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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 4, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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pharmacist and bullpen prosecutors to ease cold in ship more than 4 gal. of propofol to the apartment of park ridge girl friends something which he confirmed today. >> he asked me specific to find practical and availability of propofol animal samian ivied backs. >> anchored along san francisco's pier 45 is the jeremiah o'brien, during will want to talk to the chronicle ships like this one carried men and supplies around the globe. >> this is the last one in a completely original condition. >> since 1980 it has been a regular fixture in san francisco bay and the captain has been there for the last 15 years. >> the ship leaves dock
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only a few tons per year during fleet week it offers passengers a full and real seat for the air show in the parade of ships. >> we sold our completely on sunday and we still have tickets available for the sunday crew but we will be generally mexico with a total of 956 told on board. to >> it all to brings a financial aspect to. >> there are no government subsidies coming in, it is self supported. we try to get by in the show must prove that an >> from the shore, she is just history going by. when you are here aboard is like
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welcome to 1943. the ship is a time machine and that is how we're going to keep it. >> we're continuing to keep our eye on the rain burn the bay area right now some pretty heavy rain on the delta. now the contract, one half inches coming down in every area on your screen. we will track will happen this evening and will to can look coming up.
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upset >> another this take the first video the ftc said that this falsely claimed that the local which they claim was a equivalent of two cans of beer consumer couldn't hit safely in one sitting the ftc said that is incorrect it is more like four or five cans of beer knowing that one can afford local is the thing will
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equivalent of binge drinking. the label already disclosed the percentage of are: the dream, but let us to connect label you can then compare this link to the regular beer. so now the trip will carry a label saying that this can has as much alcohol as for regular beers. is the company is complying with they say they still believe the particles advertise without deceptions and they disagree with the regulations. >> i am here to your above the brenda iphone 4 s. >> coming up we sure you the features and sharp with the apple customers as well as with their feedback on the new iphone. >> right now we see parts of showers during the bay area, i will have the
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children of a bit coming up. ok, kids, our cable will let us record one more show.
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>> heavy rain is on the way for the bay area we will tell you when the rain will push interest imminent. in oakland the battle over how to stop violence is heating up the city council is taking a three measures this evening. a curfew, a lawyer during measure and expanded thanks. they're pushing move to try and cut crime. an amendment return to america. 5:00 p.m. the 24 year-old woman was just acquitted on monday in an italian court after appealing her conviction there. she spent four years behind bars after being arrested for killing her roommate in italy. officials lease term shortly after the verdict was read. and after much anticipation apple finally held a news conference today to unveil the new iphone. the slate conventicle to look at the
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newest member of the iphone family. >> the phone will be available with sprint. bring ample frying --bringing apple smart phone to all three carriers. it is called the iphone 4s s stands for speed. it features a chip that will make it much faster. it should be twice as fast as playing games. and the carrier has been improved and eight men picked so up from five. this will not record full ht video. it is the first world phone a few travel you condone what other networks overseas were using cdma at home in the u.s.. this will not be a four geophone allow people
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were hoping for that. it will come in black and white and cost $200 for 16 to buy, 300 been 400. of course these prices are with a two- year contract. i am gabe slate with kron4 news. >> today with the street to ask apple users what they think about the announcement of the iphone? >> is good news. all of famishes faster and better i think has been a walks in to the one has come out. >> for me i'm excited about it because i think it will be a little bit more connecting to screen will be a large trucking would be great. i am looking forward to that i am excited. >> a bigger screen, longer battery life without making the device bigger. >> what the experts have to set to meet their expectations? with dan
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kerman. >> the iphone for as the most amazing ever. >> c-net senior editor brian sense that the fact that this iphone for s has same look and feel of the current iphone for is a major disappointment. >> i just want a bigger screen and the perception is where is the iphone number far. it looked like the reform has been a no. 4 s. >> that said, he says there's enough improvement in the technology in some of the phone to make it attractive for curry users to upgrade. >> you get toward fast performance a better battery life and those are to the top things that users want.
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and the redesign and 1024 there, of him but forgiving signal. it has improved visual quality and 10 atp video. those unlike mainstream news to the core features that people want. they did the marquand those. >> on october 7th comic decree ordered online at the cap site with delivery beginning october 14th. on october 14th the new phone will begin to shop at stores. >> your best bet is to stay home october 7th 3 or from your computer that will deliver to your house you not to wait in the minds. i and, to wait to any ninth. >> if you want it shipped to your home apple some issues to some simple instruction so you're good to go. >> this big apple announcement calls people start to go up and down today these of the times
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that we are free, 7, 9, living in an 1:00 p.m.. it started this one in it when a little bit after that to --as anticipation was building with then it was pretty consistently down and it was confirmed there were not yet i five just for gps. the stark proceeded to hit its lowest price of the day and $3.54 per share in their rallied a little bit to in debate colton's at just over $372 per share. jacqueline. >> we are tracking the storm we brace for the big grain to hit later tonight. there are showers% for the scorn parts of the east bay heavier rain antioch in fairfield pushing east right now. the heaviest the fed chairman to the still night here. as you can see the heavy rain is pushing into northern california it will continue this software
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progression to us for tomorrow morning. late tomorrow morning we see partly can't drive. by noon meet their high temperatures but things will only get cooler from there. a cool front of their move them behind the system. temperatures aloft vote dropped. ticket the the the rain fall to your expecting. it is quite impressive. but to 2 in. of rain between now and thursday morning. we could get between one and three interest in the seven cruise lines. i think you will be closer to 3 in. mark. we'll take a look to the snow on the sierra coming up in just a little bit. >> we continue to track the storm with kron4 jeff bush. he joins us live to give us a sense of what is happening. >> this is how we 101 r and that lucky drive. you can
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see that rain has been coming down the streets are quite wet. i will zoom in and give you some indication not take a look. all that rover on the roadway as cars passing by the have their when shoppers on, right now it is not coming down to heavy you can see a couple of raindrops on lynch reflected off the light. but things are getting ready to be a lot heavier later on tonight. >> police and the south bay have launched an investigation into the disappearance of a 28 year- old woman. this is her picture, she was a san jose resident police say she was a rise seen on sunday. earlier today teresa estacio spoke with the police about the suspicious circumstances surrounding the case. >> please tell kron4 news the last time this amount of salary with at this
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intersection of of waverly and orlando. that was around 3:00 a.m. sunday morning police said all this sunday tried tracking down her but when they could not find her, it contacted the police. >> she was last seen entering a vehicle and she's never been heard from were seen again since sunday morning 3:00 a.m. this seems suspicious because she has not modified family is not characteristic of her to not be in touch with family and the fact that she that into a vehicle there really no one knows the recognizes that type of vehicle we do not know who owns the vehicle or she knows the person or persons in the car. >> police will not and never did with her not to have traced her cellphone they said there are pursuing all leads. and tuesday neighbors declined to talk with us on camera but they said they had seen the young men around and they're very concerned for well-being. again, here is your picture.
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she's described as hispanic, medium complection 5 ft. 3 140 lbs. brown hair and brown eyes. anyone has seen her is encouraged to contact the san jose police department immediately. in east san jose and teresa estacio with kron4 news. >> the occupy center to score a group is planning a new series of protests i will tell you when and where coming up after the break. [ rapid footsteps ] ow!
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>> we didn't know exactly which direction the remarkable thing of the time and place. a ticket to deal on thursday protesters plan on gathering outside the federal building from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. with the latest step in that they stopped the machine and create a new war occupation of the freedom plaza in washington d.c. organizers say they plan on staying there for the rest of the month. occupy san francisco is the local counterpart to the occupy washington movement. this is the one to bring attention to the banks and big financial players that they blame for crashing the economy and transferring more and more wealth from the bottom to the top. >> condemned next surfing an official high school board scary has that story ahead. >> and an exciting night of
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>> right now we continue to showers in the bay area and heavier rain in the delta the will get a lot heavier as we move into the overnight hours. to heavy
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rain started to move into northern california. it will last until the early morning hours more. cool air will move in behind it. none of us move and get a look first to heavy rain through the north bay continuing through the north bay ammonite in starting to become more moderate to heavy. by 1:00 a.m. to take a look of the pink shadings on your screen. it indicates very heavy rainfall in excess of an inch per hour problem closer to 2 in. per hour but it will move through very quickly by 2:00 a.m. is flies on down to the east they concord, also the peninsula and these bayshores. by 3:00 a.m. down into the south bay, intense rainfall. it will have intense rainfall and a short amount time. we will see some flooding issues. and we
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will see thunderstorms rolling. that is from 5:00 a.m. until noon. the 1:00 hour will start to see the showers continue and we could to some small hill with the thunderstorms as it pushed into tomorrow afternoon in lingering showers are possible in to early thursday morning. you also see quite a bit of snow out of the system. it is in the early for a to seasonal the zero starters rain. those of the green and yellow on your screen indicating rain. the blue indicates snow. very little snow but lots of heavy rain and notice will continue with the rain in the 4:00 hour i mentioned the coal pulled ergo fall the storm was this pushes true alt are pushing to blue. that means snow. and through tomorrow morning and the early afternoon and even beyond that into the late evening hours we hope to see snow flurries. a winter storm warning has been issued for
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the sierra. we will see six to 12 in. of snow above 7,000 ft. about three to 5 in. below 7,000 ft. to also be very gusty. if you plan on driving to the area definitely carry those chains. and with your extended forecast for tomorrow, we was the early morning rain and wind and a break later in morning and thundershower for the afternoon. showers could continue into thursday morning of thursday evening we will see clearing and into the weekend will be like night and day. friday, saturday and sunday clear skies of warmer temperatures rise in time for fleet week with the blue angels rolling. >> good evening everybody for a range during this forecast, pam cut in. we will keep you abreast. but the yankees are still alive and boy, the very welcome of on the other way right off
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the bat, and a.j. burnett zeolite contract, zero like results gets bailed out with the bases loaded. a great catch by curtis and from there the yankees took over detroit was riding high after last night's win, but derrick g. there comes through. pinang could package. in the replay pam with the extension. it is now final, 10 to one then can be destroyed the series is tied at 2. an oft data mart on the incomes they on thursday. now out of there, the host city today tampa bay. adrian went nuts. the
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sixth major leaguer to hit three home runs in a postseason game. the cameraman, fallen down he goes. again, babe ruth did that, reggie jackson did that in a tree and if you're an a's fan remember when there with all of that crumbling. now it was well worth the today, there were three home runs and the rangers eliminate tampa bay three games to one, they will await the winner of the 80's in the detroit tigers. arguably the best team in the hut, the phillies of philadelphia. it is always fun because you how tom loves animals. he is built a beautiful shrine to the animals. they said do not touch that squirrel, he has the shrine out in walnut creek and today was his 67 dirt they. that is set, the
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phillies beat st. louis 3 to carry it they can wrap up tomorrow, the game is also in san louis. but right now looks like you can't forget about nba basketball and least until the the first of the year. and jerry the lakers' owner and a branch of the big shots showed up today amarna stottlemyre, looking wearing a sweater. and mark cuban in his little sweater vest. eric fisher and david journal the guys doing the talking and negotiating and no one is happy. >> today we will be announcing the cancellation of the rest of the exhibition season and by monday we will have no choice but to cancel the first two weeks of the season. >> we find ourselves at a point today where we someone how anticipated will lead being faced with a lockout.
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ma'am unit of the average salary is between four and 5 million. you know pam, hockey, baseball, basketball people another enough to send did not play until maybe late january i think some people still when the war to as much on television, but football, i think you can give your right to the people and they would just say okay, nemea again, but tell me when you start playing. but i think the nba people like a college are not know how much it will go towards the sharks, that is a different war and i know you love your basketball. >> i do, i love of sports. >> you love anything detroit. >> i love local teams to. >> adjacent to me pam hazmat and move to add lib, keep moving. now we have this year peace the normally i contract pam on my. >> and he is talking to be
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right number when i tell you what he said. [laughter] >> the first state to embrace surfing as an official sport hawaii. we know we would go to high with 17 to santa cruz and i could never do it competitively but good for the state of hawaii. it is said to be the birthplace of searching private funding partners are making it a reality. and i used to love to do what i wanted to do competitively. >> gary stop. >> are right, it is sharks time there back to one have directed the conference finals twice in a row. the open of deer season this saturday hosting phoenix tonight we checked in with douglas murray his seventh year in san jose hit the tough guy from sweden write doug? >> i do not know from the toughest guy maybe when it comes to hitting, but we have a couple of tough guys on the team. the hitting
8:53 pm
part may be, but it is fun. >> which i could beat you up? >> both solyndra and the mayor, they throw pretty good in front. i none of the can really knock me down but they're pretty tough customers. >> on a personal like arrested you grew up in sweden would be say san jose has this week and does not? >> warm weather all year round. >> yes, and the taxes i year in sweden a pretty rough. >> yes, but you guys are getting up there too. [laughter] >> alright, douglas murray talking taxes to return a war record has been set back in a moment.
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it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. yeah, this is pretty good. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. >> we have a new world record. pam and, you will love it. the belgian dog, i told she would love it. 31 ft. and there it is. john up. 31 v we cannot show enough. 31 ft., that is a new world broad jumping record. >> we will see you tonight other p.m. everybody.
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