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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 13, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> good thursday morning thank you for starting your day you're on kron4. i am just being. >> i am james. and rail service at the amtrak oakland station still suspended after two trains collided late last night you're looking at video of this scene. the crash happened about 10 a car, an amtrak train was loading passengers when a second passenger train traveling at a low-speed slammed head-on into the first train in the 17 people were hurt, we had a chance to talk with one of the first responders and he explain more of what happened. >> one of the trains was
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stationary unloading and loading passengers the other train was traveling 15 to 25 mi. per hour the train that was moving ran a red signal according to the entraps-- amtrak representative and a hit the other train head on. >> passengers who have paid for travel on other trends can always call and receive refunds without any feeder penalties for future traveling or read booking of course ticket to hear will have live updates throughout the morning to see when the servers it started up again. >> our team coverage continues will go to the traffics and to tell you what it means good morning erica. >> good morning justine, this happened late last night with this is definitely affecting passengers early this morning. take a look of the screen. amtrak has suspended service for all real service currently moving through
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oakland that is completely shut down this is due to the earlier low-speed collisions. amtrak says the they do not have any expected time of reopening if you were expecting on taking it today, you have to rethink that i will talk with them later this morning and have more of an updated my next report. i quickly want to turn it over to the traffic cameras where we already have a hot spot in san francisco take a look of this, the sewer the james lick meet the inbound central. the chp in the sfpd are currently on the scene, taking with the big back up with the james lick me to speak inbounds central. about three minutes to 5 minute delay if you continue in the southbound direction toward the 101. no estimated time when this will be clear but it told trucks had been dispatched to the scene. onto a quick read check. no significant problems or delays here. the metering lights are cycle off. and overnight construction to contend with. the san mateo bridge is a nice and easy ride with
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a dry time of 14 minutes from in to and across the span. and over to the golden gate bridge we go, south bound 101 worry free condition with a lot of space in between cars as you make your way out marin county this morning. now we haven't your forecast. >> good morning erica, expect a warm up today that a warming trend is expected to continue. now from downtown san francisco not a lot going on, we have the '50s and '60s that the ticket to the afternoon will warm up and that is right around the bay. san francisco will return to the 80's in the in the spots will stand 80's and 90's as we break toward the weekend looks like we will see increasing clouds. let us start you off with your current temperatures this morning.
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>> here is the satellite and radar. this brings us a nice little warm-up. it looks like will climb into the '90s. take a look. >> here is a look at your 7 air around the bay.
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>> news around the bay the occupied protests are spreading like wildfire, several rallies took place across the bay area today. they are expected to continue today the movement began on wall street in new york four weeks ago it has since been swept up in the whole nation their protest against america's financial firms and what they call corporate greed. demonstrators took to the street and cents and cisco, oakland, san raphael and on a creek. maureen kelly was in san francisco where a dozen protesters were arrested. >> i think enough is enough. the banks have to understand that they cannot keep taking our homes, all the banks have bailed out and we got kicked out. >> i am furious that banks be bailed out and schools don't and i'm told that as a teacher i have to fund rates and grant right to teach my kids how to read.
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>> my message is you want the power back. >> we've just want good jobs that will give us a decent name. right now with the banks and not helping those jobs are very scarce. >> the system is not working for families it is not working for working people is not working for anyone but the 1%. so we're here today a wells fargo as a symbol of our discontent and the fact that this is not just a bunch of people will go away tomorrow, this is us, this is you, this is me this is everybody is my neighbors, co-workers in the everybody. >> coming up at 4:30 p.m. will talk more about the process that took place in the east bay. >> this morning, the police are investigating a string of burglaries we have a map to show you it indicates how close in proximity these crimes are. some of the houses are just blocks apart from each other. now these are just some of the crimes
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that have happening today. --happened in a 2 day period. they say some of these crimes could of been avoided. >> on i had to computers and television. >> $3,000 worth of electronic gone, no one was, the time he thinks whoever was responsible saw an opportunity. >> we left one of our bedroom windows open. >> police say nine berbera's took place within two days between nine and 3:00 p.m.. in some cases doors were left unlocked in other cases they keep the doors open. the police are now warning the neighbors to be aware. >> people who have more information will be better informed and able to make decisions about what they need to do and more preventative moving forward. electronics worst olympic not believe these crimes were connected with the
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neighbors said they saw three black males living with the items in a blue station wagon but so far no arrests have been made. >> this is such a quiet one for neighborhood to live in and for something like this to happen is very upsetting inside. >> much more ahead on the kron4 morning news will take a quick break and be back with much more after a live look outside right now from our roof camera in san francisco and we can see the lights and the city building not a lot of fog out there this early hour another one day is on the way and we will talk about the top spot when we come right back. @
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>> you may want to add some time to your dried thyme especially if you're headed to the sf airport. other than that is pretty clear. this esp still reports that we have some lingering over my construction between the incline and treasure island. that is in effect until five this morning. the dried thyme is still that about eight minutes. at the san mateo bridge, no problems to contend with here, traffic
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is about equal on both sides of '92. no problems past the toll plaza and eventually out towards foster city. we are running at about 24 minutes out of bottle toward san francisco. great conditions, low visibility amount of space between cars approaching the toll plaza south bound 101 at the golden gate bridge. i quickly want to turn your attention to the traffic maps. i want to highlight conditions down in the south bay. north bound 101 smooth and easy. interstate 280 moving in the green with speeds over 50 mi. per hour. west bound to 37 looked pretty good no delays for your ride along highway 17. the time right now is 60 minutes after 4:00 a.m.. >> and mostly to hear an calm shot to the day. now you can see the camera shaking around-the-clock-- shaking around a little bit from the wind. but this looks like a pretty nice
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day. 85 degrees in oakland, 88 in concord, and livermore we could top out at about 90. temperatures expected to sweep their way into the low 90s today. about 60 degrees for oakland and san raphael. take a look. >> it looks like we will see temperatures warmer today and it will stay warm tomorrow as well and a lot of sunshine and blue skies expected throughout the day. 90 degrees and los gatos, about 91 in morgan hill the upper 80s for san jose and 80's for oakland and hayward 90 degree expected to the livermore valley. temperatures in san francisco today warming up into the 80's. it looks like will, to about 90 degrees and 88 for the napa valley here's your seven day around the bay tomorrow and other warm day on tap for us with ties in the upper 80s. it
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looks like by the weekend to see more and the way of cloud coverage in cooler temperatures, the cooling will continue into next week. >> the oakland police chief had announced his resignation leaving many to wonder who will be the city's top cop. hazzig manyud tells us a replacement have already been found. >> expect an announcement on thursday for a replacement of police chief anthony batts, the mayor told me when i above center here where the fallout continues falling the cheese abrupt resignation the mayor told me that she felt blindsided when she received a 10:00 a.m. phone call tuesday morning from that's letting her know that he was leaving the position as the city's top cop. as far as the timing this city cannot be worse this thing a few days away from the public safety summit and then there is a reaction from oakland city council members.
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>> i do not blame the city i think we have failed to show a united front in this city. i hope we can take the example of what happened yesterday and use it to build a consensus and move forward and support our chief a lot better. this chief was very much love and respected by this community my constituents are furious. there does harding. nothing is more important this city than public safety. it is something that we have to unite around. yesterday was a sad day for my constituents in oakland. we went out and hired one the most respected chief of police in the country and i think we should have respected them. >> we also had a chance to talk with the chief about his resignation and find out what it means in regards to the violent crime concerns
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that a lot of people in oakland have. >> they should not be afraid, we have a good police department are assistant chief is rock- solid, the deputy chief of rock-solid we have good captains we have laid out a plan between our command staff and myself included. so we have eight message in a way to go. >> stay with us on our web site as we continue to follow the search for the new police chief of the city of oakland. will bring you the very latest on our different platforms. >> these broken it took about 20 laptops, the computers allow students to do special projects and
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class work reggie kumar tell us how the burglars broke in n.y. alarm system did not work. >> marine county investigators say that these men is to pry open a lock on the library door. you can see that the door handle is banned. once inside, investigators said the burglars work fast because deshon marmen the room sounded and may have scared them but school officials say for some reason and never alerted the authorities. they say beef criminals first walks--they said the criminals first saw the bigger car that had more apple mac books. but they took the small one that had 20 inside. they could tell that the thieves were rushing because they broke a piece of the outlet. the principle explains why she thinks they did not take both cards. >> i looked in cart number two was missing and out of the things that were on top were on the ground. i saw a lock on the ground, and that
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and they did not take it and i have time they must attack and the other part and ran. >> investigators say a jogger found that near a hiking trail was returned to the school on wednesday morning completely empty. >> we work really hard to keep up with technology for the kids and to have enough for all four understood is to have access when they needed. when you go down, that is a classroom use of computers. >> authorities say they're connecting what there is a connection between this burglary and and of when that happened in july at another school where the thieves got away with 47 mac computers. >> at 4:22 a.m. we will take a quick break we have much more heavily come back the latest out of southern california where we have details on the hair salon shooting in orange county. we will update you on that momentarily and also, we would talk the decision 22 of the popularity of gop presidential candidate herman cain is on the rise.
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we will hear from him what he will be doing to direct his campaign. here is a live look from the golden gate bridge traffic is obviously light. we have some to talk about on the traffic front erica will join us on that. and also at the amtrak train station at jacqueline and square in oakland the services stopped because of a train collision details in just a little bit.
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>> at 4:25 a.m., we have new details to tell you about we learn that eight people are dead one critically injured after a gunman opened fire inside of the southern california beauty salon. this morning police have now identified the shooter. he was arrested on wednesday and booked on suspicion of murder. he was stopped by
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officers about half a mile away and he surrendered without incident. this all went down in orange county in a community called seal beach. friends of the salon owner say the suspect was the ex-husband of a stylist who work there. stay with us for continued coverage of the salon shooting rampage we will have the very latest draft the morning on a newscast and post updates on our facebook page, our twitter page and also our web site. >> now on to decision 2012, herman cain is not adding push to his campaign so far the former god for the piecer executive has been noticeably
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>> i cassock of the campaign being mulroney and carry not because i do not like them aware of the rest of us? chopped liver? >> a presidential candidate is not confirming who he went so that should he win the gop nomination recent speculation puts new jersey gov. chris christie on the short list the two made a tv appearance together one day after christie endorsed romney they're not talking about the rumors that obviously will keep an eye on it. he did say he was are promised a spot on the ticket for what that's worked. >> will take a quick break and update you on the amtrak collision that happen. we will talk to erica about what that means if you have an amtrak ticket. we are
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hearing now from an amtrak spokesperson that is coming up after the break as a take a live look outside from our roof camera in san francisco another hot summer days on the way to the they will talk about that as well become right back.
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delaware back at 4:30 a.m., are developing it service-- stories about the real service for two trains collided last night was about 10:00 p.m. yesterday evening the amtrak train was loading passengers and a second train traveling at low speeds slammed into the first one. one of the trains did not fully the real they can close. that is according to an amtrak spokesperson. >> the locomotive did lose
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contact, but as far as a full the real make, it did not derail the train. >> all of the injured passengers are expected to be ok others were put on separate tranche to be to the final destination passengers to pay for travel or canceled trains, or you can always call for a refund. >> we have team coverage now on what this means for commuters that want to use amtrak. your cousin traffic center with the very latest. good morning. >> good morning i am following this on the traffic from and all this happened late last night, the problems are causing delays early this morning. ticket it would amtrak has in store, they have suspended service as we have already mentioned for all rail service through oakland that is due to the earlier low-speed collisions. amtrak still has no estimated time of when they will reopen the station however, if you
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really need to take amtrak this morning you can always use the emeryville station that is definitely operating at this hour. we have any updates of course we will bring them to you live on the kron4 morning news. once the bridges, we do not have any hot spots around the bay area take a look at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza still pretty quiet for the west bound ride with no major delays up the incline and across the upper deck. the san mateo bridge, we see a build up in traffic in the westbound direction from the right- hand side of your screen out towards foster city and the golden gate bridge south bound 101 still very quiet a lot of space in between cars. the with a related issue to tell you about had been checking the chp travelogues, no problems to tell you about. now i want to take outside the san francisco on the crosstown freeways where the james lick me to beef up our central. definitely a
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different store the what we saw last report. i-880 has been completely cleared from the traffic lanes, the flare pattern had been picked up where not seeing any residual delays. we never turn back to the dried thyme under 15 minutes in this camera shot towards the sfo. the time is fo33 minutes after four. >> it is pretty loud outside as we head toward the afternoon get ready for a significant warm-up. temperatures around the they could climb into the 80s today and in the in the spots will top out in the eighties tonight get as well. here's a look to your current temperatures outside as we head toward the afternoon will warm up to about 82 degrees today in san francisco about 88 for concord, and about 87 degrees in places like san jose, redwood city and 90 for livermore, 91 in morgan
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hill and this is how much warmer temperatures are expected to get compared to yesterday. so, in the morgan hill look for the temperatures could warm up by about 10 degrees. about seven degrees warmer and place of blood livermore in concord, 6 degrees warmer and redwood city and san jose in the fight temperatures could actually climb about 5 degrees warmer than they were as we got into yesterday. >> we have 90 los gatos, 91 in morgan hill will stand 80's around the bay and warming to about 75 degrees along the coast it will be a pretty nice day even along the coast with clear conditions warming temperatures enough to 82 in san francisco 90 in santa rosa and through the napa valley will be pretty nice as well. here is your seven there around the bay that
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shows a mother one day on tap for tomorrow warm and sunny conditions expected to continue. by saturday and sunday is will see a little twinkle in the forecast but nothing much. it looks like an increase in clouds, temperatures starting to cool off just a little bit and we will continue to cool down as it into next week monday through wednesday was a lot of sunshine but much cooler tortures and the key difference from today into the '90s are live down to low '70s by wednesday next week. >> take you so much kron4 has continued coverage the occupy walked the protest will continue any see dozens of tents pitched outside of city hall the protesters say that they're in for the long haul. the demonstration did not stop there kron4 has more about what happened in walnut creek. >> more than 200 people occupy the corner of mount diablo boulevard wednesday afternoon.
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>> i am totally set up in a way that our government is going in the direction we're heading. >> chanting, shouting and carrying a variety of signs protesters had a number of grievances. >> i the issue that i'm most concerned about is the growing inequality of income. >> i am tired of dealing out what the banks and not to cure wrong people. i'm tired of the loss of education services to our children. >> for most, the complaint is that corporations and the rich are not paying their fair share of taxes. >> they suggest that we just don't like the rich people that is not it. >> i am in a family of four we earn under $60,000 per year. we are taxed at about 35%. when i heard about how the rich get tax for less than 20 percent i feel that it is really unfair.
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>> protesters are concerned that corporations are controlling congress through campaign donations and they say until that stops, the middle class and the poor have no chance. in walnut creek i am then term with kron4 news. >> san francisco district attorney is launching a criminal investigation into possible money-laundering by donors to inter-american lee's campaign in an effort to exceed contribution limits. that is what he is looking into employees at a company were in the to be told that if they would give money to his campaign that money will be reimbursed the mayor's campaign has are returned 23 donations and he said that people should not jump to any conclusions until the investigation is complete. >> people gathered to discuss a recent wave of burglaries in broad daylight nine burglaries took place in just two days. so the police and residents are hoping to work together to curb this violent trend.
4:38 am
>> people who have more information will be better informed and be able to make decisions about what they will be able to do preventative and also moving forward. >> police to not think any of the burglaries are connected most of the burgers to the advantage of open windows and doors the lesson here, lockyer doors. --lock your doors. >> now the oakland station is still shut down amtrak has no specific time of resuming service they will run buses for those taken the capitol corridor from oakland to everyone that if you're heading eastbound your headed southbound you have to head to the hayward or the fremont station the time right now is for 30 a.m. kron4 news will be right back stay with us. for over 60,000 california foster children,
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extra curricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team. getting help with math. going to prom. i want to learn to swim.
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it's hard to feel normal, when you can't do the normal things. to help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that, for most kids, are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child. >> we are back at 40 minutes after 4:00 a.m., a man is arrested for a new
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full--nude photos started joe hansen. >> a 35 year old florida man has been arrested for allegedly attacking into computer accounts and other devices the
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>> we are back at 44 minutes after 4:00 a.m.,
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kron4 jeff pierce reports and neighborhood house is ordered to be dismantled by the city. >> for several years, chris with the help of his brother-in-law airing anderson has built a haunted house and his appearance backyard in fremont for the delight of neighborhood children this year the city told to shut it down citing safety issues. >> the haunted house that we've built this year to about two months to build close this month and now we have to shut down the city said no, we cannot have a haunted house up. so now we're in the process of taking it all down. this whole room will be a kitchen through here and then this is a car seen in here. this is one of our hallways that we have with the revolving door going down, the traffic going down here. and then over this way is the small town room that has a spiral top and they smoke spiralled through the room with the cool laser light really cool fixed with the level that goes up and down. and
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>> we have been building this haunted house for six years now and for three months we have been building and this all goes to a non- profit. i think that they're blowing this out of proportion bigger than it needs to be. >> the haunted house builders help to rebuild and location the city approved of the think that they could have done before halloween. >> get ready for another summer like a with warm temperatures and that we will see a nice little warm- up once again, here's a shot of downtown san francisco at the james lick we actually see mostly clear conditions this morning and the warming trend continues today around the bay we could be talking about eighties and for the in the spot, 80's and 90's expected as a head towards the begin increasing clouds as well and will have cooler temperatures but for today and tomorrow we're talking about another one day on tap
4:47 am
for us, here's a ticket with the temperatures are expected to get up to. 82 degrees for sense and to go, 88 into concord and about 87 san jose in redwood city. 90 for livermore and about 91 degrees expected places like morgan hill. morgan hill could actually be about 10 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. seven degrees warmer in livermore, redwood city looks like we will have about a sixth degree jump in temperatures 5 degrees for san jose 7 in concord and about four degrees warmer in downtown san francisco today. we will certainly noticed the warmup run at temperatures are staying in the '50s and '60s. 55 percent rosa, national to fear feel it is so cool in the low 50s and 60s through the south bay. here are your numbers, it looks like we will stand 80's around the bay. 75 for half moon bay it will be a gorgeous they tend to the beach, clear conditions across the ocean a lot of sunshine and warming temperatures. 82 for san francisco it looks like we could spike up to about
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90 degrees in federal and upper 80s to the napa valley. it will be warm and toasty and here's the seven they're around the bay that shows another one day in store for tomorrow. more clouds expected for the weekend and that is one will start our cooling trend. really, to then tomorrow we will hold on to the warmest temperatures and after that we begin to start sliding down those temperatures effect by tuesday and wednesday of next week your warmest temperatures could be sitting in the low '70s. erica. >> thanks a lot, and looks like it is always something happening out there i am thinking of a little bit of activity in the center of your screen at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza i checked the chp traffic logged and i did not see any accidents, so nothing really to worry about there. now over at the san mateo bridge, your good to go in both directions across 92.
4:49 am
no delays at this toll plaza whatsoever, traffic moves towards the high rise and out towards foster city. at the golden gate bridge ride, no change in traffic conditions here it is remaining pretty consistent with a lot of space in between cars and drive time at about 23 to 24 minutes out navato down to the toll plaza. i want to take over towards the track kidnapped and focus in on east bay conditions this morning. highway 4 is a nice and smooth ride out of antioch toward pittsburgh this morning the shore freeway you have to contend with lingering over my construction between the albany exit and powell street, but other and that looks like you're good to go. south bound 680 looks good, we do not have any accent to tell you about there and was down 24 pretty good conditions and top speed for your ride through the tunnel and towards the mac arthur maze. if you're taking public transit today for the most part we're in pretty good shape no reports of any delays whatsoever for the ac transit park, or
4:50 am
caltrain this morning. >> the question this morning did it happen to you? there is a major outage affecting black bear a smart phone, cross-country. this is pretty bad timing for research in motion that is the company behind blackberry. it have already lost a ton of business to the apple iphone and the global and droid phones. this is on top of news that the new iphone comes out and two days. kron4 tec reported gabe slate explains this by barry problem and when we can expected to end. >> for the company behind like very this is the worst timing for this outage. i caught up with no kravitz and mobile phone advocate. >> and this industry there is a moment when the back breaks, the stock price goes lower and lower and something has to happen this is just one more strong on the camel's back. >> this could be the straw that breaks the black
4:51 am
berries back. they're losing access to e-mail, a text messaging and web browsing everything that you would only blackberry for. >> they say they're working fast to fix this problem and will be over soon as no point out that timing, the damage is done. >> this year has basically been a nightmare for blackberry. their stock prices are down, just about 60 percent since the beginning of the year to have a losing market share particularly to apple and google. not so long ago was the no. 1 platform in the world they're now down to no. 3. but the timing of this is even worse because
4:52 am
today's the day that the i os 5 rolled out for apple. one of the new features is i message was they call the plant berry killer. basically this is a system like the blackberry messenger that allows ios users to send text messages to one another over their data connection. >> will take a quick break at 4:52 a.m. and we come back we'll talk about who was behaving badly on this thursday morning.
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>>stanley: i and that fat filly located on 24th street in the mission district of san francisco where they serve up a pretty good
4:55 am
philly cheese steak. in front of their store, there are a couple of images, images of people with their hands in the cookie jar. start--sari, make that the tip jar. >> the most memorable one woods when this lady came in and she was ordering a cheese steak she came in a place for order i temporarily went to the restroom while the driver was by the couple and she just grab all of the money and ran out. >> but wait there's another person doing the same thing. >> , the hot water guy, this guy is a multiple offender. he comes in and says can i have some hot water? and if you get the hot water you have to turn your back on the customer to get the hot water he comes in with a cup and as soon as he does that he grabs a ticket and run off. >> that became--seems to be the theme. some stores have
4:56 am
resorted to attaching the tip jar to the counter. >> we have used velcro. >> some people have attached by a chain, and at least one restaurant had this crew to the counter. if you think the tip jar thieves are only getting away with $1 $2, think again. in san francisco i'm stanley roberts with kron4 news. >> if you have a comment or a suggestion for stanley there are several ways that you can contact him even through our web site at, on his face the page he is under kron4 and stanley roberts or e-mail him at people behaving badly. take a look at our seven day around the bay much warmer and sunnier a high of almost 90 degrees in
4:57 am
the inland areas. 85 degrees by the bay, and this is really nice weather for october. friday is warm and sunny again with pretty similar temperatures it really feels like some out there and a little bit more clouds moving in for the weekend but temperatures still pretty nice and then we will cool down just in time for next week but will still be in the '70s. we will talk more about the weather on the kron4 morning news. will take a quick break it up to you not only on that oakland amtrak collision will talk about service and will also talk about the seal beach salon shooting in the kron4 morning news comes right back.
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>> are developing story right now, a rail service, the station is still suspended this morning after two trains collided late last night. a second train coming up from moss angeles travel speed slam head on. at least 17 people hurt in this long the repairs will take. they are working very hard. they are bringing out heavy equipment. you can see the front end of the train that collided with a train no. 2. we are talking steel and is still pushed in. apparently they're going
5:01 am
15-20 mi. per hour at the time of the impact. the impact was so hard that some of the wheels came off the tracks which is why they brought out this creahotcrane. we do not know how long this will take or how long the situation will take to be here is video of what happened last night. you can see some of the injured passengers coming and going from the train. they were hurt. non-life threatening injuries. more than one dozen passengers. it was a frightening experience. we will give you an update at 5:30 a.m. on exactly how long the repairs will take
5:02 am
and how soon the trains will run again. six >>will: we are still trying to find out what happens, more than likely from past experience that will bring a shuttle bus or train and reconnect passengers at another destination along the way. some of the passengers were stopped but normally they take measures to get them on their way. >>mark: we will check back for updates throughout the morning. this comes on the heels of an amtrak collision two weeks ago. this was the scene in contra costa county. a scene departure from oakland and crashed into a truck near discovery bay. more than 30 of the tube and 40 passengers were hurt, nothing seriously. the driver of the truck was not
5:03 am
hurt and the train did not derailed. >>justine: team coverage of last night's amtrak collision, gerge rask will tell us how this is impacting the commute. >>george: it is likely to have little if any impact on the commute. for passengers taking amtrak, if you would normally depart from the jack london station, they will be put onto a ferry and taken to the nearest station which is emeryville. the bus bridge will likely cause them no more time. capitol corridor trains that might have stopped there will also be stopping in emeryville and then it be bused from emeryville to the jack london station. the question is whether or not this will have an impact on the capitol corridor commute. in other traffic, as we start at or bridge
5:04 am
check, your ride on the bay bridge is free and clear. no problems or delays. the san mateo bridge looks good as well. there is a shot westward from the toll plaza. the right heading across the golden gate bridge, 101 southbound is also clear. you can see the trucks moving the pylons over adding a fourth lane to the southbound direction. >>george: this is a westbound interstate 80 and southbound 680 and westbound highway 4, everything looks good. the south bay freeways are free and clear with no problems. the north bay is good through marin county, 101 southbound. let's get a check on weather. >>james: we have a clear look from the roof camera showing you a nice shot of the city. we are dealing
5:05 am
with cold weather. let's walk you through the headlines we are expecting a warm-up, more than yesterday. today will be quite a bit warmer. here are a few cities we selected, here are the forecast highs for today. we are looking for temperatures to be anywhere from 4-10 degrees warmer than yesterday. if you like yesterday, today will be quite a bit better. blue skies and sunshine. today will be the warmest day of the week. enjoy it while you can. we have a cooling trend on the horizon. here is where we are currently in temperature. cooler towards the coast.
5:06 am
>>james: this afternoon, looked down south. los gatos and morgan hill, touching the 90 degree mark. san jose is closed. mid-80's for oakland, fremont and made 80's-low 90s for livermore and brentwood. 88 and nab up, 90 in santa rosa. we will have your 7 day forecast coming up in a little bit talking about the cooling trend that we seek for the beginning of next week. >>justine: 5:06 a.m., we have new details on massillon shooting massacre that left eight people dead and one person critically injured in southern california. seal beach police have identified the suspect, a man from huntington beach. this is a picture of him. police arrested the 42 year-old and booked him on suspicion of
5:07 am
murder. he was stopped by officers about a half mile away from the shooting scene. he surrendered without incident. friends of the salon owners say that this man was the ex-husband of a stylist that works there. police responded to reports of shots fired at the salon and found six people dead and three others wounded. another person is still listed in critical >>mark: president obama has raised more than $70 million towards his presidential reelection campaign. more than 600,000 people have donated to the campaign. 90 percent of the donors gave to modern $50 or less. >>mark: blackberry service is slowly improving after one of the biggest outages
5:08 am
in years. blackberry users around the world face huge problems over the last few days. the company says they will monitor the situation around the clock to make sure there is no repeats, but there is a huge backlog of messages on blackberry servers that are slowly getting out. early reports point to a field server in the uk. >>justine: much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news. we are going back to london --we are going back to jack london square, that amtrak collision. there are 17 confirmed minor injuries and there is no estimate for when service will be restored. we are live on the scene and we will go back for updates right here on the kron 4 morning news. we will be right back.
5:09 am
5:10 am
5:11 am
>>mark: 5:11 a.m., a quick update on whether. here is
5:12 am
what we are expecting in the east the trend is sunny. it feels like summer, but that will not last for too long. >>mark: officials say there is no daymarin danger of a tsunami after an earthquake off the coast of oregon. people reported feeling that earthquake from santa rosa to sebastopol. it was originally a 5.9 magnitude but it was downgraded. no immediate reports of damage. 50 people reported injured after a powerful earthquake in the indonesian island of bali. check out the damage.
5:13 am
it was a 6.0 magnitude. ceilings caved in at some schools and offices and several temples along the coast were damaged. >>justine: we are going to take a break and be back with much more.
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
>>justine: good morning. it is going to be a hot day today. many places in the bay could reach 90 degrees. for more on whether, jackie sissel is live and oakland with more. how does it feel? >>jackie: it feels perfect for those of us who enjoy the sun. bring it on! you can see the spectacular view looking back from the oakland hills into downtown
5:17 am
san francisco. clear skies and a full moon overhead. there are some clouds but that is the only package of high clouds that i see. for the most part it is perfect out here in the oakland hills. there is no wind to speak up. the temperatures will be rising as soon as the sun comes up. >>justine: thank you very much. james fletcher is in the weather center with more. >>james: yes. high clouds are coming from the north and west. that is why we are seeing such warmer temperatures. we are getting in a land breeze. a warm breeze that will be making the inland valley locations toasty this afternoon. right now, we are mild. jackie was in the oakland area. it is 60 degrees currently. 62 in san francisco and 61 in san jose. we are starting this morning in the upper fifties and low 60s with a couple of
5:18 am
exceptions. this afternoon, take a look, 90 degrees expected in los gatos. same story in oakland. warmer in redwood city. 87 is expected highs. through the 680 corridor and a san ramon valley, made the 80's. it will be toasty inland. the north they will also see warm temperatures. 90 expected in santa rosa. 87 in fairfield. downtown san francisco, look at that, at 82 and a sunny. a great day to be outdoors. here is where we see the weather in the pacific going. mostly to the north, a high-pressure system her giving us this nice weather. it does not last for too long. eventually that high pressure system will break down and we will start to see some clouds introduced into the forecast saturday
5:19 am
and sunday. cooler air will come with it. take a look at next week, monday, tuesday and wednesday, temperatures will decrease. our warmest spots will be in the low seventies. get out there and enjoy the '90s for today. let's get an update on the commute with george. >>george: traffic on the freeway is doing pretty well. last night there was a crash in oakland, an amtrak train. we will hear from will tran who is live on the sea. the capitol corridor trains so far this morning will have a bus
5:20 am
they could have the track we cleared before too much longer. we are waiting for that update. let's get a quick look at the bridges. the bay bridge looks great. no backups or delays yet. the commute is just unfolded. it is a light and easy ride. on marin county across the golden gate, it is a problem free as you head south oz. the crews are on the deck right now, reconfiguring the out of sonoma county and heading south through central san rafael and the golden gate bridge looks good. >>mark: we are going to get an update from jacqueline on a collision of these two amtrak trains. >>will: i am very busy--they
5:21 am
are very busy right now putting be derailed train back on the tracks. one of my sources tells me that what they will be doing all day is try to fix the tracks because they were bent. trains coming from san francisco will stop in emeryville, they will get onto a bus and the bus will take them to santa clara or san jose and then they will reconnect. for all intents and purposes, this area is off the tracks. look at the front of that train. the trains collided at 15-20 mi. per hour, but it weighs so much, there is so much damage to the train. as far
5:22 am
as this place is concerned, they have to worry about trains from destinations all over the country. one train is coming in from seattle. they hope to have things cleared by the time that train comes this afternoon, but if that is not the case, if it cannot be cleared by then, they will have to stop in emeryville, get on a bus in reconnect in santa clara or san jose. >>mark: we will check back with updates throughout the morning and we will be right back as the kron 4 news continues. tsk bonded deb
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
>> the the >>justine: another bay area city is joining the occupied movement. this afternoon, occupier richmond will kick off its first rally. this is all a part of the national occupy wall street movement planned to draw attention to unemployment and the widening gap between rich and poor. protesters will gather at the parking lot
5:26 am
behind the east bay center for performing arts on eleventh street. there you can see hundreds of protesters who marched in san francisco, protesters surrounded the wells fargo headquarters yesterday blocking doors and exits. police arrested 11 protesters there. on the top, in walnut creek more than two of the people occupied mt. diablo boulevard and means seat. they were chanting and shouting and carrying a variety of signs. people in the north they were demonstrating as well. hundreds gathered in san rafael to participate in the movement. >>mark: we are keeping our eyes on wall street. yesterday we saw the dow up 0.9%. it is sitting at 11
5:27 am
al-qaeda 518 right now. yesterday's rise was due to increasing confidence that europe will solve its debt problem. dow futures are down this morning. figures coming from china suggests that china's economy is starting to slow down, the second-largest economy in the world. we will see how those numbers of fact down futures on wall street. >>justine: we are going to take a break. when we come back we will be talking about these live pictures out of oakland home, where we are looking at that amtrak train involved in a collision where seven people are hurt. also, service has been suspended. we will update you on what is happening in jack london square when the kron 4 morning news comes back.
5:28 am
5:29 am
>>mark: we are following a breaking story out of
5:30 am
oakland. police are investigating a shooting that happened this morning at the starlight motel in the 10,000 block of macarthur. there is the location of that hotel. police are on the scene right now. we will have an update from craig skalar coming up within the next half hour. we are also following a developing story of jack london square, there was an amtrak collision late last night. the jack london square station is now shut down as they are trying to get one of the trains back on track. a slight derailment. 17 passengers were hurt on the trains, one train was coming from san walking. the other train was heading up the coast of boston angeles to seattle. let's get an update on traffic. >>george: as we talk about the impact of the capitol corridor which shares the same trap way as the
5:31 am
accident the trains headed in that direction will be using the emeryville station we did have some word that it looked thas though they might restore the trust soon, but it looks like they will be working throughout the day. it is likely that the bus bridge will be set up throughout the day. we still receive-- we did receive a notice from a capitol corridor rep that they will have the bus bridge eastbound and westbound. >>george: a bit of a delay at the bay bridge toll plaza. the san mateo bridge
5:32 am
looks good. pretty light. a very clear day. the golden gate bridge ride is a problem free coming in from marin county. here is a quick look at the freeways as we start our east bay check. on highway 4 westbound you will see that it looks good leading to 680 and to 42. when the south bay, to 80 is clear. the north bay is a problem free through marin. the time is 5:32 a.m., let's get a check on weather with james fletcher. ( >>james: here is a live look out of walnut creek. there is no fault or low cloud cover. it is a nice, brisk start. the warming trend will continue today. temperatures will be warmer than yesterday. a round the bay, the '80s. even 90 degrees in some spots. increasing clouds as we head towards the weekend.
5:33 am
temperatures will also take somewhat of a dive. temperatures are holding steady around the upper 50s and low 60s. 61 in redwood city, hayward, fremont and san jose. that is the dominant temperature with a few locations slightly cooler. 54 currently in half moon bay. this afternoon, here is what the temperature is will look like. to the south is where we will see some of our warmer locations. mid-upper eighties around the bay. the inland valleys could get up to 90 degrees. across the north bay, upper 80s with maybe santa rosa touching 90 degrees. we will look for a nice, warm day there. 82 in san francisco and a sunny skies expected. in the
5:34 am
pacific, the cloud cover is still streaming to the pacific northwest although saturday and sunday we will get cloud cover and cooler air. that will spell the end to our hot temperatures. look at the inland highs. right there in the '70s. definitely cooler the first half of next week. >>mark: we are going back live to london to wear service is suspended after a train collision. will tran is live with an update. >>will: if people need to get to oakland to hot on the trains, you might as well say it does not exist today. they are so busy making sure they get repairs done as quickly as possible. they have just finished getting the train back on the tracks. because of the force of the collision, some of the tracks may have been bent. they will be here for most
5:35 am
of the morning, perhaps all day. right now, oakland it does not exist. they are running a bus bridge as george said, you get off in emeryville and they will take you by bus to santa clara or san jose and reconnect in those places. they are also monitoring trains that come from further away like seattle or oakland. unless they get this fixed, they also have to stop in emeryville and take a bus bridge. i will keep you updated on how long the repairs will take. >>mark: 17 injuries, none considered life-threatening. this comes on the heels of another amtrak accident two weeks ago where a train hit a truck in contra costa county. the train departed from oakland and crashed near discovery bay. 30 of the 204 passengers on that train were hurt, but no one was hurt seriously. that train did not the real after
5:36 am
the crash. >>justine: parents at a san francisco school are planning to hold a rally to call for the removal of the principal. people say the principal at paul revere school has instituted new rules such as issuing demerits for students taking bathroom breaks and encouraging parent is excuse me, discouraging parents from volunteering. the alliance for california community involvement say that parents have made complaints but have heard no response. much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news. we're just getting new information about unemployment benefits. we will talk about that right after this break. here is a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. we will be right back. it
5:37 am
5:38 am
5:39 am
>>justine: the number of people seeking unemployment benefits has changed last week. there was a slight dip
5:40 am
in applications. the labor department says applications are at a seasonally adjusted 404,000. this four week average has declined for the third straight week. that is the lowest average in eight weeks. applications are higher than it would have been and help the economy inheriting--we will see how this will impact the market's coming up and an hour. congress has approved free trade agreements with south korea, colombia and panama.
5:41 am
>>mark: warren buffett wrote a letter saying that he made 63 million last year. he revealed that he madpaid almost 7 million in taxes. buffett has said the tax rates are too low for the rich compared to middle- class. >>justine: much more ahead
5:42 am
on the kron 4 morning news. we will take a quick break but we are back with more as a hot day is on the way. i hope that you like warm weather. here is what is happening on the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is already starting to back up. we will get more on that when we come back.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>>mark: welcome back. here is a stunning view from the oakland hills looking back over the bay bridge. a warm start today. it looks like it will be hot this afternoon. james fletcher has more on >>james: here is a look from the james lick freeway. let's see what we have in store for weather today. this morning, high clouds and cool conditions. temperatures in the '50s and '60s. this afternoon will be like yesterday except warmer and hot. we're getting up into the 90s today. this evening we will keep things clear and cool. truckers will drop back to the '50s
5:46 am
and '60s. that is what we expect over the course of the next 24 hours. right now, temperatures are holding steady around 60 degrees. we have a good handful of locations from redwood city to san jose, many locations seeing 61 degrees. mid-50s for santa rosa. this afternoon many locations will be up into the 80s. it will only get warmer as you head south. 90 in los gatos and morgan hill. we have the potential for 90 degree weather near livermore as well. mid-upper 80s for antioch and the san ramon valley. the 680 corridor from martina's to dublin and pleasanton will see that weather. warmer upper 80s and it napa. 86 in san rafael. even san francisco will enjoy a
5:47 am
degree weather today. get out there for lunch if you can. there are clouds in the pacific but the moisture will stay to the north. some clouds could make their way into our area. saturday and sunday we throw a few clouds into the mix. we have cooler air that will show us down a little bit and bring us down out of the upper 80s and low 90 highs, getting us down to the '70s. a cooling trend on the horizon. enjoy the hot weather while it lasts. >>george: there are no delays on any of the bridges. they all look good. the san mateo bridge ride it looks good as well westbound and eastbound. the headlights are the reverse commute. the golden gate bridge, 101 from marin
5:48 am
county looks pretty good. they have completed the changeover of the lanes in the traffic is flowing smoothly. here is a check in the east bay. from 80 west to the bay bridge, still clear. no delays or problems. your ride for the north bay is a problem free through marin county. place a strain is delayed out of the central valley. capitol corridor trains will have service interruptions between oakland and the emeryville station into the oakland coliseum because the jack london station is closed due to an amtrak accident last night. a boston bridge has been set up. the next train is to add about 6:20 a.m..--the next
5:49 am
train is due at 6:20 a.m. and it is most likely to be bused to other points along the line until train service can be reestablished. >>justine: a sleek expert will be called to the stand in the trial of dr. conrad murray. several medical professionals have testified that they saw dr. conrad murray like the equipment and expertise to give the senior the anesthetic propofol as a sleep aid. the prosecution's last witness is said to be an expert on the powerful anesthetic that authorities contend killed jackson in june of 2009. yesterday, a cardiologists testified saying that michael jackson could have been saved if not for several acts of negligence by dr. murray. >> and he gave propofol in an on monitored setting. >> he did not have an appropriate response to an emergency. he did not call 911 on time.
5:50 am
>> was michael jackson able to be saved when michael jackson found him? yes. now meanwhile, the defense has changed its strategy. his lawyers have now dropped the claim that michael jackson took and swallowed that fatal dose of this additive on his own. if convicted, murray faces four years in prison and a loss of his medical license. >>mark: a salvage crew has finally managed to board a cargo ship that was grounded off of a reef near new zealand. it spilled hundreds of tons of oil since striking the reef. they are trying to get the remaining fuel off before the ship breaks up. several of the 88 containers have already watched on shore. the ship's captain has been arrested and charged with operating a ship in a dangerous manor. >>mark: it was one year ago today when the chilean miners made their way from
5:51 am
being trapped a half mile underground for 69 days. >>justine: much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news. a quick break and a live look outside on the james lick freeway. traffic is already starting to pick up at 5:51 a.m. on this thursday morning, we will be right back. zahn ahoy
5:52 am
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5:54 am
>>erica: we are following health headlines. it shows that gender could decrease the risk of colon cancer. participants taking ginger pills had 20 percent less inflammation in their intestines after the test. the results seem promising but the tests are still in preliminary stages. if you would like to read this entire study would have a link on our facebook fan
5:55 am
page. just scene here is stanley roberts with this edition of people behaving badly. >>stanley: at this restaurant they serve a pretty good philly cheese steak. in front of their store are a couple of images of people with their hands in the cookie jar. i am sorry, the tip jar. new speaker the most memorable one was when this lady came in, she ordered a cheese steak, she came in and placed her order. i went to the restroom and she grabbed all of our money and ran out. >>stanley: here is another person doing the same thing.
5:56 am
>> this guy is a multiple offender. he comes in and ask for hot water. as soon as he does that, he grabs the tips and runs off. >>stanley: that seems to be the theme. >> when you go over here to get water, when they ask for water, you come back in the tips are gone. >>stanley: some restaurants have attached the tip jar to the counter. >>stanley: we have used velcro. >>stanley: one it used a chain. one restaurant has its crew to the counter. if you think that these are getting away with only a dollar or two, in one case it was how much? new speaker $40-$50. >>stanley: the world never ceases to amaze me. stanley roberts, kron 4
5:57 am
>>mark: we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. what are following several developing stories >>justine: we're going back to oakland. hopes
5:58 am
5:59 am
>>mark: a late night collision between two amtrak trains, 17 people injured, one of the trains partially derailed. here was the scene just after 10:00 p.m. last night. an amtrak passenger train coming in from bakersfield collided with the star like coming from all laid toward seattle.-- coming from l.a. towards


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