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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  March 21, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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>>pam: the rules have changed for car thieves. and right of passage, have their one-year-old is a big no-no. for car---seats. the american academy of pediatrics and made big changes to the recommendations for car seats. hugely there are three different hot car seats that they use. this is an infant, this is the convertible car seat and there is the booster. no changes to any recommendations for the infant. the biggest is for this convertible car seat. the academy of pediatrics is recommending that this car seat remained rear-facing until the toddler is 2 years old. currently, most parents turn this around at one year old. they are saying that it
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is no longer acceptable to turn this around. the reason you want to have it freer- facing is that offers more protection to the head, the neck when it is continuing to rear facing. also a booster seat. pryor'prior recommendation was six years or older, now it is between 8 years old and 12 years old and 4 ft. 9 in.. the recommendations have been changed for the seat belt they do not want the seat belt cut across the child and hitting their neck. reporting, kate thompson, kron 4 news. >>pam: the recommendation by the american academy of pediatrics is also sent a california law must be in car seats until they're 6 ft six years old, and how much debt ticket will cost of the parent varies from county to county.
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>> jacqueline: these puffy clouds throughout the day, they do not always bring thunderstorms. however, with experience thunderstorms. to the south bay, those conditions will taper off and a lull in the rain as another storm is approaching offshore. tuesday, in the afternoon, after 3:00 p.m., it will reformulate. we're out of the storm warnings for right now. outside, on the stormtracker 4 radar, the heaviest is why its credible and inland today. we saw a couple through most of been inland today. to the sacramento valley. as we go towards gilroy. there was a report of the earlier funnel cloud. things are calming down and taking a wide view. the entire state california is saying precipitation even
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snowfall in the high country. as the systems of short, what we can expect from this tomorrow coming up in just a little bit. >>pam: a man killed has been identified as 56 year-old alexander nagel his car was crushed on kelly rd at 10:20 p.m. in unincorporated napa county. he were to the wind labeling company. he worked at a wine labeling company the impact of this is having a major impact on cleaning efforts on one road in oakland hills. haazig madyun shows us for this rainfall is causing road hazards. >>reporter: the big storm over the weekend causes a major rock slide on park boulevard in oakland hills. take a look at this stone crushing down the road that is large enough to crush a cart. the rain and saturated
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the hillside causing these rocks to come down the road. costing two lanes to wreak havoc, and the public works is routing these rocks lights for now. they're setting for a chief technician to come out and assess the damage to make sure that it is safe before any workers to send out any workers before they clean it up. in oakland, haazig madyun. >>pam: in yosemite national park all roads have been temporarily closed. mudslides, and down trees the map will show you the areas impacted, power out over yosemite valley. with to wandered in areas and mira, c h p is going to help us understand, officer, thank you for joining us and can you understand and help us understand the conditions? >> caller: right now, they have approximately 1.5 ft.
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of snowfall. it brought down trees and power lines. yosemite valley does not have the power right now. they have done a convoy, with 1400 hours with height several hundred vehicles. out of power 120 through the park. >>pam: evacuate all the visitors? >> caller: that is correct. we'll be back with the visitors in the park and another evacuation of people the worst of in a small town between mere pause o were dashek between a small town called miraposa. >>pam: how would you some of the damage? >> caller: the worst would be the downed power lines. one road has been cleared for clearance, and come out. with no power for the staff, office? or and also as any
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hotel or facilities? >> caller: that is true. there are some that are up and running with generators. >>pam: any estimate on the park will open? >> caller: right now, we're looking a 33-5 days, and the power to basically with three-five days because of the power lines. >>pam: one last question is this unusual for yosemite? >> caller: we use the get plenty of snowfall but the heavy snowfall is what brings down these trees. is not unusual. perhaps once per year. however, to this decree is unusual. >>pam: thank you, officer. in yosemite, visitors are being evacuated. electricity is out. other weather related stories. and kerstin number five, the great line. it finally we opened interstate-5, with known,
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withgrape vine with strong wonderful storms. this was the scene, storm water flooding streets and residents had to get to higher ground. even a fire truck got stuck in the rising water. the storm caused a huge problem in this big loss in the granada hills. heavy rain caused the roof to partially collapsed. parts of the floor covered with water, debris, and this say that that fortunately no employees or shoppers were hurt. >>pam: new details in the murder trial. with after 3.5 years, antwon mackey will go on trial for three counts of murder for john ellis, john c. bailey. jury selection will begin they ordered her
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killing. - chancey >>pam: the san bruno investigation has uncovered a failure of a pipe. and with the destruction of 38 homes, the investigation continues if there is another section of thi 37 mi. transmissio line. and only other areas they found on this sample was that the production site. >>pam: as religion, a high surf advisory until 11:00 p.m. as for mentioned, a high surf advisory. and as for mentioned. a high surf advisor, with strong currents, riptides please be aware.
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>>pam: the dow ended up. 178 points and the nasdaq at 48. and as gasoline prices increased 75 over the past two weeks. the national average is $3.71 per gallon. that is 76 and top-this time, last year. here is a look at average prices are run the bay area. $4.20 a gallon, san jose, $3 and the 85, oakland, $3.97. and fewer americans got previously occupied homes. pushing the median home price down to its lowest level in nearly nine years. the national association of real tors say that sales fell 9.6% from 5.5 million in january. and this is far below the 6 million. economists say that this is recom reflecting and good
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economy. at&t is acquiring t mobile with cellphone power and coverage increasing by 30 percent. coming up on kron 4 news of 5:00 p.m. our tikrit gabe slate's tech repor about how this will this impact the bay area. >> storms coming up and details on both coming up.
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(music) >> jacqueline: a little side of the stormtracker 4 radar the bulk of the storms continues to the bay area. this is pushing to the south. as this storm is moving to the south will continue with snow shower activity. and a look at the next couple of days we've a strong storm developing
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tomorrow and again on thursday. the snow will move into the sierras late tomorrow. 3 in.-5 in. of fresh powder expected. he and again and more fresh powder on thursday. these numbers could increase as we get towards thursday. workers storm warning in effect for the sierras already. winter storm warnings in effect and i expect that to be in effect until thursday. showers throughout california today and it is green on your screen is some clearing this evening. however, this storm is pushing up the coast with rainfall for tomorrow. afternoon into wednesday morning. and if the storm on tap on thursday with a plot watch for the carquines strait and these systems are going to bring moderate
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heavy rain with a flood-what for the curqueines storm we of the flood potential and the momud rock slides the futurecast, will show the by 3:00 p.m. this whole approach the coast. moderate to the north bay by your 5:00 p.m. commute. heavy rainfall will be to the north but also rain activity south of the colgate. you can see that this is why the heavy rain is south of the dutch golden gate. and once the morning, south of the- golden gate. rainfall totals expected, santa cruz mountains as a racing flooding. with rainfall are ready to santa cruz mountains is already experiencing flooding. with your kron 4 7 day around the bay dry out floods-
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lingering brain chance rainfall- >>pam: and national mood in the national news, a military officer in yemen have defected to the opposition. that movement once the president of yemen to leave office. that collapse could derail a government against al qaeda. poisonous that the gas hampering hampering rescue workers sitting 49 miners and pakistan. 15 bodies. the death toll is 21. methane gas explosion came in. that same area was declared it dangerous but the warning was ignored. it is owned by the state-run pakistan and mineral development corporation. it is leased to
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a contractor. democratic majorities nancy pelosi was hospitalized in rome. no details were offered on what was wrong. she " was not feeling well " and her busy travel schedule an long flights. she has scheduled talks with defence minister of italy. keeping you updated the incline. these signs indicate high winds on the bridge and alert for drivers. please be mindful of the high wind. traffic in san francisco, the james lick no problems east bound. and this is headed towards the lower deck of the bay bridge. south 1 0 1 towards the peninsula, a bit sluggish. we will be back.
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>>pam: the bay area has a great reputation for innovation. >> vicki: you've just had a great moment? and a ha moment. >> you name it, most people did not do what it takes to bring that i did to life. >> vicki: that is the idea called a ha based in palo alto is the brainchild of entrepreneur or macro. he made his first $1 million of 19 years old and one not others? >> to state your claim and yours if you have a 'snugie' and you can make money from it. >> vicki: think of it as the american ideal of ideas. >> people say that this is a
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great idea. and if they're not going to continue to enhance the idea. >> vicki: thomas edison had the light bulb so what types of being i the i what types of ideas are being submitted? >> socks with built-in heat. good and bad. >> vicki: bottom line is that you of a great moment, do not dillydally. do something about it. >> and the fact of the matter is is that 4000 other people could have that exact same idea at the same moment. and one of those individuals can do something about it. in the buzz more charlie sheen >>pam: cbs wants him back on
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two and half man to forgive his antics and continue broadcasting a series. brazil worke the split between bradley cooper and renee zellwilger, is split up. his movie, borught in $19 million. >>pam: barry bonds in court. the trial gets under way, what happened today and what we can expect ahead. nuclear threats, with food in japan and with the u.s. government is keeping an eye on food
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right here. mobil merger at&t and t mobile teamed up. what it means for customers, coming up.
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downed trees power outage we have the latest with news crews. a run the bay area, and more problems with another round of storms through moves and. >>pam: our big story at 5:00 p.m. at the weather and you are looking at a live picture. high wind warning. on the bay bridge. it is action also underneath the bay bridge and the traffic on the bay bridge is being either dalerted---and jackson is herete


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