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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 6, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>catherine: grant lotus is live in the studio. >> this is showing shareef allman right before he went on the shooting rampage. and right before east tried to carjack that woman. that the shot. right
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before-he tried. we can show you that he is moving. no surprise when he is heavily armed. this was surveillance video of from a video from a business. the weapon that he is carrying. was retrieved under a dumpster in the area. also he was carrying a handgun. we do not know if that is the handgun around his neck. a violent encounter with police that ended in tragedy. >> reporter: this man was spotted by a trio of it deputies that confronted the suspect.
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>> the suspect was crouched behind the vehicle. >> reporter: laurie smith described what happened next. >> our deputies attempted to make contact with the suspect. the suspect was armed with a handgun all three of the deputies fired shots in the suspect was announced dead at the scene. >> reporter: she would not say if they fired first. >> the deputies identified him as a suspect. and he did it display a threatening manner, a fire arm. we do not have more information on that and all three officers fired on the suspect. >> reporter: somehow, the suspect he evaded a swat team in this premiere. the search was
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scaled back in this premiere- perimeter. of deputies going door to door. >> deputies in unmarked cars, unmarked cars and we scaled back the actual, physical door-to- door search without scaled-back the amount of people that we had in this concentrated area. in which, the parameters of the parameters that we establish, before. the >> reporter: if he was moving at the night beeor in a yard? the suspect was killed less than two blocks of one the was a scene on wednesday. in sunnyvale, rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. >> more coverage of the cupertino. coming up we will hear from one woman that said that allman he had plans to shoot people. he mentioned it. last weekend and stay with us for continuing coverage. >>catherine: oakland police are looking for a man who robbed a woman and the parking lot of an
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ace hardware. the fight a zero was closed in oakland it was a mess. the 580--the 580 were closed for you borrow a stretch of the highway. surrounding businesses. >> they're wrapped up the search for delaware/30 fat and not find them. he shot a woman at the peace hardware parking lot near macarthur it-as hardware. she had just use the atm. at the delaware/35th the victim started fighting and the suspect brought her. and shot her. but my he fled the scene in a car after robbing her going towards 580/30 fat. he crashed at the on ramp of the 580-35--the suspect fled
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on foot. >> reporter: the woman is suffering a life-threatening injuries. reggie kumar. >>catherine: demonstrators showing tensions between police officers and demonstrators. downtown san francisco, is it more quiet? >> catherine, so far is been a peaceful afternoon and evening of protest. let me show you some of those people from " occupy san francisco ". however, there was tension last night with the protesters and officers. this afternoon, it drew 60 people and it is now over 100. many of them
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came downtown to a location outside of the federal reserve bank. this is a grass-roots effort. for those that are upset with the government. people brought supplies. and many of the supplies for thrown out by police. that is a movement that this is aimed towards the change. >> we spend more on military bases, bombs, and we need to spend more money on schools, and education. >> basically i think the corporations have too much power. they own and pay for our government. >> i just moved to the city with my girlfriend and she has not been able to find any work. she is very qualified. i have also been selling on the street selling my artwork. >> i have been doing well. >> i am here because i did to young children and i am scared of the world we live
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>> reporter: in the distance, those are people that are still part of the protesting of " occupy san francisco ". at the question is will we see more? the drama. will their personal items be tossed out? we will not be able to find out in to what happens. reporting live in san francisco, j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >>catherine: thank you, j r. the day of long demonstration. remember it is not the only place where protesters are demonstrating. if the past is any indication? these are only going to get bigger. in a matter of weeks this movement has gone from a couple of hundred people to a miniature village in the financial district of new york city. they have their own medical, food, security and they have " occupy wall street ".
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they went and dozens of american cities. houston, dallas, los angeles, northampton, mass. and austin, texas portland, ore., tampa, florida. thousands showing frustration between the rich and the poor gap. >> we work. we gavi family and we keep getting squeezed, squeeze, squeeze. we work. --i'm a middle persomiddle class persn with two children and the pta. >> they're always left-winger. >> if you happen to know somebody that is rich that is a fat cat go and get rich. instead of expecting them to walk out and write you a check. >>catherine: the protests have reached the your of the president. >> it shows the frustration of the americans.
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>>catherine: bernie sanders feels those frustrations. >> the middle-class is collapsing and poverty is increasing the people are doing on top are doing phenomenally well and the people but caused this recession. illegal behavior of their punishment has been making more money than they ever have before with their greed on wall street. >>catherine: we are just getting started. >> with steve jobs passing what is the future for apple have in store? >>catherine: with fans gathering steve jobs and the apple stock reaction. >> my son he told my son that he was going to kill somebody. >>catherine: much more of the cupertino shooting spree. that allman spoke of is on happiness at work.
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>> an amazing shiftan amazing s >>catherine: off the legal trouble facing tam lincecum. >>jacqueline: nasty weather take a look at this picture from oakland. a funnel cloud that it not touchdown. bu we did see nasty storms
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♪ >>jacqueline: lingering showers that we experienced earlier. the rain is pushing to the south. with clear conditions and the wake of this storm and cooler overnight. today was quite cool with the low 60s for the most part. 60s and redwood city, san
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francisco, 63 in half moon bay. tomorrow, the temperatures will warm up about five, 10 degrees. the chance of fog with more rain localized and that fog will burn off as the sun rises. details on your extended forecast and the complete forecast, coming up. it >>gary: tiger woods has not had it victory in two years can he had victory in the bay area? san martin.? [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash?
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>>catherine: ind twitter-showing records of 10,000 tweets per cent. responding to the death of steve jobs of 10,000 suites pe second tweets per second. gae slate's tech report >> gabe: we know that it is now a reality. he created a bond with the customers and the amazing products. they kept
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purchasing with him at the helm. speaking with industry analysts, it will take a few years to see the impact of the loss. i caught up with steve fox of pc magazine. he says that he has successfully passed the torch. >> steve jobs has able to call th-coleman that cultivate a culd with the management and team he has put into place. at every aspect. i do not think there's a drop off that will be noticeable certainly in the next one-year. >> gabe: they saw the new phase. of the new iphone 4. it is a safe bet to say that they're not quite wowed by him. but they still believe that the product
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was superior. >> the build exquisite products and if management continues to do that? i do not think that people are going to shy away from buying them because steve is no wonder the frontman. if they keep coming out with great products they will keep purchasing. >> gabe: this is a question for you when you continue to purchase apple? send me a tweet. work-e-mail. >> the in stock of apple was up, down. at the end of the day it survive without much of a change. it ended up with a point to 3% basically nothing and finishe $377 per-share. the resignation impacted the stock
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more. that was late august. >> the uss shark was off the coast of half moon bay with the sailors keeping a close eye. we will, three helicopters s f o were on the tarmac we for local guests. they lifted off and were bound for the u.s. this shark that was within 20 mi. off the coast. past san francisco with all the landmarks in perfect view. at&t park, the bay bridge, the golden gate bridge, the skyline. we were flying in a tight formation and they touched down on the hilly support. once we are on board-he leave port. there were getting the ship ready with everything getting polished. and the helicopter we
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are ride in was folded up like a trans porter. when you cannot see is the deck for the hovercraft. check it out. it is truly amazing using air. they can even go on the land. carrying trucks and heavy equipment. helm of the chef of upon completion. these are designed for a compact but as a reminder in the of that debate a emergency the u.s. as would be a great platform to provide humanitarian assistance. >> ships of this class of gone to haiti, japan, the earthquake relief efforts that is what we can do, world wide. >> reporter: in san francisco it is about showing off in fleet week. uniform inspection. it was about to go under the golden gate bridge and age old nautical tradition. they have their
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finest uniforms and going to manning the rails. they are going to do and manning the rules of the ship as they pull into a san francisco. they sprayed a celebration of water to welcome the chefs and the young sailors looked out off to san francisco. jeff bush, kron 4 news.
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♪ >> jacqueline: 10 start dropping a fairly rapidly we are in for a cool night with temperatures--temperatures dropping quickly. temperatures are going to drop into the 40's, overnight. 52 in fairfield. 54 in santa rosa. these are the chilly spots. tomorrow afternoon will be a nice rebound. with five, 10 degrees warmer than yesterday but starting off with some localized fog because of the moisture. up in certain areas but burned off with the
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sun. temperatures even warmer saturday, sunday. that fleet week forecast is practice for the blue angels at 3:00 p.m. sunny, warm, with temperatures in san francisco at 66 degrees. it is going to be like night and day. sunshine, warmer temperatures. more on fleet week when we come back. at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area,
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>>catherine: denied the story is the traffic on the 580 a shooter and robbed a woman. crashing of guard rail on 45th the woman is in critical condition. --35th/alabama guard rail. >>catherine: the financial firm is blamed for this protest. >> and also serve realize video from this shareef allman walking
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on homestead. it appears to have been carrying an assault rifle. that was found under a dumpster. in this neighborhood. >> reporter: also police found that murder suspect and ma neighborhood in questions. we will flights and and show you the perimeter. swat teams surrounded the neighborhood. and later they never really knew exactly where you was hiding out
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yesterday. it appears that he did not go very far. fortunately, nobody else was hurt in the meantime. >>catherine: his frame of mind before the shooting was perhaps distraught. he was already planning to kill people. >> he told my son that he was going to kill some people. the bottom line is that he was going to kill some people. if they were going to take away his livelihood that he was going to have to do something. the same from them. from what he was saying to myself that that they were going to get rid of them. at that point he was going to take some of their lives as well. " he was talking about exactly i knew was a work force. he never gave any names. i do
8:31 pm
not even know if there were going to fire him or not. i know he said that he was not going to be working for them anymore that he was prejudiced, racist. my son did not think that he was serious at all because he said he normally just kept on doing what he does. cracking jokes. >> i guess that he decided that he could not take it anymore and just snapped. >> as far as she knows the suspect was not suffering from mental illness or on any type of medication. as authorities continued to piece together information of the families are trying to figure out what went wrong. team coverage with therese off as talk-show who went to san jose. >> reporter: at this apartment of a complex-apartment complex
8:32 pm
where he lived friends and family members are and shock. and they are and morning of his death. it was a very quiet scene the morning-his death one day after the shooting a much different environment on wednesday. this video was taken as they took dozens of pieces of evidence from his home. a family member that says that he was the nephew declined to be on camera but said that he is not seeing their children since yesterday. they had to go downtown with detectives. also all the nephew said that there are still piecing together everything and how the man he loved could be involved with such a portal crime. this neighbor says that it is a tight knit neighborhood. and that he was respected. what is going to remind?
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>> it i never would believe that it is mind-boggling it is lucky is a mentor to peace children around here. it is like--like he is was a mentor. i do not know what it causes somebody to do that. >> reporter: other people say that no doubt in this community they're going to be putting together a memorial. in san jose, teresa estacio, kron 4 news during >>catherine: you can imagine that that cement quarry in cupertino. this is impacting businesses. haazig madyun shows us how access to the plant is still closed off. >> reporter: this cement quarry is remaining closed after the shooting incident turned take a look the deputy from the santa clara police department is stationed at the bottom of the hill in his patrol car. yellow
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caution tape stretched across the roadway. vehicles are being forced to turn around and not going up the hill. one person identified himself as an employee. he showed up not knowing there would not be access to the work site. big rig had to park on the side of the road. the road to the plant should be opened by friday. in cupertino, for haazig madyun kron 4. >>catherine: a woman was insulted a san francisco door and it happened last friday at the university tower. she was on her way to the party. she was taken by a man and sexually assaulted her. no arrest has been made. ♪ >>jacqueline: temperatures are going to drop off overnight. in the morning, temperatures in the 40's and several places. santa rosa, napa, fairfield. and
8:35 pm
cooler temperatures or perhaps going to see localized fog especially if there was rain. temperatures in the low 40's is likely work there will be fog. however, 53 and the san francisco, 50 it oakland. an oah a nice warm-up in most spots. 50 in oakland. 70's in oakland, sun ago, and also 10 degrees warmer inland. 73 in concord, 73 in danville, a mixture of 60/7 is for the bayshore. and 69 degrees in hayward and also '60s and '70s for the bayshore and inland. mostly clear skies for the day. 66 in san francisco for the blue angels practice run at 3:00 p.m. also '60s and '70s for the north bay. speaking of the blue angels the entire forecast on their visit coming up. >>catherine: an unusual damage
8:36 pm
and contra costa county and a lightning damage to a truck and then hit out at a traffic signal. the driver was shaken! >> i saw the flicker and i heard a big bang and called 911, of course. the car was completely dead. >> the wiring in the truck was fraud. the traffic signal was out. the wiring in the truck was fried--this was the first for me. >>catherine: no injuries. >>catherine: de 8 o t involuntary manslaught the eighth day. the lawyers for conrad murray are saying that mistakes were made in the investigation. the investigator made significant changes in her testimony. she'd had met destroying handwritten notes and she has challenged by the
8:37 pm
defense. >> if you do not take notes or keep your notes that is bad investigating. that is bad investigative work. would you agree? >> no. >> why do you take notes? >> to write the report. >> what about later if you have to testify? >> the pathologist ruled this death a homicide say with us, more news after the break. [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash? no exclusions! with jcp cash, get 10, 15 or 20 dollars off on the spot storewide! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get up to $20 off with no exclusions!
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just lots of referrals and appointments and bills that costs tons. maybe i'll keep it... it adds character... right? [ male announcer ] we know life can be unpredictable. that's why we offer affordable health coverage and dental plans. blue shield. >>catherine: the mill valley film festival began with robin williams, glenn close. over 30 years. glenn close on the luck played a woman and 19th century ireland pretending to be a man. the reason is that she thinks the issue will be treated better as a man.
8:40 pm
>> is based on a short story from george more by know of the book " celibate lives ". the short story is am looking back as an older man. to a time when he was a little boy and his parents were taken to a hotel. and it is kind of how he talks about this very strange waiter that scared him had fascinated him. the story develops from there. weather or not it is true? i do not know. >>catherine: the film festival continues until october 16th. >> tim lincecum is getting sued. he rented a san francisco apartment. he returned to the apartment and broke, injured and defaced the property. the
8:41 pm
lawsuit claimed that he did not pay rent. >>catherine: next, tiger woods struggling in a tournament at south of morgan hill. also, the yankees with tigers next. >>jacqueline: warmer weather and next week with big changes. your full forecast and the blue angels forecast. coming up state farm. this is jessica.
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>> this is the time of year when i really love my job and i e m able to hang out with the blue angels. and i can speak with the captain and ask the most important question. what is it like to fly with the blue angels? >> it is a thrill. it is a thrill. and if i was saying that it was not fun is saying that it is not speaking the truth. talent of our armed forces and a
8:45 pm
great opportunity to give back to the community in san francisco. supporting our men and women in uniform for years it is great to be able to take part in fleet week. we showcase that talent. >> not only was i up close, personal but i also was able to get inside the support plane known as fat albert. that is meet looking out at the have speaking to the maintenance team. i only had one question. >> who has the best food? >> you put me on the spot i would say here. the memory is where i am at the time. >> the blue angels will be here all weekend but my experience will be here for a lifetime. and i can remember hearing the pilot. >> check, we are cleared for
8:46 pm
take off! lote transmission, right turn out! >> with one final note 100 years of naval aviation at the very first airplane taking off of a ship happened in the san francisco bay in 1911. inshore the air show because i know i will. at san francisco, kron 4. in torrey the air show-and-i will. in georgijuly fell enjoy >>jacqueline: sunny, warm and by noon. those blue angels are going to be warmer temperatures. 66 degrees. 69 on sunday with
8:47 pm
fog clearing by the afternoon. hough they look a your extended forecast with mild weather not only for tomorrow but next week. the fog will return monday, tuesday, cooler temperatures as a result. but a nice warm up on wednesday with upper 80s inland. 80s on wednesday on the bayshore. cooling down a bit on thursday. ♪ >>gary: good evening, everybody baseball lost the biggest draw kankakee's stadiu5, yankees stadium. the winner was moving on to the american league championship. kelly's leads off with a home run to detroit. the next batter, a home run, detroit. victor martinez, he is not finished delivering to the
8:48 pm
center field who came upon relief. and there is no way with a panic situation the brought and a relief pitcher three-one. mark, bases loaded walking and making 3-2. after rodriguez, the former kay had a chance to be a hero. 3-2/5. i certainly was surprised. three-2. and when i say alex rodriguez. you were never hear me say that poor rodriguez with 30 million per year. they booed the pants off of him. detroit is on to meet the texas rangers. you know, catherine fox has the baseball playoffs. usually it was tbs, tnt. now, they're going to of lose one half of the audience because of the yankees.
8:49 pm
jacqueline, you will get over it? >>jacqueline: yes. half >>gary: and you are going to lose part of the market in the new-york section. >>jacqueline: everybody will just jump on the bandwagon for the yankees! >>gary: that is true, grandparents are usually from new york. you put on the baseball cap. >>jacqueline: that is their excuse status want to put on the calf of a winner. >>gary: to they have their own problems question of the cap baseball cap of a winner. >>catherine: they could lose one half of their audience. >>gary: in new manager of rob ventura is most
8:50 pm
remembered for taking on the 46 rolled no one ryan some 46 year old.... and that is the thing to never start a fight if you know that you can beat him up. he had a good career, made a lot of dough. and he is most famous for getting beat up by no on--nolan ryan. again new manager. >>gary: and san martin tiger woods showing up for this tournament. just outside of morgan hill but at the crowd. nobody else! it is just amazing
8:51 pm
how many people will follow watching him. and after getting into trouble. with a bogey on the second. and shot a 73 with six strokes back. >> i had some bad strokes and and i also had some good ones. of the shots i was hitting for most of the day. but no problem once i get on the green. with momentum that i could have gotten from hitting good shots. i missed some easy potutts >>gary: i do not think that talent goes away in the 30's but some people are not meant to just two of the wa to just do y. and he played his best golf when he was juggling three different women at that time and
8:52 pm
traveling. now that he is more stable his game has gone to hell. everybody is different. >>catherine: something has changed. >>gary: something about tiger woods having a kneecap injury does that make sense? and i was a psychologist. >>catherine: i know! >>gary: and when you walk into the room there is nobody like tiger woods he is invincible. and you walked into the room and there is that this lease back. he was the same, all the time- that- sleazebag if they think that you are a fake? it is damaging. >>catherine: a good theory. >>gary: cal and oregon. we seem to be able to clear up everything it with the exception
8:53 pm
of california and oregon. i was laughing because the spread. >>gary: hank williams is no secret that he is no longer using this song. he did not specifically saying that obama's was not the same man has one p hitler-- insinuating. instead of his song it will not be featured anymore. >> we are happy and and we're going to get better. we act like we are not that good for it so we have to act ordinary, like the underdogs and smack them in the mouth. >>gary: when we come back we're going to christened hockey. that
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>>gary: the sharks open from midnight but the bruins. the 2011 hockey season. and the first goal of the season. jacqueline? >> a nice break. one of your favorites. >> he started with the penguins and now he is with the flyers.
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what do you think of this one? really?
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