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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  October 24, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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>>mark: good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm mark danon. >>justine: i am justine waldman. we're going to start with a full check on whether. >>james: the golden gate bridge is selling us a foggy conditions. it is not widespread. did not but this is shot full ec if the
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afternoon highs are getting more confined for. fifth call it cut those are the current conditions. future cast 4 is set for 7:00 a.m. which is right now. as we advance the clock to noon a
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lot more cloud cover. in the north bay, wash that line of clouds rolling through most of the afternoon. by 7:00 p.m. no sunshine and cloud cover all day long. earth here is what we see in terms of the temperatures. we will only get up to about 70 degrees in los gatos and morgan hill. in oakland, 73 degrees. it will be cool on the east side of the bay. livermore and antioch he, 77 for santa rosa and fat but ended fairfield, a little cooler in san francisco, 72 with cloud cover and creeks in sunshine. the cloud cover that we see will pass us
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live. we will clear things out a little bit of instability that will keep us on the cool side of the next couple of days. tuesday and wednesday, 73 degrees. gusty winds and a northerly breeze pushing through the bay. fifth that is your weather. >>james: we have been tracking a stall towards the incline section of the bay bridge. it is out of the way now but it has slowed the metering lights for a while. it is backed up beyond the ec over crossing. if a 14-16 minutes drive. it is not as bad as we have seen before. there is an incident down here at tased high incline appeared there
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are only five lanes. on the sanity of rich, problem free. the volume is heavy. you're committed to the golden gate bridge is still a problem free through the fog on 101 southbound. on the east bay ride will thick of the commute on a traffic maps. showing some slowing on the lower east sort freeway heading through berkeley. for your ride hot 101 into guadalupe parkway, there could be an accident on 101 law in the lane. ... it could hurt the 101 that it into a hot spot. there are no problems or delays southbound. "
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got too close to a tugboat. that caused the man's kayak to capsize. the coast guard
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will decide at first light bulb or not to send up a helicopter. news, rescue teams are pulling away the rubble from flattens a multistory buildings looking for people trapped in turkey. a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. the death toll stands at 270. you are looking at video of the rescue on the left and the damage on the right. if the authorities say dozens of people are still trapped. buildings have collapsed in one city with people trapped inside. hundreds of homes and villages tumbled down in this earthquake that struck in the province near the border with a rock. some inmates escaped from prison after one of the prison walls collapsed. seven aftershocks have been felt since the earthquake yesterday. testing >> flooding continues to worsen in thailand. bangkok has escaped damage but the
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prime minister has urged residents to move a valuable to higher ground. one-third of the nation has been drowned since late july. the flooding left more than 350 people dead and displaced more than 100,000. it has cost billions of dollars in damages and cut nearly seven a thousand people temporarily out of work. this is the worst flooding to hit the country since 1942. third outthrust n.y.
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>>mark: we are watching wall street this morning. the dow jones up 55 points from an expected. mergers and acquisitions, cigna has acquired health spring for 3.8 billion. thank linkedin stocks are on the rise, currently a 3%. apple was up 1.9% and hewlett-packard is of 1.8% serious testing
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>> the first biography for steve jobs will be released today. for roof does seem >> much more ahead, we will take a quick break in be right back. warm weather was the story of the weekend, we will check in with james fletcher to see when the cool down comes. hack best
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>>george: and nasa reported in san francisco. it is reported at army cesar
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chavez. the chp reports that only one of them will require a tow truck. cut in the ride is a definitely slowed. it is not brought to a stop. if you are getting to this city and you normally commute to the peninsula, this is a great morning to avoid this central freeway or not get on to the skyway from downtown san francisco. had it towards 63 and use the extension to get out of town. the accident is reported near army cesar chavez. the road we could be cleared in a little while. avoid the inbound central and the southbound james lick freeway until the accident is cleared. hayden
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come from out of their much written or >>george: on the bay bridge the backup is a little bit bigger than usual your ride on the golden gate bridge still looks good southbound despite the fall. heading out of morgan hill this morning and coming up out of gilroy, northbound 101, in morgan hill there are big delays. there is a big rig
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on its side blocking lanes of traffic. the ride into san jose is definitely going to have some complications. let's get a check on the weather with james fletcher. from mt. tam showing as the foggy cloud cover. is a little misleading. we're not talking bay area wide. isolated and patchy at best. the sea breeze is out there. the south ends antifog along the southern portions of the peninsula
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coastline. temperatures are cool, in the upper 40's north bay. 55 in san francisco. temperatures will warm slightly as 58 in antioch, 59 in san jose. temperatures will continue to fall a degree or two. we are approaching sunrise. temperatures continue to fall just slightly. at 9:00 a.m. we are looking for widespread rack what you do not see 50 degree weather. we will be at some of that today because cooler winds are coming in. look at tuesday or wednesday. wednesday will be pretty cholesteric. north of science that will be keeping the wind gusts
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pretty high. that will be something we will watch. ingesting >> police are calling in deadly crash a murder. a transit driver rams a member of the hell's angels killing that% on the freeway. maureen kelly has the latest on the investigation. >>maureen: the person who shot this video says you're looking and members of the hell's angels who were riding with the victim leaving the collision seen on their motorcycles. police say it started around 4:00 p.m. on eastbound 580, that is where they say the driver intentionally ran a motorcycle rider in kept relief friday off the man and the machine. for officer: the driver of the motorcycle into the motorcycle became wedged underneath the fans here if
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as the band continued to drive, the victim went underneath the vancouver if we do not know the exact distance. will have to figure that out for. off the buy flat for about 1 mi.. >>maureen: the victim was a hell's angel and set aside at a local hospital. the driver has been identified as eddie hall of oakland. he was quickly taken into custody can have been arrested for homicide and felony hit and run. the freeway was shut down for close to 10 hours. investigators are looking for answers as to what sparked the deadly collision. >>officer: we are not sure what caused the driver to take the action that he did. >>maureen: investigators are hoping that witnesses driving on the road and saw what happened will come forward. maureen kelly, kron4 news. fifth dusting
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>> the drive bay--the driver for the transit van has been in employees since january. no passengers were on board of the time of the crash. >>mark: here is a picture of a 2 t bell stolen from the parking lot of st. mary's cathedral. a security guard reported the bolt missing during the 11:00 a.m. mass yesterday morning. there are no cameras in this parking lot. it is unclear when the golf--and when the bell was last seen. church members say they cannot believe someone would just take the belt. >>mark: president obama is in the bay area to talk about jobs, a fund-raising luncheon at the that you hotel raising money for the president's reelection campaign. he is scheduled to arrive in theory it's a monster if the president's
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trip to the bay area last month net of the obama campaign more than $5 million. we will be right back as the kron4 morning news continues. here is a live look at the james lick. a check on that after the break.
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>>george: welcome back. we are continuing to track a hard-fought and san francisco. the james lick stop out as a source of that stuff for a multi vehicle accident that blocked more than one line. traffic is starting to move for the inbound central freeway is still backed up nearly all the way to octavian how rule for a while, use interstate 28280 extension that you can access from six street. that will get you down to the james lick freeway and put you on south of the accident and south of
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the back up. a complete traffic check coming up. >>mark: no injuries have been reported after two separate cars derailed in lower manhattan. 19 people were safely evacuated after the train slammed into the back of a disabled train. one car was off the track with wheels hanging over. no immediate cause of the crash. defense attorneys for dr. conrad murray are expected to be calling witnesses in the case today. the defense will be dr. conrad murray is attempt to counter at four weeks of damaging testimony. his team is expected to call 15 witnesses. it is not yet known if dr. murray will take the stand. today, the prosecution's final witness, an expert in propofol. >>justine: newly released surveillance video shows
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someone walking by a gas station near the home of lease or when the day her child disappeared. if the station manager says it is unusual to see anyone walking at night in that area. she was reported missing after her father came home or work. her mother says she was drunk the day her daughter disappeared and did she had last seen the baby for hours earlier than initially reported. much more ahead on the kron4 news. a live look outside of san jose. faugh
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>>james: wednesday will be a gusty day. winds coming in
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from the north. things will stay mild and cool as we head into the weekend. definitely a change in the year. cooler weather as we head into the last half of october. >>justine: in news of around the bay, san jose police are investigating a seventh officer involved shooting. the department admits the number is high that they are saying that officers acted correctly each time fierce >>officer: we do not know what is leading up to all of these shootings the one thing is ashore, the officers are in very dangerous situations. they are protecting themselves and unfortunately have to use deadly force. >>justine: at this shooting, officers of a hot --shot fired. the man was shot by officers but is expected to survive. erica has a look at what people are saying about this on
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facebook. >>erica: good morning, this is certainly a big talker. i have been asking viewers why they think the number of officer: involved shootings is increase in san jose. off 1/4 and says, these are reznikoff's with weapons. an officer involved shooting should be expected. the guns are not there for decoration. on the other hand when person says they're trained to act and respond when needed. could the problem be that the general public is creating certain situations? it's likely their own, and i could read them on the air fare. five >>mark: in the this morning the suspect charged with the murder of nursing to officially will be in court today. giselle esteban will enter a plea and have a bail hearing. lee was missing for more than four months before her body was found in several last month. she was
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last seen alive with the hall hail her concert commentate. gabrielle givers is now in north carolina for two weeks of intensive physical therapy. a spokesperson says she is effective defense time with their pets who worked with her in houston. six people were killed and 13 wounded including efforts when the shooter open fire outside of the two centers restore. we will be right back as the kron4 morning news continues. we're watching a hot spot around the bay area. the bay bridge with a big back up. fifth problems on the james lick as well. in of the one we come back.
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if for an
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>>george: to 80 is getting busy. we are continuing that problems in morgan hill. and here is an accident northbound on 101. but a big rig is on inside, the chp has issued a similar period of use the 280 extension. >>mark: shops and after getting this data will 20 year-old man. and happened
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on in st. around 30 a.m. the. reports of a light beer. while they responded to a fight, they got a phone call of a man asking for help. they found a man unconscious on the sidewalk. please do not have anyone in cuts the but they believe the first or up the fight is related to the stabbing. tell slightly comeback is time to find out what is happening in the world according to gary. gary and market talk about the world series and the raiders game or lack thereof. here's a look at the big board. ellison said the three points.
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>>mark: it is time for the world according to gary. we're talking about the raider highlights.
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>>gary: try to find one what a day. >>gary: all during the week the coach was viewing him hell have a.m. hands in the end, that sort did not help. >>mark: was aegis of recall that? the >>gary: of persons outside,
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he has been making all of the shots. it would have been good for the team to know who was going to start for of the week. you have a bye week and then, denver coming to town. is the bye week good for them? >>gary: with a new quarterback is probably better to have a bye week. he was quoted as saying he only needs 10 percent of the playbook. >>mark: onto baseball, yesterday the rangers went 4-0 and tied everything up. alberto holes hit three home
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runs and tied a record set by babe ruth and reggie jackson. >>gary: i beg you do not have the ratings for last night. that was a protest a tan. last night you had a horrible game, nor was beating indianapolis. that would be curious if the baseball game came close to beating football. >>mark: i am assuming it would deal lauren. >>mark: why did they not do replays in baseball class he was clearly tagged out at first base. >>gary: the comeback is, the game is slow enough. what is
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funny, if i was a texas fans south, i would be in favor of a replay. there is something about the human error, the manager comes out and argues a little bit. if you do not see that someone's in football. cost cut >>mark: now, he can screen, go to the reflates serious fly just like still like golf. i think having the right call is more important than anything else. >>gary: especially for the playoffs. >>mark: i think everything should be reviewed, the anacostia kafiri will play a clear game. polls is not
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going anywhere. cuhall program and had heard the story about him? he met
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a woman with a disabled child, they got married. >>mark: it is nice to see players like that. every news your faith in baseball. >>mark: d.c. the michigan state and wisconsin game? that is where the replay came in to do its job. >>gary: how many times has that ever work? >>mark: very few. >>gary: the official call was he was down and then, they checked it. it's >>mark: the white line is a part of the end zone. >>gary: their reflates are great. >>gary: if it was not for replays, wisconsin would have won. asks some
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>>mark: get 3 played a fan of the police and. >>mark: i think it made the right call. >>gary: sometimes we have to look at something three-four times before we state it was a bad call. the only have one shot. they need to get rid of the box that does balls and strikes in baseball. seth assess cost won't calling saddam with a all in it strikes, but people in it criticized every call. into technology makes hall better in my opinion. of the
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>>marty: defensive line in stamford nominated for players of the week. worked qr walked >>gary: stammer has to of the top prospects in the country. >>mark: we will be right back as,, ominous and fort
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>>erica: we are following tech headlines. with the league's it is officially put announcing they are stopping leaks because of lack of funding. they claim that they have lost an estimated 95% of the funding. more information on this developing news on my facebook fan page.
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>>mark: a rise of the dow jones up 48 points right now banff on news coming in that cigna is overtaking health spring. the >>mark: here is a live look from the roof camera in san francisco. we're watching the fog soliciting. we're also watching several traffic hot spots. testing
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>> good morning. here is a live look outside from our roof camera and synthesis coastal and thus the fog. we will talk more about cooler temperatures that are moving
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into the bay area but first, let's check in with george in the traffic center. >>george: in the south bay, we have some very serious problems, the first in san jose at the guadalupe parkway, 101 northbound, a multi vehicle accident that blocked the three left lanes. the injured people have been managed to be cleared. the two left lanes are still shut down because there is so much glass in the roadway. there is no real good alternate. to 80 is pretty well back death in 87 northbound is getting heavy as well. the other major problem for the south bay is in morgan hill. a big rig is on its side virtually blocking the road with. traffic is only able decree by on the right-hand shoulder and the left-hand center divide. if use santa teresa boulevard. the traffic is backed up all the
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way to gilroy and be on for the 101 north on ride coming into market help. that is taking a lot of pressure off of the dry theory sphere is a bigger backup because the coyote valley traffic is being held up in morgan hill. in san francisco, a hot spot on 101 southbound at cesar chavez. the accident is cleared and the central freeway is no longer backed up to octavius' street. you know longer have to worry about using the to the extension. the bay bridge, a pretty good-sized back up to the edge of the macarthur maze. it is back around west grand ave. and 18 minute drive time. 880 is a good approach to the bay bridge and will save time. your ride on the san mateo bridge has been problem free curious volume
8:02 am
has dropped a bit cents and hour ago. we are delayed free southbound but the ride into marin county continues to get heavier. here is james fletcher with a look at the weather. temperatures
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archery in the north. santa rosa and nevada if coming in at 47 carries high haugh lahore hard haul the sun is up. for the next hour or so, gradual warming. 9:00 a.m., 60 degree weather, that will be widespread. by noon we will get some heating inland. by 3:00 p.m. it will
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get a little more widespread. we are still looking at mid-upper seventies, maybe 77 or 70. travelers will be on the call side in cooler tomorrow. take a look at tuesday and wednesday. inland highs only getting up to 73. on wednesday we will have some gusty winds. northerly breeze coming in. thursday and friday will be look its saturday and sunday we will all but done. and >>mark: rescue teams are clearing away rubble, looking for people trapped in turkey after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that killed at least 272 and injured 1300. authorities say that dozens of people are believed to still be
8:05 am
trapped in buildings that collapsed. for different rescues to place this morning with people calling from their cell phones to be rescued. with villages and buildings tumbledown near the border of ron. inmates escaped from prison after one of the prison walls collapsed. justine >> will tran is live in san leandro with an update on a developing story about a hell's angel murder. >>will: good morning, adjusting. this is a story we have been falling since saturday. i had the opportunity to speak with the >>stanley: and the police department. at this point they believe they have enough evidence to go after eddie hall. he will be in court on tuesday. he is 31 years old. they believe that
8:06 am
he has a criminal record that they are not releasing it. they believe that he purposely went after a motorcyclist. at this point are not saying if he is a hell's angel member. according to the hell's angel they believe the motive was possibly road rage. according to the spokesman i spoke with they said they will not go into that but they have enough evidence to charge him with involuntary manslaughter but they believe this is more serious and they're charging him with murder. >>officer: we do not feel that this was done on accident. >>officer: we are investigating what mr. hall was thinking and what his intentions were. >>will: i know you are not
8:07 am
releasing a motive, but you believe you have one? >>officer: we believe that we do. >>will: de think he targeted his actions or was this a split decision? will >> it will be up to prosecutors to charge him with murder one or murder to and that will depend on how much time he will serve as he is convicted. the name of the victim is not being released pending the autopsy and identification according to other news outlets, they believe he is a hell's angels member although at this flying there are reserving calling him that until they get confirmation. more sound coming up at 8:30 a.m..
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>> it is difficult to put our finger on what is happening leading up to all these different shootings, but officers are in dangerous situations. they are protecting themselves but unfortunately they are doing that with deadly force. >>justine: a quick break, kron4 news. much more right after this as a take a live look outside and a very foggy golden gate bridge.
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mmm... if i were cheese... i wouldn't want to let go of myself either. come try the cheese inspired dishes one now won 52 ofenu. them of when i commenced or larry
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concede to me than the economy's credit or bread or speak cayley yesterday says i was convinced him the floor but i did one baby brother to get hur
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>>mark: police are investigating two incidents, a stabbing and a robbery. believe the first report of a fight is related to the stabbing. >>mark: a woman was found shot in an east palo also apartment at 10:00 p.m. saturday night. in 18 year- old woman was suffering some gunshot wounds. police are investigating. police are searching for two armed suspects in a robbery in san carlos. the man was robbed
8:16 am
and/or the knife after two suspects in all black robbed him. testing >> there are several hot spots >>george: we're talking about 101 from the south bay all the way up to san mateo. we have a say the birds with an overturned big rig. the only alternate is santa teresa. traffic has been backed up all the way into gilroy for over an hour that is not the only problem. there was an earlier occurring accident and san jose. traffic is
8:17 am
heavy to millbrae and san mateo. the bay bridge back up is not that bad. backed up to west grand. the golden gate bridge, the commute through marin county, excuse me, let's go to the san mateo bridge. there are no problems except when you get to 101. the golden gate
8:18 am
bridge as a mention earlier is shrouded with fog. there are no delays on the stand. the ride through marin county is really not that bad. the drive times are under 40 minutes out of nevada to the golden gate bridge. here is james fletcher in the weather center. this seabury's is pushing the fog and cloud cover into the area.
8:19 am
>>james: this is how much cooler is that yesterday. >>james: , golden gate bridge, fog is streaming into the bay as we advance the clock towards the noon, it is fairly widespread. at 7:00 p.m. it will clear out slightly and then hang around as we head towards midnight and early tomorrow
8:20 am
morning. temperatures this afternoon seeing '60s and '70s. there are no '80s. here is a slide around the bay. let's see where temperatures are going this afternoon, 73 in oakland. los gatos and morgan hill coming in at about 78. mid- upper 70's. 76 for a bottle. guests--764 novato. temperatures are cool tuesday and wednesday. the next 48 hours will be cool.
8:21 am
thursday, friday and into the weekend we will continue to cool as we round up the week. >>mark: the coast guard is continuing to search for a missing man. will tran has the latest on the search. it is cold this morning. the coast guard believes there is a slight chance that he could still be alive. at this point no one is sure if he was wearing a life vest at the time. according to
8:22 am
the coast guard those people were not his friends. there were kayakers who happened to be near him. the propeller wash cause his kayak to capsize. at first light the coast guard will decide whether or not to send up a helicopter to continue searching. >>justine: this protester is taking his message to new heights. jackie sissel is there to tell us what is happening. >>jackie: this protester is at city hall, on a wall. up
8:23 am
until this morning there were other members of the occupy protests here at city hall plaza. police moved in around 3:30 a.m. and told protesters that they needed to leave the park and could not sleep overnight. they eventually made some arrests and detained some people. one protester decided that he would take a protest to the wall. that is where he is our right now. justin >> is it legal for him to be up there? >>jackie: it is not.
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>>mark: welcome back, the first authorized biography of steve jobs is hitting bookstores today. 656 pages titled steve jobs. it is based on more than 40 interviews with jobs over four years as well as conversations with family, friends, colleagues and competitors. it is written by walter isaacson. hough
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call >>james: we have patchy fog and clouds this morning with cooler temperatures slated for this afternoon. coast in debate temperatures, '60s and '70s. inland, upper
8:34 am
seventies come this afternoon. let's take a look at where to voters are right now. everyone else is still holding steady. let's talk a little bit about cloud cover. that will be impacting our weather today. fog tracker 4 is showing as quite a bit of a fog along the coast. i am going to run the clock forward and around noon, widespread fog and cloud cover inland. the clock continues to march forward and the cloud cover really weaves through the bay area throughout the course of the afternoon. it's finally exits by 70 am. the cloud cover will close its way and as we head to the overnight hours and approach midnight.
8:35 am
because we will have some of cloud cover over the bay, temperatures rarely will not get up to where we want them to be. if you will be in downtown san francisco we are looking to reach 72 degrees. as temperatures will be on the decline tuesday and wednesday. take a look at your 7 day forecast. we're definitely
8:36 am
in october weather as we approach halloween. hart, >>mark: an earthquake in turkey caused hundreds of buildings to tumble down. the earth quake struck near the border of around. some inmates escaped from prison after a prison wall collapsed. at least seven aftershocks have been felt since the earthquake yesterday this afternoon. testing >> police say a deadly motorcycle crash was no accident. will tran is live
8:37 am
in san leandro. >>will: the san leandro police believe that this was no accident. they believe he was targeting a hell's angel member. they will not go into a motive. at this time there are not even going to call the victim a hell's angel member although we did get a chance to speak with the motorcycle club. they believe he was a member of the motorcycle club. here
8:38 am
is what the public information officer had to say about the victim. >>will: at this point you're not saying that the member was a hell's angel member? do you have his name? >>officer: that has to be done through the coroner's office. his name will be released at that time. >>will: you heard him say, at this point they are not even releasing a name no didn't tending notification of his family. according to the motorcycle club, they are calling him george. that is all we know at this point. as far as eddie hall, he could have been charged with serious charges. upon further investigation and because of the maliciousness, they are not going to charge him with manslaughter. when he
8:39 am
appears in court tomorrow, he will be charged with murder. if convicted, it is considerably more time behind bars. much more coming up at 9:00 a.m. serious just seen >> we are going to take a break and be right back. ha
8:40 am
hugh few haag how he
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8:42 am
thought tough >>mark: in a news around the bay, san jose police are investigating a seventh officer involved shooting. officers were responding to shots fired at this extended stay hotel. the suspect was found inside of a roofs and officers say he posed a threat. >>erica: i have been asking viewers why they think a number of officer: involved shootings is up in san jose. we're getting a lot of responses coming in. this morning,
8:43 am
cody says, when you take our civilian shootings into account, it is not excessive. here is what another person had to say. >>erica: a 40 3:00 a.m., the kron4 news will be right back with more news, weather and traffic. stay with us.
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>>mark: wall street earnings are better than expected. the dow is up 103 points right now to 11,913. >>justine: defense attorneys for the doctor charged in michael jackson's death are expected to call their own witnesses. this will be the
8:47 am
opportunity for dr. conrad murray to counter four weeks of damaging says the money of their hand. thank his attorneys expenses as a call about 15 witnesses although they have not said if he will testify on his own behalf. fell today, the lead defense attorney will bring an expert in the anesthetic propofol. also, indycar held a public memorial service to celebrate the life of the dan wheldon. he died in a fiery crash at the loss figures in the 300 on october 16th. a crowd of more than 2000 people attended the memorial in indianapolis. weldon also had a funeral that took place a day earlier in st. petersburg florida. he leaves behind a wife and two young sons.
8:48 am
>>george: on the bayshore freeway, the south valley freeway, 101 coming out of the gilroy has been jammed for the last 2.5 hours. a big rig accident shut down north down 101. the alternates are jammed. there is no good way around it. the only good news is there are two lanes open a northbound. look at the rest of the traffic on 101, is backed up nearly from 85 ft. to the guadalupe parkway. to 80 is not a bad ride through san jose. the 101 is torturous. it continues to be jammed through redwood city. big improvements in the southbound commute to jammed out of san bruno the drive time has been cut by about 14 minutes. southbound the heavy traffic begins and belmont, san carlos and
8:49 am
remains heavy to just pass the bayfront expressway. a much better ride that will start to pick up after university. here is a bright spot on the bay bridge. a rough start. take a look at this. the end of the backup westbound, drive times have been cut dramatically. a 13 minute drive time for the bay bridge. this and a tail bridge is a problem free. better conditions were 92 meets 101. lastly, a look at the golden gate bridge. the end of a pretty easy commute through marin county on a 101 southbound. in the weather center, james fletcher with updates on the forecast. it looks as though we may have cooler temperatures on the way. >>james: here is a quick shot of the bay bridge from yerba buena island looking back at the eastern stand. things are improving a little bit. here is where
8:50 am
temperatures are right now. as live look out towards the east bay, we are primarily in the mid fifties. let's talk about the cloud cover. it will be hit or miss throughout the day. softs vine in the fog will build and become more widespread especially in the state to the afternoon, a wave of cloud cover comes through. that will cloud things that periodically throughout the
8:51 am
afternoon. this sunshine will not be persistent. we will remain cooler today and the cloud cover will rebuild as we headed to the overnight hours. primarily '60s and '70s are on the map for today. we will not be nice and warm like liver over the weekend. thursday and friday will be mellow the saturday and sunday we will be cooler than we are to date. prepare yourself for a chilly week here in october. >>justine: the president will be in the bay area to talk about the jobs, he has a fund-raising luncheon at the w hotel in san francisco. he is raising money for his reelection campaign. he is on a three
8:52 am
day west coast trip and is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. >>justine: this is a picture of a two-time bell that someone stole from the parking lot of st. mary's cathedral. a security guard reported the bolt missing during the 11:00 a.m. mass at the cathedral on sunday. there are no cameras in the parking lot. it is unclear when the bell was last seen. the bill was donated in 1889 and is one of the few pieces rescue from a fire at the original cathedral.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>>james: this steve ruiz is in keeping cooler air and cloud cover coast to debate. '50s and '60s is the temperature range. this afternoon will be cool. we will not seize like we did today. take all day today, even cooler tomorrow. >>mark: the raiders offense was nonexistent. the first pass of the game was a return for a touchdown. for the first time in 13 years, their raiders threw three interceptions. carson pommard came in during the second half for the same results. both quarterbacks
8:57 am
have had those six returned. just hamilton hit an rbi double and derrick holland allowed only two hits in more than eight innings. >>justine: much more ahead on the kron4 news. we will take a quick break and be back with more see you in just a few minutes.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>>george: we continue to have delays on 101 northbound out of gilroy and morgan hill. and overturned a big rig. this occurred as 6:30 a.m.. it is still blocking the right-hand lane. for a good part of the morning it virtually shut down 101 northbound. because of earlier occurring problems at the guadalupe parkway, we are still backed up nearly to highway 85 from the 101 northbound right. if those drive times are still running nearly 30 minutes. it is a tough to beat. a little better on the mid peninsula for 101. here is your bridge check. great news for the bay bridge. no longer any real backups. traffic cleared out fairly quickly and somewhat
9:01 am
surprised with. your ride on the san mateo bridge is problem free. much better conditions on both and of the bridge curiosities finally, a look at your ride on the golden gate bridge, the marin commute has been easy all morning long. no delays across the span. time for another check on the weather. >>erica: breaks of sunshine as we head into the afternoon. the fog is settling in this morning. a quick look at your weather headlines. pettifog and clouds as we head into the rest of the morning hours. that will result in cooler temperatures throughout the afternoon. coastal temperatures, '60s and '70s, upper seventies inland. more on that in your extended forecasts. temperatures outside the door are still slow to warm. a little bit
9:02 am
warmer through oakland. we will see the fog throughout the remainder of the day. future cast 4 is contained to the coastline. as we advance the clock closer to the afternoon, it definitely becomes more widespread into the north bay the fall will begin to push its way back to the evening hours but as we head into the overnight hours, it comes right back in. it is pretty thick throughout the heart of the bay area. a quick look at where temperatures will go this afternoon in neighborhood by neighborhood. we will struggle to get out of the '70s. 75 for those of you in a mountain view. 73 for oakland and into the north bay will hang out into the '70s. your 7 day around the
9:03 am
forecast shows a lot of changes to talk about. we will wake up to morning fog as we head into tuesday and wednesday. windy conditions for wednesday, thursday and friday. another cool down as we head into the weekend serious >>mark: rescue teams are: away rubble, looking for people trapped in eastern turkey after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that killed 272 people and injured 1300 others. far as you're looking at video of the rescue and pictures of the damage, authorities say that dozens of people are still trapped in some of the ec buildings that collapsed. there were four people arrested after making phone calls from their cell phones. hundreds of concrete buildings in the cities have tumbled down. some inmates escaped from prison after
9:04 am
one of the prison walls collapsed. at least seven aftershocks have been felt since the quake hit. in news around the bay, san jose police are investigating a seventh officer involved shooting this year. officers had acted correctly in each incident. are in dangerous situations. they are protecting themselves and unfortunately they have to do that with deadly force. >>mark: we are keeping our eyes on wall street. mergers and acquisitions are fueling wall street. strong earnings
9:05 am
from caterpillar are better than expected. we will be right back as the kron4 morning news continues. here is a live look outside on this monday morning. one of the thickest spots is at the golden gate bridge.
9:06 am
9:07 am
9:08 am
>>mark: police are of a 22 year-old man. all this is for called out the union street around 1:30 a.m. after reports of a fight. while responding to that call, a second call came in if needed to order block of west virginia street where they found a 22 year-old man unconscious on the sidewalk if please do not have anyone in custody but they believe both are related. a woman was shot in an east palo alto apartment last night but is expected to survive. officers
9:09 am
responded to a shooting and founded 18 year-old woman suffering from a gunshot wound. police are currently investigating that incident. police are searching for two suspects in an armed robbery and assault in san carlos. a man was walking on the 1100 block of eighth avenue when two men wearing ski masks approached them and demanded his wallet furious pace one of the suspect's slashed the victims for arm with a knife. the victims were seen running away towards laurel street. we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. the search is still on for a missing kayaker. a live look out over san francisco as the fall continues. if did
9:10 am
9:11 am
chief if if beef police
9:12 am
9:13 am
officers and security guards have shown up. the man says he does plan on staying up there. we have an update on our hot spots. >>george: a bit of an
9:14 am
improvement for morgan hill only because it is so late in the commute. the back of no longer reaches into gilroy it. the right lane remains blocked a. look at this, from highway 855 to the guadalupe parkway and now continuing even further up into mountain view, traffic is still jammed for 101 northbound turning into a one-hour long ride from 85 heading up towards howled so. that is twice what it should be. it is a mess. look at the delays on 880 southbound. traffic is backed up into milipitas to get into the south bay. at
9:15 am
the bridges, things are much better for the bay bridge westbound. no longer a backup or delay for the commute. the san mateo bridge ride has been problem free all morning. the commute is ending quietly built westbound in the eastbound. the golden gate bridge ride, we are getting a little bit of visibility. there has been no delays or problems erica with a check on the weather. >>erica: quite an ominous looking date. i hope you got out and enjoy the sunshine. a lot of changes to talk about. as we head into the evening the clouds return. i
9:16 am
quickly want to show you where to go dark. we will be slow to warm. we have a lot of fog to talk about and temperatures expected for 3:00 p.m.. the green and yellow is dominating your screen. temperatures in the '60s and '70s for the afternoon highs. a quick break down of exactly where the temperatures will go neighborhood by neighborhood. no '80s to talk about. your 7 day
9:17 am
around us a forecast does highlight a lot of changes that have been talking about. the cool down starts for today. after we will cause to morning solve. temperatures will trail off even more by thursday and friday. south thefts >>mark: the u.s. is pulling its ambassador out of syria. they could not say when the u.s. ambassador might return. robert ford has enraged syrian authorities with his forceful defense of peaceful protesters and a harsh critique of the government crackdown that has killed
9:18 am
nearly 3000. the first authorized biography of steve jobs hit the bookstores today. the 656 page book titled steve jobs is based on more than 40 interviews over two years as well as conversations with family, friends, colleagues and competitors. the publisher says the jobs cooperated with the book but never had a chance to read it before passing away. it is written by walter isaacson, a former chairman of cnn. new this morning, bay area businesses, software company oracle announcing a billion dollar deal as they are buying a software company, right now technologies. they say that the deal will allow them to offer a broader range of software services. oracle expects to of the the deal by late next year or early next. right now, the main product helps companies manage questions and complaints and is delivered over the internet. we will
9:19 am
be right back as the kron4 news continues. a live look outside. here is a live look at the bay bridge where that last piece of the new bridge is going into place. " for
9:20 am
9:21 am
fans fog sphere faugh for
9:22 am
>>yoli: this is a major is probably a gap from this tower and the old eastern stand. right now they're just doing prepping. by the end of this week they will be able to put in that last
9:23 am
fees. what makes this such a big milestone is, once they get this last piece in, they can begin looking at the 1 mi. cable that will connect the decks to the tower. it will look around the whole bridge. stanley roberts.
9:24 am
>>stanley: the cleanup has begun in antioch. workers from southern california arrived on wednesday and begun boarding up and cleaning out a lot. if you just tuned in, three weeks ago the foreclosed property in antioch had trash dumped everywhere. the house was completely stripped of all of its copper wiring and two weeks later, a 55 gal. drums filled with liquid appeared followed by railroad ties, all the while someone was squatting in this garage. workers are going through the process of sorting through the trash so that they can have it said its-- so they can separate houses from non hazardous. this city of antioch is overseeing the cleanup. now, a new set of eyes have arrived. this is michael extend, a scientist from the california environmental protection agency, he stopped by to add an extra
9:25 am
layer of oversight to the cleanup process, this cleanup will cost thousands of dollars, money that would wipe out the antioch abatement budget except the date is flooding the entire bill. the cleanup will not cost the city of antioch what it red cent. this sign that says no rats, that signed live, there were rats everywhere. one of the workers had to give a rat's jump on him while clearing debris from the garage. the squatters have cleared out. one final note, some of the trash dumped here appears to be from newbury park california. i will stay on this story and show you what it looks like when the cleanup is complete. in antioch, stanley roberts, kron 4 news.
9:26 am
9:27 am
9:28 am
>>mark: a magnitude 7.2 earthquake happened in turkey that has injured over 1300 and killed over 200 people. we are watching a lot of hot spots. >>george: extremely slow traffic in san jose. these do not include morgan hill.
9:29 am
101 northbound is backed up to the guadalupe parkway all the way from highway 85, nearly a 30 minute drive times there. a 80 is a mess. northbound 80 is backed up all the way into campbell beyond the 280 interchange. it is actually affecting highways 17. there is no really good alternate there. 101 is a mess. 280 is not too bad that it is not a great alternate. 85 is still pretty slow as well. then of course, the morgan health problems. so finally things are easing a bit syrian expects its fifth at the bay
9:30 am
bridge toll plaza we have been a backup free for a while. the san mateo bridge has been free of problems all morning long into the traffic just keeps getting wider. for the golden gate bridge, 101 southbound has been hot spot free all morning long. in the weather center we will check in on the forecast. >>erica: the fog will hang with us most of the morning into the afternoon. the weather headlines shows the sea breeze returning resulting in not only patchy fog but pushing its way inland as well. a complete breakdown in a couple of minutes. temperatures will be a few degrees cooler in fact here are the numbers.
9:31 am
downtown san francisco will come in at about 71. we are between 8-10 degrees cooler, i have set fog tracker 4 up. your current temperatures are warming up ever so slightly in the '50s and '60s. the fog will stick with us throughout most of the day. i quickly want to
9:32 am
show you where temperatures will go to neighborhood by neighborhood. temperatures are mostly in the '70s. we are working with a tight range of temperatures this afternoon. in the north bay we will see a lot of 70's. your 7 day a round of a forecast does highlight changes over the next couple of days. morning fog to date. windy conditions for wednesday at temperatures begin to rebound as we head into thursday and friday.
9:33 am
here is video of some of the rescues that have taken place. doesn't attract as they're searching for 80 buildings that have collapsed. the earthquake struck in the province near the border over ron. some inmates also escaped after prison walls collapsed. at least seven aftershocks have been felt. police are still trying to piece together a deadly crash in the bay area. it is being called a homicide. half for
9:34 am
officer: the van with a motorcyclist. at that point, the driver of the motorcycle in the motorcycle became wedged under need a hand in front of the van as the band continued to drive. we do not know the exact distance. we will have to figure that out. the bike was dragged on the front of the van for about 1 mi.. >>maureen: the victim later died at a nearby hospital.
9:35 am
the driver was identified as eddie hall of oakland. he tried to flee after pulling over but was quickly taken into custody and has been arrested for homicide and a felony hit and run. the freeway was shut down for nearly 10 hours. >>maureen: officers so that witnesses who saw what happened will come forward. >>mark: police say that eddie hall has been employees since february. >>mark: oakland is
9:36 am
investigating its seventh officer involved shooting. >>officer: we are trying to find out what is leading up to all of these shootings. the officers are in dangerous situations. they are protecting themselves but unfortunately they have to use deadly force. >>mark: will be right back as the kron4 news continues. in san francisco the fog is slowly dissipating.
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
>>george: 9:39 a.m., we are continuing to track south bay hot spots. if we have been overturned a big rig at cochrane road. fee in the meantime we have been talking about these delays on 17 and 80 because of a southbound a motorcycle accident at first street.
9:40 am
half that is their the 881 01 interchange. we have a slow traffic. the drive time is nearly 28 minutes right now and it should be half that in the southbound direction 680 is a better alternate route. the northbound ride has even been affected. 101 is much improved for your ride northbound coming up from highway 85 out of the coyote valley into the morgan hill area. we still have a problem with an overturned big rig but the backup keeps shrinking. >>mark: president obama will be back in the bay area talking about jobs and for a fund-raising luncheon at the
9:41 am
w hotel in san francisco. president obama is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. his trip to the bay area last month netted the obama campaign more than $5 million. san jose police are investigating the stabbing of a 22 year-old man. giselle esteban will have a xi entry and bail hearing, >>mark: a keetsa of san francisco history is now
9:42 am
missing. this is a picture of what police say was stolen. a 2 t bell from the parking lot of st. mary's cathedral. alajandra cerball say that the bell is priceless. >>alejandra: >> this is all that is left with a historic del has been for the last 40 years. here is what it used to look like. the two-time cast iron bell was stolen sunday morning. >> it is shocking. a security guard recorded the bell missing during 11:00 a.m. a mask. there are no cameras in the parking lot. it is unclear when the bell was last seen. volunteers say it is priceless. >> to replace the bell, it is priceless. >>alejandra: pieces that was rescued from the original location when there was a fire. the bell was moved here in 1971. church members say, they
9:43 am
can't believe someone would just take the. >> there are no words to explain the feeling. who would have thought the bill would be missing. >>mark: here is a live look outside above the fog. a great looking view from mt. tam. in an inward when far
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>>george: fact it has been a rough ride in the south bay this morning. we still have delays on 101 northbound, the focus has shifted to 80 and 17 because of a recent accident her off at first street. a motorcycle accident jammed up the ride. it is back up to union city. half we have one hot
9:47 am
spot on or down 101 and morgan hill where traffic is backed up from beyond gilroy the big rig is still in the right lane. the debris is still blocking it but the two left lanes are open. finally, a look at the bridges. the bay bridge back up cleared up about an hour ago. that has been a good ride. no problems on the san mateo bridge this morning. it has been a relatively quiet morning in the marin.
9:48 am
all eyes on the weather. >>erica: here is a live look from the mt. tam cam. a blanket of cloud cover. a lot of changes to talk about. a majority of those changes begin with to date. the fog settles and throughout most of the bay area, as we head into the afternoon, much cooler temperatures. 10 degrees cooler compared to what we saw yesterday. as we head into the evening, cloudy conditions that will clear with temperatures pushing back down into the 50s and 60s. temperatures outside the door are warming ever so slightly. at 3:00 p.m., you
9:49 am
can see where temperatures will go. temperatures mostly in the '60s and '70s. a lot of 70's out there, and ladies. when the conditions as we head into wednesday. another cool down as we head into the weekend.
9:50 am
>>mark: the trial of dr. conrad murray is continuing. an expert in the anesthetic propofol will be taking the stand. >>mark: in bay area sports news, an interception for a touchdown. three interceptions in the first half and then in came coarsened hallmark. both
9:51 am
quarterbacks threw three interceptions and had it fixed returned. they lost during mcfadden to a foot industry--a foot injury in the first quarter. >>mark: josh hamilton hit an rbi double in the world series. tsk game 5 is tonight in arlington. now it is down to the best of three series. for the mark twain prize for american humor was presented to will ferrell. this happens at the kennedy center of performing arts in washington d.c.. farrell's impression of george w. bush was a hit. the nation's top human rights is given once a year
9:52 am
to comedians to use social commentary and satire to impact society. >> this was so nice. this is the only legitimate award that recognizes comedy. so many others are afraid to. it is an art form. then i am honored. brough with off
9:53 am
work kraft that dot packed
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9:55 am
9:56 am
if >>gabe: i have a completely unique data to show you. the first tablet with a slight out keyboard. there seems to be to type of people. those who like typing on the screen and that those who for for a real physical keyboard. it might add weight to the product, but before then there is a tablet on the market that offered anything like this. this is a google android tablet. you have access to popular after the android market. it features a 10.1 in. screen. the keyboard
9:57 am
acts as a stand for the tablet which is great. this letter is on the market now can cost $600. in other news, i'm doing a giveaway. find a free copy of the video game x-than destiny. to enter the giveaway law on to and look for my set page. >>james: the fog is breaking up. a few degrees cooler today. we are watching the wind. that will increase the fire danger and be a bit cooler as we headed to the weekend. thank you for joining us on the kron4 morning news. our next newscast at 5:00 p.m. and we're back live tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. to. dr. phil is coming up for into
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