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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  August 28, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> is down trees and flooded street. high waves wrecked cars. i really have left town devastated. tonight will show you the most amazing amateur videos and where the path leads and what that means for air travelers in the bay area. hurricane area is now a tropical storm although the effects of
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the damage trail along the east coast. these are flooded streets in massachusetts. the waters are causing damage but the wind is blamed for most of the 21 deaths. the deadly and devastating mark made by irene. trouble story of our rain overwhelmed of the northeast on sunday. in vermont to the emergency management division said some entire towns are covered in water. elsewhere including new york city and the unprecedented and evacuation was ordered, they have begun assessing i reinstalled. >> do not underestimate the damage that has been done. this will go on for days, literally. i think it was prudent that we did what we did. it would have been worse if we have not. >> from north carolina to new england, i read it left its mark. coastal areas of new jersey to a rowboat beading and there was flooding in winter. and the nation's capital, 200 trees were brought down including these at the national
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cathedral. along the chesapeake bay, these residents were among many dealing with damage. >> it is pretty catastrophic but things got everyone is ok. >> the president is a warning the public to remain vigilant. >> the impact of the storm will be felt for some time and the recovery effort will last for weeks or longer. >> the storm has left millions without power up and down the east coast. it could be days before the lights are back on. it will likely be even longer before people forget about the monster called irene. >> this is our greens course along the east coast. you can see it right here. cities like boston, new york, washington were all in its past. there were hundreds of flight delays and cancellations. >> a spokesperson at sfo told me that there was a total of 46 to
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purchase that were canceled. take a look at this. flight to baltimore, boston, new york, newark and philadelphia were all cancelled. for tomorrow we so far we know three departures have been canceled, two of them to work and one to jfk. >> travelers and their families wait patiently for hours at the airport. these travelers got news of their flight was canceled. >> because of the hurricane on the east coast, our flight was canceled. we were stranded here. >> the group came to as a vote early sunday morning to see how they could get back home to pennsylvania. >> first, we were told that we could get on a flight september 2nd which was on reasonable. >> this passenger volunteered to stay behind if there is no room on the flight. >> i will have to go to a local
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bar, i guess. >> the severe weather canceled more than 11,000 flights a nationwide including dozens of flights out of the sfo. this couple has plans to go back to new york. there were able to get seats on a flight to philadelphia but they are still concerned about another delay or even worse a cancellation. >> we have to go back to our jobs, we have our home, our grandchildren, our children. everyone in new york. they're worried. >> we were told that all airports in new york are schedule to open 6 a.m. tomorrow. airport officials here say people boarding to moroccan expect a very full flights. >> as the storm kush's north into canada it leaves a trail of wreckage behind. this is the north carolina coastline. look at the damage. they took the brunt of the storm at its peak.
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people cross the region to pictures and video of the damage. here is a glance at some of the best. >> this is in the deal from what stone broke in vermont from earlier today. take a look at this, powerful floodwaters' causing major damage to buildings. on a nearby street destruction from a hurricane, and entire areas of merged with several cars underwater. this bus stop in the road was completely washed away by the flood. when the rain stopped residents saw the destruction for the first time. >> you are looking at huge devastation. a flat street filled with water. >> this is video from south carolina. an electric transformer explosion and a tree fell into this house. stores were ripped apart by the wind. drivers tried to desperately needs, there were forced to navigate the flooded streets. in north carolina, much of the same. these helicopter shots are of high we on the outer banks of
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the state. it is completely destroyed. >> in philadelphia, this might look like a lake that is actually a street. i ring pounded the coast and flooded roads. >> this sinking boat is in new jersey. the east river and hudson river talked their banks this morning. >> new york was not scared either. downed trees in manhattan. >> irene has now weekend to a tropical storm and is moving out of the united states. here is a ring from 24 hours ago as a category one hurricane off the coast of virginia. moved north last night into new york and into new england producing very heavy rain and winds. the storm is now impacting canada. it is a
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tropical storm with winds up to 50 mi. per hour and gusts to 65. most of the impact in the united states are starting to get better but a lot of flooding. a tropical storm warning refer maine. some places but the four-8 in. of rain over the past 24 hours which has produced a lot of flooding. the impact is definitely being felt. i will let you know more about the forecast coming of the few minutes. >> federal authorities are investigating a small plane crash at napa county airport. this single engine plane skidded off the runway and slipped onto a highway. it crashed into a car. the people of the car had minor injuries. an early investigation suggests that the plane lost power while landing and had two touchdown with the use of its wheels. for those on the plane were not hurt although
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the plane suffered substantial damage. bart and minicomputers are bracing themselves for another protest tomorrow evening, the third in as many weeks. maureen kelly tells us what the protesters are planning to do and why a counter demonstration is also planned by increasing our typewriters. >> and this was the scene last monday, protesters chanting on the bart platform, cops and re gear and fighting it with demonstrators. more than three dozen people were arrested. on the power of st. n. civic center stations shut down to writers and protesters during the height of the evening commute. another protest is planned for monday at 5:00 p.m. starting at the civic center station. this will be the third monday in a row as protest groups expressed displeasure over an officer involved shooting in july as well as a subsequent shutdown of cellphone service. the groups have threatened to to make these
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protests a weekly occurrence until their demands are met which includes an apology for the shutdown of cellphone service and parts of the bart police chief in taking guns away from bart's officers. they have issued a passenger alert that some stations may have to be shut down temporarily again but there are some indications that monday's protest may have less of an impact on writers. one of the forces behind the demonstrations has a protest plans posted on this web site. some writers are fed up and planning their own action. here is a facebook page calling for a counter demonstration to protest the protesters who have been interfering with their ability to use public transportation. >> i think they have been doing is ridiculous. they are stalling
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people of who are working. the >> the people who got caught up in last monday's mass understand the sentiment but hope it does not causing her to escalate. >> just do what you do, but do it respectfully. >> still ahead on kron 4 news, we show you what happened after an emergency vehicle rolled over twice in san francisco. we will tell you what happened during the raiders' game that was blacked out for most of the bay area at hand, we find of the giants can catch up with the arizona diamondbacks.
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>> it paramedic is recovering from a rollover accident in >> san francisco> the accident happened just after 8:15 a.m. on sunday. the driver of this black truck crashed into this emergency response truck. fire officials say the pair met a
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truck world over twice and landed back on its tires. you can see the driver's side doors smashed in. police closed off several blocks in the area and spoke with witnesses. both the victims were transported to san francisco general. the driver of the truck and the paramedic supervisor both survived the accident. >> there were no obvious signs of trauma to either of the victims. there were both taken in for precautionary and observation. >> fire officials told me that the supervisor involved was pretty shaken up. she was treated at san francisco general along with the other driver that was involved. both have been released from the hospital. as for who was at fault, that is still under investigation seriously sphere >> the giants are starting to
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close and who fondled legalese. this will let you know if there were able to foreclose in. >> we have a nice day on the way for monday afternoon. i will tell you about it coming up.
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>> 60's and 70's on the day.
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more fallout coming up for tuesday. and because it will be funded number is will be equal work. a sea breeze will make things cooler as well. there are no 90s in mind. watch what happens on wednesday. we have hardly any '80s. we will struggle to reach the 80's inland's with even cooler weather, 60's by the bay. tomorrow is still pretty nice
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with '80s for the south bay. milpitas, and have 80. the fall will clear around 9:00 p.m. san francisco, kind of cloudy. at the coast, more sunshine. 80's for the north bay. mid-80s in santa rosa. vallejo, a high of 79. here is your 7 day around the bay. watch the temperature is slide. offer '60s around the bay and last fall for the rest of the week. a warming trend in to next weekend. >> officials will break ground
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on in this restored hotel and lego land. in what is being added? >> in the pieces have been falling into place for a while now. lego land (1999. an aquarium and a water park. >> the resort now is far more than one big attraction. harmony more things to do in carlsbad. we want to make our faced--with none to be family based.2 and they believe a total look like this one in england. to order 50 rooms, three stories. a swimming pool and restaurant.
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>> based on figures we found from a lego land hotel and denmark it is a very different kind of photo with are creating. we will show and other
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traders agree to their security. stay with us. above
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>> laughner stanley roberts with people behaving deadly. >> san francisco * are full potholes' and cracks. now that we are approaching election time, there is a pretty good chance that you will see more of these. the this vehicle is removing the old mess substrate outside of city hall so that it can be repaved. you can tell that in this election time because things appear to be getting done. some of the candidates voters will have a short memory and forget the past. here is a short were fresher course. in st. san francisco have amassed for years. not just the mast on the streets, the sidewalks to. for example, this has been bad for
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several years on brand and straight. in some places, you can see old railroad tracks sticking l. there are well over a dozen people running for mayor in san francisco, but do not be fooled by the new paint job. if you want change, my advice, do not fall for that okey-doke. even a newly paved street not done correctly is worthless. >> coming up next, more destruction left behind a parked by hurricane and green on the east coast. in the sealed killed in a helicopter crash in afghanistan is laid to rest. plus, security was tight during today's graders came after several violent brawls last weekend. we will tell you if there were any problems at candlestick park. stay with us.
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>> as i really dissipated, the aftermath as still being felt. this a river in vermont force evacuation. flooding its common, strong winds were the most the winds were connected to most of the 21 deaths. we are live from sfo to tell you how irene has affected the bay area. >> 46 departure cancellations from sfo. take a look at this list. baltimore, boston, newark, philadelphia, they were all cancelled. take a look at the video we shot earlier. this was the scene as passengers were waiting to catch their flights. some travelers have to wait all
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day but they were able to book flights home. one man told me that he felt stranded when the attendant told him the next flight out would be friday. >> first we were sold that we could get a flight out september 2nd of which was unreasonable. there are six of us traveling together but she could only get five seats. the sixth person is on standby. >> one person in the family had to volunteer to be on standby. so far we know of to report for cancellations for tamara to new work and one and jfk. reporting live from sfo, >> people along the east coast are getting the look of the damage after irene imperiled through. >> irene made landfall again on sunday morning but slightly more
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subdued, quickly downgraded from her into a tropical storm as the wind speeds fell below 75 mi. per hour. one building was pushed into the boardwalk. >> the surface, and the shoreline and the waves are massive. and people in low-lying areas were told. close to choose to save found themselves trapped by resin waters. rescue crews used boats to ferry people to
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safety. in an interview, water inundated a marina. the governor said flooding was by far his state's biggest concern. >> coastline flooding and inland flooding of the rivers. they are swelling to record levels. that is going to continue to another couple of days. >> in ocean city marilyn, no major flooding but plenty of water. at least 11 in. of rain early sunday. elsewhere in the state a woman in queenstown died saturday night, crushed by the chimney in her home after a tree fell on it. a nuclear power reactor went offline on saturday after a piece of aluminum siding struck a transformer. power was a big problem everywhere the storm's threat. more than 3 million utility customers spend some part of the weekend in the dark. pitt >> we are trying to help people
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manage their situations and help prioritize the infrastructure to get power restored to those communities. we expect that will take days. if the storm hit hard on saturday taking lives in north carolina, virginia and florida. the extent of property damage is anyone's guess. it is not over yet. >> kron 4 will continue to follow the storm. check for the latest updates. the worst of irene is now pushing out of the northeast into into canada. it is a tropical storm. still a few showers but nothing to that. the flooding concerns will still be with us for a couple of days, at least for the people in the northeast and especially new england. claw for san francisco
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and oakland. by the action in, sunshine in most places with the exception of the coast. to mergers in the upper 80s and low 90s. we're starting out with '50s. by the afternoon, in the valley is will be in the upper 80s and low 90s. '60s and '70s bayside. after tomorrow things continue to remain cool. wednesday is looking electrical list day of the we.
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>> kevin houston was one of 30 servicemen killed on august 6th when the helicopter was shot down. the pentagon says that was one of the deadliest attacks of the past decade on american troops. price family members held a memorial this afternoon. >>
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>> get the mayor and i have been greeting people and speaking to people coming in. >> i was in san francisco last
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weekend. there was a lot more tension and not as many families. we have not had a real record of the incidents that have an l.a. and san francisco, we want to take extra precautions. on the field of the raiders face of enormous saints. they held in however this seems 140-20. the raiders quarterbacks made plays with the trend towards taking a sack. he was taken down three times. dazing campbell took one touchdown and had one and did not play today. there were scheduled to play a football at fenway park, a tropical storm irene forced the game to be postponed. the giants are trying to keep up with the diamondbacks. the giants and astros went to extra innings. the giants lost 4-3 in the eleventh inning and now four
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games behind the diamondbacks. >> apple now has a new ceo. we will tell you about tim cook and his plans for a high-tech company. 3-d is coming to smart phones. we will tell you how that works.
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>> >> if you look at abel revenue the mac made of 33% for last year. >> as chief operating officer tim clark handled to the balance sheet and oversaw to make its devices. he negotiated deals that undercut the competition. >> he made sure he had high
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profit margins and made sure supply chain was running wild. out bogus parts before other people and of your prices. that gives them a significant vintage. coke was trying in, in 1988. >> the test for the company will come for-five years down the road when the question of his design instincts and his attention to detail, new products will come out that may not have had as much of that as there was in the past. will call it is known as a workaholic and fitness buff. >> cabbles is excited to bring the iphone to verizon and 93 million customers. >> he has been more visible
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recently although it is not clear if you'll be the one to fill steve jobs role of product introductions on stage. his real strength lies behind the scenes. after >> jobs announced to a stepping down, apple stocks started to fall. it was a gorgeous sunday for the bay area.
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>> previous, as marshals. it is coming out on the market soon. when i got my hands on the today safety. if in the future 3-d will be a standard feature. dlj throw is a look to the future. a giant 4.310 screens. 3-d is an
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extra feature that you could use or not. the thrill is for judo core process of making a fast and is serving the well was a breeze. when you want to do something with 3 become head this 3-d tab. that takes you to the many were you can see pictures and videos have taken. treasonous youtube 3-d channel.
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plg scroll the at&t refers. there's no official release date. wismar fall only costs one of dollars with a two-year contract.
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