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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 17, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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then i don't have to be fire crackers and then the guy can house and someone got shot. >> about 30 people were attending the birth the party at the time this into then went off on foot. you have updated live reports throughout the morning. [music] >> the time right now five minutes after four. we have some coastal fog to start off your day. for around the they will see temperatures in the '70s and '80s and the in the spots look like we was they mostly in the '80s. tomorrow we will begin to cool down until the next couple of days this map will give you an idea of what to expect. for today it looks like we was the morning clouds. temperatures in san
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francisco want to about 76 degrees we was then 82 oakland, san jose 86, upper 80s expected it said rosa and also into concord as well. as the yen tuesday we are expecting a little bit of a cool down. it looks like we will come in around 66 degrees in san francisco is a considerable cool down into the afternoon. we could actually see some windy weather. oakland woman to about 70, 76 in san jose you can see all the locations in the upper 80s now warming into the '70's and low '70s% rosa about 74 degrees there. in terms of your current temperatures you're actually off to a mile star. down into the south bay we have upper fifties and low 60s. a little chilly air in santa rosa. here is a look at the numbers for the afternoon. we are warm in up to 86 in los gatos. pretty
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comfortable with around the bay with most locations staying into the '70s and '80s the looks like will want to about 83 degrees and redwood city and 84 in san raphael. temperatures in the santa rosa area should be in the upper 80s. it looks like will top out around 68 degrees in the napa valley. the here is your seven day around the bay canyon idea of what to expect. this is a significant cool down for tomorrow and tuesday night to wednesday we may have a little bit of fizzle.-- drizzle. now let us to a look at your ride with erica. >> good morning, no hot spots to speak up around the bay area we are to a great spot--start. only a handful
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of cars are making their way west bound for san francisco no delays to tell you about the drive time is about eight minutes to 9 minutes. over at the san mateo bridge it is pretty quiet in both directions no special traffic advisories to tell you about. traffic moves well past the toll plaza and not towards foster city. the golden gate bridge rise looks like you will contend with a little bit of morning fog. hedges calculate your try time at 23 minutes out of navato for the toll plaza. for quickly taking this over to our traffic this morning nothing to tell you about in the east bay highway 4 looks good for your ride out of any of torts expert. no problem to the san ramon valley west fell 24 looks good. >> thank you erica much more ahead on kron4 morning
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news will take a quick break as we take a live look outside for our roof camera and san francisco showing us the city is eight minutes after 4:00 a.m. and will be right back. ]s
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>> we are back with some national news thousands gathered in washington d.c. to some of the dream of dr. washing--of doctors are looking junior. >> 43 years after being assassinated in memphis, a memorial in the nation's capital with dedicated to dr. are looking jr. and the speeches urging americans to follow the ideas of the slain civil-rights leader. >> that is why we on this man is because he had faith in us. and that is why he belongs when this wall because he saw what we might become. >> i know we are here to celebrate the life of my father and commemorate my father but we need to try to live like him, to love like him and to care like him.
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>> president obama stress the doctor can work is far from complete. p-bama--the us remember the changes never been quick has never been without controversy it depends on persistence it requires a determination. >> the 1,600 t monument was more than a decade in the making and its construction without forced to a chinese culture rather than an american was not without controversy. now completed, despite the criticism extends as a dedication to laymen whose mission was and steadfast as this monument. i'm barbara hall with kron4 news. >> we will take a quick break with a live cow five from our camera that is situated over the james lick freeway showing some traffic already picking up at this hour. you will find out what is happening with eric and are warmer forecast when the
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>> here is a the a satellite picture your current temperatures are sitting in the '50s and '60s. >> about noon, we will have
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those temperatures will look to the '70s and '80s when we watched the 80 starts to fill in for the afternoon hours. over all will be a fairly warm day today in some spots especially in the inland locations home to 86 of los gatos, 85 in morgan hill, will warm up to about 88 degrees in livermore. it looks like hope will bring us a comfortable 81 degrees, 83 for redwood city and today san francisco will stay in the '70s, the mid to upper '70's however want to the upper 80s in santa rosa. it looks like fairfield will come in around 87. here's your seven there around the bay. tomorrow some significant changes watch at 10 degree drop in to the church tomorrow it is when the cooler. will keep cool to to round into wednesday. wednesday morning be prepared for some drizzle. will notice the fog settlement overnight and we could see that as early as tuesday evening walking up on wednesday to somewhere roads out there. by thursday temperatures were starts to
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warm up again and we will see sunny warmer forecast to the end of the work we get into the weekend. the time right now is 16 minutes after 4:00 a.m., but as a look at your ride. >> i just checked the traffic law, we cannot have any accidents to tell you about. as a fight we have some lingering overnight construction and east bound of the bay bridge but the west bound looks good. it is a handful cars making a west bound ride, the metering lights current cycle off. the san mateo bridge traffic is slowly building out towards foster city that traffic on the right-hand side of the screen but it is still running at about 14 minutes between 80 and highway 101. a live look at the golden gate bridge shows that it is swamped with fault, but we do not have any special traffic advisories to tell you about. keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you. as a ticket the traffic map monday
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morning and focus in on the condition is the track the bayshore freeway. you can see all of the green on your screen and can speed over 50 mi. per hour. interstate 280 the saying goes there. no problems to contend with, the san until bridge was an easy ride in no anticipated delays for the dunbar. >> at a shooting at a fast- food restaurant he's won a critical condition this happen sunday in union city. police said the suspect gunman remains on the loose. we have the latest on the investigation. >> police say the victim from hayward is 30 years old he was shot in the chest and tonight he is in critical condition. police are looking for this man, a 20 year-old suspected gang member considered armed and dangerous. >>reporter: the piece of plywood is covering up the window out of this restaurant after shots went
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through the glass from the morning. police face the men were sitting outside of the in and out on union and the boulevard when the suspect used a large framed revolvers tissue several rounds. police say that there were about 25 people inside the restaurant if the time the note was injured. he is described as an asian man about 5 ft. 7 and weighs about 140 lbs.. he has black hair and brown eyes and also goes by the name of tommy. >> to the south bay with the san jose police officer shot and killed a suspect this happened at an apartment complex on sunday and that is where police were responding to reports of an armed man rolling around after confirming the suspect investigators say one officer felt threatened and that is when he opened fire. this is the sixth officer involved shooting in san jose this year and they
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say there are some reasons that these type incidents may be on the rise. >> nationwide it seems like there's a trend where individuals are more confrontational toward officers so it is a dangerous feel to be in at this point. we do have less number of officers, and fewer number than in years past. >> at this point police would not say what kind of what the the suspect had in his hands. >> san jose police are continuing their search for a gunman opened fire at a hell's angels members funeral. this happened at a memorial service for the san jose chapter president jeffrey pedigru it is estimated that 4000 people attended. he died last month at a casino battle a rival gang member had been charged in the crime, investigators released saturday crime scene has been tampered with. maureen kelly has more on the checkered past of the men killed.
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>> family and friends of the victim had identified him as the write-off and the sergeant at arms of the health--hell's angels. and you then see flowers at the front door of this location that he managed. back in 1997 he was a bouncer at the pink who strip club in san jose when he was arrested and charged for allegedly beating a customer to death. he said that he acted in self-defense and was acquitted. his nickname was mr. 187 the state penal code for murder. and this delta--bail bondsman down the road the thick candle here. she says she knew him as a great man. >> he was a great guy he was always working his family said came first and on the weekend to have
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children here, he did everything with his children always smelling saying good morning my secretary across the street he would always waved to her. >> family and friends say the least behind four children. >> we will take a break is 22 minutes after 4:00 a.m. and the president is to try to salvage what is left of his jobs bill and we have word that someone is trying to block the sale of iphone. we will have more on that in a minute. and this is traffic on the west bound 80 as you make your way from albany down towards oakland more news on traffic in just a minute.
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ben elsewhere fog is the
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golden but in the five we head towards the latter part of the day it will be pretty pleasant given way to loss of breath of sunshine and temperatures in the inland spots morning to the up and leave around the they contend the 80's as well. a big cool down to talk about tomorrow i'll have the details of like coming up. >> at 4258 and connolly at present, to rest in part of his jobs bill. he said that he will use the bus tour to urge, to pass individual pieces of his plan those pieces provide effective to states to hire or prevent laying off workers. now me
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what about the car rental during involuntary manslaughter trial compass stephen schaefer is testimony is crucial in proving that are to murray's gross negligence went to michael jackson's death. there is no time to when the trial resumed. baekeland patent infringement dealing the two companies have student countersue each other over the past couple accused in some other of patent infringement. >> good --will take a look
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outside at the golden gate bridge, we want to talk about the weather coming up in the warm weather that is on the way. summer is making a return at the end of october i like it. we will be right back.
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>> people have been arrested for nonviolent protest. you're exercising their first a minute rides together. >> the police killed the bologna of the people into a couple of public works
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trucks protect try to stop the vehicle by punching a hole in the city vehicle in the tire. the truck did manage to drive away regardless of the back tire. several people were arrested and that is where we bring an donna lynch. >> san francisco police of 10 in beef--the tang at least five protesters it all started the minute that these protesters bring down the tents and took, these belongings away the protesters did not comply with that and that is went about 50 police officers when they ride moved in and forcefully took down the tents and confiscated all of these protesters belonging and that is when the protesters got upset. they surrounded the cops and it was during that time there was a lot of pushing and shoving between police officers and protesters. luckily no one was seriously hurt in this incident at
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least five protesters were detained by the san francisco police. in san francisco on dahlin with kron4 news. >> those occupy protester now worldwide we have video to show in australia and also in germany organizers say 950 cities in 80 countries are not taking part in this movement rallying against corporate greed. in rome on saturday is estimated $1 million in damages were done with protest turned violent. today marks the one month anniversary free movement are starting with a small group in a manhattan park right near wall street. coming at 5:00 a.m. we are live as a protest continue in san francisco. >> developing news at a pittsburgh were 4 people including a nine year-old girl was shot during a children's birthday party last night. one and is reportedly in critical condition this morning but everyone is expected to survive. witnesses said they heard the shots the first
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the did not know where they're coming from. >> i heard like firecrackers at first. there is a party going, you have kids and then i heard like firecrackers swype cannot check in her of the screen. and the kids are, in all of that and i said it had to be fire crackers because the kids are crying but then a guy comes out saying someone got shot. >> about 30 people were attending a birthday party witnesses say two men fled on foot they're still looking for them would have a bit on this story in a live report drop morning. >> let us talk about are warm weather forecast the have least a year with all the details. >> good morning we're starting off with a local to fault.--fog. into the afternoon we will see tonight is warming to the '70s and '80s around the bay. come tomorrow, we have
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a cool down in fact it is a significant one as well. taking the could the next couple of days. today it looks like to see morning clouds a lot of sunshine into the afternoon san francisco up to about 76 degrees today, oakland had 81, san jose will top out at around 76--86. as we break into tomorrow check out the differences. temperatures are expected to drop in fact, you will notice that a real big cool down through san francisco about 66 degrees no longer in the '80s to the east they are south bay. at temperatures dropping down to the '70s, 70 degrees expected oakland be some breathing whether the latter part of your day. san jose is expected to come in around 76 degrees. 74 degrees for san rosa and about 78 degrees through concord. pure temperatures this morning or in the '50s
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and '60s. down into the south bay where in the fifties to low 60s. now easier to the to by the afternoon. it looks like we will top out around 83 in redwood city and hayward about 81 degrees for oakland and for san francisco today was then the '70s and as you work your way up into marin county is the fifth temperatures will come in at about 84 degrees. upper 80s to send--santa rosa and the napa valley. now here's your seven day around the bay what they cool down and looked like to keep the cool temperatures into wednesday the other big story this week, expect the war to start kicking into gear around tuesday night and wednesday morning will notice of a the showers out
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there but sunny and warmer if forced the end of the weekend into the weekend. the list and indicate your traffic. >> there is nothing major to report it looks good with no problem from the e short freeway. west bound 580 and in the northbound direction in fact, traffic is moving at top speed up the incline and across the upper deck. as the update your san mateo bridge ride no problems and traffic on the right-hand side of tillites out towards foster city are active free and he may flee once again the try ton is about 13 to 14 minutes between 80 and highway 101. over at the golden gate bridge we shall to hud had all that fall-- fog as you approach the toll plaza this morning watch your speed, drive with
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caution and keep a safe distance between you and the car and found you now north bound 101 coming out of the coyote valley is a problem free easy ride. interstate 280 is practically empty, and 5 west bound 287 may have some small wind were speed drop down to about 40 masked our we see good conditions with no delays whatsoever for highway 17. >> bankamerica, at 37 minutes after for the us give you a live look outside. now this of the plaza where things have calmed down considerably but that was not the case a few hours ago the police and protesters clashed overnight will have video that we are following this throughout the morning.
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>> now there with the lions coach roughly patterned of the code on the back that. and then there was a shoving match and in some words were exchanged in fact the two teams had to come together, the players had to separate the coaches here is what will coach had to say afterward. >> it was totally on me i should attend too hard i went in and it was a strong current of a slap grant handshake. kinda like when i had been doing it with a few of the other-i was just too hard a handshake.
4:41 am
>> the lions' coach said that he explained he heard an accident during the handshake and that is fortunate--that is what set him off the nfl says they will review the incident. >> funded the raiders rallied after a big game checkup there was a 101 yd kickoff even a fake field goal. the raiders lost the quarterback to the collarbone injury they beat cleveland browns 24 to 17, the raiders have won two games since losing al davis and here is how they honored their longtime gm. >>reporter: the man who symbolized the raiders live on at the oakland coliseum on sunday on helmets, shirts and finds many fans held up signs went on davis' favorite slogan just when baby.
4:42 am
>> we felt like we need to come when this one for al and from our home fans last week was a big one, but this is awesome. >> through out the game video of davis' life on to jumble transe he was recognized for breaking the color and gender barriers by being the first nfl owner to higher people of various colors and backgrounds. hall of fame players from various decades remembered the legend. >> and he gave me a chance, 17 teams overlooked me he picked me as a first round and the rest is history. >> the most touching only came when john madden pick a torch in limitless of
4:43 am
davis. >> to see men out there that was the greatest honor i could never see. >> the greater say the torch will burn forever because al davis always be a part of the raiders. >> on to baseball with this year's world series matchup the st. louis cardinals clench their the 18th national league pennant. they will take on the texas rangers to ma/year's world series to the giants. the cardinals are looking for their second title in six seasons in the 11th overall. >> a quick break here, let us give you a live look outside-the bay bridge. the approach traffic is light hear back with more in a moment.
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>> we have a live look at the plaza this morning were things have calmed down quite a bit. as you saw on the video it was a very different story a few holes go into a developing story and we have a live shot and a report on the scene. we will follow this story at
4:47 am
the continue to develop throughout the morning. >> time not to talk to louisa about our forecast the morning. >> the morning we have a look yourself the forecast temperatures are warm and nice to be in the 80's in most locations. we are starting off with some fault this morning mainly hanging along the coast. it looks like it is pushing into the golden gate and up to the north bay as well. for on our visibility map you can see where we're having problems of visibility about 1 mi. or less right through 101. right now temperatures are in the '50s and '60s. 59 in san francisco 54 oakland, and the low sixties for the south bay as well. by noon it looks like we will break into the '70s and '80s and are afternoon high temperatures topping and into the 80s but it will be a pleasant afternoon. for a lot of sunshine all the way
4:48 am
around. it looks like a tree for hayward, fremont, mountain view and redwood city. along the coast to warm up to about 73 degrees. staying in the '70s to san francisco. flick into the 80's when she hit iran. 87 degrees in santa rosa and fairfield about 88 degrees for concord and here's your seven day round the bend. watch the big changes come tomorrow. temperatures start to cool down getting a little when the into the afternoon. temperatures look like it will not affect the '70s even for some of the in and spots. will hold on to the cold weather as we head into wednesday. on wednesday morning you wake up to the but of sprinkles and you see that setting in tuesday evening. by the end of the workweek and into next weekend things will start to dry out and bring that sunshine into the forefront and temperatures back into the 80's. the time right now is 48 minutes after 4:00 a.m.. >> it looks like the commute is under way at the bay bridge toll plaza we see
4:49 am
more cars for your west bound ride. now the meter lights are still cycle off with top speed up the incline and across the upper deck. as the ticket over to the san until bridge west bound east bound traffic are equal in both directions no delays whatsoever at the toll plaza. the drive time is running at about 14 minutes from end to end. and you could see the fog at the golden gate bridge for south bound rights watch the toll plaza the chp has not issued any special traffic advisory whatsoever the drive with extra caution and keep a safe distance between you and the cars in front of you. as you can see their top speed in the green, over 50 mph coming out of navato over highway 37 in remains the late freeze and ensure public transit no delays to
4:50 am
speak up. >> now this 33 year-old was killed and a 15 car pileup at the las vegas motor speedway. craig black shows us the sports world this morning. >> this of the crash that killed the two-time indy 500 winner dan. the race had barely started when one set off this fiery chain reaction his car was launched into the air. >> you had three safety crews around him he was not moving in the car. it did not look good. >> weldon was elected to the hospital but pronounced dead a couple of hours later. >> we have to think of him in the way he lived it is turning very difficult for everyone in the community. >> driver de five and absolute in his honor after
4:51 am
the accident for the winner of this year's indy series join the tribute. >> i lost, we've lost a good friend and i think everyone he car ferries considered then a friend. >> weldon won it in 2005 the same year he won the indianapolis 500 and then won again in may. this time he was going for a $5 million prize in the last race of the indycar series. >> he was not just a great driver but he was the great human being and i just cannot believe that he is no longer with us. >> his number 77 was put at the top of the field. the rest of the events were canceled. >> three others tried foot to the hospital the championship contender will power and chair are hildebrand and an indy car spokesperson says that powers was released but
4:52 am
hildebrand stayed overnight for conservation. >>stanley: this is the service station in the city of oakland were the price for gas reach $2.95 which means the station is probably abandon. this is a heavy-duty strap attached to the pool at the service station at the other end, not of trash someone apparently tied to the trash and then drove away dumping all of this in a lot. over in west oakland these containers of oil and paint many with no tops it on the streets this includes truck tires in this container of motor oil that have slowly. when a normal day the oakland apartment public work would attempt to clean this up but not on this day this is one of several days off for public works employee the people who more than likely would have to do the cleanup all due to a $58 million budget deficit so all of this trash will set
4:53 am
for release one more day. the city of oakland have always had a problem with people dumping stuff like this container filled with an old couch. you may think it is in a trash cans with the problem? actually this is the recycling bin for the reach of a cabin to this will cost the school money, money they probably cannot happen if a man like this illegally dumped items keep piling up and this cost the city millions to dispose of, the people who are employed to clean this up are off work because of a multimillion-dollar deficit in the cycle will never end. in oakland i'm stanley roberts kron4 news. >> much more ahead on the kron4 morning news is 53 minutes after 4:00 a.m. we will take a quick break as a take a look outside for mount tancam. you know we're looking at in this live shot? see if you can guess. the producers are telling me that this is the san bruno
4:54 am
mountains. will be back with much more including the seven then run the bank's and coming up at 5:00 a.m. we will get you updated on what is happening with the occupied san francisco protest as protesters are clashing with the police will be right back. i
4:55 am
4:56 am
>> good morning and let us take a look at our seven day labraun the day it looks like to have lain tuesday and wednesday and we get warmer thursday, friday, saturday and sunday and the sun comes out the weather should be pretty nice this weekend into the end of the week so stay with us on kron4 for more on your forecast as we take a look now at what movies made money at the box office this weekend. now there was a pretty tight race between #one and foot loose. and the
4:57 am
king to can real still barely can get a foot loose and open with 16.1 million in the remake of the think open with 8 $27 million. a lot more ahead on the kron4 morning news as we take a live look at justin herman plaza things have calmed down but we have video to show you at 5:00 p.m. there are protesters and police cutting in a little bit of a tussle there was some yelling, screaming and pushing. it is a developing story that we will fall crop morning right here on the kron4 morning news.
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4:59 am
us. the occupy san francisco
5:00 am
protests. first, we want to go to pittsburgh. four people have been shot including a nine year-old girl. the victims were shot during a child's birthday party. it happened in a driveway near ravine road. will tran is joining us live from vicksburg with the latest. >>will: let me show you the location. it is amazing that more people were not shot. 30 people were at this party. there were three blowholes in the garage and on the ground. they do not know the motive for this, but i can't tell you that all four victims are expected to survive even though one of them is in critical condition. the oldest was only 19 years old. two people shot into the crowd. after shooting into the crowd, they fled on foot in and possibly hopped into a car. hopefully we will have more information on exactly who
5:01 am
police are looking for and to find out what the motive was. >>mark: and another developing story, occupy san francisco. early this morning, our breasts were made after protesters clashed with police. this is video that you will see only on kron4. a lot of pushing and shoving between protesters and police. police shut down a southbound embarcadero from midnight-1:00 a.m.. when police told protesters that their belongings had to be moved, that is when the problems began. in all, there were five arrests made. that was the scene a few hours ago. let's take a live look at the area. jackie sissel is light on the scene. >>jackie: the protesters are
5:02 am
back out here near the embarcadero plaza. protesters chargeback out here. they started sending things back up after police left last night. if we have more video to show you of the truck with its tires slashed. five arrests were made. according to protesters this morning, they say all five protesters have been released and they are back out here this morning. they said that they will remain out here for the time being. as long as they are out here, they say that they will continue protesting. >>mark: thank you. today marks and one month since this movement began on wall street. protesters across the country in cities large and small are protesting. the protests continue to grow. so far, three not thousand dollars have been donated to the movement.
5:03 am
>>mark: many of the largest protests happened in europe. in rome, a building was set on fire. an estimated $1 million in damage was done. organizers say 950 cities in 80 countries are taking part in this now worldwide movement against corporate greed. >>darya: happy monday. we're starting the work week with sunshine. we have a cold snap this week. >>james: by mid-week. when you see the 7 day forecast he will say, what is the deal with wednesday. here is what it looks like outside right now, a little bit foggy, patchy morning clouds and fog. that tops our headlines this morning. this afternoon, the fall will pull away and the clouds will clear. for most locations, even along the coast, 70 degree weather warming to the eighties around the immediate date.
5:04 am
inland, honey bees-upper 80s, maybe even 90 degrees.--inland, temperatures will be in the '70s-upper 80s, maybe even at 90 degrees somewhere. around the ebay and inland we are not seeing too much fog but there is some high level cloud activity. here is what the visibility chart shows. north bay visibility is down under a mile. around of the north bay, dense fog. temperatures right now are also on the mild side. we are much colder this morning that we were yesterday. here are your current temperatures. here is what we should see this
5:05 am
afternoon. once we get that clearing in the warming under way, 87 in morgan hill, 86 in los gatos, 86 in san jose. 88 in livermore. we could very well see 90. i am not ruling that out. antioch, 86, oakland, 81. phil in downtown san francisco, 76. again, a day with mostly clear skies and plenty of sunshine your 7 day forecast coming up in our next updates. faugh now on to traffic. >>george: right now it is hot spot free and delay free. we will start your
5:06 am
bridge check on the bay bridge. no delays approaching the bridge or heading across the bridge. over to the san mateo bridge, you can see that the westbound ride which is the right side of your screen is lightly traveled. the golden gate bridge has called this morning. the crews are on the stand right now adding a fourth wave in the southbound direction. their ride on interstate 680 looks good from hayward and fremont. 580 westbound leading into dublin looks
5:07 am
green is showing on the roadway sensors which means 50 mi. per hour or better. there are no delays for 101 southbound headed to the golden gate bridge. >>darya: coming up on the kron4 morning news, we will take a look at u.s. stock futures ahead of the opening bell and president obama starts a three day bus tour. we will have details on what he's doing after the break. let's take a look at the james lick.
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>>mark: stock futures are lower ahead of the opening bell. we are waiting this morning for city grew, wells fargo and ibm. they will be reported third quarter earning results today.
5:11 am
>>darya: president obama is trying to receive parts of his defined jobs bill. he is trying to urge congress to pass individual cases of the lough plans to. president obama also wants lawmakers to pass 50 billion on a spending for infrastructure. >>mark: an earthquake anniversary, details after the break. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge.
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5:14 am
>>darya: said it lost one in the year that the earthquake hit is the area causing fires in mass destruction. this was a 71 and its sense of along the san andreas
5:15 am
fault. it struck at 5:01 p.m. fury here is video of people were injured myriad more than 60 people died. over 3000 injured. a symposium a few commemorate the anniversary of the earth in will be held at 9:00 a.m. at san francisco city hall. >>erica: on our facebook fan page, we're sharing memories on where we were when the if we have sinned. off the a will get some responses did >>erica: -new-line delete your own comments, visit our facebook fan page your--if you would like to leave your own comments, visit our facebook fan page. >>james: here is a will
5:16 am
apple will see over the next two days. this acting as we are in the upper 80s, close to 90 degrees.--this afternoon we are in the upper 80s, close to '90s. an early look the at 70's, lindsay looked to be even cooler than tuesday. more on that and our 70 forecast we have a fall working its way through santa rosa, petaluma and a lot of. in some stretches, visibility is under a mile. be
5:17 am
warm to the upper 80s in some parts of the date. future cast 4 is set for noon. a good mix of '60s, '70s and '80s. widespread '80s through much of the east bay in north bay with potential for the delta, a livermore valley and san ramon valley closed at 90 degree mark. here is your 7 day forecast. after will wednesday things will warm up as we head towards the weekend. that is your weather. let's get caught up with your morning to view. and >>george: there are no
5:18 am
problems or hot spots. there are no delays. we will start our bridge check on the bay bridge toll plaza. it is still like it easy at the problem free. the same is true for the sanity of bridge. 92 looks good westbound headed out towards the high-rise. your ride on the golden gate bridge is equally good, but foggy. there are some reports of reduced visibility in the north bay near petaluma. no problems are reported through rent county. let's get a check on traffic starting in the east bay. if it is a good ride on 680 southbound. westbound 24 is a problem free the from walnut creek to the caldecott tunnel. the east shore freeway looks good as well. the south bay right, green on all of the roadway sensors. the north bay ride is also without delays the
5:19 am
drive time is just about 24 minutes from highway 37 to the toll plaza of the golden gate bridge. public transit is a delay free. there are no problems of bart, committee, ace train is on time. >>darya: a developing story that we are following this morning, san jose police are continuing to search for a gunman who opened fire at a hell's angels funeral killing one man. here is the victim. he is the sergeant at arms for the santa cruz chapter of the hell's angel. he was also the owner of this bill sponsored agency. people have left flowers and candles. in 1997 he was a bouncer at the pink poodle strip club in san jose when he was arrested and charged in the death of a customer. he said he acted in self- defense and was acquitted. he leaves behind four children. fees he was gunned down as oakvilles cemetery
5:20 am
on saturday during the funeral for this man, jeffrey pedigrew, president of the hell's angels and as a chapter. he was shot to death last month and nevada. >>mark: police are searching for a man who allegedly fired several rounds at people at an in-n-out berger the victim was rushed to the hospital and treated for injuries. investigators believe that tommy is a member of the west side hayward gangs. >>darya: we will be back with more in a couple of minutes to help you get going, get out of bed and get on the move this morning.
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>>mark: the 49ers came away with a big win against undefeated detroit. alex smith threw a 6 yd touchdown pass on fourth down with less than two minutes left. the 49ers completed a field goal as well. the lions were undefeated headed into the game. both teams are combined 80-10 >>mark: a hearty handshake turned into a scuffle.
5:25 am
>> i should his hand too hard. so it was a strong slaps, grabbed handshake, the same as i had been doing with the stand a few other guys >>mark: the lions coach said that he heard an expletive during the handshake. >>darya: their raiders also won their eighth task forelands of the season.-- their raiders also one of their game. they are now 4 wins in this season. this
5:26 am
was the first home game for their raiders after losing their longtime owner, al davis. that and dave a speech and dozens of former players stood around the raiders emblem of it feels. officials wore black shirts with the name of hoal on the shield. >>mark: check out this crash. two-time indianapolis 500 winner dan walden has died. 50 cars slammed into each other. the remainder of the race was
5:27 am
canceled, in its place the cars that remained drove five labs in walden's memory. >> in indianapolis, fans are setting up a memorial. he finished among the top-10 in italy in 2004-2010. dan walden was killed at the age of 33. >>darya: we are following a number of the developing story is coming out of its board. four people have been shot including a nine year- old girl. a live report after the break. here is a live look in san francisco. arrests were made in the occupy san francisco protests. police get protesters clashed in justin herman plaza. we will have a live report of as
5:28 am
hey, ellen, what are you doing? just brewing up some dunkin' donuts coffee -- want some? [ whoosh! ] i'd love some. one taste, and you'll understand. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. pick some up where you buy groceries. america runs on dunkin'. [people chatting] everyone, it's $37 a piece.
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paying with your smart phone instead of cash. that's a step forward. with chase person-to-person quickpay, you can send money directly to your friend's checking account. all you need is their email address or mobile number. don't worry honey, i'll show you. thanks everyone. so take a step forward... and chase what matters. >>darya: a developing story out of pittsburgh, for
5:30 am
people have been shot including a nine year-old girl. the victims were shot at a child's birds departed. here is video from the scene.--the victims were shot at a child's birthday party. will tran is light on the scene. >>will: neighbors around here said they thought it was firecrackers. it was much deadlier and could have killed someone but fortunately no one was killed. it happened at that house right there. here is video. there are three bullet holes in the garage. about 30 people were in the driveway when to suspect's came up and fired shots into the crowd. they fled on foot. one person is in critical condition, but all of the victims should
5:31 am
survive their injuries. we do not know the motive behind the shooting. as soon as i hear from the pittsburgh police department i will let you know. we do not know exactly how old the child was for this party, but the birthday girl was not injured by the shooting. neighbors say the family had just moved did. they say it does not appear to be gang-related. >>mark: and another developing story out of san francisco, the occupy protests is growing, look at this video, protesters classic with police just after midnight. pushing and
5:32 am
shoving between protesters and police officers. the police shut down southbound embarcadero from midnight- 1:00 a.m.. sentences police its told protesters they could stay but their belongings had to be moved to. police started taking the protesters tents delfts furious that is one protesters surrounded the truck and would not let it leave. five arrests were made. jackie sissel is a live on the scene with an update. >>jackie: we are being told that the five protesters arrested have been released. a/from one of the
5:33 am
department works drugs was slashed. that led to an arrest. they had been warned all day that they were surprised led police actually moved into have them removed. this is a billing on for weeks out here. there were just down the street from downtown san francisco. >>mark: today marks and one month since the occupy wall street movement began. 950 cities and 80 countries are
5:34 am
taking part in the movement rallying against corporate greed. >>james: here is a live look from mt. tam. this is the top of sutro tower. the fog is patchy in some parts. upper 80s and possibly the '90s, most inland spots will be in the mid-upper 80s. we are looking for a cool down tomorrow. today, of mostly sunny 50th floor looking for 86 in san jose. over the course of the next two days, look at how far temperatures drop. san francisco goes
5:35 am
from 78 down to 66. we have a steady decline in temperatures as we head towards the next 72 hours. today will be the last of thought days over the next three. it is cooler this morning that it was yesterday. 60 in oakland. 59 in san jose. that is the same time for that d.c.. here are your expected highs for today. your 7 day
5:36 am
forecast coming up in our next update. >>george: we are not tracking any hot spots or major incidents. the golden gate bridge looks good. it is foggy but there are no delays reported if. in the
5:37 am
east bay, their ride on interstate 80 westbound to the day bridge toll plaza is a smooth trip. 680 southbound is delayed free into walnut creek and sunol valley. no problems on the ride through highway 4. the time is 5:37 a.m., we will take a break and be back with more.
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the family
5:40 am
>>darya: the involuntary manslaughter trial of dr. conrad murray has been put on hold. testimony will not continue today because of the father of one of the witnesses died of a the weekend. the anesthesiologists expert
5:41 am
testimony is crucial in proving negligence on behalf of dr. conrad murray. there is no word yet on when the trial will resume. >>mark: thousands of people turned out in washington yesterday to honor the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr.. it was the dedication of his memorial on the national mall. his son says his father's economic dream has turned into a nightmare for millions of americans who have lost jobs. president obama spoke at the dedication talking about dr. king's determination and fight for change. >>president obama: change has never been quick. change has never been simple or without controversy. this change depends on persistence. changes requires determination. it took a full decade before
5:42 am
the moral guidance of brown vs. board of education was translated into the enforcement members of the civil-rights act and to the voting rights act. and those 10 long years did not read dr. king to give up. he kept on pushing. he kept on speaking and marching until change finally came. >>mark: president obama added that the work of dr. king is not yet complete. the memorial opened at the national mall in august, but the dedication was postponed because of hurricane i rain. >>darya: we are back in a couple minutes. here is a live look outside of the san mateo bridge. a nice clear shot. traffic is moving well in both directions. we will be right back.
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5:45 am
>>mark: topping headlines this morning, patchy fog and
5:46 am
cool. that is what you are experiencing outside the door. '50s and '60s is the temperature range. mostly sunny and warm conditions. temperatures will be back down to the '50s and '60s this evening. the fog is heading the coastline along the peninsula. penetrating inland valleys. >>james: here is how temperatures will progress throughout the day. across
5:47 am
the north bay and east bay, the fall will spread. livermore and bread would could very well touch 90 degrees this afternoon. take a look at tuesday and wednesday. the highs drop considerably.
5:48 am
>>george: there are no hot spots or major delays. your ride on the san mateo bridge has been good so far this morning. it continues to move smoothly in both directions. there are no problems or delays because of the fog. the east bay ride has been pretty good.
5:49 am
>>justine: wells fargo says that its net income is just about $4 billion analysts were expecting over 20 billion in revenue. the revenue came and at 99 billion. with that, the san francisco bank is getting hit in pre-market trading.
5:50 am
dow futures are down 21. the opening bell is coming up in the next hour. >>darya: pg&e will be venting natural gas from a pipeline in the menlo park area. it is in preparation for hydrostatic pressure test think ask service will not be interrupted. the small should disappear quickly. >>mark: in san jose, one person is dead after a shooting. investigators say one of the officers felt threatened and opened fire killing the man.
5:51 am
>>officer: nationwide, it seems there is a trend where individuals are more confrontational officers. it is dangerous. we do have fewer officers than in years past. >>darya: police did not say what kind of weapon the suspect had. >>darya: coming up, we will get you all of the weather and traffic that unique. there is a big change on the way. it will be nice and sunny today. a big surprise mid-week. states and for that.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
>>darya: 5:54 a.m.. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay forecast. this monday morning, things will warm up pretty quickly. a high of 88 to inland. some
5:55 am
80 near the bay and the coast. it looks really good by the day and closed. wherever you are today is nice and warm. wednesday, cloudy and drizzly. >>erica: we are following some tech headlines. like barry is offering free an ounce in light of their issues. >>mark: first france and italy, now samsung is trying to block the sale of the iphone in japan and australia, filing preliminary injunction papers against apple.
5:56 am
>>mark: the cardinals won the pennant. the st. louis cardinals clenched their 18th national league pennant. they will take on the texas rangers lost last year's world series to the giants.
5:57 am
>>darya: my mother saw footloose. real steel took first place in the box office again. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 morning news continues. in pittsburgh, four people shot including a nine year-old girl. >>darya: when our live in as it francisco where arrests were made during the occupy protests. we will tell you why in just a minute.
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