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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  March 18, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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lines affected and hundreds of homes are still without power. in santa rosa, a tornado touched down the tears the roof off of the building and tears through that building. a power remains out there for hundreds of customers. at ocean beach, a waterspout, you could see the water churning. of course we can check in the sierra for heavy snow that's causing big traffic backups. a major accident there at least one person is dead after multiple car accident near the gap. we have gone the way. she joins up with a look at what's ahead. >>jacqueline: heavy snow in the sierra. the take a look now. pop up showers also through the north bay city could see the heavier rain for sacramento right now but mostly clear conditions. but some in here. you could see in the north bay some of those areas, indicating
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heavier rain and you see that little spot purpled that just popped up there. that is where were seeing hail right here. this is near the coastline in the north bay. let's look down toward vallejo and concord. he see plenty of moderate rainfall in that area. were continuing to see the pop-up showers. a water view picture, once again over the past couple of hours most of the heavy rain has pushed through the bay area into the sacramento valley in into the sierra. seeing snow fall rates as high as 3 in. per hour rate now in the sierra. tonight into tomorrow, that rain turning into showers. this evening as you saw, a few isolated showers in the north bay. tomorrow morning, scattered showers activity and this will continue with possible thunderstorms into the afternoon. i will tell you all about it coming up. >>pam: from santa cruz to
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santa rosa, we have crews all over tracking the storm. we begin in santa rosa was severe weather there. kate thompson standing by with some of the destruction from the tornado. >>kate: a tornado hitting santa rosa this morning around 9:00 a.m.. 82 110 mi. an hour winds according to the national weather service. he could see the enormous pile of debris. this is what's left of the building that used to stand. now just a pile of wood and metal. we will show you the force here with the wind you could see opening up this building made of corrugated metal like that to can't. we spoke to one of the neighbors who witnessed the tornado come through the neighborhood. >> it got dark, the rain started coming down really hard. we look out the window and that's when that's not. that's when we ran out the door. i ran
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outside and i could see the debris fell down. first thing we thought was a tornado. this is kansas city. it's pretty crazy. the tv one of, it came right back on. it happened so quick. it got dark and then after it was all done it was quiet. >>kate: the scary thing about what you see here with this trouble is that there were people in the building one their tornado hit. luckily all of them got out. there were no injuries and many of those workers ended up calling friends in the neighborhood to help clean up all of this mess. reporting live in santa rosa, kron 4 news. >>pam: team coverage continues with kron 4 rob along highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains. >>gary: is a break in the
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rain right l in the class of lifted in the temperature is dropping. i would like to show you what is left behind. you could see that we have a light dusting of snow here right now. that wasn't there this morning. this is fresh snow in the santa cruz mountains, with the snow level down to about 4,000 ft.. another image from earlier in the day, i want to show you lexington reservoir. this is in the hills above los gatos. now the reservoir is 93% vote. for the first time in years we see the reservoir spilling over. there is an image were going to keep on for you. one other note on the reservoir, to get their all attend of the valley's reservoirs are
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about 68% of capacity because of seismic earthquake restrictions based on some of them because of bands as they're going to be inspected in the next several years and repairs made. it only half of those reservoir is to be filled up to 70%. since they are almost there the water will be making a strategic releases. it is a delicate balance because they don't take too much water of there because that's drinking water for the valley. what they want to do is take just enough out to allow for more rain falling run off to keep it as low as possible. once again to the live picture back up here, you could see the snow again as the snow level continues to come down along with the temperature. the can you hear on highway 17 going along sparely smooth. there was once been out in the southbound lanes but to, no one was hurt and it was cleaned up fast. if right now things moving very well.
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live in the santa cruz mountains, kron 4 news. >>pam: our team coverage continues with nicole. >>reporter: here in south san francisco, the rain continues to come down hard. we've already seen a number of drivers swerving along what roadways especially street behind me. it's been very select. you will also see flooding along the streets and flooding along area highways as well. in san francisco, kron 4 news. >>reporter: has been a wet and miserable day on highway 92. i'm going to assume my camera and and that is the 101 right there. you could see drivers are taking it easy and moving along at a decent speed. still, there is a lot of water on the roadway and those drivers are kicking up rooster tails which is obviously going to go on the windshield of the people behind them. you could see what the
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conditions are 92, drivers are moving along at a decent case but taking it easy. in san mateo, jeff bush kron 4 news. >>catherine: this just in, the latest power outage numbers. we went from thousands of outages earlier today to fewer than 3000. some of the problems you're looking at our new. south bay 2000, pg&e has workers there right now. in the north bay only 20 of judges left and in the east bay 450. this was the problem after a car hit a power pole. >>pam: confronted traffic, the bay bridge toll plaza no problems west boundaries found at this time. now looking at the james lick, the bottom of your screen southbound 101 moving slowly. the top of your screen high radius' stock and not moving very much at all. we will be right back.
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>>pam: in japan a moment of
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silence today as the country more of the victims of last week's earthquake in tsunami. the nation and caused that to 40 6:00 p.m. the moment when disaster struck. seven days later the death toll is now nearing 7000. nearly 11,000 people are still missing and 500,000 of there are homeless. thousands of people in the hardest-hit areas are still without he, basic supplies and the danger of a nuclear meltdown is growing. fire trucks bring water on reactor no. 3 at japan's fukushima power plant today. high radiation readings men each truck could only be used for a few minutes. if japan's nuclear if the agency raised a warning from a level 4 to level five on a scale of 7. that is the same level off as the three mile island accident in the united states. u.s. officials say japan situation seems to be much more serious. this a reactor for may have a crack
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in its floor making it more difficult to refill the cooling cool. the first line of radiation has turned up in california. the united nations diplomat said it was detected by a quick been in sacramento which is used to enforce the international nuclear test ban. they said they want a billion times below a health hazard level. jonathan blum has been keeping an eye on the radiation flint. >>jonathan: this is the power plant, four reactors all in trouble. a reactor to a crack in the containment pool and reactor for files and the fuel storage unit. all this causing particles to rise in the air. if you zoom out, you could see the big zero on the screen that's a narrow that is a mile tall. that shows how high the particles have to get in order to make their way along the pacific ocean. what carries them along as the jet stream. that is the
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when that goes from west east all the way around the earth in a band. a lot of fierce rain and wind that was in the atmosphere at the time cost a lot of those radiation particles to drop into the ocean instead of making their way to california. by wednesday and thursday and friday that radiation has in fact arrived in california but, so little they could barely measure. in l.a. there were no unusual readings part of that because the jet stream, the wind is a little further north because of the year. it is the same when that is brought storms into the bay area that we have been talking about in the newscast. sacramento is where they found of particles, but they just found a couple not a huge plume of gas. they say we have nothing to worry about. of course there are measurement stations in san francisco and it will continue to monitor the air. so far no danger. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage of the
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>>jacqueline: a live look inside over downtown san francisco. still seen the cloudy picture, also starting to see sun. a few sunbreaks in the north bay, let's look at our rainfall totals first. an inch and a third of rain in a roundup. mill valley, over an inch, not with an inch in san francisco, two-thirds of an inch in redwood city and same thing in livermore. we saw pretty impressive rainfall totals. in the north bay, pop up showers and dry conditions of the golden gate and into the south bay seeing just like showers. more on these scattered showers developing in the north bay. you see any areas of moderate pain:
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santa rosa. we are seeing a lot of pale with this particular cell, that's pushing through the coast line it will continue to see small pale possibly and moderate forces of rain as these push through. the storm over here you could see it standing in the tail and all the way down the west coast. this is today storm. in the sierra, left with scattered showers and you could see how the clouds are not uniform and showers not a uniform either. another big storm off shore. this will bring us more rain for sunday. tonight into tomorrow, this evening you could see the steady snow showers in the sierra region but were starting to see, conditions in the day. we will still see showers rotating in from offshore in the bay area into tomorrow. by 2:00 a.m. at break, not a break for the sierra. if the snow fall light not into tomorrow probably above the
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seven or 8:00 how were it will still be going but not quite as heavy. into the later morning hours, it will rain nearly bay area wide and snow still going in the sierra. notice later and even breaks in the sierra. tomorrow if you want to get up to this year i tomorrow afternoon would be a good time to go. extended forecast showing the showers for tomorrow, as we head into sunday heavier rain going to push through. also windy conditions. the storm is expected to be stronger than what we saw today. >>pam: this storm is causing major problems in this year, chp officer joins us on the phone with an update on the major accident on interstate 80. of what is the latest? >>caller: i wish i could bring you better news, we are still closed westbound and it will be awhile before we get it cleaned up. in fact, closed closed their
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real problems in it will trucks and uncourtly the fire department and medical personnel there to help people. if we had to closed east founded a number of locations in order to get that equipment there. they are there now, they are cleaning it up. there will be huge delays east bound at multiple locations because of that. >>pam: looking at pictures taken at the accident, we reported earlier there was one fatality? are there also injuries? >>caller: of the number of people injured, at this point it's not looking like we have any other major injuries and will know more about that as time goes on in. >>pam: what is your biggest difficulty getting things cleared away and getting traffic moving? >>caller: biggest problem is we have multiple big rigs involved, some of which have hazardous materials on board so he we need to get those out of their without
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damaging the container. it takes a lot of work, to get things cleared up up the roadway especially when there's damage to both the truck and trailer. >>pam: is this caused by the weather or do you know? >>caller: don't know yet to, but it looks at this point weather was certainly a contributing factor. i would, there is going to be enough delays that i think tomorrow is a much, much better option to come down here. we will get this cleaned up as soon as possible, at one point you have this series you have to go through before you could open up the road. >>pam: thank you officer for your update. this storm is making delays at sfo. kron 4 is there with the very latest. >>terisa: the weather produced some big challenges at sfo today. they tell kron 4 news that southwest
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airlines, is still trying to get back on track. some of the flights both departures and arrivals are still facing delays. she said most of the other airlines are doing better now. but it is still backed up. the delays were caused by a tornado warning which forced sfo to stop all the lights. the national weather service issued that warning. airport officials say that they recommend that you start calling your airline to seek about of light if you have to catch one, or if you are expecting someone. also, because the weather is expected to get back again this weekend. airport officials have to recommend that you also call this weekend. it the will probably be delays. at sfo, back to you. >>pam: coverage tracking the storm continues of kron 4 and we will be right back with more news, weather and traffic in a few moments.. @
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>>pam: gaddafi has declared a cease-fire against the rebels as a reaction to the un to the no-fly zone. khaddafi continuing to shrug off the thread. president barack obama is not spelling out the exact position of the u.s.. >> just yesterday, speaking of the city, a city of roughly 700,000 people. he threatened and i quote we will have no mercy and the pity ". no mercy on his own citizens. >>pam: rebels are celebrating and others are saying they're still being attacked. british forces are being sent to the mediterranean and france says it is ready for possible military action. if in yemen and demonstration against the government turned into a deadly scene. at least 46 people killed
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and reports that government forces and police were firing down on protesters from rooftops. former haitian president, has returned to haiti after seven years of exile. despite criticism from the u.s. of which asked him not to disrupt an already late presidential election. vicarial looking at haitians celebrating. not all patients are happy about his return. >>jacqueline: the rain has largely stopped and were starting to see a few sunbreaks in the north bay. we have more rain on the way and a big star said to push through. i will tell you when coming up. california should be proud.
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three times more. go online to what's in your wallet? what's this do? bomb >>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 5:30 p.m. >>pam: our big story at 530, the weather. take a look of the back up along i 80 in the sierra. a multiple car, fatal accident


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