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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 19, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> off please pardon the delay. we started the week with up and down dow jones. >> after 100 points to over the 11,000 mark. and then, sour economic news. the dow jones spent the day dropping. 172 points = 10,00817. if that is down 4% for the week. hav european that concerns, and j.p. morgan a shot its forecast for economic growth from the fourth quarter 2.5%, and 1.5% adding recession fears. they also reacted bad from news on thursday that
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hewlett-packard was getting out of the consumer pc business as they fell by 20% to six year low. again, this is what the dow jones looked like. the sixth time this month it has moved 100 points in wind day yesterday, and again today. keep in mind that this month is not even over. >> it is fear and uncertainty. that is causing this volatility. with plenty of bad economic news experts say that there are positives! and when will those positives take hold? it is a question of is the economy going to get worse? corporate earnings are quite strong. companies, large corporations in particular are sitting on unprecedented amounts of cash. they have the resources to hire. banks
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have money is to amend. those activities have slowed. the question is do they start to pick up? that will be a question of confidence on consumers. consumers' confidence purchase goods and services and corporations also confidence. >>pam: there could be continued volatility next week as well. the government released information and help the economy is. a jobless and jump in california and the same at the unemployment rate went up 12% in the month of july. 11.8% the month of june and the unemployment development of is a saying that it increase is the total jobs since the beginning of this year a courthousin the meantime, thousands of bankamerica employees will soon be out of a job. the company says
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that it is cutting more jobs as the continued layoffs will come as soon as next month. >> 3000 fight hundred bank of employees will be out of the job by september. impacting 1% that the work force of nearly 280,000 to put this new round of layoffs adds to 2500 reductions already made so far this year. previously, the a cut in mortgage lending, banking and the spokesperson says that this latest round of job losses is expected to be spread over most of the business unit. these are not part of the new cost-cutting program. in an internal memo the out top executives said that this is a restructuring plan. i know that it is tough to manage reduction but for our customers, shareholders to remain competitive, efficient and manage our expenses and
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resources, securely carefully. more cuts could be on the way. potentially reaching 10,000. the shares of bankamerica has fallen since january. bank of america. >>pam: the richmond green academy careers job training program for those that are looking for careers in the energy efficient industry. among others, the lieutenant governor of california, mayor gavin newson former mayor gavin newson who was a big proponent of green technology. these are the proud faces of the 72 graduates of the 2011 richmond green field academy. each receiving a certificate after getting a grains program. she has already landed a greened job working for the city of
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richmond. >> are you working right now? >> yes i am. >> in fact, they have an 80 percent job placement. a new life, a new beginning, let's go! >> so, was someone to do just finished a training and i knew that it would pay off. >> the 10 governor special guest speaker, said it that the right decision for this program. >> the highest growth sector in the u.s. economy right now outside of tech jobs that is back to pre-boom levels is in green technology. >> major contributions with this $100,000 check made by the chevron corporation. it looks to build keep building green technology jobs for years to come. haazig madyun kron 4. >> kron 4 also has available
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jobs in the south bay. unemployment has hit the east bay. that story is coming up at 6:00 p.m. the oakland police department is issuing a new warning to residents about the recent rise in jewelry facts. specifically, with a gold chains of the necks of the pact comes it is happening city-wide but certain areas are coming a higher rate. the areas are in for the bart station, the businesses and lake merritt. kron4's teresa estacio reports that the suspects of not hurt anybody but the crimes are still escalating. >> most of the victim's in a gold chain theft are women and most of the crimes occur when they are distracted, on their phone, ipod, or other electronic devices. that is when the suspect moves and. >> is a sketch and crab.
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they grab it off of the neck. it is a snatch and-- grab. >> it is increasingly concerning. >> do not take it night lightly. do not take it lightly. and we have seen that more and more criminals can become more violent as they become more confident and more prison. >> right now we're not sure what they're going but we do not think it is getting dumped at a local pawnshops. the most of the local palm pawnshops. are very straight up with us and can give us what we need. we do not think that is really the problem but we think that we should be able to be able to understand the problem because they're able to get rid of the cold somewhere. --teresa estacio, kron 4
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news. >> more fog tonight your full forecast coming up. @ okay, kids, we can record one more show.
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and >> in national news freedom from the west memphis three. the three young men convicted of boys out in a satanic ritual. these are the mug shots at the time of their rest. they were convicted at teenagers and now why they are being released. >> after several years behind bars these three boys are becoming free. >> we're still very much in shock, overwhelmed. taking into consideration that this has spent over a decade of solitary confinement. i am not used to being around anyone. >> in 1993, the brutal murdering of three arkansas boys was part of a setusatanic
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ritual. after recent dna evidence failed to link them to the crime instead of a new trial, they've released them. >> it would be nearly impossible to put on a new case after such extended litigation. >> in a legal maneuver the alford entered and alfred .. >> the only thing the state would do is let us go by in admitting guilt. they're not out there trying to find but really murdered those boys. >> they must stay out of legal troubles for the next 10 years or say some face imprisonment mus
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>> a father and son have been making threats against sarah palin. there were indicted by a grand jury yesterday. calling palance attorney over 400 times between august 1st-august 9th and leaving profanity least messages. including threats of sexual assault on sarah palin, death threats, kidnapping. before the rest, they had a restraining order on both men, and the mention of the restraining order was in the messages, the new that there were violating the order. president obama is enjoying his first vacation. he was spotted with his daughters at a book store. he shook hands with an eager crowd waiting outside. this first family's 10 vacation is going to end august 27th.
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before leaving for vacation, he okayed eight immigration policy of the estimated 10 million people that given to the u.s., illegally only 300,000 are currently facing deportation that as a mature person of the total but enough to call up the court system. now these the part of home and security is setting priorities it is going to go to alter 300 cases in the look for the bad guys. the security risks, 30's, felons, and known gang members are going to the top of the list. anybody that has been called or sent back for and anybody that is a engaged in immigration fraud. going down and 40, anybody that is of servers in the armed forces, longtime residents with clean records. the very old, the very young, pregnant women, nursing mothers. under the obama administration the deportation has gone of,
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sharply. that has cost the president of support among hispanic voters. in is for recent poll 62 percent a approve of the way that he is handling his job. higher than 50 percent of all adults but compare those numbers to 2009. you can see the drop in hispanic supporters much steeper. >> under the new rules under the deportation cases closed would be allowed to apply for work permits. >>jacqueline: a live look outside from our roof cam at downtown san francisco. the low clouds pushing in over the city. the city close to the clothes are really socked in with fog to they will attend school. even in san francisco, only 59 degrees, 62 in oakland, much cooler in open for the of th that is yours to the most coolewith nine degreesr in livermore and also that
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fog is going to return with a vengeance. all the way to the bay area. continuing into the early morning hours by 7:00 p.m., the north bay, the in the public, the south bay, finally scaling back by 9:00 p.m. through oakland, he would come of the peninsula in the back all the way to the coast for the noon hours. hemisphere for it 77 of scuttles, 77 morgan hill, 77 in san jose, continuing for 77 los gatos. low 80s, in antioch. 76 in concord, 78 in pleasanton, 78 in livermore, 64 for the bayshore. 69 degrees and union city, '60s and '70s for the peninsula. " close to the coast with upper 50s. and into the north bay, cool close to the coast. 60s and san rafael, 60 in fairfield. taking a look at your kron 4 7 day around the bay continuing weather for the
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next several days. as we see that fog is going to be scaling back with warmer conditions. stay with us, we're back with more after the break for
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>>pam: 5:30 a bart protest right around the corner.
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how they will keep computers better informed of this time around. sexual harassment details on how this woman was treated. >> the stage is being set for oakland's art and soul festival. live with the excitement and how it is impacting traffic. impacting traffic. and our perfect dream factory's been built. you're feeling sleepy already? nighty-night. [giggling]
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and record four shows all at the same time. just $29 a month for 6 months. at&t. live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> san group, same place, another protest planned for the civic center park plaza in the seventh disco. this past monday, they called an anonymous transit bart protest. taking things to a halt. fo down down for stations downtown, now they're taking measures how reggie kumar is here to tell us about the details.
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reggie? >> they sent out past two passengers and bart sent out text messages. e-mails, using twitter to get the word out. taking a look it tweaks. the embarcadero. civic center, taking a look at these statements from twitter. commuters should sign up to get updates. passengers have to sign up to get text alerts from the website. they can download a third-party application on their smart phone to get out appl-- >>pam: what about the computers that do not have a commitment --what about
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they do not have smart phone, or the internet? >> they can just tell if the station is closed if the date is pulled down defensively entrance. fifth ahead now, they tell the kron 4 that this was a completely different hotel room. 38 year-old thomas was suspected of slashing several employes of the knife. this hote and businesses were all evacuated and the san rafael bridge was closed
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down for a portion of the commute. >> this body was recovered. michael ball went missing on monday. a new overturned in treasure island. the autopsy performed and officials say they're still waiting for the results to find the exact cause of death. >> a vacaville police officers claiming that she was sexually harassed. 35 year-old nicole rosenfield says the officers joked about her lookes that she used to be a cheerleader for the oakland raiders. during a shift change they've wanted to take a vote on how many people wanted to see her naked. the spokesperson says that the complaint is without merit and the city is going to intent on
5:34 pm
fighting it. >> residence on farebfairbanks streak--headed there afternoon interest with a swat team. a marijuana growing operation was in response to in 911 call that saw two armed men chasing a third man and entering the home. >> in this nice, a residential neighborhood possibly two armed suspects chasing another suspect in them. kidding themselves and your house. that is an awful scenario. -. kidding themselves. --if there was a home invasion if they were barricading themselves. -- >>pam: badiscovered tomb order40 plants they discovered too watered 40 plants they
5:35 pm
discovered 240 marijuana plants but no suspects. >>jacqueline: taking a look and a worker want conditions. mid '50s closer to the coast with our current conditions. 59 in redwood city. temperatures cooler by 13 degrees in places like fairfield. nine degrees cooler in livermore. the fog will be the story for the entire weekend. temperatures will be on the cooler along the coast with 50s on the coast, 70's inland a little bit of a warm-up. however a significant warm-up next week details on that coming up. >>pam: downtown oakland is getting ready for a weekend filled with art, soul! aubrey off ken fat gettingaubre
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>> the 11th in wel i getting ready to moral fan and it will take over 10 different city blocks in downtown oakland. and art-fare in with live music, food, and family events. organizers are expecting thousands of people with street closures began today with festivities and preparations began. live performances, 54 fighting545 tea5 for fighting ae garden, booths, arts, crafts and of your best bet is to take part. they will have the public garage opener. to
5:37 pm
date-bart. also, public dirt-garage will also be opened. the our console, ron, the public the heart and soul art and soul. >> they are expecting thousands. the 11th year, and usually, it continues to grow in attendance. usually, to one rickety thousand in attendance. >> that is great news, up to one-third the thousand. " one-quarter of 1 million people expected--in attendance. >> 14th street is going to be closed between broadway and martin luther king jr. whey. also 12th street closed between broadway and jefferson but that is not
5:38 pm
all! clay street is also closed between 11th-16th and jefferson closed between 11th and 15th. oakland officials say that these rose to be back open by monday morning commute. by now, you want to avoid that area. for >>pam: checking traffic. no problems!
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>> and a suicide bomber in
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pakistan was aimed at elders. during ramadan. this is a 35,000 people since 2007. with mosques, hotels alting targeted. >> the it is really military is the military in israel-- say that this is in response to terror attacks against israel and from gaza this back-and-forth violence has been escalating. >> a possible earthquake in northeastern japan. 6.8. the
5:43 pm
possible tsunami warning the same devastated in that the month of march. the hukashimi daiichi plant were no reports of any serious damage or injuries. >> the pope is in spain. a huge youth celebration. complaining that modern society has an amnesia about god. he is seeing more my greeted by some people are angry about the cost of as visit to spain. over $70 million. >> a live look outside from the bay bridge toll plaza. cloudy skies over oakland and the fog already pushing back and it will be the big store going towards this weekend. dense fog and drizzle to start today. we will see fog throughout the bay area. finally, scaling
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back along the coast and it will be cool in the afternoon temperatures will be a bit cooler with livermore, 75, he bird, 76 san jose, 74. taking a look at the fog tracker. widespread. to the delta, the south bay, the north bay, it will continue until 7:00 p.m. hour. scaling back by 9:00, this to open, san rafael and by noon it will dissipate. those clouds will blanket the temperatures keeping widespread 50s into the 7:00 p.m. hour. temperatures are going to be slower to warm. by noon, 70's in fairfield. '70s in palo alto. temperatures not reaching the 80s like we saw today and yesterday. let us
5:45 pm
take a look at the bay area with '60s and '70s in the south bay. 69 in sunnyvale. 71 in santa clara. 80s in antioch. other than that, upper 70's for the inland valleys. 77 in san ramon, 75 in livermore. the east bayshore is also cooler. 70's in fremont. 64 and oakland, san leandro, union city, 60s for the peninsula with the coast very cool. that fog employees with upper 50s expected on the coast. the north bay, temperatures in the '50s, the 60s, 68 in san ramon and sonoma. your kron 4 7 day around the bay cool conditions. foggy, cool, along the coast as we go towards next week. the fog
5:46 pm
will scale back with a unique warming trend for the inland valleys. nearly nine degrees by tuesday. starting to cool down early next week with the dense fog returning. >>catherine: some pretty wild weather in parts of the counter with cleanup efforts after strong storms will a tore apart the fair grounds. severe weather causing an to strut it down. a lot of damage also knocking out power in a lot of places, flattening tens. no word on when this will open again it is supposed to be open for the weekend. a water spot of north carolina off the coast with virginia amateur video. a virginia man driving through. with amateur video, you can see this funnel cloud from the coast. and another dust storm, another big one hitting the phoenix area. last night forecasters said there was a series of
5:47 pm
very powerful thunderstorms. the wind was up to 60 m.p.h.! and at blowing dust could of been a big problems for drivers. more than usual. that is the third major since early july. >>pam: kimberlee? >> taking a look at this car. it ended up in this swimming pool in houston. amazing pictures. this woman crashed through the front yard, the garage and plunged into the swimming pool. people were puzzled. there were able to get the driver out safely still investigating. take a look at this pick up driver using his feet as brakes and michigan. no drugs, no intoxication, but he is wanted to go home. and look at him going to that busy intersection. even was on the highway. hitting four different vehicles.
5:48 pm
amazingly, nobody was hurt. he posted bail. he will appear in front of a judge in september. >> take a look it is in washington he failed to yield. over corrected and drove the car over a support wire. the crown which used to remove the vehicle the driver was not injured. take a look at this! a destination wedding on a train. for brazil, this got through literally walked down the aisle. they met on a train. take a look at this! frequently large lobster. at the new york aquarium. a seafood co. worker decided that it was too big for dinner. that crustacean is 18 lbs.! scientists believe that it is 75 years old and still growing. it is a hit among visitors. stay with us.
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>>pam: omaybe you think twice of taking a role or a call from my hotel. they're raising high-tech to track their linens. a bathrobe-- >> a miami tech company called " lin in tracker " this is radiofrequency identification these are chips used in radio waves. they can be used for all types of information including location information. these are small, and ideal for perfect for products not knowing they are there. these are paper thin. a small,
5:53 pm
waterproof is a big deal. these new washable can be put in lenin's can survive 300 washings. a hotel will know if any linens they could just charge your credit card. this technology hotels will lose between five and 20% of their inventory per month. the cost is rising and constantly purchasing more. guests are not completely to blame. the hotel could displace their inventory. making sure that everything is restocked. these are more expensive. it is about $1
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more with this technology built ain and it could save them money in the long o you happen to have any brilliant silver altimas?
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>>pam: state unemployment numbers are on the rise. the latest figures and what companies are adding to that list. >> police are warning gold. a for the woman is in trouble after a woman was spotted in the back of a pickup truck with a bb- roller. >>jacqueline: the fog is rolling in. >> a baby stroller--in the back of a pickup truck and daytona beach, florida.
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man: we need a good night's sleep. woman: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over-the-top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. you're feeling sleepy already? nighty-night. [giggling]
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in them if fatality with a minibus. we will take you live to determine what happened with a mini-bus. unemployment is on the rise. the muni-bosus--the stock market seeing its fourth straight week of losses. who will hear from a financial analyst on the setback. >> the oakland police warnings on what you are wearing. >> a woman in florida is in trouble after putting a baby in the back of a pickup truck. why she thinks she did nothing wrong. >> a developing story. out of san francisco a woman has band struck and killed by a muni bus. 18th/hartford and the castro district. j.r. stone has the
6:01 pm
latest. >> officials are in the process of getting that boss out of the way. you can see they are working in oakland. if we pan the camera to the right this is for the woman was walking. she was walking across the street in a crosswalk. she was hit and later died. let me take you to the video in this heart wrenching. you are looking at her cellphone. underneath this city bus. her purse, her glasses. since this one was between 25 or likely between 25-30 years old. many are asking how did this happen? that is something that investigators are looking into as they speak. this is a shuttle bus that was going to market street. and other people the best
6:02 pm
questions on why was this allowed? this is not the normal spe---street but it is used by shuttle buses in certain circumstances. back out here like investigators are on the scene working to get all of the details and this case. as we get new details will bring them to you. reporting live, j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> and other developing story of redwood city. has --hazmat >> off has been called. >> the fire department. the and t they brought their hazmat team was called one the family was on loading their
6:03 pm
items into their home. sensitivity was experienced in their throat, all eyes. after the preliminary investigation they chucked the house nothing popped up. however, it is not satisfying-nothing checked out--they're going to send another team and for more testing. to see if they can figure out the source. >>pam: >> new job numbers coming up. and unemployment is increasing from 11.8%. now, 12 percent. that gives us the second highest in the entire country. only in nevada is in worse shape. and using this a big board to show you. things are better here than in other parts of the state. marin county has the lowest unemployment rate at only 8.1%. solano county has told
6:04 pm
0.2% alameda, contra costa county, 11 percent unemployment. in the south bay, santa clara = 10.3%. santa cruz. san mateo, = a 0.7% with plenty of tech jobs. san francisco unemployment = 9%. a san mateo = 8.7. napa, 9.2. sonoma = 10.3%. team coverage on the unemployment problems. rob fladeboe went to an unemployment office and spoke with officials. >> the unemployment in santa clara county is right around 10 percent. officials say that the state employee development said that hiring is picking up. >> bay-area wide we are seeing that same trend. private industry jobs are increasing more than normal. for the last couple of months and in the south bay since last summer.
6:05 pm
>> checking out the latest job postings. they're hiring salespeople. bank of america is looking for financial advisers. also teachers and counselors in the transit district. however far and away is this list showing that most technology jobs with apple, google comedy become a yard with a top-10. >> that is good news. a, e- bay, google--and other employees are also hiring. with the exception of financial activities. or services like dry cleaners, beauty parlors. every other section gains. >> tech centers is also being credited with new hiring and construction and retail. in campbell, rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. >> there is word that thousands of bankamerica
6:06 pm
employes will be out of a job. bank of america-- employees--these layoffs will come as soon as next month. >> 3005 and a bank of america will be out of the job by end of september the cuts expected to be 1% of the bank's work force of roughly 2 80,000 with reductions already made so far this year. previously it has cut jump in mortgage lending and banking. the spokesperson says this latest round is expected to be spread over most of the business units and that these layoffs are not part of the new cost-cutting program announced in the month of may. in internal memo a sign of the top executives as part of a companywide restructuring program. but the they owe it to our customers and shareholders to remain
6:07 pm
competitive, efficient and manage our expenses, carefully. also suggesting more pink slips with layoffs reaching 10,000 bank of america shares of fallen 15% since january. >> green jobs using to reduce violent hah areas. today, 72 graduates receive their certificates of completion and richmond continues to struggle with its own issue of violent crime. a former graduate says there is no doubt that these programs have turned lives around. >> absolutely. i did an extended stay in federal prison. i wanted to change. the city offered me an opportunity i took it and graduated. and i'm born and
6:08 pm
raised in richmond came back and really trying to put something up there, positive. maybe you can do something to work with the kids? trying to work with public safety. and try to set an example for good things. >>pam: good news according to richmond program 80% of the graduates will get a job placement in texas industries shortly after the complete that course. >>pam: the stock market continued his rise but was not as best as yesterday. it closed 172 points. the nasdaq fell by 38 points. the s&p 500 also dropped 17 points at 1123. dan kerman gives a look at this continued volatility. from
6:09 pm
sour economic news. the dow jones spent the day dropping. 172 points = for the week. european that concerns, and j.p. morgan a economic growth from the fourth quarter 2.5%, and they also reacted bad from keep in mind that this month is not even over. >> it is fear and this volatility. with plenty the and all of those changes in consumer activity. companies are not worried surare not quit- if their conjoined to continue to see economic growth or not.
6:10 pm
>> what happened on friday was a good example. slowed. the question is do resources, securely east bay. that story is issuing a new warning to dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> scar h-p stocks dropped. this financial blow comes
6:11 pm
after hd announced its killing of its smart phone and tablet computers and will sell its computer business and instead focusing on software and computer technology and servers. >>jacqueline: a live look from the bay bridge toll plaza. already close to the coast taking a look of the satellite picture. already filling into the coast up and down. the fog could be an issue for this weekend. cool off. for temperatures are cooler than what we saw, yesterday. about 10 degrees cooler as a matter of fact. concord, livermore, and those temperatures only in the upper 50s. over the past 24 hours, the difference will still be a cooling trend and. >>pam: oakland police one of residents to be aware of the increase in jewelry.
6:12 pm
specifically, gold chains. police say that in the past three months a steady increase with a snatch of of their necks. as commuters and residents say that this is upsetting. >> police said of the for field bart station is one area that was hit hard by these gold snatching the best. commuters out and about the fact is alarming, to say the least. >> yes! i did know that people were stealing gold chains off of their neck is concerning. and that this is not even our real gold. >> for others this is said a sign of the times. >> i think it is horrible but they're being targeted. the economy is bad. people
6:13 pm
are doing a lot of different things for money. >> police say that there will increase patrol near the business district. and lake merritt another hot spot. that makes residents feel better but still they're nervous about the general increase in crime in their home town. >> it is bad. you do not have any time for bart. that makes everybody scared. teresa estacio, kron 4 news
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>>catherine: a disturbing scene and daytona beach, florida. this is video. the eight months old. they could not believe what they were
6:17 pm
seeing. a match and if that driver had to stop suddenly, or a bomb. 911 got calls about it. or a--bump >> there is a truck going down the east with a bb stroller in the back of the truck with the baby in it. >> there is a baby in it? >> yes. >> the woman says that she was babysitting. >> i had my first child when i was 16. >> she was charged with felony child neglect. she did not realize that this would be considered child endangerment. >> i do not consider this neglect. >> felon in neglect is too harsh that the bid was not hurt. the judge saw this video as to disturbing and the baby was--not hurt. she
6:18 pm
has been ordered to stay away from the child. the driver is being charged with careless driving. in other news. in 1993, those west mimphi mepmphis three has been released. they say that this will still >> these two are accused of killing 17 year-old vincent carling junior. this is video of the teen-ager's body was found. reman had bee the three men have been
6:19 pm
friends. >> an autopsy is being performed. >> dna testing in a detroit woman. she was found behind a condo complex the 32 year- old was reported missing on monday. the person in the suitcase was killed methodically and deliberately. >> off a father and son in pennsylvania are being charged with making threats against sarah palin. there are accused of calling sarah palin more than 400 times in six months. leaving profanity messages including threats of sexual assault, death threats and kidnapping. >> three people injured and massachusetts. an outdoor deck collapsed. if they fell 20 ft. with a broken ankle,
6:20 pm
and even concussions! >> jacqueline: a live look from the golden gate bridge. you can barely see the bridge tower is going to continue to be a big story for this weekend. dense fog and still cooler air. on a sunday, continued fog as we go towards next week with more conditions monday and tuesday especially inland. first, a look if the fog for tomorrow morning. widespread! the entire bay- area continuing to 7:00 a.m.. the delta, the inland, the south bay, everywhere. 9:00 a.m., pressing back to the word and oakland and back into san francisco where it will stay throughout the afternoon and--a word. cooler especially in the south bay hayward-'60s and '70s for
6:21 pm
the bay shore. cooler in livermore with 80 in antioch. the only a degree reading. 63 degrees in san francisco and your kron 4 7 day around the bay cool and foggy for this weekend. that fog will scale back on monday and especially toward tuesday with a warm up. the inland valley will be nearly 90 degrees by tuesday! stay with us. okay, kids, we can record one more show.
6:22 pm
who should get it? i really love jennifer. yeah, she's great. yeah. yeah. kyle's got that thick head of hair. and that should be rewarded. okay, moment of truth. on "three," say which kid you love the most. ooh, fun, yeah. one, two, three. jennifer. jennifer. whoa. wow.
6:23 pm
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>> kimberlee: california unemployment has increased. check out our comments. this is " unacceptable " for a state that has a vast amount of resources and not to mention the amount of businesses. we invite you to visit the facebook fan page to visit the details, the leave your thoughts. more
6:25 pm
news needless
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6:28 pm
>>pam: 6:30 the fatality of social it with a muni bus and a woman. associated with-with fatality. >> also prior convictions led to this >> gold prices with theft. and the oakland bart and soul-art and soul in oakland festival this weekend
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
(music) >> in san francisco it was this muni bus that hit and killed a woman. believed to be between 25 and 30 years old. she was almost on the
6:31 pm
other side when she was hit. her phone and purse for found under the bos--bus it is unclear who is to blame. >> and in santa rosa a three year-old was killed on a hit and run. the west on vehicle struck him and took off. two hours later a man listening to a police scanner recognized the vehicle and contacted authorities. police located and arrested marcus garcia driving without a license with two previous arrests without a license. he is currently held on $500,000 bail. >> and redwood city, a family returned from my family trip. everybody in the home started
6:32 pm
experiencing trouble with your, nose, throat. hazmat is under investigation. >> in oakland if they are sounding a warning to gold snatch and grab. most of these womens chains happening with women distracted. and in lake merritt. they are working on this. teresa estacio, kron 4 news. >> and another disappointment and wall street. the dow jones is down 170 points. the nasdaq is also closed lower. the
6:33 pm
s&p 500 is also lower. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> and campbell, job-seekers are showing that most of the hiring is from a high-tech jobs. apple, google, the bay, the whole, most of those-the b each dthetheyahoo ad e-bay are also hiring. >> the green of certificates are ready to enter the workforce. >> a new future, new education it new life, a new beginning, let's go! >> i am really happy. i have a new lease on life with a better opportunity, a better knowledge and better skills. >> in oakland, kron 4.
6:34 pm
>> her fea >> san leandro police surrounded a home with a marijuana crop one of portion on fairbanks. in response to in 911 call that saw two armed men chasing a third man and entering the home. >> for the most frightening part is that a nice, residential neighborhood there are possibly two different armed suspects chasing a third. and. kidding themselves is a terrible scenario-bear kidding-just themselves. kiddin if there barricading themselves. >> police discovered 240 marijuana plants but no suspects. >> the big story is cooler
6:35 pm
weather. temperatures much cooler inland with only 70's. the only 80s was an antioch. only in the 50s along the coast. that cool will continue as dense fog settles and. '60s and '70s for the bayshore the fog settles in.. >> downtown oakland is getting ready for an art and soul festival. aubrey this is a very popular oakland event? >> yes! the 11th annual. there are getting ready today with a street closures and setting up. i have been joking with the executive
6:36 pm
producer who is joining me. 14th/clay intersection a little bit cold but it is going to warm up with thousands of people. >> absolutely! we're so delighted to see the transformation of downtown. a cool, eclectic festival. concert gore's are going to be able to enjoy 40 different hbait --with $15 tomorrow. a great ticket prices. senior discounts. and concertgoers towe power are from oakland and the pointer sisters, toni, toni, toni, green day and counting
6:37 pm
crows and five for fighting and blues, jazz, jam packed! >> with great food. wine garden and family fun, >> one of the best family festivals with arts and crafts, it is going to be a certain deltype with contortion, it is going to be awesome! >> bart is your best bet there are parking garage but a lot of street closures in and around the city center. they're already getting things ready with food, fun with these white bootoccupied by noon. these booths--
6:38 pm
>> the raiders game tomorrow. not just the regular roster. ed lee and jean quan and wagered on the free-season.pre-season--if the s won, ed lee and dungenous crab and carmack coffee for may
6:39 pm
man: we need a good night's sleep. woman: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over-the-top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. you're feeling sleepy already?
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nighty-night. [giggling]
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] unlike some car companies, nissan is running at 100% which means the most innovative cars, are also the most available cars. nissan, innovation for today. innovation for all. >> your tech talk headlines. the next generation of ipad. apple is already started trial production. with a display panels for 1.5 million ipad users. in preparation. this new tablet is expected with a high-
6:42 pm
resolution screen and larger display. according to the new york times the biography of steve jobs is a big leap from its previous march 2012 release. 40 different interviews of steve jobs. although publishers are showing in early release date it was just released and finished earlier. the early release could be the appleseed zero declining health. apple-ceo thoma---this microchip is imitating the human brain to react, reason, and even learn from its experiences. >>jacqueline: coming up the
6:43 pm
kron 4 e-mail with sportster gary radnich. the preview coming up.
6:44 pm
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6:46 pm
>> practice tomorrow before a live audience the 49ers. candlestick park. alex smith, that is going to be the story. alex smith. newly acquired players and joe staley. it is difficult for these guys to come up with something one that is just a practice game. try it out. >> it is going to be a very interesting game. >> a lot of players are passionate about planning on home turf it would be great
6:47 pm
to get a home victory. >> you can tell joe that he sounds fired up! blog what is bad about the exhibition that will play one quarter and then pull them out. as we've said millions of times it is the biggest rip-off. you plapay-full price for tickets. >> and the giants houston. let me tell you that if you are race sports fan? to get your newspaper, or go online. two different houston players i will send over a free beer. [laughter] completely rebuilding their team. they're handling the giants at this time. jim henry got fired today. hopes are high. they love baseball in chicago. but
6:48 pm
this is not working with 18.5 games behind. the cubs had three division titles while he was there but the heat is on in that city. if you do not produced? you are gone. >> randy bad that you would not believe how long this contract. >> 10 years! >> 810 a year contract extension. randy just gets fat, happy, 8-10 year extension a 10 year- extension. the 11th year leading the 25 seasons and every time randy is on. i will save my jacqueline bennett jokes. the same line of how long will you be around? jacqueline is going to las vegas. she might not
6:49 pm
come back! she could meet a dealer. [laughter] >> that is right you are engaged. >> april.april--this chinese tem went to the airport to see thi george georgetown team. from that brawl--with no hard feelings. derrik lamely nothing about this shot is a normal it is a hole in one. what he does it is sponsored by when dom hotels so they can stay at the wyndham = = =wyndham
6:50 pm
..alex rodriquez and is eating a professional sport? >> it certainly could be considered a professional sports. >> we will answer that question with a man stuffing his face and a few minutes. (music) okay, kids, we can record one more show.
6:51 pm
who should get it? i really love jennifer. yeah, she's great. yeah. yeah. kyle's got that thick head of hair. and that should be rewarded. okay, moment of truth. on "three," say which kid you love the most. ooh, fun, yeah. one, two, three. jennifer. jennifer. whoa. wow. she's so pretty. yeah. or we give it to kyle. it's really all he's got.
6:52 pm
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>> on every friday night. >> for the past several years. >> to you think it giants will make the post season? >> that is a big thing. and all of these it giants questions every week. they are losing again tonight.
6:54 pm
and still if i had to bet money. not that the giants are that good but i do not think that arizona is good enough. that is just my thing. i do not think arizona is going to be victorious. they have panda through the pressure and they could do it again. the have--ben through the pressure-- >> let us say do not stop believing. [laughter] what happens if alex smith fails again? >> another question i am a realist and you are not going to get a top notch quarterback until the team is better. if you are a really good quarterback with options you want a team that is going to go to the super bowl. and if you try something with a rookie,
6:55 pm
unless you are dan marino. you just better hope that smith is okay. >> and for such a great player why does this mean that people enjoy alex rodriguez is in trouble. >> the latest is that he was in a high-stakes card game. i think it is a way that he carries himself. he struts around. he has madonna, kate hutton, and now cameron diaz says. kate- hudson and he is mad up against the derrik tudomatched up against their jeter-and i would take a look frederika's over derrick jeter as an individual he is one of the best players.
6:56 pm
>> a fabulous life. >> and what athlete to always take time to watch? >> i would say that i like to watch lebroan james and score 40 point and tiger woods and these guys that are so skilled. i find it still leave and they just root >> it is the dust sometimes i think it is just too much. >> i will get mad at my kids if they do something. >> i do not get mad at my kids a lot! >> i do not want to get mad at somebody that i know.
6:57 pm
>> is professional eating really a sport. >> they are paying them. if they paid you to eat? it is a sport. remember that joe chesnutt good night.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
"the insider," taking you "indepth" on today's big celebrity headline. i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm brooke anderson. >> "the insider" is on. >> new beverly hills housewives bombshell. did taylor armstrong's estranged husband break three bones in her face? plus, camille grammer's on-camera confrontation about russell's abuse before his suicide. and, is bravo now scrambling to edit the series? and taylor's jury before the


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