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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 7, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> at 8:00 p.m. there's breaking news to tell you about, i san francisco there has been a fatal officer involved shooting. happen on the map on one of this the way at about 5:40 p.m.. the officers were attempting to arrest a known bank robber when the shooting occurred. the suspects were shot and killed. we have a crew in route to the scene and we will bring you an update when we get it. >> the search for a missing nursing student now turns into an effort of recovery. the hayward police classified the disappearance of michelle le as a homicide. she was last seen may 27th when taking a break from kaiser medical center in hayward. new details about the
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investigation including evidence found in her car. plus, the family speaks out with harsh words for the investigators. our team coverage continues as kron4 looks at one of the places that crews think her body may be found. >> we begin with the latest on the investigation and hayward. >> police are giving us more information specifically about what they found in michelle le car. some information about her cellphone and how i second vehicle may have been involved in her disappearance. >> the number one goal is the recovery of michelle le. that has been from the very onset that we have to fly michelle. we are still doing everything humanly possible to recover michelle dead or alive. >> the hayward police say despite the reclassification of michelle le from a missing persons case to a murder investigation they're not letting up in their search for her and her killer. >> we are interviewing more
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witnesses, analyzing the evidence that we have, working with the county lap, the fbi, and evaluating evidence. >> the police confirmed on tuesday that blood evidence was found in her car, they said that a second vehicle may have been involved in the murder. they said that video from the parking garage where they believe she was killed has been useful. >> the deal was very helpful, anytime you get a vehicle especially in this case, the victims' vehicle was leaving the rise it puts a time stamp on it, something for us to follow up on and carry on from there. >> monday night for the second time, they searched the home of jazelle estabon a former friend of michelle le but they refuse to say if she is the main person. >> now they say that her cellphone was on for approximately 15 hours after she disappeared on friday may 27th. previously, the
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indicated that it pinged in three locations, now they say they know where the phone was used last. but they refused to identify the specific location so as not to jeopardize the investigation. >> hayward police said they continue to talk with the district attorney's office about persons of interest. what we do not know is if that means they're getting close to making an arrest, and they may do that before they find a body. reporting live in hayward, dan kerman with kron4 news. >> in the meantime, michelle le father held a news conference to talk about why the family rejects their police department's assumption that michelle is dead. >> to as you call something murder, we feel that you have to heavy body we ask them and they said nobody was found at this time, so we do not believe that is a definite proof. even though michelle, or cases in a
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different classification by the hayward police department, and even though the hayward police department has given up on finding michelle alive, our family and friends continue to maintain hope and faith in her return. until the hayward police department can offer conclusive and definite proof otherwise, we will continue to believe that she is alive, michelle is still alive. she needs to be rescued. >> this is just so hard. it is so hard,.. >> our team coverage continues on the search for michelle le. that surge has been extended to out alameda county. maureen kelly shows as work crews are looking for the missing student. >> i am in niles canyon,
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this is one area that they have search looking for any evidence connected with the case. there's a of area to search out here. this is farm land and thick brush, the alameda sheriff department confirms that they insisted that they were police department in one search out your last week which is roughly 15 mi. away from the hayward parking garage where the police now believe that michelle le was murdered. you can see a map of the niles canyon, the search area spanning all we from fremont to snow. we learned that an investigator came here to this location and requested to look at maps of the fire location. it consisted of about 20 to 30 mi. of rugged terrain, the majority of this is controlled by the east bay parks district, there police service said they also assisted hayward police in multiple searches, but they would not confirm where the search took place. hayward pd say they have search five
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rule vacations, but they tell the family that searches of the rule areas have been put on hold until they develop new information on where to look. >> stay with kron4 news and with continuing coverage of the missing to michelle le. in less than 24 hours now, the district attorney will announce the charges that a 17 year-old suspected of killing a 3 month old baby will face. this is our first look at the young victim, isaac jesus jimenez garcia. the little baby was in his family's car when the police say to young suspects opened fire. the boy's mother and father were struck by bullets could they survive. investigators said the shooting was a case of mistaken identity. they say that they are two suspects which is one of them are linked to the case. how j.r. stone is following this story, j.r., you talk with the district attorney what did he have to say? >> i did, he tells me that
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his office is working closely with those at the east palo alto police department and building a case. he says the charges against the 17 year-old will likely come tomorrow morning. >> i think our detectives and the chief will build a rock-solid case. >> east palo alto mayor carlos ramirez is confident that justice will be served in the shooting case of three months old isaac jesus jimenez garcia. that might not care how old are you do not kill anybody not punching body. >> the 1670 year-old are involved in the case, the 17 year-old is directly linked, the 16 year-old is held on gun charges. the district attorney will decide if this 17 year-old face murder charges and if he will be charged as an adult. the mayor has been in close contact with the family. he says that yvonne, the mother that loss for baby and was shot in the back is not hateful toward the suspect
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to hopeful in the judicial system. >> it is a tragedy that 16 year-old and 17 year olds are involved in this, but nevertheless they were involved, now they need to except the consequences of their actions. >> i asked the district attorney about possible charges, murder charges with the 16 year-old, he said the 16 year-old has not been linked to this case yet, so at this point is only being held on gun charges. reporting live in east palo alto, j.r. stone, kron4 news. >> as expected, temperatures are a little warmer out there, here's a look at the highs, '70's in a number of places all throughout the north bay. 77 degrees in antioch, 70 in san jose, 65 in san francisco. temperatures are up from what we saw yesterday, it was 10 degrees warmer in concord and antioch was 11 degrees
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warmer and 10 degrees warmer and napa, here's what to expect out there tomorrow, the fog is becoming a little more extensive. temperatures will be quite mild as you head out the door. we will see sunny skies into the afternoon in the temperatures will get a little warmer than what we saw today, we are getting closer to an average for this time of year, but how long will the warm weather stick around? i will have that answer in just a little bit. >> kron4 news is just being started, continued fallout for congressman weiner after posting a lewd photograph of himself on twitter. + we will have the latest on the fire investigation. and here's a story that you will only see on kron4, we will hear from the sister of one the fall and fire fighters. >> how much you love your facebook friends coming to attack to their profile pictures on your body? coming up i will have a look at 1 woman who did just that.
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>> democrats are sounding increasingly frustrated and annoyed with representative anthony wiener, some republicans are going beyond that, they're saying that he should step down all of this one day after the congressmen and it is sexually charged online relationships with several women. >> i have done things that i deeply regret. >> political analysts are saying that he should've done this in the first place instead repeatedly denying the mess. now house representative nancy pelosi has formally requested a kroll, senator harry reid not only refuses to defend him but he does not want to hear from congressman winner. >> i wish there was some way that i could defend him but i cannot. i am not here to different, congressman winner. --to defend congressman winner. call
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someone else. >> the congressmen and made it to posting a lewd photograph of himself and then lying about it, he also admitted to an appropriate relationship with several people on line and on the phone, he allegedly sent this to wait 260 last month, she's not speaking out. >> he was eager to hear about if i wanted him or i thought he was attractive. scott weiner says he is not resigning and he has to worry if the voters will forgive him. but the decision may not be up to voters because of the slow population growth, new york state has to lose two house seats in 2012. the politicians drawing the map may decide they want scott weiner to go. he has always been considered a very outspoken congressman, frequently criticizing his own party leadership. observers say that is one of the reasons that he has not seen colleagues in any rush
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to defend him. >> law-enforcement officials are looking for a tipster who led them to believe that 20 bodies were buried on a body in texas, the deputies who swarmed the neighborhood found no evidence of even a single homicide. the sheriff's office received two calls from a person claiming to be a psychic. according to the tip seriously in part because the caller had details about the interior of the house that only someone who had seen it could have known. we will be right back.
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>> tonight, u2 has their 362 were. are in the near reporter kimberlee hasn't looked at some of the behind-the-scenes action showing a massive set up for this, this is a big one. >> this stage is huge, not only does it hold the record for the largest were ever, but it has the record for the largest stage. you can see some of the stage right there, but taking the at the pictures that we took a little bit earlier. it takes multiple days to put all this together, the stage is so big that it has its own name, it is called o'clock. it is a 150 ft. circular stage, includes sound systems, lighting, screens, all of the ways in about 300 t, the video screen is about 54 t on his own, and
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when it is fully expanded issuance of about 87 ft. from the stage. it is the largest touring screen ever. i kind of wish we were there. >> guess we is there, jeff bush is live at the concert. let us check to see where you are, we understand that lenny kravitz is opening? >> that is right, he took the stage about 20 minutes ago, he just finished up a song, i was about to say you could probably hear him, but he is talking to the audience. but you can see that there are still some people trying to get their tickets, they're waiting it will call. they are lining up to get their tickets to the show, thousands of people have made their way to the coliseum to see u2 the ticket it would look like earlier today. >> fail level tickets, you will go to gate a, or gate be. >> workers were busy getting fans to the proper gates, and there were a lot of them, 70,000 of them came to see their favorite band
8:19 pm
in the world, u2. >> i have been a u2 fan since i was a freshman in high school. >> next-generation of u2 fan right here. >> i am excited. this is my first show. >> the rush started at 5:00 p.m. when the general admission gate was open, thousands of people were in line to get a good spot. workers had to keep the flow down to 25 people at a time to keep an orderly entrance into the show. victor is from oregon and he says that he is their biggest fan, he of seen them five times and is looking for to the sixth show. >> i about this about a year ago, i have been waiting from a year and a half. i come from costa rica. >> tell me how long have been a fan? >> since i was born.
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>> back out here lies, u2 is on their final leg of the 110 city tour, they come on about 9:00 p.m.. >> we saw a little fog along the coast out there, this morning the fog will come more extensive as you out to door tomorrow. at 7:00 tomorrow morning, sitting along the bayshore, and spilling into the north bay as well. it will scale back to the coastline by noon, it looks like the of fog will sit there through the afternoon. very different conditions along the coast in the afternoon. we will be in for a warming trend over the next several days, tomorrow, the temperatures are a few degrees warmer, upper 60s for sentences, into the '70s for the south bay, 77 in san jose and we will even hit low 80s out there this week. it is a long time since we have seen that. santa rosa hitting a degrees by thursday. taking a look at
8:21 pm
the extended forecast to see if the warmer weather will stick with us through the weekend coming up in just a little bit. >> a big news coming out of the three, the biggest video show. both sony and nintendo unveil new game systems. i and gabe slate and that is coming up and my tech report. ñjñjñj?
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>> big news coming out of 83, nintendo has just unveiled the next wii is called the wii u. it is a 6 in. touch screen with gaming systems built in. they're offering you two things to play on, the tv and the comptroller, it works with motion control like the current wii 0, but this act as a second screen, if a family member or roommate ticks you off the screen, you can continue to play your game on the controller itself. the wii u features web surfing and video chat, no price was given yet for the system, i think you will be 2012 before we see this. sony also unveiled a new gaming
8:25 pm
system, a portable hand-held unit named vita it features a touch interface and is motion sensitive, it will allow the neighbors to be of a connected in wifi hot spots. it has a touch screen in front on the back, and to not like joysticks', this device will be $249 for is wifi only version, and $299 for the wifi + 3 d. it is expected to be on the market by the holiday. microsoft and offers a new features for x box users, they will be able to watch live tv and youtube will be coming to a xbox for easy viewing of way videos and bing but search will be coming to an xbox. i caught up with dan shoe he is at the three show down in l.a., i asked him about all the news, what seems to be getting the most buzz? >> definitely the biggest
8:26 pm
news of the three so far is the new wii u. they want to show a machine that is more powerful. >> coming up after the break, we will have a live update on the fatal officer involved shooting incident francisco. stay with us.
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>> at 8:30 p.m., hayward investigators are now considering the case of the missing nursing student michelle le a homicide. today, her family spoke on said reject the idea that she is dead, however the hayward police say they have evidence to prove otherwise. we got our first look at the three month low victim of the shooting over the weekend, the east palo alto police said that isaac jesus jimenez garcia was killed by bullets fired by a young suspect that shot at the family's car in a case of mistaken identity. the baby's mother and father were also shot, but they survived their injuries. house democratic leader and nancy pelosi requested a house ethics panel probing of congressman winner after
8:30 pm
he committed to sending photographs of himself through twitter, republicans are asking him to resign the he says he will not. we have an update of the breaking news where there has been a fatal officer involved shooting, it happened on our map on buena vista way, it happened about 540 this evening. officers were attempting to wrest a known bay cropper when the shooting occurred. reggie kumar joins us live from the scene. as you said, it is still very active, investigators are still on scene gathering evidence and talking with witnesses about the daily shooting. this is will we know, the santa to so please contact about the fbi this afternoon about a bank robber suspected of robbing 2 banks in the southern california area, the officers found the suspects vehicle, you can see it is the bmw there that has crashed into the park cars. they waited until the
8:31 pm
suspect got into the vehicle, as soon as to run every suspended, the officers tried to conduct a routine traffic stop, but at that point with a suspect refused to stop for the officers, the officers say that he tried to then run over several of the officers that were outside of their squad car. at that point, the officers felt alive were and threatened. the to pentecostal after they shot at him and in the hospital and died from his injuries. ---shot at him, then he was sitting to the hospital where he died from his injuries. >> a city continues to honor and mourn the loss of two firefighters killed in the line of duty, tonight the sentences omer dedicates the first pitch, and one of the city's most prominent memorial's honors the lives of anthony valerio and vincent perez. in an
8:32 pm
interview they you will only see on kron4, we talk with the sister of one of the fall of firefighters as a family copes with their loss, and this is the fire station for the first time since the deadly blaze. as soon as it gets dark enough tonight, kuwait tower will be eliminated in red light in honor of the attended vincent perez--coit tower will will be lit up in lights in honor of the two firefighters, it would build in the 1930's as a tribute to the senses a fire department. if this is not the only way that says as was paying tribute to the firefighters, listed about an hour ago, the sentences, mayor ed lee throughout the first pitch of the giants baseball game and dedicated that pitch to perez and valerio. meanwhile, investigators said it more than a month to determine the cause of the fire that killed the two men. 24 hours a day, there was mention that no one goes inside the building. while the family
8:33 pm
of the fall of firefighters are morning, they said they still a great deal of love. today, we spoke with the sister of the fall of firefighter vincent perez in a story that you will only see on kron4. >> he soul, completed perfectly content to go to my mother and not do what he was doing there. vinson did not look at the past, or into the future. he looked where his 2 ft. were. wherever his 2 ft. work, that is where he was. so he was here, he was the firefighter and a lieutenant and that is what he was doing and he did to the best of his ability. if it was time he was at my mom's house, he was her son, he was content sitting there watching tv, taking a mob to the movies, to dinner or whatever. this is the second son as his loss in 11 years and a mother should never have to bury her son and my opinion. this is a very difficult thing, i can only imagine, my heart breaks for her. it is the outpouring of love and support that has
8:34 pm
really helped us get through this. in fact, i have a request from my family. they did not want to go on camera, but they did want me to ask that you pray for my family, we believe in the power of prayer. we will love to have your prayers during this difficult time. >> services for lieutenant perez and anthony valerio will be held later this week, there'll be a vigil on thursday night at 7:00 p.m.. funeral services will be friday afternoon at 12:30 p.m.. you can watch it live right here on kron4. both defense rsa mary's cathedral on go street in santa to school. stay with kron4 news for continuing coverage of the fire department that- both funerals will be here less same areas on both street in san francisco. now stay with kron4 news. a body that was tucked in a trash
8:35 pm
that has now been identified, the police say that the dead woman is 46 to year-old maria ester oho she was found sunday in a residence yard. an autopsy yesterday revealed that the cause of death was trauma to the head. and san mateo a man was found stabbed to death in a storage facility, his body was found at the all-american self storage, the police have not been able to identify the victim of they say he appears to be in his '40's. streets and surrounding the storage facility was closed as they were investigating, but according to not leave the crime was randall, they said the victim was most likely target. a former census is the high school football star has died after being shot last month. david henderson grabbe--graduated from abraham lincoln high school he played running back and was on a semipro football team. he was even here on kron4 a show that
8:36 pm
was done back in 2007 when he was named mvp of the turkey bowl. they say henderson was shot three times, one of the bullet severed his spinal cord. there are no suspects in that shooting. a string of violent incidents on a popular east bay jogging trail force of the police to step up patrol. the three reported incidents all occurred within the past 30 days on the delta trail. as you can see that area is indicated on the map, this is into occurred. unlike trails in the park, this particular one crosses major intersections, it cuts through residential areas. the police say that people walking, or jogging, or biking along the trail cannot expect to see officers on dirt bikes, foot patrol and horses as a part of their beef up presence. many students use the trail, so for now, the police are focusing their attention on them. >> what happens is between the hours when kids are
8:37 pm
going to and from school, so we want to beef up the patrol to make it safe for the kids in the area. >> the additional offices that will patrol that trail are a part of a special unit. now the entire student body of an east oakland a greenville elementary march through the streets of oakland today they wanted to make a statement about violence plaguing their neighborhood, this is in response when a select--is in response to an episode last october when a first grader was killed during a gang shootout. >> we have an amazing group of students, families and staff. our neighborhood however fills like it is getting worse. our kids are dealing with drugs and violence in games every single day. you can ask any kid in the school with a may hearing gunshots at night in the all raised their hands. the stressors are just really not ok for kids to
8:38 pm
act in the north. it is incredibly--kids should not have to endure this. it is incredibly difficult for kids to come to school when you know that neighbors and friends of yours have been shot. >> they met with community leaders hoping to find answers to the ongoing violence. >> we have seen temperatures well below average for the past couple of weeks of tomorrow, coming a little closer to the average conditions, napa is only a degree shy of the average temperature, but a little bit cooler, will be in the mid-70s to mont. temperatures will continue to climb to the week. take a look at the extended forecast, we will deal with the fog in the morning, but that will burn off quickly. we will start to cool down this weekend at the storm passes us to the north, when i get hit with in the rain, with the sebring will pick up and that will bring more extensive fall coverage for sunday and monday as well as
8:39 pm
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just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. >> let us watch the driver of the fedex trucks. i am not sure if you can see it, but this is a stop sign. but do not worry, he does not see it either. more than often, i shall you drivers from the big city that often ignore stop signs. then i got an e-mail from a viewer that wanted me to show you that drivers in the suburbs can be just as bad. just as that, if not worse than city drivers. this brings me to redwood city, where apparently, and the suburbs of a stop sign is
8:42 pm
just a suggestion. because it appears that the california stock is pretty much the norm for many drivers. this woman crosses the street with two kids and doing her best to make sure that any driver approaching actually stops. the definition of a stop this simple, it does not take up much time to do, a real stop means that your automobile ceases all for the motion and will stop moving not rolling slowly. anything less than that could result in a ticket if caught. and yes, a california stop is a moving violation. what the you think about drivers that do the california stopped? send me a tweet on twitter. stanley roberts with kron4 news. >> if you have a comment or story, e-mail us at people behaving badly at coming up next, from the brink of extinction to this exciting moment last night.
8:43 pm
[yelling] >> california baseball is back in the man that called all of the action joins gary live right here in the studio coming up next. ñjñjñj?
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>> could leaving everybody, this is a terrific game and i know we always joke, i know people say there's only 10 seconds left, that is mark jackson, the new coach of the dallas mavericks. i know how many of you turn off the games of the you can watch hawn for. i really cannot blame you, but going to work here, doing way had 32 points, labraun james did not offer often subtly tonight, and then jason terry, for delivering, dallas trailed a great majority of the game, then they came back. here is d irk, there is, that is the one that put dallas up, apparently there are six seconds left. miami just turned the ball over. it is all over, dallas has just won 8683 unfortunately danny fry was not calling a game or the whole building would have choked. now the series is even 2 to 2. they play
8:47 pm
again in dallas on thursday night. the lockout continues, alex smith leading the charge, he is still a free agent but all signs point toward him coming back, the 49ers apparently cannot find anyone better. by organizing this camp, smith is shedding some of the perception that he is not a team leader. so, delaney walker get on camera and say something about smith. >> what fans and i see is what goes on in a hut or the meeting room, that is what hurts alex smith a little bit because they do not know. they are actually blind on what goes on. for me being in the huddle and guy's been around with just a tall, alex is a leader. >> it keeps getting worse for the a's, they have now lost eight in a row, their longest losing streak. luke scott has a solo home run.
8:48 pm
why was listening to a little bit of a's talk on the ready on people said i will not buy any more tickets, that is the worst thing. but they are dead. right now, the giants are losing to the washington nationals it is 2-1. now down 7 to 1 at one point, this is the voice of danny fry after the comeback. >> he is safe! he is safe. california wins 928! i cannot believe it. i apologize, i am sure you have not heard any of that, my voice is gone i called two games yesterday. california is advances! unbelievable! the >> now here is dan fry. have you listened to the radio at all today?
8:49 pm
>> i was listening a little bit. >> my favorite part was the you had the presence of my to say hey, this may be one of the greatest zero wins in california history but the reason my voice is going is because i called two games yesterday. >> is, but i do apologize for my voice but it is great to be on here. >> it is--it one of those bills that you can't plan it out? >> not all. it is a spur of the moment thing i let my emotions go. swam a fan, you can call me a home or if you want, but i am enjoying it. >> you are doing it on a college station, it will be a little tough to said the bear skin. you have to be a homer, but i think eventually, he may tone it down a little bit. >> it is also good that you listen to them these days. >> i do not miss anything sunlight you. that's-like
8:50 pm
you. now let us listen again. >> the third, the kids, a base hit in the right field. he slips, he is coming, he is coming he is safe! california wins, 9-8 i cannot believe it! >> you know was great, you are real. no one will say that vince scully called the game, but i bet you did a lot of attention saying hey that was a real deal. saddam i am getting a lot of attention, but the biggest story is california baseball, they persevered through so many court distractions this year, what a way to go to the super regionals for the first time. >> yes, they play friday. >> they play saturday at 5:00 p.m.. it will technically be a hone game against dallas baptist. >> way minute, i want to bring your sister of here,
8:51 pm
this is cute, you change your name already? >> frysinger is my name, it is hard to announce on the air, so i just go identified. >> now this is your sister and what did you bring? rupert you brought some entertain this great? >> i did, should i go get it? >> it is too late. but you need some of this great to your voice right in you have until saturday. >> yes, and no one knows who dallas baptist is, but we do know the to that tcu and oklahoma. >> are you proud of your brother? >> i am more and proud of him. >> always wanted to be a broadcaster. >> that is his thing, that is what he does. it >> it was nice to talk to you, and that was real, your sister congratulations, you forgot the spray i am sorry. we will take a break, but the rain dance tried to
8:52 pm
change his name already, back in a moment. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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>> a volcano dormant for decades erupts in chile, and abortion billboard battle in new mexico. a woman in the netherlands takes social networking to the extreme. our internet reporter kimberlee second model is here with tonight's edition of take a look it is. >> we want to talk about the volcanic eruptions. we have some new pictures of the ash cloud spewing into
8:55 pm
the air, some how large this is, it goes about 6 mi. of into the ear, i want to show you just how big that is, that the helicopter in the middle of the cloud. residents are trying to clean up after the mess. this man is sleeping ash off his roof. and a man in new mexico put up a giant billboard claiming that his sex her friend had an abortion, shows a 35 year- old great feeling of black silhouette of a baby saying that this would be a picture of my two year-old ex girlfriend how did not kill our child. an exit your friend is taking him to court for violation of privacy. second of the the woman in the netherlands sang the this is a real social networks intact. it features the profile pictures of all of her 152 friends on facebook. now a marketing campaign in mcdonnell's we want to show you how this works, if you
8:56 pm
are near the billboard and have a iphone, you can go online to compete for a food item if you ask 32nd--you asked for seconds, you win an additional item for the free food. and >it is a warm-is-quite worn out there today. --is quite warm out there today, by the afternoon sunny and warmer conditions, the warm weather will stick because of the next several days, the same pattern the clock called in the morning, the say nice afternoon. >> we're looking forward to this warm weather, thank you for joining us, tonight it o'clock we will be back at 11 to update all of tonight's news. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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