
6:27 pm
and daniel is there, 66/mcarthur. >>reporter: 60 it/camden but very close. you can see macarthur in the background. the police are focusing on to silver cars. one is involved. the one that is banged up with police tape searching the area. a gun was used in this carjacking that went wrong. right now, the distilled and 60-camden bay just opened the road, and with the suspect running off. they're focusing their search and other areas. we will be right back after this.
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now at 6:30, our top stories. more news, more crews, right now our top stories. >>pam: 5300 people are confirmed dead in japan thousands missing that number is continued to reach 10,000. thousands in shelters with very little food and still fall continuing to hamper search efforts. the nuclear threat continues with emergency crews using military helicopters to try to cool down overheated fuel rods. with water however, because of the high radiation levels they could not get close enough. only one of the helicopter pilots made its target. with citizens leaving japan in the aftermath. in the crisis of the nuclear power plant. the u.s. citizens staying in
6:31 pm
the area are asked to evacuate at least 50 mi. away. >> particles would have to make it at least 1 mi. up in the air to make it to the pacific. as we set this into motion, the path that it would take. that jet stream. even possibly higher to make it to the make it all the way over to the pacific. this is the path of the jet stream. and a storm is actually running that rhodesian down into the ocean instead of making landfall that radiation down into the ocean. storm is expected to make landfall by friday but it is so expected to be diluted, endotoxins impacted. >>reporter: in san francisco, no toxins' impacted any precautions
6:32 pm
that can make. the director of california poison control is to stay educated and stay on top of the news so they know what is going on. currently, the levels of radiation are not supposed to affect people's health. it will not benefit from people staying inside, or wear masks or take potassium iodine. reporting and san francisco, kate thompson. the uc-berkeley in shared apartment air quality is is uc-berkeley department engineering they take 12 hours to process each sample of air. and the level of radiation? it should show up this weekend. haazig madyun in berkeley. >> sfo, because of the ongoing nuclear crisis customs/border patrol are going to be extra vigilant
6:33 pm
from personal radiation detectors from a cargo and personnel passengers from japan. so far, no planes have had tested positive for harmful levels of radiation. maureen kelly. >>pam: that scare has led for a very high level of radiation devices. gabe slate's tech report >>gabe: the most popular is the one are sold out. their website has a message. the situation has caused a shortage. and they are going to tell them that that it will take months. on the bay, 270 and each had on e bay at $305 with only one
6:34 pm
day left. on the auction. the amount of radiation will not be at a concerning level. it is not really recommended that you need this. however, it has raised awareness and we do know that nuclear power plants in america if anything were to happen here? perhaps when key to this but they're not a common consumer product. i called dozens of stores, and home depot does not have them. as far as i can tell, only available online. there are so many different models and a could be confusing. the brand 'echotech' have one at $5 $ 250, and what features to look for and recommended models pyrrophyte gabe slate's tech report.
6:35 pm
>> kimberlee: a new study is showing that light on facebook is more profitable than a tweet on twitter. the average tweet is 805 of ticket sales. the facebook 'like' is more lucrative. march madness is just starting but according to data interactive. the on- line buzz is shows that eight to one trillio blogs, social media is looking for keywords to each of the 68 teams. >> kimberlee: amazon is going to launch its and right after store. and although the url is still beaded testinnot only did they 4
6:36 pm
of the 46 app locations are cheaper than google. also, there are four different exclusive applications one of them is called called to duty. (music) >> jacqueline: a big storm with gusting winds and even hi-hail that heavy rain extended all the way to northern california. at this point, the 9:00 a.m. is going to be over to the north bay. to the south and central bay however, the north bay will still be impacted with heavy rainfall. 2:00 p.m., it will impact the east bay and the santa cruz mountains. notice snowfall to the sierras. heavy snowfall. it is not going to beat a very good time to go to the high country tomorrow. with heavy traffic and dangerous driving conditions overnight. we're talking
6:37 pm
about white all conditions, gusty. and in the bay. - white out conditions to the high country. and the bay area, we could see scattered popped up thunderstorms. and a little bit of new with snowfall. heavenly = 104 at the base with 2 in. of fresh powder. 4 in. of fresh powder, and your tahoe, 90 in. base. and 11 in. in the past 24 hours. we will be right back. [ jerry ] look at this!
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now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> you were driving in the car pulling. >> i am lost. >>stanley: this woman is bogoing to get a ticket from the san francisco police department at over $400.
6:41 pm
she, and other drivers are ignored the signs. 3:30-7:00 p.m. m-f = car pool. it is on eight different signs. not only was she issued a car pool violation she also failed to put on a new registration. >> kind of the government- the retaking government and i have never even violated a parking ticket. >> this taxicab driver was going to the airport. >> do you know why your getting stopped? >> no. >> this is the car pool. >> i have two people. >> the rule is three people. >> that person had a plane to catch. and the meter was
6:42 pm
still running. >>stanley: this person was trying to get to a union square and made an illegal turn. the driver was hesitant on making this ticket signing the ticket. >> if you do not sign this? i will have to get my supervisor. >>stanley: i discussed new information. while it is not a moving violation. i just found new information, the insurance company could still raise your rates. in san francisco, stanley roberts. >>pam: march madness! and it is going to be full coverage with gary radnich..
6:43 pm
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>> gary: since we joined up, the pressure of the guest.
6:46 pm
he used to work national security with president obama. and pam, and do one a ballplayer? for this guy. >> a bit of the eight high- profile cast in just a few minutes. n.c.a.a. your ago, butler and old dominion. tried to make a deep n.c.a.a. run. with seven seconds to go, butler, here we go. (cheers & applause) and the finishes are really nice, 50-58. butler advances. kentucky and princeton. tied at 287. with just a few seconds left. kentucky
6:47 pm
brendan night over, a sslow down, they add advanced, 59-57. richmond, the hometown of vern glenn, 69-66 over vanderbilt. moorhead, louisville. louisville is up to. up to- points however, morehead goes on to defeat 62-61, they move on to take richmond. let me be a bad guy. it is fun to watch the last 5 minutes of the game. i am here to tell you if there were not gambling in those brackets, you would lose 80 percent of your audience. 80 percent. and if
6:48 pm
i stay home to see more vanderbilt? or that does not mean that guys like me who love basketball will sit there like that. all of this and to rest, with 80%. >>pam: wow. >>catherine >>jacqueline: yousuf 50% last yesterday! you said-- [laughter] 50% now it is up to 80%. and >> gary: what happened to you? one from obama to here? >> earthquake. and baseball and the desert. >> gary: on st. patrick's day, and no green? >>jacqueline: i am not able
6:49 pm
to wear the color green, light disappear! >> gary: the aggies went, final, over chicago cubs. the ace-victorious. the a's --barry bonds, good news, angry voice mail and not admissible in court. the u.s. district court judge said that it had little relevance to the steroids. when we come back, when we return, we're not joking this has had a wonderful life. talking about president obama, and also work with the stanford women's basketball. he has written a book on how mark mcgwire saved baseball also with sammy sosa in 1998. and a founding a leak and ricky
6:50 pm
and conseco, now-a league-- what a life! >> it is just been a wild ride and it is just the beginning. >> the caval next [ wheezing breaths ]
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[ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13. i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool. big tobacco knew it, and they preyed on me.
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>> gary: we are not joking about this recipe, last october,-this -- resume - and a new earthquake stadium march of next year. founder of the golden baseball league, conseco played there, at stanford was on the practice squad for the women's varvarsity blast of alting. and my gosh, you spend time with the president of united states for national security. >> my first blast,. law..
6:54 pm
>> gary: how you go from president obama? >> it is a little bit of a different thing because i was in sports, baseball league, and bringing the earthquake tragedy into perspective. if >> gary: tell me about the new stadium. >> over near coleman avenue near the airport in san jose. we're able to seat 70,000 a great home for the earthquake. we're hoping to have been opened-17,000. he >> gary: start your season on saturday night and i knew >> from san jose. where will it make it this time? >> with the world cup, soccer which is really embraced. >> gary: how did you become
6:55 pm
a founder of the league to beg for jose conseco? >> i started that at stanford, with a business plan. it is been going for eight years pyrrophyte >> gary: story from jose conseco? >> it was fourth of july. he only played one game and he called me with a demand to trade he wanted to be traded. >> he wanted to play. >> gary: mid-40s. >> he want to play. >> conseco want someone to look at and one more, as the history you helped vanderveer? >> when i was a therwould
6:56 pm
scrimmage and we would say the we with the no. 1 women's and the country. >> how long have you been president? since october? >> 21 honesty? >> i think that you are too smart. >> i think that you are just.. >> this is going to be great, with that stadium. >> gary: i think you are too smart to worry about athletes. >> that is for is at! >> gary: how much for a ticket? >> $20 >> gary: which nothing but the best. and i wish you nothing but the best--and i will take you out to eat, pam if he survives [laughter] and huge your right foot. you are a good
6:57 pm
sport and i wish you nothing but the best. they open their season friday night. see you at 11
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
"the insider" has the most detailed reporting behind today's all new star headline. i'm lara spencer. >> and i'm kevin frazier. >> "the insider" is on. william and kate, the new interview with the man presiding over the royal wedding. as the prince heads overseas without his bride to be. then, reporters in peril. [ beeping ] >> that's a fast one. >> who is fleeing and who is stage to cover the crisis? >> we're going to hold down the fort as long as possible. sandra bullock's plan to help the victims of the tsunami. and then charlie's


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