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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 22, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 5:30 p.m. >>pam: a dangerous and to a high-speed chase and a word after a chp car crashes into a home. a the chase started on highway 580, when the suspect refused to stop and exited the highway at foot whole boulevard. and led police on a chase which ended near college park drive in hayward. that's where we find kron 4 kate thompson with the latest. >>kate: a path of destruction through the neighborhood from this high speed chase. this is a piece of someone's porch that i found out in the middle of the street. the chp officers
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smashed into the front porch of this person's home. you concede that should go out the light of the chp cruz officers suffered so much damage. within roll video from earlier in the date and show you all of the destruction from the accident. >>pam: sorry were having trouble with cake's audio, we will get back with the story of a moment. this talk about our weather. it a big storm coming, again it is dry rate now. this is a live picture at justin herman plaza. it no one of this up right now, but that will change. >>jacqueline: it's going to change quickly as a matter of fact in about a half- hour. the real the coast is
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starting to push and. horsing light showers on and on through san francisco for the past couple of hours, now you could see the green on your screen is starting to darken which means the rain is becoming a little bit heavier. it lets them in here, san francisco still not seeing too heavy rain, but in the heart of this city you could see its registering on the radar. some details in rainfall, 500 it's of an inch of rain to be precise. this rain has been progressing towards the bay over the past couple of hours. by 8:00 we will see the heavier showers pick up. tonight into tomorrow, the rain picking up at 7:00, up becoming heavy overnight. we will see areas of moderate to heavy rain for about 7:00 tomorrow morning. by a day and it will turn to more scattered showers. we will still have a couple areas of more moderate rainfall. more
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afternoon the scattered showers continues and the possibility of thunderstorms. we will talk about that and flooding concerns of coming up in just a bit. >>pam: if you're heading to tahoe this weekend, i expect lots of snow. the roads have been cleared, but some places have been hit by as much as 8 ft. of snow in recent days. this is highway 89 and squaw valley. this no-fault is expected to become more. >>jeff: snow snack may not look that large did worse me. i'm literally a needle in a haystack of snow here. i spoke with gentleman earlier today who has of the 6 ft. of snow on his roof. >> just a little bit of snow, and not afraid of snow. but it's not what happened. this is the heaviest winter i've seen in
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quite awhile. >> the way your house is set up, fortunate that you don't have the driveway? >> is what were built into the hill and were engineered a hole 20 ft. high winds. >>reporter: we be in the roadways here in tahoe, they are all in pretty good shape. the bad news is more storm is expected tonight, tomorrow morning and into the weekend. reporting in lake tahoe, kron 4 news. >>pam: the national park remain close tonight, the park will be without electricity for several days after the weekend storm forced officials to close the park. it rockslide it broke a transmission co which serves yosemite cutting power to a least 8500 customers. the utility must fly in to replace the poll by helicopters and snow is blocking vehicle access.
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stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage of the storm sitting the bay area this week. we will bring you up-to-date coverage right here in on the price of gasoline is still going up. the average price in the days is now at $4 a gallon. as jeff bush explains, there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. >>jeff: it's hard to believe that $3.80 $7$3.87 a gallon is a deal these days. " we are seeing right now, is caused by more than that. take a look at his craft from gas body. he could see a dramatic spike in gas that took place and said uri. on the first of the month the average price was at $3.32 and has been steadily climbing ever since. the political unrest, is
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creating a lack of supply on the world market and now that the u.n. is enforcing a no-fly zone, investors are worried that a long protracted civil war might keep the oil supply down for the unforeseen future. in addition, the crisis in japan is adding to the demand on the world market with one of its reactors down, the japanese are turning to fossil fuels to compensate for the loss of energy. until things cool down, both literally and politically we continue to see the cost of filling their tanks get more expensive. in san francisco, kron 4 news. >>pam: how far people are willing to go to try and save money at the pump and why how you pay for gas could be to blame for the higher gas prices. we will be right back with more news, weather and traffic in a few moments.. it's really delicious, mom.
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>>pam: in richmond a big rig crashed into a telephone poll this morning. after the truck lost control and crashed there were no injuries. in san francisco,
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69 year-old pedro hernandez plead guilty to sexually assaulting his 8 year-old stepdaughter, step granddaughter. it happened last year after school when he was caught assaulting the child in a secluded stairwell. he will serve 12 years in state prison. the horizontal in berkeley after a power was out. the outage affected the city in the area bart stations. bart trains ran at reduce speeds it during the outage and did not stop at the downtown and north berkeley stations. the bart stations are now back on schedule. cutaneous us more time to clean complete their verification of natural pipelines. they missed the march 15th deadline set by the utilities commission to turn over all the paperwork. pg&e said some of the documents requested will not be available until the end of the year. the new reports suggest california's
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economy is on the rebound. it cautions this is a slow recovery. if the economic reports said job gains will be slow becoming banks to rise in international trade. as for the housing market, the report sees little chance for growth than it once the nation's overall economic recovery could slide back down into another recession for 2013. that can have an effect on california's long-term recovery. >>jacqueline: rain continuing to push off shore, but very slowly. it will move in over night and really heavy. coming up in just a bit.
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>>pam: developing news out of libya, it to u.s. crew members were rescued tuesday after their fighter jet crashed. if the mission was part of a coalition attack, now in the fourth day operations odyssey gone. it
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said the reports from washington. >>reporter: near military officials say was mechanical failure that caused the jet to crash down in an opposition controlled area of libya. it the pilot and weapons officer ejected from the aircraft. the jet was based of england part of an international mission. an opposition leader said khaddafi who declared a cease-fire sunday, is fighting rebels >> they're using heavy artillery and our boys are being overrun. retire >>reporter: u.s. army general james marx said it will take more than air strikes to remove khaddafi from its power. >> this is the departure of could occur no khaddafi. you don't do that with no-fly zone, the application of force through the air exclusively. >>reporter: gaddafi said air flight intervention has
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caused casualties. >> the vast majority if not all civilian casualties have been inflicted by gadhafi. most of our targets, virtually all of our targets are isolated from populated areas. >>reporter: united states said it was to hand over leadership of the military operation in the coming days but it's unclear who did take the reins. in washington, samantha hayes. >>catherine: huge fire swept through egypt's interior ministry building today. those flames climb to the top floor. thousands of police officers have been demonstrating an outside demanding higher pay. they deny setting the fire. if they accuse those inside a burning files to get rid of evidence of police abuse. catholic officials in cuba have and as the government is finally going to release the last of its political prisoners. if those prisoners have been held since 2003 in a crackdown on dissent. this will clear
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cuban jails of the last 75 intellectuals, opposition leaders and activist accused of crimes including treason. rain problems apparently caused the shockingly early death of the famous little polar bear in berlin zoo. he had been a huge crowd favorite, a big moneymaker for the zoo. an autopsy shows significant changes to the animal's brain, although the zoo did not offer any details. prince william k. littleton are going to use the same carriage on their wedding day that i and the controls used back in 1981. this is a century old carriage trend with real gold and actually used a lot. if the queen is also using it on a regular basis to meet foreign heads of state. >>jacqueline: a live look at storm tracker 4, rain intensifies along the coastline. the showers picking up a little bit in
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san francisco, it's going to get far worse as we head in over night. there is the tail end of the storm pushing into the coastline. rain headed to northern california and southern california. we are expecting periods of moderate to heavy rain overnight. a flood warning, for the delta and fairfield areas. periods of moderate to heavy rain, up to an inch per hour at times along the coastline. the party scene so much rain recently, that the ground can't take much more. if there is a potential flooding and mud and rock slides. we will definitely keep our eye on that for you. future cast for this evening, a moderate rain picking up by 10:00 p.m. for almost the entire north bay. oakland seem moderate rain and same thing in the santa cruz mountains. after midnight the heavy rain will kick up. the orange cells indicating areas where rain will be the heaviest for the north bay including vallejo,
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fairfield and now fog with a flood warning. 6:00 a.m., we will see pockets of moderate rainfall in the will continue through 7:00 p.m. intensifying along the coast with heavy rain also in fremont and concord. at 8:00 a.m. continuing to bring scattered areas of moderate rainfall. later on, the rain will turn scattered and will be seen the possibility of thunderstorms into the afternoon. a quick look at our tahoe forecast. we have a lot of snow coming over the next couple of days. 8 to 16 in. of like level, 12 to 24 the higher elevations of up to 2 ft. of snow again on thursday and snow showers into friday. we will get a want to punch of storms, one over night tonight and thundershowers into wednesday afternoon. more heavy rain will move in a thursday morning. a little bit of a break late thursday
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to friday but another storm set for saturday. if finally drying out next week. >> now, here is stanley roberts, with some people behaving badly. >>stanley: police conducted a pedestrian decoys thing in the city of belmont. at town that averages three pedestrian collisions per year. it included officers from belmont, foster city, millbrae, berlin game, san mateo and san mateo county sheriff's office. at least decoys' simply walks back and forth across the street and the cross want to see the drivers will stop. some drivers did stop, there were quite a few that did not. >> a pedestrian violation back there, did you see the crosswalk? >>stanley: took place in multiple locations around
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belmont. spiegel when pedestrians cross the street you have to stop. of >>stanley: this is also set up another location, that one ended abruptly. one is as you be reran did this pickup truck because the pickup truck stop for the pedestrian but the snb did not. another location was said elmer street. >> i stop you for violating the pedestrian walkway. >>stanley: worst of all locations was at el camino real where it was a virtual called a line of violators. watch how many cars pass this decoys standing in a clearly marked crosswalk. in the end, 93 drivers were stopped and another 9377 were issued tickets all for failing to yield to people in a crosswalk. in belmont, stanley roberts kron 4 news.
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if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, just email him at www.peoplebehavingbadly@kron will be right back.
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>>pam: how you pay for gas is likely to explain the prices. sometimes convenience explains. >>reporter: places like this drivers are going out of the way literally, to say that the pump. >> we survey customers that 25% will drive 10 minutes of the way to save. >>reporter: law you look for creative ways to save half a block or so, consider this the way you pay for your gas is likely to blame for prices at the pump. he may be hurting your bank account more than you know.
5:56 pm
>> when gas prices go up, more people to buy plastic and that increases the fees. >>reporter: the cost of doing business. gas stations get charged 2 percent every time a user credit or debit card to top up your tank. >> the retailers have to pass on or he dieat it was slim margins. >>reporter: leonard says, when banks total the final amount of your gas purchase to put a hold on your bank account. freezing at more than you spend, sometimes for days. >> up to look may be sitting in your account looking like a $75 a look and may cause to go to overdraft. but for gas stations that offer discounts for paying with cash, if you must use a debit card stand top of your bank statements. kids to keep telling you what without drying it out.
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reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: 1 this past weekend's box office reported in the future, lincoln lawyer may come with an asterisk attached. internet reporter kimberly tells us why. >>kimberlee: let's take a look at the deal, on the deal group on is selling $6 tickets to the lincoln lawyer 190,000 people took advantage of the deal and of those who showed up to redeem the tickets, 89 percent said it would've seen the movie if it wasn't for the group on. all those extra group on moviegoers really help to inflate the film's top spot. in the top- 10 making it seem like a bigger hit than it actually was. this was the first movie to be sold on the site and will be the last. more movies will be tested over the next six months. >>pam: baseball season is almost here. >>pam: we want to tell you about kron 4 baseball special. this saturday gary will host
5:58 pm
baseball by the bay with a preview of the giants and the a's, as well as player interviews in an up close look at spring training. that's this saturday at 8:00 p.m. right here on kron 4 news. we'll be right back.
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>>pam: 2 major mudslides in the bay area, when cutting off the only road that allows people leave their neighborhood. kron 4 as team coverage showing you both masses and what's been done to keep people safe during the clean up. the barry bonds perjury trial. it what bonds former trainer did not do in court that landed him in jail. why see as you may start accepting fewer students. donald trump talks about running for president, and pop singer chris brown goes bonkers what set off the start of practice window on the set of the national tv show. >>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 6:00.
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>>pam: our big story is the storm which is coming ashore right now. we could see it right here on your map jacqueline. the rate >>jacqueline: has picked up close to the coast and now it's starting to spread through the bay. >>pam: concerned about flooding and mudslides? >>jacqueline: lot, so much rain recently that the crown can take much more. flooding concerns are highest, were expecting to see rainfall rates up to an inch per hour at times. right now the rainfall rates over san francisco varying quite a bit. the rainfall rates changing and each location. half moon bay about that amount as well. why did you picture, there is the storm sitting off shore. the tail and pushing off to the california coastline right now. the biggest concern is the coastal hills where we have the possibility for flooding. it can see here,
6:02 pm
the rain will pick up. that's indicating more moderate cells and were also seeing concerns of flooding along the delta. if you can see fairfield highlighted in bright green. periods of heavy rain we will track those periods of heavy rain and where they will fall coming up. >>pam: already two major rock slides in the bay area, both have closed off roads which residents used to get to and from their homes. if one in the oakland hills and the other in scotts valley. two dozen homes and as many as 60 people are affected by a huge rock and mud slide in the santa cruz mountains near scotts valley. it took out a 200 ft section of nelson road near the intersection of sky middle lane. public works inspectors and geologist are studying that slide, they say it's still too unstable to attempt to move it at this time. >> looks like it has the
6:03 pm
potential to move at the top. mapping the whole slide area will be beneficial to identify how we're going to plummet up. that's our next topic is to map it. >> we have rain coming in in the next few week. it could move more of the rain gets up there and saturates that upper level. we want to hold off, let it stabilize and look at how we can address access for the folks up above. >>pam: is no vehicle access residents are carving a foot pass around the slide using chainsaws to clear the brush. it is only about 100 yds, but it will be a muddy mess before long. the sheriff's department is helping out with all terrain for wheeler's. it could be weeks before that slide is cleared and the road is repaired. our team coverage now moves to the oakland hills with kron 4. >>haazig: in oakland hills, as disclosed by major
6:04 pm
mudslide it. the people who live here say the hillsides flooding is an ongoing problem that gets worse each time it rains. sending down huge boulders like to see right here. the oakland public works department set up these orange bay it barricades to protect homes. there are surveyor's here on the site and doing some math thing that will be used by engineers who will ultimately designed a fix to stabilize the hill. the see the telephone poll there? there's not much ground underneath it, in fact, the guide wire you see they're basically an anchor, is completely exposed. an additional concern for residents here with more rain in the forecast. in the
6:05 pm
oakland hills, kron 4 news. >>pam: those making the trek out to tahoe are going to see a lot of snow. kron 4 talks with one man whose job is to keep the roads clear. >>reporter: with all of this no one of the most important people out here are the guys who clear the roadways. i'm joined by j j miller. he's been busy? tell me about what is the last mother so what you seeing? >> absolutely, since new year's this is the most snow i've seen in the last six years. i've never seen this much snow fall. i now >>reporter: 0 it's always off and on, how was this different from a normal year? >> normal year might snow three or 4 in. down at least level, when you get up here and to the higher elevations it could snow foot.
6:06 pm
absolutely the worst i've seen, from what i've read in the newspaper, these are the big storm since 1938. >>reporter: i guess he keeps busy in the money coming in. >> at slowly we do 79 or ships. we go home get four hours sleep and come back and do 17 more. >>reporter: 17 hours, i will let you get back to work. tonight and later this week and more snow. >> it's going to be a real dumb for tomorrow. >>reporter: they to lot, that's one example of the work going on with all this note. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: turning out to the barry bonds perjury trial, opening statements today in the case against the former giants slugger. dan curman was at the federal courthouse for the first day of testimony. >>dan: 0 sting statements, prosecutors to the
6:07 pm
relationship between him and his personal trainer gary anderson. prosecutors accused bonds of a two-stage live. a first thing he didn't take steroids, then sank to a good but i did know what was. prosecutors say bonds former assistant and former girlfriend will testify on submitted using steroids. prosecutors say his former personal shopper kathy will testify that she saw craig anderson injecting bonds. the d.a. said thanks to the grand jury transcripts jurors will be able to " understand what really happened ". ruby said " a very answered every question, told the truth and did his best ". he then went on to trash the witnesses, as a bitter and unreliable people web access to bonds. the chief investigator in the up bouquets, said between greg andersen's
6:08 pm
home, the offices in a storage locker they found syringes, files and a variety of illegal drugs as well as documents that indicate they were distributing performance enhancing drugs to lead athletes. he testified that bonds testimony was inconsistent with pretty much everything else they uncovered in the bell " investigation. the next witness expected to take the stand as steve hoskins, she is barry bonds former personal assistant. the federal courthouse in san francisco, kron 4 news. >>pam: personal trainer will allegedly supplied bonds with steroids has once again refused to testify. kron 4 moreen was there as greg anderson showed up. >>maureen: anderson arrived at the federal courthouse, escorted by his lawyers, his expression grim. barry bonds personal trainer has already served a two stents in federal prison back in 2005, and in 2006 he was
6:09 pm
locked up for over a year for contempt of court after refusing to testify against his former client and childhood friend. anderson was warned in advance up as his appearance tuesday once again go back to prison if he did not break the silence of what are not bonds knowingly took drugs. if and the court room after the jury was cleared from the room the judge asked him if he would testify in once again he answered no. after which she was found in contempt and taken into custody where judges ordered for him to remain until the end of the trial unless he changes his mind. his legal team said that's not what happened and has filed a pleaded with the judge arguing declined to release. anderson is already proven he will break. this big clearly somebody who's not over 18 months on various times that he's gone in, is not going to be affected by two weeks. from a legal standpoint, i think it's a theater of the absurd. >>maureen: judge told the
6:10 pm
jury that it may not speculate as to why anderson will not testify or consider his lack of testimony when deciding the facts of the case. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: we want to tell you about kron 4 is baseball special coming up. about kron 4 baseball will host baseball by the bay with a preview of the giants and the a's, as well as player interviews in an up close look at spring training. that's this saturday at 8:00 p.m. right be right back. hey marcel, watch this!
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>>pam: the news from the crippled nuclear power plant is a bit more encouraging, the repair crews have
6:14 pm
succeeded in restoring electrical connections to the multiple reactors. the lights and the containment building are back on and they're preparing to see whether the cooling ponds can be restarted. on the downside, officials say the damage to the no. 1 and no. 2 reactor is as far worse than previously thought. repairing will take longer than expected. most of the newly discovered damage is due to corrosion from sea water. today the head of the company who owns the power plant, it should the first apology and visited each evacuation centers for those displaced by the nuclear power plants. it has who evacuated people from their homes and damaged crops in a 20 mi. radius. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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fewer students will be enrolled at csu. they're reducing enrollment by more than attend the students. officials say the move is to cope with state funding
6:18 pm
cuts. >>catherine: national news, a major mess in malibu. a fire hydrant broke today and what are you could see gushing along the pacific coast highway. the water shooting 60 ft. in the air. a trash truck backed up into it sharing it off. there's so much water, crews had a hard time shutting it off. traffic backed up for miles partly because of. real estate tycoon and donald trump might be running for the white house. he keeps hinting at it but has not actually decision. in a recent interview, trump said that will happen soon. >> i will make a decision sometime prior to june, if i make a decision to run i will fight very hard for the office and for the country. i can tell you this, i love the country, i want this country to succeed but with
6:19 pm
proper leadership it can succeed. >>catherine: and said he is actually thought about this, back in 1998, he considered it again in 2000. >>jacqueline: couple live pictures, from mount catam cam. let's take a look at the ferry building in san francisco. the ground is wet, the rain is moving in. storm tracker showing heavier showers starting to push along san francisco and down the peninsula. these are steady showers, we will get to the more moderate and heavy rain into over night outdoors. what is the picture of the satellite and radar. it shows the storm sitting off shore, it's continuing to make its progression towards the coast line as we head into the evening. the showers are
6:20 pm
going to pick up into the overnight hours, this evening we will see more moderate rain as we head into the 8:00 at work. by 10:00 p.m. we will start to see, there we go out there is the tail end of the storm, the rain is approaching and we will start to see the rain get heavier this evening. flooding concerns as we head into tomorrow and thursday. the green along the coastline, that is a flood watch in effect for the coastal mountains. for expecting heavy rain at times in these locations. we have already seen so much rain recently, we have the potential for flooding and mud and rock slides. here is future cast, scattered showers by 10:00 p.m. moderate rain for the north bay in oakland. past midnight those trains will pickup we will see have the cells carry it this will be through the north bay and along the coastline. and you
6:21 pm
morning commute, pockets of moderate to heavy rain continued that later on in the morning toward the early afternoon, we will see the rain become more scattered. still pockets of moderate rainfall with the potential thunderstorms tomorrow. thursday we will see another storm roll through, virtually no time for the ground to dry out. this is why we have flooding concerns for the next couple of days. another system saturday and we will finally dry of next week. >>catherine: fourth day of the air assaults in libya, an american attack check crash near the hopes paucity. u.s. air force deployed 10 of its f-15 eagles to enforce the libyan no-fly zone. this one went down in friendly territory. the pentagon said the plane suffered a mechanical failure. the two crew members were rescued by u.s.
6:22 pm
marines. american, french and british aircraft carried out all of the no fly missions. today they were joined by their crews from spain, norway, denmark and italy. the persian gulf kingdom is also sending fighter jets. sit in government officials took foreign reporters on a tour of the wreckage of a naval base. at dutch radio hobbyists recorded this transmission from american aircraft. >> to not leave porch, violating a not nations resolution over the end of hostilities in the country. >>catherine: the air assaults has failed to stop the government from trying to crush the month-long uprising. a caller from the battleground said the rebel forces there are on the verge of collapse. >> this is the fifth day of killing. we already have 77
6:23 pm
deaths and a countless number of injuries and almost total center of the city now is on save because of snipers. >>catherine: a u.s. naval commander in the mediterranean said the coalition is considering all options to deal with the continued fighting. he gave no details. stay with us more news after the break.
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6:26 pm
>>catherine: chris brown making headlines again for the wrong reasons. afternoon of view on good morning america, a source said the ground trashed his dressing room, broke a window with a chair and read of shirtless. he was promoting a new album when the host asked him about a 2009 attack on his then girlfriend leon up. >> some of the restraining order against you, has been relax. >>catherine: brown flesh the
6:27 pm
question aside. roberts said she asked that if she could ask about the incident, abc called police and brown was not arrested. dmz caught up with them a few hours later much,. brown is currently on probation. police have not indicated whether they will pursue charges. charlie sheen might of been indicated wis quick job will be. sheena gave a mug to chemo featuring a fox. last thursday she met with fox executives to discuss show ideas which include a late night talk show. (music) banks to millions of americans, the star of this video is now a millionaire. rebecca blacks on friday has sold more than 2 million
6:28 pm
downloads on the tune since its release a month ago. it's also been viewed a 36 million t on youtube. bloggers and critics have dubbed the video the worst ever. her parents pay $2,000 to make the video. i'm katharine hennen, and you've been buzzed.
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now, at 6:30 p.m., tonight's big stories in one big block of news. more crews, more stories. right now, today's top story. ro >>jacqueline: big flooding concerns as to strong storms battle the bay area. 10:00 this evening moderate rainfall for the north bay, oakland and santa cruz. posting moderate to heavy rain overnight, by 2:00 the
6:31 pm
or gender screen showing areas of heavy rain push and carried for a and the heavy rain moves to napa, fairfield and vallejo. there is a flood warning in effect. in the morning commute you will see scattered moderate cells and have the cells pushed through 7:00 hour. the rain will get later as we head into the later morning hours. we will see showers scattered and see a potential for scattered thunderstorms. in cera, more snow and lots of it. 8 to 16 in. and likable, higher elevations to fetus know, another 2 ft. of snow on thursday was no showers into friday. lots of rain, gusty winds and small hail out there tomorrow afternoon. a slight break thursday and friday. looks like our weather is finally on the horizon for next week. >>rob: the rockslide it came
6:32 pm
down on nelson road will be here for quite some time. is it a slide is not stable, and will not do anything until there is a break in the weather. the slide of two dozen home and about 60 people were now using a footpath through gain access. of the county said this is the work rockslide in 10 years. in scotts valley, kron 4 news. >>haazig: the oakland hills, a mudslide it blocked a this very narrow road. the people who live here say it's an ongoing problem that gets worse each time it rains. the city of oakland in a private property owners at the top of the hill are working together to try and fix and stabilize the hillside. people who live here say they're keeping their fingers crossed that the hill does not come down further. in the oakland hills, kron 4 news scary had >>terisa: unscrambling trying to take boats off the beach. this boat behind is
6:33 pm
full of water so crews have to come back and the flotation devices inside subic and lifted off the rocks and drag it safely back to the harbor. and the deli, kron 4 news. >>reporter: here in lake tahoe, there's no doubt there is a lot of snow on the ground. look at the size of this icicle. it makes me look small and i'm 6 ft. five. something that was just hanging off of the house. as a back up here you could see the ford escape that i drove it to tahoe and you could see the snow piled directly behind me. a pile that is 12 to 13 ft. in the care, half the size of some of the trees in the distance. the good news is, they have a lot of the snow off the roadway and it is fairly easy to drive. the bad news is, more snow is expected to night and even some more snow expected on thursday. reporting like tahoe, kron 4 news. >>dan: san francisco, opening statements in the
6:34 pm
barry bonds truck. prosecutors say bonds live twice. defense attorneys say barry bonds was honest, told the truth to the grand jury and that will be proven word for word as they look over the transcript. also taken the stand today the chief investigator in the out bouquets, jeff koons said on statements were inconsistent with a much everything else and the delco investigation. at the federal courthouse in san francisco, kron 4 news. >>christine: personal trainer who allegedly supplied barry bonds astaire rights has once again refused to testify. a greg anderson has been sent back to prison until the trial is over or he changes his mind. his stories and more than a year in jail for not testifying against barry bonds. the judge ordered special instructions to the jury telling them, they may not speculate as to why anderson will take the stand when deciding the evidence. reporting live, kron 4 news.
6:35 pm
>>jeff: prices went up in san francisco over night. it is traditional for gas prices to surge ahead in march, but the unrest in libya, yemen and other oil- producing nations is cause the market to become volatile. itraders are speculating with no address in sight. prices in the city are already at a $4 mark. there's still a few spots breaking get a gallon for less than $3.90. in san francisco, kron 4 news. >>kate: a safety patrol car crashed into a house during a high-speed chase. the officer rolling over the car which refused to stop. this was at speeds of more than 100 mi. an hour. the officer crashed into the front porch and suffered minor to moderate injuries. the suspect fled the scene but was later apprehended. in hayward, kron 4 news. >>kimberlee: in social median news, apple is suing
6:36 pm
amazon. this is over amazons use of the term app store. a spokesperson said it will confuse and mislead users tracking them into thinking they're downloading software from their own app store. apple said it tried to contact amazon three times what they have not made any public comment yet. with the i pad two sold in the u.s., two weeks after the u.s. launched a the highly sought after device will become available this friday in 25 additional countries including mexico, new zealand and sweden. google has just updated its latitude app, in addition to seeing where your latitude studies currently are not. you can now use the app to check into places, this brings us up-to-date with the android version which receive the same feature in february. >>pam: want to tell you about>>pam: we want to tell you about kron 4 baseball special. this saturday gary
6:37 pm
will host baseball by the bay with a preview of the giants and the a's, as well as player interviews in an up close look at spring training. that's this saturday at 8:00 p.m. right here on kron 4 news. we'll be right back. [ je] at this!
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you got a state-he-art mane, y sports f cht[ beept. s, my bad y searn f with restplus sgs at that's nehool bankibaby! oo3-d! ead of ear bupkus,
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ur savingsld be earn thremes e nationalrage! three t more. what's l [ beeping behaving badly. >>stanley: police conducted a pedestrian decoy sting in that averages three pedestrian collisions per year. it included officers from belmont, foster city, millbrae, berlin game, san mateo and san mateo county sheriff's office. a police decoys' simply walks back and forth across the street and the crosswalk to see if drivers will stop. some drivers did stop, there were quite a few that did not.
6:41 pm
>> a pedestrian violation back there, did you see the crosswalk? >>stanley: took place at multiple locations around belmont. when pedestrians cross the street you have to stop. >>stanley: officers also set up another location, that one ended abruptly. when this suv rear ended this pickup truck because the pickup truck stopped for the pedestrian but the s u v did not. another location was at elmer street. >> i stopped you for violating the pedestrian walkway. >>stanley: worst of all locations was at el camino real where it was a virtual congo line of violators. watch how many cars pass this decoy standing in a clearly marked crosswalk. in the end, 93 drivers were stopped and another 70 were
6:42 pm
issued tickets all for failing to yield to people in a crosswalk. in belmont, stanley roberts kron 4 news. >>pam: carry sits down with the national league's most valuable player cody ross. good news concerning brian williams' injury. gary is next with all the sports. >>kimberlee: right now, prepare for rain the rest of the week by visiting our comprehensive weather page. if our meteorologist give you all the updates about rain totals and what to expect for the day. our live doppler radar will show you where the rain is hitting how and where the storms are headed over the next few hours. the sure to check out of links section with information on how to prepare for flooding on
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>>gary: good evening everybody, santa clara and usf in a tournament known as the college insider dock combo. if it couldn't be wise guy and beetroots fall, it costs $30,000 for a home team to have a guy came in this event. it's one of those deals he did make the ncaa but you want to give your chance of exposure. here's former coach. >> another single game rivalry game. i don't think those other two games mean anything. but i think this is another rivalry game that san jose and usf has had forever. (music) >>gary: baseball by the bay. of the well, involuntary had for snooze
6:47 pm
it's pretty good on line will some. >> not so bad opening day. it looks good. the doctors confirmed he has nothing is more than a mild strain on his left side. bruce said already spent exercising but no lifting of weeks of and involved. wilson attempted to play catch tomorrow, although not off the mound. he had 48 saves last year. spring training when you're down seven weeks, look people looking for things to talk about. we went down to see charlie sheen, was that a big deal? >>vern: 73 days after he got back, let's face it, people just want to shove questions at him because they want to see what he's going to say next. he's one of those
6:48 pm
guys. >>gary: i say this all the time, if a guy has a bad year, he's worried about his off the field self more than his performance. >>vern: like the saying goes, it ain't bragging if you can back it up. >>gary: if you're stuck at an island with one giant mine would be kobe bryant. i'd have to keep tickling is beard. cloudy ross, the giants went and knocked out philadelphia he was the king. when he came from the marlins, one of those wavered deals not a lot was expected. how was he first received as a giants? we spoke with him. >> everyone made me feel welcome and comfortable accept for came. i hit a home run after him a few weeks before and i headed,
6:49 pm
floor round ended if you and then hopped out of there. as soon as i walked up to and he looked at me and said he think you could slip your badge any higher? he told me in spring training he was one hit me in the ribs. >> left field, looking up game tied. >>gary: deerfield added pressure? >> obviously there's more pressure now. it's going to be different, were going have to find it a different drive force to get back to where we need to be. maybe that's having an edge of trying to defend, that flag which is the world series. that's the attitude or going have to take. >>gary: can you go anywhere
6:50 pm
without being recognized? no >>, and everywhere i go people are still coming up to me and saying thank you. my grandpa was a longtime fan, my dad. i love it. that's what you played the game for. i get it. i totally get it. if these people and winning a long time for a championship to be brought back to san francisco. >> (cheering & applause) >> to be a part of it can tell my grandkids that was part of the first team that won the world series in san francisco is going to be special. >>gary: folks on the other side of the bay would like to duplicate the giants a prize season. here is firm with the a's. >>vern: the a's finished second in the american league west last season. not good enough for general manager billy bay. he had a
6:51 pm
stopped a four years without a post season. to complement pitcher trevor, start she'll consol is, a dallas parade and he went out and acquired belfort and left just one test to catch up with his pitching. he picked up don't feel they're josh from the nationals and 20 + homework per year player with the climbing on base percentage. he got an outfielder david who batted 354 last season. in no particular order, he gave his team lineup a 3, 4, 5 lineup. >> i'm a guy that's going to hopefully be consistent out there, and have the consistent at that try to work the count. where i am will be a lot of good guys. we have a lot of tough out. >>vern: 11 among the 14
6:52 pm
american teams. something had to be done to keep up with his pitching which had the best earned run average in the leak. it's hard to find a more active club off season and the a's. there's already whispers in the press box that on paper the a's are as good or better than its bay area rival the giants. look >>gary: it vern with a bold statement. d one help the people? >>vern: like to see that this weekend. kron 4 giving away a pair of giants tickets for this season. for a chance to win go to and click on the contest had at the top of the page. >>gary: at 8:00 or going have giants and a's summer going to run it is going to be a good special. when we come back truck sheen kissing in a moment.
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>>gary: last night to meet chemo was interviewing mark when, (cheering & applause) (cheering & applause) >>gary: pulled out a mug with a fox on it indicating he had been speaking with fox about a talk show. i can see him hosting a show on cable tv and last as long as he can sing. with your family watch him again? >>vern: i don't know, he's
6:57 pm
polarizing he's red hot right now. >>gary: let the kids watch it? >>vern: know they could watch cartoons. >>rob: vern glenn watching with his wife. it will be right back. ♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. the radically new... 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. ♪ welcome to the darker side of green. ♪
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"the insider" has the total story behind today's top celebrity news. i'm lara spencer. >> "the insider" is on. charlie sheen crashes "kimmel." what happened after the live tv ambush? >> your lips are very moist. plus, sheen's new psychiatric evaluation. can he now see his kids? what happened with chris brown, robin? >> chris brown's violent outbur outburst. did he smash new york's gmc studio window after the rihanna question? >> is he going to pay for that glass? >> then. our little gir >> look, you're flat, you're flat. >> cher's daughter, chastity bono becoming chaz. oprah's first images. shavi his face. inside the hospital. >> in depth with lady o on the emotional new tv special


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