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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  March 21, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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commuters are being alerted? >>jacqueline: even more when the conditions tomorrow. >>pam: rainfall? >>jacqueline: yes! and more downed trees and power lines. the stormtracker 4 radar is showing scattered showers so some will to the south. in that the sacramento valley let me show you that purple is representative of hail. even a 20 awarding near chico. going closer, even a- tornado warning near chchico. and here is my forecast for tahoe. more about both coming up. >>jacqueline: strong winds about the weekend's storm of the reason why at least boats broke loose >>pam: early, sunday morning, you can see it ran
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aground. we spoke to two different people that said they had direct rescue their friend trapped inside the boat. >> we have to scour the entire harbor to verify there dups. after this tsunami search and tour to locate any obstructions to verify the-stops. a profile view of the labottom from our sonar view. and anything obscure? will display. it will track the bottom of the ocean floor the entire way. >>jacqueline >>pam: with the coast are putting two different precautions to put oil preventing oil to get into the bay from these barges in the water. rob fladeboe takes us at this reservoir why he cannot hold another crop.
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>>reporter: this is what happens when was of wires, cannot hold another-water drop. and one water or reservoirs, get killed. hence, spill away. but you are looking at, is one the get-filled. a concrete viaduct that diverts water around into this creek below. it is doing exactly what is going designed to do, this section of the santa cruz mountains received 4.72 in. of rain fall cents friday. more than enough to take this reservoir from capacity and then some. this provides drinking water to the community of gilroy and also farmers, ranchers and a southern except santa clara county. most of this will go into the water table into the ground and others could find its way into the river and monterey bay. officials
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said the this reservoir, near gilroy will continue to spill over for at least another one week. in the mountains near gilroy, rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. >>pam: major problems at yosemite national park. all roads and have been closed. that snowfall was causing mud slides, trees are down, power lines and power outages. and highway 120, 140, all roads have been closed getting to the park. and park visitors have been evacuated. with 3.5 ft. through the park in the last 24 hours. after several years of waiting. >>pam: barry bonds is finally having his day in federal court. this is him interim the court room today he is accused of perjury. on the use of steroids. dan kerman reports that today was about selection jury. jury selection. >> wearing a black suit,
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formerslugger, barry bonds showd up and ion charges of the use of performance enhancing drugs. monday was the 14th selection the jury what is expected to be a four week trial. and this extensive jury questionnaires in advance the 36 berths are active church rest questions. prosecutors asked if anybody was a giants fan. 36--perspective to the jurors. and they also ask about the government and intervention of steroids. they asked if they could just focus on the trial and not focus on the evidence previously. one
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admitted that he said he did not get a public trial. at the end, there were finally selected and the sign of fate of baseball's home-run champion. >> these people are going to be the true experts in this case. they need to be dead and we wanted them to be that. >>reporter: opening arguments will be on tuesday. at the same time, personal trainer greg anderson will also be called after of this case. has refused to testify and the sent to federal prison as a result. that is expected to happen again tomorrow. at the federal courthouse in san francisco, dan kerman, kron 4 news. >>pam: joining me is our legal analyst, michael cardozo. and tomorrow is the opening statement. >> yes. >> what can we expect? >> the u.s. attorney will get up and he will explain what the u.s. government intends to prove and the will talk about the four
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different counts of perjury. and also obstruction of justice. he will outline each one of those, very carefully. for example, one is that barry bonds " they say tonight in front of a grand jury that he had been injected other than by a doctor. there are witnesses that come in and say no. you enwere injected by crack into the stomach. others will, and you were injected cash by greg anderson-- >> and please keep in mind, that they have no proof. >>pam: some of these witnesses, you mentioned craig anderson who is spent in jail for proof refusing to testify. >> he will be in court at 11:00 a.m. keep in mind, that all these people for example, he did about four differen months in jail, and
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also he is already served 13.5 months in federal prison for not testifying. , if he refuses again. the judge will put him back into jail until this trial is over. >>pam: kimberly belton, kimberly bell, the former girlfriend she would is supposed to be in? >> yes. also, and an investigator for the irs will also be in court. steve hodgkin's will also be there. >>pam: we have a lot about the phone calls between a voice mills and the judge to not allow. >> interesting, she was not allowed because she said that she painted him into bed of light. and the worst signs of steroid " reach " and did not want to-rage--
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with steroid rage supposedly on these voice mail tapes that were not allowed in to evidence. coming up, possible testimony from the former mistress, kimberly bell and what she has said in an interview with playboy magazine. >>pam: 5:15, nuclear threats. radiation in food in japan and by the u.s. government is keeping an eye on food right here. 5:40, local mergers, at&t and t mobile what it means for customers. 5:45, car seat safety. how you drive coming up.
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>>pam: libya wants to meet with united nations to discuss a military force being used against
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government there. the skies above the tripoli had lit up for hours british and french forces impose a no-fly zone. the u.n. security council decided late on kerstin to use military force to protect libyan citizens. light on-thursday. --and also they decided late on thursday and it gradually slowed down those efforts of those strikes. the u.s. will continued to reduce its position in libya. >>pam: four different reporters held in libya for six days are free. the new york times a skatescaped libya. president barack obama is in latin america speaking about human rights. he arrived in chile this
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morning. and spoke to the media and the president of chile he commended their efforts from the state dictatorship to democracy. and this is the third country he visited, the next one will be all salvador. >> jacqueline: storms pushing up of more rain fall on tap. i will tell you when when we come back.
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the u.s. regulatory has issued concerns for power plants. the cooling system seems to be stabilizing, electricity is restored. the fire trucks have been pulled back dousing the leaky containment and also delayed
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efforts to restore power to the palms. knocked out by the march 11th earthquake- pubmps over 21,000. 300,000 are living out of shelters and 21,000 are estimated to be missing/dead. some japanese rumor that refugees have been turned away from shelters because of fear of exposure of radiation. seafood exposure is too early to tell. and any residual impact here? teresa talks about a small
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increase but government officials say that it is not enough to be alarmed about. >> and air average monitoring device recently registered a radioactive isotope consistent with the release of troubled reactor in japan. the margin of about section agency said that there would not surprised given the magnitude of what is happened in japan. they expect to see more. with the also, the want to understand what the public needs. what it means for the public--and once they are going to keep on top of this situation and what the next step will be to protect the public? simplistically >> to look at this radiation and how much it could get to eat the u.s. from one-100 we're not even at no. 1. we have sent numbers out and guam is the closest to u.s.
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territory and we also sent a signal to hawaii. and we will start to see information before california or the west coast of the dead states. their release no cause for concern. of the-united states. there is really no cause for concern. and will provide as much information to the public as possible. teresa estacio >>pam: quick officials are meeting with seismic safety haunting the nuclear plants for decades. geologists have identified new fault lines near generators that could produce earthquakes. and all officials and power plants saying that this was withstand a large earthquake expected in our area. meantime, working crews have pulled the last of those sunken boats was santa cruz
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harbert. this is one of and that was submerged in the santa cruz-harbor. this sail boat was recovered and this north harbor is closed. other areas are open. sonar equipment from the national atmospheric association continue to scan the bottom of the ocean. >> we are scanning the entire harbor, north, south, a to verify the depth. after that some of the search and to locate any obstructions if there are any obstructions. and a profile view of the bottom. if anything pops up? to concede that it pop-up up. and with traces going if you can see anything? >> no new hazard is detected but they added flood making
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it difficult for the larger vessels to navigate. the damage is over $26 million. as with been mentioning, a high surf and buys right now. these are live pictures from ocean beach. a high surf-advisory. they are urged to be careful and also riptides to be a concern. (music) >> jacqueline: the high surf and 53 is going to be expiring at 11:00 p.m. the mount pam the high surf advisory is going to be expiring at 11:00 p.m. those white puffy clouds are normally associate wit associath thunderstorms in the stormtracker 4 radar is showing isolated storm activity throughout the day today. this screen is showing that some clearing that is pressing down south. we are going to a village of a clearing tonight and a break in the clouds. more
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we're going to have a little bit of clearing tonight and a break and the clouds appear red-hot this flood watch continues for tomorrow and wednesday morning. the flood watches are ready in effect with the delta, in effectcarquines straights and the two different systems, tuesday and thursday bringing periods of heavy slush moderate rainfall. already, the rain cannot take much more with heavy its la heavy/moderate rai. the flood will not only be in these high lighted areas it could be to the santa cruz mountains as the storm make this way through. futurecast tomorrow 3:00 p.m., the rainfall approaching heavy at 5:00 p.m. towards the north bay. continuing at 8:00, heavy through concentrations. and also along the delta that is where the heaviest rain will be concentrated. and also at
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11:00, it napa, fairfield overnight, heavy inland. wheat could still see showers south of the golden gate. we could still-see showers. 7:00 p.m., scattered shower activity into wednesday afternoon but brief. another storm on the heels on thursday but even stronger! rainfall totals kamal up to 2 in.. and even more rain fall as we go towards thursday with rainfall totals possibly up to 2 in.. stay with us.
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>>pam: it has officially been five years since the first tweet was sent out. kimberly sakamoto? >> kimberlee: the celebrated this milestone, twitter is a new website and video. some of its most prominent users. why the use it and how was it impacting.
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>> snoop dog--talking about martha stewart. >> and i want to listen to the american people. >> ... everyday i enjoy reading twitter. ciao on the beautiful planet earth. >> kimberlee: ending it with this video, with astronauts that tweet from space. you can see earth from the shuttle. this video and the website shows 16 users from a variety of different backgrounds. with hundreds of millions of users and are valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. if you'd like to take a look to test if you would like to read more about this or any other segments, go to what's on the web section at >>jacqueline: high wind advisory. upper deck, lower
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deck. we are going to see gusting winds as we go towards tomorrow. a wet commute.
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