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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 24, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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. weather wallop today in the bay area. big storms brought heavy wind and rain to the region. lots hof flash flood, downed trees. kron 4 news is track the storm today. plus a-look at dangerous situations right now are whereresidents have been evacuated. for those people, they want to know when this will end. not soon, right? >> just when you think you are catching a break, another shower pops up. that's the pattern we are seeing overnight, into tomorrow, wet weather for saturday and sunday. >> less intense that moment. >> absolutely. right now we are seeing things
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calm down. however, in the past couple hours, arts of hail through the east bay. it's still continuing to be active out there. let's show you where we are seeing wet weather. right through los gatos. pop up showers in morgan hill. north bay, this is where we are seeing the most active weather. we are watching the cell push in right there and also as we head up into places like clear lake. getting snow there. up in that area. right through wine country, santa rosa. as we widen it out, up in the sierras, things are tapering off. we are not seeing quite as much in the way of that thick snow, still snowflakes there, along i- 80 and highway 50 as well as
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you are heading towards nevada. we still do have a winter storm warning in effect till friday. still specting the snow levels around the 2,000-foot level and 1-2 feet of snow expected above 7,000 feet. >> thank you. outside now where hope oners have been asked to evacuate because of a threat of the land slide. kron 4's reggie kumar is monitoring that situation. >> reporter: a dangerous situation out here and the threat is very real. look at some of this damage. you can see the backyard patio is falling down the hillside. more damage by the door. you can see how this broken apart here. the residents at this home have
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been asked to leave. >> reporter: of all of the rain weakened the hillside in san pablo thursday. the ground broke apart and separated from the backdoor of this home. part of the hillside gave way. there is nothing supporting the patio as it hangs in the air. they own the home. her kids noticed something was wrong. >> they tell me, mom, we don't have a backyard anymore. and i saw a huge hole, sidelining down our neighborhood. they already have mud sideline in their property and there is no stopping. >> reporter: they were going to put a bouncer back here on sunday but decided not too because it was raining. he hopes the city will pay for the repairs. >> i am in shock behind all of that and still trying to assess all the damage that is here and hopefully they will take responsibility because they knew when they built these
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homes this was a slide area. >> reporter: same thing happened to this deck. >> the footings on my deck, one has completely come loose on the deck and two more will probably be gone. my home that i have been in for all of these years is in jeopardy now. >> i did talk to the mayor, he said they only get involved if it's a life threatening situation. so it's the homeowners situation, they have to pay for the repairs because it's private property. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. residents close to the salvation san lorenzo river are back home. sirens and reverse 911 calls warned them to leave
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immediately. after the national weather service issued a flash flood warning. once the levels dropped the evacuation order was lifted. another big mudslide in the santa cruz mountains. crews working to clear a huge tree that came down. this is blocking the road to the conference center. till the road is re opened an alternate route has been made available. >> more bad news for residents near scotts valley. officials say the area way too wet and muddy right now forclusion on a new road. for now people have to use a walking path to get to their homes. just up the street, a home badly damaged, as you can see by a falling tree. this was the scene, the center
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ridge of the house destroyed. they managed to get out safely. heavy rains and high winds downed trees today. >> reporter: problems across bay area roads, emergency crews shut down highway 1 in pacifica. as high winds toppled a utility pole. traffic backed up for more than a mile. and more trouble on highway 1 in the north bay. a section began to collapse. caltrans closed the south bound lane after a deep crack appeared in the road. heavy rain is causing the ground to sink. crews will take soil samples and begin working on a fix. in fairfax, a tree on a suv, this did a lot of damage to the yellow suv. left some people trapped in
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their homes. this was earlier. crews were cutting away the tree. it was cleared, the road reopened, no injuries reported. another tree, this is happening all over. this fell into a house. this is the scene on snow drive in martinez that came down this morning. the homeowner said no damage to the home but it was a frightening wake up call. that tree had sentimental val to ato the -- value to the family. >> 4:00 a.m., the sound was so loud. i didn't know what it was. i just -- it was just a loud boom! boom! >> we planted the tree like 15- 20 years ago. we planted it during our courtship. >> nobody was hurt but look at that. that was a huge tree. it's going to have to stay there for now, crews can't move
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it till the ground dries up a bit. for more weather video and photographs and the forecast details log on to our website,, our coverage continues right after the break.
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. our storm damage coverage continues. heading toheading to martinez where a lot of roads flooded. this was the scene this afternoon. cars had to take the slowly in some areas. floodwaters washing out the streets as you see. most of the problems caused by the creek. the flash flood washed out the dam. as kron 4's haaziq madyun shows us more. >> reporter: road side gets flooded due to the heavy rains. this car gets stuck in four feet of standing water. the fire department was called
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in to rescue the driver. her toyota did not fair as well. as you see, there is muddy water covering the floor on the driver's side. it didn't take long for the department to remove the mud and debris that overrun the drainage system. flooding in this area happens at least once a year. two years ago they had to rescue someone else who got stuck at the same location. haaziq madyun, kron 4 news. we are watching a cell right now pushing its way through into marine county, all the details on that straight ahead.
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trial. a official talked about the side effects associated with human growth hormone and steroids. it's expected the witnesses will testify that barry bonds exhibited the side effects. dan kerman, kron 4 news. regulator are considering lowering fines to pg&e, because of the deadly san bruno gas line explosion but they are lower the fine if three requirements are met. pg&e failed to hand over safety records for transmission lines. customers might be able to opt out of pg&e's smart meter program, details on how that might happen were submitted today. the commission says the meters are supposed to help reduce energy use but critrics they
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they emit harmful levels of radiation. >> the chan accused of killing chauncey bailey testified today. he is charged with three counts of murder. investigators are trying to renew interest in a murder case. you are looking at matt flores there on the left. he was shot execution still as he arrivalled for work. unsolved mysteries highlighted that case. more major cut backs in state spending as the budget battle continues. governor brown signed 13 bills to help reduce the deficit.
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we have been having pictures sent to us all night. here is a picture of hail that came down this evening in berkeley. you can see it there on this car. impressive shot. we have a shot of bigger sized hail. pea sized hail here that someone captured. thank you for sending the pictures in. storm tracking 4 active in the north bay. rain along the coast through portions of the napa valley there. south bay, spotty showers, showers continue along highway 17 towards santa cruz and watching a cell push on in right now through the north bay. you see near the point rayes area along highway one, that
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expected to shift over to marine. places like mill valley. and as we widen it out, the clear lake area getting snow fall. in tu, not as much snow as he had earlier today. passes long 80 and also into the high peak along highway 50 as well. there is a warning in effect till 11:00 tomorrow so snow levels staying really low, down to about 2,000 feet and between 1-2 feet of snow at 7,000-foot level. 6 inches at lake level and with the heavy snow and winds there is a possibility of avalanche dodger. high surf warning in effect. an advisory, come midnight that shifts into a warning and lasts till 3:00 tomorrow.
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high surf between 15-21 feet and we could see strong rip current with that and minor coastal flooding as well- evening hours what we will continue with is spotty showers with a occasional moderate boun pour. friday morning more showery. a bit different than today. won't be quite as intense as today. you can see this powerful system as it slams into the state of california. now starting to break apart. what we have after that is series of storm expected to move in. next wannish night on friday into saturday so we could have periods of heavy down pours. a wet weekend. in sports the sharks take on the los angeles kings nostriller at the staples center and a shocking end to
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the national champion in the ncaa regional finals. gary is coming up next. this is your captain speaking, we are fourteenth in line for takeoff.
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all right. good evening, everybody. the defending national champions are gone. here we go. duke and arizona, mike, you know, he has an olympic gold medal. williams took him apart tonight. 32 points. 93-77. arizona moves on to play uconn on saturday. which defeated san diego state today. here is the boy. jimmer. ran out of steam tonight. couldn't hit his outside shot. 32 points. 1-7 in the first half. chandler parsons, 83-74, the byu cougars are out, florida plays butler who beat wisconsin
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in the southeast regional final. in hockey you can lose but still gain ground. sharks doing that tonight inside the staples center in los angeles. patrick marleau. we always say this, oh, boy, hockey. one playoff team we can count on every year. game tied at 2-2. 3rd period. sharks about the lose. with three seconds left, he ties us. shoot out. marleau has a chance to be a hero one more time. guess what? here he goes. 4-3, kings win in a shoot out but the sharks get one point. san jose get your play off tickets ready. news bad for giants post season star cody ross. he is expected to miss three weeks, disabled list. strained right calf. hurt it yesterday in arizona.
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still no word on the availability come the regular season which begin as week from tonight for brian wilson. here we go. go to, i am not going to tell you how many tickets, games, just get you to the website and deal with it there. a chance to win free tickets. saturday night we will have a special at 8:00 with -- i will do a few interviews, and there you go. by the way, this is funny why i am promoting. catherine heenan is reading something -- go ahead. [ talking at the same time ] i am spilling out my guts and you are going 5:45 -- >> go to mexico for $500. ridiculous with the hotel, drinks and food. >> do you think i have feels? >> that's a good deal. sorry. >> no, no. there is guys in news, i have
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seen them before, read a playboy up here. i had a guy once clipping his nails. you know what i mean? it wasn't in san francisco, it was in ohio. lou forest was his name. and he would have trees and he goes there is a forest in your future. >> cute. >> just said trees. >> this was the guy clipping his nails? >> yeah. toe nails. tony
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