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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  October 8, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> from the high moments, to low moments. al davis was a raider through and through. the 82 year-old was rarely dull, he was overseeing one of the most historic football franchises. tonight, we remember the owner. he was the coach, he was the man, al davis. >> al davis passed away today at his home in oakland. the cause is yet to be revealed. here to talk to us about the imprint that davis left in football, of vern glenn. >>vern: there will never be another guy like him. if you love him, great. if you hated him, he did not care. all he cared was that you loved the oakland raiders. it stayed built a mt.
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rushmore of ever want to say to the nfl, he would be there. >>vicki: would he be front and center? vern >> and let's take a look back at al davis. a pioneer in professional football, he had been in the raiders organization since 1972. long before that, he was the days of the franchise if as coach and head of full operations. in 1963, he took over a franchise that had previously won only nine days in three seasons. he was the nfl coach of the year. after serving as afl commissioner in 1966, he returned to oakland. their raiders became the most successful team and all of professional sports from 1967-1985. >> this was our finest hour, the finest hour in the history of the oakland
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raiders. >>vern: the team won three super bowls. his favorite word was dominate. it was not enough to win. the team thrives on a striking fear and intimidation. in 1982, davis moved the team from oakland to los angeles. police attempted to block the move. >> he said, if i decide to move, i am not going to ask for a vote. >>vern: he was known for his battles with the nfl and the commissioner at the time. in 1992, davis was inducted into the professional football hall of fame. >> this offer is a testament to a great organization. to all capable people who have poured their talents, enthusiasm and loyalty in to the greatness of their raiders and the raiders landed and misty. >>vern: in 1995 he moved to the team back to oakland after 13 years in los
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angeles. fortunes on the field were not kind to davis. there was the 2003 super bowl loss to tampa bay and for raider coach don griffin. in 2003-2008, their record was 24-72. he was most recently famous for directing quarterback tamara's all. he give them over 30 million in guaranteed money. russell was 7-18 as a starter. 23 interceptions. he was an nfl bust. davis will forever be known as the patriarch of the raider nation. 18 of his players and coaches are in the hall of fame. he hired the first latino nfl head coach. he hired the first african-american nfl head coach. he hired ab as the first and only female seal in the league. if mr. davis
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was just starting to see results from the team on the field. there were 8-8 on the field last year and swept the nfl last. he promoted he jackson to head coach ever right away the team responded. there is definitely a different feel around the etymology--around the alameda headquarters. he is largely responsible for the nfl that we have today. he dedicated his entire life to football. lavern >> let me tell you about the influence of this man, people may not know this, went to barlow consumed ownership of this team, that team was done in office of al davis, he broke the bad deal. he sat down and said, you will double your money to sign this deal and take it.
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>>vicki: and there was a rumor floating around that barlow was going to buy their raiders and i was told that al davis will run their raiders from the great. >>vern: his son, mark, will consume the team as far as ownership and in the traffic will run the day-to-day operations. one of the first times i met him, we have a live shot with gene upshaw who was inducted into the bay area sports hall of fame. i was supposed to bring mr. davis from his run to the live shot. he saw that i was nervous. i was looking out what peggy, i am not going to make it. he said, young man, do you know what it means at all davis
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on his station? we finally made it down there he walked between. the gene upshaw and took over the rest of the live shot. another time, he had a press conference, he was a master of timing. someone's self on kept going off. after the third time he said, tell your broker, this is an al davis' press conference. >>vicki: i am old enough to say, i remember the day when they were winning. 1981-83 >>vern: with marcus allen. just when this team was starting to turn around. they are playing it houston tx in the morning.
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i am curious to see how emotional they will be when they come back to play their whole game. >>vicki: did you for your thoughts it inside. al davis was proud of their raiders. there are thousands of fans were proud of him as an owner. da lin is joining us live from the oakland raiders' headquarters. >>da: this makeshift memorial outside of headquarters in alameda continues to grow. a lot of fans are paying tribute to the legend, al davis and by dropping off flowers and notes. the loans as well. a lot of fans are looking at the notes that other fans
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have written. i spoke with a player who spent seven seasons with their raiders in the '70s and '80s. dave casper reflect on al davis. >> it is very sad. i had a phone call a minute after i heard, i did not want to really talk about it for a few hours. i think anyone (...) it was important to a lot of people. >> dave casper was nicknamed the coast by out davis. he won two different super bowls with the team. >> i tried to play hard and did what i was supposed to do. i think that out like a player who played hard. >> he credits and davis for building an exceptional organization that allowed them to win. >> he was close to the team. he liked that. that was
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important to him. >> during our interview, kasper did not want to focus on the legacy of out davis. he wants people to remember that it is was first and foremost a great has been wife and a loving father to his son, mark. >> we forget for a while that he was owner of the raiders and if things about him as a person who died and has a family. >>da: you can see it stands out here in front of their raiders headquarters in alameda. nichole shanafelt has more coverage. fans tell her that al davis will be greatly missed. nicole >> the team flight remains at half staff and dozens of fans continued to pour in bringing cards, gifts, flowers, also paid tribute to the team owner al davis. >> outside of my father, al davis was the one man i looked up to the most. he was one of the most instrumental people and helping to form the nfl as we have it today. the call
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>> and one by one some of fans of all ages at to this kind of gives a remember a bill yet after knowing that davis had died in his home in oakland at age 82. they brought pictures with a few notes with signs saying, just when baby. that is a slogan that davis was known for. made their raiders who they are. he is the godfather of football. a smart man. the call >> he is one of many fans to believe davis is a legend. >> he did not just give me a football team to root for, he gave me an identity. their raiders are a part of fly him. he built something that is a part of life and and who i will always be. i can never think about. a call >> and they call did as a hero, a maverick and a mentor. they believe that now that davis has passed, his presence would has a significant shadow over the raider nation for years to
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come. >> his mystique will grow greater that it has been. usually with the passing of someone great, everyone rises to that person's level because it was to represent them. i think there raider nations, the players, coaches and staff will rise to that level. we are going to make it happen. >> and alameda, a close and sell, kron4 is. >>vicki: we are going to be toyed with gary radnich in who will talk about a legacy left behind by al davis. >> guitar out to be a sunny day with court is whether all around the bay area. temperatures in the '60s and '70s that that did it. the warm spot was there feel it 78. great weather for the airshow and the blue angels. these temperatures are up about 5 degrees in some spots over what we had
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yesterday. tamara is shaping up to be another nine state. and the clear skies. we have a storm will the towards the west coast. this will arrive tomorrow. we will kept the tail end of this. look for scattered, high clouds into the after did. if not completely clear. behind this first system is another system for a date. this one is strong and will bring the chance of rain on monday. court tomorrow, according clouds and sunshine with high clouds adapted it. cloudy again on monday with a chance of rain monday night. for the year so tomorrow, it is looking great. hazy sunshine, not as clear as to date. temperatures in the upper 60s. if more detail on the forecast coming up. >>vicki: , downtown san for cisco was packed with the blue angels. the team soared over the city at about 3:00 p.m.. they sold off at
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different maneuver is and for a sense. the blue angels will be back in the sky again tomorrow. if we have more on fleetweek on our web site. you concede video from today and watched the special fleetweek broadcast that year earlier to date. we will be right back with an update on the hunt for the white house in 2014.
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valued straw poll, there was some controversy at the washington d.c. conference after a common if baptist minister called the mormon faith of the met from the eight colts. >> a showdown at the value
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boaters' summit, but romney's speech was anticipated. a texas pastor said that christians should novel from it because he is mormon. if ms. romney through a few small punches. >> we will always pledged our allegiance to a nation that is under god. >> of what they did stand by his bay, taking aim at another speaker, a conservative leader, brian fisher. >> we should remember that decency and disability our values as well, one that speakers to follow me today has crossed that line. poisoned language does not advance our cause. >> if several people spoke at a political conference and religion is not the only topic on the table. they tackled unemployment and the economy. one thing they all agreed on, it is time for a new commander in chief. >> we were on the right
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track at one time, let's get back on that track and restored liberty to this country and prosperity and peace. >> if you will be with me, together, we will decisively defeat barack obama and over the next few years, decisively reclaim america as the land of the free into the home of the great. >> sell the land, kron4 is. >> temperatures are cleared of again for tonight. if bed-upper forties for the north bay. i will let you know what is going to be like for tomorrow coming know what is going to be like for tomorrow coming up. storewide! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get up to $20 off with no exclusions! we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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the day today. gorges skies. how is it going? a great day! temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70's. on the bay bridge, we have some clouds. they will make for a partly cloudy start for the date. temperatures are in the '50s, '60s and '70s. day for the beach. low clouds in the morning. for the afternoon, a mixture of
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the sunshine and high clouds. not quite as clear, this guy's not as blue as what we had today. here is a future cast 4 looking at new-line for tomorrow. there rain is ingrained. at noon, we'll have high clouds drifting across the skies. it is the first storm system we're dealing with. clouds will clear for sunday going into monday. there will be a second system coming. that will increase clouds as we go to the day on monday. does it look at your expected temperatures for tomorrow.--here is a look at
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your current temperatures for tomorrow. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. there are the clouds and a little flight rain for monday. skies will be clearing for tuesday. for the rest of the week is looking much warmer. a lot of sunshine comedies by the bay, possibly '90s inland and perhaps a chance of rain next weekend. >>vicki: al davis was the raiders. coming up, gary radnich is joining us to talk about their raiders boss. stanley roberts finance people behaving badly during fleetweek. but
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nagging is not but stopped area. >>stanley: may not want to park in a driver late or double part. look at this woman tried to record the air show. her dog is there even though there is a no pats on the design. --no pets on the beach.
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remember, if you're eating outdoors, you might get an unexpected guest. feeding the birds is not a get an idea! eating them fried chicken and fish is even worse. please do not harass the police force. this man claims he was offices direct supervisor and colin president obama to complain. you can say hello to this for year-old drummer while you are there in july and the blue angels. at fisherman's wharf, stanley roberts, kron4 is. >>vicki: dear gary radnich talks about his it down and interview with the boss of the silver and black. we asked the question who is herman cain.
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don't worry honey, i'll show you. thanks everyone. so take a step forward... and chase what matters. starting up all looked on to speak with us about the debt of al davis.
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>>gary: he was one of a kind. young people only know him as an old guys whose team lost all the time and what the hell was the matter with him? in his heyday, he was the school list from the standpoint of, he did exactly what he wanted to do and what he felt was good for his team. when no one was looking, he helped a lot of people. one of the young people at kron4 did not even know who he was. you just have to seek an action over the last 40-50 years to really encompass how great of a man he was. >>vicki: gary, i did not know if you can hear me, but he was certainly larger than
8:32 pm
life. i do not know if you remember the days, but i am old enough to remember, the leading days of al davis and the raiders. >>gary: certainly! he did win three super bowls. there are two things that jump out at me, use the old cliche, do your own thing. when everything is in place, you are a well oiled machine and the things are going your way. he did his own thing over the last 10 years even when things are not going his way, he still believed in what he was doing, despite public ridicule. that stands out to me. a lot of people, when the situation is not right, they pull their cards, but he stayed true to who he was. the one thing that jumps out at me, that i will always remember, over the last 9-10 years people say, why
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doesn't davis handed the team over to someone else? they are not winning. why doesn't he step down? he passed away to win what he loved. that was running a football team. in a strange way, i admire him for that. i do not care what anyone else says, he said, this is my team, i built this team, i on this team and i will die with my boots on. there are talking about coming back from los angeles to oakland in the mid-90s, we went down to el segundo. he was tried to get the word out that they're coming back. he did not do many interviews, but we spent the day with him and interviewed him for about an hour. here is a couple of minutes from that interview. >> the raiders are represent something more than just 18
8:34 pm
or just a game or just entertain it. we are a way of life. >>gary: can you explain why you left in the early '80s? >> in the '70s, i wanted to build luxury boxes. of what do ideas and progressive things. i want that for the committee of oakland. they taught me on that. in 1980, dick admitted that they're going to do some things. i told the people, and they thought they had me hostage. there were a couple of guys that did not want to go ahead with the program. they regret that to this day, but that is a pack of light, they hurt the community tremendously. >>gary: mad and swears by you, you cast a large shadow. if you were a coach, did you have the shadow of al davis over you in
8:35 pm
chicago? >> i think so. 50 what is intelligent and except there are what is something that is a misconception about how davis? >> sometimes al davis does things that do not seek the best interests of people or the public, but i am interested in the goodness of their raiders. listen, if
8:36 pm
there is a mistake, let 80. as i have said many times, i want their raiders because that is the way the game is played. i would rather have was feared and respected. >>gary: to finish up what he meant to the bay area, it's in the same room you had willie mays, john and bill walsh. these are legends in the bay area, if there was only one tear, which approach of montana in are also, if there was only one tear, they would let mr. davis said down. he was the
8:37 pm
not fear, but he could figure out a way to get what he wants. people have told me he has to pay hospital bills and took care of different raider fans that he had become friendly with. he was not a saint, he was certainly self-centered who wanted what was right for himself, but he balanced by having a good part. in the end, that is all the it asked for. feared and respected. that pretty much says it all. >>gary: my three older children were with me that
8:38 pm
day, just to show you, i knew had a little bit, but he did not call me anything. the airplane was a fault in. we were over three hours late. what did it he said, i moved a few things around. he had someone from the raiders take my kids around and show them the facilities and that we talked. at the end he said over to the hotel. >>vicki: i think you for sharing some of that vintage footage broadcast.
8:39 pm
certainly, al davis loved football and loved his team. we have a much more on al davis on our website, that includes reaction from a fellow owners, oakland's mayor and or one of davis's for our players. >> to check out this shot from the bay bridge toll plaza. some high clouds looking at a gorgeous sunset. tomorrow morning, we will start with mostly cloudy skies a and low clouds. clear skies inland. as a go to the day, the low clouds will clear away. in the afternoon, look for high clouds to make for some hazy sunshine through the day. here is what temperatures look like tomorrow morning. through the day, all we will warm up just like today.
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'60s and '70s. for monday, there is another weather system orarriving. light rain in the evening. a few leftover showers tuesday morning in clearing through the day. much warmer for the rest of the week. >>vicki: coming up we get a look at the godfather pizza box with an unorthodox approach to politics and the much anticipated iphone. we take it out to see if it is much anticipated iphone. we take it out to see if it is all that. get up to $20 off with no exclusions! we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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>> herman cain is getting more attention these days the amount that his numbers in the polls are rising. joe johnson takes it looked at the man with a pretty unorthodox approach to
8:43 pm
politics. >> ladies and gentlemen, the republican candidate for president. >> in a big at the heels a bit from the at the polls, herman k. is fuelling critics who is saying he is more a self promoter the serious candidates. >> my book tour helps to get my name out there, but i do not think i will not be doing campaigning during the middle of this book tour. there are not mutually exclusive. this is a great tool, that helps me to get my name out. reporter matt >> i am a businessman of 40 years. that makes the problem solver. the things i have done in my career mickey that. >> he was former ceo of godfather's pizza, head of the federal reserve banks of kansas city and cancer
8:44 pm
survivor. >> what i found out i had a 30 percent chance of survival off from states for cancer and i was able to win against that, but that was the biggest moment in my life. >> his plain talk is what gets into trouble. >> communities have the right to ban loss because is long is unlike other religions. a flat rate on net business profits and a national sales tax set at 9%, some experts say his plan might actually work. >> to herman cain 9, 9, 9 plan gets better and better. it is politically sophisticated and it is technically called it. >> skeptics like the wall street journal did not trusted. this a national sales tax is a broad load
8:45 pm
out of control. >> i think it is likely that there will be some analysis, to find people who lose, if we switch to this plan. >> a credibility gap. it is his biggest problem. people do not believe he is for real. >> i love him. >> at this stage, who knows? a lot of people said the same date about barack obama. >>vicki: a lot of people say that his rise is coming at the expense of perry. >> let you know about how the forecast is shaping up for sunday coming up.
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>> police 8 all are elected by an old daughter in a parking lot in a car while he went out on a date. a good samaritan noticed the baby in a call by 11. the spot there is behind bars at the child is with protective services. >>vicki: look at these pictures, a dolphin is catching a wave. a to z and frolicking and jumping out of the waves come in near someone surfing.
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>> it is pretty cool outside. some nights weather today on the day. a beautiful view from san francisco looking out towards angel island. a lot of boats out four >> we will have high, thin
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clouds for tomorrow. temperatures will be in the upper 60s. the twins will be at about 10-20 mi. per hour. here is a view of the satellite. mostly clear skies. if this is what we're dealing with for tomorrow, does what this is the right here. the rain will impact the pacific northwest, but we will get breast with the tail end of this system that will produce a high clouds. here there is another storm that is a little bit stronger. that will push towards the north for monday, bringing a chance of tomorrow, morning clouds giving way to sunshine mixed with high clouds for the afternoon. as 6:00 a.m. we will have scattered low clouds and their debate.
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watch the dark clouds arrived for the late morning in early afternoon. if those clouds will impact the day as the get into the afternoon and evening hours and then, a second system arrives on monday. temperatures will be pretty nice. 70's for the south bay. upper seventies in the east bay with the warmest place is a touchy near 80 degrees. upper 60s in san francisco. are made-up for seven days, closed 80 for santa rosa and he stood up. really pretty nice weather and then and things changed from monday. clouds will thicken, a chance for light rain. that will come in late monday night and into
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tuesday. this is not a significant system what what we saw last week. on tuesday, a stray showers early on, otherwise clear. then, would go into a period of warm-hot weather. sunshine and highs in the '80s for lincecum but thursday and friday. >>vicki: did it was a version of the i thought is coming up, we will find out if you need to get your hands of one.
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