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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  September 19, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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baseball diamond that many of the stars that to mention like brad pitt will be coming down. this is all supposed to be happening any minute now, but none of the stars have showed up to this point any of the fans are here. i want to roll video and show you exactly where we are so that you can see some of the fans, they're outside of the theater in oakland and across the street, behind some barricades or some fans, this group has grown probably 12 times what you are seeing in the video. many of these people have been here since 6:00 a.m. this morning. we spoke to them about who they're hoping to see in an autograph from. how long have you been out here? >> 6:00 a.m. we have been all around here they have been kicking us in moving us we are finally here in our destination. >> who are you here for? >> brad pitt and angelina chihli and robin.
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>> we went all the way to disneyland for a pirate's premier so we are huge movie star freaks. >> she made me take off work today so that i could come with her to see brad pitt. >> and you are the mother. >> i am the mother, the responsible parent but come on life is too short you have to do fun stuff like this. >> are you at a brad pitt fan as well? >> who is not? >> now most people are here to seek brad pitt there also here to see the others, we will bring you more as they start coming down the green carpet we will have more coming up at 6:00 p.m.. reporting live in oakland i'm dan kerman with kron4 news. >> we are in the news room with jeff bush, attended the press conference today with
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a lot of star power. >> yes a lot of star power brad pitt was they're promoting his new movie money ball. it is a big story about the oakland a's. >> it is based on the a's general manager and his method of building a baseball team using nontraditional methods. >> it was kind of a strange press conference the actually invited the press in and then told us not to record anything on our cameras because they were going to give us a copy of that and then after was over there was some back-and- forth and they said that they could not provide us the video until tomorrow. >> so you are not allowed to shoot the press conference they were shooting it for all of the stations but we do not have a copy of the bill we will get that tomorrow? >> we will get that tomorrow they were saying something about they had to the video down to los angeles and do something with it i cannot understand what was going on. >> it sounds like it was
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very hollywood. >> it was very hollywood. but that brad pitt was very nice. >> now what is brad pitt like? >> i estimate he is about 5 ft. 9 and 145 lbs.. >> he sounds like a good fighter. and he can play baseball general manager in the movie. >> yes. and coming up the 6:00 p.m. we will talk about some of the things that we're discussing in the movie, the press conference of some of the things they were discussing. >> alright, this just in to the kron4 newsroom we have a while fire situation burning in the castro valley section of the east bay. fire crews are just learning about this. scott we have a close look to see the area, that is the legal right here. this is redwood along there and we're hearing reports of
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a lot of flames, and a lot of thick heavy smoke. oakland fire, alameda and cal fire department already there. the to reign as you can see from the green and brown indicating from the trees and hills it is very rugged tough to fight the fire no estimation on the acres. we have a crew on the way. took will be there shortly and will bring the updates as soon as we get them. in other news, we have more amazing images coming from friday's crash in reno. this picture right here, i mean take a look at it is showing the galloping ghost playing that world war two style mustang just as it is about to crash. those are the people right there in the stands, it crashed into the vip box seats. today, sadly a 10th victim died 70 people still hospitalized and the national transportation safety board has finished its on-site investigation.
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>> spectators with veal cameras captured the crash. the red circle indicates the plane entering its final turn. >> emergency crews were already on the scene. >> we have about 10 doctors and 20 nurses and the fire department. >> they spent the weekend combing through the wreckage, they found a simplified form of a flight recorder and memory chips that might have come from an on board video camera. right now they're focusing on pictures that appeared to show damage to the tell plane of the aircraft. >> it helps to keep the aircraft under control is a part of the stabilizer and when you lose that, you lose a portion of that control surface that makes the airplane more difficult to control. >> photographs just before impact and i show any sign of the pilot. he may have
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slipped ford--forward. >> we do not think there's anything the pilot of done in this case. >> ntsb says that this could take as long as nine months to wrap up the investigation. >> the woman accused of murdering the missing nursing student michelle lee was back in a hayward courtroom today. she was scheduled to enter a plea, however the attorney making a special appearance on her behalf told the court that she needed more time to determine if she could officially defend gisselle esteban against the murder charge this raises some concerns according to the legal analyst stephen clark was in following this court case. >> the first thing that needs to be done is that she needs to have an attorney starting to work on her case this is now the fourth appearance there is no attorney at record and time is ticking she needs to start working on her case and evaluating the evidence, talking with witnesses in the experts to look at the
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case from her point of view. you need to evaluate her mental health at this point as well. i think you will see on a parallel line of forensic psychological evaluation to see if she is suffering from some mental defect, whether it she is competent to stand trial at this point in light of her physical condition and in light of the mental issues that are alluded to in those restraining orders all that is critical for the defense in any star happening now. >> the bar association said an attorney to represent her today began the attorneys said they she needed until september 28th to decide whether or not she would take on gisselle esteban defense. and alameda county coroner's office is examining human remains found this weekend during a search for michelle le. the remains are so badly decomposed that it is not clear whether or not they belong to a man or woman. it is expected to take out one
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week to identify the body. friends and family of michelle le stated they will continue to search until she is found. and for the sixth week in a row a bart protests in scheduled for tonight, last weekand were close but the protesters marched through the streets of downtown san francisco for about two hours. j.r. stone is inside the civic center bart station and jericho joins us live. >> i can tell you right now it is business as usual at the civic center bart station look over my shoulder and you can see this is a bart station that is still open at this point. according to the police they have not seen protesters go inside at this point. that is good news if you're trying to get home from a day at work. i can tell you that i talk with those folks at bart, they told me that they have reached out to some of these groups like anonymous, and no justice and no bart saying that they're willing to work with them and meet with them on a private basis to see what more can be done i know that
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these groups many of them have been upset over police brutality they say they have reached out to the groups and we know that no justice, no bar to some of the people with that group have reached back saying they will be out here. but we will be back out here all night long and if something changes we will let you know. >> new developments in the battle over same-sex marriage in california. the video taken during last year's proposition 8 trial that struck down the ban on gay marriage will soon be released. the footage has been sealed since judge vaughn walker struck down the ban last year as unconstitutional that decision is being appealed. today in judge james ware says the video should be released saying that they have the right to see what happened in court. proposition 8 supporters say they will appeal the ruling. >> we want to review and update on the weather conditions around a fire
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that we told you about you can see the fire location here and temperatures very warm out there right now. the upper 80s, but look at the wind speed. only 8 mi. per hour. this is a live when tracker out of the northwest. if the wind was a little more gusty, it would be a big concern in this fire would be spreading a little more rapidly. it is expected to be breezy this evening that the good news for firefighters tried to get a handle on this in very rugged terrain. taken the the temperature around the bay area it is quite hot, not just in the inland valleys but in the bayshores, the south bay, north bay in everywhere. classical half moon bay. 80's and 90 everywhere else around the area. temperatures are up over what we saw yesterday a few degrees except for the returning, but it is three
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degrees warmer in san francisco, two degrees warmer in oakland. we will reverse the warming trend as we head into tomorrow but would still stay hot? have that into coming up. >> , and the president outlines his new plans to reduce the deficit how republicans are reacting to his proposal to tax the rich. caught on tape a dramatic crash and have the driver of the boat and narrowly escaped death. a violent crime spree is over and 1 woman is dead, we have reaction from a friend of the victim who was killed and carjacking and details on how the police caught the suspect. a bomb scare cents to airports into the emergency mode, a look at what happened at sfo that caused a bomb scare in oakland and how passengers reacted ahead.
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has a new deficit plan that he believes will significantly cut spending the president says that washington needs to start living like responsible american families, within their means. we have details on the multi trillion dollar plan. >> the nation's debt climbs by the sec is a today president obama outlined his ideas to roll back the numbers by three trillion dollars. >> this is math. the money will have to come from someplace. >> the president says his plan cubs $2 in spending for every dollar raised, reductions that he says will come apart from wrapping up the war in afghanistan and trimming medicare, but social security will be untouched. it will raise 1.5 trillion dollars in new revenue by taxing the wealthy americans they could see the bush era tax cuts expire and a millionaire tax surcharge president obama says he will veto any bill that cuts medicare while leaving tax services
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unchanged. >> we would have a one- sided deal that hurts the people who are most volatile. >> republican leaders criticize the plan >> john speaker boehner said he will not support the tax increases and others call his equation faulty. >> what is missing is the entitlement programs and that is an enormous part. >> it comes as the president tries to reduce the deficit by 1.5 trillion dollars. no action there will be mandatory across- the-board cuts. >> and live look outside from the golden gate bridge this afternoon it is still sunny but we see a patch of fog along the san mateo coastline this afternoon. we will see the fall very briefly into tomorrow morning and just along the coastline really. by noon will be gone, temperatures will still be one tomorrow especially for the inland
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valleys will be cooling in were from five degrees to 15 degrees. 94 degrees in livermore, 74 san francisco 88 san jose more high temperatures in a moment, but let us look at the fog, not very extensive. it puts it over san francisco and barely edging down the peninsula, we could see some low clouds some patchy low clouds in the area, but at 8:00 still clearing back to the coastline and then back off the coastline for the later morning of tuesday afternoon. it will be another sunny day of its marble the temperatures cooling does little bit as the breeze when starts to increase in to the afternoon temperatures mainly in the 80's in the south bay tomorrow but 91 of los gatos, 92 morgan hill and 88 in san jose. still in the ninth is for the inland valleys is the area that will not cool the much into tomorrow, maybe a couple of degrees. 90 to comment, 95 want creek 96 pleasanton in '94 and antioch. east bayshores will cool down.
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the peninsula will also be cooling a little bit tomorrow. 74 san francisco, 80 in san mateo. staying at the low 60s coast side. up in the north bay 80's and low 90s, 90 in sonoma and santa rosa 78 down in mill valley. in the year extended forecast it will stay warm over the next few days especially in the inland valleys, on thursday we see a bump in the temperatures. temperatures for our bayshores staying in the '80s for thursday but cooling down on friday. that cooling trend continues into the weekend as we get more dense fog in the forecast. temperatures running much cooler by sunday and into monday. >> and kimberlee with today's edition of take a look of this. let us show the to the first video showing horrifying pictures of a boat race going terribly wrong. cameras were rolling as this fell apart in san diego. witnesses said the driver lost control at
5:19 pm
speeds of more than 150 mph as you can see his boat simply broke into pieces. >> all there was was phone, and pieces flying everywhere. >> fortunately the driver of the bow was rescued and he has been hospitalized. the next video a family in dallas tx injured when lightning hit their home and sparked a fire. they spend the night of a friend's house no one was injured, the fire broke out in the crowd that had been converted. and two kids claim that their human madness, you see several pieces of silver were stuck to the kids chest they say wherever the four year-old boy and the six year-old boy go metal objects did to them many of them, oscar-experts remain very skeptical.
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similar situations have been reported. and this is china, visitors can low of those birds in to slingshots and try their best to knock down the tower is this the real life a version of the bird catapulting gained it opened early september. and check this out this is october and the people in the philippines checks-- celebrate it with this beer. . 5000 people were on hand for the unveiling of this beerimid. stay with us. we will be back after the break. @p@po'
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>> we have new images of that while far that we told you about the top of the show. it's morning sort-- it's burning sort of in the middle of these areas. kron4 on the scene in you can see the smoke billowing up and
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we were told from crews, that there are planes, it is pretty heavy at about 4 a. have burned so far this fire we were told is moving at a moderate rate. oakland, alameda and cal fire respond as we pan out to give it a little perspective. and i do not know if you saw, just right there coming into your screen they are fighting this on the ground, they're fighting this in the ear. -- air. [ male announcer ] if you're ready to get more from your tv service,
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and analysts suspect behind a violent crimes spree is behind bars. kron4 talks to the friends of a woman that was killed during a carjacking. a multimillion- dollar settlement connected to the shipping accident that killed thousands of gallons of oil into the san francisco bay how much the
5:28 pm
owners will have to pay out. a big shake-up at netflix, a look at what will happen to the bay area company and how this will affect your entertainment set up after it announces that it is splitting into two companies all ahead.
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>> and 5:30 p.m. a man hub for a desperate and dangerous accused killer has ended in san jose but not before woman was murdered and another man shot, this was all part of a violent series of crimes that started with a botched robbery and gas station to my friend of the victim are in disbelief they say she was murdered by a man that she thought had stopped to help her. >> we are still not believing it, for me personally and the people here, we are still hoping that this is a dream. >> the man whose picture you see your was arrested in
5:31 pm
sacramento on sunday, as rob fladeboe reports, he had been shot while preparing-- the pursued by the police. >> they say he was shot at a pizza parlor and he offered no resistance perhaps because he was suffering from a gunshot wound in the arm that he received in exchange friday evening here with the police. but he somehow managed to escape before making his way to sacramento. >> when the officers tried to close with the officers of pursuing him, he tried to run over one of the officers and we learned we to the suspect into custody that one of the rounds actually struck the suspect in the arm. >> the crimes spree began about 10:30 a.m. friday morning when he tried to rob a man here. on friday
5:32 pm
afternoon, he carjacking kidnap 60 year-old sydney nguyen. >> what he did with the body between the time that she was taken from the plant and the time that the officers contacted him near king and mayberry we are still looking into the events that transpired. >> he is facing charges of parole violation, robbery kidnapping and murder. the is expected to be arraigned on wednesday. >> the last person to be the victim of live says that she had called from the shopping center on friday to say that she was having car
5:33 pm
trouble and a man stopped to help. at the real-estate group where she lived a broker, they describe the killing of the single mother of three as a huge loss for the community. >> the family has not seen cindy, so somewhere deep inside of me i am still having that 1 percent chance of hope that it is not a city. if you ask me who city is, the best thing i could describe her if she's a big sister to everyone not just me, everyone in this office, everyone in the community, she would drop everything to take care of whatever you ask her first before she takes care of herself. i want everyone to think about her loss, and what can we do for her, for everyone
5:34 pm
thank you. >> cindy when was also a popular talk show host on the radio station k a z a family and friends are planning a candlelight celebration of her life this friday evening at the planned shopping center that'd located action kurtner avenue and monterey road. now after a note was found indicating explosives were on board, an airline flight had to be delayed. the fbi said it was not a credible threat but it still caused delays for those on the flight. >> as 6:10 a.m. alaska airlines flight 342 departed and bound for
5:35 pm
o'clock oakland. >> the problem with the message that was left is that it had to date and the flight and the location from seattle to san francisco but that flight does not go from seattle to san francisco ago from seattle to oakland. >> tsa alerted them and then it made them have priority clearance to make an emergency landing that happened around 7:55 a.m.. >> it was parked at a remote part of our airfield and all passengers were disembarked off the flight they're already screened as well as their carry on in the checked baggage. >> the alameda county shifted part use bomb sniffing dogs to search the plane but nothing was found. the fbi detained two of the passengers on the flight. >> the particular threat that was given a certain area on the plane, and the
5:36 pm
two passengers that happened to be sitting in that area the plane it was pulled off and detained, questioned and released. >> by 9:00 a.m. passengers reunited with their luggage and allowed to continue on their journey. the fbi says it is a federal crime to make threats against an airplane and they're continuing to investigate. >> meantime people flying at open were disturbed by the news of the threat but they were undeterred in their travel plans here is what some of them had to say. >> obviously i do not like it, but we kind of have to go on and do we do. so i will keep on traveling. >> i am not scared, i feel that they do a good job to screen people and i fly with peace in my heart so i do not have any fear. >> i feel good that they did evacuate and follow the procedures that they're supposed to. it makes me feel more comfortable flying. >> the oakland airport
5:37 pm
spokesperson says that they're continuing to operate at the same level of heightened alert as they were at the scare this morning. cleanup costs for the 2007 san francisco oil spill will cost the companies responsible $44.4 million. on november 7th back in 2007 a cargo ship slammed into a bay bridge tower spewing 57,000 gal. of fuel into the bay. state and federal authorities announced a deal with two companies today, the company which operates the ship has already been fined $10 million. the ship's pilot served 10 months in jail. >> time for the kron4 tech report with gabe slate. >> i just want to say again how sorry i am. >> that is the netflix ceo jim hastings apologizing for the rate hike including the loss of subscribers and stock value plunging. he talked about big changes
5:38 pm
coming to netflix to improve the services these changes are big, they're confusing the you need to know about them tune in tonight at 8:00 p.m. and i will fill you in on what you need to know about the netflix changes. you have some choices that you have to make if you're a netflix customer see you at 8:00 p.m. i am gabe slate with kron4 news. >> this is an update right now on the wild fire, you can see the location where it is burning, temperatures remain high out there today. temperatures are in the '80s and '90s off route the bay area at this particular location, 86 degrees right now. the good news to the wind is not too bad. but this is rugged terrain, so the wind direction could very very easily. now 80's and 90's pretty much everywhere except for san francisco and half moon bay. 83 in oakland, 90 it redwood city, 92 unsettles they 94
5:39 pm
are in an valleys and as we get into tomorrow, it will cool down a little bit. good does seem pretty warm, lots of 80's and 90's out there still. staying warmth through most of the week by friday we will start to see a cool down that will last i will have more of your extended forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> as she mentioned a while fire that we are covering we have a live picture from the scene and you can see the smoke coming out reminded trees right there. we're told that this is in least 4 a. rainout moving at a moderate speed, oakland, alameda and cal fire responding to this. it is right near redwood road and the to rain we are told is very rugged in tents. fortunately not as high as it could be in the wind is not as fast as they could be. we will have more updates for you coming up tonight is 6:00 p.m.. >> a look outside in oakland, this is outside the
5:40 pm
paramount theater and they're getting ready for the money bob premier. we will keep you posted and will show you what is going on an open right now. ok, kids, our cable will let us record one more show.
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>> the dow jones loss 108 points. the nasdaq was down 9 and 1/2 points to finish just above 2600. rob a black is here talking winners and losers. a big winner off the top is apple? what happened? >> they hit an all-time high to the but the market was not an all-time high, apple is as big as microsoft and who will almost combined. it probably should been trading at 500.
5:44 pm
remember steve jobs quick and the stock did not fall, that is probably why should of been at 500. they had about three years of knowing he was going away and that is why it has started to make up some ground. >> what about the stock market overall? >> i am very tired of this increase yoyo thing, last month we thought they had a love of money over the system and over the weekend nothing really got done. the bigger issue will be italy. greece is done in finish. >> they're saying that greece is going to default. so you think italy will be the second one? >> it could be. i think it is already built into the stock market because we have been talking about for such a long time that apple should've been higher, but we have been talking about his health for a long time. sometimes with the
5:45 pm
uncertainty the market goes up a little higher. >> we will see if that happens in another loser today netflix announcing that it will split into two companies, one dealing with the movies and the other dealing with the streaming. >> the streaming is where all of the future growth is, the problem is they will take what we love that red envelope and change it from an netflix to quickster. that is not going to work i think customers will be confused and you have to go to different websites to use the services. and this is why at netflix thinks, the top five movies that you can stream right now, no one wants that content. >> that is that good news for them. now another loser, you said the company paid out a settlement based on the controversies surrounding the news of the
5:46 pm
world. >> $4.7 million they overpaid for hacking, they acted to the phone of a murder-school girl. that set a precedent for future lawsuits. and the good news that i could watch x factor with a clear conscience coming up this fall. and is probably good for the stock, but it is bad press. wall street hates questions, and the more questions could have been $10 million or $100 million? >> and the last thing you say they struck a deal with using your cell phone? >> yes visa and mastercard are part of this, using your cell phone to pay your bills it is cool to have a digital wallet inside of your pocket a lot safer in my opinion then the credit card. >> but it is new technology, so won't any time? >> visa is a player of the future.
5:47 pm
>> will thank you. >> let us get a checkup on the wildfire burning. as you can see the helicopter to ready to make of dropping over the fire, and you could see the helicopter making its rounds. right now, the fire is continuing to burn in this area. the temperatures remain quite warm, about one of them will saw yesterday about 5 degrees warmer. the good news is the the wind is not too strong. the weather is fairly calm, we have the strong sea breeze in place. and the to now power but through the rugged terrain we will continue to keep posted. >> tomorrow: a little been oakland, 80 degrees on wednesday cooling to 78. but back again on thursday in the '80s. upper eighties mar, mid '80s by wednesday and steak house in the inland valleys all through the week. 90 to conquer, to
5:48 pm
our 90 on wednesday, and 95 by thursday. tickets literature around the rest of the bay area for to our. man in the upper 80s for the south it, low 90s in those battles in morgan hill. 84 sunnyvale. the inland valleys will not cool that much out there. staying in the '90s, 951 agree, 96 pleasanton. 87 in martinez. for the east bayshores in the 80's, several degrees cooler than what we saw today. also, and the '70s and '80s for the peninsula, low sixties for the coastline and the fog is expected very briefly along a coastline but clearing by 9:00. and 80's and 90's as well to the north bay. but assays pretty warm and 94 degrees. in mature extended forecast the temperatures are cool in a little bit more small. and still quite warm, warming up in to
5:49 pm
thursday we will stop cooling trend back on friday that will continue into the weekend special on sunday into monday with more dense fog still lean into the bay area. >> to world news and rob blood just talked about this story the former news of the world newspaper online media giant rupert murdoch is in settlement talks with the family of a murdered u.k. teenager revelations surfaced in july that the journalist eavesdropped during the 2002 disappearance of the 300. they allegedly deleted some of the 13 year-old messages to make room for more messages, the old deletions the the family hope that she was still alive, in fact she was already dead. they say that the second figure could be $2.5 million. a deadly earthquake hits the region of tibet. at least 53 people, and the damage more the 100,000 homes. it was set near india's border with nepal. this show some of the
5:50 pm
damage that was done. thousands of soldiers are working to clear the rubble and people are trapped under homes. china successfully launched a new communications satellite earlier today. it will provide high-quality communications, broadcast and data transmission services for users and china, it was the 146 mission for what is called the long march carrier rocket series we will be right back.
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>> this is oakland and this is a live shot, you can see actor brad pitt in a number of dignitaries in town to celebrate the premier of money ball they have a green carpet in light of the fact that this is a baseball movie, there are a number of dignitaries in town for the premier and something that oakland is very excited about we will keep you posted on the green carpet the event and will keep you
5:54 pm
posted. >> netflix is formally separating the dvd mail out plan and the online streaming service. many subscribers including several of the kron4 viewers are very upset with the company check out our comment of the day. the >> we would like to know you think visit the kron4 facebook fan page and tell us what you think of the company's new direction we will be back after this break. [ male announcer ] humble beginnings are true beginnings.
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5:58 pm
but they have been making helicopter drops of water. there is smoke in the area and flames we're keeping an eye on this and will have a live report for you coming up on our news at 6:00 p.m..
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
>> brad pitt and other big stars grace the green carpet. kron4 is live with a grand slam from the year. a new study reveals the best way to quit smoking. the president says it is time for the wealthy to pay up. we al line his plan. >> we are following home while fire burning for acres just east of the lake. the fire burning just east of the lake near redwood road,
6:01 pm
burning at a moderate speed, oakland alameda and how fire crews are responding they're fighting this on the ground and then in the air. now trawls is that some smoke in the background? >> yes, i am right now on lake chabot road. this is on the west side, the fire is burning up right in the middle of your screen on the other side of the trees. the smoke is very thin right now on so far i have seen too fixed wing ear flaps-- aircrafts. you'll see him in just a second the helicopters going over the ridge, and then it is dropping water on the fire it will come here it has been making a trip every five minutes or so and dropping water and the smoke is very thin it is probably hard you to see. it is also very light and color meeting is probably light fuel, light grass burning with the
6:02 pm
fuel that are burning are very light. also one other observation if it appeared the trees, there is also almost no wind, there is nothing pushing the fire around that is an advantage for the firefighters and they try to get this thing under control. right here along the road, have seen several fire trucks as well as hayward fire trucks cruising by here. ticket the helicopter and we will stay here and keep an eye on this thing and have more for you coming up on kron4 news at 8:00 p.m.. >> charles clifford is live for us, can jacqueline turnout and the weather center. >> we want to check in with jacqueline because of today's very high temperature is always a problem for firefighters give us an update on what we can expect. >> hot and dry out there today but as you hear it is pretty calm out there in terms of the winds. they bring more breezy conditions in the afternoon especially
6:03 pm
for this location but that is just not the case right now. the storm tracker for, you can see live temperatures and wind speeds. it is 84 degrees out there right now to spree warm. temperatures are warm throughout the bay area, the winds at only a mph, have the northwest at this particular point when through the nordic rugged terrain will clinton's direction because it is pretty rugged, will keep our eye on this. the winds are not that bad out there right now on taken the could the temperatures through the rest of the bay area. it is pretty high through most of the locations except san francisco closer to the coastline. >> over the past before hours temperatures up a couple of degrees.
6:04 pm
>> as we can see the temperature is remaining prewar mammals they went to the 8:00 hour. brief fog along the coastline it will clear out by 9:00 a.m. and then into the 4:00 hour to be a little bit cooler in some spots will ticket to the jews around the bay area coming up. >> the woman accused of murdering the missing nursing to the michelle le was back in may were courtroom today gisselle esteban did not enter a plea as the accused murderer does not still have legal representation that is after being in custody since her arrest back on september 7th. all of this taking place with the developing news that human remains were found by members of the organized search crew over the weekend. they said the searchers are familiar with the area where the bones were found. >> we were very close to that area one month before
6:05 pm
and a very difficult. we were trying to search for the family we were so close to that point probably a two-minute walk maybe. >> the alameda county coroner's office is now preparing a packed salads report it will now determine among other things the sex, age and race of the remains found over the weekend. the legal analyst weighs in on what the discovery could mean in this murder case. >> if this is in fact her body, this is a huge piece of the prosecution's case. it then establishes michelle le as dead. it may be also that there is for rinsing indication of how michelle le died. they will spend a lot of time in an autopsy trying to establish the cause of death. it may take months, but this is an important piece of the puzzle and it is something the defense may want to end a licensee of cause of death could be established for lack of a cause of death that is helpful to the
6:06 pm
defense. >> the alameda county coroner's office will used dental records to help sort out the issues surrounding the remains and then determine if the person was male or female and for the latest from the proposition a hearing. video from last year's trial that struck down california's ban on gay marriage should be released soon, it came down today during the appeals process proposition 8 opponents have been asking for the video to be unsealed. a judge ruled today that the public has the right to view the video from the courtroom. proposition 8 supporters have party said that they will appeal today's ruling. a big night in oakland, and how was down movie premiere, big stars and all. there is one of them, brad pitt in the movie is money ball. then permit is live in oakland after the paramount theater were all the activities going on. >> you are now looking at a video of me the you are looking at brad pitt who is standing about a people away from me. he has just come down the red carpet and as
6:07 pm
you can see, they have turned the area had jason to the paramount theater into a miniature baseball diamond trying to showcase the film and how he thinks players for the oakland a's. you see brad pitt is working his way down this direction. we're all pretty excited about the way this film is going. we have talked with several oakland a's players including david justice. while you're waiting for brad pitt to roll this way it looks like he's coming. a few minutes ago, we talk with the actor that played david justice as well as david justice. one our role on that and by that time we should have brad pitt right in front of us. >> this is incredible as it could have home people here. my american legion coaches try the new camera to see as that is big. give me a second. >> i thought was a really good movie have you seen it? >> yes. i thought it had a
6:08 pm
lot of funny moments, moments that you could cry, i think some of the fans will really like this. especially if you are in oakland a's fans. you will be able to reminisce about a special time with the oakland a's, that season special with the winning streak, the three young pitchers, and is a good mix of veterans. i really enjoy them. i cannot wait to see it. >> we are back live at the paramount theatre in oakland, adjective the brad pitt has now moved to people right next to a. he plays billy been in this movie talking about how little money and everything else he was able to turn to the ground for the oakland a's. in an interview he talked about how he is not a huge baseball person but everyone says that he is great in the movie and were hoping to have a quick word with him live in just a moment. >> was it like to play billy been in the here and
6:09 pm
open? >> he is not a boring individual. a very charismatic and sharp and funny guy. being here is release special for us because the fans are so great. they came out and they stay with us on mike weeks on end. i think this is a special time as well for the city. >> we had a lot of good handle on this thing. >> you are not huge baseball person? >> not historically have to say i have a soft spot now. >> i have been wondering who is better looking billy being corporate? >> billy. in >> on this is the premier of money ball.
6:10 pm
>> so who gets to go into the movie tonight? >> probably not as there are still a few people coming by the movie was supposed to start about 6:00 p.m. tonight. as you can see we are well past 6:00 p.m. but there are more people to talk to. at the cool be out here talking to more people in the movie will get going sooner or later. >> while we are looking at the live picture of brad pitt in oakland are outside the paramount theater describe the crowd outside. >> the streets surrounding the paramount theater is filled with fans always variations trying to shoot across the street and get pictures of them. there are several hundred people here i think daniel might be able to show you across the street and show some of the fans that are lining up just to try and get a glimpse of brad pitt. but for many of these people, brad pitt will certainly satisfy what they had hoped for. >> any other a's players
6:11 pm
there tonight? >> we have seen david justice here, we have seen the actor who plays david justice and several other oakland a's players have been here. we have seen billy bean, he did not stop by to talk with us tonight. and joan hill who is in the movie we are hoping will stop by to talk to us any moment and if he does we will have that coming up that kron4 knew that a p.m.. >> it looks fine more than just the local media at the movie premiere. >> this is definitely how would in oakland tonight. many media that we have never seen before in the bay area tonight. several of the actors have come by see more did not stop by the we saw him walk down the baseline, the green carpet if you will on the way into the theater. we spoke with chris as willis got the former
6:12 pm
oakland a's and they are also very both very excited about the film. >> this type of event is very important to specify open as well. >> it is, and this is also a fund raiser for the children's hospital of oakland. they're sponsoring this event and it really means a lot of money having this premiere in oakland. it means a lot of money to those organizations so they're very pleased. in one sense, this puts them on the map and the other, it brings the much needed money to continue to do their research. >> dan kerman thank you, we're looking at a live picture of actor brad pitt a star of the new movie money ball this is about the former manager of the oakland a's and he is graciously talking to media and greeting hundreds of the fans that are out in the area surrounding the paramount theatre in oakland. a great night for oakland and as dan said to beneficiaries will continue to follow the story there is
6:13 pm
much would come after the break, stay with us.
6:14 pm
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>> today at 10th person has died they're still 70 people injured in a hospital today the national transportation safety board wrap up its onsite investigation. i have video that i cannot fully their release shows the plane. you can see right before impact, the red circle shows the planes entering its final turn and as you can see if it goes up and then issued try down, these races attract thousands of people every year. the plane crashed into the vip seats, it barely missed hundreds more in the grandstand. it was a scary frantic scene right after the crash. >> it looks like we are
6:17 pm
going to have many casualties. >> federal investigators spent the weekend sifting through the crash site. they found what may have come from on board video camera they're checking that out and right now they're focusing on pictures that appeared to show damage to the plane's tail. that is the very latest on that. >> we want to update you on the wildfire that is burning near lake chabot right now. we have seen a little of those drops by helicopter. there's absolutely no wind here at this hour. now let us take a look at storm tracker for for the current conditions temperatures to the 80's at this hour but the wind is quite light especially for this time of day. the wind is usually in the teens, but the sea breeze winds are not intact
6:18 pm
right now so we are seeing calmer conditions which is good news for the firefighters. high temperatures today was very hot in a matter where you went. k five san francisco, 86 oakland, 93 san jose nineties also for the inland valleys. we will see warm conditions through the rest of the week but it will not be as warm through tomorrow. take in the till we are expecting tomorrow at a glance. very great fog along the coastline tomorrow morning the 10th is a pretty mouth, 61 degrees to start the day in san jose by noon obviously clear skies. by 9:00 a.m. it will be gone. 4:00 in the afternoon the temperatures are cooling several degrees. 94 degrees in livermore tomorrow will be cooler in san francisco, 74 there and 88 in san of a. now take a look of the fog really quickly will not be very extensive mainly along
6:19 pm
the coastline patchy low clouds and watch this, by a 8 m already back to the coastline. the sunshine for tomorrow afternoon is everywhere around the bay area and temperatures will get a little bit cooler as the sea breeze when starts to come back into the forecast. in the south bay, upper 80s and low 90s for the most part. 84 mountain view, 84 and 92 morgan hill. not cooling allow for the inland valleys may be one degree or two degrees the still staying in the '90s. 92 concord, 95 on a creek and temperatures are cooling for the east bayshores. 75 in berkeley, 80 oakland, 84 hayward also in the '70s and '80s for the peninsula low sixties for the coastline will see sunshine but the sea breeze when will start to kick back in tomorrow afternoon and up in the north bay 80's and 90's for the most part the 78 down and the valid. to give it to your extended forecast cooling a couple of degrees tomorrow, still pretty warm,
6:20 pm
80's for the bayshores. staying in the '90s in the in and all through the week of this week in more dense fog coming into the forecast it will close down especially into sunday, stay with us to be back right after this.
6:21 pm
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
>> a fire in san jose has grown to four alarms. we have video jet shot from the scene. this is located on the 200 block of washington street. it started at about 4:30 p.m.. heavy smoke coming from what appears to be an attic area. the crews on scene say that there is fire in smoke in the attic and basement but the crews of also said you see the flames right there near the attic there is danger of this fire spreading to neighboring homes. the crews are so far doing an excellent job of protecting nearby houses as you can see the fire department
6:24 pm
personnel is there on scene. a four alarm fire at the house in san jose so far, no entries. that is the very latest year. >> forget patches and packs of the correct, there is a new study online that shows a cheap healthy way of getting teenage smokers to quit, the answer is exercise. ltd. the first video it involves 230 preteens ranging in ages from 14 to 19 in west virginia. west virginia has one of the highest smoking rates in the country they found that teams that participated in the stopped smoking counseling combined were on average up to three times more likely to quit smoking than those that just received counseling. take the next video. the revolt among the boys was the most striking in a 24 percent of those that participated in the counseling plus the exercise they quit smoking just after three months compared to a person that participated in only counseling. let us check all
6:25 pm
the results from the city visiting the kron4 facebook fan page we will be back after this break.
6:26 pm
lots of us are sick or hurt we have four times as many emotional problems as other kids i'll have to move over and over again.
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i'm twice as likely to drop out of high school. there's a 50-50 chance i'll end up homeless. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child.
6:28 pm
and >> this proposed stadium for the 49ers could be one step closer to being built thanks to a new real-estate deal. >> i just want to say again how far as i am. >> the netflix deal may reveal to apologize to the netflix customers and laid out major changes coming i am gabe slate and that is coming up my tech report. i'm a curious seeker.
6:29 pm
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6:30 pm
the >> i am charles clifford and we can announce that of the three different fires burning the fire was contained. the fire is out and the aircraft has been
6:31 pm
dismissed. campers and visitors to the park have been evacuated and a hand crew has been sent in to clean up what remains of the fire. reporting live in alameda county and charles clifford with kron4 news. >> we are at the paramount theatre in oakland hollywood comes to the bay area for the premiere of the brad pitt fail money ball. in the film, brad pitt plays the manager of the oakland a's and talk about the new way he chooses to recruit players back in 2002. this is video of brad pitt and arriving at the premiere of the film, hundreds of people here to catch a glimpse of the movie star. >> and santa clara, the 49ers have teamed up with san francisco real-estate for j w h to by the great american theme park right here is a $70 million deal, the santa clara city council still has to vote on it. a spokesperson, a company that owns the park to me that they will use this to pay off the debt. i'm told that
6:32 pm
employees will keep their jobs and not notice much of the change. the mayor says that this deal will resolve any outstanding legal issues because there will no longer be involved. >> here at the oakland airport, a bomb threat forced the emergency landing of the alaska airlines plane. the threat came in the form of a note found at sfo indicating that explosives or on that specific flight. the passengers were removed from the plane on the tarmac and they and their luggage was read screen. the plane was searched by bomb sniffing dogs no explosives were found in the fbi now says the this was not a criminal threat. >> here at the courthouse in hayward woman accused of killing the nurses to the michelle le made her second court appearance however no plea was entered. that is due to the fact that she still does not have legal representation. >> apparently she was not
6:33 pm
qualified to be represented by the public defender a new attorney is coming in and they have to decide if there are allowed to represent her, what they have any conflict with the case. >> here in san jose the man suspected of a one-man crime spree is now in custody police say that he was arrested about incident sunday evening, he is the man the police say rob and then shot a man and a gas station friday morning before carjacking and kidnapping a woman at a shopping mall friday afternoon. the body of 60 year-old cindy was found at a home 1 north 11th street saturday morning. he now faces charges a parole violation, our roof, kidnapping and murder. in san jose and rob fladeboe with kron4 news. >> are big with a story tonight, it was hot out there and it was a warm to the rest of the week. high temperatures were in the
6:34 pm
'80s and '90s for the entire bay area except for a long the coastline, succeeded half moon bay and other was a was highest san francisco at 85 degrees, 86 oakland, 96, and in livermore 93 down in san jose. we will start to the sea breeze when back through the week. the to the jews will cool just a little bit but it will still be prewar mother tomorrow. ticket to the temperatures in the '80s for the bayshores, 80s and low 90s down the south bay. the '90s will continue in our inland valleys, 94 livermore 94 antioch. in san francisco, as they mature extended forecast cooling a little bit tomorrow and of the war on wednesday vowed to make up to one side by thursday the to the to stay through the '90s are to be through the inland valleys. we will start to get more fall back on the forecast this weekend that is one to dramatically cool temperatures especially to spend a stay with us, we
6:35 pm
will be back after this.
6:36 pm
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
>> we are making this video today to apologize on camera. >> that the netflix ceo apologizing for the recent price hike that caused a huge consumer backlash for the company including the loss of thousands of- subscribers. he announced that he was sorry and he wanted to also announced the changes coming to netflix. >> it is rare that a co apologizes and it is even more rare that they make a home video and release it to the web. >> i wish we had of the communication and more forthright manner. >> he also send an e-mail to of the subscriber's basic list summarizing what he says in the video. >> we think that the dvd service needs its own brands of the we can advertise it. we have named are dvd service quickester
6:39 pm
>> they are separating the streaming in dvd by mail. they will continue as a streaming only product, their new dvd by mail company can be managed at a new web site and it just says launching soon on the home page. >> stream has many things that makes it different from dvd. an overtime both dvd in streaming will be much better because they are separate. >> that may be true but for now seems like this will be in vienna and confusing for customers here is what you need to know, if you only do streaming with netflix that will continue on. now if you want to get the visa will have to go to quick >> that i can't read below
6:40 pm
that you all know and love will slightly changed it will does have some additional writing on there. will also have gained an will have them for the x box 360 and of wii. >> netflix and quickster will be completely different entities. and your movie q will be different for the one not yet way to do streaming and bbb by mail content in all one account all this will happen within the next three weeks. mellon dvd is is expensive they eventually want to kill off that dvd mailing service in this of the first step towards that. >> in addition to the video apology and the e-mails, the ceo also issued an apology on the official netflix
6:41 pm
block. taken the the the first video you have to check this out the last time i looked there were over 70,000 common the number continues to jump in the best way to describe the people there were angry, upset, exasperated and furious with not only the price increase but now that netflix is planning its dvd and trimming services. check out a few of the commons the first half from a man that says nice, dilute the brand and remove the convenient after alienating your customer base with the rate increases that for the effect of apology it reminded me to put my last to be even the mellencamp to my account, gone. the nexus from anita, she says that if you're going to unbundle, you have to substantially of the year streaming if you want to keep my business the current selection is a joke. and daniel said you missed a section in your reading for cancellation page, i checked that we changed into something you do not want. our ceo is a crown and--
6:42 pm
clown. >> let us know if you plan on careful in your subscription or if you like the company's new direction. >> now gary has poured straight ahead and will go back to oakland live with more on brad pitt and the money ball premier. gary has the sports and entertainment of next. [ male announcer ] when you come to new york
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>> we have baseball history nearly accomplished today. they ended the six to four yankees win. his 600 to save surpasses trevor hoffman formerly of san diego this is his 16th season in baseball. there is a good
6:46 pm
argument you can make, will go down in history as the more famous yankee? rivera, more daring cheater when you talk relief pitchers you know that derek is number one. dieter may be in the top, but mariano does it tonight. and ever since he talked to that, do remember that? poppel has been on fire and today he was the national league. he was the national league player of the week and you know he did late last week? he hit for the cycle, there was a single, double, triple home run in the same game. send a ball hit 310 on the air, 22 home runs, 67 rbis and the giants have won eight in a row. there try to get a little closer to arizona. they meet arizona on friday, saturday and sunday in the desert. now look like the
6:47 pm
49ers are going to be off to a sensational start yesterday. they had 69,000, 732. i hate to say it, but half of the fans rooting for dallas. 21 to 14 in the 49ers in the third, but the game goes over time. tony ruml plan with two cracked ribs. hooks up with jesse highly. and had a 10 point lead at one juncture, but they just cannot hang on. and there is, a 77 yd reception. the 49ers lose in overtime. those 27 and 24. >> communal disappointed like all fans and all players and coaches, three disappointed but not discouraged because i feel that we are on track.
6:48 pm
>> and as we said, when he came off the bench to deliver, most everyone thought they he was through after having to cracked ribs in the first half the ct scan revealed that he cracked a rib and that was legit. tony ramos was sensational. >> i just told them that i was good to go. i figure asked some of the guys and i did not even give him too much of chance i ran out of the field before he could say a thing. so giving 49ers credit that was a great performance by then they have had one of the best the lines that we have played in quite some time it showed it on tape and it was quite a different in person. >> my question is if he had zero quarterback that was of tony ramos stature or brady or the better ones in the league with 80 have been as conservative as he was? when alex smith is your guy, you play not to lose, not to go out and gravel when, that is
6:49 pm
how looked. and the raiders had victory within their grasp. denarius thomas is a rookie, and i will tell you what, watch this. there were some great plays in this game. now you saw this? pam is slate, whenever a guy makes a great place she relates to him. but as you say, ryan threw a touchdown and that put buffalo ahead and in the final play of the game, look at how close but buffalo hangs on to win in dramatic fashion, 30 to 35. and really, you could sit there pam, that was a great day in football. did you watch any? >> i watched part at the beach. >> i watched them yesterday when they were up. night anots
6:50 pm
were the underdogs. you know those guys didn't know what they're doing. and the nfl the snuffling around these helmets a helmet hits. last night, dante robinson was fined $40,000 with leading for his meeting with his helmet and the eagles jeremy mac and was penalized for unnecessary roughness. if any of the rules, that is the one he should of course you do not hit a defenseless guy going helmet to help it fortunately he was able to get up and finished the game.
6:51 pm
>> >> he is expected to enter the april draft, but it is one of those five-year senior guys if he decides, and remember there is room and board and i scholarship but how about the cold? seven years and you on $35.5 million. the coaches get rich and the kids, you know, you do not get much. pam, you and i will fight this thing to the finish. now it is funny because the money ball in the brad pitt thing someone said you want brad pitt were dan kerman? everyone has seen brad pitt interview but i have never in the dense terminal for. when return this is a premiere night for money ball. and more than likely
6:52 pm
he will join us live, then determine you are show business now one-on-one with brad pitt how people live off? you hear this exclusively up next for entertainment news, then determine at the money bart premier. ok, kids, our cable will let us record one more show. who should get it? i really love jennifer. yeah, she's great. yeah. yeah.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
>> we are not joking, the great dan kerman is doing his thing with brad pitt taken away. >> we are at the premiere of money ball at the paramount theatre in oakland as you can see a lot of people were here, but not anymore brad pitt came in tonight we pulled him over and had a one-on-one interview with him live on the hearing here is what he had to say. >> what was it like to play this role in the year in
6:56 pm
oakland? >> he is not a boring individual very charismatic funny guy, it means a lot to play him. been here is really special to us because of the fan's there were so great they still with us all night in weeks on end to recreate the games, i and this was a special time as well for the city. i hope people will see this as a love letter. >> and love letter, there you go gary what can you say that? >> you have five seconds, would appeal to you? >> what is that? >> never mind, the people love then permanently wanted to be with him, that is it see you at 8:00 p.m..
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
"the insider" -- >> at the emmys -- >> starts right now! "the insider" is on. >> shake that. ♪ >> i haven't been to the emmys since i was 8. i went with my dad when i was a little girl. >> gwyneth paltrow. kate winslet, jon hamm, and --
6:59 pm
>> katie holmes on the red carpet without tom. and a little late. >> "modern family" at "the insider." >> i think i feel a party tonight. >> i think we all deserve to win. >> i'm with jon cryer, "two and a half men." >> i'm on "the iider." >> and i am not charlie sheen. sheen's back stage shot with ashton. >> the saddest thing was i was going to miss charli>> who's in? who's out? >> are you graduating? >> look who's here. >> red hot emmy hunks. >> the red carpet couples. >> oh, my god, dad. >> don't embarrass me on "the insider." ♪ >> this is jesse tyler. >> it's what our emmy breaking news cam just captured. >> i am wearing spanx. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> we're giving the winners a second chance in case they forget somebody really important. >> take two. >> i gotta


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