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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  October 22, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities
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who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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>> vicki: people war in iraq as one no. the president to access the truth will come home before the holidays. there are some people agree with him and some who are opposed. she'll be and take a look. >> president obama not all the remaining to return home by the end of the year. >> i and i rock we have succeeded in our strategy to end the war. >> this victory as one
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addict who analyst of victories the president obama heads. welfare has been positive--while there has been positive reaction, there has also been criticism from the gop party. >> how many troops would you bring out and when will you bring them out? i and i think that is a good strategy. >> the last deal to do is put golden women's lives in danger. >> the iranian president said that the move was long overdue. >> i think it should happen sooner maybe eight years ago so they could avoid killing so many high rocky people and americans.
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>> vicki: home sales may be in a slump, but the bay area rent on the rise, we will tell you where and why coming up. verizon 4g lte. america's fastest and most reliable 4g network in over 160 cities. verizon. built so you can rule the air.
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piper >> vicki: and the area news brent prices are another rise. the break down the numbers and tell me which gary has the biggest increase. >>reporter: his new report shows that it will cost more to rent now than it did a year ago. last year in fremont it was want thousand $497 none it is up 9.7%. in
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san jose area the rent is up 1.8% from last quarter and ages of 12.5 percent uphill-- >>reporter:
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lou >> looking if he of san francisco with a day was today, temperatures in the low 80s his heart of the gift to the end of october but this is the time the week this weather. we have the wind, and it will keep the fog away and keep contrast and warm. no-fault to be found this evening. we are clear around the bay area. this is a mild evening with piffle we can weather. his school and began the sea breeze kicking back up. right now it is 69 degrees.
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here is a satellite view from the 10 --date. look for more warm weather in the forecasts. we have temperatures in the '70s. looking left the high tomorrow, we have high as in any peace for the day him and then a beacon to cool off and '60s and '70s from monday. the temperatures come down a few more decrees on tuesday. boosted the thieveries come and we will keep the cool air back in the bay. murrell, keep
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typical. it will be nice and warm in the mid '80s for the south bay, 85 percent of clara--85 percent declarer. upper '70's and low 80's in the east shore. we have 82 in oakland as well as into hayward had warm temperatures at the beach, 77 incentive: 80 for the north bay. it will be canticle done as we go into next week. we are saving the best weather for the weekend. by midweek will notice a little winds turned the crank up again. those are very dry winds offshore. meaning there will be a potential fire danger. we will keep you posted.
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>>stanley: this is a political banner for a man that is running for mayor in san francisco. and his son he even had the information on how to find him on twitter and facebook. maybe we should not lead him to tell him his son to a violation of city law. in san francisco and russia are permitted to be hung out city property. in fact any fund confetti property can only be ended by 11 in. and no more. over in the marina in addition to this woman is running for mayor. she has her sons and two different locations. both the directly across from the marina, they're trained law up to this poll. if it were just a chair and table it might be ok, however there are political signed the pact, and that is if the below.
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>>stanley: the this man is running for sheriff to of his funds are stapled to the detour signs. has traffic zooms by they may be reading the political side instead of the warning sign. at the carroll sheet muni station in this woman is holding and italy from their son. for the record here is an absolute the nothing new grown with his until the fund holder ' the cup down on the crime. if you are running for office--my advice would be to brush up on bill laos, and especially the financial loss.--signage
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laws. >> vicki: coming up will get a look at steve jobs, the the bar of free about his life in some stunning revelations. and bills that costs tons. maybe i'll keep it... it adds character... right? [ male announcer ] we know life can be unpredictable. that's why we offer affordable health coverage and dental plans. blue shield.
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and dental plans. or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $7.8 billion to small businesses across the country so far this year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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keeps lead has passed the new revelations about the man behind helpful. paroquet the publicity is titled steve jobs. here is what we have learned so far. steve do need surgery for his pancreatic enter that he
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needed for nine months which he regretted. he tried luther herbal remedy to including jews fast, bottle cleanses, he vegan diet and health consultant a psychic. and he decided to fight it with modern medicine he had his dna sequence, he spares no expense. the child told biographer that he would destroy end troy to his last dying breath even if he had to spend the $40 billion cash hord do it. heenan know when the idea for his company name came from. he was animal fruit current and he visited an apple farmer in me, that it cliff-he
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thought he will if--he thought it was clean and simple. in his early years he used lsd many fear that welcome to reliable was unimportant unlike to make craig thinks it rather than searching for money. he gave up christianity after seeing starving children and a friend of time life magazine and he was 13. the day before he died he called the new ceo of apple to discuss the ideas he had. his biography goes on fell on monday. i am gabe slate with kron4 news. >> vicki: that sounds like a great read. but tomorrow
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you don't want to be exciting to be held flat. >> that is right, we have temperatures in the '70s and '80s. >> that is it for a fee you tomorrow. so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. because it is.
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