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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 17, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>darya: we are following a story out of that could occur. four people have been shot including a nine year- old girl at a birthday party for a child. here is a live look at the scene. this happened right in the driveway of a home in pittsburgh. will tran is live with details. >>will: along with the nine year-old girl, the other three victims were all under 19. it happened at that house. here is video that we got. 30 people were in the driveway at the time when two people came up and fired shots into the crowd. the suspect then fled on foot. there are too suspect. it
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appears that the shooting was not gang-related. >>mark: there were five
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arrests made in the scuffle. >>jackie: protesters say that they were born that they could not set up a permanent encampment on justin herman plaza. they had been protesting for three weeks in front of the federal reserve bank. they said that they needed to set up a more permanent encampment. san francisco police disagreed. that is when the clash happened. they are back out here this morning. >> we are going to stay here. we are supposed to
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have 80,000 people here with us. we're calling engineers for structure and energy supply. we need volunteers to help organize a donation campaigns. >>jackie: all five protesters that were arrested have been released. >>darya: protests have been happening across the country. the numbers are rolling into the thousands. so far this morning the $300,000 has been donated to the youth movement. that money is being held in a bank. many of the largest
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weekend protest or in europe. the protests have reached worldwide. take a look at what is going on in rome. it is estimated that millions of dollars, at least $8 million damage was done. the protests did turn violence. 960 cities and 80 countries are taking part in this movement to rally against corporate greed. >>james: it is going to be beautiful. here is a live look from the james lick
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potentially 90 degrees inland. here is a quick look at temperatures. they will change dramatically. these are the temperatures we are calling for. here is a look at tomorrows temperatures. you'll notice, that there are no '80s on the list for tomorrow. quite a bit cooler. the fog is hugging the coast. visibility is down to less than a mile. we have not reported any delays at sfo just yet. we have noticed a few locations that
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have dropped. we have some slight cooling. in general, upper 50s and low 60s. this afternoon, eighties around just about every part of the bay. i just want to mention, we have a system and the pacific bell coolest down. cool temperatures tomorrow and even cooler temperatures on wednesday. >>george: if the early back up is any indication, we could see another bay bridge back up today. the golden
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gate bridge has fog this morning. it has lifted a bit. better conditions even now southbound. >>justine: wells fargo is saying that its third quarter profits jumped 21%.
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the san francisco-based bank said this morning that its net income is just about $4 billion. this does match wall street's expectations. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes.
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>>mark: we're waiting for the opening bell. its better than expected earnings from seagram's, dow teachers are down 40 points. wells fargo stock is down 4.5% because of their revenue was less than expected. only 19.6
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billion. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. we are talking about the weather. we're looking for a warm day today. we have a surprise in store for later in the week.
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>>mark: 6:15 a.m., let's talk weather and break down what we are expecting. >>james: today is not bad. watch what happens over the next 48 hours. temperatures will drop dramatically. the winds will take up and the the clouds will move in. by wednesday we have a chance of drizzle along the coast. a pretty decent holddown in
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store. enjoy today because everything changes for tuesday and wednesday. the fog is something we're watching. it is particularly heavy. visibility is under a mile near petaluma. there are no delays reported at the airport right now. that could be due to the fact that the fog is not expected to hang around very long. we have a northerly breeze that will keep things as bay. that will change as we go into tomorrow and wednesday. it is cool out there. it will warm up nicely this afternoon and we
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have a few pockets of 80 degree weather inland. the 80 degree weather becomes more widespread by 3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.. we will have a few spots near the 90 degree mark. livermore is one of those and brentwood near santa rosa. here is where we see whether going over the next several days. from thursday and beyond we will start to slowly warm. that is our weather. let's get caught up on your morning commute. >>george: the metering lights are on. a backup on the bay bridge toll plaza. we are not tracking and the hot spots. the backup reaches to the middle of the
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east parking lot and is a building pretty rapidly. it said it free of the bay bridge. continuing our bridge check this time at the san mateo bridge, the right continues to build but there are no delays and a 13 minute drive time as he had westbound. the golden gate bridge 101 it through marin county, the fog has been moving in and out. there have been no delays due to traffic southbound or northbound. as he tried these the commute, problem free and a delay free. the south bay freeways, especially 101 and 85 are very light. the north bay ride is delayed free-throw marin county through southbound 101 said. >>darya: to date marked 22 years since the 1989 loma
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create an earthquake. you can see the destruction and fires that work triggered on that earthquake centered across the san andreas fault line. it struck at 5:04 p.m..
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>>erica: we have been asking viewers to share with us where they were at the time of the earthquake. if you remember where you were, you could be the comment on our facebook fan page. >>mark: and another story, san jose police continued searching for a gunman who opened fire at a hell's angel funeral service. the shooting killed one man at the funeral. steve tausan, the sergeant at arms for the santa cruz chapter of the hell's angels. he was also the owner of a san jose build bonn's agency.--bail bonds agency. back in 1987 he was a bouncer at this strip club when he was arrested and charged in the beating death of a customer. he said he acted in self-defense and was acquitted. he leaves behind four children. he was gunned down on saturday during the funeral for jethro pedigrew, the president of the hell's
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angels san jose chapter. >>mark: in bay area news, the number of homicides in oakland so far this year after a double homicide this week and stands at 94. there were three fatal shootings on saturday. no arrests have been made. 94 homicides in oakland this year. it is one less than all of last year. lester at this time there were 65 homicides. >>darya: police are searching for whoever shot a 30 year-old man at a union city in-n-out burger. police say 20 year-old phi "tommy" pham of hayward is the one they're looking for. the shooting occurred early last night. the victim was shot in the chest and was arrested a hospital. sam and
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a few other man got into an argument just before the shooting with the victim and other friends. they believe he is a member of the west side he regained. we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. it is pretty clear. people are up early this morning.
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>>mark: the san francisco 49ers came away with a big win against the undefeated detroit lions. alex smith threw a 6 yd touchdown pass on fourth down with less than two minutes remaining. the lions were 5-0 going into this game.
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>>mark: after the game everyone was talking about the hearty handshake that turned into a scuffle. what what happens, the lions coach chases down jim harbaugh and then the players start running and. after the game, harbaugh took responsibility. >> i shook his hand too hard. it was a strong handshake, i really went in. a little too hard of a handshake. that was on me. >>mark: @ schwartz says that he heard an expletive during the handshake. the nfl is investigating. >>darya: oakland had several big plays to get their
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victory. they did lose quarterback jason campbell to a collarbone injury late in the first half. they defeated the cleveland browns 24-17. it was the first game for their raiders since losing the owner. john madden to let a cauldron in the corner of the stadium and remembrances to davis. coaches and team officials wore black shirts davis passed away a little more than a week ago. we are watching a backup starting to form on the bay bridge. in oakland, 61. sunshine, a
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beautiful day. oakland with a high of 81.
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>>mark: welcome back to the kron4 opening is. opening bell. a big earnings week. citicorp had better than expected earnings. wells fargo had better than expected quarterly earnings. 4 billion and net income. only 19.5 billion instead of the 20 and a quarter billion expected. dow futures were down 40. we will be the numbers throughout the morning. >>darya: a developing story in pittsburgh, four people were shot including a nine year-old girl. they were all at a birthday party for a child. there, you could see the video. this happened at home on the ravine and
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african roads. will tran is tran is live from pittsburgh with the latest. >>will: about 30 people were in the driveway at that house. here is video of the garage to show you what happened. all along with the nine year-old girl that were shot, three other people were shot. none of them older than 19. we do not know if they were the intended targets but i can't tell you, not life threatening injuries. two of the victims are in critical condition. they are expected to survive their injuries. we did speak with some neighbors, it appears that the family had recently moved into the
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neighborhood. many people were puzzled as to why someone would have a party on a sunday night that involved young children. as soon as i find out more information and a possible motive, by the way the police department at this time did not believe it was gang-related. >> pushing and shoving going on in the crowd with police trying to take away the tents of the protesters. southbound embarcadero had to be shutdown between midnight and 1:00 a.m..
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police told protesters that they could stay but could not keep their belongings there. protesters surrounded the public works truck and would not lead. five arrests were made at all. jackie sissel is level the scene with more. >>jackie: the occupy protesters are back out here. they have basically rebuild this camp. we are told that all five protesters that were arrested have been released. the department of public works truck, the tires were slashed, that led to one arrest. protesters say that they were told they
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could set up a permanent encampment--they were told that they could not set up a permanent encampment, but they were hoping that police would allow them to stay. they are hoping that san francisco will allow them to continue to set up out here . others protest locations have permanent encampment. they say they're hoping the police will give them some consideration. they hope to avoid these clashes. >>darya: today marks one month since the occupy wall street movement began. that
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is an offshoot of what is going on in san francisco and everything else. it is now a worldwide movement. here is video of demonstrations that are happening in australia and in germany. organizers say 950 cities and 80 countries are taking part in the movement rally against corporate greed. >>james: here is a live look out of mt. tam looking back over the bay. some low clouds but mostly blue skies up above. we are not looking for too much in the way a fall. temperatures this afternoon and will range from the '70s to the east. inland, '80s-'90s. we have a cool down in store for tomorrow and wednesday. on to the fog this morning, you
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can see where it is heaviest. visibility is under a mile for a good portion of petaluma. some spots have been reported visibility down to one quarter of a mile. temperatures are looking good. cooler this morning that yesterday. we have upper 50s and low 60s for the most part. 59 in antioch, cooler in livermore. cooler in santa rosa where the fog is. this afternoon, we're watching and waiting for a nice warm up. temperatures around the the media bay are hovering. warmer to the south. san jose is coming in at about 86. our warmest spots are in the inland, east bay valleys. do not be surprised if we touch that 90 degree mark. it is one of those
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days. 87 in santa rosa. 86 in napa. even downtown san francisco will see mostly sunny skies. in the distance, we have a system that is tracking towards the bay area. it will not pass directly over us. we will get enough of it that we will get cloudy and cool. on tuesday and wednesday, the system is coming in closer. inland highs low-mid-70s. now, onto traffic. >>george: we are continuing to track a hot spot. >>mark: we are having some problems with his microphone. here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. an earlier than usual back up. the back of not
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just for the cash lane, but the fastrak lanes as well. the metering lights have been activated. traffic on the bridge seems to be looking fairly smoothly. >>mark: of the golden gate, traffic has been heavy. a thick fog on the deck. >>george: traffic is typically slow in antioch. on 101 near joliet, slow traffic. that is likely to clear before we see a backup began near earnest.
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the drive time is under 30 minutes from novato to the golden gate bridge. >>justine: how many iphone as you think the new iphone 4s sold in the past three days? 4 million. 4 million sold in three days. that is twice as fast as previous models. we should point out, it is on three different carriers this year. the iphone 5 was the last project that steve jobs was intimately involved in. from what i am reading, it will
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have a slimmer profile and a bigger screen. it is a complete redesign it should debut around the developers' conference next summer in 2012. the kron4 morning is will be right back.
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>>james: i want to talk a little bit about the changing weather. today is going to be nice. the forecast for this afternoon, sunny and warm. in san francisco, we are calling for 76. mid-upper 80s nearly everywhere else. we will have an ocean breeze kicking in tomorrow. nowhere on this
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list dec 80 degree weather. that is how cool it will be. some big changes between today and tomorrow. even cooler weather for wednesday. i will talk more about that and a full check on your forecast. we will take a quick break and be right back
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>>justine: here is a live picture behind me that we're getting into the newsroom, the occupy wall street protests. this began just about a month ago. the movement continues to grow. hundreds of thousands of people are camped out this morning. the occupy movements are continuing to grow. these are live pictures from the original move met, occupy wall street. >>darya: and national news, president obama is trying to rescue parts of its now-
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defunct jobs bill. he is using a 3 day bus tour through north carolina and virginia to urge congress to pass individual pieces of the larger plan, pieces that provide assistance to states to hire or prevent lay off teachers and the first responders. the president wants lawmakers to pass 50 billion in new spending on infrastructure. >>mark: the dedication of the martlet looking memorial dedication, president obama spoke. >>president obama: let us remember that change has never been quick. change has never been as simple or
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without controversy. change depends on a persistence. change requires a determination. it took a full decade before the moral guidance of brown vs. board of education was translated into the enforcement measures of the civil rights act in the voting rights act. those 10 long years it did not lead dr. king to give up. he kept on pushing. he kept on speaking and marching until change finally came. >>mark: president obama added that dr. king's work is not yet complete. the memorial actually opened in august that the dedication was postponed because of hurricane iran. >>darya: let's get a check on the
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>>james: inland highs getting into the upper 80s. overnight the fog will return. here is where we see things the worst in terms of visibility. a good portion of the north bay along 101, visibility is down to a quarter mile. by 7:00 a.m. the fog should get out. by a and we should be in the clear and to begin the early morning warming. the fog will stay off of the coastline for most of the day. it should return overnight. temperatures have not moved a lot. oakland is
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at 61. 59 in antioch. 58 in fremont. 61 currently in mountain view. temperatures this afternoon, future cast 4 will begin at noon. a fairly nice mix. even pockets of 80 degree weather. by 4:00 p.m. widespread 80 degree weather. we should see livermore, morgan hill and possibly santa rosa in the upper 80s. you might actually get 90 under thermometer this afternoon. today will be warm. smart a different story. even cooler
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as we head into wednesday. >>george: and early back out on the bay bridge. things have started to slow even before the metering lights are activated. it is a 13 minute wait for the bay bridge westbound. there are no hot spots to track. the drive times are still the same. 13 minutes eastbound and westbound. the golden gate bridge, we have seen fog from time to time. it easy ride across the bridge. the parade commute
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looks as well. your ride in the south bay, we're picking up more slowly for 101 northbound. there ride for 101 through marin county is a lot lighter than normal with no delays southbound. all and all a pretty good ride around the bay area. in the world of racing, a dramatic 15 car crash and dan wheldon has died. he was on a lap 13 when a the cars slammed into one another. the remainder of the race was canceled. in its place
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drivers drove five labs in his place. look at video of the accident. here was the scene in indiana. fans have made a makeshift memorial. walton took the checkered flag in 2005 and finished among the top 10 in indycar points since 2010. dead at the age of 53. >> here is a live look from the mt. tam cam. a beautiful shot. high clouds. we are in for a nice, warm, sunny
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day. it is a breezy out there. right now in san francisco is 58. we will see a high of 76 before the day is done.
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>>mark: another warm day today. morning fog. nice weather, no rain in sight. >>darya: states hand, we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a beautiful shot from a van ness avenue in san francisco. we will be right
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