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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 18, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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. live. this is kron 4 news at 11:00. kron 4 is tracking the storm tonight. heavy winds and rain and even a tornado blew through the bay area, bringing heavy damage and tonight hail, thunder and lightening are bringing problems as well around the bay. team coverage tonight affthe situation, indeluding the latest images of the weather and updated forecast details. >> here is some of the newest video. a hail storm in the east bay. this was a while ago. you can see all the hail on the ground. so much it almost looks like
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snow. viewers also called in to report hail in berkeley, concord and san francisco and our photographer also captured several lightening flashes tonight also near the albany area. you can see the night sky lightening up several times. kron 4's jacqueline b is tracking the storm -- jacqueline bennett is tracking the storm. >> very heavy rains going here through the delta, through antioch. we did see over 2 dozen lightening strikes and hail was all over the north bay and through this area as well, richmond, albany and looking closer, rain still going, antioch seeing heavy rain and pushing to fairfield. the rains continue to push down to the east -- or the west. a look at storm tracker.
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there is the storm that brought rainfall today. really spotty showers and cloud coverage. this is what pushes in tomorrow. but on sunday, the storm is also puling in lots of moisture. you can see it here. that set to hit us on sunday. intense rain on sunday. tomorrow, few showers. 7:00 morning, few spotty showers. picking up by the afternoon. thunderstorms possible for tomorrow. winds pick up. we will see the game heavy rain, gusty winds, hail and lightening. i will tell you about it coming up. the weather played a role in the pile up accident. this shows where the accident happened. westbound traffic came to a stand still for hours this afternoon and it is still closed and will be for the rest
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of the night. you can see the backup from these fraps taken from -- from these photographs, taken from someone in the traffic. at least one person died. one truck was carrying liquid hydrogen that was leaking on to the road. that section will remain closed tonight. a santa rosa neighborhood is cleaning up debris left behind from a tornado. it touched down at a business. the winds were so strong they picked up a shed. kron 4's reggie kumar shows thus damage. >> reporter: twisted pieces of wood is what is left of a shed after it was ripped out of a ground friday. when it dropped the schett it also took out power lines. sharp feses of aluminum flew into homes. police had to shut down the street till it was all cleared
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away. sue is one of the owners. >> when i look up, the wind came down and picked up the building, flipped it over and hit the fires, sparks were coming down and. >> announcer: t -- and it blew over. >> i was afraid it was going to come my way. >> we had things anchored in the ground. >> reporter: the storm system bent this gate in half. knocked down fences, and shot large pieces of aluminum siding into trees. judy lives across the street, she said it dented her car. >> i saw everything go up in the air ask shoot down the road. >> it was moving this way and going down the street. >> this was in my gate.
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i thought i would keep it so i could find the owner. >> reporter: no one was injured when the tornado touched down. the owner plans to remove all of this debris on monday. in santa rosa, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. rain hammered the bay area for most of the day today. kron 4's jonathan bloom has a look at the spots where it fell the hardest. >> reporter: driving on the bay area's free ways looked like this if you were inside the car. and from outside it looked like this. it created deep puddles. in the south bay, the rain came with winds blowing around these palm trees and at the beach, the wind showed it suffin rough surf. all up and down the peninsula rain flooded the gutters and
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sidewalks. in this oklahoma, it tested the water proofing on rain boots. the unprepared took shelter next to building. >> i hate it with a passion. >> we need it. >> i can't complain. >> same thing here. i don't like it. >> reporter: that's the flip side of the rain. you can see what a great job it's doing filling up reservoirs. that means more water for everyone this summer. >> four, five days, i am over it. time for spring time. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, kron 4 news. we continue to track the storm online on where viewers can share their weather pictures. this photograph acescent in.
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a tree knocked over. this of a rainbow was snapped today. look at this picture, the storm tore off part of a roof. another shows the weather over san francisco today. and this rainy day window. if you would like to see the complete collection or share your own, visit a a bit of encouraging news out of japan tonight, emergency crews are closer to attaching a new power line to the in which matter of which -- power line to the in which matter of the nuclear power plant -- attaching a new power line to the nuclear power plant. details ahead. [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash? no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn 10, 15 or 20 dollars off on the spot
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with jcp cash, earn 10, 15 or 20 dollars off on the spot storewide! and, unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get up to $20 off with no exclusions! we make it affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. . air traffic at sfo was hampered tonight because of the unstable area in the bay area. it kept a lot of passengers and planes on the ground. others could not land. many flights experienced delays
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up to three hours. kron 4's da lin talked to frustrated travelers. the check in line stretched for three blocks. >> our mouths dropped dropped and we were walking and walking. this is the longest line i have ever seen. >> i have only made it one foot. >> our surprise, it's very, very long. >> reporter: patience was tested at sfo. passengers fed up. >> four hours. i am not happy. yeah. totally irritated. >> reporter: the line is due to delays caused by the rainy weather and a tornado weather. the national weather service issued the tornado warning friday morning and that forced them to ground flights and stop arriving flights from coming in. that lasted for 30 minutes. many flights experienced delays
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up to three hours. southwest airlines had a hard time recovering from it. because a lot of their passengers missed their connection flights and that was what led to the long lines. >> i don't know if i am getting home tonight. four hour weight. there are two people at the counter. >> reporter: things should return to normal by s.a.t. morning. at sfo, da lin, kron 4 news. scattered thunderstorm continue at this hour and we are still seeing snow in the sierra. i will have your forecast and we will time out rain in a few minutes. [ jerry ] look at this!
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a glimmer of hope tonight in japan at the nuclear power plant in fukushima dai-ichi. a power plant is closer to
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being connected. friday in japan the entire nation paused in the afternoon, the moment when disaster struck one week ago. 7 days later the death toll is more than 7200. 11 poun people are missing. 500,000 are homeless. thousands of people are still without heat and without basic supplies. fire trucks sprayed water on reactor 3 at the fukushima dai- ichi. they raised the threat level to a level 5. it's believed reactor four may have a crack in its floor. that would make it more difficult to refill the coolant pool and the first hint of radiation turned up in sacramento. it was detected by equipment used to enforce the united united nation's test band. it was a billion times below the level of a health hazard.
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no other traces have shown up. in tonight's edlines. talk aimed at moammar gadhafi from president obama saying the cease fire there must begin immediately. the u.n. security counsel authorized a no-fly zone yesterday. tomorrow leaders will hold an emergency meeting and military action in libya could begin within hours. in yemen, snipers on rooftops opened fire on protesters in the capital. 46 people were killed, including children. the shootings represent a escalation in the crack down against the protesters. who want the president to stop down. if the moon looks larger and brighter this weekend, there is a reason. it will be a show stopper according to scientists.
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the name is a super full moon, the biggest in 20 years. it happens when the moon reachest the closest point of orbit around the earth. probably not going to be able to see the moon with the showers. cloudy skies expected tomorrow night. right now continuing to see spotty, heavy cells pushing through the bay area, towards sacramento and snow flying in the sierra. it's been coming down hard. it will be lighter as we head into tomorrow. if you want to make a break, tomorrow is a good time to do it. sunday, another very powerful storm impacting the bay area. it will push into the sierra by the afternoon, bringing 2 feet of snow in the higher elevations on sunday. for tomorrow morning a few light showers. by the troon they pick up. we will see pockets of heavy
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rain through the coast line. a stream of more moderate cells here. overnight hours that's when things get hairy. winds pick up. the rain picks up. at midnight, moderate rain low the norm bay continuing into morning. 5:00 a.m., moderate rain bay area wide. by 7:00, a band of very heavy rain pushes in. gusty winds as well. winds as high as 60 miles per hour. continuing into 9:00, fast moving storm, heavy rain, 11:00. and drier conditioning in the wake of the strong storm. the rain tapers off behind the initial band. look here, tomorrow night, rainfall total from a third of an inch, all day tomorrow. and sunday, by 10:00 a.m., look
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at the rainfall totals. 2 inches in san francisco. three inch in santa rosa. 10:00 p.m. sunday, 3 inches plus in santa rosa. 2 inches plus in oakland. not only will we have dramatic rains but gusty winds. high wind watch is effect for the bay area. blue here indicating this is in effect for the entire bay area, into sacramento as well. sunday night, sunday afternoon, that is when it takes effect. howling out there. and dumping rain for several hours. definitely the weekend to stay indoors. scattered showers tomorrow. rain picks up by sunday tomorrow. sunday will be more powerful than today's. we could see pockets of -- we
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will see pockets of heavy rain and small hail and thunder. winds definite as intense as today. rain into monday morning and next week. the stanford women get ready for their ncaa run and the calbears are treated rudely by the colorado buffalo in bolder. gary is up next with all the sports. [ ryan ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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all right. good evening, everybody. cal basket is over. mike's team won their first game at home. in colorado tonight, he had 16 points, back and forth early. colorado one of those teams which many people said should be in the ncaa tournament. rod used to play for the warriors. buddy of michael jordan. his son cory had 22 points
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tonight for colorado. shannon sharpe, no relation there, 89-72, cal finishes 18- 15. their season is over. santa clara, had 1200 people they beat air force and will play the win orphhawaii, scheduled to go tomorrow. villanova's frank wright, excuse me, jay wright, frank is his brother in law, the anchor for channel 2 and the wildcats knocked off by george mason. here we go. villanova with the ball down two. >> fires. off the tom of the backboard. no. george mason. >> that's it. george mason knocks off
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villanova. one of the few finishes that really had gus yelling. stanford women, the bay area team waving their flag proudy. look here that bronco -- excuse me the stanford women. they, of course, are perennial final four team. ranked second in the nation. they have to get through uc davis first and they will be lucky to host the first two games if they keep winning. >> we know that we need to play against any team and no matter what the seed is, i think our team is very aware of that. and is not going to take any team lightly. >> i think we have everything in place, good offense, great defense. coming up with the loose balls, taking the charges we need, all that, that will determine our future. >> all right. the warriors season as usual
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over by march. stephen curry, getting ready to go tonight. it's going to -- the big question s keith smart going to come back. steve nash doing his in the. channing frye hits a three- pointer. 17 points. first game back after dislocating his shoulder. 108-97. giants and dodgers, aubrey huff, sharp grounder to first. the reporter being hit. there we go. giants losing 6-3. it was a good move, white socks beating the a's. here comes a threatening moment for a tv reporter. this is in san diego. all right? this guy is covering the event. ben higgens. and the van and the van, jackie, let's see if you learned anything. what did i say anything?
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>> you don't want jeff bush backing in to you. >> what do they do to reporters here? >> i am not saying that. >> they run them over. >> good night.
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