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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 24, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>>catherine: this creek it to be one of the worst storm these this year. louisa let us take a look at ocean beach. we are seeing a lot of surf advisories. people are being told to stay away. certainly, that was not happening but now more problems with flash flood warnings. >> absolutely, those streams and creeks rising. the san lorenzo problem has already
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reached flood stage. we're watching it recede but certainly still a concern in that area. the san lorenzo river at bigotry. for the next one hour, it will next the san lorenzo river at big tree. flash flood warning at pescadero creek. the difference between this and the santa cruz is the pescadero is in a rural area. it is expected to rise to 12 ft. and then crossed. we will keep our eye on that. and then-crest--even at this hour, an active radar. heavy near palo alto through fremont and livermore valley. heavier downpours along the 80. we will continue to bring you the latest on the weather. along the 880 down boris.
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>>catherine: downpours. just not, scotts valley >> through the santa cruz mountains, this is nelson road of all places. just where that huge rockslide was taking up a section of the road. this morning, another large boulder crashed down into this home. the woman escaped. >> issue was 10 ft. into the house? we would've been extracted per instead of the rock. it looks like it impacted the lower story on the right hand side of this house. thankfully it minister. >> this is through nelson road they fully--it missed
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her. >>catherine: haazig madyun oakland hills. mountain boulevard, a 70 ft. black acacia tree this massive tree stretches all the way across the street. blocking the entire roadway. oakland police division is called in to assist. access to highway no. 13 was temporarily eroded. the oakland public works crew had to reroute and remove this tree. >> another tree this large pine tree can down in martinez. it is pretty impressive. it was 30-40 years old. julie parish and sent it in, a viewer. the
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two-story home did not suffer damage. pretty impressive picture. we would love to feature your photos. your people to the bill them athe mill thethe mie-mail @breas @ kron 4 .com >> of visibility is basically 0 on south to 80. this terrible rain. south 280, visibility is basically a no. your barely able to see the tail lights in front of you. traffic extremely slow with visibility so poor it is basically null. flashers were even used by drivers.
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heavy downpours. >> this big hassle for motorists and anybody else that is outside. in san francisco, this is where lincoln the street flooding is happening right here. with out orange cones to warn drivers to stay away from their real. that fire hydrantruck (sirens) is also going to another emergency. >>catherine: rising levels of the san lorenzo river. rob fladeboe. what is the latest? >> i am here at the el to the growth near felton where the san the rentariver is
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usually the salmon runs a rive san francisco is-- >> caller: a reporter , rob fladeboe is calling in giving us conditions of the san lorenzo river. for right now, unofficially, the. notheres not a mandatory evacuation. >>catherine: these photographs, it seems to be right at the yard level.
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>>reporter: exactly, the of river frontage property. you will notice that those are on stilts. the garage is in the lower region of the house. some of them have been rebuilt and some of them have not. that water will spread i have seen this increase in the past. it does not appear to be stopping right there at this area. >>catherine: that are anybody able to return to their homes? >>reporter: yes. i am standing right from thnot far from where those photos were. people are coming, going, and going about their business it seems to be over, at least for the
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moment. >>catherine: thank rob fladeboe. you are looking at the marin with a very stormy day. more news after the break.
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>>catherine: delays it sfo. gabe slate his reporting live. we will check in with them later at sfo. >> the line at the southwest ticket counter was one of the lawlongest i've ever seen it is 1 0 1 and on it was over 100 yds long. i spoke to the guy at the front of the line. he said it took one hour. trying to revoke their flight, that mr. connections or missed their flights and their try to rebooked-- >> i am happy to be getting
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out of the rain. going somewhere where it is not raining. >> the rest nothing you can do you cannot take your frustration out on the weather. there is nothing that you can do. >> there is nothing that you can do, really there is no point getting frustrated (english accent) >> i am so tired of hearing that phrase. it is what it is. i missed my connection. i'm try to revoke. >> i've not saying a live this long this is crazy. i am trying to-rebooked my flight-- >>catherine: will check back and with tape a 6:00 p.m. with gabe at sfo. river conditions coming conditions
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>>catherine: live pictures of ocean beach. people are being told to stay away from this high surf advisory. louisa? >> a surf advisory that is turning into a warning by midnight. certainly, that surf advisory will be turning into a surf warning by midnight. with a flash flood warning until 6:00 a.m. for the san lorenzo river evacuation's have been in order at big streak.crestingt flood stage. also near pescadero. in the san mateo county. it is a more of a rural area that goes until 6:30 flood stage expected at 12 ft.. it should also
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crest. looking at the stormtracker 4 pretty active. the rainfall is picking up from a fremont all the way through livermore valley. heavy downpours through livermore, pleasanton, 580 towards douglas. the 5 80/680 interchange heavy downpours. as we wide and is out you can see snowfall cake and along the sierras. interstate-80, highway 50 continuing to see the snowfall. really coming down. we have a high surf morning until midnight-3:00 a.m. strong rip currents with it. also the potential for some minor coastal flooding. as well as we go for the next couple of hours will continue to see the
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rain and chances. it will be more scattered not quite as organized as what moved through a few or so ago. still, at times will continue as moderate downpours. wet weather will continue overnight and more showery has a good towards friday. and then, another system late friday night into saturday. your kron 4 7 day around the bay more wet weather, in the store for tomorrow and by saturday, things could get breezy. wet weather continues throughout the weekend. all of the snowfall continuing in alpine meadows base = 177. - 297. they have received 19 in new inches. squaw valley = 25 0 in., use no = 20 in., 19 ski lifts open. sugar bowl, whip 170 with over 27
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0 ft. of a base and 17 ft. of fresh powder. >>catherine: at&t cruz making repairs working crews--making repairs and walt this intensthere wil >> and third street mairnand a marina street, a current power outage. san francisco is ok the peninsula that are selling 800 outages. north bay 2500, the south bay, 700, continue with >> kimberlee: most of these pictures are showing flooding, storm damage. a tree down in burlingame. the bridges snapped right off.
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blocking the sidewalk. and this was from eric in the san francisco. sanchez/14th a portion of the branch and lam-limb destroyed this car. andrews said this and. you cannot even see where the road means the sidewalk and% thi and andrew sent this andin. and marcy said this and on highway 29. slow going. we're continuing to take your pictures. >>catherine: the perjury trial one of the experts and detecting performance and
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texting drugs took the stand. joining me is legal analyst, michael cardozo and if you want to know anything about the side effects? everything? >> bowers told us everything there was to know about steroids. and human growth hormones he went through the side effects of taking those with the head. the head can get bigger, the feet can get better, the cans will swell up. it can impact your attitude-your hands can swell up and "roid rage " scientifically it is debatable weather or not it is provable. >>catherine: and the hectic disinformation but it took hours? they had to get this--informations. >> and i was thinking that
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you would like to end this but the defense is going to sit in your going to put off kimberly bell. instead of having heard testimony germinate within the church for three days. >> this is the former mistress. eight women on the jury how will that impact? >> that a smart of the defense because kimberly is going to get on to the defense and had an affair with barry bonds. i'm not sure of the women are going to the view that. a married man having an affair. however, she will seback up the testimonials given by the scientific findings. she
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witnessed the changes in him physically, mentally. the prosecution will go back and forth and attacker for taking $80,000. attack her integrity >>catherine: stay with us
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now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >>stanley: it is out rainy else, how about some rules with the umbrella. when you are coming in the side? the umbrella is useless so close it when you are coming in the site. this man comes into the station and even a part ticket and continues to hold those umbrella. this ran is inside the civic center parkbart station. there
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are areas that are intended for water extraction from your body, your feet, your umbrella. however, some choose to use that marble floor. and this for is very slippery. on the subject with umbrellas, what about some seem to take up the entire side block. if you're having a conversation? it is okay. to share an umbrella. changing subjects? wind driving remember that your wipers are on your headlights must also be on it is the law. weather it is raining or not if you see a flashing red traffic light. treat it like a stop sign. running a
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flashing red light is a hefty traffic ticket. even in the rainfall. try to stay dry and drive carefully. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. (music) >> downtown san francisco it is calm as the rain is winding down. details on this storm lingering straight ahead.
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>catherine: wild weather, from the flooded streets, a rock slides, whipping winds. kron 4 is tracking all of this trouble. >>reporter: simply too wet, >> difficult for motorists, we have reporters
6:01 pm
everywhere. with stormtracker 4. only kron has stormtracker 4 to one with the weather is hitting right now. and louisa? mammal i just received a photo with even hail. >> i just received a photo with his even hail. >>catherine: is crazy. >> the flash flood warning has expired. near santa cruz county. it is below the 18 ft. stage level. the stormtracker 4 is still lit up. as you can see near santa rosa, active weather and through field berg and through the livermore valley you can still see heavy through the 580. fremont, lifting. as we go towards
6:02 pm
pleasanton still continue in with heavy downpours. still starting to see a bit of a change in the wet weather. . to this year is still lots of snowfall. to this sierras, a lot of snowfall and this system continues to push east. if your kron 4 7 day around the bay rainfall continues into next week. >>catherine: it is continuing to be evacuated concerns with this creek rob fladeboe is on the phone. rob? i will tell you that there has been a lot of concerns with the evacuations. we are hearing that mpeople are returning to but still watching that creek level. and other areas is burlingame. that is where
6:03 pm
reggie kumar is. >> i am outside of this condominium complex this is where the parking garage flooded. take a look at this standing water near this garage. 3 ft. deep. you can see closely there is still a car inside that garage. five cars are inside most of all repair and removed. most have sustained major water damage. you can see the the city of burlingame and fire officials are working on getting this water out. there are four generators getting all of this water out of this parking garage. officials of the market on this for several hours. it will probably be not be completed until this evening officials have and working on this for several hours. the reason why this continues to flood is the street is higher than this sidewalk. as this slopes
6:04 pm
down, the water rushes into the parking garage. the last time it flooded like this was in 20 02. over 30 cars were damaged. in burlington, reggie kumar. if kron 4 news. >>catherine: in felton, rob fladeboe. >>reporter: to spoke with the fire department and they have announced that it is all clear. although a lot of residents have decided to spend the night somewhere else. it is not surprising. i am on river road which is still partly under water and it crested at 17 ft.. right now is 18 ft.. it is starting to seep into the river properties. it comes
6:05 pm
up near these properties that are on stilts. the warning sirens went off. the fire department are right. they went door-to-door. they said that the evacuation is voluntary. however, moving your their cars was probably the best quick decision. firefighters are now along people to return back home. it is still right at flood stage. >>catherine: i can still continue to see that they're continuing to stay in a hotel. >>reporter: they are used to this it happens once, twice per year. a lot of this road is partially underwater. it
6:06 pm
is amazing to see the power of that river as it floats through here. it is difficult to distinguish the riverbanks. >>catherine: thank you. eight ca-a card damaged by thise tree. it has been removed this car was damaged by this huge tree. the tree has been removed. rob fladeboe is in the santa cruz mountains. >> heavy rain, high winds and the santa cruz mountains is causing this type of damage. ben loman a 100 ft. for tree crashed onto highway 9 into this home. nobody home! no injuries and there was a lot of damage. a tree crashed into the bedroom. the fire department
6:07 pm
did a precursory inspection to make sure there was nobody home. they said that the bedroom inside is leaking. they are in touch with the owner. they are on the way out to assess the damage. they're trying to assess the damage. >>catherine: one of those problems we saw behind rob fladeboe are trees coming down. this is in monte rio. this tree fell into the house. the homeowners says that he was shaken. he watched that. and jeff bush is in fairfax where more trees were victim's too strong winds. also, a new road with working crews is reporting that it is too bad to start this project.
6:08 pm
it is expected to take one week. pour that emergency access road. for that emergency access road. just a few mommiles away, 4 mi. away, this is in conference road. and it is usually fairly busy. no injuries but a large tree also down. and kron 4 is live at s f o. we will show you the long lines and tell you how travelers are being forced to wait. that is still ahead.
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>>catherine: kron 4 has been watching the creek level.
6:12 pm
daniel is alive. the latest. >>reporter: this boulder was completely below water completely submerged. this creek has been subsiding. it is dropped 4 ft. in the last six hours. at noon it reached its peak at 10 ft.. right now it is below 6 ft.. the water is rushing fast but it is lower than before. that water line was to hire, earlier. this has been my visual marker. earlier, it was submerged. i was also hearing of flood barriers of plywood protecting their businesses and sandbags. five years ago there was
6:13 pm
flooding and businesses were damaged. they took no chances today with shop owners and residences are not going to be dealing with any flooding. at least for today. >>catherine: thank you, daniel. baseball season and we will help to get ready. baseball by the bay preview of the giants, the a's, with interviews. and a spring training that is this saturday at 8:00 p.m. on kron 4 news. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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f (music) >> welcome back, this was right before 6:00 p.m. hail reported. this was right after 12:00 p.m.. flooded. this radar is still lead up. we are continuing to see light showers still lighting up on the radar. through the
6:17 pm
livermore valley, through the pass we are seeing those showers picking up. in the south bay from milpitas to san jose we are seeing moderate-heavy downpour. and even snowfall over mount hamilton at the peak in the el diablo range. through san mateo, the rental rate is a bit heavier. as we take it up to this year, plenty of snowfall. the rainfall rate is a bit heavier through san mateo. flespescadero creek is still under a flash flood warning. it is expected to a expecting to crest. a high surf advisory but a high surf warning kicking and unat midnight. 21 ft.! pretty strong recurrence and
6:18 pm
even the potential for minor coastal flooding. strong- currents. the futurecast is showing that for the next couple of hours we are continuing with the early spotty showers and the occasional moderate downpour. overnight it will taper off and still see that moisture. it will be more showery. as a wake-up it is going to be a little bit lighter. not as intense as today. the your kron 4 7 day around the bay wind could be picking up with what weather continuing. and even a slight chance next week. >>catherine: serious trouble delays troubl travel >> rob:terminal 3, with one-2 our delays. you can see the
6:19 pm
rainfall is coming down really hard with two or delayas i was speaking with passengers and travelers. this really long line. this is the southwest ticket counter. rebooking their flights they have missed connections, and changing their flights. it is one of the longest lines. after a spoke with one passenger i interviewed with people and how they're feeling. >> tom, i have a two hour delay so i'm going to miss my connection. -- >> it does not feel good. >> i've not seen a live this long is crazy but everybody is leaving the rain and so it is cool. >> a little bit stressful
6:20 pm
because i have defined a new flight. >> i am sick and tired of hearing the terminology, it is what it is. >>gabe: the delays continue to be one hour-2 hour until 11:00 p.m. and if you're picking somebody up? be sure to call ahead. reporting from sfo, gabe slate, kron 4 news. >>catherine: road hazards with landslides. haazig madyun shows us some of the problem spots in oakland hills. >>reporter: in oakland, the hillside is giving away with huge stones into the roadway. this is around 65 on a block up snake road. drivers beware. the twists,
6:21 pm
and turns there could be stones the could do major damage. the oakland hills has been hit hard with heavy rain, mud slides, rock slides. they see scenes like this are often early indicators of more rockslide said. on snake road in oakland hills, haazig madyun >>catherine: trees down in mill valley. (chainsaw) >> this mill valley, this 100 ft. oak tree. landed on the roof of this house a family with two children luckily, nobody was hurt and no visible damage to the house. the fire is sisters numerous trees of falling since the storm began. maureen kelly. >>catherine: and the work
6:22 pm
thompso kate thompson. >>reporter: you can the seabees and strong winds and knocking over a basketball hoop these strong winds--in daly city, on this boulevard the traffic light bouncing up and down. like a piece of rubber in the high wind. also a tree coming down out of somebody's front yard in the south san francisco. the rip tree out of the ground and it fell across the driveway. kate thompson, kron 4 news. >>catherine: a quick check. it actually looks pretty good. slow on the lower deck. stay with us, more news after the break.
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>> i am grant lotus live in the news room. we are
6:26 pm
showing you beaver dam. a river in martinez. it is nearly over the banks rushing, muddy waters just inches from a bridge. and it is hit pretty hard from these flash flood with a low lying city built on a flood plain. let me show you a different shoankcars navigating their way through these heavy water waste. we want to warn you to be careful if you have a high profile of vehicle. and if it is difficult? do not try to get through if you were driving a car. grant lotus, kron 4 news. >> kimberlee: 2 the sierras is wiped out conditions look at this! 80/kingvale. through the sierras, and no
6:27 pm
cars getting through. and conditions were not much better earlier. take a look to this video that was shot earlier. highway 89 at squaw valley. difficult conditions, the roads were even difficult to distinguish where the lanes are starting and ending. i wanted to show you this because of this wind blowing so hard to the camera is shaking from side to side. not that many cars going through. and highway 50. a lot of traffic here. and a caltran was continuing to see these roads but we saw according to c h p, difficult driving conditions to the high country. and if you'd do decide to drive up? you would experience
6:28 pm
continuous delays. stay with us for continuing coverage of the storm and
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6:30 pm
live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>reporte stormtracker 4 is showing a ribbon of rainfall. that is for the heaviest this through cupertino. highway 85 along 280. through the south bay and as we go into san jose. through milpitas, heavy rainfall and snowfall. as we take it up along the peninsula still light showers. it is picking up writer around the san mateo. the san mateo bridge right
6:31 pm
around--the san mateo. snow levels expected to drop. even 2,000 ft.. also, high surf advisory into effect. this will switch into a high surf warning until midnight-3:00 p.m. tomorrow we are expecting 15-21 ft. waves. with that, strong rip currents and even minor coastal flooding. we will continue that through this evening's hours and light shower activity. occasional moderate down four. we certainly are not finished with these heavy downpours. moderate-downpours and even heavier-downpours scattered shower activity on friday. for the most part through continuous wet weather. as we go towards saturday it could pick up a little bit. a powerful storm it continues to edge its way through the state. your kron
6:32 pm
4 7 day around the bay it is showing that as we go into tomorrow more shower activity. saturday, the rain is expected to pick up a little bit. overnight we could see heavier rainfall. the wind is picking up. breezy. sunday, the chance of rainfall monday, tuesday, it is going to be winding down. a slight chance of a pop-up showers. those two key words, trying out. mid-week. and trying out. drying out in oakland hills, this snake road is causing large boulders and stones into the roads. this is around 6500 snake road. with these twists, turns drivers need to be where. huge stones the could do
6:33 pm
major damage. please be aware test-in oakland hills, has haazig madyun and in marin county, caltran has portions of the roadways near stanton beach, on the one section of the highway is open. this is cracked with the recent heavy rain falls. caltran will be out here friday to take soil samples so they can determine how to design a permanent solution. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >> in the santa cruz mountains, heavy rain, high wind are taking their toll on roads and homes. mud slides and felton are leading to road closures, the taurus. down the trees like this one that crashed into a home and stocks valley. if they are losing their grip on this supersaturated valley and scotts valley--pg&e is losing their grip and
6:34 pm
scrambling to restore power to the bay area. >> the rain is continuing through the marin county the morning commute saw storm related accidents. high- profile vehicles suffered. this creek has spenhas been rising and working crews of and clearing storm drains >> highway 280, hazard light on and will be low speed limit. and with cars still this able to. if having to get a rescue from
6:35 pm
the wreckers and aaa. >> the damage on this nissan this tree fell at 11:00 a.m. the owner was not here. fortunately, no accidents and no fatalities or injuries. another problem with tree falling is that a lot of people the level of the other side were trapped. they could not get home until they got this tree cleared in fairfax, jeff bush, kron 4 news. gabe slate's tech report >>gabe: take a look of this line, it sfo. this is the southwest ticket counter it was over 100 yds long and it took one hour to get through this line. people trying to get to the southwest counter to rebooked, change with missed connections. a lot of patience at the airport today. keep slate, kron 4
6:36 pm
news. >> heavy rains, rising creek levels. thursday, flood barriers for of plywood and sandbags with its history of flooding. the shop owners were on edge. the creek had subsided which provided relief. these sandbags are not getting put away just yet with rain expected in the next couple of days. the creek level is still an issue. >> san francisco the ocean beach.. >> with the sierra coming down is based
6:37 pm
in alpine meadows of 177. at the and almost too watered 93 in.. powder = 19. 293 base. squaw valley also has 20 in. of fresh powder. 1960 left'share left's 19 the chair left'half >>catherine: baseball season is almost here in this weekend. baseball by the bay hosted by gary radnich. with interview, spring training, that is this saturday at 8:00 p.m. right here, on kron 4. >> kimberlee: yours have sent and pictures weather-related on
6:38 pm
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>> kimberlee: in the buzz, charlie sheen was rumored to bring him back. sources directly say that there is absolutely no chance of that happening. singer chris brown apologizing for the about person of good morning america outburst--with his reference of restraining orders and of violence to singer come off rhianna if
6:42 pm
you'd like a free ticket in san francisco for pretty spears? it was initially going to be at the castro but because of the weather it was moved to the civic auditorium. tickets went into a matter of minutes but many are still available on craigslist for hefty prices. >>catherine: a woman's coach like you've never seen her. and were the giants beat without the giants mvp. kerry is next with sports. gary radnich
6:43 pm
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>> gary: n.c.a.a. connecticut just bodefeated, 74-67. also come off byu loss to florida. you is advancing and florida. -- yukon stanford meet south carolina ladies and desist strange. curl vanderveer here. tried, true,-this is kind of strange. he was wrhelping the wrestling
6:47 pm
streateam >> with a new freshman, nicknamed, the terror. really experienced. >> and i'm going to make this look good, c'mon, bring it on. >> this wrestling team is doing well. this is a surprise move but she is a good sport. >> it reminded me of being a little kid when i would get fights in with my brother. we had real wrestling matches. at least jason did not start pulling my hair (music) >> gary: baseball the giants, the mood cody his injury a was yesterday.
6:48 pm
chasing a fly bal ball and arizona, and today, when the doctor looked at it. indeed there was trouble. still no word on what was up with brian wilson. will he make opening day? and brian wilson still is a question mark. much about showtime producing a documentary /reality series of the giants. here is a sample. >> here we go just another date leaving paradise. >> gary: this is one of those deals where the giants all along it is a clubhouse. how much interest will there be? indeed this will air april 13th, 9:30 on showtime and it will go out to the season as they show the squad's preparing to
6:49 pm
defend the 2011 championship. and they're well, the media. larry is president of the team and a waiting list for a full season tickets. 20,007 sold. 29 last year. the new giants apparel, food, and the gentleman responsible the man behind this resurgence in that giant baseball brian fabian's. he is the years since 1997 as he has taken his share of his criticism particularly during barry bonds. and why did this take so long? to rebuild question here he is, on top, and we asked fabian about the pressure. i think that we've had enough changes with the transition for will wait to see if we have to have la
6:50 pm
rossa in the mix and with enough change that i think with a fresh look. >> gary: he mentioned sandoval and basically, you have to lose weight was that accurate? >> yes. he has done a great job he has dropped wait and it was a learning curve. i think this has dedicated themselves. to help himself, and help the giants to be the better player that he can be. (music) >> gary: brian wilson and some in the we do not know the perhaps you know? >> he is aloof. and his eccentric. >> nobody has ever touched him and there's a reason, you cannot. >> what i do not know what is real or contrived. he's a very intelligent kid with an active and mind. perhaps
6:51 pm
this is his we to take the pressure off a serious job at hand. perhaps it is, relief for this kid. if (cheers & applause) >> gary: the giants did it one year let us see it again. do you think that what it is worth the phillies will be viewed as the favorite? >> i absolutely think so. i was shocked that they did not get to the world series. the challenge to stay humble, and rubbed up. and- revving up--getting to that first round. if you can do that? you're just as dangerous as any other team and that is our goal. >> gary: kron 4 is continuing to give. >>catherine: you are doing a lot. >> gary: you
6:52 pm
can went giants baseball tickets. just to go to our website and a little but the we have been talking about saturday night at 8:00 p.m. we will interview, and vern glenn has terrific work in arizona. when it comes to being in the field i would commend him on his efforts. he does great, great work. that a saturday, 8:00 p.m. on kron. when we return, tony stewart. one of the auto racing is messing round with an elephant. , next. -
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6:55 pm
>> gary: tony stored in town to visit an elegant
6:56 pm
promoting a raceway. stop by the open this to nikki is an animal lover. hanging out in the east bay. stop by the-is to >> with all the promotional stuff. where does this one rank? [laughter] >> i do not know, this one is for different, that is for sure. >> gary: the fan as a big and tony stewart is racing in the southern california on june 26th at the raceway. and may i mention? it was really that louisa ran into the camera. and mike his
6:57 pm
foot got caught underneath the camera. he said i will sue! [laughter] see you 11
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
"the insider" has the most detailed reporting behind today's all new star headlines. i'm lara spencer. >> and i'm kevin frazier. >> "the insider" is on. elizabeth taylor's funeral details. >> the burial today near close confidant michael jackson. >> the just-released death certificate. the stars paying tribute. >> today, i lost a friend, and you lost a hero. and zsa zsa gabor's medical emergency after hearing her friend die. >> news on why the 94-year-old was just rushed to the hospital. one of the worst experiences of my television career. >> oprah's uncomfortable lost sitdown with elizabeth. >> we go up in a hot air balloon once in awhile. >> mm-hmm. >> mm-hmm. >


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