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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  October 25, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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>>mark: thank you for joining us. our breaking news story, oakland police moved in on the occupy oakland protesters. this year was the scene around for 40 5:00 a.m. as they moved in, telling protesters to disperse. some
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>>darya: all of the demonstrators have not gone away, will tran has to be empty. >>will: as far as the encampment, it is gone. there are hundreds of police officers years hook, making sure that this place is encircled by the dairy case of the city workers can come in and clean up the area. you're starting to get a sense of normalcy as far as the morning >>will: it seems like over the past 10 minutes or so, if you look like you are not a part of this group, was on nurses wearing their scrubs, it were allowed through without being questioned. sometimes the officers are asking, where are you going? nothing like
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what we saw when this went down two hours ago, no one was allowed in or out of the.. things have calmed down drastically.
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>>justine: here is a video at since this began unfolding at 4:00 a.m.. this is video inside of the encampment showing police in full riot gear, taking down the tents. this person was arrested. they dismembered at the encampment, taking down its hands.--taking down theses tents. more video shows someone being arrested. this is the only video that showed someone resisting police arrest ". police in riot gear, dragging him over to the police van. that person is
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not cooperating with officers. they have to speak with him and he begins to shout back. >>justine: the other piece of information that i want to pass along, if you work downtown, the city would like you to delay opening your business. if you are a city employee, they are asking that you come in late. >>mark: gerge rask has been watching the implications are round of this grotesque and the effect on the commute. >>george: the twelfth street station has been reopened. it is the eleventh street stairway is open to. from twelfth street, rather from ogawa plaza, you cannot get to the bart station, but trains are stopping their
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heads and the eleventh street ramp's course is open, those stairs are open. the areas to avoid in downtown oakland, 14 in the vicinity of broadway can't frankland, anywhere in the vicinity of ogawa plaza. there is also a lot going on near the lake at snow park. there is a pretty strong police presence of air >>george: there are some ac transit buses that have to be rerouted as well. around the rest of the bay area, there are no major incidents or hot spots. things are doing pretty well there. if we develop any major problems on the freeways, i will let you
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know about those. let's get a check on weather. >>james: here is a live look at the san mateo bridge. traffic is moving well and visibility is pretty good as you make your way from the east bay to the peninsula, except in the north bay and some portions of the coast line. we have cloud conditions and patchy fog. we are expecting some gradual clearing. temperatures will be cooler today. let's talk about the cloud cover. we have seen develop over the last hour. in the entire north bay is underneath cloud cover. the cloud cover continues to build. here is a look at the current temperatures. of to
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by 3:00 p.m. we have a widespread 70 degree weather. it is going to be a cooler day today compared to yesterday. here is where up temperatures go for the foreseeable future. on wednesday, strong winds gusting to 40 mi. per hour. a red flag warning in effect for wednesday. into the weekend, mild and cooler. >>george: clarence johnson is joining us is with ac transit. tell us about service or disruptions and it rerouting in order to accommodate the action in
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downtown oakland. >>caller: as you can imagine, we have had to do a number of detours. we have more than one dozen bus lines running through downtown oakland. we have a fairly detailed plan. glues subscribe kirk--you can call her 5-1-1 or check our web site but for descriptions on where the lines will be going. in short, we are rerouting all of our service around the downtown oakland area consult further notice. it obviously, some of this is being done on the fly because this is a fluid situation. to some extent it depends on what is happening in downtown oakland. >>george: have you had any communication from the
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oakland police department? did they give you any warning? why did they give you any indication of how long this might be in place? >>caller: i am not sure they know how long it will be in place, and we did have some fairly early indication that something would be taking place in this morning. we did have some contingency plans at the ready, we always do anyway. >>george: are you in touch with the police department or have they told you that they would notify you picked cleansings can get back to normal, or do you have to determine that for yourself? >>caller: we are constantly in touch with the city of oakland. we are also monitoring the situation ourselves. crocker cleave to have a street supervisors at various
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we are fairly well updated on the progress. >>george: thank you for joining us. that was clarence johnson from ac transit. >>george: we should mention again, the hot twelfth street bart station has it opens but access is only kabila but street stairway. why >>darya: the occupy oakland movement broken up this morning, there were many arrests. >>mark: protesters have moved over to snow park. we will have the latest as the kron 4 news continues after the break.
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>>darya: police are keeping the peace. so far, so good. they are trying to end the occupy oakland movement that has been taking place at frank ogawa plaza. police are moving into and closing down the campgrounds. the tents are gone and protesters are gone. they are being protested south-- dozens have been arrested. the twelfth street bart station has reopened. this is an area that you may want to avoid. her
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>>mark: we will be right back.
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>>will: and right now everyone is standing down. workers are moving in and cleaning up the encampment. as far as reno, the two weeks that protesters were here, it is pretty much over. no one other than city workers are able to get beyond the very
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>>nichole: no one is allowed to drive for the area. many of the protesters have moved to fourteenth and franklin, forcing officers to follow them in that direction. there are still standing there but no longer facing the crowd. i went down there five minutes ago and saw maybe 7-8 protesters. a copy of traffic is not being allowed through experienced cost as far as this intersection and this area, it is drastically, when police used a flash, bang and grenade and it made an arrest without incident.
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>>george: i am recommending that people avoid downtown oakland unless you absolutely need to be there. hot and this is the area to avoid. ochs snow
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park is right here on the shore of the lake. that is another area to avoid. many protesters have relocated to this area. both areas are areas to avoid. to buses have been rerouted. cups cooked pork bart has reopened. trains are now being allowed to stop that toppled jury.
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>>george: lets get a check on weather and with care george fletcher.
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>>james: a red flag warning in effect. strong winds coming in from the north. 15-20 are m.p.h. steady winds gusting to 40 mi. per hour. fire danger will be high for the entire day. beyond it wednesday, things look mild. things will cool down into the weekend. >>darya: is taking a look at
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other developments, this one out of antioch, police are investigating an officer involved shooting that left one person dead. the shooting happened just before 6:00 p.m.. police were told that a portrait suspect was in the area. they chased a man into a carport when he fired at a police dog. that is one police say that they fought back, they shot back and killed the man. the incident is under investigation. a concord resident shot at his supervisor and at his neighbor's home last week has now been charged with eight felony counts including attempted murder. doran long was charged with key accounts. if convicted he faces life in prison.
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>>mark: does l esteban is in court for a preliminary hearing. can esteban is currently being held without bail. she is accused of murdering michelle lee back in may. >>darya: we are back with more and a couple of minutes. how or a on how and
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... >>darya: predominant of, is headed to the area today hot air campaign. he hopped, an l.a. yesterday. he is campaigning as for his job skill and reelection.
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>>mark: here is a matter of street that will be closed with the president coming into the area for his reelection even and at the w hotel. be aware of that if you are headed to the area this morning. the president will be clearing out around 3:00 p.m.. the streets will open some time after that. stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage and look for updates on our web site, horsehead
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>>darya: half as the sun comes up, the chaos is over. on the right hand side, you
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can see video as a major rest and tore down the occupy oakland contends hand in frank ogawa plaza. on the left, if traffic is getting through in the things are calm. scott >>mark: jackie sissel followed protesters over to snow park. he has an update. >>jackie: i am at broadway and seventh street. some streets are still being blocked off your twelfth first, thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth and seventeenth are blocked off at broadway and going northbound. if you are in the area, try to avoid that. >>jackie: when i got here this morning, there is a huge police presence. there was a huge police presence of rolling into frank ogawa plaza. this was shot around 4:00 a.m.. in the plaza, you
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can see the protesters are standing in front of the barricades, who was right around 4:00 a.m. that you can see police moving in. a huge show of force. they absolutely set up a perimeter piccata hockey hall of round frank ogawa plaza of standing up in front of the barricades. only a couple minutes later hop and moving into the park from the outside to the inside. at this point, protesters put up almost no
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fight. they are extremely domicile. no violence. as i said, the police presence at this point was a massive periods i have not seen so many police in such a small area. i am assuming their tactic was to overwhelm. as you know, there were hundreds of tents inside. they started taking down every one of these tents. as they went in, they would arrest protesters and take down the tents. once again,
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protesters did not resist. for the most part they complied with officer demand and went peacefully. >>mark: said will tran is on the other side of the plaza. claude >>will: traffic real and around 7:30 a.m.. i was in the process of speaking was a public information officer. you can see police
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officers moving along at broadway. her her or to drug
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delivery of " rule of " we prepare to agree to or reading of the pre
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this one is the weirdest . her [laughter] >>gary: and they brought in a guide to intentionally walk someone. that did not work. >>darya: was it because it was loud? you could not see the bullpen a staf, i guess thee was a calamity of errors. >>gary: the rangers came up with key kids as they needed them. everyone needs a story line. when there was a key at that, as texas came through and stainless did not. so >>darya: is more fun to say, let's try text messaging and smoke
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on a friend of goggle square and a broken up to the occupy oakland protesters. will tran is live right now. protesters are starting to be gathered. >>will: , they have removed
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the barricades around this area. as protesters never let this area offices are back in the area, her protesters are as well. the police officers have had to mobilize again and put on their right here. sugar is good news for the public f far as the traffic on broadway. it is moving in both directions. police departments for many agencies are here. " they are back at work again because many protesters who were not arrested are back
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in their faces. >>darya: they were not allowed to camp overnight, but they are allowed to assemble, aren't they? >>will: for now they are, this is considered public property. the police officers can say that this is an unlawful assembly. they are blocking public access. stockholm, here is some protesting and yelling going on.
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>>will: police are moving in and setting up barricades. i can hear shouting and i heard something is wrong. it has not got an explosive, physically, the chanting is getting louder and >>darya: did the police round of a lot of people and arrest them this morning? >>will: if a lot of people here around the perimeter were some of the same people that i recognize from this morning. figure percent of them are protesters that were told, if you do not want to get arrested, leave the.. they were told it by fellow protesters, leave the area. they hung around in
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december. now, they're being allowed closer to the indictment. how they're getting into the faces of police officers. looks like they're taking the barricades that were used to surround the encampment and moving them to the intersection to the corner of fourteenth and broadway, to make sure that they set up a perimeter and push back protesters. they are not going anywhere. there are simmering, they're getting mad and furious. they think it is and is skeptical. wh >>mark: police are devising businesses to delay opening this morning. more when we come
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>>mark: police have moved in on the occupied protesters in frank ogawa plaza. they quickly moved in and made a record. had >>darya: on the right-hand side in a corner, a videotape from earlier this morning to talk and the darkness, police tore down a tent in the campground add frank ogawa plaza handed made many arrests. on the left, a live shot will tran. protesters are now coming back. >>mark: protesters who did not defects, this morning rested. some of them marched down to snow park earlier and now gathering back of the plaza. that is where will tran has been following this story all mornings. her >>will: protesters are moving back to this area. of that force officers to push
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back protesters. many cars are not going anywhere, they are stuck in traffic because police officers are once again mobilizing. protesters are standing in the middle of the street. i spoke with a protest of five minutes ago who said, once every open this area, protesters came back. they sat down, hoping to show it officers and that they are still here and still angry over what happens, but for whatever reason, officers decided enough is enough. they put back on their right here and grabbed the barricades to make sure that the encampment was encircled. >>will: right now they are throwing things. there seems to be a lot of activity. they are throwing trash cans as they're walking down the street, the eagles are having a difficult time moving around. people are being pushed talk on to the
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street close of this for a show of civil disobedience. copolice officers never left the area, for good reason. i did get a chance to speak to the protesters who said, they sat down in front of the encampments and locked arms to show civil disobedience. for whatever reason, police officers decided enough is enough. squaw that is when they took the barricade and encircled the encampment to allow the public works department to go in and clean. instead, the barricades are being used at the intersection of fourteenth and a broad way to make sure that protesters cannot get any closer to city hall. we are learning, as the news conference will be held at 9:00 a.m. to talk about what is the one on and what they plan to do. we are not sure if the mayor will be impaired. a fluid situation.
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>>darya: he say at this point, did the police out # protesters? >>will: how you can see all of the police officers over there. as protesters are upset by this, they are calling it an unnecessary military movement. they are claiming that it antagonizes them. they're trying to fight corporate greed, according to
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>>mark: protesters received a warning on thursday. they gathered this morning at the coliseum and arrived around 430 and. >>darya: justine waldman has more. >>justine: i want people who work downtown to know that the city is advising you to delay opening your business until further notice. if you work for the city, the same advice goes to you as well, they want you to delay coming
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>>justine: this was the only person that we saw resisting arrest. the second piece of video shows you, as police moved in to the encampment, this is video from inside the encampment as police were moving in. they were taking down the intense-- tents. there are the plastic handcuffs a set of police and refusing to make arrests. once the people or booked and processed, they will be able to go back and reclaim belongings. here is the newest piece of video showing us the amount of people that police have arrested, clocking them down the street, one by one, to the cooking station that was set up near frank ogawa plaza. how does not look like police are in any type of confrontation with the protesters. from this video inside the in camera, we can see how many people were arrested. we are waiting for a press conference that is
8:06 am
due to begin at 9:00 a.m., to give us an idea of how many people have been arrested, they were walked down the street one by one. occupy protesters are now finished. george has an update on what is happening with court. >>george: the earlier delays when the twelfth street station was shut down. that station has been opened for some time. we understand that when it first reopens, street access was restricted to eleventh street, not twelfth or fourteenth. those access stairs were closed, only the eleventh street had access open. street closures, there are no longer any hard closure is being reported downtown, but the possibility of street closures from time to time still exists. her in a san
8:07 am
mateo bridge ride has been a problem free. quad death
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>>james: as we head into the overnight hours in the breeze wealth head out. slight warming, we are starting to see a few
8:09 am
degrees warming. the sun has been up for about 40 minutes hot comet temperatures this afternoon are on the mild side. 70 is as warm as it is going to get. we will leave you with a 7 day forecast as we head to commercial. things get when the on wednesday. ha we will cool down for the weekend. we will be right back. of
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>>mark: police have moved in a separate court occupy oakland. here is a live look at the remaining protesters who continue to gather. hundreds of officers on cs as the situation the twelfth street bart station has three opens, we will continue to follow the latest right after this break.
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>>justine: , we have a first school delayed because of the occupied protests. you are looking at live pictures of what is happening here french gaullist kirkuk-frank ogawa plaza-. the oakland school for the arts caucus quiz on a 1 hour delay. it will now open at 9 05 a.m.. we have confirmed this with the school.
8:16 am
>>darya: will tran is watching as protesters and police do their dance. >>will: so far, the dance has not gone physically. they have kept their distance. police officers are behind the barricades. when they do have a police helicopter in the air to monitor this situation. as far as the yelling and chanting that we saw five minutes ago, it is no longer here. the protesters who were not a part of the entrapment when the rest came down, that are back here and face-to-face officers. officers start not standing near the barricades. there are maybe 10 yds behind., broadway has been reopened in both directions. many cars are having a difficult time getting through experience when many of the protesters have no problem standing in the middle of the roadway.
8:17 am
so far things have not gotten confrontational. h there is a news conference at 9:00 a.m., we do not know who will be there. we have to assume it oakland chief of police as well as the mayor will be there. this is happening because the police department's reopened to traffic on broadway. around 7:30 a.m., they decided to reopen traffic. police departments from various agencies have mobilized and once again, setting up
8:18 am
barricades, they have gone right year and are keeping a close eye on protesters. now that we are seeing another round of this, so far, i have not seen any arrests from this latest activity. her soho his >>darya: oakland is a hot spot this morning, what can you tell us? >>george: the hard closures seem to have been lifted. we have learned that there have been time to time closures continuing in and around frank ogawa plaza. avoid the downtown area, especially around 14 squaw and broadway. also here at snow park, of this has been an alternate gathering place. from time to time, you may still see street closures although at present we're not aware of any hard closures in any locations.
8:19 am
cuffs at last word ac transit was a rerouting buses. a list of those lines affected to can be found on a transit web sites, or omicron for facebook page. hall we have been remarkably quiet and other traffic and the freeways continue to look pretty did, so does the eight bridge. we are slower, a salt was reported near yerba buena islands. look at the 880 approach. it is still pretty light. the san mateo bridge ride has been a problem free all the volume is up, so are this piece. the golden gate bridge ride is a problem free. at present, there are no incidence outbound 101. here is a check on the weather.
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>>james: why is red cloud cover across the north bay. along the east shore of the bay from richmond all the way down to fremont correct, cloud cover. current temperatures will look like this. temperatures this afternoon should progress like this. you will not see a lot of the increase, by noon, 60's primarily with a few 70's in the outlying areas.
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>>james: here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. tomorrow, a red flag warning. we will have some strong winds gusting up to 40 mi. per hour in some of the north bay and east bay valleys. combine that with dry air, we have relatively low humidity. " we have a record flood warning in effect. it expires on 6:00 a.m. on thursday.--" we have
8:22 am
a red flag warning in effect. it expires 1/2 x 6:00 a.m. on thursday. halloween looks like it will be cool. kahan >>mark: we will be right back as a kron 4 news continues. here is a live look from frank ogawa plaza. the police chief is doing a sweep of the area. we are waiting to hear from police about the number of arrests and what they plan to do going forward. protesters are still gathered in the area. as
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head of >>darya: earlier this morning, the occupy oakland protesters were arrested. now, there is a new protest happening this morning. c p >>will: this one seems to be even hotter than the one we saw at 4:30
8:26 am
>>will: people are swearing at police officers. even though broadway is reopens, i will not be surprised if the police department decides to shut down broadly because cars are going by and many of them are honking and support. they'd better be paid attention and this
8:27 am
is a second and biggest wave so far. one of one of all possible precautions " and " her >>darya: we are waiting on as a news conference with police. as have we will be back with more in a moment.
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>>nichole: right now protesters hot are in the middle of the intersection shouting should we are the 99 percent. police are in the protesters to vicinity, and leaned forward, they are in essence of pushing them back to the
8:32 am
people are sitting on the hood of cars. this is escalating instead of winding down. is this is a ready to explode. so far nothing of violence. ha
8:33 am
directed drop: and there have cancer of the huge >>will: officers are now directing traffic with batons in their hand. they're doing their best to get dressed and moving along. solve my advice is to stay away. seventh when the there are so many people middle of the intersection. is scene have got a protesters all of the roadway. all it seems to be almost all police officers to moving through here trying to regain control. her craft >>darya: for the last two weeks, they have been able to do their protesting of wall street greed right there in the plaza. now, there are not allowed back into that large space. i think that they are taking issue with that. picco
8:34 am
>>will: snow one has been physically the knuckle. one person is being told to back out, even some of the protesters are grabbing each other saying, get back on this side, here it is. a car with more officers. some of them over here in their right here. it seems like they are gaining control of, excuse me, getting command
8:35 am
of her from commanding officers to move about. they are keeping a close eye on the situation. >>mark: we have been covering this live since 4:00 a.m.. many of the protesters left the cause of serious there are about 75 protesters who stayed it inside and were arrested. as you mentioned, an interesting thought. there protesters want their stuff back. they have been camping out inside the plaza. they received a cease and desist to clear all belongings. the
8:36 am
protesters have been bracing for days for police to move in. >>george: there is no specific information about
8:37 am
official closures of the possibility exists for closures in and around. if you are driving, stay away from the area. if you are using ac transit, most of the bus lines have been rerouted of of check the ac transit website or the kron 4 facebook fan page. let's get a quick check on other traffic. in the bay bridge, a fairly light commute. to westbound traffic looks good, especially from the
8:38 am
880 approach. heavy on the 101 in both directions. lastly, the golden gate bridge ride, heavy volume, but no delays across the span or across the wheel drive. here is a check on the weather with james fletcher. >>james: fog primarily in the north bay. this afternoon, will clear things out. the coast and bey, 60 degrees, inland, low 70's. tomorrow temperatures will increase by a few degrees. a northerly wind is bringing us increase temperatures.
8:39 am
miles on saturday and sunday. >>mark: will take a quick break as a kron 4 morning news continues. coke will go back live in oakland as police and protesters continue their standoff. ki
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>>mark: police clearing out protesters in the occupy oakland protest at 4:00 a.m. this morning in >>darya: the police are
8:43 am
blocking streets experienced hot >>will: police are making sure that the intersection is clear. about three minutes ago they'd just announced, they are telling people that the crosswalk is closed. they have formed a wall to allow traffic to pass through. we thought that something big was going to explode, only one person
8:44 am
was arrested without incident. protesters are face to face with officers. they are making sure that they tell officers and they are not going anywhere. at one point we thought that officers were simply going to walk down 14 and drive them from this area. instead, they stopped right here to tell people to get out of the intersection and all of the streets. traffic is now moving through without incident. >>mark: protesters have been camped of there for three
8:45 am
weeks. >>darya: we're back with more than a couple of minutes.
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>>mark: police have gotten protesters out of frank ogawa plaza park after three weeks. >>mark: and dozens of people have been arrested, but the exact number is not known just yet. this oakland has been telling city workers to
8:49 am
try to delay there are rival. >>darya: because of the nature of this, the entire downtown area is a hot spot. >>george: right now we are advising people that there will be intermittent closures and and around frank ogawa plaza park plaza and the street of for it. it you want to avoid broadway, you want to of the late franklin, fourteenth, fifteenth, sixteenth and twelfth street. also, pot club you will see the area around snow park at the west side of the lake, and those are the two areas with the greatest possibility of interment closures. those are the areas to avoid. the
8:50 am
buses for ac transit have been rerouted. other traffic has been fairly quiet let's take a look at the bay bridge ride at westbound. you can almost begin to see the end of the backup. holly ford team minute drive time. not bad at all. the san mateo bridge has been an easy ride across the bay. sluggish on the 101 around 92. your ride on the golden gate bridge has been a problem free. the volume is higher than it has been at any other time. time for another check, whether with james. and >>george: here is a look at fog tracker 4. we still see the fog out there, expands across the north bay and stretching across the east bay shoreline. the sun will
8:51 am
not be that affected today. the cloud cover will stay along the coast until about 6:00 p.m. and clear out a little bit as we head towards midnight. a northerly winds will increase our fire danger. right now, take a look at temperatures. los gatos continues to beat our cool spot. eventually those numbers should climb. as you look at the map we are either in the upper sixties or low 70's. it is a tight temperature range today. today will be cool for you. here is a look at the north bay. cooler today with highs
8:52 am
in the low 70's. for we have a red flag affect half of it for tomorrow. we have high fire danger in effect through wednesday. remember, the oakland hills fire was only one of windy day. thursday and friday it looks fine. things will hold steady, a mellow forecast. saturday and sunday things continue to pull into monday which is halloween.
8:53 am
>>darya: knew this morning, president obama is in the bay area for a campaign fund-raising event. here is, video of the president arriving in las angeles. people talk about his jobs bill and a reelection bid. of this event is supposed to rise in gas-the president is supposed to arrive this afternoon. the president announced plans to fix it when the american housing crisis. says he should be touching down in san francisco around 12:45 p.m.. traffic will be affected. third street will be shutdown from folsom to mission. the closures will
8:54 am
last from 11:30 a.m. all the way until the president leaves, do expect for the street closures to be in effect for most of the day. stay with kron 4 and we will give you the latest on what the president have to say. we will have updates on as well as our faces of fan page. >>mark: we are watching wall street. the dow jones, netflix is down $41 a share it up to $77.60. we will be right back as the kron 4 news continues as we continue to cover our of breaking news story. when a
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right where a >>darya: frank ogawa plaza abovcc1:
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detergent alone doesn't fully dry your dishes. it leaves spots and residue behind. add finish jet-dry and they dry two times better. and they're shiny. that is shiny. (male announcer) live from the bay area news channel, this is the kron 4 news at 98 a.m. with breaking news. >>mark: our breaking news is the police moving into the occupy of land protesters at 4:30 occupy oakland protesters were asked to leave the encampment. those who
9:01 am
did not leave were arrested. it dozens arrested this morning. the remaining protesters are still on the scene. >>daria: some confrontational rests with the video from this morning. police stayed on the scene of from-arrests. we found more protesters were returning to the frank o. go plaza. with team coverage with jackie from broadway/14. >>reporter: good morning, the police have set up another parameter or side of frank og awa plaza. you can deceive the perimeter oyou can see-at least
9:02 am
one protester hat at the frank ogawa plaza. this was shot about 15-20 minutes ago as he was looking at what was left at this plaza. it was then, that action began with police making their way towards broadway. this is the one person that was arrested. the protester had thrown a rock at the police. that is why she was taken into custody. this huge showing of police force overwhelming the protesters with the sheer numbers at this point. you can see the incident that is going on. it is kind of a stalemate at this point. at one point they shut off 14/broadway. some of the protesters were in the road.
9:03 am
they were attempting to stop traffic that is when the police opened up problem by pushing back the protesters. the first real clash the we of scene this morning. this is video i just shot. that is why removed back and let the bad things were getting a little bit testy some of the protesters were setting sites on and some of the news can--rest. i can tell you that there is a scheduled press conference going on right now in the city hall. presumably, the mayor and chief of police are in attendance. will travel will be reporting on that will tran--will tr and report on that. >>daria: what is the limit of the police tolerance? pfft
9:04 am
>>reporter: they do not need to engage the protesters of this point it is for a vote, back- and-forth that they're not going to engage the protesters as i said. one of the police officers was picking up a rock. that was one of the--protester was collected by the police officer was one of the protesters could top that rock. the police are not or to allow bath. as i mentioned, the arrests there nycor to allow abou
9:05 am
>>reporter: the oakland school for the arts is not open until 19the 05 this morning. it also still stands that if you work downtown? you are asked to delay your start of your work day. at the arts school will be open at 9:05 this morning. also if you are a city employee? you are also requested to have a later start. this is video. this is the arrest. i am getting word that we have new live footage. this is a live picture from outside city hall and oakland. we are watching police make a live arrest on the air. a person is on the ground. the person is on the stomach. they are using
9:06 am
plastic handcuffs. let us watch. it looks like the man is wearing sunglasses but does it look like he has a bruised face ? it appears that he is resisting what police are doing. even talking back to the officers. the officers are in full riot gear. this scene it is a bit more calm we are still waiting on word from the oakland police to park and on how many people live arrested. we have more video to show you bleeding from word of the oakland police--department. we have tips more video to show you. and how many people total that they have booked. that was set up right in the to the cause of the booking center. with the sheer amount of
9:07 am
volume of our arrests. also inside the encampment of war photographer was able to go inside. one of our photographers was able to go--in side of the encampment to witness the destruction of tents. the press conference with the oakland police and the city mayor is happening right now and we will keep you updated. >>mark: thank you george >>daria: george? >>george: avoid downtown. a specially 14th, 15th, 16th, broadway, clay the senate the and a round snow park, and the
9:08 am
clay vicinity also the frank ogawa class, with street closures expected. even public transportation is being routed. around the rest of the bay area it has spent pretty decent. again as i mentioned, the bay bridge backup with no real delays. the san mateo bridge is still heavy and it is still heavy of the 101 interchange but it is problem-free. the ride to the golden gate bridge is starting to get leiter.lighter.l have our continuing coverage when the kron 4 morning news continues we will be back after this break.
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
9:12 am
>>daria: 9:11. the protesters are being forced out of frank ogawa plaza from oakland protesters. they still have a renewed demonstrations in smaller numbers but still managing to block various intersections. the police presence remains heavy. >>mark: we will return live to the scene and get an update. the police are on the opposite side of barricades. right after this break.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>mark: welcome back. we continue to follow the " occupy oakland to " break up. dozens arrested, and hundreds of police providing arrests when eviction notices were not observed. you can see the early
9:16 am
morning clashes between police and the occupy movement protesters. police moved in. they cleared them out. they barricaded frank ogawa plaza. many protesters still on the scene. >>daria: will and jackie are providing coverage. jackie? >>reporter: good morning 14 the/broadway is where i e.m.. still, pockets of protesters here, there. i am on a 14 slush broadway. just about five minutes ago offeone of the protesters seems to be taken away with a bloody and bruised face. we are also getting a look at the frank ogawa plows up looking at daylight.
9:17 am
>>reporter: howard jordan, the police chief was viewing the state and condition of these areas. it was during the walk- through of the frank ogawa plaza that more unrest was happening at 14 and broadway. you can see an overwhelming number of mobilized police officers. they have taken one person into custody. it was time to move and when a protester was throwing a rock aimed at a police officer. this is what this team has been. they are going to on --they
9:18 am
are going to overwhelm the protesters with just the sheer number of the size of the police force of oakland. you can see that when these pocket protesters pop up, they are ready with what it here. at one point, they had broadway closed at 14. the protesters were in the middle of the road which prompted them to make arrests. the iraqis are up. news conference-the barricades went up around frank ago plaza once th frank gul >>daria: the big question is that are they going to be able to go back into the plaza. the order was that there were not about to camp overnight. >>mark: the plaza is dropptrade.
9:19 am
--even public transportation impacted but ac transit and bart. >>george: ac transit is being rerouted around downtown which will continue until further notice. the best way to access those routes that are being impacted is to go to the ac transit website or to check the kron 4 website kron 4 facebook fan page also, ground zero seems to be 14 to/broadway. that is definitely the intersection to avoid. and with in that vicinity of frank ogawa plaza will be a area to avoid. bart still not impacted. even some of the stairwells from 12th street could be closed. at one point there was restrictions just to the 11th street stairwell to gain access to/from of the 12th
9:20 am
street bart station. also lake merritt and 19th street station are not impacted by these protests. other areas a great stride toward at the bay bridge, no longer a backup if you can believe that. a great-drive--the san mateo has also been problem- free but the volume is a bit high. he especially on the westbound which is here and a slow on the 101. the 101 marin county is easy through the county. it comes to nice and and a trip to the golden gate for the golden gate, southbound. your car, is in the weather center. >> good morning, george eric >> of a fog the start but clear star a foggy start but a clearer
9:21 am
afternoon. mostly clear this afternoon/evening with 50s and even 40's inland tonight. temperatures outside the door right now or gradually warming up. still chilly in los gatos at 49 degrees. 54 degrees in san francisco, the same half moon bay. as we press into the afternoon hours by 12 pm you will see a lot of green indicating temperatures in the 60s. as we get closer to the afternoon high we really will not see much changing. yellow for the east bay. that is indicating a low 70's for most of the bay area. a quick break down on board these temperatures are going to go? neighborhood by neighborhood, with no 80s even struggling to get out of the low 70's. taking a look at 70's and los gatos. chilly at half moon bay with only 63 degrees. also our warmer temperatures in the
9:22 am
north bay. '70s in the north bay. and also 70's is common in novado, napa, vallejo. a look at your 7 day around the bay it highlights a lot of changes as we go for the next couple of days. windy. and also stretching into the early hours of thursday with plenty of sunshine on thursday into friday. we will lex france a brief cool down as we go towards the weekend. for >>mark: think you, erica as we continue with the kron 4 morning news as we continue to look at oakland with a live look at police and occupy oakland protesters. thank you ericka--
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
>>mark: 9:254. >>daria: breaking news is the occupied. it is 9:25 deep occupy oakland couple shoa double shote looking at. the police on the left toward down structures and
9:26 am
frank ogawa plaza. on the right, demonstrators have returned to the scene. some of the streets have been blocked. most of these arrests have the been fairly cooperative. with only plastic handcuffs being used. the police are trying to make it clear that they cannot stay overnight in frank ogawa plaza. >>mark: there is a press conference. we will continue to bring you updates and information but dozens have been interested. businesses have been advised in the area to start later. also and bart station has also opened near the 12th street station. we will keep you updated and be back in 2 minutes.
9:27 am
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>>mark: welcome back. 4:4500 of
9:29 am
police officers moved in and dismantled the camp. giving a warning that the oakland produ protesters had to leave. u can see these arrests being made. >>daria: after several weeks the city is not allowing them into camp overnight in frank ogawa plaza. the police have torn down the structures. the protesters knew this was coming. for those that did not want to be are rested would simply be able to move out of the plaza. however, they have moved right back into the surrounding area. the police are still greatly outnumbering the protesters but there are demonstrators blocking traffic. >>mark: that is where the our remaining and we have jackie
9:30 am
with an update. >>reporter: 14th/broadway and franklin you can see police are still out here in huge numbers. the pockets of protesters about 45 minutes ago have alleviated. i can tell you that 14 to street is still closed between broadway and franklin. 14 a st./franklin has been entered the scene of an arrest about 50 minutes ago.15 minutes ago. thek and the street clothes with protesters following the streets-were closed near 14th- round of broadway and franklin. let me show you what frank ogawa plaza looks like. after the police went through, and cleaned it out, a around 4:30 you can see there are 150 tens if not more inside the frank ogawa plaza. the police chief,
9:31 am
looking at the items of everyday living such as kitchen, cooking items, bicycles. the police chief was going through and seeing all the officers and how the operation went. this is when we found that pocket protest. the and mobilized almost immediately. the police remain in riot gear. as for imagine, an arrest was made about 15 minutes-30 minutes ago. as we mentioned. the sheer number of the oakland police officers that were in on and this have a basically decided that they are going to overwhelm frank ogawa plaza and the protesters that is exactly what they have done. for the most part many are out here
9:32 am
still. >>mark: jackie, thank you. a bit more calm. >>reporter: yes. we are looking at five hours ago this is how it went down. it was very quiet for earlier. however, off 45 minutes ago we saw some protesters the near abroad will/14 to. there were taunting police. near broadway/14 at that point the police made significant changes by moving and swiftly. arrests were made. protesters started stopping traffic. at that point the police decided that they had had enough and moved into broadway. they reopen to broadway. since then it has been
9:33 am
pretty quiet. we have seen a police walking around but for the most part it has been quiet. >>daria: where are the protesters going to demonstrate? the police have given them very little area. >>reporter: i can tell you they're not going to go back to frank a ogawa plaza. you saw video. that place is a disaster. it's a are going to move into that plaza and go through that entire thing and move out. perhaps they think that is a security issue in the one to make sure that that area is secure. where will those protesters go? that is a good question. most of the protesters have been arrested. perhaps they are addressing that right now with the meeting taking place in
9:34 am
the city hall with city officials and the police. >>daria: thank you, jackie. adjusting? >>reporter: new information from the poli--and advisement has ben sent out for city employees. they should be reporting to work in the next 30 minutes and abroad 10:00 p.m. please be ard by 10:00 a.m. and would save the issues they do not want you to enter frank ogawa plaza. again, city workers are requested to our drive to work by 10:00 a.m. also to bring your identification. and any other downtown employee can also report to work later to alleviate congestion.
9:35 am
>> this is also persa person tht has been a arrested. this was from earlier. when they pull him up you can see that his face is bloody. on the ground police are making arrests. the police press conference with the police chief and other foreig--you can see as this guy stands up. part of his face is bloody. that is a bit more of a dramatic piece of a video. >>mark: thank you. and also watching the traffic throughout this morning. >>george: ground zero is considered 14th/broadway and area to avoid. that is still
9:36 am
closed. most impacted streets have been franklin, clay, 14, 15, 16, at city hall, for go-go plaza and for a while snow park and as i mentioned i cannot stress enough to avoid 14th/broadway. the buildings surrounding frank ogawa plaza, city plows of, city hall are closed to the plot--city hall is also closed. the plaza will also remain closed. if this is due to health concerns. public transportation is also being rerouted. we do not know when those losses will be sent back into that area. you can go kron 4 facebook fan page or to the public transportation website.
9:37 am
and other areas, hardly any delays or backup for the westbound a bridge. the san mateo is not quite as light but it is easing up a bit. the ride to the golden gate bridge is quiet and problem-free all morning long record 9:37 more continuing coverage whe the kron 4 morning news returns.
9:38 am
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>>mark: welcome back. breaking news. the aftermath of the occupy oakland movement as police moved in and removed everybody from frank ogawa plaza. following up from an eviction notice that were signed on friday. the fire department removed propane tanks, cooking oil, yesterday. the police are arrived in full force at 4:00 a.m. are run for:30
9:41 am
>>daria: they far outnumber the protesters this morning at 4:30 and have a arrested several demonstrators from frank ogawa plaza. very few put up a struggle they pretty much just loaded them, processed them and still in the process of cleaning up the frank ogawa plaza. they are still in the process of maintaining the peace in downtown oakland. streets are closed. some protesters are still trying to gather. >>mark: we will keep you updated and also a san francisco store with president obama are arriving for a campaign fund- raising event. he is campaigning for his jobs bill. he is campaigning for his presidential election. he is arriving at 12:45 at the " w " hotel. the hotel will host his
9:42 am
fund-raiser. magic johnson is scheduled to be a guest speaker. the san francisco streets are scheduled to be closed referred to as 'obamajam'these closures of these streets will call in from allow them:a 30-3:00 p.m. >>daria: keep posted with 11:30 -3:00 p.m. more with developing news coming up. ♪
9:43 am
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9:45 am
>>mark: welcome back. oakland
9:46 am
police are cracking down on protesters in oakland. >>daria: they went into frank ogawa plaza and dismantling a temporary shelters and even of arrested protesters using plastic handcuffs. 75 arrests were made. the police presence was greatly outnumbered. --the protesters were greatly outnumbered by the sheer amount of police from oakland. jack >>mark: he has been providing coverage says 4:30 a.m. >>reporter: correct good morning, marc. 14th/broadway has been grounded zero. now, the police have pulled back a bit. and the protesters have died down a bit. >>daria: doesn't look like the
9:47 am
demonstrators are try to hold a demonstration as it or does it look like they're trying to hold a demonstration? >>reporter: not really, daria. it does not look very organized. as i mentioned, there are pockets of protesters. they are still trying to antagonize officers on the other side of the barricade. however, the police have left of sense about 30 minutes ago. >>mark: any activity in for a go-go plaza? >>reporter: let me give you a shot of the frank ogawa plaza-- you can see the mayhem. the items left from the protesters is numerous and there is everything from bicycles, food. it is as if it is a small, a tent city. they had a library.
9:48 am
they had a first aid station. with nearly 150 people at one point. there is a lot of clean up. chief jordan did a tour about one hour ago. he spoke to police officers. they want to get a sense of how everything went down and if there was anything that would be perhaps modified if they had to do it again. now however, it is quiet. the police will remain. they wanted to make sure that what ever happens they will have enough people to react. >>daria: tent city hall or those people supposed to get their stuff back?--will those people be able to get the items back? >>reporter: they are addressing
9:49 am
that right now in a meeting. there are personal items. the department of public works will come out and collect everything. presumably they will be put into a location where people can come in and collect. look! tons of stuff. it is going to take a while for them to clean it up. once these protesters are released a will for be provided eighth location to retrieve information. >>mark: the press conference is saying that 75 arrests have been made. tear gas was used. beanbag bullets were used. mayor jean quan was not at the press conference she is in washington d.c.. she is lobbying for funding for oakland. >>daria: the police will credit
9:50 am
the great numbers because really, they outnumbered and doubled and tripled the police and protesters. really, they have had no problems keeping control of the situation. >>mark: the protesters did not make much of a fal up for. only at one point was there a been ba >>daria: 14th/broadway how is the looking george? >>george: at one. it was closed and intermittently it is going to still be closed. we are revising commuters to avoid ground 0/14th and broadway and snow park. >>louisa tents will be in the 's
9:51 am
and '70s. 70's in los gatos, morgan hill and pretty chilly for half moon bay. 63-67 through oakland. warmer temperatures are still in a tight range temperatures--6 season 70's. 70's still seems to be common in novado, vallejo. switching gears, let me remind you that a red flag warning is in place at 10:00 p.m. and all the way until 6:00 a.m. thursday. that means that when speeds will be between 50 m.p.h.-20 m.p.h. with wind speeds between 15 m.p.h.-20 m.p.h.. that combination of a high fire danger will be in place for the east bay hills. lots of changes! starting today, a cool down with dry, windy conditions as we go towards wednesday and thursday. thursday afternoon, that sunshine will return with temperatures in the
9:52 am
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aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ >>daria: and 9:56 breaking news and team coverage has been the occupy oakland protests. 75 protesters have been are arrested. tent city has been torn down from a french ogawa plaza. >>mark: they have been there since the beginning of october since frank--ogawa plaza will be reclaimed by the city. the fire department has moved in yesterday's removing oil, cooking propane tanks. this
9:57 am
morning, they moved in at 4:45 using tear gas and beanbag bullets. 75 arrests. no injuries from the police officers. this was a rather peaceful arrest. the 12th st. bart station was closed at one point. >>daria: state to estate to end, still a big police presence in thquestion is will they be allod back into frank ogawa plaza up and called it will collect their items. president barack obama will be in san francisco with
9:58 am
street closures. " to our website for that. stay tuned, dr. phil is coming up, next. >>daria: have a great day. ♪
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