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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 29, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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. live, kron 4 news at 11:00. >> bart reform, they are shifting its security policies. bart started making changes after the shooting of oscar grant. tonight we find out what changes have been made. >> a mandatory -- kron 4's reggie kumar has the story tonight. >> reporter: bart as a police auditor that takes plaint against officers and works as a liaison. the board will make recommendations and monitor police practices and
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investigate citizen allegations of on-duty police misconduct and make recommendations for discipline. bart hired new police chief to implement the changes as well as improve community relations with the public. bart also increased the number of officers on trains and stations and officers must report all uses of force. they also have to undergo 40 hours of extra training every year, instead of 25 hours every two years. on wednesday bart began the process of reissuing tasers to the police officers after they were taken away last year for additional training on how to use them. the bart president explains the new policy. >> before the police officered with share tasers. there were 60 tasers for 200 officers. now it's a mandatory ability to carry a taser and every police officer has their own and they
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have been retrained how to use it and under what circumstances to use it. it is not your strong draw hand like a gun. >> reporter: they hope to equipment the entire force by july 11. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> the oscar grant murder cost them more than $2 million. bart settled with oscar grant's family. this weekend the mother received $1.3 million and the child received $1.5 million. a tense situation on the bridge yesterday. a man stopped his car on the bridge and jumped into the bay. this was the scene at 5:00. firefighter rescuers were called in. they were able to reach the man who become stuck in the mud. the man was taken away in an ambulance. crews in san francisco are
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done cleaning up an oil spill. a 30-foot long slick at bryant street tonight. the spill forced the road closure for an hour. police have a wanted man in custody after a shooting this morning. when police approached him he opened fire on them. they returned fire hitting him. he tried to take off in his car but crashed. kron 4's dan kerman tells us who the man is. the suspect lived at the san francisco apartment building where his mother was the apartment manager till earlier this month. they left after the suspect punched this hole in the wall. residents say the suspect was also arrested several times over the last decade. he had a cash of guns and was
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not well like. prior to wednesday, records indicate he was arrested in san francisco 5 times. on june 17 he failed to appear for trial. a $75,000 warrant was put out for his arrest. the california department of corrections says he also served time at the correctional institute in tracy in 2010. they say he was placed on patrol for a weapon's violation. earlier this week the suspect fired an assault rifle. this point san francisco police aren't discussing where that happened or the circumstances surrounding it. dan kerman, kron 4 news. police are still searching for another parolee. jonathan walker is a suspect in two murders. one last week and another in
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san francisco in january. a man beaten in san jose in 2005 has passed away. he died because of the injuries suffered six years ago. the man suspected in the attack was never charged. they got into an argument that led to a fight. at the time police arrested him but they let him go. he has since been deported to mexico. there is no warrant for his arrest. a live look outside from our cam. good visibility at this hour. minimal fog close to the coast line but it pushes back into the bay over night. things warmed up after yesterday's storm but we are in for a big warm up for the weekend. 70s in the north bay and inland valley as well as the delta with the sunshine this afternoon but 60s close to the
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coast line and down the peninsula. it will stay mild overnight with the fog moving in. 50s and 60s right now. we should stay in the 50s for the most part. maybe a few low 40s. tomorrow, dense fog for the morning close to the coast line. patchy fog briefly. south bay and inland valleys fog pushing back to the close line by noon. elsewhere warmer temperatures. summer officially started a week ago but looks like winter in lake tahoe. look at this a blanket of snow and a record amount of snow on the ground. so it's not just about fire works this fourth of july but also about skiing. in san francisco, residents won't have to hop on muni to visit trader joes because it is
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going into that san francisco neighborhood. they are scheduled to close this december. trader joes will start renovations in january. they will open next summer. afnew face that san francisco zoo. the tiger is now at home in a redesigned enclosure. it was redone after a tiger escaped and killed a visitor in 2007. the grounds are now secure. he is 295 pounds. she is play full and laid back. she seems comfortable in her new home. >> she is napping. really confident cat. she has neighbors, big cats next to her, people watching her. the fact that she is napping is
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a good sign. means she is comfortable. >> she was donated by a zoo in nebraska. still ehead, how the epa is keeping tabs on a fire threatened nuclear lab. how many same-sex marriage are expected the first day of legal marriage in new york and the effect google will have on facebook and if the giants can keep their hot streak goes against the cubs. fee court is now in session.
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. in national news a new mexico wildfire continues to rage. threatening a nuclear weapons laboratory. the pyroscoped more than 108 square miles. fire crews managed to hold a defense line across the southern boundary. the epa is watching the area, monitoring for signs of a chemical leak. >> in new york, the most
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exciting announcement since same-sex marriage was legalized. on july 26 a group is hosting a free wedding cereponies for couples with a free reception. he driverred that news today. it might even greg a world record. >> it will be the largest wedding ceremony in the 1400- acre park for free. we are very proud here in new york. we hope this movement will push forward to the rest of the country. >> and in rhode island, same- sex marriage to enter in the civil unions the measure goes to the government. it will also be granted the same rights and benefits as a marriage. >> a warm up for the holiday weekend. how hot it will get coming up
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. new tonight at 11:00, fire cruise remain at a house fire that resulted in the death of a elderly woman. started tonight. firefighter said had a hard time getting to the house because of a downed power line. it's not clear if the line caused the fire. east palo alto is on a gang sweep after a baby was shot and san francisco is battling crime on market street. >> reporter: in san francisco there have been two shootings in the past three weeks. one near this intersection. some believe there is a war between gangs. one said more needs to be done to keep areas safe. jr stone, kron 4 news. >> reporter: in east palo alto,
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officers are conducting searches of the homes of gang members in the wake of the gang related killing of a baby. they went door to door warning those gang members to steer clear of trouble and looking for illegal weapons. the searches will continue till next month, gang experts will brain storm in search of a way of ending the violence here. in east palo alto, rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. a warm up starts tomorrow, it will go into the weekend, into the fourth of july holiday as well. tomorrow, dense fog close oo the coast line. patchy fog inland. and also in the south bay. into the afternoon, sunny skies warmer conditions through the rest of the bay area. 80s in a few places like santa
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rosa, 82. 82 in concord. upper 60s for san francisco and richmond. 63 long the coast. 70s for the bay shores. low 80s in the south bay. this is just the start of the warming trend. we will continue into the weekend. san francisco 70s on friday and upper 70s by sunday. in to the 80s in san jose by friday. low 90s on sunday. same thing ing santa rosa, 85 by friday and 90 on sunday. so if you are wondering what the fourth of july forecast will be, the answer is a good one. in san francisco, 9:00, clear and mild conditions. clear conditions throughout the rest of the bay area and temperatures in san jose will be in the 70sch when the shows -- 70s when the shows start. 90s inland by sunday. 9s for the bay shores and continues into the fourth of
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july. monday, 98 degrees for inland valleys. 81 for bay shores. 70 on the coast and temperatures stay warm through next week as well. google will move into the area of social networking. what this means for facebook. >> reporter: google unveiled its latest effort at social networking. google plus. facebook is killing google in terms terms of time spent on the site and pages viewed. according to comscore, users spend 62% more time on facebook than google last month. google's newest venture has more privacy than the last two attempts. that you can share information
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more selectively. several features aim to mimic real life human interaction. users can notify a select group of people that they are hanging out and available for video chatting without appearing on everyone's chat list. google plus is available to a limit number of users. others need to be invited to use the service. >> the giants in yet another one run aware as they go for their eight straight win, and the a's run into a red hot pitcher and incredible defense as they try to get past the marlins. gary has all the sports, she next. ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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he was really good tonight. 7 inning, 5 hits, one run, struck out 9. he will get an all star call. ryan, help from his defense. making the play. 8 innings 3 hits one run. they went back and forth. no one could touch them. bill hall scoring from second. game tied 1-1. moments later, a base hit, he only makes it from second to third, bad base running. and giants don't score again and bottom of the 9th, ramirez off romo, he scores. giants at the half way mark of the season, 46-35. the cubs blew a lead in the 9 9th but won it, 2-1. giants had
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one. a's 17,000 and there is our guest last night, the cal baseball coach through out the first pitch along with some of his team. they made it to the college world series. ramirez, terrible slump. but he goes deep here. 2-0 marlins. bottom of the 6th, mike robs pennington. the a's didn't get going offensively. 3-0 was the final. the a's and the marlins tomorrow and the giants and cubs one more time. morning baseball, 11:20. charlie sheen came out today and said when he made the movie major league as wild in 1994 said that yes, i used steroid for 6-8 weeks, adding my fastball from 79 to 85 miles an
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hour. charlie sheen using steroids when he was the wild thing. you know the other actor, sylvester stallone, i have no idea, he probably was on steroids, right sph. >> like saying arnold was on steroid. >> of course, governor. that's great senator's line. why did he want to become governor. because nobody would pay him $20 million to take off his shirt anymore. that's our who do you think is on steroids segment. 11:26, courageous and loopy. as they wait for the lockout to end, camp alex. 49ers go to san jose state.
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camp alex. every report says alex smith is the organizer of this baby. josh morgan, i listened to this a couple times tonight, we will listen again. >> the coach, he will give you an honest opinion. make sure it's perfect. just hope i am doing right. we will see. >> the world's best tennis player got dumped today. roger federer upset by jo- wilfried tsonga. we keep repeating. 178-0 roger federer when he won the first two sets of a match. for the first time, he does not
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win. jo-wilfried tsonga advances to the semi-finals. i paused for emphasis. what did they advance to and then i gave it to them. >> okay. good night. >> i think so. let me read it again.
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