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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 29, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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wedding. deborah: that's "inside edition" for today from london. join us next time for our exclusive coverage of the wedding of the e live, this is 234-6789 at -- kron 4 news at 11:00. the eyes of the world on london as prince william and kate middleton are married in the royal wedding. it is 7:00 friday night in london right now. the big event is about 3 hours away. thousands have already gathered. live in london with our top story at 11:00. >> reporter: 7:00 a.m. here in london. the city is a buzz with royal wedding fever. in 4 hours kate middleton will arrive and be married to prince
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william. the future king and queen. last minute well fishes for prince william and kate middleton, who appeared separately. on thursday a royal welcome from prince charles' wife. over night fans vie for a chance to glimpse royalty. >> i want to be in the front when it starts. i want to see them face to face. >> reporter: with hours to go before tying the not, additional wedding details begin to emerge. beautiful images and tree lined. highlighting music from some of greaten's great composers. kate middleton will walk down
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the aisle to a traditional anthem. >> first wedding to a commoner. >> like a fairy fail. in real life. she will become a princess. >> reporter: over night we learned what prince william will be wearing. he will be in a military uniform wearing a red jacket. no sward, though. emily ruben. back to you. >> we have your coverage of the royal wedding. join us in a few hours at 2:00 a.m. we will be live bringing you ever moment of the big day. tomorrow morning, friday morning right here on kron 4. >> the story in the south. devastating and deadly
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tornadoes there. the death toll has risen to 291 in six states. the hardest hit state, alabama, 10:00 p.m. curfew for safety reasons. 404 people were killed in that state alone. president obama till tour tomorrow. kron 4's jonathan bloom now with the latest. >> reporter: a description of what this line of storms has done. it started in texas and made its way towards the eastern seaboard. let's look. friday, that's when the line of storms that started brewing in texas and started making its way saturday, sunday, monday into the southern states that seen the most destruction and staying there for a couple days till today that storm made it through virginia, sparing north carolina, which had been hit by other tornadoes. alabama, i want to go in for a closer look, that's where the
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most horrendous damage occurred. you can see the path that some of the tornadoes took. it is unusual. because tornadoes will go for a few miles and stop, they will break up but some of the storms traveled for 100 miles or more. the worst brought tornadoes through tuscaloosa. this traveled for 133 miles before it broke up and left a lot of devastation in its wake. >> can't believe this. >> reporter: residents of this neighborhood in alabama returned to find their homes unrecognizable. >> my car was on top of my house. >> reporter: she left town hours before the storm hit because the power went out. but not everyone did. >> one of our neighborhoods stayed home. >> reporter: do you know where that neighbor is? the scope of the damage is more
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shocking with viewed from the sky. it left a path of destruction a mile wide and many miles long. >> this really is the worst natural disaster that hit this state in my life time. >> reporter: out of 3hung deaths blamed on the tornadoes, 200 were in alabama. one woman hid under a mattress. >> glass cracking and -- sounded like the world was ended. when i pushed the mattress up i see the sky. >> reporter: she narrowly escaped with her life. >> i thought i wasn't going to be living. >> swung us right there. the trees landed on top of us. >> reporter: the next challenge for these survivors is coming to grips with what happened.
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>> i couldn't comprehend this. and then -- and then -- our neighbors house right there, i mean it -- >> reporter: jonathan bloom, kron 4 news. well, we are catching a break at this hour. severe storms pushed off shore long the east coast. our weather pales in compared to back east. breezy out there today. especially in twin peeks, 46 miles per hour wind gusts. napa 38 miles per hour. gusts in the 30s for oakland, hayward and san jose. wind speeds are still breezy at this hour. temperatures won't be falling much in san francisco, half moon bay and oakland. notice places like santa rosa winds dying down. livermore calmer there.
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cooler temperatures in those locations. temperatures vary tomorrow. cool to mide conditions but will warm up into the afternoon. winds tomorrow along the coast line but temperatures will warm. the start of the big warming trend. guilty pleas from phillip garrido and nancy garrido the couple accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard and keeping her prisoner for 18 years. she was in their backyard. phillip garrido pleaded guilty to kidnapping and 13 counts of sexual assault. he will be sentenced on june 2. nancy garrido pleaded guilty to kidnapping, one count of rape by force. she will be sentenced june 2. the life for nancy garrido spoke out saying today's plea was the best he could do.
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>> that's if -- she committed a serious wrong. in her view now she made peace with god and wants to get on with life, what is left of it. best i could get. you don't like to plead your client guilty to a life sentence but that's the best i could get and that is what she is willing to do. we would have been willing to do anything to avoid having kids have to come to trial. >> jaycee dugard released a statement, she says, i am relieved that nancy garrido and phillip garrido acknowledged their guilt and confessed to their crimes against me and my family. crash between two muni trains and it was caught on tape. several people were injured when two trains crashed inside the west portal station. a report about the crash, just ahead we show you what the report reve
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and you are looking at live pictures from london along the route in the area -- look at that. all of the people are gathering for the royal wedding that is just hours away. we will have coverage of the wedding beginning at 2:00 a.m. friday morning. the battle between environmentalists and supporters of a golf course. they are suing san francisco for not protecting two endangerrered species in pacifica. the san francisco parks department maintains the course. conservationists say it threatens the habitat of the red legged frog and guarder snake. they want it shut down. but today there was a rally in
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favor of the course. they say it helps to protect those animals. >> this golf course was a salt marsh before it was transformed and it's because of this course they can survive and thrive. this is a good property, good for the environment. what people need to know golfers are environmentests too -- environmentalists too. >> they have been open since 1932. hey marcel, watch this! hey marcel, watch this! [ buzzer sounds ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hey marcel, watch this! yeah, marcel! -marcel! -hey marcel! are you listening to me? marcel! [ male announcer ] only at&t u-verse lets you follow your favorite channels on one screen. just $29 a month for the first six months -- dvr included. in the network there are no hard choices.
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former doctor at u.c. berkeley health services charged with engaging in illegal sex acts with patients. robert kevessplodeded not guilty today. police started investigations when one person claimed he was touched inappropriately. his attorney plans to make a
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motion to dismiss the charges. he resigned from the university. he worked there since 1988. new details regarding this muni light rail crash at the west portal station in san francisco. look at that. the train slams into another one. 48 people were injured two years ago. this is video of the accident. that tran-- here it goes again. moving up and slams into the back of another train at the platform. they released its finding about this accident. it blames the driver and muni for failing to enforce safety rules. kron 4's reggie kumar shows thus changes -- shows us the changes. >> reporter: this management center after this light rail accident two years ago in san francisco. the new technology tracks everything. from when the doors open on each train to the moment an
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operator switches from automatic to manual. they monitor cameras. there are also more safety inspectors at stations keeping a close watch on the trains. the director of operations says the new technology was in the works before the crash. it was installed in september, before the report the national transportation safety board just released about safety violations. >> it is not a reaction to the accident. this is something that gives us -- it's another using technology to manage service on a real time base. >> reporter: everything on the monitor is color coated. black indicates the trains are running in automatic. this yellow. that means it is transitioning. when it changes to white the
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operator is in manual. since the crash officials say the train operator must call the command sister before switching to automatic. the report blames the crash that happened in 2009 on operator henry gray. he lost consciousness because of a medical problem seconds before the train slammed into another one. they say it can't go into anymore detail than that because it's a personal mart. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. temperatures cooler today but they will warm into tomorrow. especially into the weekend. here is tomorrow. temperatures starting in the 40s. we will be in the low 50s closer to the coast line. in to the afternoon, upper 60s in a number of places.
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even low 70s. 70 in santa rosa. 62 in san francisco. breeze ay in richmond and along the coast line. 60 in half moon bay. upper 60s down in the south bay. the warming trend will get underway saturday and sunday. by s.a.t. most places in the 70s. san francisco and the coast 60s. low 70s to the upper 70s, depending on where you are. sunday even more warming. several more degrees. 80s in a number of places. 81 in santa rosa. seven-day forecast. the warming trend continues into next week as well. temperatures remain stagnant on monday. tuesday and wednesday warming. upper 80 for inland valleys. 70s at the coast line. we will cool down on thursday.
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as you can see, still pretty warm next week. the giants take two out of three in pittsburgh. gary has highlights of the game ahead and 49ers fans were left speechless with a 7th overall pick in
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all right. good evening, everybody. it's draft time. with the 7th overall pick -- >> the san francisco 49ers select aldon smith. defensive end, missouri. >> yeah. the reaction -- people strathing their head. i will be the first to admit, these guys know more than those of us who just talk for a living. i saw one draft that nobody had
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aldon smith -- this one mock draft didn't have him in the top 40 in the country. 21-year-old junior. good athlete. sleeper, if you will. all right. now to the 49ers. vern glenn said nobody knew who the guy was. he had to answer why didn't you take missouri quarterback blaine gabbert. so again, one of those deals. this is what these people do for a living. as a fan, round one today uninspiring with -- [ laughter ] >> smith, a defensive end, linebacker. lock out or no lock out, seemed like business as usual. the overall number one choice. >> the carolina panthers select
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cam newton. quarterback, auburn. >> with all the controversy surrounding cam newton and his father, early in this draft process, he was projected as a late first rounder. then at the private workouts he showed everybody the skills. he has size, speed, strength. wins big games. so the heat is on this fellow. cam newton to take carolina. one local pick, defensive end cameron jordan, taken 24 bine the new orleans saints. most of the fans are diehards. they live and breathe this stuff. when the commissioner, roger goodel was introduced -- [ boos ]. >> i got you. welcome to the 2011 nfl draft.
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let's get back to some football. which happen which happen. >> aaron rowand takes the giants to an early lead which they don't give up. a couple hits. three rbis. the pirates are not very good. monday comes to their games and the giants didn't score any runs the first two games. today, sandoval steeling a base. the overthrow, 4-1. ryan struck out eight. he got the win. the giants on top 5-2. they are in washington d.c. tomorrow night. on to the next one for the lakers. kobe bryant and crew trying to close out new orleans in six games. kobe bryant, i thought he was injured, 24 points, 10 of 10 on free-throw. the lakers win. next up they will play dallas
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