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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 28, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: baseball fever at 5:30 the world series champion giants take on the oakland a's. tonight, vern glenn is live at at&t park with a preview. vern? >> i will tell you it is exciting. i is walked out of the ballpark. the giants for on the field and let me cut to the chase. you want to see the world champ? they look good! from scottsdale. the lineup, it will be interesting to see with buster posy, and let. to the rundown pablo sandoval, lincecum will be the starter on thursday. these guys were just itching to get out
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there and get their work in. 7:pm oakland a's the giants will of a big target on their back. we understand that there is some comments. >> i do not think they're going to lose their first game to the padres and to a scramble to catch up. i think that will be three- team dogfight giants, rockets, doctors. >> though dodgers--the of this court to settle the have their score to settle and they're going to have their eyes set on the giants. titoday, speaking of the oakland a's will come back the oakland a's are just about to take the field for their infield batting practice right outside of l. at&t park.
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>>pam: san francisco giants opening day is right when the corner. tickets? >>reporter: demand is high. at&t park. the giants opening day game is april 8th against the cardinals is sold out at the box office. opening night = sold out the plight. still for sunday april 10th range from $50 to $15. if you're going with friends? no tickets together with 115--with craigslist, stub hub the cheapest were going for $1204 standing room tickets. at the other and i saw some little steven's going for thousands. one on stub hub = 120. and some people were even asking for thousands online. you're cheap seats best that can be at the last
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minute. maureen kelly. >>pam: a serious injury after a pipe bomb in this newspaper exploded. air lifted with hospital as investigators effect would it 40 homes. this cul-de- sac after several hours of investigation, that alcohol tobacco and firearms is it assisting in the investigation. a truck traveling on summer and boulevard veered off of the road and into the water. - summe andemoran boulevard >> and underground electrical problem caused an explosion at the intersection of post/grant. it was so strong it of the cover off of a manhole.
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nobody was hurt and pg&e that faulty wire was to blame. east bay man killed. officer involved shooting this morning at 1:00 a.m. police pulled over 24 year- old johnny ochoa on 300 blog of bay point the driver tried to drive away. the officer clung to the vehicle, and the officer fired to ochoa the was a warrant for ochoa. the chauncey bailey trial is back on the stand. he was ordered to kill chauncey, antwon mackey is also accused of the death of
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bailey. >> the teenager trying to kill three of these teenagers fouthree of his teachers was found guilty at with pipe bombs he was armed with a chainsaw, and they sort. prosecutors in the 18 year-old was angry because of bad grades. the jury has to decide weather or not he was sane of committing those crimes. ups (music) >> brian: the what weather is coming to when and what sunshine and temperatures into the wet weather coming to an end but the wind is blowing. breezy. gusting up to 25 m.p.h. and s f o, fremont, the wind speeds will remain breezy for this evening and subside later. for tomorrow, there is actually another storm system. good news for the bay iraq is that the flooding concerns and any rainfall for the bay-arroea
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with gusting winds. continuing warming trend with 60s/70's and nearly 70 degrees and san jose. santa rosa, and once that is out of here for wednesday more sunshine and temperatures continuing to climb. in fact, 70's with nearly 80 degrees inland. as this week progresses, a warm up. >>pam: the san mateo bridge headlights = east. hayward traffic is medium and both directions. the bay bridge toll plaza is not a problem going into san francisco, or into the east bay. we will be back.
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britney mania. the concert lips. people were in
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costumes. >> kimberlee: oh my gosh! it was fun, and even if it was freezing. perhaps you remember that those tickets to the free concert went very quickly. these lines with hundreds waiting. three blocks from the been you but if you are not able to see her perform? you are still able to see the performance on line. check out on this. >> britney is getting ready to come out on the stage. (cheers & applause) (brittnay)
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>>pam: recent storms are saturating the ground with a number of problems. and one working crew in the north bay had its hands full. here is teresa estacio. >> this tree fell with 84 people still people without power. take a look. this is the tree up close that toppled. and another in all
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of this and downed trees. you can see that the ground was so saturated that gave way. lines. in the trees, and also just in the streets. this all happened on redwood ave. in the hills off corta madera a new power hole to replace that has been snapped in half. up the street and other working crew. you can see up there a worker is clearing away some of the canopy of a tree. they will have better access to the power lines. the crew explained that that piece of what in side of the pocket that piece of--would came
5:46 pm
off and the tree snapped a power line. about one hour later, look a quick progress! this new power pole is off the truck and in the street. attached to a craned. it is going to be lifted into the air and installing it right over there. the working crew is hoping to restore power to all residents some time by noon. in corta madera >>pam: sunset neighborhood, boulders through this neighborhood and the side pockets still blocked. the city is looking to assess and stabilize the area. all this rainfall is causing this problem is with this bolder resting on his car, fortunately, no in shorinjuries
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>> brian: people were jumping get the chance to get out. sunshine! even though it was cool. temperatures in frisco and 50s it will change in the next couple of days temperatures are going to climb a special towards the end of this week. another weather system that is out in the pacific. this is coming into northern california. rained. stay north. nevertheless, with increasing clouds. mostly cloudy conditions by this afternoon tomorrow. how the south they will see more sunshine. look for the wind to pick up by the afternoon. perhaps 25 m.p.h.-35 m.p.h. with light sprinkles possible in the far reaches to the northern sonoma county. look at this few from the sierras. tons of snowfall from heavenly ski resort they picked up 7 ft. in the past seven days.
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kirkwood = 15 ft. of snowfall! plenty of fresh powder. with mostly sunny skies to enjoy the fresh powder with and upper 50s, low 60s by the middle of this coming week. . the futurecast is looking at tens of this 40's in the morning. by tomorrow afternoon, 60s, and even the 70's with morning temperatures in the 40's. the coast = 50s. 7 = san jose, antioch and a santa rosa of reaching a 68 degrees. a dry day and a long stretch of dry weather. wednesday-friday = partially/mostly sunny skies. look at those warming temperatures into the upper 70's, low 80s inland. '70s around the bay, and on opening day, the home opener looks great on friday. the rainfall chance
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returns on saturday. >>this just in to the kron 4 news room getting california utility regulators are changing the way they find pg&e after the san bruno explosion. you can see how the--fine pg&e the new id regulators are thinking of 3 million-6 million instead of $1 million per day which was the plan that there were previously considering. pg&e and the state utilities commission are going to agree to supposedly to these new terms on wednesday in court. that is the latest. grant lotus. >>catherine: a national student pleaded not guilty of building a chemical bomb. a texas tech student is accused of plotting to blow
5:50 pm
up the home of former george w. bush president, and presideresidents say that he was caught with chemicals. a gas tank exploded in texas early. after it was hit with a pickup truck the driver of the to-reel was killed. 22 year-old man driving that pick up truck was driving the wrong way on the highway and alcohol is related. he hit an 18-wil we' wtruck dri. today is the anniversary of the 1979 radiation leak from three mile island. >> a beached whale, marine
5:51 pm
experts on the scene. >> a poisonous cobra from the egyptian cobra is so deadly it could kill a person in 15 minutes it is escaped from the bronx zoo. >>pam: traffic headlights = north. at 6 80/24 split is slow. san jose what a difference! the guadeloupe overpass. northbound, 101 = good. and the guadeloupe overpass is a little bit slow. we will be back.
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>>pam: gabe slate's tech report >>gabe: motorola tablet. wifi version = started tugrik = $600. same as the
5:55 pm
32gig wifi only. this new, cheaper motorola tablet at major retailers wal-mart, best buy. it has great reviews, the best thing to an ipad competitor. it is the google version of a tablet on the google honeycomb operating system it is like an toward for smart phones but honeycomb is optimized for a bigger screen of the tablet. the biggest complaint is that it is too expensive. before now, it was $800. work, a discounted price is $600 with a 3 g version with a two-year data plans. that was a monthly service plan. now, the 32 dick wifi is priced to compete with the ipad. $600 = wal-mart, best buy, costco = $589 = free shipping amazon is also $
5:56 pm
599, free shipping come out the door. that is the best i have found. gabe slate's tech report >>pam: a super hero mayor, and internet reporter, today's edition of take a look at this >> kimberlee: a super hero story take a look at this is not everyday that you see a well-known politician dressed as spider-man. bloomberg was at a charity dinner. an homage he even got stuck trying to land. he also was in the part of a parody of a mama mia with bellbottoms. baby panda bears, starting to move away into the panic and a gardener. they start with morning exercises,
5:57 pm
kindergartners for panda berarsars and take a look at this state rivalry. a radio station in maine has greeted the world largest wheat high. after people in pennsylvania called the people of the main misguided moves of mars with lip smacking morris - and e whoopie pie came in at 2 million lbs. 2 million calories. >> brian: the sunshine seemed especially bright with the gray conditions. warmer temperatures coming up this week.
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>>pam: to big landslides.
6:00 pm
team coverage. three homes are still attacked a state of emergency. still-a yellow tag. problems getting worse. >>reporter: a hill and hercules defense is on the second floor of this house. and the distance, the red one tape. >>reporter: kimberly bell takes the stand what she said about the alleged steroid use of barry bonds and death threats. >>pam: new worries about the nuclear power plant that is on the brink of disaster. live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. 6:00 p.m. >>pam: at 6:00 p.m., kron 4 discovers more damage fro weekend weather. from hillsborough, a 3section
6:01 pm
washed away. 30 ft. section, and residents in this area that normally use woodbridge road are being told to use alternate route. that is not the only area from the weekend storm. j. r. stone is alive and hercules. >> this has caused problems in the past. is likely to in the same thing. as i was walking behind the house is this chain-link fence. the hill was on one side and houses or on the other but this is what we're looking at, now. you can see the hill has come right up to these homes. these homes are vacant, or danger zones. a big threat. there are four more homes in addition to yellow tag. billy what did you see over the weekend? >> yes there was flooding in my backyard, my neighbor's
6:02 pm
backyard. the fact that we no longer have drainage. this temporary dream which was destroyed. and a state of disrepair. >>reporter: just looking at these houses there in such bad shape and you are right next to these homes. what is your thought right now? concerns? >> my wife and an older son and a younger son. one is attending college. all three of us are worried. really worried. >>reporter: the yellow- attack to have plans? the recommendation is that the yellow-tagged is advising to evacuate. >> we think the city for their advisement. it is going to be inconvenience and i spoke to the city
6:03 pm
building inspector leaving a message regarding how long we are going to be remaining with this yellow-tag. >>reporter: this was reason, just one hour ago, that yellow tag. often the distance, that the dirt. that is an area that you could not see a couple of weeks ago because of what rainfall. and the wet weather the we have had. it has changed the conditions. reporting live in hercules, j. r. stone kron 4 news. if >>pam: to boulders- two boulders and sunset neighborhood of the side walk is blocked. city workers tried to assess and stabilize this a real officials say the rainfall caused this problem and a yoviwer sent us these proper photographs. a viewer said
6:04 pm
us these photographs and fortunate, no injuries. kate thompson is in the san paolo life. kate? >>reporter: the major operation was clearing these trees out. you can see this pile of debris. trimming these trees, branches off or cutting these down altogether. they are not worried about this backyard. what they are worried about is down the hill. several homes and erosion is continuing to erode. all eyes are on what happened down this hill 25-30 years ago. it is coming off the this hill has had previous problems. many of these homeowners had no idea. >> no longer able to live in her home with a yellow-
6:05 pm
tagged with the unstable foundation she has no idea that the hillside had a scary history. pictures provided by nabors walker saw similarities from this land a slide in the and early 1980's and what is currently going on in her back yard. >> i wish i would've known this six-seven years ago. >>reporter: the spokesperson says that this damage from the 1980's was from water damage but no more information. they have lived here for seven years, and nobody disclose the information of this neighborhood to them. >> this home opened up a pandora's box that was closed for a long time. i was very upset that never was disclosed. this should have been disclosed in 1983.
6:06 pm
if i would've known that? you'd be interviewing a different person. >>reporter: what you are looking at is a live picture of the walker backyard some of this foundation had pulled away from the side of the house has taken there in tiger flower bed down with it and tear--entire floor bed and a patio is continuing to get worse. their flower bed--is continuing to press down hill and more erosion from underneath their home. they are no longer living. they are living in a hotel. it is being paid by the city but they do not a long haul the long that will last. they're looking forward to speaking to the city on wednesday a meeting at 6:00 p.m. in the city hall. getting some answers on how sick this hillside is how safe-this hillside is and even if they
6:07 pm
can save their home, at all. reporting live, kate thompson. >>pam: a different pair of floods with tens of millions of dollars in capital. lookit this video, the rain swamped and capital oa rob fladeboe shows us the damage and the clean up. >> the flood waters are gone but this is almost as bad. there is mud, everywhere. piles of mud, carpeting, flooring or ruined by the water. everything on or near the floor and that this capitola gallery. >> anything that was on the ground. it was ruined. >>reporter: not far away as mobile home park is in shambles. a drainpipe failed and this torrential
6:08 pm
rain. diverting the water creek to the village instead of the creek fell below she is holding back her tears. >> clearly, we did get out of this place. this is still your home. >>reporter: water damage forced the police department to move and the entire area is getting hosed down to get rid of that mud. rob fladeboe reporting from capitola, kron 4 news. >> brian: a storm coming in from the pacific but the to be scared yours forecast coming up the we could be- speared--
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>>pam: testimony in the barry bonds perjury trial of one of the most anticipated witnesses graphic testimony from
6:12 pm
former mistress, kimberly bell. dan kerman was there. >>reporter: former girlfriend, took the stand and he admitted to or that an old injury was because of steroids. it is " not something he did all the time " but steroids were other reasons for getting ahead and achieving. also that he exhibited some of the side affects the social with human growth hormones and anabolic steroids. in addition to his body getting becker he had acted on his shoulder, back, hair falling out, bloated and-acne--on his back and face and he would get angry and impatient. threatening to " cut my head off and leave me in a ditch " and also " he would cut out my breast implants because he paid for them ". he gave her a lot of
6:13 pm
things in the nine years including the $80,000 for the home in arizona and he refused to pay it off as promised to issue was forced to sell it. during the cross-examination they try to suggest that she was angry, vindictive not only over the break up but also because barry bonds refused to pay off the home in arizona. when that happened she decided to go public on radio, television. discussing their relationship is alleged steroid use. she also attempted to write a book. to embarrass and humiliate him. she was not angry simply hurt and she never wanted the focus to be on steroids. at the federal courthouse in san francisco, dan kerman, kron 4 news. if >>pam: san francisco giant equipment manager took the stand. he testified that his
6:14 pm
cap size and increased 200 t seven20 20in the yar 2002 fro4 to 7 3-4 that is a side effect of steroid use increased head size. michael cardoza will join us, after this
6:15 pm
6:16 pm
6:17 pm
>>pam: testimony on the trial former a girlfriend revealing intimate details. now the question is how that will impact the case. our legal analyst, michael cardoza joins us. what do
6:18 pm
think that in the most with the most impact? >> i think the most actual testimony was the fact that she was with barry bonds 49- 10 in years. his violent temper. she was with them for the amount of 9-10 years--he threatened to cut her head off, leaper in a ditch and also cutting out her breast implants and dashed leave her in a ditch. that is leading to the steer road rage in the cross- examination was courtroom theater at its best. kimberly bell stood her ground as the defense cross- examined her. there were times when chris what approach the witness and she would throw down a piece of paper. i would surprise that the judge was not going and.
6:19 pm
>>pam: was the jury reacting because of the graphic testimony? >> stoic. >>pam: with her interviews of kimberly bell and that they are trying to attempt to not establish your credibility but also not cruncher testimony. >> what point she leaned over and she looked at the defense attorney and a set of light and not a liar. and i thought that is really getting back. and she looked to the defense-in said i am not a liar. you cannot believe anything you say it is as if you cannot believe it beyond a reasonable doubt. they are letting it out there to argue to the jury that perhaps you cannot believe it. >> and? >> giambi
6:20 pm
>>pam: thank you, michael. >> of new information on the san jose hit and run with a police officer. take a look at this google earth. self first street. an officer was coming south on first street. attempting to make a regular traffic stop on his motorcycle. a car came out and pulled out in front of him and the officer hit the car. a light blue honda accord. officer creaton, a light blue 2004-2006 honda with damage. the officer is in a hospital with injuries to his head, arm, chest,
6:21 pm
face. he is alive. if you have any information please call san jose. live, grant will discuss kron 4 news. >>pam: antioch looking for this man, of he is accused of making inappropriate comments to male students and illicitly touching and eight great male student. he is a teacher at park middle school in antioch investigators to the touching was over his clothing. after they started his investigation they left ha note for his family believe the the what the wheat to mexico. a want of a thousand dollars warrant for his arrest is issued. a warrant of $100,000 is issued for his arrest the believe that he fled to mexico. >> brian: the camera is looking at when the conditions with 60s. ahead
6:22 pm
56 in santa rosa, if it 62 in dublin. in fact, i think that maybe in the 80s in some areas of the beabay. this is going to stay to the north with gloves in the south. late morning, 10:00 a.m., partly/mostly cloudy skies. and it will still cloudy throughout the afternoon. with this rain it will stay to the north and east sprinkles could filter into sonoma. that will be the worst of this system with afternoon clouds and temperatures in the 60s. perhaps even in the '70s and into, san jose. 73 = san francisco, and 64. things get better on wednesday, thursday, friday. mostly sunny skies and temperatures
6:23 pm
climb into the mid 70's. low 80s inland. wheat or corn tuesday warm for the rest of this week. the we are going to stay warm for the rest of this week. a nice day on saturday for baseball. >>pam: a devastating power of the tsunami and shelby lynne. >> plutonium has been discovered at the hukashimi daiichi plant. they say that it poses no risk. the plan to monitor the surrounding environment. and pharmacist and farm analysts fes fear the whopper. >> it got out! perhaps from the reactor? >>reporter: also water in the tunnel contained rhodesian at 100,000 times the normal level. they did not know how those water cut
6:24 pm
out of the building. >> if this water is coming up from the reactor? that means the containment vessel is cracked/broken. >>reporter: high levels of radiation were found in seawater and positive news is that restoring cooling system is in good shape. also the power of this disaster from two weeks ago. sheldon, kron 4 news. shelby lynne.. ♪ have a good daisy
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>>catherine: new york times is starting to charge online. $1 buy-$30 you installed it article for free but there is a going to be some initial discounts. in an effort to get people used to the idea
6:28 pm
>> stella! she >> this was part of a shopping competition for the shouting-competition in honor of the play " a streetcar named desire " stay with us. kaufhof
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6:30 pm
now at 6:30, our top stories. more news, more crews, right now our top stories. >>reporter: it's almost time for baseball, at&t park, the will break down the is further. right now, let us take a look as they come off the field. everybody wants to see what he is doing, with mark ellis and some of
6:31 pm
these gusy from the a' opener ofriday. cactuses, and of the world series. and texas and, and all the world series. perhaps the one not be quite as good as the oakland. texas has better pitching in oakland. >> a lot of good players. the texas rangers could go and and also competing for the title for the division. >> i will be back with more and sports the giants/a's baseball cannot wait! the firm glenn, kron 4 news. >> continuing our coverage more inclined--with tickets for the opening game. april 8th = sold out. craigslist,
6:32 pm
stub hub. the cheapest are standing room tickets = $ 120! on the other end, thousands at club level. >>reporter: in the santa cruz, they're going to give the san francisco 49ers for a gun in it dollars to build a stadium giving them a foreman in dollars-a-for the redevelopment fund giving them $4 million. from the redevelopment fund the money will be used to further explore building a stadium and improvement of the properties. in santa clara, daniel varrieal. >> kimberly bell testified in the barry bonds trial today. his out regis were caused because of steroids.
6:33 pm
is an outrage--her character was trying to be to my list but the defense, she stood her ground. >>reporter: looking to protect homes below, this landslide remained yellow tagged. the city has declared a local state of emergency to get them aid. many of the homeowners are looking to get more answers at a city hall meeting. of what can be done to save their homes. kate thompson, kron 4 news. >> look at this distance, this hhill to look up against these homes is still home purse looming. in the
6:34 pm
distance, red danger tape. that is indicating no entry. for more homes have been yellow-tagged with no overnight sleeping because of the instability and hercules. j.r. stone. >>reporter: they had to floods in three days, after last thursday when a pipe bursts reducing floodwaters into capitola and a mobile home park it happened again on a saturday. with torrential rains. the second was worst and the first with $10 million for clean up. and, rob fladeboe, kron 4 nos. >>reporter: a gigantic tree toppled over in corta madera it is made a huge mess with
6:35 pm
100 people out service. several streets shut down as a working crews can remove the street. the ground is so saturated it that the root system the way. way. estacio, in ocrta madera. kron 4 (music) >> brian: nice day with a sunshine to of the war but that moisture absorber that moisture--with 60s in santa rosa, napa, these readings are going to be warming to the next several days. a system passing to the north. with increasing clouds for the afternoon. mostly cloudy and temperatures getting into the fifties by the bay. 60s/70's to the south bay. and inland. after the storm pushes through, a warm up by wednesday with mostly sunny and breezy. those readings
6:36 pm
can top out to the low 70's. upper 70's, nearly 80 degrees inland. even warmer for thursday. low 80s on the east bay and possibly the south bay. mid-70s with light rain chances on saturday. >> kimberlee: in the buzz, prince harry pulled off the impossible by throwing a bachelor party for his brother. and managing to allude the paparazzi. the boys opted for a low-key guidry and a french country home. key home. >> fergie is looking a little different because a
6:37 pm
change routine that if you she is the same for you, with no plastic surgery. >> reese withersopponipoon was married over the weekend, some of several celebrities in attendance at her home that served as the venue.
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>>pam: gabe slate's tech report >>gabe: a new application that this getting a lot of attention. analysts say it could be just as good as facebook it is called color smart phones share pictures and videos. if you are at an
6:41 pm
event? if you are taking a picture? anybody else that is also into the color application will see that picture that you just talk. that will pop up in their phone in their color application. and any picture that is locked into color within 100 ft.. that is lockeand--looged in if you ae at an event? you can see several pictures. you will not be sharing private pictures on your phone just the ones in the take with in the color interface. you can send text messages and it is a hugreat way to meet new people and your current venue. will it be a huge hit? it certainly is an
6:42 pm
interesting idea. this is free for an iphone . >>pam: update on the stanford women to go for the straight final four. with opening day right around the corner of the giants, the a's square off on the bay bridge series. live, you're resnick is next with all of your sports. gary radnich-- the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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um, no. cleveland. listen cleveland, your savings account is stuck in the past! earn more with interestplus savings at that's new school banking baby! so instead of making peanuts, your savings will be earning three times the national average. oops. sorry. three times more? i'll have that! it is now safe to go online to what's in your wallet? buh-bye... call me.
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>> gary: good evening, one in a victory away for stanford women. the first half. 37-the b-2. stanford on top. the 11th seed 37- 32--a great cinderella story. virginia commonwealth basketball barely getting back to the n.c.a.a..
6:46 pm
returning to their campus in virginia, a sharp young smart, coach. with the the 11th seed, and upset no. 1 on kansas over the weekend and butler. that final four on saturday. that is the story of the post-season. and vcu and the associated press is known in that purdue and walker are still alive in the tournament. and ohio state the all-american team 28.5 points per game the. the giants stadium does not start until. tonight in a giants stadium. but the word is the game against the
6:47 pm
a's with 40,000 people. vern glenn 40,000 on a monday night for a practice game? >> believe it! it is the bay bridge with the giants and they are back from arizona. it there in the city by the bay why not? at least one not have 40,000. >> gary: one thing is not changed. you are still out in the parking lot. >> and with my peeps [laughter] and i am trying to get into the game. serious business. everybody is glad that the giants are back from arizona. brian wilson and state back in arizona the fact that both buster posy esteban this status. >> it is less than did the
6:48 pm
the ththan 55 people will have a better answer tomorrow. the chances are that he will not start with us the chance is 50-50--. brian wilson with the zero bleak injury slow to come back. with that leak injury with that zero bleak all bleak all blea = = = =obliqd the suns seemed to of the world series back into the routine. and adolescence keen to of the world series for 1/2 and centocoand since gae
6:49 pm
world series and jumping it over the oakland a's everybody wanted to get a good look at the players. just going down the roster. and the opening game on a friday, the giants on thursday. you can tell that it is going to be something. let us hear from matt cain and anderson. >> we do not want to think that last year was just a fluke we want to come of this year with just as much strength and excitement. we are looking for going out there. >> with the new additions on the line up. with the guys from last year it will be
6:50 pm
exciting and we're ready for a great game year. >> and that is from dotting the eyes and crossing the t's and it is almost back a >> gary: game like this would drop perhaps 20,000 fans. did you sense that the euphoria it is not the same as the world series but still abounds in their step:in? >> if you can see this ipad some money high fives piquancy my han--if you can seey hand, there have been so many high fives, my hand is sore.
6:51 pm
>> gary: and 40,000 for a practice game and jose canseco. this is a good one, next.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>> gary: jose canseco was scheduled to box saturday night in the south florida. he did not feel like doing it so we sentenced twin brother. to fight for him. he asked for $5,000 up front. they gave him the 5000 and said wait a minute! and he has tattoos all over his body. and perhaps 400 people are out
6:55 pm
there. and there were sent home. they did not.. jose was paid 10,000, 5000 up front, and he says give it to me in cash. and why? and as soon as ossi took his shirt off the tattoos and noticed that the brother was the twin brother. and they kept the t-shirt on him during the way and. and during the weigh in and the promoter was a dishonest,
6:56 pm
and tried to teach him a le sson. cheryl swoop won her last mvp 2005 and she is coming back. and this one. bryant was a rookie with the cowboys and his pants were too saggy ejected from a mall. encoutered briant, and he was escorted off. and he ownees a ny jeweler money!
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
it's time to take you deeper inside tonight's top story. i'm lara spencer. >> and i'm kevin frazier. "the insider" is on. high above reese witherspoon's weekend wedding. >> could her honeymoon be cut short? >> there's no way they'll have enough time to relax. >> the a-list guest list. the gown. the flowers. >> and what "the insider" just found out abt plans for more children. elizabeth taylor, in depth on how much her estate will make after her passing. >> she makes about $2 a minute from her perfume sales. >> plus, the secret she took to her grave, only now being revealed. then, prince william's royal bachelor party. >> what an insider just told me a


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