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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 21, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> james: 4:00 a.m., top stories, the latest of japan, new regulations, news stories of survival. why investigators are printing vendors at operators of the power plant. >> reporter: will tell you what happened to gaddafi's compound to ask light. >> james: big day for barry bonds, he will be in court today. >> louisa: more spring showers, a lot of what weather to talk about will latino in the next round of rain is coming up. >> erica: traffic moving to albany very light. a complete check on your bay area commute coming up. >> live, from the bay area's
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news station, this is the kron 4 morning news. >> reporter: good morning monday march 21st, let's carry toward developing story. >> james: the utility company's operating the troubled power plant has evacuated workers after grace market escaped from reactor today. it came from a storage pool. it had built of pressure in its reactor core over the weekend. the operator of the complex repeatedly failed to make inspections of the equipment in the weeks before it was " bold. meanwhile the naval commander says polls will be made available to families in japan starting today. they're being given out at four u.s. bases in japan. nine days after the quake and his nominees year-old woman and a teenage border
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rescued from wreckage in the house. rescuers found the boy is suffering from hypothermia on the roof of his prose. inside the front his grandmother week by contras. the two were in the kitchen when the quake struck. the very latest in this situation in libya, a cruise missile blasted the compound it is unknown where he was when the missile hit. pentagon officials say the u.s.-led coalition has succeeded dense scattering and isolating libyan forces of gaddafi after week a punishing air attacks. others believe that the military is under significant stress. that is included stealth bombers, jet fighters, 120 tomahawk cruise missiles and other high-tech weapons. is there to fight saying we promised a long war. "
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>> james: will follow that story as it develops. now, here is a look at the weather. >> george: we have a little bit of wet weather to talk about, more showers today the beginning of a series of systems. it's a few shares working their way to half moon bay pretty calm rain now. at the into the north bay we're watching a few cells along the coastline heading toward places like novato, san rafael. it looks like it will be later in the day that we will see their showers really start to break-in. still holding on to the 37 to santa rosa. 45 in through north bay. active weather rid along the peninsula. chance of wet weather throughout the day. if his party chairs along the peninsula. " widespread
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showers. duties bay,--- through the east bay margaret-heavy rain. it starts to clear up, we're led to the remainder of the date seeing some isolated problem showers. of this and that we could dry up. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. that wet weather is not going anywhere. these to the spring showers. heavy rain, strong wind. occurring about bid on friday a chance and saturday and sunday for what weekend. >> erica: thank you, good
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morning around the bay area no major hard spot. a problem spot which we will get to in the second. bay bridge, westbound these zero completely in the clear. if traffic is flowing freely. pretty much the same story over at the san mateo bridge live look westbound, traffic is moving on the right-hand side. a great time of only 13 minutes, traffic maps, northbound direction of 87, we have a vehicle sitting on its side. california highway patrol and emergency crews are still on that side. 50 mi. an hour or greater, a live look from the scene, datasets bay, no delays your
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drive times. still talking 14 minutes. >> james: thank you, now let's talk more about the effects of this weekend's storm. more than four dozen people were in the dark because partridges, the latest numbers in pacific gas and electric company north bay = 3850, a peninsula = 175, south bay = 130, the space = 100. >> justine: a tornado was reported touching down near santa rosa on saturday night it's the second one to hit in just three days. this time it tore through a rescue center, here's a look of the damage. >> reporter: witnesses say the tornado touched down at 10:00 saturday night lasting for three minutes. the affected homeowners as it picked up a large share forces and a trampoline tossing and 10-20 ft. away.
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aside from some property damage, no one was hurt. reporting live, don lint from kron4 news. >> james: after years of delays we're now just four hours from the barry bonds for every perjury trial. a very busy, a vengeful few weeks, kron4 takes a closer look. >> reporter: we have seen this picture before barry bonds, walking into a courtroom surrounded by cameras. bonds has been under scrutiny for the last eight years for the dealings, all of the questions will come up in the coming weeks. day one of the trial is set to begin. it's a long lasting one, it started back in 2003 when
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bonds testified to a grand jury that his former trainer senior, or trigger brock grow, at the times he said he did not know the atoms were steroids. what happened on that they seem to take a back seat for four years during which time he broke a home run record and retired. only two months after leaving the game, he was indicted for allegedly lying to the never knowingly used performance enhancing drugs. in 2009 prosecutors verified the judge and rhonda's case they're killing the decision to approve the evidence. blood is an appeal that is already been tonight. the averages to testify, diverted done jail time will likely be in still time for the duration of this trial.
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it is expected to last three-four weeks. >> justine: 30 of next on the kron 4 morning news, a live look, if there's any rain out there. a live look good side. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. storm tracker 4 a, let's see were the rain is falling in the early some light showers in the north bay. down along the sinecures mountains may be out there by livermore. on and off against other jar activity. leftover bits and pieces of the weekend storm more rain on the way for the middle of the week. we will visit with louisa and get the latest coming up. >> justine: lawmakers to back to the bargaining table as they get ready to decide on taft and extensions.
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governor jerry brown wants lawmakers to call a special election june 2nd. it would allow voters decide whether to extend increases in the sales, personal income, vehicle taxes. the asa rose to deep spending cuts to close the $26.6 billion deficit >> james: james wall street, stock futures are up, positive start to trading. japan's markets are closed for national holiday giving investors a breather. as the crisis in libya continues while prices are back on the rise. on the home front, the national association of realtors will release the on sales data. they're expecting a fall from january's level. that of course means gas prices likely to get worse as a row
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jumped more than $2 a barrel. all in reaction to the violence in libya. over the past two weeks the average price has increased another 75. here's a quick look it were were seeing for bay area gas prices oakland to $3.97. san jose $3.98. san francisco the most expensive with an average price of 4 hours 25. >> justine: the cellphone rogers go little bit smaller, at&t is going to buy team mobil. $39 billion deal, it will create the largest telephone company in the nation. it said to improve network quality for customers of both companies. supposedly well avoiding construction of additional
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towers. at&t says it will spend more to to expand the bride began service and to rural areas. the deal still needs to be approved, if it is it will be the big cell phone companies out there. >> james: let's take another break, a live shot outside, san francisco, as i said we're expecting scattered showers during the day to day lilies is coming up with the latest on your forecasts.
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>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. the sierra, 80, north play, a whole lot of snow on the ground. weather conditions, although that heavy rain, wind really dealt a blow to the sierra. >> louisa: more snow is on
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the way and that the snow levels are expected to drop down pretty low. storm is moving through, still showing some scattered should know showers. --snow showers. i sold just kind of pushing its way into the coastline south of half moon bay. if your are working their way into the north bay. we're talking about scattered showers will start to see them pick up. 45 among view, sharing a pretty active pitcher. future cast, wet weather along the peninsula. your morning commute could bring with that some showers. fairly light. in looks like it will clear up as we head into the later part of your chance as thunderstorms. as we head
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into the later part of the daly could be looking up for that. heavy rain, strong winds tuesday night and through wednesday. we could be talking about 3 in. of rain. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. the rain is not going anywhere, another around to my name. friday, march showers. and another wet weekend. now, here is a look at the traffic. >> erica: for those of you just getting on at the door we don't have any hot spots, i told you about that problem in the south bay, 101 right where meets 87, it looks like it's in the clearing stages. westbound 80, the bay bridge road plaza, traffic moves mood
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from of three approaches. metering lights are off. drive time about eight minutes. san mateo bridge, at westbound relate. we're both accident and incident free. no problems to. reports. your changes needed along interstate-seat zero, i refer to drive, 88. -- 50.88.80. >> justine: thank you, we have been following the situation of the damage nuclear-power plant. many people want to know how safe is it? the japanese government is keeping some of the food off the market. >> reporter: on the small
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japanese bart we find more than spinach in the field. >> you can see it dramatically goes up. about 100 mi. away from the damage new killer for city, we just picked this field at random, it surprised even our expert. the radiation levels are try is the background levels the should find. we detected similar readings and the second failed, the symbols are not enough to be conclusive that could support what the government aretino's radiation has entered the food chain. >> as sample of malilk, there was a finding that the value those obtained from
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the sample went beyond the food. >> reporter: not just look but spinach, tested higher for radiation. well low levels including the ones we found our boat in the risk officials are pinning the sale of food and not grow near it. if forced the destruction of tons of food. they remember those days, he was on the team of japanese scientists working to prevent contaminated food. this is no chernobyl, not even close. >> japanese will not need
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anyone that they think could be contaminated. this will have an impact on farmers. >> the impact could be great. fear is spreading further than radiation. >> up until now i've done everything was fine. here's some radiation risk front. it's very upsetting. >> reporter: for the first time in her life she is afraid of the land that has been in her husband's family for generations. >> justine: along with the story something and his reading of the wires is they've also found slows or radiation in tap water. there is rising people not to drink the tap weather. so very volatile situation. the world think is sing rebuilding these parts of japan may cause problems.
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we're told it likely left more than 18,000, for the people dead. meanwhile backed here at home the centers are has possibly been reopened. what you're looking at is video from march 11th when 11 vessels were struck. the harbor is now hoping to smaller boats. officials suggest avoiding the channel into to unknown problems. it will remain closed until tuesday damage there is estimated at over $25 million. >> james: new details about the gas explosion, a pipeline expansion has covered a flawed well on the pipeline similar to the one that still back in september it sparked an explosion that killed eight people and destroying 38 homes in means there are problems on other
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parts of the 30 in. transmission line. previously the only problem area was at the the rupture site. i miles long patch of sludge has drawn up in the mississippi weather. apparently it looks like all rushing on top of the water. the test of the patch over the weekend from the only trace amounts it is not believed to be from this bill likely from reverse sediment. --river. >> justine: 4:22 a.m., coming up, a live look at your radar on this monday morning. will rain affect your commute to here's a live look at the traffic report. will be back in 60 seco.
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>> darya: welcome back to the kron 4 news. average showers, no new errors heavy is the weekend. we are gearing up for a nother system that should his tuesday into wednesday. we will be on and off again with the rain. >> justine: a senior official says there is a low chance of survival for 31 men still trapped after a mine explosion in pakistan.
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men think gas was hampering the work of rescue workers. the cause of the crops is still unknown. the warnings were ignored when the mine was to clear dangers two weeks ago. >> darya: north korea has warned to send to area for dangerous consequences to allowing the u.s. troops to come near the border. it could trigger unspecified deadly retaliation. the defense minister denied those accusations they say un troops heavily patrolled areas that they have jurisdiction over. google is allegedly having problems with the chinese government they say the government is interfering with its e-mail service making it difficult for users to gain access to t-mail. but google
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spokespersons to use in china reported having pros with the servers since january, china, google say china is blocking its e-mail services. >> justine: president obama will head to chile from brazil. he will deliver a speech meant to address the entire line american community praising democratic traditions. holding them up as models to the rest of the world. robert gates has arrived in russia, he was expected to be his final visit as u.s centdefense seller. he's hoping to expand the military relationship. he says
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cooperation and support has dramatically involved in recent years. will he will meet with leaders and >> to a class of junior officers. >> james: we will take a quick break, much more straight ahead. this time i shot from ourselves bay cameras. headlights headed southbound, so far ride is fine, not allow the rain. scattered showers in the forecast.
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>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. here's a quick look at side, roof camera, things are,. so far things are moving well in
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terms of the forecast, a few scattered showers. >> justine: the utility company operating the troubled plant after grace go up smoking escaped. it came through a fuel to cool. it had built up pressure in its reactor core over the weekend. the operator of the conference repeatedly failed to make crucial inspections of equipment in the weeks before it was crippled in this quake. a commander says i dentils will be made available to military families in japan starting today. the pills of being given out at bases at fort japanese locations. >> james: a cruise missile blasted gaddafi's compound it is unknown where he was when the missile hit.
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pentagon officials say the u.s.-led coalition seceded in scattering and isolating forces. and as also believed gaddafi's military is under stress. more than a hundred and 20 cruise missiles. he said he promises a long war. >> justine: time for a checked on your weather forecasts. it looks like we just can't shake this lane. >> louisa: a few shares at this turn our. we will see more wet weather today and we'll continue with it throughout the day. isolated thunderstorms this afternoon producing some periods of heavier downpours. rain, wind expected late tuesday night. things will certainly start to shape up. radar, an idea
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of where we are seeing some showers just to the south of half moon bay picking up some showers along the coastline. in fact you take a look at the radar you can see where we are dealing with what weather, we will continue to see it. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. will take you through the lineup. it looks like temperatures dipping into the mid '50s. the latter part of your day coming into the evening on to win state we will see that heavy rain, strong winds. by friday, just some scattered shares. the weekend, another charter of wet weather. >> erica: preconditions bay area wide, you can really see that on the westbound- 92. more volume of cars than
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we saw 10 minutes ago, still easy conditions. east bound, nice, light. drive time of it just 14 minutes. san francisco traffic. james lick, ind band central, no problems. it may be a problem of your heading down to was angeles, let's take a look, interstate-five is shut down between the grapevine. u.s. highway 101 as an alternate route. >> justine: to writthank you, me than four dozen people are in the dark. north bay = 3850, a peninsula = 175, south bay = 130, east bay =
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100. we're hearing the marsh to the power should be restored by adm >> james: a tornado was touching down in santa rosa, the second one to hit in three days. dahlin report to the damage sheets of metal saturday night after watewhat appeared to be a twister. it's somewhat like a portable house. the property owners as the high winds went straight into the sky. dropping this shelter 10 ft. away. >> you could hear ripping apart. to rescue horses were inside the shelter, they jumped out as it was being lifted. >> the horses were being
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caught inside the shelter. >> reporter: it also sent this trampoline flying. this is where was. now it's resting on the gate 20 ft. away. >> it was lifted up like a flying saucer. i went over to the panel's we are seeing now. >> reporter: it happened about 10:00, the tornado came through for three-four minutes and then it was gone. it left quite a mess. >> everything started falling. it came to the backyard like a train. >> reporter: she's counting her blessings because everything is ok. and sir the horses. >> justine: this fast- moving rainstorm also flooded the ramp between north brand 101 they close their done for traffic.
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crews spent that day clearing the puck go with the palm. in oakland, a lien is still closed after a landslide. two large boulders along with the town of rocks came tumbling down. >> james: home-run leader barry bonds will go on trial. this is video of one of his previous arrivals is been more than seven years since he testified. he never knowingly took performance enhancing drugs. his church was perjury for allegedly lying in 2003. this convicted he would likely place 15-21 months in prison. even if he took
4:36 am
steroids he said he did so on knowingly. >> justine: we will follow that story for you. rain now, is 436, a look at sat, it is still pretty darn get there. i thought daylight savings times would help settle little bit. we will take a look get your weather forecast, and more word on the giants' willie comeback. when we come back.
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>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it is just going to rain almost every other day. today is ok. a chance of showers. tamara kay for most of the day, showers began, the last all day wednesday more rain thursday, friday may be a break. saturday- sunday don't plan on doing anything outside. chances
4:38 am
are we'll prole see a lot of cancellations. showing you the rain rain now, stepped into the mountains. maybe a few random showers in the north bay. otherwise, most of the bay area is in the clear. >> justine: gilroy police officer was temporary blinded by a razor light while on patrol. the officer was in the 700 block when a man allegedly aimed the laser at the police car. is start the officer in the eye, he had to go to the hospital to be too good for temporary blindness. the suspect was charge of assault with a deadly weapon on a police ulcer. apollo alto man pending final approval will officials
4:39 am
served 15 years in the sale of his career attorney's office will become a lawyer. if approved shields received a base salary of just richard thousand hours. -- just over $200,000. >> james: bad news for giants fans brian wilson sidelined with a brick cage an injury that could keep him up for the start of the season. the chronicle's reporting he had an mri. it is uncertain whether the 29 year-old closer will be ready for opening day. >> louisa: new details on recommendations from the american pediatrics may change the way the parents buckle up their kids. we're talking about car seat, it
4:40 am
advises them to keep their toddlers in their rear facing kirstie did over two years old or they reach the maximum height and weight. most children should ride in a booster seat until they reached 4 ft. 9 in. tall. between the ages of 8-wall. no child under 13 should be allowed in the front seat. the guidelines are published on line today. that some big changes there. right now its 4:40 a.m. coming up, more on your weather, traffic. san mateo bridge, people are moving along quite nicely. we'll take a look at the radar coming up.
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>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. new details this morning. bonds
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will go on trial today in federal court it has been more than seven years after he testified that he never knowingly took performance enhancing drugs. knowingly, that's the phrase that the standing by. that's the point of contention. will tran is there live with more on this story. >> will: good morning james, barry bonds will riving court eddied 30 this morning they have waited years for this trial to begin. this is a simple question, did he lie or did he not? when he testified that he did not knowingly use steroids that he read the faq seed oil not the cream. which is associated with the delco. they will have all lot of evidence. what they won't have is his child could spend, longtime trainer who in the past went to jail for more than a year because he
4:43 am
refused to testify against bonds. he said this time he will go to jail if necessary. he will not testify against bonds. they believe for prosecutors even without that key component it's still very winnable because allegedly have a lot of evidence. the urine sample the allegedly suppose that he tested positive for steroids. the mistress that claims he used steroids when he was with her. we want to wait and see. it will probably last a couple of weeks. we'll be all over this. much more on this, it is acquiring now we expect a media circus in the next hour or so. >> james: the prosecution's case rests on circumstantial evidence. there to show to other means that it took steroids. is it uncontrollable range, they will bring in people to
4:44 am
testify. there's e-mail's, voice mails. it will be interesting. >> will: bonds might be their best witness if they don't get craig anderson in court. because, they will say he became superman in his late thirties. at a time when a lot of athletes start to think about retiring. his productivity increase. he got bigger. during that time. he just said he spent a lot of time in the gym. we will have to wait and see how they plan to win this case without a lot of things. they believe it's been two years since he's been here, there will have to wait and see what kind of case they built without a lot of key things that the jets throughout. >> james: it will be interesting thank you, for that we will keep an eye on that story. >> justine: we're also
4:45 am
following the weather, the results from this weekend's big storm. the eucalyptus tree was upgraded and fell across jones and two cars during saturday's storm. we spoke with one of the homeowners who was inside her house when the tree came crashing down. >> it fell like a jerk, may be an earthquake. i went to check. thinking that a eucalyptus tree had gone down. we bet the doral, there's a lot of light, good working tools. the offense is brand new, that has been crushed. we need now on new roof. the gators came down. it's heavily damaged. i'm sure a lot of my expertise
4:46 am
are resisting. loss of life, injury to people and pets are a lot more important. >> reporter: she has that right. just two doors down another tree felled their in saturday night's storm. a large redwood tree split into. coming crashing down. fortunately, no injuries and there were able to clean things up pretty quickly. >> justine: still ahead, a live look good to weather forecasts. >> louisa: pretty, shot from downtown san francisco. a dry shot for now. there's certainly a chance of seeing some thunderstorms. it is really tomorrow evening there we see that weather kick up. heavy rain, strong wind is expected. up until
4:47 am
the north bay, waste seized rain stretching through. just to the south of half moon bay along the coastline a few showers. scattered snow showers along i 80, it looks like tomorrow we will see those snow levels drop down to 25 large fee. there is, 40's, as we take it through the day of active weather pattern. there is certainly a lighter showers are expected. a good chance of showers reenter your id a clock-9:00 hour. later on a better chance of thunderstorms. tuesday evening, wet weather becomes more widespread. it is going to be a pretty wet week. in looks like we will continue with that wet weather to the weekend. 585 to reserve.
4:48 am
along the coast trent 55 degrees, says bay mid to upper 50s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. more wet weather ahead of us, you can see heavy rain, strong winds. all the way through your thursday. the weekend, wet weather, let's check in with their care. >> erica: no major problems to report, a great conditions bay area wide. if your heading over to the bay bridge, westbound its hero is in good shape. we did get word of the new accident. rain near the toll plaza. the great conditions with the drive time. san mateo
4:49 am
bridge, traffic no problems. accident and incident free. done in the south bay. rainier general david cruz, you can see this taillights are moving well. no crimes reported. --problem spots reported. that dense fog advisor is in effect, no accidents to report. to drive with extra caution. keeping a safe distance between you and the cars in front of you. >> james: a quick update and libya, president obama is in america on his trip. we're getting word from the secretary that the u.s. is expected to relinquish control. in a matter of
4:50 am
days, the u.s. will shift gears. new video to assure you. officials working there say they will try spraying concrete onto some of those reactors. it is a sign that possibly these water drops are not as bad as they thought. we are also getting word to that the weather pattern is shifting. it has been from the northeast there now shifting to minorities and i could take some of those particular it's in the air into more populated areas. tokyo is
4:51 am
just south and west of the plant. new details about manufacturing delays of the ipad-2 related to the earthquake and tsunami in japan. tech reporter gabe slate explains the blaze. >>gabe: market research group supplies says that last week's earthquake in japan could cause shortages of the ipad-2, he took apart and ipad-25 parts inside the tablet likely come from japan. here's what the parts are related to. the touch screen overlay gas and the glass. apple has not confirmed this. it is possible that the to get the parts from other manufacturers and avoid the delay. if you order online,
4:52 am
you'll have to wait for-5 weeks for the gadget to ship. the situation in japan will likely affect other goods. analysts predicted this could affect the supply of popular gadgets. it is possible you'll see some of these items of stock. >> justine: a very happy birthday to twitter today, the five years ago the first of what became very many billions of trades was posted. to know what it was? it was to words, inviting to workers. since that tweet they have grown to more than 107 5 million
4:53 am
registered users. according to twitter officials users plod pose i read 2 billion tweet every week. i might join twitter we will see. here's a live look first at the bay bridge toll plaza. find out what the weather forecast will be on this monday. in the box office numbers. we'll be back in 60 seconds. reporting live, kron 4 news. now, here is a look at the traffic. now, here is a look at the weather.
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>> justine: welcome back to the kron 4 news. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. call in looks like the rain will transfer its way back in. full details coming up. a live look in
4:56 am
tom hall, 80, service brings. looks like a ufo this morning. that might be some snow on the grounds. we will keep our eye on the forecast there as well. still ahead this morning, the singer why clef is after getting into his car it is not clear if he was the target of a police say they are investigating to stall. he was in haiti to support a candidate in the election. we will keep you posted. if you went to the movies this weekend, let's take a look at the numbers. limitless $19,000,000 stiring bradley cooper, rango $15,315,000 the kids' movie, with an adult draft came in in
4:57 am
seconds. battle: los angeles $14,600,000 third place. coming up we will have more on your weather forecaster on this monday morning, the latest on japan, libya as things develop there as we >> . a live look from our roof camera, will we back at 5:00 a.m.. hey marcel, watch this!
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hey marcel, watch this! [ buzzer sounds ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hey marcel, watch this! yeah, marcel! -marcel! -hey marcel! are you listening to me? marcel! [ male announcer ] don't miss a second of ncaa march madness with my multiview, only from at&t u-verse. just $29 a month for the first 6 months. dvr included. in the network there are no hard choices. >> mark: 5:00 a.m. in the kron 4 morning news tapster is that we're falling rain that tensions continue to rise after a weekend of air attacks including a missile that blasted gaddafi's residential compound. >> darya: crews have been
5:00 am
evacuated in japan powerplant. >> mark: a big day for barry bonds, the kid home run king will appear in court today. scatter >> james: showers, statewide, we'll show you what to do in the bay area. >> george: fog advisor is locally, the sierra and shut down on i-5 a complete traffic check straight ahead. >> live, from the bay area's news station, this is the kron 4 morning news. >> darya: good morning, it thank you, for joining us. >> mark: the latest in libya as we follow a tax that blasted gaddafi's compound it is un known where the leader was when the missile hit. officials say the coalition has succeeded in a scattering of libyan forces.
5:01 am
after a week of punishing air attacks. here is a video of the iodine unless it's
5:02 am
consumed at... officials estimate the death toll will be more than 18,000 when this is done. japan may need five years to rebuild at the damage estimates are now 223 $5 billion. >> mark: now, here is a look at the weather. welcome to spring, it doesn't feel like it. james has more on what to expect. >> james: spring is going to open on a wet snow. here's a critical look at storm tracker 4, rain is falling.
5:03 am
in bits and pieces. north bay, we had a cell over sausalito that has moved off. for the most part we're not looking near the intensity that we saw 48 hours ago. here's a quick look this morning at the sierra conditions are not all that hot. genes are required on interstate-80, 88, 8050.--jeans. --chains. more on the way as this week it expands. reno 43 degrees in half moon bay, 45 in oakland. we are a good handful of degrees colder than yesterday. mid-50s for
5:04 am
the most part. 58 santa rosa, 56 concord. 57 in oakland. that will be the general trend. here's where we see more cops, more moisture had it down. tuesday night into wednesday. maybe a slight break friday. another wet weather pattern in store. on an off-again forecast rain every other day. let's say good morning to george. >> george: thank you, no hot spots for the bay area drive things are still pretty quiet. a check on the bridges, richmond san rafael bridge is under a fog advisory this morning. it is
5:05 am
the only one a share from bay area. the san mateo bridge is clear. no problems. bay bridge is a good ride so far. light traffic on this early monday. not much in the way of cars. the purchase look good. san mateo bridge ride is good. as we did mention this to closure on interstate 5. in fact it is shut down over the great line because of snow, ice. chain requirements are in place. even parts of state route 88 or shutdown between kirkwood and easy to record. in silver lake. it is
5:06 am
completely closed again because of the heavy snow. >> mark: home run leader barry bonds is going on trial in federal court after more than seven years by testifying. the nea never knowingly took the drugs. now he's being prosecuted on that claim. will tran is lack >> will: . it is a simple question did he lie or did he not? he told them that he never knowingly used steroids. according to prosecutors they believe he did no end that a lot of evidence against him. the question now is they didn't have enough? what they won't have is bonds is longtime friend, the trainer. hill went to jail for more than a year because he refused to testify against his friends. he has said, he also refuses
5:07 am
to testify. according to witnesses, they believe they have enough evidence to win this case. they have a year ensample that says he did in fact use steroids. they might have barry bonds themselves. he supposedly he will not take the stand but they will use evidence that someone of his age at a time when a lot of athletes started thinking about retiring his productivity numbers went up. they said that should not happen unless you use steroids. we will have to wait and see. it should be a media circus. >> mark: thank you, darya >> darya: ? >> we'll be back with more in a couple of minutes. here's a live look at the james but, everything is nice, quiet, dry. we'll be right back.
5:08 am
5:09 am
5:10 am
>> justine: good morning,
5:11 am
just then daly says some 200 libyans have arrived by built into sicily. this is the first influx of people arriving since the revolt. libyan leader is not a target of air strikes on the country but they cannot guarantee his safety. >> darya: state lawmakers are going to be back at the bargaining table this week as they get ready to decide on a possible tax extension whether to eliminate local government redevelopment agencies. jerry brown wants them to call an election to allow voters to decide whether to extend increases in the taxes that were enacted to lear's ago set to expire. he's also proposed deep spending cuts to close the 26 1/2 billion dollar deficit. >> mark: stock futures are up. positive start to the
5:12 am
trading day is expected. the nikkei is closed for national holiday in japan. asian and european markets are positive this morning. the crisis in libya is continuing. crile 107 a barrel. back here in the u.s. february existing home sales data comes out this morning. economists are expecting a fall. at&t is buying team mobil the deal is valued at $32 billion. the deal is said to improve network quality for the customers. and increase the number of sell tires. they will expand altar of fast wireless broadbent it to rule area's. >> mark: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. this is your captain speaking, we are fourteenth in line for takeoff.
5:13 am
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scattered light rains in the forecast, share activity is spreading a clock, all of it still light. noon, sprinkles into the set bay. 5:00 relatively clear. most of the books are rape. across thes bay, 40 fairfield, 39 santa
5:18 am
rosa. we'll mormon up nicely 55 san francisco, san rafael. --we will warm it up nicely. 57 redwood city and san jose. as a look in the pacific more storms are headed our way. wednesday's forecast, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. for relatively ok tuesday cloudy, late evening hours heavy rain is expected. friday may be a break. we'll stay in the '50s all week long. we are welcoming spring on a wet snow.notes. >> george: no proms, hot
5:19 am
spot, bridge jet, all live sunrise in the upper right- hand corner. hello early- morning sky another on daylight savings time. no back up or delayed. a good read on the san mateo bridge. the right sign is the westbound commute. pretty good ride. your commute to the richmond san rafael bridge easy with a year coming from marin or interstate 80 you may have to contend with some thought. jackie sissel was down the bridge for about 4:00 a.m. it looked pretty good. by 430 the california highway patrol had issued eight dense fog advisory. that is probably the reason it was issued. >> darya: 8 tornado has been
5:20 am
reported to have a touchdown saturday night. it is the second one to of hit santa rosa. it tore through horse rescue shelter. >> reporter: when this is a it touched down about 10:00, it lasted three minutes. the homeowners said the twister but the large shelter for horses and a trampoline tossing them 10- 20 ft. away. the high winds also knocked down a couple of tree branches. the property owner says they've never seen anything like it. >> mark: authorities believe that with a powerful storm caused the death of a man in napa. the victim was ride driving north. he fell in
5:21 am
his suvs. pull the driver was pronounced dead on the scene. a man who died of a possible hidden run saturday night was identified as david henderson. the 51 year-old was found lying in the street. although prices is jumping more than $2 a barrel. over the past two weeks. they have oakland up to $3.97 for an average gallon of gas, san jose $3.98, up san francisco 40 $2. >> darya: hundreds of workers are striking they're
5:22 am
upset about their contract. kron4 is live there and berkeley. what is going on? >> i can tell you there's about a hundred workers here. there's a glass, molded, pottery, plastics workers there all workers here at the pacific steel and casting company. the been trying to negotiate with management. they took a strike vote, 90 percent voted to strike. they're now ron the picket line. they met tuesday and on the picket line. there's some workers brought in to take
5:23 am
their place right now 500 of them out here on the picket line. they vow to stay here until the contract is talked about. >> darya: with the type they do, will affect something i buy it or any to get? >> reporter: they do all kinds of work, they make the steel, one of their big customers is parts for trucks, a casting's things like that. obviously there's 400-500 workers. they do a lot of work. lin out, and not sure. >> darya: thank you, jackie we'll be back with more in just a couple of minutes.
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
>> mark: watch in storm tracker 4, we have strong thunderstorms moving through, snow was well in the hills. heavy rain down
5:27 am
in this is diego area. >> darya: rain is expected to continue, here is video from the weekend. several inches of rain, a mud slide in woodland hills. rows) lax you can see the wind was a problem. --rose to--heavy rains come across part of the roof to collapse. look at that hole in the top, the floor's recover water and debris. no customers or employees were hurt. and that is what's important. >> mark: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. of live look from santa cruz, the cleanup continues. we will have the latest on the damaged testaments and the work still being done as the krs continues.
5:28 am
5:29 am
5:30 am
>> darya: welcome back to the kron 4 news. storm tracker 4 for, you can see here were the dots of rain are rate now, not really widespread. we'll have to see when that will change. >> james: light, scattered, let's zoom in and see were some of these cells are we're watching that bit pushing off into the oakland hills. that is still light. palo alto is still dealing with that light cell. we had rain in the santa cruz mountains, that is the way it's going to be will be agreed their day. although when the sun does come on, we could get the potential for an isolated thunderstorm. it is hard to predict where will pop up. up in this era, watching rain, snow. highway 80, 50
5:31 am
to south lake. everyone is dealing with a lot of snow. with air-conditioned yesterday. anywhere from 1-3 ft. of accumulation. that is still part of the story. a lot of snow, rain. more on the way. here's where were seeing temperatures rain now, upper 40's-low 50s. 50 in oakland, 45 and san jose. we will warm it up into the mid 50s this afternoon some bricks of sunshine. 56 in richmond, 58 in santa rosa 57 in san jose. that will be the range rid around 55-57 degrees. pacifica, still watching visibility cold air still mixing in with the moisture, you can see how much rain is falling. late for us, will stay late and
5:32 am
police tuesday evening that's why we expect the next room to roll in. all day wednesday rain, thursday as well. some have become the winds associated with the storm system. don't be surprised if they drop to 2,500 ft.. friday a break, saturday, sunday continued with the wet weather pattern. >> george: we are not really tracking in the hot spots yet we did get word of a problem on the highway-4 we will tell you about that in a moment. westbound bay bridge, the volume is building but still in the army during light or delays. and nearly warning of an accident it has had zero impact on the commute richmond san rafael bridge is under fog advisor san mateo bridge problem free. volume is building but no delays to traffic 92 in the
5:33 am
westbound direction. highway 4, before we got word of this accident in look like a pretty good ride. but i'd love bridge road, there's a motorcycle crash. those are always of concern because usually means injuries, often worse than that there may be some lanes blocked. at first report a number of good samaritans were stopping to render assistance. that could be what clark to roadway. continuing problems for interstate 5, shut down or the grapevine. ice, snow. the closure from midnight no indication of when they will reopen. so plant 101 as your alternate route. mark. >> mark: the utility temporary operating the troubled plant is evacuating the workers, greece smoke was seen as keeping. it came
5:34 am
from the storage pool. it built up pressure again in its reactor core over the weekend. the operator of the complex repeatedly failed to make crucial and directions of the. the u.s. navy commander is saying that iodine goes will be made available to american military families in japan starting today. they're being given out at four u.s. bases in japan. a strong aftershock rattling japan more than one week after the devastating earthquake. it held on saturday at magnitude 6.1. we had over a dozen aftershocks over a six. note. the epicenter of this one was about 50 mi. south of the nuclear-power plant. yes bay nine days
5:35 am
after the earthquake, tsunami an incredible rescue any year-old woman and a teenage boy pulled from the wreckage of a home. rescuers found the 16 year-old boy suffering from hypothermia on the roof of his from calling for help. inside they found his grandmother week but conscious. the two are in the kitchen when it hit. surviving on your record. >> justine: turkey says the foreign times journalists have now been released to its ambassador. a spokesperson says that journalists were handed over to the ambassador and they're expected to cross over into the border later on today. libyan authorities say the journalists were captured during fighting in the eastern part of the country. they have been located it looks like they will be released later on today. >> darya: we're continuing to track the cleanup of the santa cruz harbor, it
5:36 am
brought a storm surge from the tsunami. part of the harbor has now been reopened. craig sklar has been live the whole time monitoring this thing are we close to the end? >> reporter: the weather seems as to keep us from getting back to normal. the left, a book but by the light. that is the sonar broke that has made it possible to help get the herbert bullpen. because of the storms is very limited. this bill was supposed to be gone, everything was supposed to be found. all the weather things have slowed down. the north harbor where most of the damages done is still closed to traffic. as access for
5:37 am
both runners but that's about it. there is ever to try and bring in federal dollars to help recover. that has not happened. the jury still needs money to repair. for now, the rain, all of the things they were dealing with is pulling ahead to break. >> darya: not the best time to do this type of work. >> mark: home run leader barry bonds will go on court today. kron4 is will tran is live with more. >> will: they say he has his work cut out for him those prosecutors had all of those years to repair. they obviously want him to be found guilty. he will be in
5:38 am
accordance three hours should be a circus. did he lie or did he not? they said he did not know he was using steroids. the prosecutors said it was not of that he was ripping and said it was the cream, which is associated with something else. will hurt them is the longtime friend and trainer has refused to testify and said he will not testify against barry bonds. he will go to jail if necessary. prosecutors plan to bring up plenty of witnesses they try to say he is guilty that allegedly he admitted to them that he used steroids. this case should last a couple of weeks. kron4 is
5:39 am
dan kerman will be there every day and give you the very latest the display should be shut down three runs in the clock, as it always is. lots of fans should be here as well. >> mark: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
5:40 am
5:41 am
5:42 am
>> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. will we ever drive out? we have a lot more rain to come. a few scattered showers still suffering up over san francisco. 580 in livermore and a few more up the coast. >> darya: new details of the deadly san bruno gas line explosion a pipeline expansion has covered a flawed well on the pipeline under sambar now similar to the one that failed in september. --sambar know. -- san bruno. their discovery
5:43 am
means there are construction problems on other areas. >> mark: severe it negligence was to blame for sewage spills that dumped over 200 gal.. it concluded that it was negligence. possibly vandalism . we will be h the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. ♪ [ male announcer ] unrestrained. unexpected. and unlike any hybrid you have ever known. ♪
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5:46 am
>> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. on this full day of spring, rain is back in the forecast, james lick, the right. let's go james. it is spring today right? >> james: yes. please turn on a wet snow. --but we
5:47 am
start on a wet to know it. most of the day will be all right, dryads and headed to the late evening hours that's when the next term that comes in cold, windy don't be surprised if we have more down trees. not much relief or a chance to drive out all. let's take a quick look at storm tracker 4 or hit or miss showers. we said it james lick, not too long ago we do have some light showers. that is why we see the reflection off the road way. there is sanders show. most of the stuff was fairly light. also falling scattered share activity. his enormous showers along the way. heavier rain down near santa cruz. even some crops of
5:48 am
yellow in the keating matter char activity. you may get what momentarily, some of their showers out foreigners. future cast, starting to clock share activity 8:00, hit or miss depending on where you are. not a whole lot is being reported. things clara nicely, we produce less say goodbye to the sharp forecast into the overnight. temperatures rain now still fairly mild upper '40's, low 50s. for a temperatures this afternoon mid-50s. pacifica, this is were seeing more disturbances, tuesday evening in two all day wednesday that is the next
5:49 am
round of storms. thursday is about as well. saturday release some scattered showers. as you see we're into that hit or miss activity all week long. >> george: 2 running james, we are tracking a hot spot but we're getting better news about the situation. westbound direction, there was a motorcycle accident. since the record has been blocking both of the westbound lanes. it has backed up traffic beyond a street, according to viewers who saw the accident traffic was just getting by on the right-hand lane. the right shoulder at the anna. we just got a call from the traffic management center they're going to be open both of those slain straight. it's not likely
5:50 am
that they will need to issue a similar. already a hot spot pass that you will see a much easier ride. ever towards concord, 242. so much of the traffic is being held up. again, they expect a lanes cleared pretty shortly. bay bridge, westbound, good ride under way. no problems coming easy approach. san francisco, james lick, them down central is light. it looks as though we might have a wet deck. >> darya: this past weekend's big storm brought some damage around the bay. the eucalyptus tree uprooted and file across to homes. two cars. we spoke with one of the homeowners who was inside the house when the treaty and crashing down. >> i heard glass, it felt
5:51 am
like a dresdner, it broke, i checked their rear renders thinking the tree in my neighbor's yard had gone down. there was a lot of water damage. my husband has what working tools and things. the offense was brand new, the roof was just put on a october. now we need a new one. the governors came down. both my vans are heavily damaged, they were ready to go for an antique show. i'm pretty sure a lot of my anti sir no longer in existence. loss of life, entry to people and pets are a lot more important. >> darya: just down the street another tree fell. lookit that one, big redwood tree sat in two. there was
5:52 am
no real damage. new recommendations from the american academy of pediatrics may change the way their parents but let their kids and advises parents to keep their toddlers in rear facing car seats until there two years old or their meat the maximum height or weight. they also recommend most children ride in a booster seat until they reached 4 ft., 9 in. tall. between 8 and 12. there should still be in a booster. they also say no child under 13 years old should be allowed in the frenzy. these guidelines were published on-line today. >> mark: a senior official status letter strands of course survival for 31 men trapped in a mine explosion that killed 29 people.
5:53 am
poisonous or methane gas and hammered the work of rescue workers. other stories, president barack obama will head to chile today, he will have a press conference and take questions for the first time since there is a no fly zone over libya. then delivering a speech meant to address the entire community praising the transitions of the western hemisphere. >> darya: robert gates has arrived in russia. this is expected to be his final visit as defense secretary. he's hoping to ease the worries over a missile at the venice showed expanding their relationship. the support of the resolutions as dramatically of all the recent years the pentagon chief will meet with leaders speaking to a close
5:54 am
of junior officers. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. to get to going on this monday morning we have rain, they have snow. here's highway 50 admirers.
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
>> george: into back up but the parade bridge, an accident has just been reported near the island, at least two vehicles in the vaults possibly a big break. it is all blocking the right hand lane, as you can see here from the desk-curve, traffic is 30 backing up. things are starting to slow down we will have a complete check straight ahead. >> mark: rain, more rain. scattered showers today another storm coming in that will be a windy one strong gusty winds wednesday, thursday a break friday possibly with a few showers.
5:58 am
another storm is expected next weekend we will be back in two minutes as the kron 4 morning news continues until next weekend.
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