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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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. after serving one year behind bars the former bart police officer johannes mehserle is now out on parole. we were in los angeles as johannes mehserle was released from a county jail after midnight. we have team coverage of his release, plus a look at how the shooting and johannes mehserle's release continues to spark protests and dad bait. kron 4's dan kerman has a look that protests in los angeles. >> reporter: more than 30
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members of the los angeles coalition for justice for oscar grant as well as his uncle marched to the u.s. courthouse to demand they file federal charges against former bart police officer johannes mehserle violating oscar grant's civil rights. >> we did not receive justice in this proceeding, we have been denied our rights and i am here to tell you this fight is not over. >> reporter: johannes mehserle was released after midnight. after serving 365 days of his two year sentence for shooting and killing oscar grant. >> it is a travesty that the judge showed just how criminal this system is. and he exposed just how racist, how racist this criminal justice system his. >> reporter: his uncle joined protesters outside the los
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angeles courthouse. >> we will not lay down with our hands behind our back and allow the police officers to kill us. it is time for the community to stand up and speak to this issue. it is sad for me to be here on behalf of my nephew to be talking about this. but this mission has just begun. johannes mehserle's life will not be back to normal business. >> reporter: given the comments, the family is just as angry as they have been throughout the case. the family will not rest till johannes mehserle received the type of sentence and the time behind bars they think he deserves. in los angeles, dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> ahead of johannes mehserle's release protesters took to the streets yesterday in oakland. you can see the demonstrations where 300 protesters gathered to vent their frustration over the shooting and johannes
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mehserle's release. that compared to the video on the right side from last november. that's where 150 people were arrested in rallies that started peacefully but turned violent. kron 4's jr stone talked with business owners to get their take on the protests. >> reporter: locked up. that is how some decided to handle monday, june 15, the day johannes mehserle was released. >> cheaper for them to lose a day's business than to replace their window. >> reporter: jack runs a nonprofit organization in downtown oakland. he was busy monday but some businesses not so much. some concerned over two years of anger in the oscar grant shooting death, those upset over the sentence. >> he committed murder.
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if i committed murder they will keep me in jail for life. >> stuff keeps happening. like, you know the weight of a -- that man knew what he was doing. >> reporter: a rally last night. >> what are we fighting for. >> reporter: one that was peaceful. >> i think oakland should be proud of itself. all of the people involved were -- [no audio] >> and a class action lawsuit ozwas filed today by the national lawyer's guild. it is on behalf of 150 people rasted on november 5, 2010 during a rally following the sentence announcement of johannes mehserle. it claims the police department unlawfully arrested a group of
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people. deriving their rights to protest. the attorney's office had no comment today. now that johannes mehserle is a free man, people are wondering where it is he will call home. considering all of the publicity surrounding the case. our team coverage continues with haaziq madyun, who learned he may know the answer. >> reporter: outside of johannes mehserle himself and his family the one man who may know what is next for johannes mehserle is his attorney who says regarding johannes mehserle coming back home to the bay area, he always called northern cal home and he adoesn't want to live elsewhere. according to johannes mehserle's parole status he is free to live anywhere in the u.s. without restrictions. he will be on parole for a
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year. does not have to peat with parole agents throughout that time and his whereabouts will not be tracted. that means johannes mehserle does not have to inform anyone about his residential status. haaziq madyun, kron 4 news. >> stay with -- for continuing coverage of the release of johannes mehserle. our coverage expands online with viewer comments, videos and protest, on a bay area elementary school teach certain custody after police say he raped a developmentally challenged student aid. jerry johnson was arrested today in the city of elk grove. he sexual assaulted a child. the police department is now trying to determine if similar incidents occurred. two brand new wing sailed
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catamarans tested the waters today, both used in the america's cup race which will take place in 2013. kron 4's reggie kumar shows us the video. >> reporter: watch closely as this boat catched too much wind, causing it to tip over. the large sail hits the water first and then the boat continues to fall on its side. a hand full of people fall into the ocean. some hold on till help arrives. a rescue boat plucked people out of the water. lines were thrown to those still on. it is pulled right side up again. the crew is doing okay. >> the team was preparing. san francisco is a windy spot.
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capsizing and sailing happens lot. part of the normal path in sailing. learning how to capsize appropriately and safely and s part of sailing. getting capsized is a great part of the training process. >> reporter: they will be testing the waters in the bay for the next two weeks from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. in san francisco, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. preparations to turn san francisco's water front into a racing venue for the america's cup's race is still on schedule. it will be constructed at peers 27 and 29. officials say thousands of people are expected to come here to watch the event. >> we are in the process of getting prepared for our review which is coming up at the end of june and then we will go through the rest of the process throughout the summer. going well. people are working really hard and the city is supporting us.
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>> the america's cup is expected to generate a billion dollars for san francisco's economy. a nice day out there today. temperatures mostly in the 70s and 80s. we will warm even more tomorrow. current conditions are mild in some places and cooler in others. coast linux fog developing -- coast line, fog is developing. inland, 60s and 70s. tomorrow, early in the morning fog long the coast and bay shores. that clears out and we will see sunny skies. 90s in some spots. where we will warm up coming up in a bit. we have a programming note, this thursday, we will be bringing you a special edition
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of kron 4 news. 30 rock at 8:30. 9:00, office and kron 4 news at 9:30. that's this thursday night right here on kron 4. ♪
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in news around the bay, new information in the case of a missing nursing student. police did make an arrest two days after the disappearance of michelle le. giselle esteban was taken into custody. she was later let go but he remain as person of interest. investigators classified the case as a homicide. they are searching the area from where a signal from her cell was last submitted. the debate over same-sex marriage played out today. activists staged a rally today. the court is trying to
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determine whether the sexual orientation of a federal judge is relevant on a ruling he made. police arrested this man in connection with the murder of maria orozco. feliciano valencia-santiago was arrested friday in santa clara. maria orozco's body was found on june 5. in berkeley, police believe two house fires were the result of arson. they occurred last wednesday blocks away from each other. the circumstances are suspicious. the fires are not accidental. live look outside down on san francisco. visibility is good at this time. still breezy right now. fog moving into the bay shores over night. tomorrow at a glance. the fog effecting the coast line tomorrow. temperatures mild to start the
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day. fog clearing by noon. sunny skies into the afternoon. 70s and 80s and 90s. fog tracking tomorrow morning. fog spilling in to the bay shores. we are not going to see a lot of cool marine airs. 9:00 in the morning, fog pushing back to oakland, hayward and sitting on the coast line. noon here you can see it's starting to push back. sunny skies everywhere tomorrow and warmer temperatures. especially where the fog is not going to be in the morning. look at santa rosa, 88 degrees. 91 in fairfield. 88 in concord. places we see the fog, cooler, 70 in san francisco, 44 oakland. 67 along the coast. warmer down in the south bay. 85 in san jose, and 92 in
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morgan two. seven-day forecast, warm weather tomorrow and for wednesday. not much affon influence of fog on wednesday. but the fog comes back towards the week. cooler temperatures follow. mid-70s through the valley on the weekend. basketball is over but there will be a game 7 in hockey. gary has boston-vancouver highlights ahead and how serious is freddy sanchez's shoulder injury. gary has highlights and sports, he is next. ñwkó
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. all right. good evening, everybody. the stanley cup finals are going 7. tonight on boston's home ice they struck early. versus the canucks.
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they were so proficient. boston wins 5-2. 7th and decider wednesday in vancouver. the home team won every game in the series. boston stays alive tonight and then some with a victory at home. giants in arizona tomorrow night. freddy sanchez, the most valuable every day player suffered a dislocated shoulder on friday night. the word is, instead of undergoing surgery and getting ready for next year, he will try and rehab this baby with a possible return late in the year. that is the word at this hour on freddy sanchez. the a's will host kansas city tomorrow night. brett anderson will not need tommy john surgery. did receive an injection to help relieve pain. he will undergo six weeks of rehab. that's how it goes for the a's.
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he will be out 6 weeks. the a's lost 12-13. cal baseball run reached the college world series. last night, national tv going, espn u, if you have the ability to go up in the 180s you can find the game. cal won 6-2. their coach, david, got the gatorade shower and the cal bears return home this morning, party last evening, came home today, first world series since 1992. >> i saw it on paper, i knew it -- we won that game. >> i said it when i was 12 years old, i went to omaha and watched cal state fullerton win it. ever since then i wanted to win it. step one is getting there, step
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two is winning it. >> we found out who cal's opponent will be, virginia cavaliers. irvine was 1 strike away from advancing but chris taylor brought home a couple runs and virginia stormed the field 3-2. cal versus virginia this sunday morning at 11:00. the college world series can go up to 2 weeks. this is a big, big deal. the cal bears, you know, face, it that story has been told over and over again. they were going to not have baseball after this year because of funds, now they are at the world series. talk about a tough job. luke, ladies and gentlemen s the new head coach of ohio state. he has been an assistant coach for a while and replaces jim
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tressel. this is why they are extra tough, one of the most talked about programs in america, you know what's his problem will be? >> what? >> i don't know him. >> i don't know. >> he goes into a place where you can't even now, you know, steel a paper clip was of what happened to ohio state. so -- you know, my motto is -- >> what is your motto, you have so many. >> the mottos come out. the point is, you know, if you are going cheat, don't get caught, right? >> yes. >> what is worse is, if you can't cheat to begin with, you are dead. >> don't cheat. >> obviously. the kids have all gone to bed, this is our late night crowd, on their way out to start cheating as we speak, everybody is watching ohio state now so maybe they can get you a --
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