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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 22, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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live, this is kron4 news at 11:00. kron4 is tracking the storm. a new round of rough weather is hitting the bay area tonight. that, as people are still cleaning up from a previous round of heavy winds and rain. we have team coverage, including a look at the hardest- hit areas tonight, and the latest forecast details. and the ground, which is already saturated around the bay area is going to get soaked again, leading to flood watches and warnings. jacqueline bennett has the latest, and we can see the rain is aural coming down. >> it's already picking up in places like the north bay. we expected this and also over the mountains. we also expected that. >> and through the night? >> through the night, it's going to get even worse,
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especially after midnight. we're going to see heavy rains start to pick up, so not just moderate rain. you'll here it hitting your roof. let's take a look at some of these rainfall rates, very heavy rain, close to san rafael. it's in the center of these particular cells. you can see a little tint of orange, that's where the heaviest rain is, about a third of an inch of rain of hour. some areas radioseeing a little bit more. let's head to the south bay. heavy rain for, as well. we're seeing heavy to moderate rain in. there it goes, about .5 inches of rain an hour moving in there. we're going to see showers pick up in the mountains, and through the south bay. plenty of moisture streaming into the bay area. it's part of that storm, and you can see its movement, it's pushing up along the coastline and moving up towards the northeast. so let's take a look also what we're going to be seeing out there tomorrow. we have flood watches and warnings that we've been
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talking about, a flood warning in effect for thursday for the area highlighted in bright green because of periods of heavy rain. i'll show you why that particular area is the flood warning coming up up in a bit. the latest round of stormy weather to hit the bay area, we begin with kron4's jonathan bloom. >> it's been raining here all evening, and this is just the latest in a long line of storms hitting the bay area from all the way across the pacific. you know, this storm came in like a lamb earlier this afternoon, but this march storm will roar like a lion before it's over with, and that will start later tonight when flooding is expected across the north bay. here's what things looked like a little earlier in the evening. [ bells ] >> reporter: as the sun went down, the rain started in san francisco, bringing out a veritable ocean of umbrellas for those on foot and more than
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a few plastic ponchos. as rain drenched the pavement in time for the evening commute and formed puddles along san francisco's curb sides, farther north in san rafael, the first drops were beginning to fall. these proud owners of a new dining room set carefully covered up their new purchase as they secured it in the bed of their pickup truck. the rainfall was light at first, light enough that this man had to check, yep, it's still raining but as darkness set in, so did the wet weather, glistening on cars and the wet pavement. it didn't take long for problems to crop up in the lowest-lying areas at this freeway offramp, standing water made some messing driving and at this park and ride where the sign said it all, pools of muddy water left lots of parking spaces vacant and submerged with a few cars stranded on islands. farther south at the golden gate bridge, the rain fell with a bit more force, blowing
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around in the wind. just on the other side of the bridge, you can see the steady flow of raindrops in the headlights creeping along behind the transit bus moving extra slowly because of the wet pavement. >> now, the rain that we've seen thus far would qualify in the annoying category. the rain we're going to see later tonight will be in the dangerous category. the national weather service has, in fact, issued a flash flood watch for most of the coastal areas across the bay area and especially for the north bay. the ground here is very saturated and that means rather than soaking into the soil, the water falling out of the sky will run across roadways, across sidewalks, all the places where that water can create trouble and be very dangerous. flash flood watch starts at midnight tonight, continues all the way up through thursday afternoon in some places, at least through wednesday afternoon in most places. that will be something to look out for. san francisco not necessarily part of that flash flood watch, but definitely going to be receiving a lot of rain and, in
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fact, it's already been receiving a lot of rain. we have a little bit more on what that looked like. >> the rain is coming down at a steady pace, enough for people to break out the umbrella and use it while walking the streets. some of the people, though, were not prepared for the rain. take a look at this women, she's only wearing a scarf around her head while others were prepared for the rain. they had a heavy jacket on, and they were also using an umbrella. take a look at the traffic now. many of the cars were traveling at the speed limit. the rain was not coming down hard enough for them to slow down. >> and at ocean beach, it's definitely raining a lot harder here than it was. i'm standing on the great highway. this area is prone to flooding. there is no standing water right now, but the last storm caused this entire area to flood. that's why you see cones still in this lane. now, the southbound lanes are closed, and they could remain that way if this storm ends up being as strong as forecasters are predicting. in san francisco, reggie kumar,
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kron4 news. >> outside scots valley near santa cruz, residents remain cut off as engineers try to clear a massive rockslide that is blocking vehicle access to 32 homes. the department warns the slide is not stable, and not much can be done until the break in the weather. the bile of sandstone, trees and soil must be stabilized before crews can begin clearing the slide. fire officials say the entire operation could take up to two weeks to complete. in the oakland hills, elverton drive remains closed tonight. that's after a major mudslide left the road impassable. in anticipation of the upcoming storm, oakland public works has set up barriers to protect home- owners' property. residents say mudslides are an ongoing problem in that area, and they get worse each time it rains. of the the city of oakland is currently working on a permanent fix to try to stabilize the hill on elverton. salvage operations underway
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in mill valley as crews scramble to remove wrecked boats off the shore before the next big storm hits. a dozen boats were set adrift after high winds ripped vessels from their moorings. valvage crews towed vessels back to the harbor, they say it's important to keep the boats from sinking since the debris could cause a major hazard there. and it was clear earlier today in the tahoe area, but more snow is expected, adding to the mounds of snow already on the ground. kron4's j.r. stone has the latest on the conditions. >> reporter: now, this snow stack may not look very big, but it dwarfs me, and i'm 6'5". i'm literally a needle in a haystack of snow here. i talked with a gentleman earlier today who has at least 6 feet of snow on his roof. >> just a little bit of snow here. and kind of praying for some sun, but it ain't going to
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happen. >> reporter: a little bit, i would say a lot of bit. >> i noticed the way your house is set up, boy, fortunate that you don't have a driveway, huh? >> no, that's why we got the garage in there, and the stairs are enclosed all the way up. it's engineered to hold 20 feet in high winds. >> the good news is that highway 80 and the roadways here in the tahoe area, they are all in pretty good shape. bad news, though, more storms expected tonight, tomorrow morning, and into the weekend. for now, reporting in the lake tahoe area, j.r. stob, i know news. newt 11:00, an emergency at san francisco international airport involving a plane that arrived from the philippines tonight. airport officials say the philippines airlines flight landed about 7:20 tonight and now being held at a remote section of the airport. that after some sort of threat was called in to philippine
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authorities. passengers have been removed from that plane and taken to customs. we are told that the cargo holds of the planes were emptied. search dogs are scouring the area to see if any threat exists. so far, none has been found. we'll be right back after the break.
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tonight's headlines in libya, late word from secretary of state clint than one of muammar qaddafi's sons may have been killed. and people close to the leader may be exploring their options abroad. earlier, qaddafi forces battered citizens in hisrada with tanks as a forth day of no- fly zone attacks continued and president obama is being criticized at home for not consulting congress before the fighting in libya as officials explore possible military involvement by nato. more aftershocks in japan. some, a magnitude 6.0. powerlines have now been connected to all six of the reactor units of fukushima. crews hope to start up the
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cooling systems soon, and food supplies are affected by low levels of radiation. the fda is stopping imports of certain products from the area near the troubled nuclear plant. president obama is now in el salvador, the last stop on his latin american stop after brazil. he plans to talk about the sensitive issues of immigration and drug crimes. he's back in washington on wednesday. we'll be right back after the break. this is your captain speaking, we are fourteenth in line for takeoff.
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turning now to the barry bonds perjury trial. opening statements today in the case against the former giants slugger. we were at the federal courthouse for the first day of testimony. >> reporter: prosecutors emphasized the relationship between barry bonds and his personal trainer greg anderson. they pleaded guilty to distributing anabolic steroids
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and other unapproved drugs. prosecutors accused bonds of a two-stage lie. first saying he didn't take steroids and then saying i took it, i just didn't know what it was. prosecutors said bonds' former assistant and his former girlfriend kimberley bill will testify bonds admitted to using steroids. prosecutors said bonds' former personal shopper will testify she saw greg anderson injecting bonds. the defense attorney said thanks to the grand jury transcript, jurors will be able to quote, "understand what really happened." ruby said barry answered every question, he did his best. he then went on to trash the main prosecution witnesses as bitter unreliable people who have axes to grind. in the afternoon, the chief investigator in the balco case said between greg anderson's home and the storage locker, they found syringes, viles, and a -- vials, and a variety of
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illegal drugs that indicated they were distributing performance-enhancing drugs to elite thetes. he testified that bonds' statements to the grand jury were inconsistent with pretty much everything else they uncovered in the balco investigation. now, the next witness expected to take the stand is steve huskens. he is barry bonds' former personal assistant. at the federal courthouse, kron4 news. a storm sitting offshore continues to track into the california coastline, rain throughout nearly the entire state at this hour, and we're going to see a steady stream of moisture into the bay area into the early morning hours. let's get a look at futurecast for what we're expect overnight, because the rain is going to turn heavy past midnight. this computer model has slowed down the progression of the heavier cell so at 4:00 in the morning, it puts the heavy cells into the coastline of the north bay off the north shore and also off the delta in the 4:00 hour.
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by the 7:00 hour, moderate cells of rain through the bay area, and that will continue into the 8:00 hour, but after your morning commute, things will start to calm down a little bit. in the 10:00 hour, isolated showers, and we'll see that into the afternoon. possibility of thundershowers into the tomorrow afternoon, as well. and this particular computer model was also sped up the progression of wednesday night into thursday morning's storm. you can see by 5:00, moderate brain to the north bay, and along the coast continuing into the 8:00 hour, still see something cells of moderate rainfall. there is a flood watch, and a flood warning in effect. i told you about the flood warning a little while ago. we were seeing some moderate rain over that area through the morning hours, which is why inwarning is in effect. we're keeping our eye on the coastling hills. flood watch in effect for these locations because several pockets of rain are expected to pull through there, not only overnight tonight, but into tomorrow and into thursday. we could see rainfall rates up to an inch% hour at times along the coastline, and as we mentioned earlier, the ground is already saturated. it can only take so much water
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before it just says nope, i'm not taking any more, and that's exactly wawe're afraid of here with potential flooding and mud and rockslides that is. let's get a look at rainfall totals through tomorrow afternoon. very impressive, this is a lot of rain in a short amount of time, and again the ground is already saturated so up to 2 inches of rain in the north bay, the higher amounts will be in the hills. same thing for the santa cruz mountains, 2 inches in the higher terrain, up to an inch in the central and east bays and up to .75 inches down in the south bay, both lower locations. look at your kron4 seven-day forecast. a couple of storms in the next couple of days. overnight tonight into tomorrow morning, we'll be seeing the rain, thundershowers into the afternoon, wins are also going to pick up overnight. they'll be howling, a possibility of downed trees stays with us tomorrow and again on thursday, because thursday morning's storm is expecting to be a little bit more powerful than tonight's. a little bit of a break on friday before another storm makes its way in for status morning. it looks like we'll finally dray out into next week. in sports, good news for
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giants fans regarding brian wilson's rib injury. and a rare event: two local college basketball teams taking on one another in a postseason tournament. gary is up next. he's got all the sports.
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all right. good evening, everybody. usf santa clara for the first time in basketball postseason play, here we go. boy, had a crowd. my gosh, for this event, santa clara, rex walters, santa clara didn't draw their first two games but rex my gosh, it looks like a darn near full house. inside, usf. you figure there would be the favorite at home, and they led a great deal of this game but kevin foster can shoot. 27 points, and then at the finish, in santa clara, one more time. 95-91. broncos win this c.i.t.
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tournament where, as we said it to death, you have to pay your way to host games. they won't have to pay on friday. they travel to smu for semifinals in something known as a c.i.t. warriors playing tomorrow night. my bodyguard easy you're going to love this play. it's houston in portland. he took it over. javel mcgee ripped it out of his hands. again, maybe the first time we've showed you wizard-blazer highlights since i believe 1994, but it was pretty good, and the wizards lost 111-76. positive news on the giants front, brian wilson, will he miss opening day? doctors confirmed, though, that he has nothing more than a mild strain on his left side. now, he's going to take -- you know, it very slowly. he'll play a little catch tomorrow, and the major league leader 48 saves right now,
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tentative for opening day, which goes off a week from thursday. if you can't wait, look what kron4's doing, pam. giving, giving, giving. >> it's so exciting. >> you know what i'm going to do in the middle of the show, i'm going to pick up and call, and you're going to say i'm watching real housewives. >> i don't watch them -- >> well, i do. we have a special on -- i don't think the odds of pam watching right now. very limited. jack, are you going to stay home watching on saturday? you can win tickets,, go there and win tickets and again, it's on saturday night. it's going to be one of those deals, and the lead in it i understand is very sports- oriented. it is a gardening, win a free gardening stick, one of our infomercials. >> gives a big baseball boost. >> we're excited. >> thank you. i'll call you saturday. what are you going to be watching? >> i like baseball. >> i'll bet you a dollar that you will notch our show.
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it's one time only. >> a dollar? >> i bet you a thousand. >> i got to go. let me read the prompter. they have been in the midst of a lockout, but the owners are making rule changes. it's like whose along the for a rule change story? but nfl's going to move kickoffs up 5 yards to the 35- yard line, and they're going to try to limit big runbacks. lawrence taylor, at least he didn't go to jail. a former member of the new york giants, a great, great member of the giants, pleaded guilty in january to sexual misconduct having sex with an underanalled prostitute and lawrence taylor now is going to have to abide by conditions of a sex offender on probation, not having to go to jail. real quick, just run it. sheen on kimmel. [ cheering and applause ] >> how are you doing?
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>> let him kiss. charlie sheen may have a show on fox. >> (bleep). >> he may not go for the kiss, but chuck sheen had and good night. it's really delicious, mom.
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