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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  March 25, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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widespread. moderate to heavy downpours that time as well. right now were getting scattered showers so will go closer in and show you. through more and picking up a few rain drops showing you really like. as we take it on down to the peninsula head looks like through san mateo were seeing showers, and through the san mateo bridge as well. in the south bay, spotty showers in places like san jose. in fremont, rescind showers in walnut creek as well and into concord. when we come back to keep your future cast for and what to know when you can expect a rain to start picking up. >>pam: the storm system has created some in a big problems all around the bay. in san paulo, when area have been particularly tough problems. homeowners are struggling because the hillside crumbled away. this is video that we took for
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you not too long ago. we have our reporter on the scene. kate is there a tonight to give us a close- up look. >>kate: of lot of tough times here. residents getting back from a meeting with the city about all of this damage. these homeowners went to the meeting. they learned that the city will send structural engineers and soil engineers out here tomorrow, to reassess the property. it's not just this home. if this home suffered some of the worst, but it's also the house next door to this one which has suffered some terrible damage. we could show you video, when i visited that home earlier today, she has lived in this home in san paulo for decades. her retaining wall has completely swept down this hill, there are cracks in the earth and the mud in her yard. some offer trees have started to slide
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downhill and also her deck might be compromised. parts of for deck in the foundation have started to also move. she's very concerned about her home. she has lived here most of her life. the main concern, who is going to pay for all of this? >> to see a crevice, the crater in your backyard? your trees looking like they're going to tip over any moment. i think to myself, oh my gosh, just as going to cost? it's sad that not only myself but other homeowners, the just retired or are working for interest on fixed incomes and to have to deal with this alone.
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>>kate: right now that is the big question for a lot of the families. who is going to help pay for all of this? at the meeting with the city they say there is a parcel tax in some pop low. some of that money from the tax will go but some of the bill. how much the city is not saying? also homeowners have told me they have called their insurance companies to get adjusters out here and see how they can help. so far they've been told by insurance that this is considered a flood, so the insurance companies are not responsible for covering it. in san paulo, kron 4 news. >>pam: kron 4 caught up with the mayor san pablo was your ride to see the damage this morning. >> to city will offer as much support as they can. this is private property, there's possibly some grant money available to handle this thing. it's definitely an engineering issue, the equipment will have to be brought in here to demolish
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it. at this point in time, i can't comment on what we can or can't do. >>pam: 3 homes of of the slide in three homes below are threatened by the collapse. in capitola, officials are assessing damage from 3 ft. of water that rushed into town from a drainage pipe. the tail during yesterday's storm, the flood waters damaged main businesses, evacuated a mobile home park. it cascaded into capitola village. jonathan blum is in capitola and joins us live with the latest on the clean up. >>jonathan: behind me there is a lot of work going on, that's taking place on a very tight timetable. the engineers and workers are trying to dig around inside a large hole in the ground that's the size of a backyard swimming pool, official pieces of debris before the rain starts up again. you can see a little closer look at exactly
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what's going on. this will open up in the ground very spontaneously about 4:30 p.m. yesterday. rain overwhelmed a six-foot live drainage pipe that was put in the crowd of over 40 years ago to divert water from the creek into the ocean. that pipeline seen this kind of rain and it actually made the pipes explode. residents said they were shocked when they saw exactly what was happening. in one case of fire fighter had to rescue a woman and a small child off the deck of their house because they were surrounded by rushing water. a spokesman told me about what the problem was and how to try to fix it. >> their pulling out a lot of the debris, and make sure the system is opening clear, make sure we could put as much water through the pipe in the next 48 hours. as big as long as our small water moving through the pipe its want to get stocked up. that's what caused the
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problem, the pipe that fold up and collapsed. >>jonathan: flooding had more impact than just the mobile home. in downtown, you could see the water just tracked mud through people's businesses causing thousands of dollars of fourth of damage. damage that is in many cases not covered by people's insurance. one man told us he was getting rid of all the car and tile. that will cause a lot of money. another person said photography equipment was damaged in her studio in to have to replace all of that yourself. you can see behind me, all the work that's going on. this simply trying to do a measure right now, official the debris at the whole and hope it holds for the next two days. then when things dry up, the, but the morgue for mid solution. their 43 units in the mobile home. , for a red tag and
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the rest of the people will be out of their homes for at least a few weeks. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: the san lorenzo river has dropped at least 8 ft. in the past 24 hours. it is no longer a threat to the homes there. hundreds of people who had to leave home at higher now able to return. it was a close call with the floodwaters stopping short of recall one river's street. >> was waiting to hear the alarm in we get a bang on the door downstairs and it was a fireman saying the river is rising now you guys better leave. so we left it about five minutes and the alarm was going off as we drove away. clearly the water, all along the edge of the crash came up a certain amount but when i went inside, i couldn't find a water even in the building. very grateful. of be very
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glad when we have sunshine here. >>pam: she says the river rose to 10 ft. and under four hours on thursday afternoon. state sen logjams downstream may have contributed to the rise as well as accumulations of as much as 4 in. of rain per hour. we want to show you this live picture from towson beach a high surf advisory is in effect until midnight tonight. while it is certainly beautiful to look back, officials want to be cautious if you're anywhere near the ocean. we will be right back with more news, weather and traffic in a few moments.. ♪ have a good daisy
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and 2010. her husband, kron 4 about the amount of prison time the judge gave his wife. >> this case was magnified what diquite a bit. it fit the d for what the media, it seems what the media is always looking for. things like that. i was hoping it wasn't going to be so much. i know my wife is totally remorseful, i've seen a big change. >>pam: this is her first criminal offense, with time served official says show due to a half years of actual prison time. if a lawsuit filed in seattle accuses the former swimming coach, of sexually abusing a girl from 1994 to 1997 when the child was 11 to 14 years
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old. that coach, is already serving a 40 year prison sentence for molesting a 14 year-old girl in san jose and three other california when he coached in the late 1980's and 1990's. the suit claims officials failed to act on the warning signs. vallejo police are asking for the public's help in locating a high risk convicted sex offender who is wanted on a felony arrest warrant for violating his registration requirements. kevin, was convicted in 1990 of rape by force and robbery of our school teacher. he was sentenced to 22 years in prison, believe to be in vallejo in nassau or sacramento. he weighs 210 lbs., 6 ft. 3 in. and has hazel eyes and brown hair. he drives a white, for door and kennedy. >>louisa: to shelters around the day right now. also down into the south bay, we have another round
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of rain over night for everybody. i will have all the details straight ahead.
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you could see rain drops fogging up lance and socked in with clouds and showers. the overnight call worse that is when the intensity level really expected to pick up. the rain and the winds, because we have the ground so saturated right now there is a potential for flooding. storm tracker 4 rate now showing as active weather is for the north bay and livermore. let's show you through novato and down to the coast and also through san rafael. as we take you into places like a word, starting to pick up a few showers. you could see places like morgan hill can
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sing heavier rain up over the hills there. in livermore a few showers there and also through walnut creek in concord. this all expected to fill in as we head into the later hours. just watch it future cast for at 11:00 the best chance of rain in the north bay. the within spread southward. by 2:00 a.m. the best chance of heavy rain in the north bay. everyone in for a chance of wet weather. by the time this passes through, places like the north bay could get anywhere up to about an inch in half of the rain. certainly more wet weather expected overnight. by 9:00 heavier downpours, looks like with a better chance of trying as we head towards the latter part of your day. shutters go become a bit more scattered. looks like another wet day tomorrow and more showers expected sunday as well. by monday partly
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cloudy conditions that will start trying out next week. by midweek sunshine. temperatures could actually warm into the low '70's. >>pam: of course the storm means there's more snow in the sierra. chp officer joins us on the phone with the latest in a driving conditions. your approaching 60 ft. of snow in the sierra right now for this season. have you ever seen anything like this? >>caller: i have not panned. there's an awful lot of snow up here, we could certainly use said. that snowpack and is in to water in our reservoir. >>pam: 80 was closed for miles earlier today, it's now open. describe the road conditions? >>caller: it is still change control, we are holding trucks at the nevada state line and an auburn. now was a good time to travel up here if you are in a car.
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within the next several hours, i expect those trucks to be released. all those guys are waiting, they'll all be coming at the same time and o'clock up the roads. >>pam: told me caltrans has had to take this snow up to other locations to move it out of the way because you're running out of space, is that still the issue? >>caller: now or storage place, is running out of place. i certainly hope the warmer weather does get here next week because that will definitely help. >>pam: thank-you tony for your advice. a rare tornado touched down in pennsylvania, gave one teenager the scare of his life. now is video catching the twister is by roland youtube. our internet reporter kimberly is here to show us as well. >>kimberlee: the 15 year- old does this play-by-play of the tornado as it actually touches down. take
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a look. >> we have a twister, d.c. the twister! this is horrible, oh my gosh it's ripping stuff apart! this is a tornado. if you could see that! oh my god! tornado! tornado! >>kimberlee: deep and it is time either ran to the basement. it did really catches as beer. many people on the web making fun of him calling him a sissy and drum up clean. what you don't see in the video is all the damage. trees toppled, debris across the lawn. dozens of homes in the area were damaged. as you could see the pictures, the national weather service said the tornado hit wind speeds of up to 120 mi. a
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network, traces 67 mi. path. he didn't see the video, you just heard his fear that homes does were destroyed. his wasn't. >>pam: we want to think about spring melt. >>pam: we want to tell you about kron 4 baseball special. this saturday gary will host baseball by the bay with a preview of the giants and the a's, as well as player interviews in an up close look at spring training. that's this here on kron 4 news. we'll be right back. hey marcel, watch this!
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>>reporter: maundering a developing story that's just coming into the kron 4 news room. a hostage situation near athens george's still ongoing. here's the suspect sketch, police say jamie how it is the man they're looking for. he has eight hostages in an apartment near athens, georgia. he is
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a suspect in tuesday's police shooting, one officer died in the other injured. director of the bureau of investigation just updated the situation. >> he is in a residence there, we have eight persons that are not free to leave. we are in communications with sisterhood. it is our objective to have the safe release of the persons that are in the apartment with him. and then to have the say surrender of mr. hood. >>reporter: that man said there were no injuries, all the hostages are unharmed at this point. we will bring you the very latest, live in the news room kron 4 news. >>pam: two weeks after the disastrous earthquake and snobby the japanese government says today the death toll has reached 10,000 with another 17,000 people missing. there is grim news from the power
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plants today one of the damaged nuclear reactors has apparently suffered a or breach. if it's leaking water with radiation levels 10,000 times normal. the review activity was strong enough to burn the skin of two workers. they were sent to the hospital yesterday. if the government is advising people living within 20 mi. of the plan to evacuate voluntarily. previously the government told people to stay indoors. japan's prime minister warned that the situation " does not warrant optimism. he had no estimate of one the danger might ease. he said government is putting all of its efforts and to keeping the situation from worsening. >>louisa: still a few more rounds of what weather to go. the next batch of rain expected to move through over night tonight. have you rent expected. we will talk more about that straight ahead.
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