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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  March 21, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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>> to barry bonds in court today, with jury selection. on kron 4 news at 4:00 p.m. who they have decided on for the jury and updates on the previous court appearances and leading to today's trial. live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. (music) >>pam: after years of waiting the federal case against former giants slugger. bonds has started at the federal courthouse in san francisco. that is for dan kerman is, live. dan? >> this is finally under
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way. let me show you a video this happened after 8:00 p.m. he is charged with four different counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice. he is not on trial for using steroids he is on trial for allegedly lying to the grand jury in 203 about the use of steroids. and attorneys try to whittle don't the number to 12 different alton's to trying to-trying to speak in two hours there were eight women, and for men. attorneys for barry bonds say that they were pleased twiddling the 12 numbers people down to the jury. >> what you're going to do today is emphasize how important it to put aside
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the great work that you have done for the last eight years [laughter] in describing these events. our job is to emphasize and continue to emphasize not only the factors that play outside the courtroom. . >>reporter: attorneys for barry bonds have spoke to the jury and they have said- that it is test-just listening to the evidence that is presented and not in influenced on the media or what they're hurting the past. and to be able to impart justice. >>pam: if you've not been following this? the 1990 sorki team coverag with the 1990's, j.r.? >> certainly, highs, lows, for barry bonds one time,
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breaking the baseball record and the next, getting indicted this is how he got to the courtroom. pam and is first seven seasons with the pirates, he had 34 home runs per season. the next seven seasons, 34 warm bowls, and a record 73 home runs and 2001. two weeks later, september 03, officials raided the offices where his trainer, greg anderson works. in december, barry bonds is called to testify. and march, 200004 that syracuse was a rumor. steroid use was a rumor, and both also faced money-laundering charges and if
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anderson refused? he is reviewand refused to resulting n his jailed. barry bonds in december, 27, he pled not guilty. for the next four years, civil charges are dropped and others are added. because of the, there is a trial under way until now. >>pam: for continuing coverage of the barry bonds trial. and our michael cardozo, our legal analyst. (music) >>jacqueline: some places are seeing thunderstorms. let us take a look at the stormtracker 4 radar. the worst turn the sacramento valley. the hail is
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indicated by the purple. and this is where it is the worst is on the left side. the north bay, this particular weather cell is producing hell. bursts of heavier rainfall. we have seen it thunderstorms to the south bay. notice on the stormtracker 4 radar, it has been nosediving done to the south with the isolated storms have been pushing to wrap at this hour. we will see these showers tapered off later this evening. however, they will return tomorrow. warmer temperatures today, upper 50s for the most part, 55 in the san francisco, 55 in concord with more shower activity as clouds. tonight, clearing expected and cooler overnight because of it. 8:00 a.m., tomorrow morning, dry. with the storms again tomorrow afternoon. will talk all about it.
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>>pam: san francisco workers are still cleaning up from this storm. here, you can see many of these trees blown over. the department of public works assessed it received 135 calls. iwe continue our team coverage with maureen kelly. >>reporter: if you're looking for a nice quiet day in the park today was not to do it. this sound was common. chainsaws, or wood chipper three different park workers cleaning up these large tree limbs. a cypress tree. and they're still tabulating the damage but so far, they have had to take care of close to 90 trees. that of the there had limbs off or fall over, completely. >>pam: rob fladeboe is
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showing of the rain a fall in santa cruz. the rainfall amounts impacting. >>reporter: there are released dozen minor mudslides on how we wanted to insult clara county. roads like this one, it is a nuisance. it is not take that long to clean it up but it is a hazard to road drivers. this nmud stops right just short of a highway but it continues to creep through the rocks and it becomes completely saturated in rain and lost its grip. in either direction, there seems to be a new with slide just about every year between gilroy and rocks and go. working crews are coming and colotrying not to have these roads
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impact traffic. another side affect is stripping the vegetation of a small hillside. they're keeping a close eye because it does not take long for a small monthly to become a big nuisance. rob fladeboe, santa cruz. >>pam: 1 and one week, another setback to nuclear power plant. and the food contaminated with radiation. at st. clair has the latest. >> smokeless spotted monday it spilling from two different reactors at the hawkish in the daiichi plant. hooker shima, and--at the new evident explosion, and injuries at the plant could possibly the. after a tour, the officials say that
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it is still very difficult and serious but it can be cured. >> the people impacted by this tsunami have large showed amazing stamina. >>reporter: with food reported in the recent area. with no tap water palatable, and also spinach and milk have found to be contained with iodide. >> as a precautionary measure we are using these with actions do not panic. >> the nuclear reactor regulatory does not have expect the release of radiation to impact the u.s. citizens' health. >>pam: the benefit of the
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tsunami victim's in northern japan it is called a sketch for japan and it will be tonight from 5:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. that the project one gallery lounge in san francisco it is going to " give to asia " helping the people for north of japan. stay with and coming up 5:00 p.m., will have the bay area 680-24 interchange, no problems. we will be right back. stay with us for continuing coverage of the japanese earthquake.
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state law makers will be back at the bargaining table as the get ready to decide on possible tax extensions and whether or not to eliminate redevelopment agencies. governor jerry brown once the special election on june 7th. that special election would allow the voters to decide of
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increases of the sales of personal income and vehicle taxes enacted two years ago. also big spending cuts. to close at 26 but in dollar deficit, today, a you tube deal. the $26 billion deficit, and he was featured on the you tube. >> kimberlee: in the three minute video he was checking in with the people of california to find out how this budget should be shut down? >> during that campaign i said that there is any taxes or major decisions i want to check in and you, the people of california what do you want? so my proposal, and what am asking the legislature, both parties is to give we the people, all of us in california as voters the opportunity to vote. to extend temporary taxes that were enacted to
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ditwo years ago, or to double up on the cuts and make some drastic alterations to the very fabric of our public service. >> kimberlee: the governor said that also this is a republican/a democratic issue. california needs to take charge. that the deal is on our website a link to it. >>pam: device perthe vice principal was about-that- flight of, and the sick and and protested san leandro. they held a protest at san leandro and they sit andin the faculty monitored with the situation and urged them to go back to class. >> jacqueline: plenty of storms to the entire state of california. more rain and
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details after the break.
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(music)) >> jacqueline: alive look from our mount pam cam a live look from the mount tam cam, the spot the clouds, to the thunderstorm activity towards the south bay. right now, to gilroy, morgan hill, heavier rain. also a funnel cloud touched down at 3:00 p.m. let us move on to the higher order of the state, with plenty of isolated showers especially to the south. and more of it affect impacted yesterday pushing to the south with clearing bay-area wide. just a short time but these clouds are approaching the coastline with more rain. as we go towards tomorrow afternoon. a couple of different systems. tomorrow
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and then wednesday, and in the third day of flood watches for the cortinecockiness straight--and fourth thursdays. - carquienes of the soil is already saturated. picture a potted plant. with already a soaked soil, adding more, could present problems. the futurecast, with the rainfall approaching the coastline at 3:00 p.m. later, parents of heavy rainfall, 5:00 p.m., heavy near sinophile, petaluma, and or santa rosa. heavier- san rafeal--and that is what those flood watches are into those areas. with heavy rain through fairfield and also inland. by 1:00 p.m., continuing heavy and light showers by wednesday morning. and how about your
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kron 4 7 day around the bay >> jacqueline: the possibility of storms we have an outlook for thunderstorms for the entire bay area. and as you get under those thunderstorms even the small hill expected during expected to continue through - haill - thursday system will be stronger than tomorrow's system. >>pam: what a big mess that storm left behind with a lot of fallen trees, branches causing problems. and daniel shows us some of them mess with the public works is still in with. >>reporter: if you were in san francisco maybe you saw a public works truck like this? to run its of account triste. census and become a busy cleaning up this mess. down the trees--133 service requests. with downed trees,
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bridges, this at 14th and california took a beating and it is waiting for a crew to haul it away. all this to brief lined the streets and also it can be from very to be very large in a small distance they've already collected 12,000 lbs. of green waste and only zero of the one half through these service calls. >>pam: as jacqueline mention, there is a high surf and b3 advisory and a live look-from ocean beach with a high surf advisory you can hear the wind from the microphone of the camera. and with speaking of traffic? remarkably light, the james lick split. it is moving quite well in both directions. let us take a break, and we will be right back.
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the american military official said that a no-fly zone has been a success.
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u.s. forces can resume their role. there was no let up today as a the air strikes compared to 60 on the sunday. >> for a third night tonight anti-aircraft is pouring into the air over tripoli. nato is trying to cripple wall marked copies of temperatures. so far, the all returned safely of- gaddafi's--and they will regroup with new direction, with british, french, and american troops targeted this area outside of ganassi. east of the capital, you can see these results, with faugh - outside of bnnghazi, rebel forces celebrate on top of the tank after being driven back by this army. now they're ready to resume their march on the capital. meanwhile, in tripoli there also victories from khaddafi supporters.
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loyalists gathered at a rally suffering a u.s. army jet. and they're offering themselves as human shields. doing anything for moammar gaddafi. u.s. efforts will decrease. let me show you something now that is happening east on the bay bridge incline. the upper right part of your screen. that a sign this as high wind on the bridge. that means that drivers should be advised. high winds on the bay bridge going east. traffic seems to be picking up a little bit. we will be back.
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