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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  March 18, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 430. >>pam: the stormy weather and the bay is continuing. >>jacqueline: most of the heavy rain is pushing up towards the sierra. not good if you want to go to tahoe. we will see a series of storms through the weekend, sunday that storm could be as intense if not more intense than what we saw today. read now heavier rain pushing off to the north, and to the east. if those have your cells are pushing up towards tahoe. if you're making the truck up there, i just would not. in fact east
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on 80 as closed at this hour because of a nasty rec. are going to see a few sunbreaks out there, we will still seashell or activities here to the north bay and over san rafael. the main band of rain has pushed well down to the south and we will see pop up activity as the evening progresses. a little heavier rain around santa rosa and around the airfield. still turning up to the south, all the way up and down the coastline. the moisture will get sucked back and and another storm will push back through sunday. 52 santa rosa otherwise mostly in the '40's and it will cool and really wacky weather throughout the day with a tornado touching down in santa rosa. some o'clock the rain turns into scattered showers. we will see the showers in the weather tomorrow. we will time that
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up for you, and look at your extended forecast coming up. >>pam: we continue tracking the storm which resell, joins us live from the break. it had >>terisa: been rough here on the peninsula. delays here at sfo. i just got off the phone with the duty manager, she tells me departures and arrivals are still being delayed. it is much better than it was earlier. at one. some flights had to our delays on average. right now flights are being at least delayed an hour. this would weather, that was a problem. at 11:00 a.m. the weather service issued a tornado warning. winds were clocked at 30 to 40 mi. per hour. of what conditions left some localized flooding. in parking lots like this one, and along el camino. residents say it was quite the day to try and stay dry. >> with a number of law, i
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didn't want to come out side because i was afraid. i'm staying dry though. it seems like it's coming down and buckets today. it's pretty scary for a while there i was reading what to do in case your outside or inside for the next one hopefully there will be one and all be ready for. the national >>terisa: weather service said it was 10 years ago that was the last time there was an actual tornado warning here on the finance love. that woman will have to wait to to put her knowledge to use. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: an update on the situation along interstate 80 and lived near lake tahoe. look of the video, you could see the back up right now westbound lanes are closed it just westbound. the chp says 30 to 40 vehicles are involved and that includes about four or five big rigs. you could
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see traffic at a standstill. if the accident happened about 1 to 40 5:00 p.m., were told there is a least one fatality and other injuries as well. one truck was carrying liquid hydrogen which started leaking onto the road. at this point we're told westbound lanes in that area will be closed for up to another four hours. our coverage tracking the storm continues on kron 4 and now to the developing story in japan. the level of danger threat at the situation at the nuclear power plant has been raised from level 4 to level five. the new level is based on the international nuclear and radiological scale. indicates an accident with wider consequences. sandra reports on the latest on recovery efforts and the crisis. >>reporter: moment of silence in japan at 246 in the afternoon. one week
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since the crippling 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami hit japan. the urgency remains to avert another disaster. if the nuclear radiation made from the power plants. japanese safety officials raised the threat levels from 4 to 05 with 7 being the most serious. the meanness and accident with water consequences. level five equals that of the three mile high incident in 1979 in pennsylvania. despite the severity the japanese chief cabinet secretary says not to worried. >> the radiation measurements has not been serious, serious enough to have health effects. >>reporter: and other challenges to get aid to people and is the most. a broken infrastructure is making it difficult for food, supplies and medicine to get to the areas hardest hit. the prime minister says these challenging times will pass. >> we don't have any room to
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be pessimistic or does encourage. we cannot do so. we're going to create traps again i can once again. >>reporter: magnitude of rebuilding the country hasn't seen since world war two. in washington, sandra. >>pam: even though scientists stress any time when not be harmful to the united states, that's not stopping people from making a run of potassium iodine to fight certain radiation risk. kron 4 shows as a store in berlin game with the supply cannot keep up with demand. >>reporter: it's sold out? >> it's sold out. >>reporter: how quickly did you sell out? >> we got the money and sold out right away. >>reporter: any reordered? >> ordered up to 64 yesterday, those are all
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sold out. and we still, that's just the thyroid we also have cal request flooding and. >>reporter: ordered another 100 bottles and there's a waiting list for that? yes >> if the concern is valid, i do think it's gone too far. i certainly would like to give people priority that are closer to the incident area. >>reporter: might be the only one who's getting a hard time of getting hands on the potassium iodine. source stores like this one. when the supplier is up to the supplier told them they have to share their supply with the rest of the country, as well as save some for the victims of the japan earthquake in tsunami. this please told me, they will always get some potassium iodine so that's not a concern, but they might get as many as they would like. reporting from berlin game, kron 4 news.
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the rate >>pam: the asian exposure scare has led to high demand for hand-held personal radiation detectors here as well. gabe slate shows us where these devices are selling out and he has advice on how to buy one. >>gabe: the most popular radiation detector the one with a high as reviews are sold out. the websites have a message on the front page sing the situation in japan has caused a shortage of their supply. warning buyers of the purchase when it will take months to deliver a unit. on a day there are 270 radiation detectors being auctioned off, almost everyone had been some a lot of kids. like this one with 24 bids currently at $305 with over a day left in the auction. the experts say the amount of radiation that might reach a some here in america from japan, will not be a danger level. he shouldn't feel you have to go out and buy one of these detectors because of the situation in japan. however it has raised awareness and we do have nuclear power plants here in america, and
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the future something could happen in our country might want to keep one of these devices around in your tool kit. the not a common consumer product. i called dozens of stores and went into a home depot they did not sell them. as far as i can tell you only find radiation detectors on line. that could be confusing, there are hundreds of different models with different price tags, models made by the brand at a taxi to be high the respected. they have one for around to it for $50. for buyers guide to radiation detectors and information like what features to look for and recommended models log on to and look for our news and links section. gabe slate, kron 4 news. >>jacqueline: are not done with the rain yet, thundershowers tomorrow and more heavy rain sunday. we'll have details coming up. >>pam: traffic on this friday, this is san jose highway 1 01. the only place where traffic is slow is the guadalupe overpass. moving find on south 101. we'll be
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sun >>catherine: celebration in libya over the fact that khaddafi has announced a cease-fire against the rubble. very few people trust him to hold to that. reaction to the no-fly zone over libya. president barack obama today not spelling out exactly the u.s. role. >> i want to be clear about what we will not be doing. the united states is not going to deploy troops into libya. and we are not going to use force to go beyond a well-defined goal. specifically the protection of civilians in libya. >>catherine: khaddafi is rejecting the threats, trying to outmaneuver the west with this declaration of a ceasefire. observers say, some rebels are reporting they are still being attacked. >>jacqueline: live look
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outside, the heavy rains today moving up to the sierra and turning into heavy snow. we will talk about the sierra and rain locally this weekend coming up in a bit.
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>>jacqueline: a live look outside westbound 80 at crystal springs. but as the cars they apart. he could see the snow piling up on the cars. if that's because there's been a nasty accident on the interstate. 30 to 40 cars involved in the accident. traffic is park for the next four hours as the work to clear it. if not the time to go to the sierra this evening. it's not going to be a good time regardless because of the weather. the heavy rains you saw this morning, is starting to push to the east he see the yellow on the screen indicating heavier rainfalls turning into snow as a pushes up to the sierra. % snow fall rates as high as 3 in. per hour. you want to stay away from the road until tomorrow. there
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is a winter storm warning into effect until 8:00 tomorrow morning. it's going to be really nasty all weekend. the snow will last throughout the day but, it will be later. heavy snow return sunday and will see quite a bit through tomorrow about one to 2 ft. above 7,000 ft.. sunday there will be even more probably the same numbers coming down on sunday into monday. the rain is finally starting to taper off around the bay, especially the north bay where we are seeing partial clearing in santa rosa. he see pop-up storms and santa rosa, near san rafael and the main band of rain is fighting to the south. we are seeing showers over san jose. tonight into tomorrow, 8:00 hour, notice rain returns to the south bay embassy, but showers in the north bay. was he the same pattern for the overnight hours, it will taper off after midnight.
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notice 11:00, a strong band of rain in san rafael in san francisco. it will probably be thunderstorms in bed in that. a little bit of a break, notice the pop-up showers some circles of rain here and there through the 6:00 hour. it will continue for 11:00 in intensify as we get into the afternoon. into the 1:00 hour, it will go all the way through saturday. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, continuing the scattered showers out there tomorrow. another round will continue as we head into sunday. there is strong storm it looks it is going to hit between 10:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.. probably they should stay indoors. we will keep the rain going all the way through next week. >>pam: kron 4 crews are canvassing the bay area tracking the storm. the ring was cutting the north bay earlier today. this is video from san rafael this morning. we continue our team coverage was stanley
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roberts. >>dan: it was business as usual at the parking lot in mill valley. notice the subject of flooding signposted around. this area is prone to flooding due to the fact that it's it's below the bay. as the rain came down, the law began to fill up with water. this area almost always floods when there is a heavy rain. at one point the water filled up the parking lot so deep that the action came up to this buses bumper. committed difficult for drivers to enter the lot, but some did. the water did not criticize it could, but in some places it was almost shandy. in mill valley, stanley roberts kron 4 news. >>reporter: near japan town, the rain came down really really hard. a lot of people were struggling with their umbrellas, just to keep them from flying away and tried to stay dry. the cuddles accumulated very quickly.
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cars are having to go slow because visibility is so slow. take a look of this, and driving down carried and the rain is making it so you could barely see when you're driving. you really have to go slow. in san francisco, gabe slate kron 4 news. >>reporter: in oakland the rain storm comes through, he could see how much water has fallen. a storm drains and rain gutters under keep as this storm draigave them a good work. it was definitely a good day to have an umbrella and a good day. puddles of water were everywhere, driving through bigger puddles made for a lot of on easy road conditions. in oakland, dan kron 4 news. >>pam: a traffic in san francisco, not too bad the bottom of your screen southbound 1 01 towards the peninsula actually pretty light. the top of your screen, 80 is moving slowly toward the lower deck of the bay bridge. after the break
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a look at the latest movies ahead.
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>>catherine: in the buzz, a couple thriller is in a sci- fi comedy are out in theaters. we have previews of limitless, the lincoln letter and paul. the human brain is put to the test in the thriller limit lips. bradley cooper plays eddie and unemployed writer who discovers a top-secret drug that is in the altman brainpower. the business mogul play by robert deniro wants to harness his horse for his own financial gain. limitless is rated pg-13. in the legal thriller the lincoln lawyer, matthew plays and a key. an l.a. attorney who conducts much of his business on the back of his car. he eagerly accepts his first client in years. soon finds he made take on more than he bargained for. the link a
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lawyer it is rated r. in a sci-fi comedy paul, to comic-book dekes take a road trip and end up protectors of a renegade aliens with an all too human name and personality. >> hi i'm paul. >>catherine: paul is rated r. >>pam: the 100 any will bay to breakers race is sold out. all 50,000 race registrations are spoken thor. this is the first time in history that dated breakers has sold out and it's done so with two full months remaining before the race. bay to breakers also announced that a custom product company has become the title sponsor for the 101 hundred and the first running of bay to breakers. remember kron 4 is your bay to breakers station. we will provide to all the coverage of the race right here on kron 4.
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>>jacqueline: live look outside, the rain finally tapering off in the north bay although we are seeing a few showers. i will detail the rain coming up this weekend, coming up at the news at 5. [ wheezing breaths ]
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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 5:00. >>pam: 1 weaken japan's nuclear nightmare, the first tiny traces of radiation are detected in california. the party's small to pose a hazard. we will show you how the plum of particles cross the pacific. we are tracking the storm that drenched the bay area. bringing a tornado to santa rosa and triggering a multi car pileup in the sierra. a wet and miserable day to day, you're looking now at video of the rain pouring down along gary street along san francisco and san rafael. high winds knocked down trees causing a power outage.


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