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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 10, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> >> the morning and all live look outside a traffic >> we have several delays expected and-loop road closures a lot of many routes will be affected
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>> our top story this morning is the funeral firefighters that lost their lives. the veteran firefighters died of injuries from a fire fight diamond heights district. >> a around 5:00 p.m. this afternoon the bodies of valerio and garcia are arrived at the cathedral. there has been a steady stream of firefighters paying respects all afternoon. after the vigil the bodies were taken away and will return for the
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funeral service later on today. >> there'll be major traffic delays throughout the city >> after the funerals of action and they will take this route all holy cross cemetery plot turn right on market and left on valencia's street right on 15th and then merge onto san jose brewing than it did processional head south on 280. >> this will put additional vehicles on highway 11 if you have to be there you will be delayed. >> the procession will all
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recall on to collins avenue. and then onto san jose. >> i have been to several firefighters funerals we have not a multiple deaths since 1946. this is as hard >> we want to remind you that kron 4 will bring you live coverage of the services. if you cannot watch us you can go to our live upstream at kron 4 dot com. >> family and friends of missing nursing student michele lee have not given
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up hope that she will be found alive the search is not over >> michele lee's family and friends pastel t-shirts and fliers with a nursing students picture on them. " " they wanted to thank all the people searching for their missing loved one >> are family believe she is still alive. we would love our loved ones and we will fight for them. >> giselle as the bond is that bring out anything up to >> unfortunately we decline to >> of their relationship. >> we need a lot more help
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anything we can get we're very very grateful. >> lee was last seen at kaiser hospital there in >> we wish for the family that she returned safely >> the reward for information on ollie has risen to $65,000. >> he talked other members of michelis family >> i want to keep on looking right now >> this is michelle lee's younger brother commenting on his sister's this apparent pierre in >> he still believes that michelle le is alive and
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they need to continue searching for the 26 you year-old. >> her friends wanted to organize a large search party but investigators said to put on hold. >> you agree with ed >> i not the place, i cannot do their job. which is one of fine her. >> right now the family refuses to give up >> we believe michelle le is out there and we needed to bring her backbone. >> stay with kron 4 and truck kron 4 dot com for more information. >> and a look at our weather
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forecast is friday and to see what is going on for the weekend. >> this is a shot of the golden gate bridge and it's another day with with the fog it's kind of stockton. by the afternoon will see slightly cooler temperatures. it'll be similar to what we had yesterday. will start off with a current temperatures around the bay area. antioch close to 60 right now mountain view's 67 or seeing a i'll little bit more of the onshore pepper where temperatures will remain
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alert but cooler. up to 70 and fairfield along the coast will keep the temperatures in the upper 60s very fremont could reach 70. temperatures range at from the upper 60s to the low '70's in the most part will hold on to the '70s. here is a look at your here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. the bay moister produce from the morning fog partly cloudy conditions throughout the afternoon for the next couple days and and warming up starting at the beginning of the week.
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>> now hotspots report at this time. traffic is light for this friday morning. the metering lights have been cycled off san mateo bridge no delays. and southbound 101 looks like an empty stanovoi june. i also remind you of the delays and highlights this is look at the funeral per cent pension i have posted this
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on our facebook at page. >> live pictures coming not of new jersey where workers and are trying to free a man that is trapped in the manhole.
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news around banks the former board police officer that is still to be released on monday he was convicted of " mass slaughter in the death of oscar grant. or elias said the demonstration will take place on sunday. they are upset mehserle is
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getting out of jail early. >> i didn't know how i was fill but today and i felt reenergize talks, and the justice needs to be done for oscar brand. the community is standing with the family. we as a family are tired of being jerked around, we ask for the exact date when he will be released. >> he understands why the family is upset >> he was sentenced to four lawyers and prison buddy is serving less than two. and
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commit a crime just because you are upset about this it will not make right lawfully. go after the court's. people should be outraged he is not even going to serve half the time he should of served. pam >> keep an eye on our web site and stay tune for more information on his release. >> you can also go to our fellow facebook fan page. >> family and friends have service last night for isaac garcia. garcia's parents and older brother were in a car
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when he lost his life. police are sure that the case is one of mistaken identity. >> this is a video of one geminate that stole her computer and reporting back and sexually assaulting her i asked her why she didn't leave? >> she did take is video she thought he was a contractor. here's another look at the suspect is in his 40's. if you recognize this man
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called police. >> the jury found a former leader guilty of the death about a bakery. we will have awful lot. >> we will have the of and look at the traffic and weather coming up and don't forget to enter our sweepstakes for father's
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day code or fend page and will like us and you cannot win a chance to win one of 10 at magellan gps system or one of two 50 in. 3-d tvs. for more reformation goethe facebook and then on to our fan page.
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our million-dollar grant is set for the cleanup and coyote creek. this is through downtown san jose. will take a look at the mass and how the money is going to solve the problems >> the idea here in san jose which is to clean up the problem. the debris
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comes from homeless that live along the creek. he lives 20 ft. away from the creek and their pulse of trashed all along the creek. the city has already in removed under an 80 t of trash. the funds that men are made available will actually hire the homeless to clean up the trash. i saw furniture household material and construction equipment along the waterway. to show prospective of hull chronic
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this problem is they could hire as many as a thousand homeless people to clean up this mess. >> we will continue to follow this story as it develops >> the weather is looking good even better because it's writing. downtown sent to cisco is dealing with fog. partly cloudy conditions and same thing into the evening. you can see low cloud cover along the coast of the north bay around the media pay is getting kind of stock in. we are expecting the fog and hang around along for today.
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temperatures will warm up once the fog burns off. i afternoon. we could warm up into the upper '70's. along the peninsula will stay in the '60s into the east bay a mixture of '60s and '70s. 77 in pleasanton. and this is a look of your here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. the bay. we expect fog to continue through the weekend. and temperatures on
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a slightly warmer trend. >> no hot spots our major accidents the talk about. and nice and easy approach making the ride easy. the san mateo bridge enjoyable conditions. traffic still light across the span the bright lights coming towards you. we do have some construction on this southbound 101 and it might add a couple more minutes to your commute as a clean up the construction. no delays report on the mass transit system.
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>> on the national news, president barack obama pledged funds to how far the air arizona fire wildfires. . the flames could interfere with our line support. alabama governor signed a bill saying that officers can now check on people if they are a legal if they are stopped for another violation. >> i yemeni man pleads
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guilty to the murder of four americans the was off the coast. a husband and wife were killed as well as france and from seattle. >> will get more information on lead take and juicy. and a reminder of our kron 4 newscast at 8:00 p.m. and you can catch all the day's news.
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barnes and noble unveiled
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the new and knock. to compete with. this >> this is barnes and noble new-line and talk. the chicago this is all about simplicity. it is the simplest the reader available. >> it uses the great screen. it's cheap it's priced at under and $39. it weighs in at 7.5 ounces and a 6 in.
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display. this is something the kendall does not offer. with the wifi turned off it'll still say power. for more affirmation on a knock go to our web page. >> james says i well one of those and much more and had all including our top stories as we take a live look outside.
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today is the date is take a bite to to the san francisco firefighters. the veteran firefighters died from injuries that when they were
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battling an house floor in the diamond heights section of the city. >> around 5:00 p.m. the bodies of perez and valerio arrived and firefighters across the city honored them. the vigil was from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. not fire fighters but family and friends and neighbors of the firefighters attended the vigil. >> a larger crowd expected for the funeral services later on this afternoon. >> after the funeral
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service and which is expected to be massive it'll head south on galt street a right on 15th wanted delores and emerged on to settle the say have a note. the procession will then head south on 280. >> it is good to promote additional traffic on 101. if you have to be there you will be delayed >> they will get off of 280 at best there manque exit. and continue want to mission rome until they reach holy cross cemetery. >> this is going to be used , i've been to several
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firefighter pills and we have not had a multiple deaths since 1946. there has not been a debt than a modern fire department. this hit us hard. >> they are expecting over 6000 people to attend the services later on this afternoon. will be carrying live coverage of the services here on kron 4 and we will be like stringing it on our web site. >> a look at how traffic and weather is going to shape up for the weekend. >> a look at the cemetery bridge you really can't see because of the fog of what is going to stick around longer. we're as they drive
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through the weekend. the temperatures are fifties around the bay area 51 in redwood city antioch 58 degrees. we are looking at the little bit more fog as it is pushed through our area. afternoon highs into the mid '70s the delta will have temperatures in the upper 70's. will have a mixture of '60s and '70s throughout the area and live
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the more he was in the '80s. south bay will stay in the '70s. and this is a look at your here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. the bay will have the father the next couple days and we will be stocked in for a while until the sunbreaks in. >> not much to tell you about the traffic night in ec conditions to report the bridges all look good. and this is a look at the approach at the bay bridge toll plaza no metering lights are on at this time
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san mateo bridge in icing easy. when you're on the span pretty clear conditions. southbound 101 slight delays at the waldo gray. also i remind you of the street closures and this is a look at the strait closings because of the funerals. for a complete listing go door fan book page. >> mehserle all be a free man on monday. more details
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on his upcoming release. >> johannes mehserle will be released from the l.a. county jail on to monday june the 13th we're not sure at what time. he is scheduled to appear at 8:30 a.m. and did it is the time and he will be told by the judge to be checking in. protests have been scheduled in loss angeles. the one in loss angeles will be taken place on monday. the rally will be brief how they will march to city hall and hold a demonstration.
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organizers say they're doing this for several reasons >> is our way of speaking out and let them know how we fell. we need to make a loud statement to the powers the being. we will stand up and >> out until the system is changed. >> in the past these protests have been peacefully and wind up violent. the police said they do not condone this. oakley police say the world be adding additional officers to facilitate and peaceful protest. >> oakland business owners are split on whether they brookie their businesses open to are not.
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>> she likes the span of citing repeople. just down the street from oakland city hall. she has watched as the rallies have turned into riots all the business are around her have been vandalized hers was not. she will again will keep her doors open in fact she plans to join in. >> i might go over just to hear the speeches and the talks. i want to hear them voice their feelings. it has to be peaceful and orderly >> across the street from our this restaurant owner plans on keeping her doors
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open. >> keeping to kron 4 and also on line on a kron 4 doc .com for continuing coverage of this release. >> another great place to get up they is our facebook page. the kron 4 morning news will be right back ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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in the network you can take entertainment with you. a more service was held for the baby cries the garcia that was killed over the weekend. >> these are previously
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unseen pictures of a three month told i is sick. >> as a family we are destroyed >> for the family and has been a week of pain and suffering. picture of the mother here leave the hospital. the service was held thursday evening for isaac. the parents are still suffering >> it is hard for the family >> family members to hope for justice but well off when not be able to bring back isaac. >> i have no words to say
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anything or how they feel. they loss of three month old baby >> a look outside and at the toll gate bridge. pretty typical for this hour the.
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>> >> as a law fire roars
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through the mountains in new orders for residents to get other away. >> we can see it weaken see the smoke so close i never thought i would have to evacuate. >> the fire has already scorched over five - miles.
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>> the morning and as we are roof following the firefighters funerals. if
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you plan on writing to bart do not get into the last car it is being reserved for all those that are attending the services later on today. this is a courtesy to all the family friends of lost firefighters. we'll be covering that live freely to run this afternoon. >> sent as a is investigating the stabbing it happened on easter san carlos street. the man or taken to hospital in it is not clear the extent of their injuries. >> the family and friends of missing nursing should do in michele lee are not giving a pope this is video from the event from the vigil was held last the
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reward to find michele has grown to $65,000. the family said they need more people to come out and search >> it is like looking for a needle in a haystack we'll need a lot more help and anything we can get we're very grateful for. >> lee was last seen at kaiser hospital taking class. >> we will be back with more and a couple of minutes live look out at san jose. visibility is not too bad. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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the morning and it is now 5:46 a.m. and the funeral services for two fallen
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firefighters from san francisco anthony valerio and vincent perez will be held later on this afternoon. the funeral and procession will bring street closures and on highway closure. >> it's gonna put additional vehicles on one a one. if you can avoid the area and take these day riots it would be better if you can't take that route you are going to be delighted >> we're continued to look at all the closures and local streets as thousands of firefighters get to the funeral and pay respects and also thousands that are expected to line this streets to pay respects during the recession. the
5:48 am
fuel service begins at 1230 at st. mary's cathedral. will we hot broadcasting it live on kron 4 and also we ours caring in on our web page. >> a shot of the golden gate bridge looks similar as to what we had the last couple of days looks like today is gonna be is slower to left partly cloudy conditions for the afternoon patchy fog from the satellite you. you can see the fog around the peninsula. your satellite and radar beacon see it is
5:49 am
getting a push to the east. temperatures are in the '50s. a look at the temperatures around bay area 57 antioch 51 redwood city. and later on this afternoon fair fill 78 napa 75. sam our own balance in the mid-70s. this is all look of here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. the bay we are expected to stay drying over the weekend. we will still be dealing with fog in the
5:50 am
morning and then it warms up beginning next week. >> we are still looking at a good community across the bay area this is a friday we're checking with the bridges lite traffic with no delays. and the san mateo bridge ride looks good going across the span also true of the golden gate bridge. you can see light traffic on the south bound ride there in >> we're getting these live pictures into our news room.
5:51 am
this is in kansas city at tractor trailer flipped over driver the truck not injured they are trying to make a temporary fence around is a major row to keep rest of the calls from wandering across the street. they're trying to get the situation under control. this is something you don't want to and deal with the budget calls on their road away. >> two men have been convicted the formerly leader of your muslin of bickering both guilty in chauncey bailey's death. this happened in 2007 this is surveillance from police video. it has run a story on
5:52 am
the bakeries and finances. he testified the day ordered the murder >> major reforms in pg any following last year's debt leave for explosion. the blass resulted in an oversight of weaknesses by pg&e. also they lack the resources to check on the pipeline. >> we'll be back with more if a few minutes. a
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reminder that we also have news at 8:00 p.m..
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i'll look at our forecast and you concede that it is trying '70s almost and '80s. and we will just hold on to that as we head into the weekend and next week we pick up in the high gear warming up into the '80s. >> budget battle continues on capital helps my spread and joe biden will be talking about cuts. they're asking for the government to
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bar all millions of dollars a month. the state of california has its own budget problems. they are trying dan more out a compromise to the june 15th deadline. there is nine and a half billion dollar gap increased sales tax increase license tag fees. >> much more straight ahead and we have live crews at st. mary's cathedral. we'll have more of the funeral services a to the fed to follow faller firefighters. services a to the fed to follow faller firefighters. and a forward thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century.
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