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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 30, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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dangerous landslides across the bay area. and kron4 was there as residents pleaded for funding. we'll show you what is being done to fix the wrecked roads in san jose. mobile homes in mountain view as the land beneath them give way. the homeowners of the six properties in danger of sliding near the hillside met with city officials for a private meeting
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tonight. as kron4, many of them left with questions still unanswered. the future of the six homes in san pablo still hangs in the balance nearly a week after the landslide destroyed the backyards of nearly all of the houses. wednesday's meeting, left some of the homeowners scratching their heads and a city manager, the city still doesn't know if the hillside could be shored up. >> we're looking, engineering to give us an answer. the slide repair we're estimating about $5 million it will cost to repair. that's beyond the capeiblities of the city of san pablo. we hope it will be reimbursed by the state's disaster fund. that's what we're hoping to pay for the slide. >> the walker's backyard has
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the most damage. they say it may be too late to save their home if something is not done quickly. during the meeting, the walkers tells us the city says there's been problems with the hillside in the past. >> two houses there. another house up and another house rolls away. if that is disclosed in the middle of when we bought the house, we would have walked away. >> according to the structural engineers. it could be safe. it's done now. not in months -- it's done now. no one has the funds to do it. >> a special fund has been set up in all mechanic bank locations, the victims of the disaster. log on to kron4. com in the news section. we want to give you a look at the damage. here you could see a swing set in the backyard and then after the landslide the entire brick
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wall has been eroded. there's not a drop off of land and left the swings dangling over the sides. we have another picture. it shows how many trees have been cut and removed. you could see the patio of the home and the brick wall have crumbled. alongside the home, there used to be a fence in the picture. now look at the after picture. the fence is dangling. the brick planters on the ground are to longer there. from san pablo, coverage of the dangerous slides continues in san jose. that's where a new slide in the southern part of the city is located. kron4 shows us the damage there. it hasn't rained since saturday but as you could see, water is still seeping on the hills. residents fear it won't be long before the slide that took off half the road, takes off the other half and utilities with
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it. the pavement is buckling and crackling over the road. the rains and seeping water are undermining the road down below. huge chunks of the road continue to fall below. i'm standing in a piece of road that's fallen, solid three feet. the upper level of the road up to my waist. as you could see from this angle, it runs down the road. it's getting worst every day. the huge cracks appeared in the driveway of the home nearest the road. cushing and sidewalks are buckling. other cracks are appearing around the house and the ground is falling away from the foundation. pg&e has repair add gas leak and is installing an emergency shut off valve and power poles, they say are at risk. property owners are waiting for the rains to end before tackling themselves which they
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may likely do themselves because this is a private road. a woman had to be rescued by a helicopter after the ground gave way from under her. she was walking her dog when the road collapsed and she fell close to 40 feet. she was able to pull herself up part of the embankment. the ground was so ub unstable that she feeded help -- needed help. three mobile homes were evacuated and red tagged because of a landslide. you could see the slide that's threatening the sierra mobile home park. we talked to one neighbor that lives next door. >> started happening last week. they have more rain, ground got more saturated. it sounded like the trees got more underneath there. the slide happened. it started happening on wednesday. i'm here in bits and pieces, a little bit of a debate on who
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owns what and who is responsible. that is uncertain for the homeowner. they don't really, have insurance, if anything happens, will be protected. i hate to be a homeowner right noi. >> the back side of one mobile home appears to have suffered some slight damage. no one was injured. residents in the homes effected are staying in motels. and unstable hillside has close add road there. it's on scenic avenue. you could see crews were out there inspecting the cracks and the stability of the hillside. so far, there's no estimate on when the road will reopen. new tonight at 11:00, worried parents gathered in berkeley after another student was seen near a high school campus possibly carrying a gun. kron4 jonathan bloom, where parents loudly voiced their concerns to the district. >> parents told the berkeley
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school board something has to be done before somebody gets killed. after five students in less than two months were found carrying guns. police and district officials say all options are opt table. >> las to be stopped. >> my blood has been boiling the last week. i'm scared for my daughter. i'm scared for her friends. i'm scared for her teachers. >> rarely does a day go by when one of them doesn't see a gun or a knife. next thing, fights in the halls. >> kids are bringing guns to school because they don't feel safe. >> informed by other students, they will talk to the people. >> i wanted to vomit. i want to know what we are going to do. i want to, you know, walked into campus and no one even checked. i walked right in.
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>> require every student to wear an id badge. >> change in berkeley high,. >> and students think it's punishment to have no detectives, no -- >> many students will complain. and many, if not most, measures are necessary. >> we have to wait until one of our kids gets wounded or actually die on campus before we actually do something. >> the board didn't take any action at this meeting. they say they are considering the possibilities of metal detectors and id badges as well as adding more security guards. they did say, though, they would prefer the students would go directly to a teacher or staff member if they see a classmate carrying a weapon. berkeley, jonathan bloom, kron4 news. it was a gorgeous day. temperatures were on the warm
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side. several records in the north bay. santa rosa, napa, san rafael, all record-breaking temperatures. oakland, concord, hayward and mountain view. most of the record highs were in the 80s. hayward set a new record. temperatures are still very much in the mild side, about 10 degrees warmer than last night at this time. running in the 60s nearly bay area wide. it's going to be quite mild overnight. we won't forget another warm day tomorrow, with more record- breaking temperatures. we'll talk about that and changes in the weekend coming up. this is your captain speaking, we are fourteenth in line for takeoff.
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new allegations of misconduct against the san francisco police officers. a judge in san francisco threw out a case, after videos. police say he commit add felony sale of marijuana. the video shows three officers dressed in plain clothes,
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searching the apartment building without showing their badges much the report says the three officers had stars exposed in the outer most clothing. today public defender jeff adhaka said that's not true. >> went inside for approximately 35 seconds and returned to the hallway and turned and said okay, could you come in now? that's not true. the officers were not aware of the videotape until they were confronted with it in court. and when they were confronted with it in court, their demeanor, their testimony clearly changed. >> here's the response from san francisco's district attorney george gascon. would disagree and order the
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tested. tomorrow, expecting testimony from the personal assistant being kathy hop kips. john concernman kron 4 news. a san jose officer remains in the hospital after a hit-and- run accident. officer creighton, who we see here, was pursuing a traffic violator when an accord cut him off. he's recovering and lucid but he did suffer serious injuries. and a napa state hospital patient accused of sexual assault is ruled incompetent to stand trial. this man, jesus tobar was arrested in charges of battery against a female hospital employee. a judge ordered tobar sto a mental health institution until his condition changes. the deputy district attorney says he will not be placed back to napa state hospital.
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another warm day on tap for thursday. here's today in a glance. a mild morning. temperatures mainly in the upper 50s. we will see temperatures warm quite quickly. quick warming in the noon hours. someplaces, and possible breaking temperatures again. many places will be in the 80s tomorrow afternoon. a look at storm tracker 4 radar. warm dry air dominating, sending the storm track to the north. we'll be clipped with a few high clouds and we will stay clear of the wet weather. temperatures again mainly in the upper 50s. few places captured low 60s. temperatures warming quickly by noon. 80 in san jose. and we'll be seeing a lot of places warming in the 80s until the afternoon hours. same thing in napa. palo alto. take a look neighborhood by
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neighborhood. 75 in san francisco. 80 in san rafael. in the 80s for the most part in the inland valley. 80s for bay shore. 83 in san jose. tomorrow, it will be a day of peak warming. temperatures will start to cool as warm dry air starts to break down. we will get a storm approaching us on saturday. it could bring some light rainfall. mainly what we will see a cooler conditions through the weekends but will rebound nicely as we head to next week. giants and a's wrap up spring. gary has highlights of the game straight ahead. speaking of the giants, looks like a rookie will start the season. gary has details on that and all the sports. kron 4 is helping you get ready for the baseball season. our own gary radnich will have preview with player interviews
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the giants will open the season tomorrow night with rookie first baseman brandon belt in the starting line-up. bruce bochy made the announcement. aubrey huff moves to right field. belt had -- ranked in home runs and rbi. belt really choked up when he heard the news. brandon belt our rookie starter. >> i started crying so i try not to be. it's hard when you have been dreaming about this your entire life. i couldn't be happier right now. >> what do you think dad will say. >> dad will probably cry a little bit and be happy for me and hopefully will be on the
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next plane. >> traives ishikawa, making room for brandon belt to be the next starter. the last exhibition game went down this way. giants take it 3 straight from the oakland a's. announced a crowded 18,000. and ely whiteside. bottom of the 9th. fontenot scores. young fellow who will spend the year in the minors, chris stewart. there it is. what a nice day to end the exhibition season. giants finish 23-12, same record as a year ago. 12 and 21. tomorrow night, the a's waiting until friday when they open the season at home. rich hart and andrew bailey.
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they are in memphis tonight. tony allen, throwing on david lee. 28 points, 8 rebounds. warriors, at the close of business would have lost eight of the last 10. they are now 12 games under 500. zach randolf, the boss, had 20 points, 13 rebounds. sam was cleaning her equipment, yes. the warriors outscored 21-19 in the 4th. that's the same computer that gave me santa clara, crment i.t. -- c.i.t., you have to pay. they won tonight. jackie, you thought you would get a kick out of sam. >> i do all the time. >> they need a good shaking every once again. >> good sake on the keyboard.
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>> you will go home knowing you beat up the computer. >> don't say that, the tech guys will be mad. you know what? this is none of your business. i gave you this morning. i got the score and you should be thanking
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