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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 26, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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will show you all the damage and show you when you expect of those sunny skies to return. >>vicki: is the rain gone for a least a while brian? >>brian: still have more tomorrow but the good news is. not too much rain tomorrow and then after that we're really looking nice for next week. springlike weather finally come to the bay area. put a break from all this heavy rain, we will
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finally be out of fear. hear storm tracker 4, no rain showing up. more wet weather tomorrow afternoon. still snow in the sierra tonight but it's kind of winding down. the blue shows where the snow is coming down. last check still change required on highway 80 and highway 50. rainfall amounts from the past 24 hours, ranging widely. only about a quarter of an inch for the south bay. it was really jumping earlier this morning about 2 1/4 inches, close to an inch per santa rosa, napa. only about one to two tents for the east bay. tomorrow system, it's only forecast to bring a few hundredths of an inch, maybe about a quarter of an inch for the north bay. this is not a strong storm by any means. there it is, it's
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getting closer by tomorrow afternoon. look for a light rain and heaviest in the north bay. the farther south to go, the weaker the rain will get. periods of light rain in the afternoon and evening. monday, mostly sunny skies a much nicer weather coming. >>vicki: we are tracking the storm damage across the bay from rock slides in san francisco to flooding in the north bay. we have team coverage with the latest in a landslide in san paulo. >>reporter: the city issued yellow tags to three homes in some pop low. city inspectors say between friday and saturday this backyard went down at least another two more feet, perhaps more with the help of church friends and neighbors, the walkers are moving out. you can see why, their backyard is gone.
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>> i'm still in denial. >>reporter: a soil engineers inspected the soil and saturday and determined the house is no love for safe to live in. the walkers backyard is sliding down to sandra's house. her backyard is covered by mud and debris. the city also yellow tagged her house. >> devastated terry and >>reporter: heavy rains triggered the landslide. three houses have been yellow tag did one patio deck has been red tape.tag. >>reporter: walker said she knows it's hard to go, but she knows it's time to go. >> we were packing we could hear the walls cracking, the floor is cracking and the roof cracking.
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>>reporter: all of the affected homes only have flood insurance, so the insurance company are saying they're not going to cover any of the damage. the homeowners are pretty much out of luck. now they're hoping the city of san paulo will help them stabilize this hillside. in san paulo, kron 4 news. >>vicki: from the east bay to the south bay, water has flooded streets near sonoma. it covered part of highway 121 and highway 12. four lanes were blocked by the flood water. if local authorities closed the road to oncoming traffic. the flood in sonoma county is really nothing like the flood in capitola. kron 4 shows us a while the running water downtown. >>reporter: thousands of gallons of water per minute flowing through the streets of downtown capital on saturday with friday storms once again and updated the neighborhood in a nearby mobile home park. it the water came from the broken
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call for at the mobile home park and repair crews that they had the upper hand when they arrived in the morning. >> our job is to keep the culvert clear, their best efforts were overwhelmed by the fierce rains that descended. they had to abandon their equipment and seek higher ground. >>reporter: are rushed through the mobile home park in flushed through downtown. it flooded local businesses. >> the 1 up the street got nothing, the one next to us was ok because they had to step but ones farther down towards the center of town, were apparently very much under water. >>reporter: this jewelry shop was not at an elevation that might save him. >> we were late, our neighbors sandbag but was too late for us. >> our main focus is to get the call for it so it can carry water back to the ocean.
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>>reporter: at the mobile home park capitola building inspector marquette to make decisions on who could return in whose homes were destroyed. >> it yellow tag limited access, red tag you can't return. >>reporter: crews have little time to repair the broken culvert. >> we have the storm coming tomorrow, another storm scheduled for the route. >>reporter: in capitola, jeff kron 4 news. >>vicki: in woodside a tree fell on top of the telephone pole along highway 84. as a result both lanes were closed from skyline boulevard to patrol the road. pg&e crews were on the scene to fix the power lines. the highway reopened around 3:00 p.m. storm clean and mill valley goes beyond a fallen tree it's a landslide that crews are working on. kron 4, jerad
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stone shows the damage. >>dan: busy afternoon for crews, he concedes some of the machinery down the road. this is the mud you will find in the side of the roadway, wet conditions. we talked with one woman who had to be evacuated. this week i was eating a breakfast, >>reporter: seconds later rose mary saw something she hadn't seen before. >> i notice a small trade. >>reporter: at the time if there is an electrician at her house and she assumed he was moving something. she then look outside and saw what was actually happening. a mudslide outside a window. as a precaution crews evacuated rose mary from her home. no one was hurt and you could see no major losses. crews are still busy trying to make sure this still stays intact. >> now just thinking about how long were going to be
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headed for home, did i get the things i needed. >>j.r. stone: this is actually black tarp that will be put down on top of the area that slid, once that's done the put sandbags over the tar so it's not exposed to any more rain. reporting in mill valley, kron 4 news. >>vicki: in contra costa county another landslide blocked part of the road. this tree collapsed sliding downhill to canyon road. it brought a pile of rocks including one large went down into the lane. our recent landslide sent this massive older tumbling down onto a car. kron 4 nicole spoke with neighbors in this up for sunset neighborhood who for this landslide come crashing down. >>reporter: 1 large boulder and another came tumbling down with a ton of debris in a rock slide. you could see the empty hole left from boulder the drop off the six of the hillside. to boulders
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all in this car. one of them less than an inch away from another car. neighbors came out in stack of photos while some were pretty shaken up, others say this is in the first time this happened. >> next to that one, there was another rockslide there. it happened at least a couple weeks ago. >> i deliver on this side of the hill, it's alarming. >> god nobody was hurt and the cars were empty. >>reporter: the cars parked along the side of the street have been moved. crews have removed a large boulders from this side of the street yet. in factor putting in these large concrete barriers that you concede just behind the comet to prevent future rocks from rolling under in the next big storm. in san francisco, nicole kron 4 news. >>vicki: weather coverage continues on line, check out the next day's forecast or watched the satellite. log
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on to and click on the weather tab. alaska airlines had 140 flight cancellations today, the airline's computer system used for flight planning failed. the airline canceled the five as a full-fledged and laid a half-dozen more. if oakland have one flight canceled. they expect to have their flights back on track by tomorrow morning. still ahead, rebel fighters in libya claimed a major victory. japan's nuclear concerns continue. we show of the new nintendo 3 d yes. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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>>vicki: the prime minister of japan is optimistic this nuclear problem could be fixed.
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>>reporter: this situation and that the nuclear power plant is not getting worse, according to japan's nuclear and industrial safety agency. they didn't say it was getting better. they said vigilance is still needed. this is a similar message we heard from the prime minister on friday saying, it was still undecided what happened. saying it was unpredictable and also sang which allow ourselves to be optimistic. as for developments on saturday, levels of radioactive iodine 1200 times higher than normal were found in seawater just off the coast of japan. this does sound alarming, officials do say it's not as bad as it sounds, it can only be dangerous to humans if seawater is drunk. the danger to what a life and maybe fairly minimal. that
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is according to the nuclear safety agency. the problem is it's not known how it got there in the first place. whether or not there's a leak there within the plant or not. or what not it was in the atmosphere and came down as rain. it does appear as though radioactivity from the plant is slightly lower. officials also don't know why the contaminated water, 10,000 times the level was in reactors 3. we also understand this saturday it has also been in reactor one. some good news, fresh water is being used to douse the reactor's one-two and three rather than salt water. experts say it's a positive move because it means it's less corot's of and there will be such as salt buildup. paulette, cnn. >>vicki: tipping the balance of power in libya. will take a look at the important city that rebels have now taken
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>>reporter: it's a key win for the libyan opposition as gadhafi's forces have withdrawn saturday from the town. coalition helps the rebels claim victory. president barack obama said the u.s. is not backing down until khaddafi does. >> our message is clear and unwavering. his attack against a billion small- stock, his forces must go back. he is lost the confidence of his people and the legitimacy to rule and aspirations of the libyan people must be realized. >>reporter: opposition fighters reaching the of skirts of the town, the next
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big battle will be for control of another city where casualties continue to rage on. foreign minister said the aim of the opposition fighters is to push gadhafi forces out this city by city. >> protecting civilians is not on the agenda of the coalition. >>reporter: this weekend ito is expected to finalize procedures to protect civilians and take control of the united nations mandated no district fly zone from the u.s.. stan, kron 4 news. >>brian: torrential rain and flooding this morning but by the afternoon the rain stopped and we've had breaks of sunshine. a live shot of the golden gate bridge, and rate now oh its albany and berkeley and we have temperatures in the upper '40's and low 50s. it is colistin san ramon at 45 degrees. the weather is dry
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right now but that will change for tomorrow because we have a weather system on the way. here is future cast at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. notice everything is great here. we have cloudy skies over the bay, those will lead up to the chance for rain coming up in the afternoon. this rain is not forecast to be heavy. however, at any additional precipitation we get can cause flooding issues because we have been soaked for so long now. this is fairly insignificant this system. the storm early struggles to move to the south as we go through the day. by 4:00 p.m., light rain at around the golden gate in san francisco, but mainly this is in to marin, sonoma and napa counties. in the evening, the system does spread south but watch a kind of fall apart by 9:00 p.m.. we will see a few showers for the east bay and
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south bay. rainfall amounts for the system pretty minor, a few hundredths of an inch. baby as much of an quarter of an inch. temperatures upper 30's low to mid-40s. it up for 40 san francisco, overnight low a temperature 40 degrees with cloudy skies tonight. a chance for light rain tomorrow afternoon, the heaviest for the north bay. the upper 50s low 60s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, things really changed next week. we are done with this rain perhaps for five days in a row. there is a weather system coming through on tuesday, that will increase clouds but all of the raid as of right now was forecast to be north of the bay area. sunshine, warmer temperatures for mid to late week. highs in the '70s. >>vicki: nintendo is finally releasing it's 3 d portable consul. coming up will show you some of the features on
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>>now, here is gabe slate, with some tech news. >>gabe: " this is the hot new highly anticipated nintendo 3 d yes. it's the world's first hand-held game system that is 3 d. the top screen is 3 d. the nice thing is you don't need 3 classes' to see the 3 d and get the full effect. unfortunately you can't see the three affected through my video camera, the image is not traveling. if it will take my word for it is 3 d and it's like no other hand- held device. the bottom screen is an lcd touch screen, the top is the eye- popping screen. even though it's little, the 3 effect does make you feel like you're more in the game. it gives objects within the game world a feeling of space and depth at that extends far into the back of the screen. the screen makes
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it easier to see the position of characters and obstacles in the gaming world. it makes the whole experience more intuitive with the nintendo 3 yes, if you will also turn off the three affected play games and regular too deep. if convicted of vice ability to work with older dos games. it is backwards compatible when it comes to the games. one of the best things to do with the 3 yes, it is also a digital camera. you could take, view and store 3 d pictures. they look for the cool. at the background of the picture has a lot of depth and the subject sticks out in the foreground with the three movie. the nintendo 3 yes will be in stores on sunday, it cost $250. gabe slate kron 4 news. >>vicki: something to do on a rainy day. >>brian: little bit of rain, it just ugly day. it at least not that heavy soaking rain we've had for so long. it's going to be light rain tomorrow, definitely whether to get out and enjoy for next week.
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by wednesday, thursday and into friday highs back in the '70s with sunshine. i can't wait. >>vicki: the sun, we could all use a little bit of that terry and good night everybody, see when the morning.
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