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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  March 26, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> also moderate/heavy. through san jose, this is the 680 coming down at a pretty good clip. this will be the case for the next few hours as this front moves through the bay area. the wider of view. the rain, the
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clouds and noticed some clearing. by this afternoon, some breaks of sunshine. generally an improvement. futurecast at 8:00 a.m. and we are in the thick of it. the heaviest rain will peel off by 10:00 a.m. looking fairly dry. to the east of the bay area the parting the east bay through the day today pretty dry. notice that perhaps there could be some lingering showers this afternoon. other words, not too bad past 12-noon. tomorrow, we will see another system that will bring a system by the afternoon. this system will not be as strong as this system for today. like rain through sunday afternoon and sunday evening light-rain. and what is going on into the sierras.
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>> thank you, brian and residence in san paulo are hoping that a team of engineers can save their home. reggie kumar tells us unless the governor declares a state of emergency the repairs will be coming at the home owner's expense. >> reporter: i am in the walker's back yard. it has received most of the damage of all of these six properties. they have placed a plastic on the ground from iran from saturating more. there-from high ground from the rain. an inspector-is saying that they're all safe and residents are still allowed to live in their homes. many do not agree that is what they are leaving. the assistant city manager called the governor's office and see if t this declared a state of emergency for this area. but if so? disaster relief. the next would be a hassle
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engineer to assess the hillside. a chemist-soiled- engineer assess the hillside for saved? >> with oan order coming from a landslide with a moderwater main break. and it could be impacting homes near pleasanton. and is an unincorporated part of the county. again, the drinking water is not safe. fixing this water main break will be challenging with the current weather. >> city leaders are hoping that that is not a situation is not going to get worse. a burst pipe surged water into homes. until city workers to repair the damage with mud, debris rushed
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down local businesses and a police station. >> marty: in felton, this river could rise even more. earlier this week a flash flood prompted emergency evacuations. residents returned friday and they found minor street flooding. it rose 10 ft. in just a matter of hours. >> isabel: it is not just water but snowfall causing problems here is a live look at highway 80. interstate-0 pd has been opened after closures have been closed in both directions for more than 22 hours from late thursday until friday morning. low visibility, the threat of avalanches. this snowstorm. dave has more on the closure and spoke to some travelers. >> people with snow still on
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interstate-80 and the pavement still slack. caltran give the real order just after 2:00 p.m. >> why not go ahead and alert 72-11 that they cannot release the traffic. >> after 24 hours of closing this traffic to aclosing this road to all traffic, the slow convoy remairegained and rejoined this road. >> the real challenge is to do with the traffic and additional the snow and th >> before the opening, dozens we did there colfax. >> i was idling about her and i was practically sting all night. >> frustrating to wait this long. >> they tried to get to the mountain with thwithout the
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use of interstate-80. >> one of my going to do? i will have to make lemonade out of lemons. >> isabel: to check out the latest on that. >> marty: the latest and libya. forces are making progress. and what the latest with the u.s. president has to say about the u.s. involvement. >> isabel: not much traffic out there is continuing to be wet. (music) [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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>> isabel: we are back taking in live look from stormtracker 4. it is pretty much green. heavy/moderate. >> marty: latest where rebels and libya have regained area after an air strike. your driving to the
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streets, honking their horns and celebrating because the city have been underseas for under one week. residents are still fearful for their lives. and families fleeing to higher ground. we spoke to some of the war refugees. >> this 12 year-old is trying to hide tears from the memory of what he witnessed. it is a nightmare, his father can hardly put it in two words. >> we were driving and rockets for hitting the roof. and we saw bodies in the street. nobody could bury them even the ambulances were getting shot at. some of the families that fled the violence found shelters opened by strangers. and their homes. others with scattered campsites at the harsh terrain. >> we are just out here with
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the one tent. we meet seven year-old inez. >> the bombs exploded and we got scared. this was the closest place that we could get to her mother mentions. would not have enough fuel to get further east car stopped when we got here. we heard that the soldiers were searching homes and taking them a way that is why we left. also stories of rape with hushed whispers because of cultural taboos. no water, no electricity. and just the clothes on their backs. small trucks arrive from and scsi with donated staples. from benghazi. >> it is bitterly cold and these shelters offered
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little protection the sisters branches, shrubs. that of been put together. nobody knows how much longer they are going to have to live like this. the families to not want to leave this area clinging to the hope that perhaps the army will be defeated. they will be able to go back home. cnn, libya. >> isabel: president obama says the u.s. campaign and libya avoided a humanitarian catastrophe and will speak monday to the nation tonight. this comes after complaints from lawmakers that president has not cleared the role confirming that the air defenses have been taken out and kron 4 says of moammar gaddafi is
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up and pushed back. there'll be a local rally and march this afternoon. and democracy at the democracy plaza eighth street at the civic center plaza. at 1:00 p.m.
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>> marty: 7:17 we are looking at a beautiful view from mt. tam. breezy conditions. >> isabel: is crazy weather is also bringing us some of duty. and brian? some duty--dutbauty , and this storm is about to end. things
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will and pretty rapidly. the stormtracker 4 is showing that the rainfall is still coming down. to the west the rainfall is not coming down to pacifica. this is headed our way. by 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. those showers could and and even if sunshine. a pretty nice day. for now, the rain is coming down and highway 1 0 1 between sunnyvale, redwood city, heavy through the santa cruz mountains, fremont also seeing what weather. heavy showers on highway 37 between novado and sears point that yellow is indicating heavier downpours. through petaluma, looking at dry out. the wind has been 10-20 m.p.h.. certainly not as strong as what we've had in the past seven days. snowfall through the sierras and the blue is indicating
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snell with tire chain laws and no. 80, no. 50, and even too-ft this weekend. another one coming up for tomorrow. with two-feet of snowfall this weekend. for the higher elevations. a winter storm warning in effect for this evening. the futurecast, 8:00 a.m., the rain with a dry out by 10:00 a.m. perhaps afternoon showers but generally, not a bad day. clouds mixed in with sunshine. the four, there is another system arriving. is bringing some rain now for tomorrow it will be weak. with light rain for the afternoon but that would be the extent of it. mid upper 50s and even 60s with bricks of sunshine will be the highest today. and how about some improvements? with-breaks of sunshine. after the rain shower tomorrow, it is going to look a lot better for tomorrow. sunshine and into
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the 70's. >> marty: take a look the raging waters with awesome surfing conditions. this is video from the west third street bridge right of sight it downtown santa rosa. this was on board to with raging waters. right-outside santa rosa and a body borde-order, any aquatic activities are discouraged with the high surf advisory is. >> isabel: and sports continuing, between northern california teams won the state titles. basketball. >> marty: the warriors explode as 84 points. gary has for highlights.
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>> high school state championship playoffs. for kennedy. and in hopes of the first state title and boys' basketball. aaron gordon and his brother went to ucla now mexico. only a sophomore. 17 points. 21 rebounds. one of the best players. mayer, 54- 50. the first state title allstate from northern california on this night. from alameda, then champs' all markeand all modern, an outpost fall sold state championships. with the state titles on the line. >> the warriors, crazy. 0-4 road trip. with 27 points, wright willl fil and flush
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with 26 and david had 21, the to run all rappers were in town, with 84 points on the first half. the largest one half scoring in this end the season. 138-100. against washington on sunday. only nine games remaining. >> this was a great, great, n.c.a.a. regional. brandon knight hit with kentucky and ohio state. with forced overtime. kentucky advances by north carolina on sunday. virginia commonwealth the team that everybody was screaming that should not have been in the tournament. brandon purchase a layup 71 lead on the florida state. and shsmart with kansas and
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the regional final. santa clara, or east tennessee state in the championship of the cit santa clara winds kevin foster had 35 points. the arizona training camp is winding down. alex gordon, a two-run double. bogart, too, with royals 15-3. the aggies lost to the angels 10-3. the and royals-loss to the angels. >> and also at stanford unless they can come up with $4 million this was not going to be reinstated this was reinstated in 1912. creating a four n.c.a.a.
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championships. >> a reminder, with baseball season believe it or not that we will get ready. we would get credit with a baseball by the bay. the giants, interviews and a spring training tonight at 8:00 p.m. >> marty: the parade was just last week. we need to get rid of that rainfall. >> marty: still ahead, the lights will be out for one hour tonight we will explain. >> isabel: meanwhile, this live look outside. traffic near the bay bridge. the camera lens has raindrops and traffic. you can see that we will be right back
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>> isabel: tonight, households will be shutting
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down the lights for one of our organized by the world war of life agency. if you'd like to do so? bertha our = 8:3041 hour. earth our it is 830--4 the amount of one hour. the world wildlife agency and >> isabel: taking a look at the bridge, a lot of rainfall. brian will back to tell you that it will be with us for several more hours.
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. (music) >> marty: a good saturday morning and thanks for watching kron 4 news this weekend. taking a live look at this is from our roof cam overcast conditions
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hanging low. the rain will be here for the next one hour and let us find out from brian. >> theis coming down to the bay area, it is winraining, wet and it will come to a stop clsoon. and missed the front for showers, the stormtracker 4, the rainfall but it is not as heavy as it was about one hour ago. that is when we saw the heaviest precipitation. things are moving out, and still have their rainfall through the yellow, that is the heaviest rainfall coming down. this shower west of 680, danville, this will be moving to the east and livermore also getting heavy rainfall. and a couple of spots of heavy rain for the south bay. san jose through some of the heaviest rain as we get through saratoga, and
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also a palo alto. the storm is moving through right now in the back edge is just to the west. that is coming our way and the next one hour- two hours with clearing. skillfu and th chip sierras, with tire chain laws in effect for how we no. 50, when no. 80, and storm warnings until 7:00 p.m. this storm moves and getting better at 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. and showers will be blanketing. there is a threat for a few isolated showers. really not as big of a problem as what we've seen for this morning. here is tonight, here is tomorrow. things will be dry but a second system for tomorrow afternoon. this system will bring rainfall and look at these colors. it is all pretty light. this second storm is not going to be as strong as what we saw this morning. tomorrow, look for the chance of what
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rainfall in the afternoon hours but the amount will be light. perhaps some one- quarter of 1 in.. things will improve a lot for the next few days. i will be glad to tell you about that coming up in a few minutes. >> isabel: thank you, brian. the accumulation has taken its toll. a section of highway no. 1 finally opened this morning after a giant mud slide yesterday. working crews found that it was blocking highway what the word clearing debris from another storm damaged road. engineers are try to stabilize that hillside with a geologist are still determining if it is safe. >> isabel: city engineers were deciding what repairs needed to be delayed.
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traffic cones with less severe mudslides, and over former storm drains it could take weeks to fix all of the damage. with more rain expected, residents in the san francisco are being urged to prepare by picketing sandbags. they are free and available at the public works operation yard. city job this street and sand bags per person and proof of residency must be shown. city java'c-chave st , with 10 free sand bags per person. elathis large tree limb on this honda civic at 3:00 p.m. friday it was right behind the conservatory of flowers at golden gate park. mary jane access that she is very lucky that she and her daughter were in sight. when
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that tree limb fell down. >> i decided to get her out that was the most important thing. >> reporter: here are po photos with 1 ft. in diameter. >> it is easily weighs several tons. >> reporter: nobody knows what it broke off from this eucalyptus tree perhaps the amount of moisture led it to break off. the car is gone, but mary jane plans to walk away. >> and will probably get the license plate somehow i will keep it. >> reporting in san francisco, da lin. >> marty: lake tahoe has been prime conditions if you can get there. kirkwood resorts representatives is joining us on the phone michael. >> caller: oh my gosh! it has been an incredible snow season. cool temperatures,
7:36 am
white, dry powder. with mid- february like conditions. >> marty: understand the sunken areas of gotten 15 0 in. this week, alone at that some areas of got an 15050 >> caller: yes, the season total is 698, and or season total record is 761. we are approaching that, quickly. some areas cut 150 in just one week. some got 150 in just one week. the record for a season is in the 1970's. >> isabel: any closures, for which the we should know about? a >> caller: it has impacted highway no. 88. through cook between kirkwood injectiand trand jackson self
7:37 am
kirkwood is opened and it is regular difficult driving with these conditions. >> marty: a live picture at kirkwood and it seems to be wiped out conditions. are you open today? >> caller: we are open today. we are tried to get our chair lifts cleared. because of all of that snow. >> isabel: would you call this a >> caller: gangbusters season you know what, it is been an amazing. it is bottomless powder. from a business perspective, the road closures submitted difficult. we were expecting
7:38 am
to of a huge crowd. those closures have made it difficult we eventually extended hours closure of the season until may 1st. >> marty: michael from kirkwood thank you. we will be right back.
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>> marty: we are back on kron 4 news this weekend. the brunt of the storm is showing that most of this rainfall will be moving through the bay area. in the next few hours. >> isabel: the radiation threat with review act/has been detected in the sea water right near the foot the shimabarofficials say that iodine levels were found in excess of 1250 times the
7:42 am
bright color standard. the contamination came from an air borne released or from water that leaked from inside the reactor. no threat of immediate 12 milestone, but workers are looking to inject those reactors with fresh water. and the corrosive nature of the salty sea water that is already been called into those reactors to keep them cool. reports of the u.s. radiation warning systems. last week people worried about the possible fallout from japan's nuclear plant. one of the shutdowns was in california. four of the 11 stationary monitors was offline for repairs or maintenance last week. officials to not immediately say why but the monitor is one that killed levels of radiation reached the mainland. reportedly, note dangerous levels are reached the u.s. but
7:43 am
lawmakers are safeguarding against future disasters. concern >> marty: of a cargo ship from a real but was close to depen japan. there are requesting additional screening even after several agencies no sign of radiations but still they are concerned about their safety of radiation. >> isabel: will update you on the budget battle the republicans >> marty: walnut creek rain-saturated. highway 6 80/24. we will be back.
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>> isabel: 7:for sex 746. the c h p are reporting spinouts.
7:47 am
slick roadways >> marty: and how about some changes in the forecast? >> yes. some of this ran is already becoming starting to stop. through san jose is getting the worst of it. still, one-two hours of what further not departing just yet. with rainfall totals over one itcinch through boand santa rosa, these are not significant fact we've had a very wet to week. adding any rainfall to saturated soil will make an impact. another system on the way with stormtracker 4. the heaviest rain will be throughout san jose. notice that we are on the back edge of that rainfall. heavy
7:48 am
towards evergreen, and into a milpitas. this is beginning to cross off. san francisco, san rafael, and richmond are getting light- moderate. the back edge is going to be off shore and it is going to be closer. mid- late morning it is going to be better. the wind is not bad gusting over 20 m.p.h. not as bad as what we've seen. the snowfall on the sierras is represented by the blue. futurecast is showing that there is a lot of snow for today and tomorrow. 10:00 p.m.- with one-3 ft. of snowfall over the entire elevations. winter storm warning until 7:00 p.m. tonight. high temperatures to there will be mid upper 50s and the good news is that even though it is not going to be too warm. what was the brakebursts of sunshine, what
7:49 am
sunshine tomorrow. and the chance for light rain in the afternoon and the evening looked at next week rain is out of here. nice weather by midweek with highs into the nigh 70's >> isabel: growing frustrations with republican lawmakers to close the $25 billion ddeficit and with $12 billion in cuts to governor jerry brown signed a lot of republicans say they do not go far enough. they have 50 more demands the wanted implemented even before reporting for the tax extensions on the special election on the ballot. with pension reform, to changes in the presidential primary. nonetheless governor brown says that this is just the beginning
7:50 am
>> we need to find more revenues or we need to make more and more drastic cuts. certainly the next road to cuts will be much more painful. >> isabel: thursday it was on the one half of this state's deficit of $26 billion. and extending the tax cuts will help cover 1/2. >> marty: jean quan is going to talk about public education funding cuts. she was appointed eight new city administrator to do with the oakland budget crisis. he once once served as the acting city major and he is officially appointed next week officially. >> isabel: in the east bay, a 42 year-old woman will sefive spendall spent five yearn
7:51 am
prison. haazig madyun the alameda courts christine hugs, received five years, with a 3-10 years probation. she allegedly had sex under t wit to underage boys. she had taken the plea deal. and haazig madyun kron 4 >> marty: oakland police are looking for carl talton he would approach. them convict on the victim's elderly and public places. he would talked them out of the money. he is described it 5 ft. 9 in. winning 200 lbs.. >> isabel: another live look with the slick roads. with
7:52 am
plenty of what conditions out there. . we will be back. >> marty: --he weighs in at 200 lbs..
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>> marty: she was a larger- than-life, beautiful, and controversial. at 79, elizabeth taylor peacefully at cedars-sinai hospital in los angeles surrounded by her four children. santer and dell has a look at her life on and off screen. >> reporter: elizabeth taylor was called one of the most beautiful women in the world of violet eyes lit up the screen in cat on a hot tin roof to cleopatra. that made her the first actress to receive $1 million. her oddeight marriages, seven men, richard burton, twice. >> i think he is one of the
7:56 am
finest actors. >> the british-born was a child actress in 1945 with " national velvet ". you are a pretty one, pike. >> the actress played in the ability. >> i along with the critics have not taken myself seriously. my craft, yes but as an actress, no. >> she received five academy award nominations and twice at best actress for her role and butterfield in 1960 as a call girl. and an alcoholic wife and " who is afraid of virginia woolf? 1966. >> you floozy. >> she had a litany of health woes but it was impacting other central retention. she took up the fight against against my crocketts and died.
7:57 am
>> he did something-aids this catastrophe is not just a minority group in the locker. >> the american foundation for research was founded and of established elizabeth taylor foundation. she befriended michael jackson. several times and supported him. later in life the actress went to twitter. she opened up about her health issues including a heart procedure and 2009. amber body of work on screen she has been one of hollywood's most giving and glamorous stars. starsendreporting sandra endo. >> isabel: she loved she embraced. >> marty: jan wahl will
7:58 am
have a favorite movies for elizabeth taylor. still ahead, dozens of residents are being urged not to drink the tap water. we will explain. >> marty: lake tahoe. this >> isabel: this white out. [laughter] we will be right back
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. (music) >> isabel: hello everybody and welcome to our second flight of court. the weather continues to second live hour >> isabel: an expert on middle east relations. >> marty: president obama
8:01 am
is getting fire for his decisions and he will defend his decisions. with radiation fallout fears from japan to the u.s.. >> jan: so much going on. a tribute to elizabeth taylor on some of the labelevels the museum of performance and design in san francisco and the bay area reporter is celebrating a big anniversary and new movies. >> isabel: thank you >> marty: alive look, this saturday morning. a live look outside, and with everywhere you look. it is damp and rainy. >> isabel: the c h p is warning us of spinouts. take care. and brian has the forecast >> brian: it is good to see you, both. it is raining this morning. the ride is
8:02 am
about to come to an end. the worst is almost over. that rain will be coming to an end. off to the west the radar is showing that it is not going to impact us. breaks of sunshine. highway 37 between novado, vallejo, richmond getting more rainfall and the self. this is where it is the heaviest, the yellow--in the south, with moderate-heavy near the 101. sunny dale, and also a heavy near santa cruz mountains. over 1 in. near the past 24 hours. the live in view with the storm system and there is the rainfall. clearing over the pacific. for this afternoon things getting much better but there is a second system coming and for tomorrow that is going to bring more rain. with the rainfall wrapping up.
8:03 am
sunshine mixed with scattered showers. tomorrow, increasing clout with the second storm for this afternoon during the chance of light rain and evening hours. only one-quarter of 1 in. from this second system. monday things getting much better with mostly sunny skies. a long streak of nice weather is coming in our direction for a change. perhaps temperatures back into the 70's and even rainfall for five days. temperatures today are going to get into the mid upper 50s. low 60s, 60s in oakland, and sunshine with a mixture in passing showers. your complete forecast coming up for this week in a few minutes. it >> isabel: meanwhile, the storm system left its mark in alameda. 160 homes are told not to drink their tap
8:04 am
water. after that landslide severely damaged a water main pipe. crews are looking to repair that. the homes are nearly in an unincorporated part of pleasanton. repairs to the weekend but it difficult terrain is making the progress slow. but sunday will continue repairs will continue. >> isabel: after a 6 ft. under water water pipe bursts on thursday for of the mobile homes and destroyed and four mobile homes destroyed. the debris rushed downhill into 53rd and the police station. nearby felton, it has receded at the river but it could rise again after the rainfall today. earlier, a flash flood warning prompted
8:05 am
emergency evacuation is and residents found just minor street flooding. the river had risen 10 ft. in just a few hours slightly above its crest level. >> marty: residence in san paulo are hoping that an engineer can help their homes from a fallen hillside. they are in danger of losing their property as the rain continues to fuel that a slight. reggie explains that unless the governor declares a state of emergency? it could be at the home owner's expense. >> reporter: their real pictures of the damage in the san paolo from chopper fort. you can see how much the earth has fallen away. on barbara scotts' deck was wedtech but not for home and she does not believe that the assessment that is what she is not staying overnight. she told kron 4 thursday night that she kept feeling the and hear it. >> i did not hear it, i
8:06 am
could not sleep all night. to hear that rubble, room, marble that earth, falling. >> reporter: safe. santa avalos city officials saying that it is san pueblos city's officials say that it is a safe. however, residents are filling different. >> and apply them backing up all of my momentos. >> my new address will probably in a new city. >> reporter: the mudslide completely destroyed the shed and the ground had moved 10 ft. closer to her home. >> we stayed back because we knew and it was getting closer and closer. >> if history is repeating itself pictures of missing
8:07 am
sinkhole and 1980's. the road was closed and the had to evacuate. >> marty: that was reggie kumar. the financial aid could receive be received from the city if it is declared a state of emergency.
8:08 am
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8:10 am
>> marty: we are tracking this latest storm. as you get ready to plan your indy today the rain is going to as a planner-day today, it should be clear. this next storm is scheduled for late tomorrow. >> isabel: trace amounts of radiation reaching the u.s. are not harmful. many are
8:11 am
skeptical. especially in the form of food from japan. u.s. has blocked imports. many people are worried about everything. ted rowland reports. >> she is concerned about the possibility that radiation could leak into the food she gets from this japanese grocery store in los angeles. >> i shopped here for the and i want to make sure that this fish is not with radiation. perhaps now is okay but two-three months i am not going to purchase any fish from japan. >> these are made from tokyo. two different concerns. one is the customers are not going to be able to get their products from japan. they are getting a lot of them. the other concern is radiation. fresh fish, vegetables, 30 percent of
8:12 am
the fish from this comes from japan and customers are concerned about radiation. >> a good amount of people come in and ask about radiation. and the the fda this inspecting them highly. >> despite reassurance, the nuclear plant problems have not impacted the u.s. people on the west coast to not necessarily believe they are safe. >> i think the experts are not telling us everything. >> reporter: why? >> they do not want to cause panic. police are finding it in the food and in the water over there. -and even people so obviously, there is some problems. if it is going to come here? who knows. >> the fear is a basic part of our brain. it is the
8:13 am
unseen danger. the advisory's touch that part of the prime that is intellectual. the fear trumps that part of the brain. over what the doctor is telling us. >> and this is sold from japan. >> reporter: experts purchase tjapanese products to not meet to work right now. that does not mean that there will not. see an end, ted towland celebration >> marty: in the city's streets of libya. >> isabel: reactions from the latest situation from libya. >> marty: traffic is moving with plenty of snowfall if you can get to it.
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>> isabel: we are back. 8:17. >> marty: brian? >> brian: rain is coming to an end. that is great news if you are tired of the brain. we are going to see and nicer day for today if your tired of the-rainfall. the rainfall will stop or at least a little bit this stormtracker 4 is showing that it is a dry out through petaluma, and santa rosa. beginning to show improvement. still rainfall throughout concord, livermore, and wet weather and rain and not as heavy as it was a few hours ago. the main storm is pushing to the east. light-moderate through san jose, and the brake near highway 237. also through fairfield, and vallejo.
8:18 am
steady rain fall, with slick roads interstate 80 towards the bay. to the sierras, heavy to the higher elevations. snow falls above 3,000 ft.. and tire chain laws in effect for highway eat and highway 50. winter storm warning. the futurecast highway-80-and the system today is also showing a system for tomorrow. with 2 ft. of snow possible for the higher elevations. the dark blue is indicative of dark blue. a 3 ft. = purple. look for snowfall so rising to about 4,000 ft.. tensor mid upper 50s and los 60s. there could be passing showers but it is going to just be isolated with breaks of sunshine for later today. or cast is
8:19 am
looking a lot better especially into next week our forecast that-light rainfall possible for tomorrow afternoon. perhaps one-quarter of 1 in. and a mostly sunny-mostl in partly cloudy with highs back into the 70's. >> isabel: libya is still one of the headlines this morning president obama is saying that the u.s.-led campaign and that libya avoided humanitarian catastrophe. he will speak to the american public monday night he will explain his decisions. this came after complaints from lawmakers that they did not look for their input or explain the u.s. role in libya. he has a weekly address. here is what he said. >> we've succeeded in our mission by taking held in the air forces. and in places like ben ganassi,
8:20 am
700,000 in cities like ganassi, the forces have been pushed back. and in gaza, but make no mistake, we've made avoided a king than a tear in effect innocent people being saved. we avoided a humanitarian catastrophe. >> isabel: eighth street, market street, there'll be a gathering of civic cente at te civic center. if >> isabel: you see sf, middle eastern studies he is the chair.
8:21 am
>> caller: the university of san francisco. it is great to be here. >> isabel: 2 you agree with the president that we could avoid a catastrophe in libya? >> caller: certainly it could have been nasty. with libyan forces through benghazi and london war escalatewon a war escalates it s up another can of worms. making things better or it could make things worse. >> marty: you wrote an article last month that the biggest question is not weather khaddafi will be ousted, the libyans he is going to take with him. do you believe that that is still a threat? >> caller: yes it is. frankly, my hope was for change was higher when the movement was non-violent.
8:22 am
with the uprising largely, because of the fatality rate is much higher are wrong the security and soldiers. nonetheless i think that there is strength in numbers. it reminds me that devil you know and the devil you don't because that is what your article addressed. from the congress the replacement of moammar gaddafi. >> caller: the uprise and libya has turned into a silver wacivil war--and eight it would require a large coalition. and unless a better foundation from the democracy on the vanguard of
8:23 am
martial values. the other thing is that people that are in the regime of khaddafi only seem to be at the helm of our resistance. >> marty: , about your thoughts on the impact of libya to the region. >> caller: difficult to say. with the autocratic regime has maintained the nonviolent disciplines. emen to be on the verge of collapsing. yemen called fleet libya will be an average of like romania was in the 1989 for protest democracy. and not a trend towards more violent confrontations. >> isabel: one of the things i keep reading is that who was going to run these countries? and our reaction going to get to a democracy.
8:24 am
there is still tribal conflict fierce. some countries are more trouble than others >> caller: andyeen and libya are perhaps more yemen or more trouble, and others are not. the strength of civil society as long as it maintains its non-violent is discipline in the old order understands that the old days are over. >> marty: think ythink you
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> marty: editors of the
8:28 am
oxford dictionary are adding internet language like omg, and lol and >> isabel: i thought the el a o l was little old lady? that el a o l [laughter] and still to come, with the latest on your forecast >> marty: we also have a baseball by the bay. the giants in the 80s talking to some of the players. and that is at 8:00 p.m. at kron 4
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> isabel: we have a live look at the highway 80 and highway 89. the roads are open. even though there is a great amount of snowfall up there. after the longest closure since the 1980's. from thursday, until friday morning. highway 80 was closed. >> marty: it was pretty much wiped out conditions with 17 4 in. and only seven days with white out conditions. and here is brian looking at the forecast. >> brian: lots of snowfall with up to 15 ft. and more today with another 2 ft.-3 ft.. tons of snow, the
8:32 am
higher elevations. through the sierras and rainfall through the bay area but the end of this morning storm. residuals left but still to the north bay things are going to try out. still conditions to the east bay and taking a look at the stormtracker into kidding pockets of heavy rain. redwood city, palo alto, on highway 1 0 1-280. generally things are getting better for san francisco. notice the dry conditions however, oakland and berkeley hills will experience precipitation but the trend will be for this precipitation to wrap up and get better. the wind will be not as bad as what we of seen previous. the wind right now is about 20-30 m.p.h. how the rainfall will
8:33 am
be the heaviest. this storm will deport. light rain for the north bay and the peninsula. all of that rain should be ending about noon. notice east showers near in the bay area but some spotty showers into the afternoon. although sunshine for the afternoon hours with 3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. with partly/mostly sunny but still in showers possible through the bay area. even during this evening. the futurecast is getting a few showers. there is another system for tomorrow that is going to bring rainfall i will let you know or later. >> isabel: more on the weather the pound to the bay area. a section of highway no. 1. through mill valley is open. after a giant mud slide yesterday. working crews discovered the mud was
8:34 am
blocking the roadway on their way to another area of devastation. this section remains closed until a geologist conservative the area and declare its to save residents are being urged to prepare by picking up sandbags the city is giving them free at the public works office yard on cesr chavez, the limit is 10 and you need to show proof of residency. >> reporter: an oakland many of these slides that left for public works crews can get to it. they are marking the orange traffic cones as non-threatening. expect more rainfall. in oakland hills, jeff pierce. >> marty: >> isabel:residents in the santz mountains hoping that it
8:35 am
will not get into the way of the utility and road crews. trying to clean up that mess from thursday's storm. one road was hit especially hard. rob fladeboe explains that a tree can down on nelson wrote that only added to the misery. >> reporter: people live along nelson road outside are wondering what is next. and why us. and this is rainfall related with another tree down. a huge red what came down friday at the intersection of law cart and coac la carte la carte roaa forcing occupants to find other shelter. one occupant was lucky to escape with her
8:36 am
life. that huge rocks light oper n road. up nelson rd. a new temporary road has been built round that road. rainfall/r. rosen has taken a heavy toll on the nelson wrote itself with puddles, standing water, and washing down to the valley. scotts valley has receive 2.5 in. and one hour and it is been on/off on friday. in scotts valley on nelson rd., rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. >> isabel: another major store the rhodesian threat in japan with high levels of radioactive iodine. rhodesian-stricken japan, with the hukashimi daiichi and just yesterday iodine levels were found at 1200 times the standard. it believes that the s radiation came from the
8:37 am
nearby plant but no immediate threat to the 12 mi. evacuation zone. workers are looking to inject that irareactor with fresh water. corrosive concerns remain >> marty: a cargo ship from japan are additional requesting-additional radiation screening. no signs but they're still concerned about the safety. >> isabel: jan >> jan: we're going to sing in the rain, and look at the san francisco of performance and design and also celebrate elizabeth taylor. that is coming up.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> isabel: taking a look of
8:41 am
stormtracker 4 pride has mentioned-prio brian has mentioned some sunshine. the water and the state's bridges are corroding. hundreds in the bay area are structurally insignificant. the highest in the state is in san francisco. >> reporter: bridges in dire need, 40 structurally deficient bridges in san francisco according to initial at this the group, transportation for america. 3 receive the lowest rating. the 22nd/23rd street bridge and the elevated section of our 1 0 1 between seven teen st and alameda. >> there are a host of reasons why we need to maintain our bridges
8:42 am
certainly long-term safety issues. >> reporter: 22nd/23rd d bridges were built in 1906. it has deteriorated over time. also the elevated section of highway 1 0 1. underneath, what concrete clearly visible. the executive director for transportation for america says it is not needed to get off the roads just yet. >> if the bridge is really going to be dangerous caltran will cut it down. we saw that in 20091 shot down the bay bridge for about one week. 2009 when that the shutdown of the bay bridge for one week. this is more of a wake-up call. small area bridges are deteriorating. we're not saying that people are not safe. >> reporter: thompson >> marty: jean quan is going
8:43 am
to be joining public-school officials on public school cox 10:00 a.m. in city hall. jean quan appointed a new city administrator with the budget crisis. he served as the acting city manager in the 1990's. he is officially appointed this coming week. >> isabel: the latest on the rainfall in your bay area forecast coming right up on bay >> marty: elizabeth taylor coming up remembering the elizabeth taylor
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> marty: 8:46 with at&t park on the right. >> isabel: ride is going to tell what's what we need brian? the umbrella? >> brian: baseball weather.
8:47 am
yes. by the time the baseball season starts on april 1st the weather should be springlike. currently, gray and gloomy over at&t park. through the hills and west of santa rosa through boulder keecreek nearly 1 in., oakland about three-quarters of 1 in.. the conditions are improving. wet weather is getting out of the bay area. the stormtracker 4 is showing you the latest. pushing the heavy stuff through the central valley and still residual showers left over but it is slowly drying out. the roads are still wet. with moderate rainfall between hayward, castro valley, san leandro and livermore rally, tried- valleys. the try valleys--a
8:48 am
plo in the orange are indicating heavier downpours the yellow and the orange. the heavy downfall through the sierras. it is really coming down and the jametire chain laws in effect for highway no. 50, highway no. 88. with several feet impac at 3,000 ft.. snowfall expected at 3,000 ft.. there rainfall pushing out. still a shower. sunshine. partly sunny skies. with a mixture of clouds/sunshine with mid upper victories. low 60s. your kron 4 7 day around the bay as we look at mid upper- 50s, it is looking better with baseball season starting on friday. a little bit of sunshine with highs in to the low 70's. if >> jan: the original costume
8:49 am
design from katharine hepburn. the calla lily dress from grier, a original material from which the boss. the museum of performance and design. for 10 years, the man and his brand bringing us these wonderful brad rosentstie, what an amazing place. >> it has been a run for 60 years with an incredible collection. from the performing arts. we have exhibitions, special conferences, were talking about the tony walton. it is all about bringing people closer to the performing arts. >> jan: absolutely, and tony walton has had tony awards
8:50 am
for set design and right there. speaking of set aside and look at what they have. >> abroad and show and tell this is from angels in america the current main exhibition. among many, many artifacts the whins, we also have this beautiful book. and the-evangeline's. a >> jan: amazing, so detailed. the angel lin wings >> the ground breaking play that changed what we talked about the crisis. >> jan: a perfect segue with elizabeth taylor the recent passing. >> we're in a veteran's building on the fourth floor of the sex center. >> jan: in the civic center. the fourth floor. civic center--
8:51 am
>> this was a vest from sly stone this is a piece and janis joplin. >> jan: not many people they goods said they mounted that location [laughter] >> she happened harper's monologue and our venue and amazing night. >> jan: the museum of performance and design. >> beijing opening ceremony from the olympics. she designed hundreds of costumes. >> there is a little bit of everything, the museum of science >> jan: it is amazing,
8:52 am
three-dimensional, the museum of performance and design. let us take a look agreed elizabeth taylor. one of the most remarkin remarkable actress, character, and gentle strength. national velvet, and as a child star, she brought talent to replace that suddenly last summer. and later issued blow us all away as she was and " who's afraid of virginia woolf? her sandals!, and after her scandalous! her scandals-- >> what really made her special add something that we will remember is the she
8:53 am
was the first to get out and talk about hiv/aids and said to pay attention. when nobody else would. god bless you, ms. taylor everybody will remimiss her. taming of the shrew. and cat on a hot tin roof is a great and all of us, all of us cannot think elizabeth taylor in of all for what she did during the crisis. also what is happening is called rice, japan. the japan earthquake- rize, it is saturday, april 2nd from saturday. is that the studio, please be there.
8:54 am
thursday april 7th, 7:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m., at the galleries. 02 www.rie go to brad rosenstien, from the museum of doze designed
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> jan: i live look outside, highway 287. towards the north, tire chain laws in effect for highway 50, highway eat.some places highway 80-snowfall expected. great conditions. nearly 700 in..
8:58 am
an amazing season. >> marty: still ahead, the supreme court is making a big decision on weather or not to allow class action status for women who are suing wal-mart. litigation, determination. >> isabel: will be right back. this is a live look at san mateo bridge it is still wet.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> we're talking beer,
9:01 am
barley, yeast, water, hops. handcrafted brute. a festival going on. get out your stalling handcrafted brewery beer. >> jan: the 40th anniversary, the longest lpgt tom horn and to the movies. >> isabel: let us take a live look outside. mt. tam, all still looking a bit overcast, brian. multiple spinouts >> brian: law it is going to get better today, trust me. [laughter]--and ofif the
9:02 am
weather guy says trust me, there's trouble. still light rain. it is taking a little bit to get out of here but better than a few hours ago. earlier, heavy rain and strong winds but not as bad now. as we see conditions in the south bay moderate and pockets of heavy rain around milpitas. also moderate-heavy through high 1 0 1. danville is seeing rain and moderate for a san leandro. this is the tail end of it. with just passion showers later. otherwise, a mixture of sun/clouds but there is another weather system coming in for tomorrow and sunday. clouds will increase and a chance for light rainfall developing in the afternoon. this storm is not going to be a strong.
9:03 am
perhaps just one-quarter of 1 in.. conditions for monday will be mostly sunny and dry weather. we could see five consecutive days of rain- free weather. that is something to look forward to. 9:00 a.m., heavy rainfall in the east bay but it will get closer to the ocean. by noon, mostly clear and the sunshine will increase. clouds, and sunshine and perhaps some isolated stray showers are run the bay area. things are going to stay mainly dry and still the threat of a shower but the chance for the next weather system coming up in a few minutes. >> isabel: all of that rain has taken its toll for homeowners in san paulo.
9:04 am
they're hoping that the soil is an engineer soil engineer can declare and assess the damage. three of the homes are the top of the health, three of the six of our at the bottom. >> 3 are the top of the hill. >> i cannot believe the difference that yesterday was bad and to this morning. to hear it all night i did not heasleep on my, you could hear the earth rumbled and falling. big giant chunks of dirt falling i opened the door. i looked out on my the outdoor deck and i could see the ground moving. >> isabel: homeowners are still waiting to hear a and and declaration of our emergency from the governor's office. if that
9:05 am
happens? financially from the city. >> marty: 60 people are usadvised not to turn their water. the water main break from a landslide. it was near pleasanton. in an unincorporated part of the county. repairs expected to the weekend and is a difficult and varmint with steep in difficult terrain. test results from the water will be sunday. caracol, 6- feet under ground pipe at taratola on thursday. four mobile homes were evacuated. just down the road, it slashed debrimod/debris and mudd
9:06 am
area places. >> also emergency evacuations with minor street flooding. the rivers crested 10 ft. on thursday. >> isabel: and live look, authorities have opened interstate-80. along just close your sense the 1980's. both directions were closed with over 22 hours. from thursday into friday with the low visibility and the threat of avalanche with a giant snowstorm. . >> even with snow still falling on interstate-80 the pavement was still slippery
9:07 am
cal trans keep the open just after 2:00 p.m. to reopen. >> let us alert 72-11 to release their truck. >> reporter: 24 hours after the most important freeway was shot down. c h p began slowly as according to the honors summit. >> the biggest challenge is the amount of snow in such a small time frame. to do with traffic and also snowfall. for >> reporter: up to 8 ft. says caltran and stretches of interstate-80, and dozens were waiting near colfax. >> i have been waiting my motor with a hot heater on night. >> they have a safe plant which is good but it is frustrating. >> reporter: people were going to the mountains even though the road was closed there were forced to go into the lower elevation snow. >> this is what i have to settle for right? making
9:08 am
lemonade out of lemon. for >> isabel: yes, that snowfall for your photos. >> marty: straight ahead, the update on libya. the latest on rebel forces. >> isabel: now, another live look with a rainy day bridge. plenty of rain out there but to not worry. it is supposed to go away. brian says that it is going to go away by this afternoon. thl
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
>> isabel: 9:11 taking a look a stormtracker 4 a number of those weather cells have cleared out. it should be gone by this afternoon. now to the latest from libya. rebels have
9:12 am
regained control out of international air strikes of moammar gaddafi is crowne forces. people were driving through streets and celebrating the city had been under siege for over one week. >> marty: obama says that the u.s.-led campaign avoided a humanitarian catastrophe. he will make his case to the american people on monday speaking to the nation of explaining his decision. this comes after complaints from lawmakers that mr. obama did not look for their input or clearly did not explain his role in libya. the president did it that this morning in his weekly radio address. >> we are succeeding in and taking out libyas forces. moammar gaddafi said forces are not advancing like ganass 7000 showed no mercy at e ganasandbenghazi because we
9:13 am
acted quickly, a humanitarian catastrophe was avoided and hundreds of lives were saved. if they >> isabel: rarely displayed >> marty: democracy starting at 1:00 p.m. you and plaza east st./market street in san francisco. it's really delicious, mom.
9:14 am
it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure.
9:15 am
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9:16 am
a live look outside. somebody said you could see the dark clouds. i thought i saw a brake been in those clouds. perhaps brian is going to make us feel like i am not seeing things? [laughter] >> brian: i think that we're going to be seeing some sunshine, soon. the rainfall is wrapping up. improvement is coming our way, isabel. it is going to be better for this afternoon. even better
9:17 am
later this morning. just before noon the wrangle wrapped up. still rain in the east bay. also wet weather with this saturday's storm rolling out of the bay area. walnut creek, danville, san ramon getting rain. also towards santander, the castro valley and the south bay is under the gun this morning. in fact, moderate showers and in the sunnyvale and mountain view. that rain should be complete by 10:00 pa.m.-11:00 a.m. not completely sunshine but breaks of sunshine and clouds. wind speeds are getting up there 20 m.p.h.- 30 m.p.h. san jose has a gusting up to 30 m.p.h. and in the sierras the snowfall is problems with highway no. 50, highway no. 80 both with
9:18 am
tire chain laws in effect. two-3 ft. with today's storms tomorrow for the higher elevations. the dark blue = 2 ft. or more of fresh powder. on top of the tons of powder. winter storm weather effect until 7:00 p.m.. the highs will be mid upper 50s and low 60s. a lot of clouds with sprigs of sunshine. perhaps it passing sunshine but isolated showers just in passing. that things will be better. a light forecast on sunday but the sisters going to be light rainfall. look at next week! m-f = sunny! and i do not think that we're going to start seeing things next week i think that warmer temperatures could start to even go into the 70's. for >> marty: it could be the largest job discrimination case in history. next week the u.s. supreme court will be deciding against wal-
9:19 am
mart. if they can proceed with a nationwide class- action lawsuit. if that happens it could impact to a million women and put tens of billions of dollars of wal-mart's money in jeopardy impacting 2 million women. >> marty: executive director of equal rights. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> isabel: this is really about structurally what is the defining class and if that is determined by local jurisdiction or a nationwide basis. >> the supreme court is going to decide if they could proceed as a class they can band together their claims that federal very similar. these are claims of being discriminated b because of their sex. these are women that are very much like you, me. working
9:20 am
mothers, daughters. and they were deprived systematically of equal pay and promotional opportunities. impacting their families also. it is a significant case. >> marty: of a sense of the ramifications wide-reaching. based upon how the court should decide. >> this has the potential to impact similar civil rights collective lawsuits. in the sense that if the court decides that the case can go forward as a class it will be very beneficial to people that are trying to set their rights as a group. and with strength and numbers that is wal-mart's primary argument is that the case is too big to litigate. the essentially they are saying that it is a big company exception to the civil-rights laws. >> isabel: the berkeley who was our turn as
9:21 am
saying that the two-thirds of the hourly employees are women. there than 40 percent of our store managers. and they earn less than men even of the have more seniority. wal-mart saying that there is no pay difference between man/woman with a 90% of their stores and that the decision of who is hired or promoted is made at the local level. how can you do with that argument? >> and equal rights advocates are representing women from day one. we are the only women's rights organization fighting this case. we have analyzed the data and what we can tell you is that wal-mart wants to break down the numbers and look at individual stores. it is more difficult to see patterns of discrimination when you look at old stores it is difficult. to see patterns when you look at individual stores. if you look at all of these doors with this class action devised action
9:22 am
helps to do, all these- stores distinctive patterns of discrimination effecting women all across the country. we talked to women in different stores. they have made all of these statements with over 100 women given written statements in support. all reports have looked at this that yes itch to go forward as a class action. now, we're confident that this this should go forward as a class. >> marty: to you think that this is going to avoid any impact as women having inside? the woman have insight on this issue and you bring your own experience to every case you decide and that is the good thing. we want the case to be decided fairly based on the fax and the law. i am confident that the court will the right thing. >> isabel: you say that there is kovno but there has been conservative rulings a
9:23 am
circuit appeals judge that wal-mart women have little in common with their sex in this lawsuit. at the same argument is that perhaps they should not be so confident? a circuit judge. >> that is a common argument for this case. the fact is that these numbers do not lie in these experiments were so common all across the country. and every court has looked at this case millions of pages of evidence and heard these stories agree that they should go forward as a class action. and again, the supreme court is only going to decide the procedural issue. not weather or not the discrimination occurred. >> isabel: next week? >> yes. >> thank you. we will be right back.
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
9:27 am
>> isabel: video from the west bridge. this serveand firefighters nonetheless cautioned that these waters are dangerous and they are discouraging aquatic horseplay. >> marty: baseball. this weekend will help to get ready. gary is hosting baseball by the bay. the giants and interviewing players and also what spring training. that is tonight at 8:00 p.m. on kron 4 we will be right back.
9:28 am
9:29 am
live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. (music) >> marty: we are taking a
9:30 am
live look walnut creek on the left. the approach to the bay bridge is on the right. rainfall is a common trend. >> isabel: not a big surprise, brian it is giving a full check. and we're promising breaks of rainfall with sunshine. >> brian: if there is no son sunshine this afternoon there is clouds. however, still a lot of rain in the south bay. other parts of the bay area are looking better like the north bay. the main rainfall has moved out for this morning. still showers possible things looking better in san francisco. this rain is finally clearing. moderate at times. sunnyvale. that yellow is showing moderate rain. off to the east. the rain will be departing the
9:31 am
south bay. then through oakland, san leandro showers will be pushing east this morning. improvement is just offshore. the heavy rain and the snow is now moving towards the sierra this. breaks in the clouds for this afternoon. still shower threats will persist. it is not going to be widespread consistent like we have seen for this morning. by this afternoon a mixture of sunshine and showers. now, for tomorrow another weather system that is going to bring a chance for more rain. however, it seems to be relatively weak. it should be on the light side. when that is out of here a nice break of spring- like weather finally returning to the bay area. sunshine. warm. nine a m futurecast is showing the
9:32 am
rainfall as it is right now heavy in the east bay. by noon, that cloud will show disbursement in spotty showers possible. breaks in the clouds beginning to show up. we will see the sun and the blue skies later today. not a completely ready day. by 6:00 p.m., looking just okay. highs in the mid upper 50s. low 60s for tomorrow, the chance of rain by next week much nicer weather about talk about that a little bit later on. >> isabel: the accumulation of all of this pounding in the bay iraq has taken its toll. section of bay-area, it is open again after this morning after a giant mud slide yesterday. with a blockage of highway sections trying to clear other areas there on their way to
9:33 am
another call when a giant tree was down the highway and blocking the road. this section is still closed until a geologist declared it safe. >> on friday, the the value it did the damage throughout the city what areas need it the quickest attention. delayed and less severe mudslides were indicated by orange cones and it could take weeks for the damage to be completely fixed. >> residents and san francisco are urging to pickup free sand bags. 10 per presidenerson and on chavez -cesar chaves st and please bring proof of to
9:34 am
address. >> this large tree limb on this honda at 3:00 p.m. on friday. it was parked behind the conservatory of flowers at golden gate park. mary jane it is very lucky that she said her daughter was in sight. >> i'm so glad that she did not get hurt. >> for pictures taken before they moved that tree limb. the thickest part is at least 1 ft.. >> it must have weighed several tons. >> reporter: nobody knows why it snapped off of that eucalyptus tree. perhaps the amount of moisture content added extra weight and cost it to break off. merry chain continues to walk away. >> i will probably get the license played i want to
9:35 am
keep it. >> reporter: in san francisco, >> marty: breaking news, the woman, geraldine ferarro has just passed away. she was just 75. >> jan: celebrating 40 years for this tremendous newspaper. 40 years. and we will look at the movies. stay with us. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
9:36 am
9:37 am
um, no. cleveland. listen cleveland, your savings account is stuck in the past! earn more with interestplus savings at that's new school banking baby! so instead of making peanuts, your savings will be earning three times the national average. oops. sorry. three times more? i'll have that! it is now safe to go online to what's in your wallet? buh-bye... call me.
9:38 am
>> jan: celebrating 40 years as the bay area reporter. the longest continuous l b g t community and also news and entertainment events interviews it is a really wonderful paper. here are
9:39 am
fifth a few of the covers the latest as elizabeth taylor. the california budget, michael and doffed sasha and tom horn joins us and congratulations on 40 years. what do think? >> and a tremendous evolution in the media business and newspapers. we try to stay relevant and try to stay on the cutting edge so far we have succeeded. >> jan: it deals with everything there is a lot about the eleglpg t committees, i find things that nobody else has. >> absolutely we have to etiquette credits to our arts and it t entertainment section. with opera, ballet, and when there were opening i was told that the
9:40 am
art and literature in the section is unlike any other. >> jan: remarkable. you sat next to elizabeth taylor at and amfar event >> certainly, the paper has been in the forefront and bob ross the founder was also fundamental. i was fortunate enough to sit next to her. >> jan: your impression? >> she was fantastic i told her that she was an angel and she looked surprised like what would you say that? right >> jan: . he we are celebrating the 40th anniversary. and people can pick up all over the bay area in the castro and also all over. look for that. >> online. you have a museum.
9:41 am
>> jan: and this, on april 7th, the best of the gays >> the first time we've done a readership. things that there would like to do around town. april 7th, the 40th edition issue. >> jan: museum exhibition? >> the museum the lpg l bg l bt museum on 18th and caster from april 8th. a coalition. >> jan: on april 7th. the bay area
9:42 am
reporter, thank you. making its strong and wonderful and exciting. and online. here are movies are recommend. to get out of the ring, when, wh- >> jan: win, win, sweet and bitter sweet, no car chases, just poteshs, catherine di enouive and thed celluloid closet and rise, japan, saturday april 2nd,
9:43 am
8:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m. and thursday april 7th, 7:00 p.m. at and go into www . to contribute for the bay areaefforts towards the tsunami disaster
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>> isabel: breaking news geraldine feraro served in the early 80s and ran with walter mondale. she was later known for creating the geraldine foeraro became a frequent speaker on the cancer. twitter is many mentioning her work on
9:47 am
cancer. she was 75. >> marty: protests and violence and london. 4000 demonstrators speaking out against $29 billion in spending cuts. the daily telegraph reports that protesters are throwing paint bombs and ammonia filled light bulbs and police. spending cuts had a record deficit are hurting british families and taking away badly needed public services. >> radical. >> they're not really for the people. not for ordinary people. instead of spending money on weaponry for international forces they could spend money on our local services that we need. >> marty: supporters with
9:48 am
demonstrators have been injured after with 14 people being injured. >> isabel: kirkwood look at that snowfall this year as expected to get more. we spoke with michael this morning from kirkwood resort. >> caller: oh my gosh! id is bad incredible. nice, cooler temperatures and a it has been incredible--it is mid- february light conditions. >> marty: we understand that some areas have 15 0 in. of snow this fall alone? >> caller: the last seven days, 17 4 in.. season total = 698. season total record = 761. we are approaching that, quickly. and it is
9:49 am
been an incredible season for the powder. from a business perspective the road closures have presented challenges. we're expecting to of a huge april. >> marty: a phenomenal month of april and the sierras. and looking to the bay. this is from mt. tam and it is a mess. >> isabel: primus' talking about snowfall all the way until the month-bryan was speaking?-- >> brian: i hope not, will april showers bring me flowers? and snowfall in the month of april? we could even see people flowers with this weather pattern shifting it is going to be better on monday. i will have this wet, and dreary weather will be out of here with nice weather for the bay area. this is lake tahoe. snowfall coming down and the road does not look
9:50 am
too bad. winter storm warning for the sierras and the high country. the snowfall is coming down with tire chain laws in effect for highway 80, highway 50. lots of snow, today's system and tomorrow's needs system could have to-3 ft. of snowfall at the heart elevations. with two-feet indicated by the blue on the map. snow level going 7000 3,000 ft. all the way up to 4,000 ft. for today. things are improving a few hours ago we had heavy rain but know it is getting a little bit like her and they're going east. that is where we still see the rain. and danville, concord, showers with the livermore also experiencing what weather. the heaviest is in the south bay through san jose and the santa cruz
9:51 am
mountains. heavy near santa cruz and flood warnings in effect until 11:30 a.m. to 4 santa cruz county. floating around capitola. the show hours breaking up and look for breaks of sunshine showers breaking up. that- not a bad day for this afternoon with partly sunny skies. a passing shower and a much better weather outlook for next week. sunshine on monday and into the '60s and '70s. >> marty: breaking news, capitola and evacuation has been issued. with water rushing to the town of the same mobile home park that flooded on thursday. it destroyed four homes. residents have already been evacuated. city workers can
9:52 am
repair the damage. mod/the debris mud has rushed down the streets and emergency evacuation center is at city hall. we will have more details later tonight at 9:00 p.m. >> isabel: we will be right back.
9:53 am
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this weekend, >> marty: a san francisco. crafting beer festival. this is pretty. tell us about the different types. >> the major beer styles from a round the world. there is ale and lager ale is the vast majority, if it is fermented at room with
9:56 am
temperature. and loager his cold fermented. between 32 degrees and 39 degrees. the styles vary/range from light, crisp. with this. or a lighter which is this german beer. the most iconic american-style which is the india pale ale >> isabel: local? >> yes, it is in sonoma with a higher acapulco content. fermented longer. a higher-alcohol content. and loaded with siping qualities. and hops and cedras and a belgian jail.
9:57 am
trpaist proved by monks with a secretive recipe with ace secondaa secondary fermentation process. >> isabel: partisan, craft. >> the only booming segment right now, the big majors are. crafting is really going its becoming its own segment beer crafting. and a lot of our customers are coming from wine drinkers. the wind tread is trend is people are moving into handcrafted beer. >> marty: more information,
9:58 am
and cheers, thank you. >> isabel: stay dry we will see you, tomorrow.
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