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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  March 24, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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for drivers. highway one shot down. sections of how we won. because othe sections o. 1, but lane restrictions. with lane restrictions. >> the ground is saturated. >>catherine: anthis continuous rainfall is due to that? >> yes. looking at the stormtracker 4 the intensity is situated to the east. as we look closer towards kilroy, continuing to see wet weather towards gilroy. and after watching this weather cells pushing through martinez. ride along the 680 heavier downpours and highway no. 4 right along thseven pleasanton. and
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concord. towards the peninsula, light shower activity. through the half moon bay, weather cells also picking up. no. towards the northeast. we are tracking over near redwood city, palo alto. we could continue to see heavy rain. >>catherine: reggie kumar is in burlington with a flood garage. >>reporter: camino gables condominium community with 3 ft. of water in a garage five cars of water damage. they are going to take all day. to remove the swatter with extra generators pumping out that water. with city and fire officials
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tried to get all this water all of this garage. not until this evening is expected for this water to extract to remove this- water. 20 02 = 30 cars damage the reason why this is continuing higher than the garage. the water comes down from the hillside and goes right into the garage. live in rollinburlington burlingame reggie kumar. >>catherine: these creek levels higher. with more momud >> s
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>>at noon, the problems were about the worst. 13 ft. at noon. currently, 8 ft.. we are seeing that these twigs, leaves, branches of vertically this is where the water will law wathe water level that is where this was around noon. this was practically some merge when i got here at noon. this is the scene where businesses were on edge. they put sandbags and apply what flood barriers in front of their businesses. and three, four, five years ago the experienced damaged conditions with flooding. did not want to take second chances. >>catherine: thank you, danileel.
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>>reporter: city crews were trying to keep feet roads and sidewalks from falling but not for successfully. >> would you like a barricade? >>reporter: inches in hours, driving to the city was difficult navigation. public-works waited and waded. >> the stormtracker cannot handle the amount of water. this working group is going from storm drain, to storm drain. it cannot handle this amount of water. >>catherine: residents of 224 homes in the rural area of the felton because of the san lorenzo river. the sirens were activated at
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2:50 pm 825 people that live in those homes. it appears that the water might have crested. evacuations might be called off. also in felton they large mud slide. this is the main road, no injuries but you can see on the video a large tree toppled over. and in nearby scotts valley people were put out by a rock slide were hoping for some good news. as rob fladeboe reports the rain is also changing that. >> in the mountains outside of scotts valley that huge rock slide came down on monday, public-works crews have decided that it is simply to wet, and to soggy, to monday to begin to work on the new tabard access road to gush monday for a new access road. foie on
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wednesday, we are continuing that the work could continue as sta1/2 today, but it is to wet, into to monday because it is just too dangerous to bring that heavy equipment in. take a look these coleworts. this is the creek/stream or that you access road - culverts and residences can tread in and out only foot traffic. with no vehicle access. in scotts valley, rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. >>catherine: and badly damaged in fairfax a tree can down on top of this car. it did a lot of damage. our kron 4 of your sent us these
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pictures. that tree has been removed. highway no. 1 in pacifica has been opened. earlier, it was closed for three hours south of manor drive m 11:00 a.m. a downed power line. maureen kelly was also along highway no. 1 in marin county. >> highway no. one between mill valley and take a look you can see how a portion of this roadway is falling away. the recent heavy rainfall is take a look. you can see this huge crack that form. let me zoom down and it is about 3 ft. crevice to the bottom. you can see on the left side of the earth is pulling away and sinking! caltran has orange cones to warn drivers. they say they're going to of working crews out here on friday to take soil samples. they can
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get to work on designing a permanent fix. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >>this just in to the kron 4 news room wreaking havoc with an ace train a spokesperson telling kron 4 that no trains are being let out of san jose. due to the debris, butmoud the four, the six, and the train the no. 8 are being impacted. bus service is available. a spokesperson says that this situation should be goodbye tomorrow but no promises for tonight. reporting live, grant lotus. >>catherine: looking through this creek and our reporter is showing that the level is easing off a little bit. however, they have to
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stay on alert in this area. stay with us, more after this break.
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>>catherine: the fourth day of the barry bonds trial. the side effect of too much steroid use. dan kerman has details and on other witnesses. >> under cross-examination the continued to question the credibility of this former friend steve hodgk hoskins between inconsistencies of this testimony of prior statements made. whether or not he was reporting in to authorities for fraud. and when a sister, kathy seeing bond being injected. hoskins testified that after bond had elbow surgery. that his doctors said that this can only be caused by steroids. prosecutors said hoskins clarify that the signed barry bonds signature once he did it with permission.
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the lenext witness was with the anti-doping agency for the u.s.. he says that the signer steroids have been more popular more athletes try to build muscle and avoid detection. the side effects with acne, balding, testicle shrinkage, impotence, and herexcessive hai rage faugh hair growth, and hand feet and head could be increased size. the defense is saying that there is not enough studies to provide his findings. future prosecution witnesses will take the stand and say that barry bonds exhibited many of these side affects that powers speaks of. at the
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federal courthouse. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> with the rain increasing bay area wide. how much longer? coming up.
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>>catherine: what a mess! this is an area that is prone to flooding. lookit touisa we have some flash flood warnings. >> we have some at the san lorenzo river near big tree. it is already reached flood stage at 18.3 ft.. it has already crested. slowly it is expecting to recede. we
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also have another flash flood warning for in san mateo county. there pescadero creek it is a whorl area. and a loss of a concern in the santa cruz with a-world. until 6:30 the pescadero creek is still rising. flood stage = 12 ft.. the expected to crest. the stormtracker 4 is still active. we will take you closer showing guilt or which is getting heavy downpours. not the heavy wet weather is pushing south or east. however, showers near gilroy. highway no. 4, towards antioch increasing rainfall. as we look closer heavy near 600 and highway 24. towards lafayette. near the peninsula, like shower activity. certainly an
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improvement. kind of watching these weather cells with heavier rain near berkeley, oakland over all, we are certainly seeing an improvement. we are socked in of the snowfall. they are really dropping. nearly 3,000 ft.. even lower. certainly around blue canyon. high surf warning in effect at midnight. we will be paying attention to the coast. the waves will be expected to get to the amount of 21 ft. over night. even minor coastal flooding. wet weather continues for the weekend. >>catherine: jonathan is live at ocean beach. >> catherine, the story is no longer the rain it is the wind and the surf. you can
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see these people are getting out of their cars to take a look it these unusually large waves at ocean beach. let me focus anandthey are huge. and they're coming in quickly. there is a man over here that is not quite brave enough but his dog is. he is throwing things and the stock is venturing a boat into the surf to get those things that he is throwing veteran out--that dog. it is not unusual that you see this much certainly, i would not want
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to be out on that water. look at it that when the sailor. and back to you. >>catherine: we're on the phone with tony frisco. >> caller: pounding is a perfect contrast and we are getting pounded. >>catherine: road closures? >> caller: interstate eight = closed. it is blowing snow. interstate-80 = closed. no alternate route available. and perhaps to choose what time you choose to drive up? now is not the time. >>catherine: thank you, tony. a nice shot even though it is a stormy
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>>catherine: and showing rising levels of radio activity. the company that owns this plant is warning that those levels could ohio. tap water in tokyo is safe. however, higher in
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other cities. one-quarter billion bottles of mineral water has spen distributed has been distributed. >> nato has agreed for a no- fly zone over libya. a french fighter destroyed a libyan jet tried to land. coalition planes pounded a military base in tripoli. >> libyan television images of destruction and words of defiance. this shows the damage to the military. the news anchor who is promising to give his last drop of blood to the moammar gaddafi. patients being wheeled into hospitals. later, coffins of civilians killed by the bond-the french
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are saying that they caught a libyan jet landing and destroyed it with air to ground missiles. the libyan was a gallup has produced in yugoslavia 30 years ago. in the southern italy, the libyan air force defenses have been eliminated. >> we have achieved, what have previously what've taken months. we have achieved that just in case. >>catherine: the government is still intent on carried on its war against the insurgents. still plenty of support from the capital. while the fighting goes on representatives for the regimen of the rebels are continuing to continue with an african meeting in ethiopia. the u.n. secretary general says that is going to be hopefully a chance to reach a political solution.
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>> stormtracker 4, it is dying down in some spots but still, showers continuing. all of your details coming up.
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