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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  October 16, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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police are looking for a man involved in a shooting at this burger restaurant. this man's condition. >>alejandra: old from newarhayward. a piece f
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plywood is covering up the window at this restaurant. police say that men were sitting outside of this in and out burger when a man used a large framed revolvers to shoot several rounds. >>vicki: a fatal officer involved shooting in san jose at an apartment complex on the 400 block of worser
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cabinet. officers are responding to reports of an armed man acting suspiciously. one officer felt threatened by the man and opened fire. this is the sixth officer involved shooting in san jose this year. officer >> being an officer is ages feel at this point. it seems that nationwide, people are more aggressive towards officers. >>vicki: police say, they will not say what kind of weapon the victim had. >>vicki: fists police are still looking for the person or persons responsible at the shooting death of a
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hell's angel member. police believe the crime scene has been tampered with. they estimate that 4000 people attended the service yesterday. maureen kelly has more on the checkered past of the man who was killed. >>maureen: this was the sergeant at arms at the santa cruz division of the hell's angel. he is familiar with the the criminal- justice system. in 1997 and he was a bouncer at this strip club when he was charged with allegedly beating a customer to death. he was charged for murder, but says it was self- defense. he was known as mr. 01-8-7, that is the penal
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code for murder. >> another he was an ex- marine. he had a lot of character. hard working. he was always at work, family came first. he did everything with as children. always smiling. >>maureen: family and friends say he leaves behind four children. >>vicki: a sacramento physician says doctors are frustrated with the state's medical marijuana law. of its doctors in an uncomfortable position. >>vicki: the occupy movement continues to grow in the bay area. a call shuffled shows us how thousands of demonstrators occupied oakland.
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>>nichole: thousands of tents continued to pop up in front of city hall. >> we have to take care of each other, no one else is going to take care of us. if the government has still desolate this system has field test. >> we have solved the whole this issue. everyone here has its place to stay. we also solve the under issue. if >>nichole: donations keep coming in. >> we have had generators donated, propane, barbecue grills, we have been feeding several thousand people a day. >>nichole: people are cooking, serving food and washing dishes. some are working at first-aid stations, all of them volunteering time. >> i am not pay being at home not working either. >>nichole: protesters have been camping out for several days. most did not plan on
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leaving any time soon. >> as long as this will need food, water and clothing, we will stay. >>nichole: in oakland top medical center fell, kron4 news. >>vicki: the occupy the movement also the continues in san francisco. many people there have been camping else's last month. in sacramento, cindy sheehan was restauranarrested during a protest. occupy protests have got worldwide. there have been protests in australia and germany. 950 cities are taking place in rallying against corporate greed.
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>>reporter: cloudy around the bay area. temperatures are on the cool side with a strong onshore wind. readings in the upper 60s and low-mid-70s the wrath of the area fury if for tomorrow, things will warm up substantially. faughbefore that aby tuesday, things will cl off again. i will let you know what to expect for the
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rest of the week coming up. >>vicki: coming up, we will show you how their raiders honor on a date this. we will find out what led to the heated exchange between the lions extend the coach. a deadly crash of the in the circuit and the ways and this is the company could change the way you drive.
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>>president obama: , this is the first african-american presence of the united states, it is fitting the he was here for the ceremony. this is the first statue of the national mall on are african-american. >>vicki: how desperate these are making of light from the tip jar. >>reporter: a temperatures tomorrow starting in the '50s the war on a date.
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>>vicki: palestinians have 48 hours to approve the names of all was in exchange for a free imprisoned her. >>reporter: more than 1000 palestinian prisoners for what is really a soldier. many are appalled about the swap, others are outraged.
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>> everyone wants to see her back home. we are releasing people who have dedicated their lives to killing jews in israel. >>reporter: in august of 2001 a suicide bomber blew themselves up in downtown jerusalem killing 15 people. family members of the victithis and other terror attacks of close the prisoner swap. one man lost five relatives. >>reporter: for many of the
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victims' families, the wounds have not healed. in israel there is a larger security issue. could those released create larger acts of violence in the future? >>reporter: some israeli politicians say these concerns make it impossible to approve the deal. the prime minister of israel insists there is no other choice. as this >> is very possible that this window of opportunity is open because of circumstances will close indefinitely. we will never be able to bring home. or for >> and many feel the consequences for his release will have consequences in the future. >>vicki: he has been in custody since 2006.
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>>reporter: a pretty crazy in sanford this goal for most of the morning. by late afternoon, of the skies overhead in a gorgeous day in this city by the bay. temperatures in the upper 60s of a 70's elsewhere. right now we're looking of interstate 80 towards el cerrito ethanol. clear skies around the bay. temperatures are not bad. it is a mild. >>reporter: here is the satellite you. we had some clouds in the bay area, but there was no rain. maybe a few sprinkles. linkedin season showers and thunderstorms in to the sierra. behind this system, a lot of sunshine. warmer
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temperatures, '80s in many locations. things will change quickly. there is another weather system in the pacific approaching tuesday and wednesday. that will cool things back down. sunny and warm for tomorrow, the sea breeze will increase for tuesday, bringing temperatures down for wednesday with a lot of clouds. here is the fall tractor. at midnight, the fog this is into the bay and overnight. s. 6:00 a.m., the fog will be bay side as well as the santa clara valley. off by 10:00 a.m., look for most of the fog to be gone. look at these numbers for monday. close to 90 degrees in morgan hill. close to 94 much of the east
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bay inland spots. of course 70's and low 80s of the east shore. even san francisco and the coast guard getting pretty warm with highs in the low 70's. mid-80s for the north bay. after the clouds in the morning, and a lot of sunshine. here is a look at the 7 day around the bay. drop rapidly for tuesday. this increase will be granting of the afternoon. cloudy on wednesday with spotty drizzle. after that system, is looking better into the weekend. >>vicki: the organizers of the hides and 90 women's marathon have raised more than $1 million for cancer research. today's event had over 20,000 participants. craig skalar was there.
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>>craig: the 19 marathon that drew 25,000 runners.-- that signs he marathon drew 25,000 runners. what and $30 and to their race. that act >>vicki: a poignant tribute to al davis. five times are tough. with the latest crime spree involves a tip jar. more coming up.
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>>vicki: stanley roberts found some people behaving
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badly. >>stanley: i am at sat phillies in the mission district of san francisco. and they serve a pretty good philly cheese steak. in front of their store, there are a couple of images. images of people with their hands in the cookie jar. make that the tip jar. >> the most memorable one was a lady who came in holding ag's stake, she tased her order, i went to the restroom and she grabs all of our money and ran out. >>stanley: there was another person who did the same thing. >> this guy is a multiple offender, he comes in and says, can i have some hot water? you have to turn your back to get hot water. as soon as you do that, he grabs the tips and runs off.
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>>stanley: that seems to be a theme. at this cafe also. >> if you ask for water, he turned around to get the water, by the tiny comeback is gone. >>stanley: some have attached the tip jar to the counter. >> we have it velcro. >>stanley: we have attached via chains. >>stanley: this restaurant has it screwed to the counter. if you think they're really getting away with a full-court too, think again. >> $40-$50. >>stanley: the world never ceases to amaze me. stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >>vicki: if you have a comment or story idea, e- mail us. >>vicki: a trip you were the of the silver and black. coming up, we will show you how the fans into the team paid homage to al davis is
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and what led to a heated exchange between the 49ers and lions coach is. plus, a deadly 15 car crash on the and lions coach is. plus, a deadly 15 car crash on the in the circuit. at embassy suites. ctly what i get more space... more down time. more family time. -more me time. -more me time. -more me time. because the more more i have, the more i have to have... more. [ female announcer ] more room. complimentary drinks. free breakfast. embassy suites hotels.
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>>vicki: a man in critical condition after being shot in the chest at in-n-out berger in union city. police are searching for the suspect. alejandra cerball is live on the scene. out of
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water >> this man goes by the name of tommy. he is 20 years old. police say that this is the suspected shooter. >>alejandra: after bullets went through the glass. police say there was an argument and that is what several rounds were fired. police say that there were no customers injured. the man was killed was an asian man, 5 ft. 1 in. look like here in the brown eyes.--this is a picture of the suspect. police say he
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is armed and dangerous. >>reporter: a beautiful shot from the bay bridge toll plaza. >>brian: clear skies and clear conditions right now. as we go into overnight hours, the fog will push into the bay. tomorrow morning we will have areas of a fall. as we go through the day, a lot of sunshine in the late morning and into the afternoon. much warmer temperatures. 70's and 80's just about everywhere. the readings will crank up as we go into the afternoon hours. it is going to be a
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beautiful day tomorrow. things will change rapidly by tuesday. that will push temperatures down some 10 degrees in a few places. into the weekend sunshine and warmer. more details coming up. >>vicki: their raiders now have four wins on the season. their raiders have now won two of their games since the death of their owner al davis.
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>>reporter: the tribute was a touching. the best way to honor the late al davis is to win. around the oakland coliseum, fans held up signs with davis is a favorite slogan. >> last week was a big win. >>jackie: al davis was recognized for breaking color and gender barriers by being the first owner to hire a female ceo, a black head coach and a latino coach. >> he was my mentor, coach, boss and friend. i've known him for almost 49 years. >>jackie: in during halftime, players from five different decades sit around the oakland raiders logo in at midfield.
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>> that speaks to the impact that he had. he gave me a chance, 17 teams over look to me. the rest is history. >>jackie: the most touching love it came when a candle was lit in memory of him. >> to see mr. mad now there was one of the greatest things i have ever seen. >>jackie: at the oakland coliseum, kron4 does. >>vicki: the 49ers proved that they are for real. they met the and defeated detroit lions and handed the lions their first loss. the 125- 19. after the game, a hearty handshake turned into a scuffle.
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>> i should his hand too hard. it was a strong slat, grab a handshake. that was on me. it looks the part of a handshake. >>vicki: a two-time indianapolis winner was killed in a crash. dan walden was on lap 13 when more than a dozen cars slammed into one another, some going airborne. michelle wright has more. >>reporter: tragedy as david walton was killed in las vegas. he was involved in that fiery multicar crash. he was airlifted from the
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track and later announced dead. more than one dozen cars were involved in the accident. there was invisible debris flying into the air. the loss they is 300 was the final race of the indycar season. their remaining racers drove five laps around the track in his memory. he was in line to win $5 million if he would have taken the checkered flag. >>vicki: lawmakers want the energy secretary to testify about solyndra salon. lisa sylvester has more from capitol hill. >>reporter: angry republicans did not mince words. it became apparent that the government will likely lose five of the 35
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million in the solyndra deal. in a memo, the department of energy chief counsel offered what she believed was a justification for the solyndra loan restructuring. there are two different versions of the memo. republicans played this up in a house subcommittee hearing. >> and a subsequent memo they felt the need to erase his name and hide the original january metal. those are important questions that ask. looks like there was a cover-up. >>reporter: but democrats are accusing republicans of trying to create a scandal. >> these accusations flying around about cover-up is
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exactly the issue. >>reporter: the original focus was whether the department of energy follow the law with loan restructuring including a subordination klaus meeting that taxpayers would be repaid after investors is solyndra file for bankruptcy. republicans say that is it legal. >> you cannot ignore the law. the law is very clear. >>reporter: at the energy department said restructuring the loan was the best chance for taxpayers to recoup their investment and that the law allows the energy secretary and act in the best interests of the taxpayer. newly released e-mail's showed treasury officials
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expressed skepticism. one e- mail says, they may have stretched this definition beyond its limits. >>vicki: rick perry is powering down in the polls.
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>>vicki: rick perry held a speech today called energizing american jobs and security. it was also designed to energize his own campaign. >>reporter: looking to jump start a campaign that has been stalled for weeks, rick. laid out a tax is inside the kennedy clan if that he claims will create more than 1 million jobs. if elected president, perry says he will push for new coal mines, even oil exploration. perry would
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even expand production in the gulf of mexico, a move that may be new environmental worries after last year's massive spill. democratic critics say this is old hat from cirrus halen. listen to pay win in 2008. >> we will drill for the billions of barrels of oil that we have warehouses underground, including our resources offshore. we will dree here, we will drill now. >>reporter: this is. now. >> we are standing on top of the next economic boom, the energy underneath this country and the quickest way to give our company a shot in the arm. >> this plan is the big oil gone wild. it would benefit oil companies.
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>>reporter: his numbers have been going down for weeks. many people believe they're christians and they are not. >> i would call upon the government very to refute the remarks made by the pastor. >>reporter: perry's wife says it is our family that is taking the abuse. >> i truly feel like we're here for that purpose. >>reporter: of the texas governor says he can handle it. >> i understand the power. that is a diversion. >>vicki: up next, something
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out of a sci-fi movie.
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>>vicki: a vehicle that looks like it landed from another planet, is part car, parked motorcycle. >>reporter: it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it's this hits the street, it could revolutionize transportation.
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>> the best way to describe it, we take the efficiency and romance of a motorcycle and integrate data into a car. order >> as it began with a simple scooter and testing out their theories in san francisco. they recently finished this prototype. >> you get in and like you would a normal car and shut the door. >>reporter: it has two wheels like a motorcycle, but the steering wheel of a car with a regular accelerator and brake. it will be fully elected. this secret to making this ride is with two different gyroscopes. kim says that it represents 8 years of research. >> we use the gyroscopes to stabilize the vehicle when it is tilting it leaning in
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a turn. the vehicle will never fall over. it will always be of right on two wheels. >>reporter: he hopes that an actual product on sale in a few years at an affordable price of $16,000. >> my long term vision is for this to be a primary competing vehicle in the united states. >>brian: in fort mason, the blue skies overhead. a beautiful day delay in the grass or go for a stroll. temperatures in the upper 60s although it was a great start this morning. now we are going live to the golden gate bridge. the fog is well out over the ocean but it is forecast to come back into the bay for tonight.
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temperatures are in the '60s. it is a mild evening. 64 in alameda, fairfield and san jose. future cast 4 is showing warm weather for tomorrow. things are warming back up. highs into the '70s and '80s but that will not last. by tuesday, onshore winds will increase. that will push temperatures back down. highs on tuesday look like this. the war as inland spot's reaching 80 degrees. by wednesday, cloudy this, areas of drizzle and even cooler temperatures. in the sierra, a beautiful day. we started out with a little bit of rain. by this afternoon, clear skies over lake tahoe. we will see some nice weather for tomorrow as well as tuesday with highs
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in the upper 60s and low 70's with a chance for a few showers on wednesday as the weather system pushes into california. the highs for tomorrow are looking great if you like warm weather. mid-upper 80s. close to 90 degrees in some locations. a beautiful day in san francisco. it will be another great day to be out there. it is looking nice in the north bay. here is the 7 day around the bay. tuesday it is cooler by about 10 degrees. a lot of clouds for wednesday. drizzle in the morning with partial
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clearing into the afternoon. after that the system on wednesday, a lot of sunshine for thursday, friday and into the weekend. >>vicki: here is stanley roberts with people behaving badly. >>stanley: the price for gasoline to $2.95. this station is probably abandoned. this is a heavy- duty strap attached to a poll. at the other end, a lot of trash. somewhat tied the trash to the straps. this container of motor oil has a slow week. on any other day if the department of public works would be
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cleaning this
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