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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 27, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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entertain his kids. >> that's "inside edition" for today from london. i'm deborah norville. thanks for watching. wewe we begin with developing news tonight. san francisco is naming a new police chief. kron 4 confirmed that greg suhr, a 30-year veteran of the department and the captain of the bayview station will be named san francisco's new chief of police tomorrow. the interim chief was reportedly among those under consideration. the commission gave ed lee three choices and lee decided on suhr. the san francisco supervisor told us tonight that he believes that suhr a good choice during these few economic times in san francisco. >> stability is important. from the three chiefs we had three in two years.
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stability is extremely important in a parra military institution like your police department. bringing someone who knows the department and the department knows him after all the years he has served is it the right move at the right time. >> he was involved in the fajitas gate controversy years back. and there is uncertainty as to what will happen when san francisco decides on a new mayor in november. new at 11:00 tonight, prostitution in vallejo is rampant and now residents are taking matters in their own hands to stop it with the help of city officials. reggie coumar tells us more. >> reporter: you can spot them walking up and down sonoma boulevard and near marin and kentucky streets and in downtown vallejo. prostitution is a big problem
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here. it is so bad the residents are patrolling the streets themselves trying to discourage the women. the vallejo police department has not been able to tackle the problem once the force was cut three years ago. leroy has lived here since 1975 and says the problem has gotten worse over the years and in the past few months he found evidence that hookers were having sex in his boat. >> i found used condoms in the back of my boat. i turned my porch light on so that kind of put an end to it. >> the city officials are trying to combat the illegal activity by putting together a prostitution task force. stephanie says that the city's bankruptcy did not cause the problem to escalate. >> the media is saying it is because of bankruptcy but that is not the case.
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it has been hyped to appear that way but it's if you look at the other cities they are struggling with the same things. in doing research on prostitution and fighting prostitution what works it is shaming. if they are brought to justice then we can use their photographs and put them on a website where people can see who has been using prostitutes in the city. >> reporter: the city teamed up with fighting back partnership, a local crime fighting organization. it plans to install more cameras like this one which is being used to stop illegal dumping. on thursday they plan to teach nine block captains in this building how to combat prostitution in their neighborhood. reggie coumar, kron 4 news. new details about the deadly weekend shooting outside a restaurant in jack london square. the manager of sweet jimmie's restaurant extended condolences to the victim and their
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families. the shooting happened monday morning as the result of an attempted robbery outside the restaurant and the robbery victims ran inside. the gunman followed and started shooting. two men were killed and two others were critically wounded. and two imwere shot but are out of the hospital and recovering. and here are the photographs of the two young men who were killed. a 27-year-old oakland resident who leaves behind a wife and a 2-year-old daughter. a 22-year-old adam williams leaves behind a 4-year-old son. he worked as an afterschool aide in oakland. kron 4 spoke with family and friends of the two men who remember them as warm and caring people. >> i do hope and trust that they would be brought to justice and prosecuted. because they don't know what they done. you know, they taken away somebody who very special in
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our lives. billy was just the kind of guy you just want everybody to be like. i never heard him never bad mouth anybody or complain about this or. that he just the nice guy. he is the kind of son that everybody would want to have. just everything, you know. i still feel the emptiness in my heart. you know, now. you know, i just can't believe that i'm not ever going to see him again, you know. >> he was a really, really kind person. he never hesitated to say hello. never hesitated to smile. was always there to put an arm around a kid when they needed it. this was a kid that was doing everything the right way. has a 4-year-old of his own who doesn't have a father now. now it's loss of a really good person and a member of our family.
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i mean it's hard on all the kids and it was really hard on the adults. there wasn't a dry eye in the school yesterday. >> the four suspects in this incident are still on the loose. police say they received a lot of calls about the shooting but have not yet determined the exact motive. a fatal shooting in antioch. a 26-year-old man was killed inside his home last night and this man, kevin gunning is now in police custody. he is accused of shooting the victim who was roommates with gunning's former girlfriend. including this latest murder at least four shootings have taken place in antioch in the last 30 days. some residents say it is not safe there any more. j.r. stone interviewed a woman highway -- who says they are leaving. >> four days. >> reporter: sylvia is counting down the days until she leaves the city of antioch with her kids. she lived here for year bus says the violence is out of
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hand and enough is enough. >> we said, okay. this is getting bad. we have to move. >> reporter: crime rates are down in the city compared to last year. but four shootings in three weeks had many on edge. >> we have people running down the street. there was a guy who threw a knife in front of our house one time. i'm not safe with my kids going out at all. >> reporter: the police spent much of tuesday morning looking for clues in the city's most recent murder. sylvia thinks there are problems in the schools. >> my kids get beat up in school by the gangs that are supposedly coming from richmond. that is another reason we want to move. >> reporter: she has been boxing up high tells for weeks in preparation for a move to brentwood. she is hopeful she will feel more comfortable about the place she calls home. >> they will be able to play out front without worrying
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about someone shooting them. i think they are relieved. >> reporter: j.r. stone, kron 4 news. a hospital in san francisco is asking for the public's help in identifying a patient. hospital officials say this man was admitted two weeks ago in critical condition. the patient was found on april 11th unconscious in burn el heights in san francisco. the hospital officials wanted to identify the man when he began conscious but he with -- can not remember his name. he is a latino man about 5'4" and 150 pounds. anyone with information is asked to call san francisco general hospital. temperatures pretty much where they were 24 hours ago which means a cool night on tap. in the low 50s for the most point. this should say 53. 49 in fremont. let's look at the current wind
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speeds. it has been breezy all afternoon. the winds are dying out except near the coastline. 25-mile-per-hour winds in san francisco. these will die down shortly and we're in for a calmer night. tomorrow, a few high clouds streaming overhead in the morning hours. in the afternoon, increasing clouds as storm passes to the north. the temperatures cool a couple degrees and the cooling trend continues into thursday. i'll have details on that and the warmup for the weekend coming up in a bit. big problems for sony's big gaming system. the playstation network is a victim of a hack attack. and the company says that credit card data of millions of users around the world may have been stolen. we'll tell you what you can do hey marcel, watch this!
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tonight's headlines violent weather continues to pound much of the south and midwest. ten people were killed in arkansas after a tornado and flooding yesterday. and at least 100 homes in eastern texas were damaged after a fierce storm ripped through for the second night in a row there. and in michigan, lightning injured nine people at a soccer game. the united nations secretary general is condemning syria for using tanks and live fire against peaceful protesters and is calling for an independent investigation. witnesses say 350 people have been killed by security forces. syrian officials have an obligation to protect civilians and respect human rights. the crew of the final shuttle endeavor mission is at
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cape canaveral. gabby giffords will be there to watch the launch as wi ñ# ái
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new tonight at 11:00, after an unprecedented outage that lasted a week and counting, sony has told playstation users why they cannot log on to the network. a security breach put users' names, addresses and their credit card numbers in the hands of criminals. >> reporter: in a room full of posters, pg&e explained to customers what it is doing to prevent another disaster like the pipeline blast in introduce know. that explosion and the deadly fire that followed were the result of a rupture in this segment of gas transmission lines. well, we have a cooling trend in store for the next couple days before we get to a warming trend. let's go ahead and start with a quick overview of what we're
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going to be seeing out there tomorrow. just a few clouds to start the day and partly cloudy conditions as we make our way into the afternoon. cooler and breezy conditions into the later afternoon hours. here's a look at storm tracker 4. the cloud band tracking to the north is sagging down to the south. so we are going to be seeing clouds impacting the bay area into tomorrow morning starting in the north bay can -- with high clouds and spreading through the entire area by the afternoon. today, temperatures were mild. the winds picked up into the afternoon and you could feel that closer to the coastline. tomorrow, the temperatures are not bad but a degree or two cooler than what we saw today for the most part. places like fairfield 67 there. 60 in san francisco as we make our way down south we'll see temperatures in the low to mid- 60s for the bay shores.
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58 in half-moon bay. up 60s and low 70s in the south bay. tomorrow a degree or two of cooling. but as we head into thursday, more cooling is expected and the winds get breezier thursday afternoon and evening. a wind advisory may be issued. temperatures rebound into friday and we'll see a big warming trend as we head into the weekend. upper 70s inland and mid-70s for the bay locations with the warmer weather continuing to next week. we want to go back to the story about the sony playstation security breach and the problem for sony playstation users. the prying eyes of a hacker are to blame for a worldwide outage of the sony playstation network that could continue for another week. >> you might have noticed that nothing seems to be working. >> reporter: dan issue says that users get this message when they try to log in. it means no multiplayer games,
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no purchased from the store and difficulty renting movies. at first sony gave users no explanation. >> they took too long to deliver the message. they waited a full week. this is why playstation network is down. >> reporter: in a statement sony said it shut the network down because a hackie broke in and stole personal information from millions of users. >> they have your e-mail address and passwords. >> reporter: the breach is the hottest topic on bit where users are worried about identity theft. he recommends you change your passwords, watch your bank statements closely and cancel your credit card. no users have reported unauthorized credit card use. and sony says the three digit code on the back of the card was not stolen. and it might be time to make up
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new answers about questions about your mother's maiden name and your first pet. >> don't answer those questions truthfully. >> reporter: while sony patches the hole in its network, $77 million users left playing games the old fashioned way, by themselves and sony's competitors are seizing the opportunity. >> people are i sag are you tired at not using your playstation 3, get [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
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good evening everybody, giants stop their losing streak at four. the crowd was about 10,000. in pittsburgh, p.a. tonight. coors light, the sponsor in
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pittsburgh. it is 2-2 in the 10th inning. and darren ford is a pinch runner early in the game for aaron rowan and when the throw gets away in the 10th he goes all the way to third. and from there he scores the winning run on another heavy play. they don't think that ford's going. yes, he is. ford's speed scores two of the giant's three runs. wilson saves it and the giants over the pirates. the a's lead baseball in earned run average. that means their pitching is great. mike scioscia leads the lead in giving science. and here we go. conner jackson a home run. and the a's have a 3-2 lead in anaheim. again, the a's great pitching but they don't score enough runs. brandon mccarty can't make the play. and the angels roll it up from there. hank con denver a blooper.
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and the earned run average is going up. and as we said, the a's don't have a star in their line-up. what is matsui doing? has a lot of press following him but that's it. con denver off mccarty. the angels beat the a's. when the lake verse to, yep, charles barkley said that kobe limped in and once the game started didn't limp at all. but going for his sixth championship which-- which will tie michael jordan. he just got off and got off at 19 points in 29 minutes. they didn't have to play a lot this evening and mont day williams and the hornets lose 106-90. that series now in favor of the lakers 3-2. chicago eliminates indiana. orlando trails atlanta 3-2. the news is good for the kings san diego in sacramento. kevin johnson went to new york,
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said he has come up with so million dollars in pledges, sell some luxury boxes to have the maloofs keep their franchise there. the maloofs have until monday to decide where they want to hang their hat but it looks like they will stay put. vancouver and chicago this is a big deal around here. if vancouver wins detroit opens against the sharks. jonathan kay ties the game for the blackhawks. and vancouver in overtime via the chicago turnover. and vancouver wins 2-1. canucks win 4-3 tonight in overtime and the sharks now will face detroit. so palm and i will have that -- pam and i will have that battle. pam from the mean streets >> it wasn't mean when i grew up. >> live from san jose. >> i was in the supremes. ♪
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