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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 13, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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good monday morning everyone a lot of news weather and traffic. >> former police officer mehserle is scheduled to be released from jail today he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting into thousand nine of oscar grant. mehserle testified he meant to use his stun gun instead of his service revolver. more than a
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hundred people took to the streets of oakland yesterday to protest. >> sun is like this one set all the upper tester's believe that the judicial system is biased. >> the sentence was so we'll lenient. people with lesser crimes get more time than this officer dead. >> grant's mother wanted johnson is angry because of mehserle is released on
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monday. >> it's hurtful to me to see such injustice. we have not come far from the times of the complex clan. >> johnson said the number release of mehserle is opening new ones. >> there is in a day i don't cry for the loss of my son and no parent should have to go through this. >> his seven year-old daughter tatiana of said she raises her father. >> we always look to heaven and tracy ham " i miss him. >> a lot people took out their frustration on the
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spinoff of the was shaped like a police car. >> people are still going to come out police searched people are still going to take out frustration on put police brutality. >> the oakland police department has been very visible throughout this protest. they're watching things and you can see a of a dozen a motorcycle cops to make sure that things do not get out of hand. you'll notice there is no vehicle traffic because they have to close down the road. >> cheers down watch with as protesters.
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>> the rally with in downtown oakland began. estimates of approximately 200 protesters joined in the protest. >> i believe resubmit pistol live nothing is changed >> we wanted to show the city and the world we will not continue this type of justice is injustice. >> the attendance was low less than in the past rallies. >> were not trying to keep up with the numbers is the people that are here to have their voices heard >> they want to see peace and we have not got peace
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yeps. >> and stay with kron 4, on the continuing coverage of johannes mehserle. >> and now on to the whether it's gonna be a nice week. it eluded schiller? >> we're gonna wake up to as a morning fog there in not too widespread fog in the area. temperatures are in the '50s and more in antioch 60 degrees. afternoon highs
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will be in the '70s and possibly in some areas '80s. we're going to keep it in the 60s along the coastline. i'll look at seven day alone 90 since some of the inland spots. worldscale livermore of cloud cover and and we will slowly cool off next weekend. >> now major hot spots to report. if you are taking any of the three bridges all looks good report at this point in time. san mateo
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bridge nice and easy ride. and the golden gate bridge good southbound 101 and no delays you may encounter problems on northbound 101 from overnight construction. and to the traffic maps we have an injury accident bought west bound to 37485 police are on the scene. >> friends and relatives of a missing nursing student passed out fliers and kept up the hope of finding michele lee alive. and $90,000 reward is now being
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offered. this case has been reclassified as a homicide supporters of proposition 8 are and be back in that courtroom. supporters say that the judge, vaughn walker adult long-term gate partner and the motion was frivolous. we have a lot more to come up and this will be a live shot from our roof cam and we will be right backer
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that is now 409 and back to
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the protest of the release of bart officer johannes mehserle. >> she yelled as loud as she could this is seven year- old tatyana grant. >>, i am missing him lot, i don't like the man that shot him. >> you were yelling enchantingly or use same? >> leave my dad allow. my favorite memory of my dad is what i would sit on his left and share a lollipop with them. i really miss my data
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lot >> kron spoke with the family is a dirty and they will continue to fight for justice >> this is its belt failed the family. it was a relatively short sends a and there is an acknowledgement of that this process has come to an end. we still have the result suit there is it moving forward >> 48 mi. away is a mehserle
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is home town of nassau. >> i think he should be out of jail, i don't think he should gone to jail and a first-place. the person he was trying to subdue it wasn't resisting >> i think the are what law enforcement has our rally hard jobs in do. everybody is afraid of everything including our government is is difficult to bail law enforcement officer and he should be allowed to go offering >> he has served his time and now it's time for him not to move on some things happen in life and this was not a good situation. he has served his time so mouton
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>> he only served a year and i don't think he had time to reflect on what he did >> if asseses standard that can be applied all prisoners of. >> he did his time sell that's our justice system. >> a lot of people refused to go on camera to express their feelings. you think of our website it any time for continuing coverage of this release. >> not sure if you've seen that the latest pictures of cabral gifford or rim will have a look at those and
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i'll look at the bay area's bridges including the weather. we will be right back
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some progress in those in eastern what verrazano wildfires. six percent of the blaze has been maintained spreading has gone down thousands of people were evacuated some or permitted a home today. >> and we'll > ahead >> when we have a brand new pictures of gabby gifford that were posted on her face that a book page. there is also word that she may be released later on this month
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to continue rehab in nine houston facility. >> we had gorgeous weather over the weekend led so it's more to come. >> where are still dealing with morning fog, with temperatures are going to start to climb as we head into tomorrow. the fog is not too bad a bit of cloud cover. that temperatures are in the upper 50s around the bay area by the afternoon how it will warm-up into the '70s. eighties in the delta
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of. a around the bay we will state to low or mid 70's. and we might get low 90s tuesday and wednesday. tuesday and when did they will be your warmest days this week >> nothing to tell you about the bridges everything looks good right now a handful of people going to the toll booth perry drive time 89 man months from the maze.
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when we do have overnight construction is shutting down all three of the lanes and will be in effect until all around 5:00 a.m.. we also still have the accident on west bound to 37 >> what oakland businesses boarded up their stores and closed their shops as protesters took to this treaty yesterday contractors were called a halt as store owners didn't want to take the chance of damage.
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>> i have been up here three time in the was pretty trashed the first time i came out, the second time might came out it wasn't too bad >> i understand all whole or halt danon i'll follow the cord trauma, that do things right. it is for a good cause will >> businesses along broadway closed yesterday and i do believe they may remain closed again today. >> he spoke with one woman
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said not close her business >> shows according kept our store open. she is a web people attending the rally the last time destroyed and businesses >> i'm always open and a few minutes i'll go over and listened to the rally and that i will come back i felt what they are fighting for, that could and my son, my nephew. >> she said her business had not been damaged by any of the previous protests and she hopes that it stays that way >> hot stay with us out to
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kron 4 news and not have more information on mehserle release and also you can go to our website. >> will take another break we'll take a quick look outside and when weather is mild and traffic is moving good more coming up in just i little bit.
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finally gets his first championship ring but after 16 seasons. all the dallas fans had quite a celebration last night. nba championship is the first for dallas. >> the giants have been hit with another big injury sanchez hurt his shoulder or and may need surgery it is now for 20 5:00 a.m. and a look outside don't forget we do have is what state sport
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♪ cause it's the little things that mean a lot ♪ oh, thank you. you're welcome. a quick update on on on the release of with our place of a serb mehserle. we're finding out he has already been released. a fresh--on mehserle testified that you went to use his stun gun instead of service revolver.
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small >> more than under a table top to the streets to show shot support for the man that we shot and killed an oscar grant he shot grant appeared who was unarmed and on new year's day 2009 there >> signs like this tell-all they believe that a better justice system is biased was specially those of color >> people that do less avenges bargain given more time than this officer was given for killing my son. >> a couple of hundred people were rally at that trains station where of oscar grant lost his life.
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when his mother said he got off easy for taking on new them life >> it hurts me that we have not come that far from the time of the coup plotters planned. this release 7 mehserle is opening new ones. >> i agree every day for the loss of my son. >> it has also been tough on his seven year old daughter thought dionne now. >> we look up to this guy and prefer a.m. i really miss him >> protesters marched down international boulevard some of them took out their frustration out this pinata
4:32 am
the wish it like a police car. they were demanding justice >> we will not stand for police brutality will matter what. >> we will continue to in cumberland hodge. >> his parole condition to a will be non revoke all terms. the chief probation officer break sit-down >> the dent in global
4:33 am
control no supervision and you cannot be sent back to state prison there it hawaii because of what he was convicted of betty is classified by the state system as such. >> he will know as how his life will be turned around >> pretty pleasant and lots as a sunshine or patchy fog
4:34 am
will this morning when we are going to stay dry all week. this is all look of the satellite picture and you can see where that fraud is located it is stretching along the coastline upper 50s it antioch and fairfield. afternoon highs will be a mixture of '70s and '80s. " 81 for now, brought 84 fairfield and hopping over to the east bay will caribbean the upper 60s low 70's. temperatures are
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and declined to the '70s and '80s further inland. al look at our 7 day forecast possibilities of 90's but tuesday and wednesday and chemical or this weekend. >> now major delays around the bay area. this is the approach to the toll plaza we are accident free now medium like to tell you about. the san mateo bridge " is a problem free. dry
4:36 am
town of 23 minutes out of marin. . i'll look at our traffic magnum we still have that accident and it traffic is a bit sluggish in the area it should be cleared up surely there it >> more news, a dozen candidates are looking to make a name for themselves. will sit with these new candidates have to offer. >> hundreds of supporters are trying to get two new candidates onto the ballot required both canada lades
4:37 am
rally to people all around them touching on key issues >> you have to attend to the basics in need of great jobs in san francisco, in order that have a great job you need great schools there in people have worked with me in the past have seen the world my sleeves and become scrap the. >> i think san franciscans have are tired of seeing bickering at city hall. we want to bring people together to get things done. this is the kind of leadership i wanted to continue. >> these two look on the bright side >> democracy is joyous and
4:38 am
it looks good right now have 35 choices. >> we look over to a healthy robust debate coming up. >> we spoke with supporters at both rallies and this is what they had to say >> he is dedicated to specific issues. seeing the big revision of the the city as he does. >> he has intelligence and puts it to use in the city. we have all lot of issues that happen in our district and reflect on our city as old.
4:39 am
>> after the rally they hit the streets to get signatures so that their names could be placed on the ballot >> we have some local cloud cover out there right now and i checked on traffic in just a little bet.
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4:41 am
new decals on the beating of bryan stowe. information came in that day bloodstain t-shirt was left at a dry cleaners. >> i did not get this from lapd item all of the trip report is true or not. >> he said he went to see jill vining ramirez to the jail and he asked why if he took a t-shirt to a dry cleaners? >> he looked at me like i was crazy. >> he is in jail on a parole violation buried we found out that gun was found her
4:42 am
underneath close ill laundry basket. there were several people going in a now of the house. he said he had no knowledge of the gun being in the house. >> back to the report of the bloodied jersey. >> i hope it's true, i hope it's true. if the l.a. peace says that jersey does not come back to g of yawning then it belongs to someone else. >> jackie cain said she has taken her two children to see stellar, his eyes were
4:43 am
open and he was tracking the children with his >> eyes. > in charlotte n.c. the plane that landed in nine months down river three years are about is now in the south carolina aviation museum. also on hand was the captain who saved all hundred and 35 passengers on board >> there are people that insist that it is all about a 1 the person, but this is not true >> it will be on public this day and it opens in january. >> kron 4 has a new and newscasts we are now on medicaid p.m..
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for 40 5:00 a.m. mehserle has been released from prison. a judge ruled friday that he should be released four times served and good behavior. mehserle testified he wanted to use his stun gun rather than his service revolver. in oakland a businesses or boarded upper and they will remain so today. >> or 14 then broadway has
4:47 am
been on hotspot on this mehserle out break. gary and see the full locker is boarded up and we are not sure if this business will be open today are not other places that are not using when they are placing pictures of oscar grant in their window. a lot of businesses are using this carry right now it is still quiet. >> the wildfire in arizona
4:48 am
has now destroyed a 440,000 a. authorities said a flames have decreased enough for some people to return to their homes >> welcome back >> some of evacuates were given the go-ahead to go return to their homes. >> the fire has diminished enough will no longer be a threat to their homes. >> one official said if they return it is at their own risk because of the smoke in the area >> we know what to expect >> it looks great and it still here it doesn't look like it was in a fire. does >> there is dawdle or to do
4:49 am
as far as cleanup is concerned and securing with. today was a very good day >> the fire began on may 29th and has been the largest fire in history there in >> as temperatures begin to rise for summer and we're preparing for our fire season. officials are advising homeowners to take extra precautions. trimming branches 6 ft. from the ground. cleanout daughters and around the mall of pine needles.
4:50 am
>> or starting out with little bit warmer temperatures than we have seen. a little patchy fog around the area by afternoon not warming trend up as high as 80 is in some areas. satellite right now shows a rather fog is mostly along the coast. temperatures now or in the '50s and '60s. i'm mixtures of '70s and '80s i'll look at the temperatures around the area and for later on today as
4:51 am
you see upper 70's he low 80s in some areas los '70s in the berkeley area. this is a look of your here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. the bay tomorrow we may actually climb into the '90s on tuesday and wednesday. these will be the warmest days of the whole week. >> we're enjoying pleasant conditions no traffic problems to report. the approach to the toll plaza no delays. drive time eight
4:52 am
minutes. note traffic advisories sent to tell you a buy note traffic in some direction as this is clearing up right now i headlights coming into san francisco a delay free conditions out of the north bay area carry the crosstown freeway move well we have delays the great highway is closed down in both directions no estimated time for it to be open. >> it has been a rough week for anthony wiener, there
4:53 am
are new reports that he contacted a delaware 18. >> nothing explicit nothing indecent nothing of a on a per britain. >> that is how he describes his contact with the 17 year-old from delaware. reports of the action admitted to having them explicit conversations with and women on line. wiener decided to take as surely
4:54 am
of absence to seek treatment 56 of his constituents believe we should not resign. >> i figure would be hard for him to clear his name. >> a lot of pressure on him this morning. new information on the health and human resource center. some of the things on the list that makes styrofoam and also formaldehyde. prescription drugs are
4:55 am
becoming more scarce. pharmaceutics account minis are discontinuing production of. >> a check of mt. tam cam talal not bad.
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we're and at nbc program with a special in did production of our kron news at 8:00 p.m. and also kron news of once again at 9:30
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p.m.. back in the san francisco news some way been 8 lbs. 4 ounces of the baby boy will his the second child for the couple that have a two year-old montana. will also have more information on that the eggs are police officer mr. li's release. and your forecast coming straight ahead.
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in the morning it's 5:00
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a.m. mehserle has been released from jail hon we will tell you what is planned for oakland today >> what they will be back in court what with that walker. all >> so pictures of cabral gifford after she was shot. >> gonna get so sick for arrest i meant week. today is gone be nice and mild temperatures up in the '80s her but tuesday and wednesday are to be the warmest day is and hottest in some locations at getting up into the '90s. then we will have a cooling trend later on in the week. we will look at the numbers coming up >> i'll look at the ride
5:02 am
that bay bridge lite traffic heading into the macarthur maze all roads leading to the bay bridge look good all have a complete check coming out >> business that mehserle has not been released as of 12 01 napa this morning. the judge ruled friday or that masterly it should get credit for time served and good behavior. mehserle had testified he meant to use his taser not his handgun. when businesses and oakland are recorded output after a peaceful protest went through the area
5:03 am
>> some businesses have not taken any chances especially this foot locker. right after the verdict foot locker was alluded people stole shoes that didn't even fit them bay just wanted to protest this. once again this is close and not sure if it will open today are not. . about 300 people showed up for the protest police were on hand to make sure it was peaceful. ollie one person was arrested that was because he was spray- painted graffiti on one of
5:04 am
the businesses out. when the those more emergence not boarding up their windows with would they are using pictures of oscar grant select protesters now we're on your side sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. oakland police but armand error out in force how it is all quiet right now and oakland >> kron 4 is we spoke with his mother >> the sentence was so lenient people with lesser offenses are given more time than this officer was given. it is hurtful to me to see
5:05 am
such an injustice in the system. we have not come far from the complex plan. >> coming up we will hear from oscar grant seven year- old daughter. >> miles away is mehserle some time of napa and we went there to see what they had to say about his release. >> i don't think he should of gone to jail in the first place, the person he was trying to subdue was arresting picture you always listen to the police officer then argued later. >> i think the police department has a lot of hard job everyone being so afraid
5:06 am
of everything. difficult to bay of the police officer and he should be allowed to go free >> he is served his time it is time for him to move on. he did the best he could do at the time he has served his time so move on >> the punishment did not deserve the crime it was only send still a year and i feel he didn't have enough time to reflect on his actions >> if this is the standard applied all prisoners were eli do. >> a lot of people could not even express their feelings as
5:07 am
>> air with a buddy is watching the weather with a bit warm upcoming. >> quick look at our whether from our roof cam arid mall fog when not as extensive as it has been past couple days. this is where you are steering some low cloud cover. 55 degrees in san jose of 59 degrees in antioch. i praise
5:08 am
in some spots 79 santa rosa low 80s in the north bay area. 73 in oakland anyone living in the south bay area aerobee upper 70's. now look at our 7 day we have all warmup in store as you see you tuesday and wednesday we could get up into the '90s; gradually as we had to the weekend. more weather in a minute now check on traffic >> we are not tracking and
5:09 am
hotspots are problems this morning light traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza will start with a bridge check toward the toll plazas still very light. now delays of marin county 101 southbound nice and easy ride we'll take a quick break and kron 4 morning news will be read back hey marcel, watch this!
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supporters of provocation 8 will be back in today supporters of the ban said at the judge had a conflict
5:13 am
of interest in the case it was revealed that walker had a partner arid >> $90,000 is now being offered for that information on the missing nursing student michele lee. hayward police believe they a are investigating homicide when. this case has been classified as a homicide arid the investigation is continuing by authorities >> new pictures of gabby gifford that were posted on her facebook page or taken may 17th by a longtime friend. gifford has been in
5:14 am
the houston rehabilitation center arid she could be released from that center as early as this month. >> skies are starting to bring as we look around the bay area for more cameras. temperatures are going to warm up will have more on whether in just a few minutes.
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dow off under in 72 points. last month and a half has been as then decline in. we're opening up a load 12,000 today. we have a
5:18 am
number of the of reports coming out this week they will be releasing a their quarterly reports. the international monetary fund, they would not extend more information on the attack and would not have any further information on dominick strauss-kahn arid >> gov. jerry brown released the new u2 that video. brown is also looking for millions of dollars in cuts. he is asking for reforms with arid he wants to reduce
5:19 am
state regulation and also implied at cap on state spending. >> or to the weather we all >> as we look at local cover and fog not much inland 50 degree you temperatures right now. this afternoon will have warmer temperatures. pettifogging all along the coast not as bad as we have had the last few days. 55 and oakland mid-50s in the that is the
5:20 am
way things are shaping up as you head out the door later on this afternoon will warm up nicely. 81 in napa. if european san francisco today 64 downtown not. oakland los '70s. i'll look at the temperatures around mild the bay area el the upper '70's low 8 east will in most of the bay what now look at our
5:21 am
7 day forecast tuesday and wednesday but look like a warm as days of the week and then we are begins to cool off allowed by the weekend >> we're still looking at a pretty good ride around the bay area certainly true of the bay area bridges now hotspots report to slow your ride. but with volume building ever so slightly radar about one hour away from seeing the metering lights be turned on. we see the lights eastbound heading toward us and tell lights southbound 101. no delays from marin county or throughout marin county check of one a one going through san francisco this
5:22 am
is the end of interstate and it becomes one a 118 mentor ride. >> an express bus is going to appoint start services today. that an ex issued not express bus service well began the existing on judah system. this is to help the overcrowding on the line it will operate between 48th and 19th avenue and the financial district that is the and the
5:23 am
excess of judah express. >> and also don't forget the of the sweepstakes we are having for father's day is go our facebook page like us and you couldn't not sign up to win the magellan gps system more one of 253 d t these
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and, returning to a more activist and again today but one person all lobbied presented that as congress and anthony wiener who has taken a leave of absence to start or a treatment center. in winter and has acknowledged exchange and sexually explicit taxes and. republican none met robin name will debate tonight and
5:27 am
it is the first time he will share a stage with the contenders. michele bachman of minnesota and new gingrich of georgia are scheduled to attend. mayor ron ready is now leading in the paul. brown is receiving 24 percent second is sarah pailin at third or rudy guiliani. >> president hope, will announce plans to cut or our government waste the coliform an oversight
5:28 am
commission. to monitor abuse. with 40 years ago today the disclosure of the pentagon papers. and today the 7000 secret government pages is being released it was a breach in the presidential confidentiality. >> we'll take a quick break as news and weather continues. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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a good look around the bay area of looks good outside of and we consider that the sun is already held. we're noticing some low-cost
5:31 am
cover and fog. this is a breakdown of the wheat nothing much to complain about the next few days will be the warmest of the we could see temperatures in leveraging the '90s. what will i have a quick warm-up and then us like cool down as we head into the weekend. a quick check abstracted >> we continue to monitor conditions " around the bay area where. only a slight increase in volume in the area >> new details about a former police officer will johannes mehserle was released from jail. he served 11 months in the death of oscar grant. the judge ruled friday that he should be given credit for time served and good
5:32 am
behavior. former officer was convicted last year of involuntary manslaughter. he testified he thought he was using his son down rather than his service revolver. are a better storeowners going to keep those boards up for that and a taken down question might >> i think it will wait until the day is almost over before they take down the boards. i'm standing in front of this for a locker that was looted last year. at its history continues that all business will be closed. across the street called the spot when they're not using would they are using posters of oscar grant. to let people know
5:33 am
that we stand by you and that's why you see the posters in the store windows. we talked to a business owner that have flag and a picture of oscar grant in his store was diluted. we expect protest about we mild but they are peaceful. when a call right after allot of stores were looted arid are you concede that it is quiet right now five and half hours after mehserle was released. downtown at oakland has been a hot spot but very quiet right now. >> during the protests that happened yesterday there was
5:34 am
a small voice that could be heard in the crowd. >> i missing a lot i don't like the police shot him. i remember sitting on his lap sharing lollipop and he was always laughing. i'm happy that everybody is coming here to july 9th and i really miss my dad a lot. >> that was from seven year- old tatiana grant the seven year-old daughter of oscar grant. >> monday is always tough sunshine would help. >> we're already seeing the sun out there currently is 55 degrees in san jose. 75
5:35 am
by noon. is gonna be a pleasant day in the south bay area. we are dealing with some of that slow low cloud cover. you can see on the radar map where they've fog is along the coastline. 53 in san francisco 55 in oakland 55 san jose. her temperature is not bad either. 79 senators of mid-
5:36 am
60's per most of san francisco. 697 tel. expect the upper 7 is low 80s and livermore. 80 degrees in campbell their vetoes the in the south bay area and it warms up to the '90s tuesday and wednesday. lots of sunshine thursday friday saturday sunday temperatures dropping just and little as we head into the weekend.
5:37 am
>> are still looking at a great ore-ida around the bay area no hot spots or slows spots to report. the normal patterns. at the poll plaza eighth stop a light rick volume. and the golden gate bridge 101 southbound easy through marin county and problem free this is what one northrop's passing through the guadalupe parkway bahrain the time now is 5:46 a.m. and we will have more with the kron 4 news
5:38 am
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arizona firefighters carry
5:41 am
expressed hope that they have contained five% and later on today they are expecting a high 10 percent containment. 2700 people that live in and around fire and have been evacuated. >> look at this building have the building is gone and the other half is just hanging there. this was an aftershock of 5.2 arid this was the house over the ledge. or a large as one aftershock which was hit after lunch time. you are
5:42 am
looking at the damage and no reported additional injuries. oil her with no additional injuries in christchurch. >> the government and libya are reports which all thinking. they are now recognizing that the rebel group and. this came three days after they hosted a meeting to aid the rebels. >> kron 4 now has a new prime-time forecast where a great time for you and your family to watch the news cast. it is now on at 8:00 p.m..
5:43 am
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5:46 am
i chuckle at tussore is happily bart police officer served his glasnost as early as and release from prison have a period where he had planted a guilty and was found guilty of involuntary monde slaughter when paired perry and the family of michele making only the missing nursing still in it are still believing that she is alive. >> our report out of southern california out bloodstain jersey was left at a loss angeles dry cleaner and it may be connected to this tokays. >> what you make of the report? >> first of all i did not
5:47 am
get this from lapd and i do not know of the report is true or not >> he went to see gm on the rare as and ask him if took eight years into a nearby cleaners. that lingers is right next door to his manicurist and pedicure is. he looked at me like i was crazy >> he is an orange jail on a parole violation. will we learn that that gun was found underneath closing in i house worry you what had been staying. the rest of all people coming in and out of the house >> unless the person has the gun on his person then you know you have possession of all weapons. but in this
5:48 am
case it was found in a laundry basket and he stated he had no knowledge that the gun was up there. >> which if this is brian stowe's and blood on the jersey and it does not come back to jail by ramirez. this is a are thought it was done by someone else. >> his ex-wife said that she had taken their two children to see him in hospital his eyes were open and they tracked the movement of the children. >> what real live look from at our roof cam this morning aware we are dealing with
5:49 am
early morning patchy fog. we're going to get into the 80s with mostly cloudy conditions. this is where the satellite shows the fog is mainly along the coast. all otherwise we're looking mild. 56 in concord right now. " antioch 59 degrees right now. we're all going to get a bit of warmer weather today. 75 in
5:50 am
fremont 81 and deliver more. coming up on tuesday and wednesday we could go into the 90s then not we will offer low bid for the weekend her >> we have not quite his 6:00 a.m. and no unusual traffic to report at this time will tell hotspots and no delays in it is light and easy ride. no back up and the late to report from 880. coming out of hayward easy conditions on in '92. the golden gate bridge and 101 southbound problem free your
5:51 am
ride through all not correct. there was ever reported debris in new-line it and has not slowed the traffic. also problem free is a public said transit system. >> lead tennessee gov. news some have welcomed their second child hunter seybold a bully. he weighed 8 lbs. 4 ounces a is their second child when they already have a daughter 20 mi. hold.
5:52 am
>> your-sunshine across the city. will be right back [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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the morning and happy monday to deal more looking at the here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. bay forecast. right now 84 degrees is the high today and then look at the debitors pop up to 94 tuesday and wednesday. when we ended with political work for the we can. that you really like the enjoy the beginning of the week. >> the dallas mask came on
5:56 am
top and been the eat there is your mt croupier certain of its people. ahead native of jason kidd finally did it with a mass. he paid a college ball at cal and has finally gotten a championship ring after 16 tries. how this is a look of of the streets of dallas after the win. big disappointment to the miami team. >> or following at entertainment new arid and the los like brad lockable is face-to-face meeting with kim kardashian. he has
5:57 am
accused her of qian humphries. per-his lawyers are adopting a declamation order. and the saxophone as from e street band suffered a stroke and it was said that he is seriously ill. members of his family were told to come to florida if they wanted is the cam arid >> and dollar would box office all with the $37 million opening of four super 8 x-men first-class came in second and hangover part 2 was third making 18 and have. the female version
5:58 am
of the hangover was recalled arid was not a winner. >> 55 in oakland looking at 70 cam at noontime.
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