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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 24, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> james: 6:00 a.m. tracking the storm the north bay is starting to get wet and then the look coming up. >> mark: heavy downpours over night, impacting morning commute road flooded. we had a major sig alert. >> darya: concerns of more mud and landslides grown with the latest round of rain. one city is trying to build up so residents can get to their homes. kron 4 news as 6:00 a.m. starts now. >> live from the bay area news
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station in this is a kron 4 morning news. >> darya: think you for joining us this thursday morning. >> mark: get ready to build that arc with another storm coming in. james with a look at what we are going to expect. >> james: half-inch of rain for everybody, it will be a good supper. this is the beginning of the cold front pushing in, we will steelman and take a closer look at the bay area. more intense showers to the north right now, novato between san rafael 101 that is probably where we see the most intense showers. there is a cell moving toward highway 37, if that's part of your morning it ride that will be it wet one for you. san rosa seeing a band of showers as well, that intensifies as we head toward
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7:00 p.m. east bay looking clear for the moment, south bay dealing with the scattered showers again it is light in comparison to what we will see in just a little bit. storm tracker for shows us some of a wide view this is how big this is. we expect the heavier rain beginning to fall in north north bay at 7:00 a.m., you can see the color yellow indicating moderate rain. by 9:00 a.m., that turns to read particularly 3 san rafael rate where jackie was station this morning. expect by 9:00 a.m. to get intense. the rest of the peninsula dealing with fairly heavy showers, 680 corta will be hit hard. redwood
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city heavier rain that as well. by noon the bulk of the moisture will be south of said was a leading leaving us with scattered showers and the possibility of thunderstorms. by 5:00 p.m. you can see exactly that. flooding, high winds all of that is a problem this morning. flood advisories and warnings bay area of white. be looking for what it put out or or more. we could see landslides' what we have seen this week. wind advisory mostly for the coast and east bay hills. we could see speeds of 35 constant, and gusting up to 45. it won't last long but it will be intense one knows gusty conditions 7. we have that system moving in for today, right behind it is another one for saturday, it will be a wet
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four days for us here. but if we can get through it next week looks great. " a lot of sunshine and temperatures getting into the '60s. >> george: it had been creating problems for the nimitz freeway in the southbound direction, we had emergency road repairs that shut down lanes and the nimitz freeway. it's got let's go to yoli who has been monitoring the situation for us. >> reporter: it was maybe about 15 minutes ago, they came over and picked up the remaining columns, ofall four lanes of open to, the two left lanes were closed down because they were trying to unclog those strains. at one point we had six, 7 in. of standing water causing spent notes, unfortunately they have
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been able to unclog all three drains. the one that gave them the most trouble was the main one, at one point when they had all the air flow and l, he had to poke at it without loss, to loosen up some of the level that was stuck. it will be totally out came out here when that storm that is not the will probably have to come back out. so far everything looks good. >> george: as we look at the traffic, you can see wit is all green. they have picked it up in time to avoid a hot spot. the bay bridge just a bit of a delay in the out left and cash lanes here no metering lights yet. there is a wind advisory for the oakland bay bridge. the james
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lick freeway in san francisco wet pavement now looks as though we might see the for sprinkle here. in out central still like, not yet any flooding on san francisco freeways. >> mark: team coverage continues let's check in with jackie. >> reporter: the rain had started to fall about 30 minutes ago we started to see the first raindrops. it is a steady rain, not heavy right now, it seems like it's a precursor to a heavy storm james has been talking about. this is the real concern there has been a urban craig advisory issued by the national weather service. this minatory swiss bills its banks. so far so good global sirloin off idle tickets real concern right now. but if we get the amount of rain in the short time james was
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talking about we might see some problems. right now the downtown area usually you can see the shopowners putting out sandbags, so far no some big jet. as the morning goes on in the rain continues out here, we may see some of the shop owners come out. >> mark: will check back with an update. >> darya: work could begin to reach 30 to homes that have been cut off in scotts valley. look at all of the rocks that have come down in the roadway. survey crews were there yesterday, plodding around in the mud after the storm. the new road would follow a walking past the residents are using right now. construction could start today could be finished within about a week. the slide itself is on stable, that probably will not be cleared away for months. >> reporter: this is video from
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fort worth texas. this was the big rigs that was dangling over the highway. they are trying to pick up and move it off the road. it was dangling over freeway ramp. they have pulled the driver out he is being treated, he was trapped in the cab for more than an hour. a small car was pinned underneath the truck. that red sedan. there were people in that and i believe they have taken out. the cause of that accident has not been known.
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they will decide today whether to fine pga anyone millions of
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dollars a day. it would be the toughest in the series of missteps that they have taken against pg&e since the deadly gas line explosion. the proposed fund would not be issued until pg&e has a chance to defend itself after hearing set for monday. for the failure to comply with an order to produce records mayor find its gas lines have been set at safe pressure levels. the government's star witness took the stand in barry bonds perjury trial, testified this logger ordered him to research a steroid. his childhood friend steve also says he saw the homerun king's personal strength trainer leave with a syringe. that was in 2000. he saw the to disappear into the bedroom once or twice
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at each spring training over consecutive year spirit they pointed out that he had a bitter falling out with bonds after serving as his business partner. >> mark: we will be right back alive look at the james look right now. the rain had
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>> darya: be propelled everybody will be hit today with the lauder brana lot of rain. >> craig: it is windy, not a lot of rain right now, rainout is about 19 mi. an hour. this camera is shaking as it hais
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facing right into the wind. these folks use the end have to keep both hands on the steering well as they do this. things are deteriorating down here as rains pushed through. >> darya: so the pavement is of wet but it's not actually raining? >> mark: ia >> craig: it was raining a been a while ago but now it has stopped. >> darya: will they be the last to get it today? >> james: san jose won't get it until 11:00 a.m. until noon. they are getting some showers before the cold front pushes here is the wide you a lot of rain and snow for california. the rain is coming to our area. the dark this concentration in the north bay right now. renown
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the heavier rain in vallejo, highway 37. it is pushing off now. from the golden gate bridge north past petaluma, expected to intensify before too much longer. for the route you can see santa rosa dealing with heavy rain as well. areas like clock itclock it, and the caldet tunnel. we see scattered showers rolling through, clegg saw at the sports and over in a while ago, but it has slowed down and now it is windy. it is coming from a south west north east direction. the larger section is
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from north to south. in at 7:00 a.m. in the north bay working its way through the south bay by 7:00 a.m., by noon it will be over san jose, afternoon we will see things like napa little bit. we have a lot of rain with potential for flooding. we have winter weather near clear lake, winter weather warning, 12th44-2 in. of snow above 25,000 ft.. the winds sustained winds by 9:00 a.m. series winds gusting by 60, 70 mi. an hour. it will be intense on the waters of a careful of that winds will be a
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problem for us. these winds died down through the day, by 5:00 p.m. things mellowed. it will be heavy wind and strong windrain. friday night, into saturday we have another storm coming and. so finally next week we are drying out. could morning george. >> george: but we are not tracking any hot spots right now, we dodged a big bullet on the nimitz freeway where we had emergency road worker. that has been completely cleared and no longer any concern. interstate 80, through albany where westbound traffic looks good. the back up or delays headed down from the upper to the lorry shore freeway. from the golden gate free it feels looks good. a
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light and easy ride, minutes away from seeing the meter lights activated, no problems here for the commute to the upper deck. we still have a wind of five screenplays for the san francisco, oakland bridge. the metering lights were just activated as i'm being told. let's get a look at your sierra chain requirement in place on interstate 80, u.s. highway 50, state route 88, and highway 4. interstate 80 you will need them between colfax and truckee. >> darya: stormy weather expected to continue through the bay area, it has forced britney spears outdoor concert inside. the concert was going to be at the castro theater on sunday, now all will be at the bill
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graham civic auditorium. >> we were going to open early, getting our team going, going strong. we are definitely disappointed, we wanted to see a great show, also because bridge a coming to the castro is bigger than the show. exposure to the neighborhood and they came back up. >> darya: you have to have a ticket it begins at noon, the appearance kicks off a publicity tour which is called samp the tel. >> mark: a setback of federal appeals reports court refuses the mayor just to take place and will it decides the constitutionality. lawyers argue gays and lesbians are being hurt if the ban stays in effect. they sought to lift the ruling after supreme court said it would take until the end of the year to consider legal question us by
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the appeals court. >> darya: to fewer people applied for unemployment last week. evidence layoffs are slowly and employers may be stepping up the implement.emplos to fall consistently to indicate a sustained increase in hiring. 6:23 a.m. we will be right back. a look at san francisco, just getting word of weather-related delays at s f all. one hou
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>> mark: more than a dozen flights have been cancelled or
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delays after a fire at a fuel storage tank. its bark at 11:00 p.m. last night nobody was injured in this fire has been under investigation. 6 million gal. of fuel were destroyed. they are trying to figure out why two planes were forced to land early morning hours without any assistance from air traffic control. this happened yesterday morning, they were radioing in, but there was no response. the loan controller fell asleep. the two planes were in touch with regional control about 40 mi. away, we have heard from secretary transportation this morning. he is demanding there are two controllers in the tower at all times. both plants and touched down safely. >> darya: we will be back with
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more couple of minutes. we are tracking the storm, the rain is covered from novato to san rafael also in the east bay, but we are waiting for the heavy stuff.
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>> darya: 6:30 a.m. the wind is definitely picking up on the right-hand side in san jose. the james lick looks or lot wet earth.a lot weather. >> james: some of the heavier cells are picking up in the north bay, to the north we see it picking up as we approach the final stretch before the 7:00 a.m. hour. over san rafael we
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see some nice rain falling along with no one from the golden gate bridge all the way to novato and walter the north of petaluma. i want a full kiss your to focus your attention here you can see this area is giving you whole lot more rain at the heart of your commute. we had been dry in the east bay but we see light showers along the san ramon valley and the upper shore freeway. along highway 4 between martinez and a the beginning to get wet. it is pushing its way down, the front edge making its appearance in the east bay. the south bay they've had scattered showers all morning long. that it is the case right now as well. the showers coming up and over santa cruz mountains. serve
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the showers are moving northeast, the overall system is tracking to the south. we will see this stuff come down to the south bay. and the wide view you can see how big the rain band is as it comes down are white. 7:00 a.m. until about 11:00 a.m. is when we will see the heavier rain coming in to the east bay in the peninsula. by noon issue be exiting san jose. we hope it to stop by then and it will set this up for scattered showers. we do have a winter weather warning until about 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. near clear lake. we have wind advisory is dusting up to 60, even 70 mi. an hour. these colors are your best thing conditions, we are looking for a tensintense rains and winu
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have potential for downed trees, rocks and mud slides because of the rain. here's a system impacting us right now upper left hand side of your screen, the system for saturday. we have the storm to get through and that saturday's storm, by the end of the weekend we will be able to take a breath and dry things into a little bit. the first half of next week looks mild and dry. >> george: thankfully no hot spots, a look to the purchase. westbound bay bridge we have the meter lights activated. they have been for 10 minutes now, traffic is moving well. in it we didn't have much of a back up at all even with the stall. this morning we may be starting this
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and white, who knows. san mateo bridge one of the lanes closed at the toll plaza in the westbound direction, one of the fast track lanes. it is possible damage was done to the toll booths, at present there is not much of a back up. snow advisory for the san mateo bridge, if you notice and look closely you will see there's some jittery. that is likely because of the winds blowing in that area. there is the advisory for the bay bridge. through san jose, 1 01 a plenty of wind in the south bay. winds at 30 mi. an hour, where his camera was located right here around the a expressway. no delays on the northbound side. >> mark: the rain is coming down
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here jackie an update? >> reporter: is are reining in our goal light rain, now the heavy stuff is coming down here in downtown. the wind is picking up, they are always concerned about this creek, this level is relatively low right now, the national weather service issued a small stream and creek advisory, i think for right now they are safe, as we continue to see the heavy rain, there will be lots of people that will peek around the corner to make sure the level is not going up too quickly. for now we see the heavy wind and rain starting to blow wind. >> darya: rain from this month the has filled the reservoirs locally and primary. the water has police to from some of the
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reservoirs by as much as 100 cubic feet per second. we have gotten a ton of snow in the sierra already ended is still falling. 6:36 a.m. will be back in a couple of minutes. we are tracking the rainfall would storm trucker fort zooming in on some of the heavier downpour areas. but trying to grow grass from seed
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>> darya: snow-covered in the sierra expecting more snow today. >> mark: the latest at japan three people have been radiation
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burns after they stepped in contaminated water. two dozen people have been injured since radiation started leaking after this is not the feared for the first time steam coming out of reactor one. they say there is no immediate debdanger 6 richtrs have faced trouble. the military action against libya may last days, or weeks. the european union are expected to meet today to discuss how to coordinate air strikes in libya. meanwhile air strikes have virtually destroyed in air defense. its troops are stable to move on the ground because of the limitation to fighting libyan forces only from the air. his ground forces have maneuvered into key said these well the rubble still holding gauzy.
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>> darya: we are 20 minutes ahead of the biggest brunt of the storm. let's look at storm tracker for a seat was getting light now. mostly in the north moving to the east and south. hey marcel, watch this!
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>> mark: public utilities deciding today whether or not to find pg&e a million dollars a day for not providing documents the agency said her requested. it would be the toughest in a series of steps. >> darya: barry bonds a childhood friend undergoes more cross examination today at the perjury trial, yesterday he testified he suspected the slugger was taking steroids as early as 1999. he denied accusations that he planned and
6:45 am
extorting his friend by recording his old friend longtime giants manager for is also supposed to take the witness stand today fifth >> mark: fewer people applying for unemployment. the dow jones of 50 points, now the solid above the 12,000 mark clear i. >> james: storm tracker for rain and snow from the border down to the bay area. zooming and brain pretty much in every section, and heavy is great now on the north bay. 1 01 from the golden gate bridge, pass coppola looking at heavier stuff rolling
6:46 am
through. as you make your way across the bay. sonoma and napa seeing heavier rain. east bay seeing scattered showers but more intense with shores encroaching across the upper east shore freeway. it looks like you're wet ride from the caldecott tunnel, founded to oakland, it intensifies as the hours of life. the east bay and south face a more rain than it has all morning long feared downtown san francisco about to see this come their way. this system is to tracking its way to the north and east. this is a cold front bringing us the most intense rains. 15 minutes from
6:47 am
now we expected to get more tense in the north bay. by 9:00 a.m. showers will intensify. read on for a shor. lane on thed hopefully the heaviest will be to the south. the occasional thunderstorms roaming about. at 5:00 p.m. it is spotty at best. the unexpected dry after noon commute. we see a potential for flooding. issued warnings issued across the region appeared and extends to 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, manager of rain proper hour. in some cases the
6:48 am
ground will give way. temperature was right now 50 in san francisco, some learn oakland, san jose 49 right now on the thermometer. we are dealing with the system for saturday off the screen. when it comes we will have another with it wet weekend for you. rain in the mix today, some on friday, saturday, sunday we had a doubt, monday, tuesday, wednesday is the son is in full force. 6:48 a.m. let's look your morning >> george: still the hotspots for your morning commute, a check gone your bridges, the back of the the great bridge building fairly quickly. this looks like a different commute from yesterday. you might be able to pick out the rain coming
6:49 am
down, the back up almost to the end of the east parking lot. san mateo bridge, we mentioned there had been an accident in the tooling, the accident has cleared, but they may not have open the other toll lane because there may have been damaged. traffic on this band looks good, some francisco and a look your ride in south-central, definitely right now. it is possible we see flooding coming up in the next hour or so let's send it back to mark. >> mark: stormy weather as the new york tristate area snow, sleet, rain this snow continues to fall in the overnight hours, this video coming out of but butler of new jersey. they are expecting a couple of inches of snow through the morning hours. are a rough night in central tennessee. storms move through
6:50 am
overnight damaging two dozen homes the winds are so strong, they knocked homes off of their foundation. all mobile home was to divide up possible tornado. >> darya: check this out this happen and pittsburgh. strong winds and knocking down the trees, utility crews working to restore electricity to thousands of customers whose power was knocked out. people in iowa are cleaning up after a pair of tornadoes there appeared cleanups probably taking months because they have a lot of broken houses appeared one tornado left the 11 mi. stretch of damage in and around the morning. the car windshield got broken, offenses as well. the wins were 120 mi. an hour but
6:51 am
nobody was reported major injuries or deaths. take a look at homes reduced to rubble in neighborhoods of lots of debris. this is tennessee. there was the possible tornado touched down there. homes were knocked off of its foundation, the church lost its people, pa lines were down and lots of cards or damaged by heavy help. the head to inch heel. tornado watches have been expired. >> mark: alive look from heavenly as this snow was falling in the sierra, loss of snow over the past week. we spoke to people in like tahoe about another aspect of the storm. >> reporter: i'm in the lake tahoe area, we have been showing you this note, or one thing we
6:52 am
want to talk about with all the snow of the lake levels appeared that you live on the lake here, what does a look like? >> we had water coming in is the last few months. almost 2 ft. since last fall. >> reporter: so it's rising so high. in the past you could see rocks? >> if we have five rocks off the shore. as the water rises or falls we adjusted by the rocks. >> reporter: what you think what is your concern? >> one concern is what we have big winds, high water we get a lot of erosion. but then ahold runoff situation for lower levels because there's so much >> reporter: if this goes for another month, >> once it warms up or we get a
6:53 am
rain and snow we need to be concerned about flooding. >> reporter: think you for joining us, that is one of opinion here from those folks who live right on lake lotahoe. >> darya: we will be back with more of a couple of minutes, we want to tell you about kron 4 special. this saturday that gary who will chat with a date 15 this morning he is the host of baseball by the bay, he will have a preview of the giants and the a spirit and a close-up of spring training.
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(door opening) the cows aren't going to milk themselves. (deep sniff) ah-h-h... ♪ heaven new gain with freshlock. sniff, sniff, hooray. >> mark: the rain is picking up intensity. los snow levels, slugger advisory's, wind
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advisories we will track this through the bay area. lets take a look at san jose, rain picking up in intensity. bright lights on the right-hand side past 87. alive look at the bay bridge toll plaza right now. a big back up before the 7:00 a.m. hour and a rain picking up intensity. we will be right
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>> mark: top story bay area weather, we are tracking the storm, slugger advisory's today as the heavy rains pick up. windy conditions and wind advisory is posted for


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