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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  October 18, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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pat, rebecca, and larry reid. their proposal would provide more than $5 million for police personnel, road repairs, and other things. mayor yawn's was was similar, but rejected. >> this is to show how we would spend the money. this basically says, i don't care when proposal passing, they're close enough. this is our pledge for the next two years to measure eye passes we're going to spend about half of the money maintaining the levels of the budget. >> it will raise $11 million
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for the city. it will bring back two 200 police officers laid off over the last two years. >> that includes rehiring the police that we have previously lost from the city of oakland. it includes reopening the hours that we lost. >> brooks made claims that her colleagues were promoting the benefits of measure eye, residents have their vote by mail ballots. she does not feel the funds will be used appropriately. >> do not vote for this tax. [ indiscernible ] i can't tell you how many times -- [ indiscernible ] >> oakland residents have until november # to decide whether to approve measure i. the stiff san jose is looking to put a end to a
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in crime rates. homicides are way up. let's look at the kron 4 tracker. four in the last week alone, and so far this year, 37 homicides in the city. there were only 20 in all of last year. the majority of the murders have been in the northeast section of one to and these red do -- dots give you an indication of where they are. >> we're at 1100, this is as low as i would want to see it go. we should have close to 20 2-2 thousand, that's not in the cards. >> back in the year 2002, san jose was ranked the safest city in the nation. in 2009, it ranked fourth, officer garcia says there are no plans to hire more police officers at this time. yes, it is back, the cooler
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blanket of fall. jacqueline is here to tell us what to expect. >> it was a little more than a peg or two this afternoon, temperatures were certainly down over what we saw yesterday, especially closer to the coastline. there was only 67 degrees in san francisco this afternoon, 0 in oakland. inland owl, upper 80s at that. let's look at the change over the past 24 hours, it was 16 degrees cooler in san francisco, 12 degrees cooler in redwood city. 13 in mountain view, we were down ten degrees in heyward, federal, and na pa. tomorrow different story, more on the foggy morning forecast and cooler +y;,afternoon temperatures coming up. m investigating a fire at a marijuana grow house in the mead month pines area of oakland. we learned the grow house is a legal grow house, but it is a
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total loss tonight. forevers say it was started by an overloaded electrical outlet about 8:00 tonight. it took them an hour to put out flames. in san francisco, protesters from the occupy movement are still camping out at justin herman plaza. we have video from the encampment. today the mayor was speaking saying he supports the movement, then he was interrupted by a protester. >> we stand with you in expressing i think and frustration at the institutions. >> then don't send the police -- >> well, we are working -- >> excuse me again. you are out of order. >> mayor lee is still working with the occupy protesters to try and reach a compromise on the legality of the encampment. in oakland a similar gathering still taking place at frank plaza. this is taken near city hall
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where people are camping out to show their us from station with the banks and greed. they have not given any indication as to when they may end their demonstration. republican presidential can'ts had another debate tonight and > then you gets 30 seconds to respond. >> anderson. >> would you please wait? are you just going to keep talking? let me finish with what i have to say. >> this is a tough couple of debates for rick. i understand that, so you're going to get testy. >> perry said romney hired illegal immigrants to work on his home. romney said he hired a
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landscaping company, but did not know they employed illegal immigrants. president obama will wrap up a three-day bus tour pushing his jobs plan in north carolina and virginia. he wraps up tomorrow. today he chatted with a diners and met people outside the roadside restaurant near greenboro, north carolina. he will work with lawmakers on any serious plan they put forward to help get americans back do work. and if you are planning to shop for the new iphone 4s tomorrow or any other apple product, you might to want avoid the stores tomorrow morning. they will all be closed for 90 minutes beginning at 10 in the morning for a company-wide memorial for steve jobs. the memorial's being held at the headquarters and it will be webcasts to apple stores. the doors will be open once the web cast over. and in other apple news today, the company pointed disappointing fourth quarter earnings today. revenue was up by 39%, it fell
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over a billion dollars short of analysis expectations. new numbers show just how bad the housing crisis is becoming. 27% of homes in america with a mortgage are under water. that means homeowners owe more money than the home is worth. in california, things are worse. nearly a third, 31% of homes are under water. overall in the bay area, 23% are under water, that amounts gw to more than 260,000 homes. today, concourse spoke with a local mortgage experts who says help may be on the way. >> whole modification process is so cumbersome, they've got to be tenacious. they've got to stick with it. drum and making the zy"rr@rt2no eventually, i believe most people will be able to get something qq!done, even though been real dealt. >> kron 4 has a link to the numbers. they are broken down county by county, you x"ó÷b
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kron still to come, a hunting trip in northern california turns tragic. how the hunters dog helped rescuers two weeks after the pair vanished. also new at 11:00, drones are not just a military tool anymore. how you could have one sitting just a bit more than the cost of most lawn mowers. coming up later in the broadcast, hey the raiders celebrating a new quarterback, and will and jada and the 76ers, that's later in this broadcast.
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a northern california man and his dog vanished after going on a hunting trip. he took his dog lucky up to the valley area of the trinity mountains in california. he died in the wilderness though, but his companion stayed by his side until rescuers found him nearly two weeks later. search teams found fingertips and dog prints which led them to the dog and eventually the
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body. no idea how he died. it was cooler today and continued cool weather into tomorrow. we have a warm-up in store. i will have a details coming up. right after the forecast, even if you do not drink a drop of alcohol, bring drinking could be costing you, we'll explain. ♪
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because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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new tonight at 11:00, when you think of drones, you usually think of missiles and military surveillance, but there is a company that is making drones and selling them to civilians. katherine explains, there's a group working on drone projects. >> reporter: unmanned vehicles are flying out of this small san diego warehouse for under # thousand dollars you can buy >> we to want make aerial robotics available to everyone.
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>> reporter: he is an editor, his partner. >> i never knew i was going to have the chance to work for a high-tech company or even own one. >> reporter: he grew up in mexico able to fix anything. >> when i was 10 years old, i was able to build from scratch, computers -- >> reporter: legally he couldn't work while waiting on his green card. >> this is amazing, keep going with your work. >> reporter: that turned into do it yourself drones. it's pushing military technology into the civilian world. the company imagines a uav zooming into a burning building as it flies ahead of firefighters, the drone's heat sensors tell them how hot each room is. as its army identify any obstacles blocking their way to the people trapped inside. anderson says, personal drones could even record crimes and instantly alert police.
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>> maybe cameras, the notion of army seeing something you toldhold is not motive, cameras have wings. >> reporter: people are using social media to broadcast their lives 24/7, a camera could be the ultimate extension of that desire. >> once we make it easier to put an eye in the sky, i think that the users will discover the real applications. >> reporter: there's a whole website devoted to this concept, and there is a group here in the bay area. they're involved in their own drone projects. we've set up aling to the site, it's on our web page we saw a more summer like pattern out there today with the dog close to the coastline, as we head into tomorrow, the thick fog is rolling to our valleys and temperatures drop off as a result. tomorrow morning fog and drizzle from the bay area.
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dense close to the coast. fog clearing back by noon, 4:00 hour cooler out there. tomorrow inland valleys dropping into the 70s, livermore 74 tomorrow afternoon. the 8:00 hour it'll be patchy in places like antioch and dense in places like san francisco and okay. scaling back by ten, finally by noon, back to san francisco and the coastline. looks like it's going to continue to see fog through the afternoon tomorrow. as for those temperatures, there'll be slightly cooler tomorrow, especially in the inland valleys, 74 in livermore, 70s all down in the south bay, 74 in san jose, low 70s for the most part. 67 in oakland, 65 in the bay. 70s for the in the bay, 63 in san francisco and the midup toker 70s in places like concord and fairfield. look at your forecast, continue the cooling trend into
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tomorrow. reverse that trend as we head in through the rest of the week. thursday and friday, warmer temperatures, more sunshine as we head into the weekend, low 80s for our valleys, upper 70s for our bay shores, enupper 60s for the coastline. $224 billion. that's how much binge drinking cost the united states in 2006. a newly released report from the cdc andline group broke downtown cost. 73% of the expense comes from losses in workplace product i felt while health care expenses made up for 11%. tax dollars also made up some of the cost used to help those deal with their drinking problems. coming up next, it's not a bye week for the 49ers according to the players, gary has that story straight ahead. and the raiders land a quarterback they believe can lead them to the super bowl. gary is up next. he's got all the sports.
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all right good evening everybody on the excitement meter, the raiders are now neither top of the nfl. the big story today, they acquire former probowl quarterback carson palmer. he was being described as paid for a deep price. could become a number one. palmer says, i do not want to play for the bengals, i may be yesterday 11 and a half million dollars, but i'm going to quit. he's been retired until today. >> i went to bed last night at 10:30, a retired football play and got a text message at 4:00 a.m. and was told to get on a plane to oakland. its been a whirlwind. and i understand what's expected of me. i've played in this league for eight years, i know what it's about. i know what playing quarterback is like in this league. i want to contribute and do
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everything, whatever i can to help this team. >> a lot of people think we mortgage the future of the organization, i don't see it that way. i mean, i don't think you ever mortgage the future organization when your putting a franchise quarterback on your team. >> all right don't be surprised if he starts sunday at home verses kansas city. a footnote to the big dealings today, the cincinnati bengals gave up in the trade, chinnen who was a seventh round back in 2007. let's see him pick something off, and that is it. the 49ers off this week. jim harbaugh is calling it improvement week. >> i love that. it is improvement week you know we don't look at it as getting a couple weeks off, we look tat as getting better. >> what i can be doing, what we can do better. >> it's really high right now,
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the confidence level. we're hungry. we haven't won anything right now, we're 5-1 and have a long way to go. >> there's a bay area flavor of the world series which begins tomorrow night in st. louis. here ron washington getting on the plane, ron, of course you saw the back of ron's head to be exact. he was third base coach in oakland, couldn't get the managerial job, tony of course, he's a well regarded manager of the cardinals. >> well, i think hamilton put it as perfectly as it can be put, right now we expect to win. and that's the attitude we have. if there's one guarantee, i can guarantee our club is not going to change its attitude about competing in the world series. i mean, the rangers don't get the best we got, we're going to have the same approach, the best we can. and -- [ indiscernible ] then you see if you're good enough or not. >> the cardinals playing in
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their third world series in the last eight years. and of course, washington and the rangers made it last year only to be defeated by the giants. will and jay coo smith are sticking their toes in the nba waters. they are now part owners of the philadelphia 76ers, and you've been, i know pam you don't read those because you're a journalist. occasionally i read the inquirer. i drought line at the globe. i do not read the globe. >> do you subscribe? >> i'm too cheap. ly read it. i'm a big will smith fan, when the movie ali was out, i was going to go to the movies. will and jada bring their truck and parking lot next to the heater. all right. >> you're hanging out with the star glove compartment guy says you're going to have to move your truck sir. he'll buy in dump and fire you. and will goes hey, thanks man. jada nothing, she was seeing if anybody recognized her. will, tremendous, really nice
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guy. that was right when his movie came out. he was built like hell. >> yeah, that was a good movie. >> so was i in those days. >> good night. >> we both looked good. hots over the last 10 years. [ male announcer ] hey, but who's counting? get your flu shot from a specialist you can trust. at the safeway pharmacy. ow! [ male announcer ] when life happens,
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