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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 13, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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following the situation as they work to get that partially derailed train back on the tracks. >> >>will: i can't tell you some good news, they look at the tracks and they are not bent. they do not have to do any major repairs. no repairs at all. we do not know how long it will take to clear the area, for now the oakland amtrak station is closed to the public. they are making such a good progress, you can see some of the cruise packing up and backing out some of the heavy equipment. over there, there is the second train that was involved in the collision. it only went maybe 15-20 mi. per hour but because they are so heavy, there was a lot of friends and damage. we do not know what will happen with a long-distance trains. it for whatever reason this depot
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is not open at that time there will have to stop in emeryville and get those passengers all of the trains and then reconnect the passengers to the amtrak station in santa clara or san jose. the same goes for passengers that come from sacramento. they are also monitoring that situation. for now it appears those passengers will have to get out in emeryville or hop onto a bus or caps. a lot of progress is being made. i am here to monitor the situation. coming up as 630 a m. we will show you video of the work that was done and tell you when this place will be reopened. >>mark: this act and it comes to weeks after another amtrak collision in contra costa county where a train departed from oakland crashed with a truck near discovery bay. more than 30 of the 204 passengers were hurt, none seriously. the driver of the truck was not
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hurt in the accident. >>justine: here is coverage of last night's amtrak collision with george in the traffic center to tell us how this will impact the morning commute. >>george: capitol corridor trains share the trackway and use the same stations as amtrak. for that reason, capitol corridor trains will be affected. the first to eastbound trains have already departed. the first westbound train is due into emeryville and 5-6 minutes, at 6:08 a.m.. instead of continuing on to the jack london station, passengers there will board the buses after they disembark. it i have no information that suggests that amtrak or the cattle corridor will be subsidizing taxicabs. i do know that they are providing bus and bridges in place between oakland, emeryville,
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jack london and the oakland coliseum station. >>george: let's get to the freeways. we are not tracking any hot spots on the roadways. the ride on the bay bridge is backing up with no major problems. your ride on the san mateo bridge at last check was good. on the right side is the commute directions. traffic is still pretty light. the golden gate bridge is a problem free for your trip through marin county. a quick use a check. the freeways are still showing mostly green as they are on san jose freeway's except for a brief stretch of slowing on 101 northbound. that will likely clear. the north bay is a problem free, under a 30 minute drive time from nevada to the golden gate bridge. the time is 6:03 a.m., let's get a check on the weather. >>james: good morning, we will begin looking at what it was like compared to
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yesterday. in this kind of a mix. we are exactly where we were yesterday or slightly warmer. 2 degrees warmer in san francisco, three degrees warmer and napa. a degrees warmer in oakland. fairfield, hop san jose, two degrees cooler. as for the active temperatures, here is what we are seeing. we are expecting temperatures to warm considerably coming this afternoon. los gatos, morgan hill and at livermore have the potential for 90 degrees today. everyone else enjoying a 80 degree weather. mid-80's for the east shore and the bay. that is what we are expecting to the san ramon valley, mid- upper 80s on that stretch of
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680. across the north bay, mid-upper 80s rolling the weather as well.--mid-upper 80s ruling the weather as well. in the pacific, we are keeping our eyes on this system which is straining to the northwest. what we will notice, come this week and is more clout and cooler air. enjoy the hot weather or while it is here. it will only be with us over the next couple of days. saturday we will cool down. saturday will feel it. monday, tuesday and wednesday, inland highs to not get out of the '70s. more whether and traffic in a little bit. >>justine: more details this morning on the salon shooting massacre that left eight people dead. seal beach police have identified the suspect. scott evans dupree. the 42 year-old was
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arrested and booked on suspicion of murder. they say that he was stopped by officers a half mile away from the salon shooting that you see here. he surrendered without incident. friends of the salon owner say that he was the ex-husband of a stylist who worked there. police responded to reports of shots fired at the salon. six people dead and three wounded. two later died at a hospital. another person is listed in critical condition. >>mark: we are waiting for the opening bell on wall street. dow cantor's are down 27 points ahead of the opening bell. yesterday's big rise on wall street with the dow up 103 points, closing at 11,518. confidence is growing that a european bailout package will be put in place. dow futures lower this morning after reports coming out with trade figures showing that the chinese economy is starting to slow. we also
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have weekly unemployment numbers just coming out within the last half hour. 404,000 americans filed for unemployment. >>justine: much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a quick break as we take a live look outside on this warm thursday morning. in san francisco, hot weather is on the way. we'll also talk about the new job numbers and find out what this means for unemployment.
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>>justine: the labor department says that unemployment applications were at 404,000. applications are higher than they would be and healthy economy. the need to fall consistently below three and
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a 75,000 in order to signal sustainable job growth. they have not been that low since february. >>justine: congress has approved free trade agreements with colombia, peru and panama. this will end a four year the administration said that the trade pact could boost imports and support tens of thousands of american jobs. >>mark: some bad news in the foreclosure crisis. real to track is saying that first time default notices were up 14% from the second and third quarters. it is a signal that banks are now moving more aggressively with foreclosures and borrowers who have fallen behind on mortgage payments. >>mark: warned of that
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reveals how much money he made last year, nearly $63 million last year. he wrote a letter this week to republican congressman. but that has been calling for higher taxes for the wealthy. he paid 6.9 million in federal taxes. that equates to about 17.4% of his taxable income. he has argued to raise the tax rate on the rich saying that his tax rate is too low compared to middle income wage earners. >>justine: much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news. we will take a break and be back with more as we take a live look outside. at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is starting to back up. 6:12 a.m., we will be right
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>>justine: it is going to be hot out there today. some
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areas could get to be 90 degrees. with more on the weather we are going outside to kron4's jackie sissel, he is like in the oakland hills providing us a shot and being our thermometer this morning. what is the weather like this morning? >>jackie: it feels like it is in the '60s. i am in short, i am in the oakland hills looking back down towards san francisco. there is no wind, no clouds or anything to speak out. you can see how clear it is. there will be a full moon tonight. i will give you a shot of the full moon lighting up the sky. there are some high clouds, nothing to speak of. we are expecting to see hot temperatures today. we do not have a spare the air day, the other thing we have to remember is we are in the heart of fire season it was 20 years ago this week that the oakland hills fire broke out. i am in the oakland hills right now. hot, dry days like today is just a reminder to be that much
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more attentive to whenever you are doing. make sure that you are really diligent about taking the necessary precautions. that is a lesson that we learned 20 years ago. this happened to the nineteenth of october when we had that big fightefired. >>justine: that was jackie sissel live from the oakland hills. keep your butts in the car. your cigarette butts. during those out the window could spark fires. >>james: today is the hottest day over the next seven. do not do anything that would cause something to catch on fire. common sense. high clouds and cold. right now temperatures are in the '50s and '60s. sunny and warm for the entire bay. it will get pretty hot in the inland valleys. clear and cold. temperatures are
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holding fairly steady. we have 61 for san francisco, san rafael and oakland. same story for san jose. half moon bay is coming in at about 54 degrees or so. by noon time we will see widespread '80s. that is an orange we have the potential for 90 degree weather, towards livermore and in the south bay. santa rosa could also get in on that action. as we look into the pacific and try and gauge what the weather will be like for the weekend, we have a lot of moisture and activity toward the northwest. we will stay nice and dry. high pressure over us right now. that will keep us a sunny for today
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and tomorrow. saturday and sunday, a high pressure will begin and high clouds will stream in bringing in cooler air. temperatures will take a dive on sunday. as we head into the beginning of next week we will keep things cool with an lehigh's stake into the '70s. enjoy the hot weather while it is here. it will be gone in the blink of an eye. >>george: the freeways are looking pretty good. we are not tracking any hot spots. we have some public transit issues that we will get to in a moment. on the bay bridge westbound, the metering lights have not been activated. when they are, expect things to back up quickly. look what is happening in the cash lanes. things are backed up to the first over crossing and the 80 approach is already back up. when a metering lights are active, the backup will fill in and grow quickly. your ride on the san mateo bridge has been a problem free. it is moving a little better than it appears. let's take a look at your
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right on the golden gate bridge. 101 southbound is smooth all the way down the waldegrave leading to the double rainbows and across the bridge. there are no delays in to san francisco. we will look at your ride through marin county in a moment. in the east bay, traffic is doing great. a little slow on highway 4, that is the only problem. south bay traffic, a little slow on 101 between 680, to 8880 interchanges. the north the commute is still a problem free and the >>george: in addition to getting a bus bridge from the emeryville station,
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train passengers will also get assistance from a strain. they will be picking up passengers from fremont and great america parkway stations and taking them on to san jose. >>mark: officials say there is no danger of a tsunami after a magnitude 5.3 tremor hit off the coast of oregon last night. the earthquake was felt by residents in oregon and northern california. the quake was originally a 5.9 magnitude but was downgraded to 5.3. >>mark: at least 50 people were injured after a powerful earthquake rattled the indonesian islands of bali. it was a 6.0 magnitude earthquake. it was not strong enough to generate a tsunami. ceilings caved in at schools, offices and several ancient temples. >>mark: a giant quake off of the coast in indonesia in
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2004 triggered a huge tsunami in the indian ocean that killed 230,000. >>justine: new this morning, another bay area city wants to join the occupied movement. this afternoon, occupier richmond will kick off its first rally and march as a part of the national occupy wall street movement which is intended to draw attention to high unemployment and a widening gap between rich and >>justine: here you can see video of the protests in san francisco, protesters blocked doors and exits at the wells fargo bank. on the top right is a walnut creek where more than 200 people
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occupy the corner of mount diablo boulevard and north main street. they were chanting, shouting and carrying a variety of signs. on the bottom right is people in the north bay as they were demonstrating. hundreds gathered in san rafael at the town center to participate in the movement. >>mark: a quick break as the kron 4 morning news continues. here is a live look outside on a beautiful thursday around the bay area. the bay bridge is already building with traffic, a backup growing towards the 880 over crossing.
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>>justine: a salvage crew has finally managed to board a cargo ship that has spilled hundreds of tons of oil since striking a reef off of new zealand last week. they are trying to pop off the remaining fuel before the ship breaks up. several of the containers
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that fell have already washed up on shore. bishops captain has been arrested and charged with operating a ship and a dangerous manner. >>justine: one year ago today, 33 trapped chilean miners made it back to the the miners were down there for 69 days, trapped a half mile underground. >>mark: we are back when the kron 4 news continues, we will go back to the jack london train station for the latest on the amtrak collision. here is a live look from the james lick in san francisco.
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>>justine: we're going live to wall street to watch the
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opening bell. they are excited about what will happen on wall street this morning. we will find out what stocks do today and throughout the morning right here on kron 4. >>mark: a developing story out of oakland, rail service at the amtrak station at jack london square is still suspended after two trains collided around 10:00 p.m. last night. look at the damage. a passenger train coming from sandlot team, bakersfield's oakland, collided with the coast starlight that was headed from l.a. to seattle. it was a low-speed collisions, head on. 17 people injured. no injuries are life- threatening. will tran has been watching the situation at jack london square. >>will: the problem will only last about 45 minutes longer. after that, things for the most part will get back to
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>>will: here is video from moments ago. they were working busy to make repairs. the track was partially bans. the good news is there are several other tracks that they could use. this might last for a another 45 minutes or so. the bus bridges will stop in emeryville which they would normally do and drop off passengers and then the train will continue to oakland probably starting at around 7:15 a.m..% there, you can see an amtrak bus leaving the location, one of the two bus bridges from this morning. everything is getting slowly back to normal. another update and a
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half an >>will: there was a little bit of damage to the tracks. the track was a little bit bent. not as bad as they first thought. even if they have to do repairs, it should not take too long. they still have two other main lines that they can >>justine: our other big story this morning is the
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warm weather that has settled into the bay area. some places could get into the '90s. james fletcher has a look at hot forecast. >>james: here is a look at what we are seeing on the golden gate bridge. clear skies like yesterday. hot temperatures this afternoon near the 90 degree mark. hot by comparison to where we have been, but nonetheless it is going to be nice. warm this afternoon. the weather will stay nice through the remainder of the week and then, we will cool off as we head into saturday and sunday. you will see that in the saturday forecast. we will begin by sampling a few locations around the bay. here is a difference in temperatures from yesterday to today.
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>>james: may-upper 80s for everyone. we are watching for that. across the north bay, the same pattern, upper 80s and low 90s. it will be worn in a matter where you are. plenty of sunshine, even in san francisco.--it will be warm and no matter where you are. in san
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francisco, 82 by 3:00 p.m.. here is your 7 day forecast. the weather will start to cool saturday and sunday. clouds are rolling in and cooler air by sunday. inland highs go from near 90 down to 77 on sunday. they will stay in the seventies through the remainder of monday, tuesday and wednesday. let's get an update on the commune with george. >>george: we were seeing in early back up at the bay bridge, not a hot spot yet, but it could become one. other freeways look pretty good. there are no other hot spots. at the bay bridge, we are looking at a 13-15 minute back up for the westbound ride. you can see the 880 approach, it had been backed up even before the metering lights were turned on. now that they are active, which they had been for about 10 minutes, it is backed up to the 880 over crossing in the toll plaza flats. it could be a slow morning. the san mateo bridge ride is not bad. it is getting heavier. the
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westbound ride is still running 13-40 minutes over to foster city blvd.. your ride on the golden gate bridge is a problem free southbound with no delays or serious problems in marin >>george: the north bay right is without delays for southbound 101 from the nevada narrows to 37 and from there to the golden gate bridge. if you are a capitol corridor passenger and a regular user, there are disruptions to service because of a closure at the jack london square amtrak station. a buzz phrase is set up between every bill and the oakland coliseum.--a bus bridge will be set up between emeryville and the
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oakland coliseum. caltrain will be assisting as well. the train has left san jose on time, but passengers are bused to an awaiting trade at the emeryville station, no services through jack london square. >>justine: new details in the salon shooting massacre that left eight people dead and one person critically injured. this happened and southern california. seal beach police have identified the suspect as scott evans dekraai of huntington beach. this is a picture of him. police arrested the 42 year- old guest today and he has been booked on suspicion of murder. police caught him a half mile away from the shooting scene at salon marriagmaritage. the owner sayse is the ex-husband of a salon stylists. the two are in a bitter custody battle.
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>>mark: skies are beginning to write down what is expected to be a warm day. we will be right ♪
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>>mark: president obama has raised more than $70 million. that amount exceeds the goal set by his reelection campaign. more than 600,000 people have donated to the campy in the most recent quarter. 90 percent of those donors gave pure than $250. >>mark: there is a new national poll that finds that herman cain has jumped to the top of the pack. it is a wall street journal survey that finds cane snagging first choice among 27 percent of republican
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>>justine: we have much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news. we'll talk more about the blackberry issues. if you have one of those funds and have not been able to use it, we will explain the problem in what executives are saying they are doing to fix it.
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>>mark: are you getting your blackberry messages yet? blackberries services are slowly improving after the biggest outage in years. but barry has apologized for the outing. huge problems have been phased over the last few days getting in
6:46 am
receiving e-mail, messages and for launching internet services. right now there is a huge backlog of messages on the black berry servers. service could still be slow this morning. early reports point to a failed server in the uk. >>erica: i am still my getting any service on my black berry. i still have not received any pinel's for getting internet on my fun. i have been talking to blackberry users on our facebook fan page. i asked them, with the timing of this glitch and the iphone, are you thinking about switching over? take a look at what some viewers are saying this morning. one person said, i do not get the ass that i like
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>>erica: it looks like the people have spoken. if you would like to leave your own comments can participate in this discussion, visit our facebook fan page. >>justine: it is going to be a hot day out there today. some parts of the they could even get to 90 degrees. jackie sissel is live right now in the oakland hills providing us this shot and telling us what it feels like outside. good morning. >> it feels--the delicate feels perfect. i am looking towards san francisco. the sun is just beginning to,. one thing i do want report is i saw smoke coming up in the oakland area. the fire looks like it has just gotten under way. it looks like we will see what is going on under their. it looks like there is smoke coming up from the oakland area. we will get on that immediately and find out what is going on. let's turn
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to james fletcher with more on this weather. >>james: of today will be a hot day. firefighters will be on alert. we will keep an eye on that. high clouds and cool. temperatures in the '50s and '60s. this afternoon, sunny and warm and then hopped in land. temperatures in the low 90s. clear and cold this evening. 50s and 60s are the temperatures for the overnight hours. here are your current temperatures. let's talk about temperatures can how long it will get this afternoon. future cast 4 is set for new. we are already seeing
6:49 am
'80s on the map. a good bit of the bay area morning to the 80s by noon. by 3:00 p.m. 90s reappear. we have 90 degree weather expected in places like hayward, fremont and san jose. we could see potentially upper 80s maybe 90. livermore for sure. the san ramon valley has the opportunity for upper 80s as does the delts up. we will get more specific in terms of what temperatures we expect in each neighborhood and our next update. for now, take a look at the 7 day forecast. sunny skies for the next couple of days. the skies will will back for the weekend. today and tomorrow will be nice and hot. as for the weekend that is one week transition into a cooler weather pattern. you will see that come sunday.
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>>george: we do not have any hot spot so far this morning. the bay bridge westbound, the backup has not run. it started off 13- 15 minutes. that is about where it has stayed. traffic is slow westbound but it does not appear to be building to quickly although i expect it will get heavy later on. the san mateo bridge ride is still a pretty good to me. 13-14 minutes westbound. that is the commute directions from hayward to foster city blvd.. the golden gate bridge looks good from marin county with no delays across the span. the ride through marin of books good at last check. here is a look at east bay right. conditions are still pretty good. the san ramon valley, 580 westbound is the only slow traffic for the east bay commute and that is fairly typical. the south bay freeways look good. there is the golden gate bridge. you will see that the right looks good on a 101
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northbound, 85 into the west valley is a problem free. your ride through marin is delay free. drive times are still under 30 minutes from nevada to the golden gate bridge. because of last night's amtrak train accident the jack london square station is closed. that affects the capitol corridor service. there will be disruptions this morning. some passengers will be ferried by bus to other stations. some passengers will be using a strained since they have stepped up to help with the problem this morning. expect delays eastbound and westbound if you do the capitol corridor. shane bower and josh fatel are home after being held for two years on espionage charges. sarah shore will also join them at the state department. they will be meeting with
6:52 am
secretary of state hillary >>justine: jackie sissel is showing as a fire that is burning right now in oakland. now we are starting to see some white smoke that indicates that the fire could be out. earlier we were seeing thick flames. again, this is a live shot out of oakland. we are getting new information about a fire. as you can see, it looks like it is almost out. 6:52 a.m., we will be right back.
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>>james: oakland, 85 this afternoon and sunday. concord, 88 and sunday.
6:56 am
conagra, 90 and stunning. lot of sunshine. warm temperatures approaching hot as you head towards the east and south. will check on weather coming up >>justine: a developing story out of oakland, a fire is burning before our eyes. jackie sissel is live on the scene with the latest. >>jackie: good morning. we just spotted this fire about 10 minutes ago. you can see the white smoke coming up, that is highway 24 in the foreground, it is just to the west of 24 on west street in oakland. about 10 minutes ago we saw the glow of what appeared to be flames. this is a residential area. now, you are seeing the white smoke which is usually a good sign that firefighters have arrived. we have a crew enroute right now. as soon as they get there, we will report what is going on. you can see that right now, the good news is, there is white smoke appearing from the building that was on fire. >>justine: stay with us on
6:57 am
the kron 4 morning news, we will go back live at 7:00 a.m. to get you the latest on this fire we are watching in the oakland hills. >>mark: more on that and the amtrak collision as the kron 4 morning news continues. we are back in 2 minutes. a live look outside as we're waiting for sunrise over the east bay hills. we are expecting hot temperatures around the bay today.
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>>justine: is 7:00 a.m.. it will be hot in the bay today. some places could reach 90 degrees. for more on our warm weather, we are turning to james fletcher in the weather center. >>james: a quick look at where we see the numbers as we head into the afternoon, so far, so good. here is a we head into the afternoon, so far, so good. here is a quick sampling. upper


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