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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 6, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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they monitor this search through e-mail this 62 year- old had been organizing his fishing trip for over your son of ripon there have hoped that he is still alive >> is very comfortable on water leones and a fishing boat his choice to fishes in the open ocean he is very comfortable in the water in a strong swimmer. the conditions are beneficial to loss the water is warm and
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that's why they have left such a large window we are preparing for the fact the 96 hour window comes ups and it will become our recovery operation there in >> that one person was confirmed dead he grew up and san francisco's chinatown there in. >> i remember my roommate selling may deploy life vest the boat is sinking at out it was like a movie we kept atlanta light a looked around everyone was gone
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then for the next nine and a half hours i was alone in the water. the current was so strong when i tried to swing towards an island. i would swim to ante and i was the back 5 ft. in mind starts to play tricks with you after a certain amount of time this wells were so high you could see something you thought was a person or a shark and we won a stay here until the rescue our friends kron 4 >> is staying on top of this story if you need to track the survivors code or website kron 4 dock, the latest information.
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>> police looking for some one that stole a where picasso painting. >> detectives were investigating a theft that happened 11:40 a.m. at the winds dean gallery. a valuable picasso sketch was taken. officers said it happened very quickly the matter simply remove those sketch from wall and knocked escaped getting into a taxicab. it was made during the height of his fame gallery is a region owners just purchased this pencil sketch. >> we have security measures
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in place but obviously there were breached today >> whoever took the sketch will have a hard time selling it on the open market >> someone that knows art will now this is of high ticket >> the gallery is reviewing security protocol there in >> and east bay man is recovering after he severely injured jews had in a july 4th accident. . in that split second he lost his thumb and a few thinkers from his left hand. he will have more operations in the day is to come. his accident said it will show others to
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be very careful with careful with fireworks >> it's not for us to be thralldom of it is serious stuff. a lot of families and neighborhoods. >> they are illegal in concord there is no other word of people involved. >> and now for the weather forecast this is our shot from the golden gate bridge. it is drifting right over san francisco is contained in the area and along the ghos.coast. this is a look of
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your satellite picture it is clipping the northern portion poured and the hugging the bay current temperatures 52 in antioch 71 by the 10:00 hour we will see temperatures alone but cooler than it were yesterday not quite as much in the 90s today as we had yesterday. all this orange shows us '80s it might creep
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up into the 90s in some spots afternoon highs 85 in santa rosa 93 in fairfield. keeping temperature in the '70s and '80s in these bay area. yes today morgan here are actually hit a triple digits and it will be breezy a little bit this afternoon we are getting in this pattern morning low clouds and all little bit more cloud cover throughout the week.
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>> was down 80 very good shape san mateo bridge ride very good you will encounter some overnight construction getting to the bridge a couple lanes closed until 530 and 101 and golden gate bridge socked in with fog once again. we are accident free >> we will take a quick break and the latest on the casey anthony kron we heard the verdict was and has caused all lot of controversy is a look at our mt. tam cam foggy start for
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our folks along the coast will be back
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the florida mother at the was accused of murdering her two year-old daughter was found not guilty. >> 10 hours and 40 minutes and 33 seconds spirited casey anthony is life in prison >> a jury of your pillar is have found you not guilty in accounts one murder and first-degree >> not guilty of first- degree murder not a guilty of abuse. >> i hope this is a lesson
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that have indulged in the assassination of pri the past three years >> you cannot convict someone until the of had their day in court. >> the mountain of evidence that was presented and the six week trial did not surprised them. >> jurors seven met women and five men refused to >> to the media public were quick to react >> it is just talkinshocking. >> she faces a year in prison for every one of the
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four charges she was found guilty of our sentencing is set for 6:00 a.m. our time to morrotomorrow. everyone is talking about it you can add your comments at our website. >> it is for 40 a.m. and there's hot out there and will this what did your afternoon temperatures will will this what did your afternoon temperatures will be right back. if you open up a charge card account with us. you just read my mind. [ male announcer ] just one little piece of information and they can open bogus accounts, stealing your credit, your money, and ruining your reputation. that's why you need lifelock. lifelock is the leader in identity theft protection.
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that's right, 60 days risk free. use promo code: norisk. if you're not completely satisfied, notify lifelock and you won't pay a cent. order now and also get this document shredder to keep your personal documents out of the wrong hands. a $29 value, free! get the protection you need right now. call or go to to try lifelock risk free for a full 60 days. use promo code: norisk. plus get this document shredder, free! but only if you act right now. call now! lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. we're dealing with a lot of that coastal fog right now in napa of 59 degrees in a
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pretty nice day and 81 by noontime and 86 by the afternoon high and then back down to the '60s in the evening. this is a look of our fog from the satellite view it is studying the coastline and clipping the northern portion of the peninsula. this is look of your current temperatures. but the 10:00 hour we're going to stay in the '60s and '70s and and as we head into the afternoons the '80s will show up. not as much as we had yesterday. by
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the 9:00 p.m. hour we will be calling back down this is a look of your afternoon highs throughout the area 70 in downtown santa francisco and around the bay we will hang out and this '70s and '80s. morgan hill had triple digits yesterday. and this is a lot of your seven day forecast this is at the beginning of a nice little cooling trend that temperatures will be an all low 80s arid and now check on the ride >> and looks where every you're traveling no hot spots or accidents the only thing we do have at
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overnight construction and out look at our bridges at the toll plaza of looks good metering lights are still cycle of perr. lots of space between cars san mateo bridge light traffic and the golden gate bridge that headlights making their way towards san francisco deathly has fog but no accidents to report appeared and hard traffic kasparov's overnight construction we see every day until 5:00 a.m..
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>> quick headlines from around the bay are registered sex offender has been arrested for raping a woman in her mom the suspect is in to go williams came into rum and hitter in the face is being held on what a thousand dollar bail. >> much more ipad on the kron 4 morning news and a live look from the dark roof cam.
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nasa's is getting ready for
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the lunch on friday but there may be delays. >> we're just delighted to be here after a nine months' training. the four >> member atlantis crew will begin 12 days in space it will be in a number 135 and space mission. >> we are working and no issues at this time >> nasa's said there may be a weather-related problems and they would reschedule for a weekend launch. >> there is > i 60 percent chance of whether delays.
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>> it's an honor to go there >> he is one of 550 twitter users that nasa selected to watch the live launch >> he will share the view via tweets it will be the beginning of the end of launching into space. >> with that last patient shuttle launch spy other companies are taking a space exploration into their own hands. and the reports of this venture. >> he runs a space access both are using their considerable wealth to make
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space-bar travel as routine as boarding an airplane. >> they said it would be impossible to bield your own spaceship with that is the kind of challenge i love i love to prove them wrong. >> we're doing the great things like science fiction and in the movies >> there is several companies some big some small and has nassau moves onto distant planet that just above the atmosphere just out of reach right now it could quite possibly be a great investment >> nasa is still developing and heavy lift rocket that is what's going to get bail
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bonds and i heard trocars in orbit. >> stepping through that door in the future than one make space accessible to everyone it brings the possibility of space travel to all americans >> next year they hope to bring cargo to the space station. >> we believe we can send a nationalist it into the space station but unless it is safe no u.s. astronaut or will be on board. >> i will not let grooves be unsafe that is my job.
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>> the shuttle retired and astronauts are left to right on russian spaceships they wanna make it right and make it work and the more that make it work more affordable and it will become >> it's up to an individual achieve wonderful things barry >> we'll have more on the kron 4 morning news will we come back we will have our top stories to whether and come back we will have our top stories to whether and traffic enough real food to feed a family of 4 or more for just 20 bucks. today is a kfc day. today tastes so good.
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the morning and down this
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wednesday morning we're dealing with some of fog north of the peninsula this morning. the coastal flog it is just clipping not sell francisco and especially the golden gate bridge. we will continue with this cooling trend by the weekend we will have a significant cold, and of us this is a satellite picture of the fog hugging the coast. san francisco at 52 degrees currently 69 degrees in antioch. i tend it a.m. a few a's in the warmer locations we're going to stay more in the '80s band of the '90s. we
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see a few 90s popping up later on your afternoon highs 85% reserve barr. today te warmer spots will be in the mid-90s and by the weekend we will not be escaping '80s lows '70s around the bay. now check on the commute >> we are off to a great start by this time yesterday we had several hot spots no accidents whatsoever no matter where you are heading a total be a smooth
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ride. this is all look at that toll plaza heading out toward a san francisco. san mateo bridge light in both directions. and you will definitely have to deal with fog on the building a bridge. and the west under wraps nimitz freeway. >> at 4:32 a.m.. a shooting
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in richmond left people dead and it now appears that they >> shootings > link the rash of shootings that happened up in these locations sunday night three of them are mostly connected they happened 45 minutes each other. the second sherd at 11:00 p.m. one person killed inside his car the third at 11:15 p.m. one person killed and another wounded inside a car option. police are not saying if they're looking for one of dunn one or several and they are seeking the public's healthelp. we're encouraging any witnesses to please come forward and give as this information
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>> this latest shootings in richmond at last year at this time there were 12 >> a murder investigation is underway in concordant after the discovery of a body buried >> i did body found in signed this at a branded gasoline station in concord that is what this psi an investigating team are investigating. a person passing by spotted the body inside the building concord police said they are ride a short time later and there was an unidentified person dead inside the machine there in she said the day-
4:35 am
station is filled with people all the time at 9 >> it has been a bad a for the past two years and there's broken windows and there's people and around your all-time >> the matter is still under investigation this is this city's fourth homicide in the year. new >> details in the bart officer shooting that happened sunday night the severs is the police department is leading the investigation why two officers shot and killed a man peering the transit agency is also investing >> the killing of the man on the platform at the civic center station which says
4:36 am
that officers arrived on st. they are wondering if the two officers involved ride, the man down or tried to talking about dropping the knife and if they did was one minute adequate as are some other questions that to investigations are doing one by the bart police department and the other by the san francisco police department. they word dealing with a combat a person anything can naafihappen >> one of the two officers involved was equipped with a taser and why it wasn't used
4:37 am
is a part of the investigation. police said they found three bullet casing on this platform that means three shots were fired. >> the information we are receiving had outcome bad of us stop spending. therein >> he is the bottle of alcohol as a weapon and the knife. >> we're getting an another locale at the suspect in an officer involved shooting this is rosalynn go as he caught officers said he fired first and they fired back he was on active parole
4:38 am
for weapons violation and what did on a $75,000 warrant. this morning in morgan hill 21 ural emmanuel slabber when they entered a quick stop convenience store this surveillance video of them and tell the employee had done at gunpoint. >> and the method is accused of killing his ex- girlfriend he struggled with a two-man. stashes daughter and fled with the child and he has pled not guilty to the murder charge >> is for 30 8:00 a.m. a
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live look outside at the golden gate bridge and a look at the fog with the temperatures will we come back
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i mascara recovering of from an injury of his left and he lost touch, and to figures from messing with fireworks we help his message gets to all the people >> errata party i had some old fireworks from previous years the what i shot off i thought it was smaller than and it turned out to be one of the big ones by the time i throwed we got 4 in. away from my hand it went off and
4:42 am
the repercussion it got my hand i fecal lost most of my thumb my index finished it and mineral fender. i would like to say it all those people out there is not for us to be throwing fireworks is up to the professionals it is serious stuff there is a place form and is not in little backyards a lot of family neighborhoods. unless the fire department or other professionals are put on parent i paid the price already. >> save and say next are
4:43 am
outlawed in concord perry >> in oakland there was no shortage of illegal fireworks new video of those fireworks >> it was a bright and noisy for the july for many oakland residents the sights and science of illegal fireworks it continued into the out early at morning hours this u2 video shows the explosions being set off on the street. you could hear them say washout as they back away from the all lighted object. until angry neighbor confronted the people about the fireworks.
4:44 am
>> i think it was lower than last year but it was 3 34:00 in the morning >> virus should be heard all night long. also possible gunfire's it was very loud it did keep our household up >> they have not released the official number of arrest for illegal fireworks that numbers may be down from previous years. >> 444 on easy ride on 101 that and traffic and weather when we comeback
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] some fog selling over the golden gate bridge from the shot. it is 52 degrees currently and clark are way up into the '60s and '70s later on in the evening. right now that a satellite picture shows the fog hugging the coast line it is not to widespread and this morning you will see the fog mostly at the golden gate bridge. temperatures are in the 50 and 60s. 54 degrees in oakland antioch in the upper 60s. by the afternoon we will keep the temperatures clear of the
4:48 am
'90s it'll stay in a 80's. these bay and the san ramon of selling low 90s today. no longer have the triple digits like we had yesterday. 81 in sunnyvale perry we're keeping it into low 90s today. this is look of your seven day forecast it'll get chilly the next couple of days we're gonna get into the of the pattern of morning fog and clouds and cooler temperatures by the weekend. inland spots
4:49 am
will be in the low 80s >> we're still free of hotspots no accidents on the road wise if you're heading out the door easy conditions. this is set the toll plaza traffic is moving well buried san mateo bridge very good shape like conditions in both directions and at the golden gate bridge and deathly have fog out there no special traffic advisory associated with that fog no accidents either.
4:50 am
those of you taken public transferred no delays to report. >> this moldering aftermath of fire at a junkyard at oakland. fire crews said day got the fire under control in 45 minutes the damage was up proselyte $75,000 they do suspect smoldering fireworks could have started this fire. >> 3 grass fires in the past two days is a combination of the heat dry grass and illegal fireworks have kept firefighters on their toes >> firefighters were taking
4:51 am
no chances and fighting this government but small fire. they were battling chest by grass operative. >> it's prayer about to 1 a. wheat and extinguished it with approximately 50 firefighters on same. >> we were very aggressive with it >> they think dubbed downhaul liner blown transformer was the cause of this fire. fireworks have not been ruled out an the other two fires. >> you were here last not
4:52 am
you saw let lot of illegal fireworks going off throughout the air where. they are extremely dangerous and a fire hazard. >> it lay dormant for several hours and then started up again in the afternoon and they put water on hotspots in their near the creek bed just to be safe >> a large apartment fire in oakland and people are without a home in happened just before to 30 in the afternoon to man our credit was saving a residence from the plays they had kicked down the door to get into the other report and rescue some trapped residents. >> when we come back we'll be talking about some
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the stories we're following this morning that search for the missing boulders and is still under way a and we will hear from one of the survivors coming up >> and a brazen i east in san francisco stealing a
5:00 am
sketch of her by picasso that cause the hundreds of thousands of dollars >> we the find the jury find the defendant not guilty >> reaction still boring in on the most watched trial in the nation is drake it finds casey anthony acquitted in the death of her two year- old daughter. >> the morning and thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning let's get right on track with the weather is chilly out there and is going to warm up this afternoon >> a weekend live look at at mt. tam will go over what conditions are like our around the city mild conditions of fog along the coast this afternoon it is
5:01 am
called a warm up into the '70s first check of traffic >> at the bay bridge and the west bound ride with the commute is pretty smooth we had let easy trip yesterday we might have little hop later holiday traffic today no hotspots and we will telly the complete story coming up >> details of the seven missing fishermen a hot off the coast of mexico are still waiting for word of their loved ones be absurd didn't happen here at the sea of cortez and they happen south of the coast guard said that debris has been found and there is still a possibility of survivors this search continuing today reggie
5:02 am
kumar spoke to a son-in-law. >> they have been hard work and their home of the seven men still missing at say about capsized off bob mexico. he is an avid fisherman and this is a fishing boat he uses it in the bay area heat had been organizing this fishing trip with his friends for over a year he is one of the missing son offer etymon how they feel is a is still alive >> we is very comfortable in the water he has a sound fishing boat the wall like stiff fishing everywhere but his choice is the open ocean is very comfortable in the water and a strong
5:03 am
swimmer he grew up swimming the conditions have been fan official to was the water is warm that's why they have all large when guilt for the search and rescue. we are preparing for the fact that we make have to continue the search efforts and they might choose to operate as just a recovery. >> so far one person has been confirmed dead he grew up in san francisco chinatown we spoke to one other 27 bay area man that were on board that capsized boat, >> i remember my room mad women running in and say the boat is sinking get off we were in the water we swam out foreshore it was like a movie keeps telling for the
5:04 am
light and then her everyone was caught and then the next nine half hours i was alone in the water i thought about family and loved ones the car was very strong we're 4 mi. from any land and every time i wrote swam i would swim 10 ft. and then i would be back 5 ft. then your mind starts to play tricks on him after a certain amount time. the swells were very high. it won a stay here until we rescue our friends if i made it to an island >> they can't >> we will stay on top of this story
5:05 am
and the search for those a better still missing. >> another developing story we're following the man or person that stole a rare picasso painting from the winds dean and gallery. it happened just before noon the man walked into the gallery-this sketch of the wall and left in a taxi. that's a picture of the drawing that was made in 1965. maybe somebody has tried to celibate fees saw a guy get a cab with this giant piece of art the man was described as in his 30 and wearing dark glasses. >> latest on the forecast
5:06 am
>> and beginning today and he does see the fog building at the golden gate bridge mainly along the coast the fog continues to build. this fog will be part of our forecast. they will cool off mostly on the coast. this is all local board temperatures are currently near 50 it '50s 59 san raphael sent as a coming in at 63. this afternoon that temperatures will warm still
5:07 am
of a good mix of temperatures by one to in the afternoon we are seeing 90s bought up parent it'll be cooler than at any has been the last couple of days. this is a look of temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood center rose 855 francisco dropping out of 75. 87 and redwood city oakland 76 a word 85 upper
5:08 am
80s low 90s in some spots. we'll all have our seven day forecast coming ups. >> good morning could start for the commute this wednesday morning when are not tracking any hotspots are major incidents. we'll check with the bridges first is the bay bridge looks good no delays light traffic gear and the ride this san mateo bridge looks good as well no delays. and the
5:09 am
golden gate bridge 101 southbound hardly any cars here but a fair amount of fog as you can say. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news >> although we are happy with casey there are no winners in this case >> we are surprised and we put every piece of evidence that was in existence. >> the casey anthony him verdict and why she may become a free woman tomorrow and a look of the quick if fog moving into the
5:10 am
5:11 am
5:12 am
5:13 am
i'll live look at walnut creek we are dealing with low clouds and fog (temperature in the mid-60s will warm up to the low 90s and as we headed to the weekend it will be cooling down as we head into saturday and sunday. >> 5:13 a.m. and casey anthony could be a free woman as early as tomorrow that is when she will be sends a check for lying to investigators looking into the murder of her two year- old daughter this after the jury took less than 11 hours to find her not guilty of aggravated child abuse and murder. she is already spent almost three years in jail awaiting trial. she breeze family as
5:14 am
she did her the verdict her parents george and cindy let left quickly once the verdict was read >> our facebook page discusses that she can be freed tomorrow because of lying to the police a lot of people are questioning about her being found not dependent >> i guess i'm not the only one at that wondering why the jury voted the way they did. everyone does best is respected her memory by covering it up something is just wrong. >> is it fell earlier to report a disease per person at a crime? >> which will be receiving
5:15 am
your comments on the air. >> dell surrounding the case and of dominique strauss, attorneys for the former imf chief the prosecutors disclosed they had credibility issues with a motel maid at when she said she will was sexually assaulted the new york made is now suing the new york post. >> we'll have more in just a couple minutes a look at the golden gate bridge is pretty much so it didn't write golden gate bridge is pretty much so it didn't write sell sñkékékióç]s]s
5:16 am
5:17 am
5:18 am
a look at the tops 36 morning this search is continuing for the seven missing dollars that happen when the catboat capsized in the the gulf of california.
5:19 am
and we're also told you about a picasso sketch and he walked into the upper gallery and grabbed and got in a cab and also the roger let clement's case begins today he is accused of lying to congress for using steroids. it is like the barry bonds case it could be a real personal mass and >> of developing story we're following is the to be in to report today the 77 year- old authorities failed to show probable cause to arrest him he is accused of raping women in the '70's and 90's. >> and we are taking all lot of dead whether we a been in the middle of a heat wave the last couple days and you
5:20 am
and see all of fog here on our roof when it clears zero get toasty >> here's the fog on the satellite viewed as hugging the coast line and into the north bay shoreline. we're seeing temperatures on the mild side upper 50s. 52 in san francisco almost 70 degrees in antioch right now. inland a conditions will be the '80s 93 in fairfield 92 in concord are run the media it bay mid
5:21 am
'80s a little cooler that is low 90s 92 for more detail. it will continue to cool as we head into the weekend in lan highs in the mid-80s we're branded be dropping 10 degrees between now and friday. that will be the deal cooler is the key word >> quick look at the commute an easy ride around the bay no problems are hotspot starting with the toll plaza caltran has had an ad man on the metering lights and know backups your
5:22 am
ride to the san mateo bridge trouble-free and looks good in your west or east bound direction and the golden gate bridge hardly any cars on the bridge only a few cars coming by on the southbound direction. >> 5:22 a.m. and we will be back in just of few minutes pepsi..
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
corte looking at the seven day forecast after the fog burns of this morning we'll
5:26 am
i'll have a breeze kicks up and it'll still be 95 but without that heat we back off allowed on thursday and friday and drop down to the mid-80s in after the fog and see breeze in the morning. >> in that desert southwest check out this video of mass of maps dust storm moving into may sent arizona there you see it this is just when isn't 70 mi. per hour a pat down visibility to zero and delayed flights going in and out of the next arid it down trees and left thousands of residents without powerplant >> james whitey bolger is
5:27 am
expected in court today he is been and accused of 19 murders he was a hotbed of a south boston irish game. he was arrested in late june in california along with his longtime girlfriend. she is also been charged with harboring a fugitive. . alive >> look at our roof cam bulk of our around the bay and the closed one when return
5:28 am
5:29 am
you see that light of fog moving in dissent francisco will find out what is going on with the fog. >> looking back into sound
5:30 am
francisco in we stay seat that low cloud cover we're currently in the low 50s but we will warm up into 70 ansas city. why why the complete forecast in just a minute >> so far good ride around the bay every know backups for the was signed ryan and no hot spots >> the families of seven day area fishermen waiting to hear from their loved ones. this happened in the gulf of california we'll show you where the battle boat capsized. the coast guard
5:31 am
said all the debris has been found it is possible people are still alive and how they're in the water the search will continue today the water and whether worked in their favorite bellwether the water temperature is 83 degrees. and we have heard from various family members there were able to swim they have hung onto a cooler or had life how best. well what's going on there >> i'm in front of donleavy's family home his daughter and son-in-law are praying he returns home safely he was the organizer of this trip and it took of the year to plan they were all very excited then all of a sudden sunday morning at 2:00 a.m. the boat capsized
5:32 am
and those were rescued said they only had two or three minutes to grab onto something it has been about 75 hours since the boat capsized according to lee's family is an avid fisherman and is familiar with the water we did talk to his son-in-law and this is what he had a say about his father-in-law >> if the gulf about we are confident he is survived he on the official " they will fish anywhere but his main choice is boeotian he loves being out on the water is very comfortable in the water and is a strong swimmer he grew up swimming that conditions have been very beneficial to us the waters are calm and warm. that's what they have such a large window a 96 hour
5:33 am
window to find them. >> window closes at friday at 2:00 a.m. lee's family said went even when that window closes they may hire a private company to keep looking for their father-in- law one. they can be in that water not a problem but if they do not have drinking water they are in big trouble lots of time will pass and they are monitoring the situation >> there is the drinking water and it happened that night when everyone was sleeping a lot of people didn't have life vests and the straight to tread water and the mind power and then one of the survivors at how the mind plays tricks on him >> how many must feel like
5:34 am
an hour and you're hoping that helicopters to spot you and you are a tiny little speck in that water this ship capsized just 2 mi. offshore maybe they can swim back to shore there's so many variables. they are ready to dig deep in their pockets at once is a window is closed to keep continue looking for their loved ones and family. they want some resolution >> another developing story we're watching they're searching for someone that stole rare picasso it was lifted from the wind seemed gallery right before noon police said a man walked
5:35 am
into the gallery took this sketch off-the-wall and left and and left in the cab the painting was made in 1965 if anyone recognizes disease the man is in his 30's wearing dark glasses. >> a look out the window at the golden gate bridge socked in light it was yesterday bought a heavy fog. >> this is a live look from our roof cam room the fog is shot in the city a lot of people in the north bay of coastal communities are dealing with that low cloud cover now sunny and warm this afternoon temperatures
5:36 am
reading in the '70s to '80s we will see continuing: whether heading into the weekend right now we're looking at the fog hugging the coast line it a be around torralba 11 episodes. we're near 60 degrees in napa right now near 70 and antioch. at 10:00 a.m. we'll start seeing '80s and '70s in the east and north bay area sports. by 4:00 p.m. a few more '90s. just wanted
5:37 am
to give you the wide view of the radar a slight chance that 10 percent chance of rain. this is from tropical storm arlene. sunny weather and what more with a forecast coming up a little bit >> bit morning not much to check on right now will start to the bay bridge no problems on a 80 approach you're looking at a nine
5:38 am
minute drive time in algeria through the maze san mateo bridge ride 30 minutes and end light traffic on 92 and what 880 the golden gate bridge smooth trip through marin county and under 27 minute drive time. no problems across the span except the fog. >> will be right back is the kron 4 morning news continues and the aftermath of the casey anthony verdict.
5:39 am
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and casey anthony could be a free woman and as early as tomorrow she will be sends her lying to investigators
5:42 am
it took the jury less than 11 hours to come to a verdict. she has already spent three years in jail awaiting trial that is why when she is sense the morro she could be walking free. and watch this video of are we as the verdict is being read. they did not say anything to their daughter the parents just walked out of court room. >> it is making use guidelines across the nation. carriewe're talking abot her smiling with a headline acquitted and moving on to the washington examiner
5:43 am
casey beats rapine child's murderer and this is a picture of her standing in front of the judge and the a lower dose sentinel blow a big local story casey free soon with a? it clears the way for a possible release as early as tomorrow. he could become a high-profile attorney now that he won this verdict. and here she is with our lawyer and the tampa bay * carried a picture of just caylee and a picture of casey smiling a lot of the jurors were
5:44 am
brought in from the tampa bay area it was an emotional ending this from the miami herald. >> i'll look at the bay bridge and traffic is moving smoothly we will be right backpack. [ male announcer ] how do you say...
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seven bay area fishermen are still missing after the boat capsized. the other story we're following is where a man i stall of bus kossel sketch and a dominick strauss-kahn and his lawyers >> with prosecutors to day concerning his haze breeze
5:48 am
sexually assaulted at a hotel maid. >> time now 5:47 a.m. and looks like it did yesterday but will be cooler this afternoon just >> the touch at this will be the key word cooler hues of that low cloud cover the temperatures in the '50s and '60s was lee's son will be the forecast loaded mid-90s partly cloudy this evening a quick look where we see the temperatures right now mid '50s in separate cisco and 0: low 60s in san jose out and escapes 68 in antioch 63
5:49 am
in san jose inland spots will be in the '90s 92 for concord the model 84 of around the bay area low to mid '80s we're also looking for low 90s little cooler along the coast this is a lawyer seven day forecast conditions is a relatively cold temperatures will be in the mid to low 80s a good 10 degree drop. the fog and sea
5:50 am
breeze as all in the forecast >> great start for the morning commute it looks great in all the bay area and bridges we do have some the concern approved on something that is drying on the nimitz bart wide at the toll plaza know backups now catering lights and no problems seven day old looks good light traffic in the west bound direction and the golden gate fog again this morning and you can see the cars merging from the fog. you may get some drizzle from this fog is over on the nimitz freeway in downtown oakland there is a report of an accident blocking one of
5:51 am
the right can't lanes know backups and yet as you can see it is early enough even if few took the blame away from the nimitz freeway it would not cause a problem we will update this in our next report >> facebook and has scheduled a conference for today the leading very picky will unveil of video chat feature >> santa clara county family had been ordered to to pay $750,000 for starting a wildfire. they left the metal barrel unattended while burning paper plates parent this fire also barred
5:52 am
for drumfour homes. >> in a split second a loss is the time and part of two figures peters says he hopes this accident showing that being careless with firecrackers is dangerous >> i would like to say all those other people out there leave of the fireworks to professionals. it is serious stuff there is a place warm and it's not in the little back yards in the neighborhood all fireworks and according to save and same ones are illegal in contra
5:53 am
costa county. >> 5:52 a.m. we'll be back in just a few minutes and you'll see more traffic and weather. today will be chilly out there look at this beautiful shot from our mt. tam cam the sun is starting to come ups and we will have more on the of the morning commute when we return >> yea der we bit fourth
5:54 am
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5:56 am
all lies on the bay area weather out in the livermore valley in will be in the '90s once again today the fog is sickening cooling down as we head to the we did saturday and sunday high in the midday escape86. but as
5:57 am
days are behind. >> patrick other morning was just in timber like a is bringing my space-bar they're working isn't with the social network side and it could be upset and online talent competition. and lady antebellum is engaged she was surprised by rebel boyfriend as he got on and one the intent is a and more headlines in entertainment when we come back again >> this is a live look at the fog in san francisco is the cool shot and a cool
5:58 am
morning it beating up this afternoon .
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