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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 4, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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at before the july starting with us this is so shot from our roof cam rent downtown sentences col. >> as series of sureties in richmond left for dead this is video from 33rd and second street. police are
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investigating all shootings will have a live report later on in the morning. one suspect is dead in an officer involved shooting it shut down of this civic center bart station. police said he was carrying a knife. the police shot the man and he was pronounced dead at the same. pacifica station center was closed last night and we are not sure if this station will open this morning when we find out we will pass this information along to you. we wanna know of the rather is going to be good for their day off
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>> we're starting off with are for the july forecast conditions are gonna be pretty nice most locations will be dealing with clear skies tonight for the fireworks show. we will see a bit of patchy fog are around 930 tonight. mountain view's 67 and santa rosa 69 downtown san francisco will be 58 degrees a my one and bring a sweater. as we head into the rest of the day today temperatures will be staying on the one signed in
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the '50s and '60s. this is current temperatures around bay area. 78 in antioch temperatures will come down just slightly from yesterday it will remain in the 80s and 90s today 93 degrees expected in redwood city. this is the look of your seven day forecast tomorrow is going to be another hot day pit also. lots of sunshine by wednesday we're watching a system to the north of us increasing clouds midweek and then temperatures start to come down for the remainder of the week.
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>> then give very much no one injured after a up plane landed on highway 280. the plane was forced into a emergency lab being around a 715 will last night. >> extremely like it was very fortunate that it ended the way it did >> back plane came to a stop on the side the road and did not not interfere with traffic a minor slow down as people kept looking to see the plane on highway arid >> kids playing with fireworks could of been at the cause of the fire near a car lot. 37 vehicles were
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torched. >> the intense flames and darks money mull could be seen for miles in the cell phone video in here lot pops in the background firefighters said that was car tires exploding the fire was started not by kids playing with fireworks about 300 hz rental cars were parked near it turned into a three alarm fire >> cars were burned when hot all over this place and the smoke was terrible. >> the fast-moving flames
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burned closely to a motel 6 they were evacuated and no one was third the fire destroyed at least 37 rental cars >> buried parents need to revise their kids out and handle fireworks. >> is that started the fire got scared and ran away. >> scorching temperatures across the bay had a heated 53 this weekend and this is some ways the people who beat the >> i feel like i'm in a burning oven and that i am going to melt >> she was waiting for the gates to open at the aquatics center.
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>> i need them to get in so i get home so i get back into my air-conditioned house. >> they stay hydrated while they were waiting to get in the water. nearby parks were almost empty until after they advisory was lifted. that's what i cole's work quickly backed many are finding other ways to stay cool >> watch movies is a family stay indoors there is >> i the is only get worse is it one of four or while five. >> tonight is the biggest fire show in california. we
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are getting ready for the annual independence day fireworks show this emphasis go show is pretty special >> this is the biggest show the big show in northern california >> i like the pretty ones was barkley's nothing better after a show and during all the cheers and clapping >> the show starts about 915 tonight and the best place to watch is on pier 39. can't wait >> this is the cnn or richmond. this is the grand finale the city celebrated i'll literalla little bit early
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>> bring a jacket tonight because it's going to be clear and alert but shellchileie right back
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it is nearly three years ago the caylee anderson and went missing and the trial of her mother casey and then he has captivated the nation. anthony began two weeks. the prosecution said that she was a selfish person and
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wanted to kill caylee to enjoy are freeing lifestyle. >> she was the young mother when her young daughter seemed to vanish. cindy antony's college police in july she had not seen her granddaughter in weeks. >> that car had been found abandoned and was towed to lot. she told her mother she had not seen the little girl said she dropped her off with a babysitter. that story was untrue during delays are arrested anthony on child neglect charges
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clearing a search of her car a cadaver dog found traces of chloroform in the trunk of a car. . two months later in december case lee's body was found in the woods. >> i'm not as say how much anonymous doing things with her because she is in god's heaven >> she was sitting in a florida insurejail cell. they ae seeking that the penalty after two years she finally got her day in court. >> much more ahead on the
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kron 4 morning and this is a live look outside for martha roof camera in san francisco it's gonna be a little bit chilly out there.
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a plane that crashed into the bay and we talked to some people that were in the right place at thrown right time. >> some of highly volatile looking for they were of fished up the seaplane. he was out on the water when the plane went down >> i turned the boat around and saw this plane crashed into the water and two guys sitting on the wings. >> palates and his passenger were pulled often stymied.
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after i pick them up in the plane went into the water. >> they are not sure what caused the accident in the first lysippus >> it was a very cool plane pitch he was glad to be alive it was just a freak thing aware disgust of the winnipeg. whenwheind. good mor'e talking >> about the forecast we're going to see clear conditions and mild night temperatures this morning and into the afternoon and lots of sunshine where gonna be slightly cooler today an
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overnight we will see a few clouds partly cloudy conditions varied we could get little bit of fog along the coast temperatures right now are in the '50s and '60s. by about noontime that temperatures will be sitting in the '70s and '80s and the red it shows us the '90s we might have triple digits in the central valley. this is a look of your 9:00 our part and that temperatures in the '60s and '70s 88 in san
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raphael a very pleasant day . this is the look of your seven day forecast warm weather continuing into tomorrow and overcast day midweek and then temperatures begin to drop down. >> no hotspots it to report out there and this bridge check. all bridges look fine napoli's and the colgatgolden
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gate >> he spent the day with children that are newly minted american citizens. ah >> they are truly children of the world summit came thailand. pakistan. and yemen. the citizens can't became americans do to their parents. >> we look at it as the
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start of a bright future. >> citizenship ceremony was one of our hundred and 50 held upon across the nation. >> she was born in canada and now she is not a u.s. citizen. >> they qualify for better benefits and be able to travel abroad with a passport and will be able to vote. >> they held ceremonies like this to make it memorable for the children and their parents. >> much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news will take a quick break and have top stories and whether. this is look at walnut creek >> happy fourth we will be right backup.
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adopting the budget is battling an not blocked funding for different services throughout the bay area. >> the stroke of his pen governor brown he cut- spending funding to muni and other mass transit programs. they're not worried about losing the money because they can reapply next year once completed the subway well-connected downtown to chinatown. the governor used
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his line-item veto the project well eventually connect the bay area to southern california. >> that money is supposed help withdraw high salary which relicspeed rail. >> i know we were lumped into a high-speed rail i think we got thrown in by accident. >> officials at miti are hoping to visit with the governor and they may look for other funding sources.
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>> new laws and regulation. the carpool lane expired for hybrid cars. >> the cartel confusion started early friday morning >> they get the yellow hybrid stickers expired in the first of july. >> kron 4 was on deride when they started enforcing the new role. the officer pulled over this hybrid for your driving in a car pull lane. >> letters were sent out to get 85,000 people that have these sectors. no would take
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it was issued to it into this motorist. >> i thought today was going to be the last day from the letter i received. >> it set up effective july 1st and then it set also says under after july 1st. it also states that decals for the hybrid cars and will be expiring. or even drive it with the ella yellow sticker is officially. falcon and foresta at of this law will not go into full effect until tuesday july 50. much
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>> more ahead on the kron 4 morning news and we will be right back.
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there's we get this seven in news headlines with three different shootings in richmond and this is video from one of the shootings this is at 31st and center streets. three other shootings were reported. richmond police and the cost accountant police officer
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are investigating bird >> the another dull developing story after an officer involved shooting it set shot down there bart station carried the man was carrying a night police shot and not man and he was pronounced dead at the scene. bart is investigating to see if the correct procedures were followed no it word yet if the station will reopen this morning we have a live cruel at the scene and we will get information to u.s. and as we receive it. >> for the july forecast could not be any better we're talking about ice conditions we will see clear skies in most
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locations keeping a slight chance of at the fog moving in the coast barr pier . tempers in san francisco will be around 58 degrees. it will be bought for the majority of the day's. santa rosa and temperatures will climb to the upper 60s. nice conditions through concord as we head into the afternoon. this is look of some of your afternoon highs week warm up to 95 degrees in sonoma. in the
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east bay '80s. warming up to the upper 90s. in south bay 86 in montval. mostly cloudy cos are expected and we will see the temperatures starting to comedown. saturday and sunday we will see fog starting to send and being
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all local our. >> a quick bridge check for everyone the bay bridge just a few cars out there no hot spots to talk about and the san mateo bridge a few more cars out there. and finally the golden gate bridge looks like this one or two cars out there. now on to more news >> what temperatures on the rise followed cutlass ways to stay cool. they enjoyed at the gorgeous water we had over the weekend >> i am from arizona that weather is great here today could be >> better> it's one of the most beautiful days of the year >> i wanted to stay like
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this i really enjoy it i like to be outside i wanna go play soccer with my friends. >> it is the place to stay cool >> i wake up early and the sun comes up in " joy some vitamin d. >> taken aback with my boys even some sandwiches and enjoying mother nature's ren right now the. >> because about $20,000 for the fireworks show. a couple longtime residents provided
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the spark for the festivities. >> best buy over the level waterfront will be lit up and think the funds given by private donors. he reached into his own pocket the past two years to make sure the show would go one >> we used to go down nearly our blanket down and said amount the crowd there is a lot of pride that goes into that >> they rallied local business owners and collected donations on their own. >> is thousand i will we didn't have fire were still is a very very sad day now what we do. total another city or the waterfront. >> city of tallinn always
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playing for the fireworks but do it a budget cut they could not come up with the money. now will be, an all- american light show banks to the donations from business owners. >> parents and still is well see the difference with the cuts in the budget to higher education. the tuition for colleges is going to increase >> the gate of higher education will cost more >> " when we sign the budget. >> they slashed under $50 million for college funding. the board of regents will all meet up in a cupboard months and they will increase 9.6% on top of the
4:38 am
previously approved eight% tuition hike. >> and gonna deftly take out more lines is gonna be hard on me as well >> university of berkeley's student said the state is putting too much of a burden on them. >> terms of the tuition increase it is unfortunate that cost is going on to the students. >> i can even imagine how i'm gonna pay off all these lineloans. >> the increases took approximately 12,000 a year. >> much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news all look outside from our roof cam
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right in san francisco we will be right back.11
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fireworks are illegal in most areas is the end fire and police officers will be looking for people using fireworks silly >> be careful on the fourth of july weekend police and fire department are looking for people that illegally set off fireworks. perry was december now and then we go across these bay newark and dublin. perry these are safe and sane fireworks you conceive the mad dog fountain these are far worse
4:42 am
the july in your hand and do not spell out in the air. police said you could phase out five mitered tool at thousand dollars fine or a year in jera perrjail. >> will take a quick rate at 4:42 a.m. and this is all look out from our mt. tam camera it will be at fantastic weather day today will find out what the weather will be like for the fire rex later on in the evening when we return.
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one suspect is dead after an
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officer in all of shooting a close down the civic center bart station. i dropped man near the of the platform will lead on life. >> let's open this up it has a black drop and another shooting at the bart stadiu suspiciontaation. >> we know we have officers that is suffering cuts and bruises at all start around 930 last barry until officers got at 945 and a reported shooting. when they
4:46 am
got this scene they found a knife and broken glass. what happens next our officers are on administrative leave. possible call to inform us that the suspect was dead. whenever it is involving our police officers or our hearts and fan got to the family. >> the nominee officers were they're responding to this scene? >> that two officers involved in the shooting
4:47 am
either one or both fired shots. and resulted in the death of the suspect. >> i have to keep pressing because of the oscar grant. oscar officers were on great scrutiny. >> they must of been able to of some do this guy without shooting >> them> what we are not sure if it is the same person that was reported. we are trying does all this together right now. officers had more training concerning their tasters and did
4:48 am
deliver policies. the officers met all the state's standards for training. we have a mouse better trained police force. this is less sixth officer involved shooting since january. the shooting on january 1, 2009 was notorious it does not happen that often. >> did you go if the officers on the scene had taster's? >> i cannot answer that question i do not have that information. >> we new service had been shut down over nine it is
4:49 am
still not shutdown >> like all other we are working on a holiday schedules. >> we will continue to follow that story now on to your holiday forecast was guy is beadlike for the fireworks show chile i think >> we are still gonna sit talking right now i see it as see the breeze from our mt. tam cam. we could see it some of at patchy fog selling into the bay. still hot today we have another couple of hot days.
4:50 am
temperatures up in the '60s for fairfield. we see more '90s as we head into the noon hour. a hot temperature is going to be in the central valley. but at 9:00 hours we are gonna cool back down into the '60s and '70s. still closed to triple digits and through the deltoid. we will be able to
4:51 am
squeeze out some '80s and '90s 93 in pittsburgh 97 in antioch 96 in livermore. we will be a lot until midweek and that temperatures start to drop off midweek. this weekend will be different than the one we just experienced. we will have a see breed and war cooler temperatures high. >> your approach on traffic the bay bridge no problems and the san mateo bridge looks good light traffic and a east and west directions.
4:52 am
and the golden gate bridge alone car easy ride out >> there> 3 camp pendleton marines that have been accused of getting married solely for financial benefits. they all the marines $75,000. >> we will get the right video perry check out the video >> ashley vice met three years ago about six months later, corporate vice wanted
4:53 am
to live off base with janney like that normal cropping but since she could afforded she found the stray bullet or in on base that agreed to merrier and receive the $1,200 per month subsidy for housing. they're reversed course provides was questioned syria's military charges were brought against to marines. >> there is no conspiracy here which is one to be together and wanted a server country. >> day 0 $75,000 back to the government they will be sentenced in the next several weeks during
4:54 am
>> they do not know how they will be able to pay back this money. >> maris have been charged with conspiracy save fraud and adultery. they are also looking not only at the fine but with and this honorable discharge. >> a quick break here a live look outside from walnut creek. traffic is very light here we will be right back
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he changhe was traded and we will see at what movies made money this weekend the big winner was transformers it earned over $97 million. transformers will break the all-time record holder for for the july sales. cars 2 is now over hundred million dollar mark. >> much more coming ahead on the kron 4 morning the news and we will have more information on that richmond
4:58 am
shooting and also the officer involved a shooting at the bart station will be right back
4:59 am
5:00 am
the morning it is a 5:00 a.m. and overnight in richmond seven people were shot and pleasers same date may be connected >> and a gentelman the room in building a knife shut down the bart station. >> kron 4 morning news starts right now ver. >> pick morning and happy july 4th.
5:01 am
>> we are respecting all loss sunshine today it and it will be on. we will be staying in the '70s around bay. >> do not expect much you are seeing very light traffic all around the bay area >> now toward developing story out of richmond we have a live you hear show you the area we're talking about will show you where the first shooting took place in all seven people were shot. we had one person shot around 8:15 p.m. than the net shooting was at
5:02 am
1015. two people were shot one fatally. this one took place shortly after 11 and one person was shot. another person may have been injured. kron 4 welch ran. is at the police station in richmond left podium right now but more information >> morning a very of violent night in richmond no arrests have been made in the case. so many shootings in such a short span of time. it happened so quickly and they have still looking into the idea of that it is gang-
5:03 am
related for, and they all knew each other hopefully more information will be coming out one of the victims that died was a 19 year-old man and another one was 27 year-old names will very released after family said been notified. when more informations comes out i will pass along to you. >> big stories we're watching and four shootings in richmond's >> one person is dead after an officer involved ash suit pending in the civic center are staying police or responded to a report of a drunk man at the bart station. police said when they got there he was carrying a knife aboard police officer shot the man and he was pronounced dead.
5:04 am
bart is investigating to see if proper procedures were followed coming out of 5:15 a.m. we will have a live report and here from parts police chief. >> this is something we don't see every day of plane landed on highway 280 last night it happened around 07 3:00 p.m. the plane was not damaged. >> it was very fortunate for everyone tonight that it ended the way it did. >> that plane came to a stop on this side of the road. >> i'll look at the weather
5:05 am
and were taking a peek of san francisco from our roof cam looks like it's going to be clear about they're not as toasty as yesterday. >> we are still gonna call hot today just when the virus expected be taken we will have cooler temperatures. we're going to have clear skies into the afternoon. we might get a break two-seat be able to see those fireworks later on tonight
5:06 am
upper 90s expected around the bay area by tuesday we might see chervil digits once again by wednesday they start to shift temperatures coming down and and they will continue to drop going into the weekend. >> we're not expecting any type of commute today is the look of current conditions is gonna be light traffic no matter where you're getting. this is our toll plaza no delays here and if you're heading towards the san mateo bridge very light
5:07 am
traffic in the west bound direction new delays and the golden gate bridge will be as low as one in from marin county. >> more headlines this morning the biggest fireworks display in northern california will take place today. a lot of holes pyrotechnics going into the works for the show tonight. >> this is a very big show is the biggest show in california. >> the crowd tends to really love and after initial
5:08 am
hearing all the cheers and clapping. >> the show starts about 9:15 p.m. and will last about 20 minutes the best place to watch it is pure 39. >> we'll be back with more more a in just a few minutes on this independence day.
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it's always how well we have a parade in what time of the prisoners to start is at 9? >> a lot of folks are going to enjoy it later on this
5:12 am
afternoon. this is right in the downtown san jose it has been alarm every day you think am hearing kids have been known to come here and run through these pillars of water. people have been doing it throughout the weekend and are expected to it again today arid they had to shut it down and because of a cadaver in an arid a search is underway and out for a love and peace couple
5:13 am
after a boat capsized in napa and write off of how bought peninsula in mexico. most of them of american 33 have been accounted for 80 it rough water on sunday and sank the coast guard is sending help to search. >> 5:13 a.m. of hot fourth of july what. and this is alive look very unlikely boy out of south bay competed at nathan's hot dog eating out of south bay competed at nathan's hot dog eating contest in coney island.
5:14 am
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the developing story we're
5:17 am
out we are following antall we have a live coverage at the scene it is a of research involved shooting at the bart station. we have the latest on this from jackie sissel. a >> i can tell you right now the bart station will reopen at out it will reopen in several hours our around 930 last night bart police caught up kawabata drunk man at the civic center bart station. >> 08 happened very with the lead of the of a surge always bondings shots rang out. we had broken glass on the ground and a knife. at
5:18 am
to the interviews are completed the officers will be on administrative leave. >> when the officers got down to the bart station hydrant gentelman the victim was wielding a knife and then shots were fired he was pronounced dead at the scene there will be a joint investigation between bart and the san francisco police a proponent. there were a lot of witnesses to call whole thing. how >> this is also to the backdrop of oscar grant what happened two years ago they have changed all of their
5:19 am
procedures as far as dealing with public and their new training exercises and they're very confident and that the investigation will show just the fighting shooting the gentelman. after oscar grant they needed a new low at 11 member citizen review board and they will take a look at also. >> our big story this morning. >> now on to whether this is the of the fable one and all about how hot a will dated and will be clear enough for fireworks tonight >> we have a pretty good july 4th weather conditions.
5:20 am
lots of sunshine this afternoon temperatures will climb into the 80s and 90s. mostly clear conditions. 60s for her fairfield by about noontime we will reopen the '80s and '90s will start to fill in around 4:00 hour and triple digits are a possibility. by the 9:00 p.m. our the
5:21 am
temperatures will be in their 50s through seven days.70's. 8111 san ramon valley upper 90s today temperatures in the south bay will be in the '80s and '90s. sunshine is in full a fact when say a overcast conditions and much more cloud cover and we will continue with is downward trend it will be a
5:22 am
significant lead cooler than it was this past weekend. >> we are looking for a car ride apart pier brought the bay area no delays our hot spots you so you can rest easy hardly any traffic at all we do not expect the meeting real lights to get activated. a lot of folks coming into san francisco for for the fireworks show we could see some backups here your ride on the san mateo bridge looks great and the golden gate ragged a lot
5:23 am
people will be heading to the beat shapiro there'll be more lanes in the northbound direction >> this is july 14th and have indeed all lot of hot dogs unless you are in hot dog eating contest and county island. bay area native he has been a champion. we will see if that lady the black widow will be in the contest this year. we'll be right back
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5:27 am
casey anthony is faith and our role in the death of her daughter will be decided by the jury shortly closing arguments began the defense says it was an accident the prosecution said she is a selfish woman that wanted to kill her child to enjoy her social life. we take a closer look at how this case p.m. >> her two year-old daughter seemed to vanish in 2008 cindy anthony called police in july to report she had not seen her granddaughter in weeks and could not get an explanation from our
5:28 am
daughter casey. that car was found abandoned and towed to a garage she told police she hadn't not seen her little girl said she dropped the child off with a babysitter. that story was untrue police arrested when casey anthony you all on child neglect. during a search of her car a cadaver dog a picked up the scent of decomposition. casey anthony was a decided on capital murder charges two months later her body it was found her family was finally able to say goodbye at the memorial service.
5:29 am
casey was not at that memorial service she was sitting in i jail cell. they said she killed the daughter with chloroform and then dumped her body. she finally got her day in court a capital murder draw got underway in making. and this is a > >> time now 5:29 a.m. and this is all look at mt. tam cam and the camera is taking all low bed hotel will build a color for the ticket san
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
morning and happy for the july deal ed as we see the flag flying in the air. lots of clear skies in san francisco and across the bay area it will be another hot one. >> we are going to college hot out barracks and the giants vs. the padre's today and losses sunshine expected today the game started to 05 p.m. at at&t park temperatures will be 69 degrees during the first pitch down to 76 degrees at 4:00 p.m.. >> look at the bay bridge at your west bound ride we do
5:33 am
not depend see the metering lights until later on in the day. >> our top story this morning at least seven people were shot in for overnight shootings. this is video of the first shooting one person was shot about 815 or so the second shooting took place at 1015, two people were shot both daily and less than an eye on our later. we had one person shot dead while sitting in a carpet of fourth shooting took place a short time later out one person was killed and another one injured their richmond police department is standing by on the
5:34 am
investigation carried >> the spokes woman for the richmond police department just pulled it and we will get an update for mayor in just a few minutes no arrests have been made they are taking their is a possibility that it is gang- related and that the shooter knew the victims because of short amount of time between shootings. one of the victims was a 19 year-old man and another one wasn't the 27 year-old man and hopefully we'll all live interview with harsh coming up. >> other news around the bay kids playing with fireworks cut the grass on fire that spread to a car rental lot. >> you conceive the flames and black smoke shot
5:35 am
shooting out in the air 37 vehicles were torched. >> the intense flames and dark smoke could be seen for miles it is happened before 3:00 p.m. near the international airport. u.s. airline pops in the background firefighters said perez or the sounds from car tires exploding they think the fire was started by kids playing with fireworks about 300 hz rental cars were parked in this lot. the fire spread quickly it spread quickly because of the eat and i went >> each time one would explode it would start another car on file. >> that fast aluminum flames spread to at the
5:36 am
nearby and not motel 6 everyone was a bad a weighted and no one was. >> parents should be advising their kids not a handled fireworks >> does this said the kid that started the fire will got scared and ran away. >> the bay area weather and delicate the golden gate bridge whole lot of sunshine. >> if you have a day off today it's gonna be warm temperatures today and this is the look of your fireworks forecast we are expected clears side is in most locations 74 in
5:37 am
concord. temperatures and low 90s to the upper 90s in the delta 76 to raise a for san francisco and through these bay admixture of '60s and '70s hot inland spots 97 degrees in antioch and during the sultanate the next couple days we're greenkeeper a warm the troubled digital will be on the the lan spots. up until
5:38 am
wednesday and that's when everything starts to change it will cease mostly cloudy conditions and the fog will increase. we will be up to the '80s on the land spots. >> mass-transit is on holiday schedule today. in san francisco if you're driving and parking in this city don't think tubing get away without paying for the parking meters it will be enforced. street sweeping is being enforced today the not much to get away with with san francisco parking these day a look at the freeways
5:39 am
not much to look at the commute very light traffic in the area same is true for the san mateo bridge. the west bound side normal commute takes and the golden gate bridge ride i don't think they will set up the bridge to reconfigure the lanes. >> 5:39 a.m. a live look at our mt. tam cam beautiful shot. what we are looking for another toasty day this fourth of july.
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taking how lot of the here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. the bay temperatures will be hot and we are even going higher tomorrow your first day back to work. we're going into the upper 80s as we head into friday and a big change. >> of those people that will be enough hundred degrees will be walnut creek no big surprise with a light traffic because of the three day holiday weekend. we'll be right backu.
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5:45 am
5:46 am
it is 5:46 a.m. on this fourth of july the shootings
5:47 am
in richmond's there were four sheetings at least three people were killed seven people were shot in total. they are checking to see if it is embarked police had issued an guilt i jump on that at a knife and they are investigating that shooting and then i'll look up where you conceive fireworks around the bay area. >> a search for the seat plane that crashed into the waters we're talking to the good samaritan all the was it the right place at the right time. >> after more than a day with no luck they finally found their looking for with help of floats they found a busy paint that capsized. >> my friend came up and said i turned the ball
5:48 am
around and saw this plane crashed into one and two guys sitting on the wings. >> the pilot and his passenger were pulled off in time we pull them and to the boat and then the plane sank. >> what caused the blast in the first place the pilots seem to be in shock >> it was a very cool plane he was glad to be alive it was just a freak thing, aware does the voice and caused him to left and then crashed. >> neither the pilot or a passenger were injured the plane was taxiing when it crashed in the faa will not be investigating >> or taking a peek at the weather we're looking at the golden gate bridge traffic
5:49 am
is very light it might get busy later after the fireworks will be clearer and offered to see the fireworks? >> it will be clear prayer for the july eat deglaz. heavy y conditions over nine and may have little bit of fog around the bay area the warm spot is antioch future cast 4 shows we're gonna work our way happened to the '80s and
5:50 am
we will have 90 cinemax we're coming down slightly plenty of triple digits. it will be a fairly warm. 93 in redwood city we will take those temperatures in the '80s and '90s temperatures in the mid-90s in antioch and south bay will 93 in morgan hill hundred we have
5:51 am
a couple of days and then by midweek it we will see more cloudy conditions and temperatures begin to cool off the fog is expected to make itself known of and during the workweek. >> holiday light conditions are around the bay area no delays are backups we are not tracking any hotspots this is what to expect it the bay bridge no delays for the west bound ride same is true for the san mateo bridge it's hard to believe how stop light traffic is no problems to our from marin county expect to see three lanes in each direction will will be likely to see more traffic heading out of the city.
5:52 am
>> clean up efforts to continue in montana when an axon pipeline broke. hundreds of gallons of crude was up and dumped into the yellowstone river. thousands of barrels of oil were spilled out there. more people are expected to pitch in and help clean up >> is a live look at coney island at the nathan's hot dotting eating contest. we'll show you all the grotesque highlights
5:53 am
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5:56 am
hot temperatures are intact for today. >> the big movie at the box office this weekend was a transformer's it took in $97 million. this movie will break all time record. pics are second installment cars made over zero hundred million dollars so far. and then movie bad teacher with cameron diaz sold about $40 million worth of tickets. >> pier we will take a break of 5:57 a.m. and we
5:57 am
will be telling you more about the casey anthony trial. everything is finalizing an they're wrapping ups. >>
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