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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 9, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> san francisco and remembers fallen firefighters in a vigil's tonight. plus kron4 shows how tomorrow's funeral route may impact your commute. and the former bart police officer convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting of and on our man on the bart platform will soon be out of jail. we have coverage about johannes busily including house supporters of oscar grant are preparing to protest. but first, the memorial service for a 3 month old baby that was killed by gunfire. [music]
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>> right now, a service is being held for the three month old baby that was shot and killed at this past sunday in east palo alto. you see him here, this is isaac jesus jimenez garcia. the suspect in this case, 17 year-old baby in-7-team year-old thabian was charged with murder. >> words cannot describe when you walk into a chapel in eupepsia casket that is half the size of you, that is the size of your arm, that is exactly what happened on an inside early this evening. i want to step out of the way because as you can see, family members and friends are out here remembering the three month ago there was killed on sunday. >> these are previously unseen pictures of three months old isaac garcia and his mother yvonne. he was shot and killed this past weekend. >> the whole family, we are
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all destroyed. >> for family members, it has been a week of pain and suffering, the tragic story unfolded sunday morning. his mother yvonne that you see here was leaving a baby shower with the father and their two sons. two gunmen walked up and opened fire on them all killing the young boy. a service was held thursday evening for isaac, it is clear, his parents that are also shocked are still suffering themselves. >> it is hard for them to stay right here right now. >> the main suspect was charged with murder on wednesday while family members hopes for justice, even a conviction will not bring back isaac. >> it is terrible, is terrible for her, and i have the words to explain how she feels are he feels. they feel so bad. losing their baby only three months old.
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>> this is a rosary service, i talked with the man that was at the service earlier, he said he did not know the family, he did not know friends of the family but he is a father in could not imagine losing his son. now reporting live in redwood city j.r. stone with kron4 news. >> friends and family of a missing nursing student gathering hayward tonight, michelle le's family believes that she is still alive and is hoping for a safe return. the top of her brother about the investigation and how the we--le family wants to take part in the search her of the missing 26 year-old who has now been missing for nearly two weeks. reggie kumar joins us live. >> the vigil just wrapped up, family members are still out there was close friends. even to this that did not know the nursing student are out here right now. the family members are trying to keep hope alive, they want
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to continue searching for the missing nursing student. take a look at the video, these are friends that were setting up a vigil, they have signed a picture of a missing nursing student and selling pictures with t- shirts for at $6 and passing out fliers. jason, a close friend of the 26 year-old still holds out hope that she is out there somewhere even though the hayward police now say this is a homicide investigation and the search now continues to find her body. >> when you hear homicide, it is heartbreaking. but you know, we appreciate all the work that they have been doing that obviously from the family standpoint we are the people that her love one's will not back down. whenever we hear, we will rise above that, we will continue to keep the search going and keep alive. it is like a needle in a haystack. we only have like for you going out to search, we the a lot more help and anything that we can get, we're very grateful for.
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>> the police have interviewed a person of interest, gisselle esteban on, they are not calling her a suspect yeah, but the reward money has grown to more than $65,000. we spoke with lee's brother and here's what he has to say. >> we just want to find her, and for me add this on to go looking out right now. >> michelle le's younger brother michael says despite the hayward police classifying her case as homicide he still believes that she is still alive and the family once actively get involved for searching for the 26 year-old nursing student who has been missing now for close to two weeks. her brother says that the hayward police told them to hold off for now. >> one of her friend wants to organize a large-scale search party but they advises against it. did not tell us much but that it could in no way of the investigations. they said there will be a time for a
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large research, but now's not the time. >> do you agree? >> i am now the police, i do not know how to do their job, but for me, we do not care about a successful prosecution we just want to find her. >> her brother says until she is found, the family refuses to give up hope of her being alive. >> right now is not a time to grieve over michelle, she is out there, and we need to double the efforts to find her. >> stay with us for continuing coverage of the missing nursing student michelle le. >> firefighters from all over the state head to san francisco to say goodbye to 2 fallen comrades. tonight a vigil was held for lieutenant vincent perez and paramedic anthony valerio, two firefighters that died from injuries while battling a house fire a week ago today. we show you what to expect tomorrow for the
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procession and the funeral. >> the funeral for the firefighters is set for friday afternoon, but tonight the vigil is being held to honor the man. we are there and have details. >> of around 5:00 p.m. this afternoon, the bodies of vincent perez and tony valerio arrived here at st. catherine's cathedral. after their arrival, there was a two hour viewing. inside the cathedral and then a vigil from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.. there has been a steady stream of people entering the church altar of the afternoon and evening. not just fire him cruzan family, but those they just want to stop by to pay their respects. their bodies will be taken away for tonight and then brought back tomorrow for the funeral. >> an even larger crowd is expected for tomorrow during the funeral service for the two volumes firefighters. that means major traffic
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delays expected throughout the city. >> after the funeral service inns, the procession which is expected to be massive will take this route to holy cross cemetery. if you think this route will impact traffic, consider this, the procession will then head south on 280. >> interstate 280 will be shut down going south, that will put additional vehicles on the 101. if you can avoid this area and take the east bay route, even better. but if you have to be there, you will be delayed. >> they will get off of 200 a.d., and continue on mission road until they reach holy cross cemetery. vincent perez and tony valerio worked at station 26, some of their grieving colleagues are expecting the turn out to be enormous.
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>> this is going to be huge, i have been to several firefighters funerals, but i think this will be nuts. we have not had multiple deaths since 1946. there has not been a multiple death in a modern fire department and you know, this is, this hit us hard. >> we want to remind you that we will bring live coverage of the firefighters funeral. that begins tomorrow i 12:30 p.m. on kron4. we will also stream the funeral live on the web site at that is this friday tomorrow beginning at 12:30 p.m.. >> we saw a lot of sunshine today, in fact still sing sunshine over the bay bridge. we will see patchy fog. breezy tomorrow,
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and then pass she f--patchy fog moving in tomorrow night. low seventies around the peninsula, 76 for morgan hill, finally take a look at the seven day around the bay. showing us that we will see warmer and cloudy. but take a look at monday we have a little warmer weather in store, getting back into the '80s. low '70s for the day, and upper 60s for the coast. >> kron4 news at 8:00 p.m. is just getting started. the former bart police officer that was convicted of killing an unarmed man is scheduled to be released from jail and a few days. we'll talk with the victim's family about the release. >> a year in oakland, businesses are making plans in response to johannes mehserle release. that story ahead. >> fire crews are still trying to protect hundreds
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of homes near a resort town in arizona as the while fire continues to rage. >> an oakland woman is sexually assaulted in her home, the key piece of evidence that may help the police to find her attacker. >> barnes and noble new nook e-reader is on line this weekend. they really shook it up, this is a completely different nook. stay tune i will give you a closer look coming up and my tech report. hey marcel, watch this!
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hey marcel, watch this! [ buzzer sounds ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hey marcel, watch this!
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yeah, marcel! -marcel! -hey marcel! are you listening to me? marcel! [ male announcer ] only at&t u-verse lets you follow your favorite channels on one screen. just $29 a month for the first six months -- dvr included. in the network there are no hard choices. >> the state of california has sent its largest air tanker to california bass- baritone. they still have zero containment of a wildfire that has been raging for more than a week. he started making practice passes today but meantime the flames swallowed up seven cabins overnight. as
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the while fire roars, every day brings a new information for residents to get out of the area. >> we could see it, it was so close, i never dreamed i would be in an evacuation never in my life. >> it has scorched more than 500 square miles and 12 days, that is actually a revision from the 600 square miles in yesterday's the port. it is yard so large, firefighters are not sure we're is wrong. high winds have allowed this fire to move fast like 45 mph. it is stretching towards the resort town of springerville. nasa released this picture of the fire from space. the smoke has disrupted air travel across the border and albuquerque mexico and could trigger a
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power blackout in texas. it is threatening transmission lines that supply about 40 percent of el paso electric power. political conservatism--political conservatives such as jon kyl say that environment alist are to blame. the environmentalists say that this problem has been growing for years. >> take a look at the temperatures, we will be right back. ♪
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>> ladies and gentlemen introducing the all new, no ok. >> it is now selling on line this weekend, to compete with the kindle it is now selling a unique nook. >> this is barnes and noble current e-reader up with so many features it is like a tablet, some people found it hard to use. >> it should be easy to read like the kindle bar into no will realize this, now they have come out with the nook simple tucked e- reader. >> it is the simplest ever created. >> it does not have color, uses a simple gray screen.
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it is easier on my eyes, i like it. you will need wifi to connect to the barnes and noble bookstore. it is cheap, free shipping if you buy this online. it is the thinnest, weighs in at 7.5 ounces, less than most paper bag. this display has a full touchscreen, that is something that kindle does not offer. >> this has a long this battery life of any e reader. >> this was they charge for about two hours. that is longer than any other. >> we have a lot of sunshine today, sunshine in store tomorrow. mostly sunny conditions through the afternoon, the highest in the '70s and even more next week. temperatures in the '80s in the inland spot, take a look the fog tracker showing us that the fog is creeping in on the coastline in the midnight pushing its way to the east bay. in
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about five in the morning, it will creek its way, starting to mix out a bit, and thereby to in the afternoon mostly sunny conditions a leftover fall-- fog san francisco. 77 for napa in fairfield, 62 for half moon bay and 72 into the south bay. finally take a look of the seven they're around the bay showing that we will see morning fog into the weekend. next week, we have a big warm up in store, a lot of sunshine and temperatures getting into the 80's, low '70s for the bay and 60 for the coast, we will be right back. ♪
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>> the former alaska governor released a video saying that reporters were more concerned sound bites instead of substance, but some critics say that video is just that, carefully plucked sound bites with little substance. >> this week of touring has
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been one of the best weeks of my life. >> sera palin rolled into the belly of the beast, mama grizzly in washington. >> kicking off a national bus tour. such she highlighted the country's founding principles. sarah palin says that this is no campaign bus, herself describe one nation tour this week is all about paying tribute to american history. >> the video shows clips of sarah palin is smiling with fans, visiting historic sites, she does say that she is mulling over her decision to enter the 2012 presidential race. the tour has sparked debate as to whether she will seek the republican nomination or if she is is looking for more publicity. >> most of the east coast is under a heat advisory, at least four people have died, triple digit temperatures have spread from texas to maine.
8:25 pm
>> new york know what to do, fire hydrants provide relief to people passing by, public schools in several states sent students home early, cooling centers open in chicago, memphis and other cities as a refuge to those without air- conditioning. here's a look at the high temperatures that were recorded at 3:00 p.m. eastern. not only humans are suffering, the funeral and ohio is for a police dog that died of the heat after being left in the back of a cruiser. the police chief in the town of new castle says that the canine debt has been hard on everyone in the department most of all on his handler. >> the high demand for power because of the high temperatures and triggered a big power outage in detroit today. city hall, and center will be blacked out for least 24 hours. coming up, the former bart police officer convicted of
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involuntary manslaughter of an unarmed man will soon be out of jail. we have team coverage and including house supporters of oscar grant are preparing to protest. melt from
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>> at 830, is number seen tonight in redwood city as friends, family and a community gathered to mourn the loss of a three month old baby that was killed in a shooting, his parents were injured. isaac jesus jimenez garcia was shot on sunday in what police call a mistaken identity case. tonight, a memorial service was held for baby isaac, his funeral services tomorrow and redwood city. a vigil was held for the missing nursing student michelle le. it is been nearly two weeks since she disappeared from a hayward parking lot. the police say that the case is now a homicide, but her family is still holding out hope. the reward has moved up to $65,000 for her whereabouts. san francisco is preparing for the two firefighters funeral tomorrow who lost their lives fighting a fire last week. the caskets for
8:30 pm
lieutenant vincent perez and anthony valerio were driven to st. mary's cathedral tonight into our services will be held there as well. we will have live coverage of the funeral starting tomorrow at 12:30 p.m.. >> the killing of oscar grant started riots that cost tens of thousands of dollars in damage in oakland for merchants. now, his killer is days away from regaining his freedom. tonight, where grant family plans to be when he walked out of prison, legal and a list on whether justice has been served, and how the city of oakland plans on doing what happens next. >> the former bart police officers oppose a have his first day of freedom on monday, we have the details on his release and what is to follow. >> johannes mehserle will be released from the l.a. county jail on monday, june 13th. we do not know the exact time. we can also tell you that a hearing has been scheduled in l.a. superior
8:31 pm
court for a 30 monday morning. at this point, the accord is telling us then that is the time that the judge will tell mehserle that he has to check in with a parole officer as soon as he is put reese. protests have been scheduled in oakland and los angeles, the las angeles protect will take place on monday that misery is released, the open process will begin sunday at 3:00 p.m., hear the bart station or oscar grant was shot and killed. the rally will be brief, than those participating will march to city hall and hold a demonstration of 14th and broadway. organizers said that they're doing this for several reasons. >> the community needs an opportunity to speak out and see how they feel. we need to raise the awareness of police terrorism in our community and we need to make a large statement to the powers that be that this is the beginning of a movement by the end, every
8:32 pm
time you execute one of us in cold blood, will immobilizes speak out until we change the system that for too long has been terrorizing our neighborhood. >> in the past, the process have been peaceable but ended in violence. organizers said it will not condone that, but it will not tell the process of what to do or not to do when expressing their anger. oakland police said they will add additional officers and hope that will make a peaceful process. >> in the meantime, oscar grant family was upset that the there was not murder, there rob set about the two years that he had to serve and now they're upset that he only had to serve 11 months of his sentence. >> i was not sure of exactly how with phil, but today i know how i feel. i feel reenergize. in the sense that i know there is a mission and a job that has
8:33 pm
to be done, and that means to bring to justice oscar grant. it is not over it is just beginning. unity is standing with the family in this issue. they're tired just like we as a family are being tired of it jerked around by a system as far as letting us know the exact date the he will be released. >> we talk with the legal analyst michael cardozo, who understand why oscar grant family is upset by ms. released early release. >> considering that he got four years in prison which is what he was sentenced to, he should have served years. but he would not even serve that, yes, people should be upset. but the caveat, they should be upset in a lawful manner. do not go out and commit a crime because are upset that will not make this right. what people should do is do a lawfully. go after the courts that let people out like this, or the jail system that lets people out early. should people be
8:34 pm
outraged? absolutely! he will not even serve half of the time that he should have served. >> our team coverage continues with a look at how the open businesses are responding to the planned rally on sunday. teresa reports that some business owners are planning to shut down the others are taking a different tactic. >> likes to stand outside and greet people and she has watched as rallies have turned into riots, all the businesses around her were vandalized, hers was not. even though she said when the rally began to unfold this time around, she will keep her doors open. in fact, she says they should plan on joining in. >> i will probably go over there at some point to hear the speeches. but i will not be close.
8:35 pm
>> >> it is good for them to be out and voice their feelings i think there is power in that. but it has to be peaceful. >> across the street from her, the restaurant owner plans on keeping her doors open although she did not want to go on camera, she told us that she cannot afford to close. instead she will take your chances. in oakland, theresa is bastille kron4 news. >> stay with us as we continue to follow the link latest in the release of built bart police officer. two men were convicted today of murdering chauncey bailey, yusuf bey iv the fourth and antoine mackey were guilty and the death of antoine bailey and the death of two other men back in 2007. now you're looking at the police surveillance of
8:36 pm
yusuf bey iv. the man that confessed actually killing bailey was the prosecution's key witness and testified that you sedalia ordered the murder. -that's testified yusuf bey iv ordered the murder. now new details, the victim did not leave her home. >> take a look, this is cellphone video of a man their rates an oakland woman after stealing her roommate's laptop and monitor. >> how did you get in here? >> he says yes after carrying the boxes out and then came back and sexually assaulted the girl. i asked her roommate why she did i leave, he said she was in shock. the 28 year-old woman was home alone tuesday morning and did not know the suspect, but she took the video, her roommate told me that she thought he was a contractor. here's another look, the suspect is in his early 40's, 5 ft. 9 in
8:37 pm
about 160 lbs.. if you recognize this man, call the oakland police. in west oakland kron4 news. >> kron-as caltrain is back on schedule this the scene earlier today after instructing killed a man, this happened in san mateo near bellevue ave. commuters faced long delays. a preliminary investigation indicates that this was suicide. so far, nine people have been killed this year on the caltrain tracks. >> a lot of sunshine today, but we see some fault. we will deal with the patchy fog in the overnight hours, a lot of sunshine and breezy into the afternoon and then we will see the evening fog roll back in tomorrow evening. now want to show how wendy will get bay area wide. the wind gusts will be up to 28 mph, 28 is set for
8:38 pm
cisco, 24 in redwood city, 23 fairfield and livermore. 76 for santa rosa, a little cooler and san francisco topping out a 64. seven self--77 for napa and fairfield. 68 for oakland, mid-70s along the delta, 62 at half moon bay and 72 degrees for morgan hill. take a look at the seven day around the bay. sunshine in the afternoon, then take the lead them monday, there is a warming trend in store for us. the inland temperatures will back up into '80s, and then they will be in the '70's and '60's for the coast. >> the chp is hope of cameras along the express lane that will help to crack down on the bay area told cheaters. the cameras will be installed later this year and snapped pictures of license plates of violators. there will be mailed finds
8:39 pm
that are similar to fastrak penalties on area bridges. the toll authority estimates between 80 to 100 drivers cheeked the toll at peak times. meanwhile, a $1 million federal grant will help to clean up trash at san jose's coyote creek. the long problem has been compounded by homeless encampments like this one on a 4 mi. stretch of the creek through downtown san jose. the program called clean creeks and help the communities will also provide some of the 100 homeless residents with jobs in temporary housing. >> coming up a month after i showed you how the city employees avoided paying for parking with homemade parking placards i go searching again after the break. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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her it >> you are looking at it hard and that is to use for a dui field evaluation for
8:42 pm
the california highway patrol, it is in the wish to love this car parked near the hall of justice in santos go. possibly placed there by a driver tried to avoid parking ticket. a few months ago i hit the street and found out that homemade parking placards appear to be the norm, after the story aired, the former mayor promised a crackdown on the city employees' parking haven't. now and 2011, i hit the streets again to see if people are still using business cards, or whatever to avoid paying for park. like his red pickup truck with the santa police business card from the forensics division. or this one with the san francisco seal located on the dashboard. for the record, i found less placards this time than i did in 2010. most cards have a smooth- jazz cars have moved on to disable placards, the like acid before a board always try to find ways to not pay
8:43 pm
for parking and avoid the blood. one thing i notice over at the other office, calls her with golden bibles on the dashboard, i pray this is not a new wave to avoid paying for parking, in san francisco kron4 news. >> if you have a common for stanley, e-mail us. now the a's make a man and it shall --the a's make a management change. if it was a good move, gary weighs in on that straight ahead. now we have labraun james verses dirk next. ñjñjñj
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8:46 pm
>> this evening everyone, the heat and the mavericks could down to the wire. labraun james reverses dirk newiski. he had 29 points, labraun james had a triple double scoring a rebound with only to a point to last quarter. the bay area native jason kidd had 11.6 assists. it is now over, what was the final? >> i believe it was one for
8:47 pm
june 12th to 103. it does not matter stream >> dallas data eat three to two. now if you just switch over from the game, you are watching-last word for three games to two games. if miami want to stay alive to have to win on sunday it. our job guarantee is gone as the a's manager, they fired him this morning, at the time they had lost nine in a row. the first time in 29 years that an a's manager was fired during a season. billy bean has selected a former diamondback mariners manager andbob melvin. you remember him he was a backup catcher for the victorious giants and the late '80s. billy been talking about melvin along with bob as words.
8:48 pm
>> he has a great reputation and the leave from his former players and that is important. are there is no question about it. those are the 25 guys they have to live with every day. >> it is my job to deflect off of that. to get back to doing the things that this team does very well. great pitching, good athletes, and you know, we will try to play the game that we are suited to play. >> let us see what hot melvin's team was suited to play tonight in chicago. a planned 162 times, you cannot take much from one game. now matsui and finally did something get a single and a home run tonight, but by that time the white sox were up 6 to 5. and paul had his third home run in seven career at bats. and remember bryans' comments about garin pretty much open the floodgates and that was it. nine to four. the a's have
8:49 pm
lost 10 straight. there are 98 games left. now time for the audience participation, pam, you always enjoy this one. [laughter] >> i have not met her, what is turning? i will say this with a smile on my face, i was looking thinking someone does walk in. had he been here before? >> i have, i do we get morning weather. >> terrific, now pam, you take it all in stride, me i am excited to see young talent for the first time. anyway, are you enjoying yourself a kron4? >> i am, i love it here. >> terrific. here we go, question no. one. >> now that the change has been made, where the a's go from here? >> i think that they're out
8:50 pm
of it for this year. i hope that melvyn get this job because i remember getting started around here, and he was a nice guy, but you have no players, you could have the best management, but if you and i have people that can pull it off i did not think a's have the talent. no. 2. >> garin got fired after nine losses, have you ever got-just lost nine in a row of anything? >> no, it is easy to jump on a guy, but my motto is you do not have to win all the time the ec somewhat interesting. but when you are bad and boring, i know i'm making a personality judgment, but his team was that he was boring and he had to go. no. 3. >> are the a's as rolling
8:51 pm
along until they get their new stadium? >> yes, this is a strong opinion that i will say it, i can the ownership group feels like we will not go out and throw a lot of money at free agents because they do not want to come here anyway. we will hope that we did in a new ballpark preferably in san jose. everyone looks and sees what the giants have done. the giants, i will tell you this a nice way, against washington, everyone loves the giants of they would not sell out the games unless they had a beautiful ballpark. what a beautiful ballpark does for you, people who are on the fence and say i am somewhat interested, it makes you want to go out. that is with the a's do not have, you have to be a die hard in order to see a bad team in a bad stadium. a new ballpark will give people a penny of, plenty of excitement something new to carry them for three years until they build the team up. >> the giants close games
8:52 pm
are gut wrenching, is this the way that it will be for the rest of the season? >> i hope so young lady for your help. that is so cute. [laughter] >> i think i told the every game they play is like a one run a game. i told to lie with my daughter's class, a group of seven year olds and the teacher said oh, you will be excited, we spent the day riding get well cards to buster posey. which is very nice, but for what we are paying for this place i want them reading and writing and learning arithmetic. for what i am paying for this place. i thought it was to make about $5 million per year, when i get my kid that job. but that is it, nice knowing you. now the game is over so things will take off from here.
8:53 pm
>> we will look for you at 11:00 p.m.. we will be right back. ♪ [ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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>> we are giving away 2 50 in. xbox flat screen televisions and 10 magellan gps systems. this is taking place right now kron4 fan page. i tested out the gps unit, it is user friendly.
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it has 4.7 in. and that is 17% larger than seven the standard screen. now let us take the next piece of video, this is important in order to access the page right here, you will have to like, i will triple circle that. you have to like kron4 on facebook. once you click like, you have the chance to win one of the 2 50 in. television screens, or one of the 10 gps systems. go into now. >> this is a quick look at the weather. >> mostly sunny conditions, breezy in the afternoon, most sunny on the weekend, a big warmup next week, the temperatures are in the '80s, this is what your seven days look like. morning fog is the weekend and 80s in the inland spots. '70s for the bay, is 60 for the coast.
8:57 pm
>> think you for joining us, we will wrap up tonight's news at 11:00 p.m.. see you then. [music] ñjñjñj to our
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community it's our lifeline to the emergency information we need it's a free service that provides free entertainment. but one day soon, it could be taken away. there's a movement among special interest groups to limit free antenna tv and millions of americans who depend on it would lose out. let's tell congress to keep free antenna tv as part of our


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