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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 23, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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another powerful storm is moving into the bay area for thursday. bad news, the ground is already so saturated and this is going to get us in time for the commute. >> you better give yourself extra time tomorrow morning. it will be nasty. from 6:00 in the morning to around noon in the south bay. >> all right. >> right now, obviously, it doesn't look too bad. we're seeing a few showers fly
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under the radar. that means the radar can't detect them. we're seeing areas of heavy rainfall and in san francisco. you could see one area, indicating a burst of heavier rainfall in nearing san francisco at this hour. let's jump up towards napa. again, some of this is flying below the radar. a wider view picture of the satellite and radar picture shows the storm up to the north. the crowd is approaching the bay area. your morning commute will not be a fun one. again, starting at 5:00, 6:00 in the morning, the rain will pick up. by 7:00 we're seeing it in full play. heavy rain and gusty winds continuing through noon. heavy south bay rain. into the afternoon, we'll see some clearing but also scattered thunderstorms. i'll have details and we'll time it on future cast coming
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up. 32 homes cut up by a massive rockslide. crews were prodding around the mud and rocks left from the storm. the new road is following a path that residents are using to get to their homes. construction on the project could start as soon as tomorrow. the public work officials say the slide itself is unstable and will not be cleared maybe for months. it left a part of park boulevard blocked. it took several hours to remove two large bolders and a pile pile of rubber. for safety, traffic was stopped. and workers were careful not to destabilize the already saturated hillside as they cut and removed the debris. park boulevard is now completely reopen. pg&e crews worked to trim
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back trees. high winds from the storms snapped weak limbs throughout the area. then crashed into power lines, causing massive outages. workers armedded with chainsaws visited high risk locations today. the snow is plentiful. look at it coming down here. there's so much snow that crews are gathering it up. and they are moving it away from the roads. almost 600 inches of snow has been measured so far this season. and some residents say the current mounds of snow, it's the most they've seen in a long time. for more video on the weather, view of the photograph and the latest forecast details, be sure to log to our website, prime 4. com. new tonight at 11:00, four people in the hospital after getting shot in oakland. this was the scene at 89th avenue and macarthur.
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the shooting was reported at 6:30. the victims' injuries are unknown. no fatalities are reported. police say they are searching for a motive and suspect. no arrest was made. san jose football coach is behind bars. he's accused of molesting one of the teenage players. this is the photograph. his name is michael hey gan. he was supposed to be coaching teams to play football. prosecutors say michael was coaching one to pose. he is accused of committing lewd acts five different times between may and july of last year with a 15-year-old boy he was coaching for three seasons. he's charged with three more seasons, to encourage teen to
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send sexually explicit photos. >> we received the information from the victim's pastor. we understand that the victim confided in his pastor at his church who then turned around and reported it to the police department. >> heygan was fired. police say they were sad but not entirely surprised to find an accused predator to go to teenagers. >> lot of times, sexually explicit crimes. find opportunities to work with children and so in this situation than occurred. >> haguegan hired a lawyer who told us at this point. the accusations are claims. police say the alleged victim is doing fine. they reassure the parent, at this point, he's only one. >> hagueen is being held at the
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santa clara jail on $700,000. he'll be in court on march 30th. at that time, he will plead guilty or not guilty. he will probably go over more evidence. protests in san francisco today over the coalition military airstrikes in libya. this was the scene at the federal building on 7th and mission street. the group, answer coalition called on the u.s. to stop bombing libya. rebels in libya have taken the first steps to form a new government. it's happening as the american- led airstrikes drove forces loyal to moammar gadhafi back to two cities. for a fifth night, flight over the sky as drivers honk their horn in support of the
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gadhafi government. hundreds of miles to the heat, in the capitol of benghazi, a crowd calls gadhafi. and they show the scars from the intense fighting from the past few days. coalition airstrikes eased the pressure on the city. the rebels have not pushed back against the government forces. in egypt then secretary robert gates says that will change. >> a lot of people who were in opposition and who played a role in the early days have honkerred down and it may be that the changed circumstances where he can't use the aircraft and where he's more claled in using his armor. they return to the fight. >> the air assault is turning into an opportunity for warplane makers to advise their products. french, british and american fighter jets are all taking part. pilots from countries like
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denmark are getting their first experience in real combat conditions. so far, the only plane lost was the american f-15 down by a mechanical problem. today, the u.s. bombed the wreckage to destroy anything that may get into the wrong hands. katherine hailen. britney spears is gearing up to give a free concert. there's already a big change [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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? the cost of the crisis is more than $300 billion. the world's most expensive natural disaster. the police estimate 18,000 people are dead. radiation are showing up in tap water in tokyo. at sea, the safe levels for children. and food imports into the u.s. are being screened.
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earlier smoke poured from the number three reactor and work there later resumed. focus on his one time personal assistant. he said bonds ordered him to research the effects of a steroid, the secret recording he made while talking to greg anderson, a personal trainer. it did not name bonds. the defense attacked hodgkins credibility. legendary actress elizabeth taylor died. she was also a champion of aids education. we'll be right back.
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britney spears is coming to san francisco this sunday. and in anticipation of her visit, local castro retailer under one roof is displaying a
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waxed figure of the pop star all week long. if you donate, you could take your picture. and on friday, there will be a look-alike contest. the cest has been moved. . >> britney spears may not have known the concert was going to be moved to the pacific auditorium in san francisco due to weather concerns. even though, some fans are feeling a little toxic about spears not performing outside the castro theater like originally planned. businesses expect a massive turn out. >> getting out early, get the whole team going. >> was definitely disappointed. one, we wanted to see a great
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show. coming to the castro, was kind of bigger than the show. exposure to not only the neighborhood. >> officials were worried about the rain being a concern not only for brittany but the dancers. technical director says the pop star's performance would have impacted her business. >> they were very afraid of a rain out. to have the people here and to cancer -- cancel the concert before it starts, it's not going to be a good thing. >> that weekend or this weekend. we were planning on a big crowd. it would have affected our business. >> brittany will perform from her new album. her concert will air the same day. and the doors will open at the
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auditorium. he had concertgoers must have a ticket master seat. . rain is certainly going to be a big issue. storm tracker 4 radar showing the storm approaches from. overnight, the showers pretty much will taper off very, very briefly. it's the 4:00 hour. as you head out the door, hef owe rain will move in. this line of arrange. having product rat rain into the 9:00 hour. the north bay, the east bay, along the coast and in the south bay. it will continue in the 10:00 as well. heavier rain near concord. by noon, the heavier rain flight will be in the south bay
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and start to see. few specs of yellow here and there. and in the evening, it will be limb lited. and take a look at war wind gusts on future cast. the wind gusts in the 30 miles an hour range. nearly 40 miles an hour wind gusts near san rafael. liver more 46 miles an hour gusts. 40 miles an hour gusts in redwood city. the winds will be be. and there's flooding concern as we head to tomorrow. the equivalent of watering a plant, giving it too much water. same thing with the ground.
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and up to an inch an hour at times in the already saturated ground raises the concern for flooding and potential mudslides. we have a wind advisory in effect because wind gusts could get as high as 40 miles an hour. a very powerful storm is set tomorrow morning. the time frame is at 6:00, 7:00 in the morning until the heaviest noon. friday, we should stay wealth dry but the rain will. and that should be the last one for a while. in sports, bad news, as the injury bug bites them again. and
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? good evening, everybody. sharks are hot at the right time. back on the ice. after suffering injury last game. patrick marlo says, oh, oh, we will break from a 2-2 tie. from there, sharks in the opening period. marlin off the rebound. they have four goals. torry off to face-off. and they won four straight in los angeles tomorrow night against the kings. eight games remaining. when it count the play off is there. guess what happened tonight in houston. dorell wright had 30 point. and kevin martin former
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sacramento king, had 34. chuck hayes, bodyguard kevin remembers chuck hayes. 13.4 rae bounds, 11 assists. kevin always said he had quick feet. rocks have a chance. and women are back home after sweet 16. after a couple of victories in the maple period. next up, north carolina on saturday. stanford, the number one seed in the west before departure. >> and i was capable, you know, going against the good teams. that is the good team. everybody that could play with each now. >> that's really good. we play gonzaga on our
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homecourt. we're not trying to look ahead but at the same time you could see they were down there and they are going to come up with a good fight. >> brian wilson, through eight pitches and shut it down in arizona. his strained oblique is not going away. giants and angels. not too flattering. giving up a three. coming up a little lame here, left the game with a strained right. and as brian william, is a guy you have to keep your eye on. angels won by a final 8-0. we have highlights here.
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a's and cons. spring training is great for a couple of weeks. and cubs win, final of 3-1. this, i don't know. one day, you guys will say, you guys are on your own. don't you feel good, every day that comes in, first thing, let's help people. again, you could win tickets. watch our show. >> saturday, this coming saturday at 8:00. >> are you going to watch? i did get an e-mail. i bet, pam. >> i do want the thousand. just bet me and en. stephanie ran during the week only bunched together.
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