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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 27, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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the tearful reunion as he's greeted with cheers. >> and here's a different kind of homecoming video burning up youtube. it's an airborne pillow fight. that's right, these marines are celebrating their safe return from afghanistan with one huge that developing story hurricane irene, you're looking at north carolina. the hurricane is packing winds at 100 miles an hour, south eastern north carolina will be hit first. the nation's eastern corridor is in the hurricane's path millions are scrambling to get ready. president obama is back in the capital after short owning his vacation because of the storm.
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he europeed those in the storm's -- urged those in the storm's path to follow the advice from the local officials. >> reporter: the waves are intensifying and the evacuation period has ended for the area. the highways stayed busy as the residents try to get out of the way. emergency preparations mean more than leaving town. >> reporter: in fort brag north carolina the flows of supplies is never ending and the trucks are packed full with water and meals ready to eat, once irene blows through fema will distribute. as soon as the need is expressed it's going to go. it will go in a hurry. >> along atlantic beach, in packed up to get out of follow
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the hand terry evacuation orders others are waiting it out and took stocking up. >> it's going to move off. >> in south carolina winds have kicked up. check out this video in myrtle beach of rind and rain. tyree island in georgia getting wind and waves. further south in the bahamas, irene visited the nation on thursday. friday her destruction is clear; puerto rico felt irene's wrath, look at this picture on twitter. that's right, a shark swimming in the street after the hurricane hit. >> irene is the first hurricane of the 2011 atlantic season and has cost 1.1 billion dollars in insures loaded this week.
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we know what she looks like and the u.s. remains on high alert. >> aquarter million residents of new york city have been told to leave the coastal areas. this order makes the first hand dorsey evacuation in that city -- mandatory evacuation in that city's history. the mayor is prepared for the worse. >> you only have to look at the weather maps to understand how big this storm is and how unique it is and heading for us. >> starting at noon tomorrow the city's subway system will shut down. bus and train service will be halted. in brooklyn hundreds of patients were evacuated from
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coney island hospitals. >> we are issuing a mandatory evacuation order for all new yorkers who live in the low- lying zone, a coastal areas in all five burroughs. >> those from the orange b will be asked to move. >> even in new york city has doesn't have a direct hit it will have massive flooding. the arm corps of engineers say a storm could flood jfk airport. it would leave lower manhattan under a foot of water including the financial district. try becka and the east village. most of the power plants could be crippled. total damage in the 10s of billions. >> what's the biggest concern. the new yorkers. >> why? they don't listen. >> you can tell a new yorker
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but you can't tell them much. many "many are stocking up. >> i'm not going to freak out. it is what it so. >> what are we going to do. >> a look on storm tracker four radar the hurricane spreading heavy rain through north carolina. see the yellow and orange indicating the heavier downpours, thunderstorm. there's the eye of the storm moving slowly north. let's look at the warnings in place, hurricane warn eggs up and down -- warnings up and down the east coast. the blue high-wind warnings, winds will be a huish ooh. a -- huge issue. winds about 100 miles an hour, the thing about the winds not just in the immediate area of the hurricane, 90-miles from the eye of the hurricane you see hurricane force winds and
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250 miles away tropical storm force winds. and the rain, six to 10 inches of rain and the winds churning up the water. the storm surge, four the 11 feet depending on where you are located. the hurricane track a category 1 as it is approaching north carolina, tomorrow 5:00 in the morning along the coast here, 90 miles an hour, the wind speeds 115 miles an hour gusts. moving through virginia a catagory one, and 100 miles an hour gust. turning to a tropical storm. that's the forecast cone. it could fall within this area, if it shifts to the land it should weaken quicker.
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>> irene has not made landfall and it is creating headaches for bay area travelers. a number of flights have been canceled. more delays and cancellations are on the way. reports from sfo where passengers were upset over the cancellations. >> a number of passengers unset because their airline won't fly to new york city on friday night where others are flying. you can see the passengers, some are trying to get back to the east coast before the storm hits. >> they were boarding and they canceled night ken perlman is stuck at san francisco international airport, unable to get home by his weeklong business trip. >> english else is on here way home. i missed my window by 50 minutes in perman is not lying.
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as i interviewed travelers friday afternoon, maniationed to get to their plane. one man spent big bucks to beat the storm. >> i was men to fly out on sunday and got out of the last flight for $2,000. that's a hefty price to pay for a flight. i have a car that's in long- term parking that will probably be under 5 feet of water or something like that. and my apartment, it's bared up, there may be a window open. i have no one to go and get it. >> for those like pearlman it's about looking at other options. >> i bet they could have put us in there. i'm trying to get if pittsburgh and drive back. it was due to happen sooner or later. this is the bad of the bad. keep in mind there's been a number of cancellations here at san francisco international
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new details a judge didn'ts barry bonds motion to -- denies barry bond's motion to overturn his conviction. he has not been sentenced for that crime. san mateo county say water is now drinkable. earlier hundreds of residents lost their drink able water supply with a pump broke, crews restored the service but warned
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the residents to boil the water tonight the officials have tested the tap water ♪
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you're looking at a live picture overlooking new york city where the residents have been told to brace for the worst from hurricane irene. bay area volunteers are backing up to head to the east coast to help with relief efforts. charles clifford talked to local red cross workers today. >> got a phone call last night the say you need to be in raleigh durham north carolina in the next couple days. >> dana norris has been a red cross volunteer for a decade. she is trying to be prepared for anything. first aid supplies. red cross clothing. pads of paper. we go into a field where there
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is a disaster, the disaster could be occurring, we have to know how to take care of ourselves and other people. norris has been told the size of the hurricane and it's path along the east coast could be devastating. once to ground they will try to offer what aid they can. we triage people, treat whatever their aches and hurts, we can do some splinting. we call 911 if it's available and get the proper facilities set up for people to go. most of the time people need a hug or a kind word and say, we're going to get through this tomorrow. everybody has hard times. >> stay with kron4 for our continuing coverage of hurricane irene. we'll have the up breaks.
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here locally we have better weather. mild to warm weather out there today. it will get hotter into the weekend. low 90s for the inland valley today with 70s and 80s for the bayshore. as we head into tomorrow morning we'll see the fog into our bay heros, by 10:00 it will be pushing back. right now dense fog close to the coastline and drizzle. the 3:00 hour will be warmer conditions and high clouds streaming over tropical moisture from the south. that will bring a 20% chance of thunderstorm. just be aware if you're in the south bay. into the evening mild conditions expected. look at temperature around the bay area tomorrow. warmer conditions expected in the 80s for the south bay, except for morgan hill, in the 90s there. mainly in the 90s for the
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inland valleys. east bayshore in the 70s and 80s. 70 in oakland. 80 in union city, 70s and 80s for the peninsula, warmer for the coastline. we may see a few sun breaks tomorrow. 65 in half moon bay. 62 in ocean beach and 80 there's the north bay. a look at your extended forecast. the fog is minimal by sunday morning. better chance of seeing sunshine at the coastline through the afternoon. temperature will warm into sunday and stay warm into monday. next week when the fog returns so will the cooler temperature. disturbing video of a brutal assault in a denny's restaurant. santa clara police say a man threw silverware at a waitress'
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face cuts her. he fled but returned and punched the manager in the face and punched the waitress knocking her unconscious. no arrested have been made. police are asking for help in identifying that attacker. a sea lion on the wharf suffering from a gun shot wound last week was euthanized. he was put down after tests showed his condition was much worse. he was being cared for in the marine mammal facility. an infection from the gunshot had spread to his chest causing a serious case of pneumonia. in sports the a's muscle up in boston against the red sox and the giants bullpen have the fans
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[ male announcer ] get to a better state. the giants got a money time
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hit. it was huge. giants and the a's crow, look at bruce bochy -- astros. bruce bochy holding the lucky bat. keppinger with a couple on. brings home two. jeff keppinger bringing the juice tonight. it's 2-0. in the 7th it's 2-1. ramon martinez, getting out of a big jam with a key out at 2nd base and the kids, put your shirt on kids. come on. bottom of the ninth. casilla strikes out clint barmes to end it. a lot of love dancing in the aisles as the giants win a close one 2-1. they were out hit but they get it done. the diamondbacks and the padre, you know that's one that the giants are chasing it. hill an rbi double. the d-backs starting to put the
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padres away. >> josh gets will venable. the d-backs win it 5-0 and lead the giant giants by 3 games. the a's what a rebound from yesterday. losing 22-9. they unloaded to red sox tonight. tim wakefields with the knuckleballer to bump. going for his 200th career win, didn't get it. >> scott sizemore sizes this up. one of his two blasts for the evening. josh willingham got into the act. >> he golfed 2 home runs. >> a's win it 15-5. a's scores runs tallying big time on the road trip. the nfl the raiders broke training camp and look who arrived terrell pryor, after
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signing his contract. rusty at times but it was his first nfl practice and he jumped it. in on 17 snaps. 17! >> the problem is that i'm 17, 18 days, practices behind, i'm catching upright now. some of the stuff is getting there, and i'm starting to get familiar with the stuff, within one day, give me a couple days and i should be feel more comfortable. >> big nfl weekend tomorrow, the 49ers will host the houston texans, on sunday the raiders will host the saints. grand prix racing at infineon on sunday. look at danica patrick's car, this will be the last open wheel race here for her as
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she's making the switch from indy to nascar. going to run a full nascar- nationwide schedule. danica patrick excited. >> i could have gotten in it and not like i'd it. i liked it right away, i was fast and to go to daytona and run that arco race and get my first taste of bumping and pushing and collides into cars was liberating. it was the most fun had i had in a race car. >> ron artest wants to change his name. not so fast say the courts. he wants to chang his name to meadow world peace. you can clear you're out standing traffic warrants first, and then we can talk about changing your name. there you go for the lakers
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forward. he has to september 16th to ♪
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