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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  October 27, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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are densely populated areas. the city of hayward is right on the fault line. else garrido is a little to
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the left.--el cerrito is a little to the left. computer keyboard on my desk started rattling and i yelled at the cat to get off the computer. it was not the cat was a magnitude 3.6 earthquake on the hayward fault like we saw last thursday. the event this morning is an aftershock to last thursday. so all of this activity is an aftershock sequence. we have been seeing activity in this area over the last 30 in 40 years. here are the hills above berkeley. now we will drop down into the crust.
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the activity that has occurred in the last week had all been down around eight, or 9 km. they are right on the trace of the hayward fault. that is what has a little more concerned because it is on the fault and not off. we have seen these old clusters a lot of them along this area in hayward. so far none of them have led to anything big. at some point we will have the big one. it may just go bang without any warning to let us know is coming. >>pam: this earthquake hit in berkeley close to the uc campus at memorial stadium. kron4 dan kerman explains.
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>>reporter: the morning earthquake rumbled many out of a sound sleep. >> i was on the top bunk and i almost fell out of my bunk bed, but i caught myself it was pretty funny. >>reporter: some people did not feel a thing. >> i did not notice it until in the morning and people were talking about and i thought to myself oh yea there was one. >>reporter: most of the people that live in this hall are freshmen and some are experiencing their first earthquake. now they have a couple to compare. >> we're pretty close to the fault line, that worries me a little bit but i think it should be ok. this thing
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has been up for 100 years or whatever so it should be fine right? >>reporter: uc officials tell us that the building bow well during both incidents. that is interesting because the building was built more than 100 years ago and is not to rethink old. >>pam: in case you missed it, we want to show you what it was like on the air. >> darya: there goes an earthquake. we will go to our newsroom and tell you what that was. when we have an earthquake never have i felt one here in the studio, usually in the newsroom, but i mean this was very loud and all of the sec made a squeaking sound. and just for a second there was a
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quick jolt. >>james: pour director paul who lives in the oakland hills is no stranger to earthquakes. >> i felt about two seconds before he said anything, i felt a jolt i am down here in city hall. and sometimes you think maybe it is the ground shaking from the bart, but i definitely was an earthquake. >>jacqueline: we definitely phillip-- >>justine: we definitely felt it from the newsroom. >>erica: my heart is beating fast i was here to do a news report and then the lights start--started shaking so i quickly jump out of the weight.--out of the way. >>pam: the occupy protests
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continue in oakland. on the left side of your screen you can see protesters peacefully demonstrating on the right, you can see the reemergence of the encampment an obvious sign that the protest is no work closely ending in the hearts and minds of the people that are there. charles clifford joins us live with a look of the situation right now. >>reporter: right now we are live in franklin plaza and oakland city hall. now this area was all closed off and the protesters wore on 14th and broadway and people were driving by and honking their horns. today they have all moved over here into the plaza. there was a fence around the plaza but it got torn down. if you take a look you can see that there is about 150 people gathered here. more have been trickling in this afternoon. there are about a dozen tents. we have a few dogs and a couple of kids
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out here. everything is calm and peaceful. there is not much chanting. city hall is open, people were going in and out of there. the police chief was not talking to the media. he said he was going in for some meetings. we do not know things will escalate this evening. it has been about 6:00 p.m. since the bulk of the protesters were showing up. we will stay here until 5:30 p.m. and then 60 am and have the very latest for you at 8:00 p.m.. >>pam: he mentioned the parking area at the plaza is once again open to the public today. protesters and nine protesters in joy in having access to the grass in that area. but as hazzig manyud shows you, the access was temporarily closed off by a fence that was put in place by the city. >>reporter: within 24 hours a new fence that was built
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around the plaza in oakland went from this, to this. then this is some kind of artistic structure erected by those same people that dismantled the fan's the night before. then it was torn down again by oakland public works city employees. as defense comes down the tents go back up. they ejected protesters from the area due to health and safety concerns. health and safety concerns aside, this protester explains why was imported to bring the fans down. >> the public is sick of being locked out of public places. >>pam: occupies then francisco protesters at justin herman plaza had a
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more peaceful night than they expected. in this video it looks as though the police are gearing up for a raid, but that did not materialize. we spoke with the police chief and the mayor about what happened. >>reporter: you can see shots that we saw on twitter. this is officers around 18 m one muni buses. it happened at two locations at the foot of the hill and treasure island. now this is the large crowd that gathered in support of the occupy sf campsite they were anticipating a raid by the police. that is because the mayor said the campsite would be cleared out very soon. the police never showed up, the chiefs said what the officers were doing was training for the day that they are needed to help to clear the plaza.
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>> there are contingency plans in place to go in and assist the agencies charged with public health and fire responsibilities, animal care and control. and going forward it literally at a moment's notice, we tested those plans last night. >>reporter: they were also paging just in case the offices needed to go east to oakland or if the protesters came to san francisco. >> they thought that there would be hundreds of people coming from oakland to san francisco. so they were trying to get ready for that particular activity because we did not know what exactly was going to happen. [music] >>jacqueline: gorgeous weather out there today sunny skies and mild temperatures. it was chilly this morning the we have rebounded nicely. as we head into the overnight hours, it will once again cool the
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temperatures will be in the '30's and '40's. tomorrow is a nice day, it will be a little bit warmer in some spots. we will take a licking your extended forecast and your halloween forecast coming up. >>pam: our coverage of the occupy oakland protest continues. the family of the iraq war veteran will speak out for the very first time. stay with us, more news ahead.
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racal catherine pama, w >>catherine: wall street investors were not the only ones getting rich. the markets were up all around the world. this was all
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because of what these people did. the leaders of europe agreed to give little deeper to help greece. the country has run up nearly half a trillion dollars in debt. after an all-night session the eu and leaders decided to wipe out half of the tens of billions that they owe to the banks. >> europe will do what it takes to safeguard financial stability. >>catherine: for the greeks, this could mean more political instability. these scenes showed a violent protests after the government now more cuts in social services and pensions and more tax increases. >>catherine: the government still has to put the latest dexterity measures into effect. remember several other european countries like portugal and italy have their own debt problems. last week in national news
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we told about the exotic animals released by their owner before he committed suicide. there is now some legal wrangling over where they should go next. only a few animals survive this water when the deputy shot them. the animals have been at the columbus zoo but the owners will want them back. authorities did not want that to happen. they say the animals will stay at the zoo under quarantine for a while. state workers were concerned about the unsanitary conditions at the farm where they had previously lived. now they have been looking for a missing one year old girl named baby lisa they got a tip to look here today the child has been missing for more than three weeks now. her father reported her missing when he came home from work in the middle of the night to find her crib empty. her mother admitted that she was drunk at the time but that has nothing to do with the case and she says. fall has started, but it looks like a winter in northern texas. this is
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amarillo, people woke up to this scene this morning. roughly 3 in. of snow fell. forecasters say that temperatures will be back in the fifties tomorrow in the mid-60s on saturday peripatetic >>jacqueline: meanwhile we are enjoying a nice weather locally. this is a look from our roof camera with sunny skies and mild temperatures. as we head into tomorrow much of the same is expected. we will rebound into the '70s for most of the bay area by the afternoon. on saturday will be in the '70s and cooling down little bit in the evening. a look at the morning temperatures for tomorrow it is going to be quite chilly. take a look.
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>>jacqueline: as for the afternoon high temperatures will be and other nice day tomorrow. we have '70's in the south bay, and in our inland valleys the temperatures are also in the upper '70's. we are mainly in the '70s for these bayshores. we have '60s and '70s for the peninsula and upper 60 for a number of our coastal locations tomorrow. >>jacqueline: it will be a great day on halloween, in the evening it will be a little cool, but by 6:00 p.m. and if you start to head out by this time
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temperatures will be in the '60s in the bay area by 8:00 p.m. temperatures will cool down into the fifties. we will start to see some changes and are whether towards the end of next week. we will have more sea breeze winds that means more fog especially along the coast. >>pam: we have a medium traffic northbound and southbound on the golden gate bridge. and the san mateo bridge, the right side of your screen west bound traffic is not too bad right now. we will be back with much more news to come.
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>>pam: in union square in the 300 block of geary street one man distracted a
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at the occupy oakland encampment. we will go back live to the plaza where charles clifford is monitoring the situation. >>reporter: we are live right in front of oakland city hall. as you said the protesters have moved back into the plaza. about 20 minutes ago they had been rallying at the amphitheater and talk about what happened last night in the night before. they also talked about where they wanted to go from here. if you look behind the oak tree, there are a dozen tents that are set up. a few of those
5:30 pm
reappeared after the oakland city police went through and clear them out. here in the last 45 minutes to an hour more people have started showing up. we do not know if there will be more people coming in. usually about 6:00 p.m. is when the bulk of the protesters have showed up. but everything is extremely peaceful they have been sitting there quietly listening to the speaker's. but there is none of that energy that we saw with in the last couple of days. we do not know if it will escalate beyond this it seems to be going very well. it is very peaceful. will be here until 6:00 p.m. and then 8:00 p.m. this evening to bring you the latest on what is happening here. >>kimberlee: the oakland mayor jean kron is facing heavy criticism for the way that the police department dealt with the protesters on tuesday. check out their
5:31 pm
decision to use tear gas on demonstrators. >> khmer kwan, is this your city? is this how you plan on treating citizens in the united states? stop the police brutality. protect the rights of the citizens of oakland. >>kimberlee: you may remember that she said her input was limited. calling for rat action
5:32 pm
from the mayor, but we will show you who else is asking for a response from the mayor. now this group that writes and sings their own protest songs were in oakland tuesday before the protest with the oakland police. >> i still feel that the international support for the peaceful uprising will prevail. i think it is very unfortunate decisions on part of the oakland administration to do with they did. it is not the first time something like this has happened to people who are organizing for a better world. i think that this is my response, this is our response. [music] >>pam: the group plans on returning to open as the process continues. we encourage you to stay with kron4 as we continue the
5:33 pm
occupy protesters coverage around the bay area. we have the latest information on our web site and we will like you to share your photographs, videos and opinions with us. school board officials have voted to close five elementary schools. here's a look at the campuses that are set to close at the part of a restructuring plan that also includes consolidating several high schools into to.--into 2. some parents say they do not think this was the right choice at all. >> i will have to find a school that is a little farther from where we live. >> i do not think this is a good idea is a neighborhood school with smaller classes. >> i did not expect them to listen to us because the indication from the beginning was that they had already made up their minds.
5:34 pm
>> instead of going to improve the schools those who were members voted to close the school and affect the public education. >>pam: remember the man accused of stealing a picasso piece of art in san francisco? he pleaded guilty today. mark lugo stole the drawing last july. it was worth a quarter of million dollars he is suspected in a string of art thefts along the east coast. >>jacqueline: it is still pretty now this evening in the '70s throughout most of the bay area. temperatures
5:35 pm
are up and down this afternoon just depending on where you are. his warmer in san francisco, redwood city and oakland, it is cooler and a bottle and concord and mountain view. as we head into tomorrow afternoon we expect to see temperatures a little bit warmer but we will start today with chilly conditions very similar to today with the temperatures and 30 and 40. by noon, we will have mild conditions expected it will be pleasantly with plenty of sunshine. we will take indicate your temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood coming up. >>catherine: the death toll from the earthquake in turkey now stands at 534. incredibly they are considering--continuing to find survivors. just a few hours ago a 12 year old was found alive we do not know yet if it was a boy, or a
5:36 pm
girl. earlier they found this man under some level-- the rubble of a building for days after the earthquake. he was very dehydrated, he was taking classes in the area hardest hit by the earthquake. but for every story like this hundreds have been found dead. family members are marking the graves of the only way they can stone or a few flowers.
5:37 pm
>>catherine: of one of the bright spot is the baby that reunited him as easily mother in a hospital--she was reunited with her over georgia mother in a hospital. both of them are doing well. there are also plans to put up some prefab housing but that is something that could take weeks. families in the flooded outskirts of bangkok are bracing for the highest water levels yet. they are being urged to get out. people are trying to carry on but they know things could get a lot worse here. most of the 9 million people that live in bangkok are staying put to protect their homes. flooding in thailand has killed more than 373
5:38 pm
people. torrential rain has caused flooding and mudslides in italy. you see the cars have been banged around by the rivers. schools are closed, streets are flooded and the trains are not running. at least five people have been killed. in israel man has been returned home after being held in egypt as a spy. israel has denied that he was a spy. the government agreed to swap 25 egyptian prisoners for his release. they had been held on charges like smuggling and drug possession but egypt said that most of them were political prisoners. spot >> --stanley >> this is an employee from marin general smoking near a
5:39 pm
public work place. moran hospital has put up find aideed ever were. even the place that people used to smoke have no-smoking signs. people seem to be ignoring the signs all together. i am told that made its workers are always cleaning up the cigarette butts every day. but some hospital workers have found a loophole around the smoking ban all because of this road. this split part of the campus. this they then were some workers come to smoke the problem is they leave the cigarette butts everywhere and residents complained that the smoke drifts into their homes. i can see how this could be an issue. however, shortly after the hospital found out that i was looking into the problem a marin county van appeared. i thought they were out there for a smoke
5:40 pm
break, but it turns out they were adding a new sign asking employees not to smoke in that area out of courtesy to the neighbors. that was easy. at marin general i am stanley roberts with kron4 news. i couldn't afford my health insurance anymore
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>>catherine: the stocks really did have a big day. rob black is here is and we will talk about the s&p. rob black. this is the biggest months since 1974. the european situation finally got some relief yesterday. so we are good, we can take the fear off. 14 percent in
5:44 pm
one month is ridiculous. one month ago we were talking about recession. one month later it is glorious. >>catherine: the fear of a double dip is gone. >>rob black: we will stay with those for now. november typically is the best month of the year. december is usually the second-best month of the year. it is the end of the year, you have budget flushes. it should be a good year. the november 23rd super congress is the one thing luening. >>catherine: they do not seem to be coming together pretty fast with any
5:45 pm
suggestions? rob black >> we just need to make faster decisions. >>catherine: could look on that. they are not even close. now another winter is h-p. you say they will keep their computer decision. >>rob black: it is probably smart because people will still buy it on occasion it will help to keep the brand out a little bit more. they're not quite ready to become ibm junior. i am ok with it because it keeps it jobs at h-p. but it is not that much of a winner. who wants a pc? i won a tablet, i want an ipad. >>catherine: you see the humor and fewer people walking around with a
5:46 pm
laptop. now the proposal to overhaul california's pensions... >>rob black: trying to turn employees into a 401k plan i think is good. trying to this of out buying credit over the years this is a genius. this is common sense. see you later. >>jacqueline: a couple live look outside, the first is from the golden gate bridge. we have clear seskies. the temperatures will drop off because of the clear skies and calm wind overnight.
5:47 pm
temperatures will be a little bit warmer out there tomorrow in the upper '70's for most locations. here is a look at temperatures for tomorrow morning. this morning it was quite chilly especially in the north bay we have a lot of 30 is up there tomorrow morning will be the same. it will be 42 degrees in fairfield. we will start to see a little more seabury's wind coming back tomorrow. that will help to regulate the temperatures overnight. we have temperatures in the '70s down in the south bay. >>jacqueline: we also have upper '70's for our inland valleys and so it is warmer here as well. we have '60s and '70s for the east bayshores. mainly in the low
5:48 pm
'70s. it is a nice day along the coast tomorrow, temperatures in the upper 60 for many locations and in the upper '70's in the north bay. here is a look your extended forecast. we have not the weather--we have nice weather all the way through the weekend. the mild temperatures continue on saturday, sunday and monday. >>kimberlee: i am here with today's edition of take a look at this. a woman led the police on a chase of 120 mi. per hour when the 28 year old that i the car officers were in for a big surprise she was topless wearing only tissues and a small piece of underwear. with the-camera rolling the woman was handcuffed.
5:49 pm
officers said that she was extremely combative she extremely and repeatedly keep the cars back window. she faces multiple charges. let us go ahead and take the next video, some count wranglers in indiana had their hands full after a truck carrying about 100 cattled overturned. it took them about three hours troops--to collect all the cows. only three cows died in the accident. the truck driver was taken to hospital to be checked out. take a lick of this, the first person to have a smart phone in their prosthetic arm. he set out--he sought
5:50 pm
help with nokia in making something specific for him. he says making calls is so much easier to do now. >>reporter: this is a large fire near las angeles california. we can see crews battling this. it is a three story apartment complex that was under construction. this is in carson california. fortunately there are no injuries obviously the fact that this was not have it helps that col. we can see fire trucks all over. this is near city hall. crews are working to put this out in carson we will keep you posted.
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oakland, protesters are standing their ground again. >> khmer kwan is left with two choices >>pam: you saw him being carried away with blood coming from his head tonight the iraqi war veterans family and friends the cow. --speak out.
6:01 pm
>>pam: are big story tonight returned outside oakland city hall. you can see in the video that things are very peaceful. the mayor's office says the the city meter will be joining the protesters tonight. today's atmosphere is a far cry from two nights ago. that is when the police used teargas and grenades to force protesters out of their encampment. demonstrators said that they would return. we have a look at what is happening now. >>reporter: compared to the last couple of days things are extremely peaceful in the plaza. they're having a general assembly behind me and they're listening to speakers talking about where they go from here and moving
6:02 pm
forward. they're talking about a strike that may be held next week. and the mayor may come out and speak about 6:00 p.m. we are keeping an eye out to see if that happens. the occupy oakland people are not too happy with her or the city after would have no the last couple of days. but the franco girl plaza--but the plaza has been we opened in jeff bush shows us what happened there. >>reporter: to date are running the protesters out of the plaza they were back with a tense and determination to stay. a new food distribution tent was set up and people were sitting around trying to figure out what to do next. cory was at the san francisco protest but decided to move to oakland to than his support. >> i was there since the 327. then i came here for
6:03 pm
the big march. i expect the camp to be full again in a couple of hours maybe even less. >>reporter: so that is what you heard, people will start setting up tonight? >> is exponential growth, we had to attend a few hours ago and now we have what, 12? we will definitely fill up tonight. >>reporter: cory and the others say that they're in it for the long haul. >> this is an occupation, we have to camp. >>reporter: the city has been unclear in its dealing with the protesters. it is unclear if protesters tents will be removed or not. >>pam: there are new details about the iraqi war veteran that was injured the other night. scott olson had to be carried away after a projectile hit him in the head and fractured his
6:04 pm
skull. today his condition has been upgraded to fair, doctors say they he is now able to read on his own. his family is reportedly heading this way. we have a new pictures of him before he made the headlines during the protest. grant lodes is here with a look at those. >>reporter: this is just going to fuel the anchor of occupy protesters nationwide who think that got olson was wrongly injured. take a look, we have slowed the video down that is caught -- scott olsen right there. he is standing next to the man waving the flag. and there he is standing, the masses behind him are chanting and he is not even chanting he appears to be protesting peacefully and silently. he is pretty much motion this. you can understand why the
6:05 pm
occupy protesters across the country are holding vigils in his honor. >>pam: the occupy oakland protesters have gained national media attention and have put the mayor under heavy fire. we want to check it with j.r. stone for the latest. >>reporter: i am outside highland general hospital. as to what i am doing now here they had a press conference talking about scott olson and some of his injuries and how he is doing right now. they have upgraded his condition to fear. that is the good news. the city can move, he can sense think and communicate. the only thing that he cannot do at this point is talk to people. dr. spoke about his condition and this is what they had to say. >> he actually can communicate he can make signs and right he clearly understands what we are saying. it is a huge neurological improvement over what he was when he got
6:06 pm
here but he is still having trouble articulating words. right now that portion of his brain is not functioning well as his ability to speak. other than that he is functioning fine. we can communicate with him, his parents communicate with him. >>reporter: i can tell you that his parents are in town they came from wisconsin just outside of madison. they are not speaking with the media. the only other person that came to see him other than family members is mayor gene qwan she said she was sorry this happened in the work to see how this happened and something will be done about it. there are the a number of candles set up in the area for the
6:07 pm
vigil in oakland. they say a lot of his family members and friends could be there but at this point we have not spoken with any of those people. >>pam: the stoc--scott olson story and the occupy oakland protest has put a harsh light on the mayor. >> the mayor of any city is now on the front line for the cops and not everything they do can be laid at their feet. but one night of peaceful protesters executing their rights and not laws made for the cops and why the cops. if they are attacked with tear gas and rubber bullets and her only, is to commend it the police chief with the generally peaceful actions.
6:08 pm
she is endorsing this irresponsibility for what ever had it been out of control police officers have. the mayor has two choices as she can dismiss the acting chief and protest without harassment or having betrayed everything sheet support it and all those that have supported her she must resign. >>pam: we wanted to hear what the mayor had to say about keep oberland's stinging comments. she was criticized by other national commentators, the mayor who was under a recall threat has faced increasing criticism about the occupy protest. as teresa estacio found out today she was not interested talking about the controversy. >>reporter: here in oakland
6:09 pm
at the hall i try for hours to get in touch with mayor gene qwan was nowhere to be seen. >>reporter: this is her in the past at a news conference. when questioned about the incidents that happened at the local prime--at the oakland protest she did not have much
6:10 pm
effect. then she said that she was open to discussion. and then later there were these comments made. >> and we will have to take this situation day by day. >>reporter: in addition to trying to talk to the mayor, i also submit questions via e-mail to get clarification on her comments and the police actions but that went unanswered as well. >>pam: today the mayor of san francisco spoke to reporters about his plans to getting the tense taken down in justin herman plaza. it has been two weeks to the demonstrators moved in there currently there are more than 60 tents in that area. while the mayor says he is not backing down on the comments that he made yesterday he expects the city to enforce the laws prohibiting overnight
6:11 pm
camping soon. today he did say that they are trying to work with the demonstrators. >> we are emphasizing public health issues. we want to make sure that the public health if queen and we want to be supportive-- public health is clean and we want to be supportive of their first amendment rights. we have been very patient in sending the messages to occupy as f those at justin herman plaza. we still want you to comply, you have to help us clean up. you have to help us do the kind of thing that we need to do to make sure
6:12 pm
that place is safe for everybody. if they say they want to be responsible in making sure that place is clean let us start working with them one step one. i think you saw some additional port of bodies that were not the city's expenses that signal that the --some people want to take action to resolve some of the health issues. >>pam: merely is meeting with city supervisors and others to help try and open up the lines of communication with the occupy protesters. >>jacqueline: we will have a look at your weekend forecast and next week's weather coming up.
6:13 pm
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[music] >>jacqueline: we had another very nice day around the bay
6:20 pm
area with temperatures in the '70s. we will keep the very nice weather with us through the weekends. temperatures are widespread in the '70s. we will start tomorrow with chilly conditions in the '30's and 40's and we will rebound nicely into saturday afternoon. tomorrow morning the low temperatures are very chilly again. we have 30 to up in the north bay and we will see widespread thirties' closer to the golden gate. it is a little war in san francisco tomorrow morning thank to the sea breeze. we have a chilly start to the day but mild in the afternoon again. it will be ranging in the '70s and high 60s.
6:21 pm
taking a the pay your halloween forecast for monday this will be in other nice day as you head out to your tracker treating the temperatures will be in the 60 them cooling back to the '50s in most locations by 8:00 p.m.. here is a look at your extended forecast. stay with us, we will be back after this. [ female announcer ] what makes jcpfastcash so exciting? it's like extra cash you earn in an instant. earn 10, 20, or $30 jcpfastcash right at the register.
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>>reporter: did fire in carson is near city hall. right now they're trying to keep it from spreading. they have been battling this mostly in daylight but as you can see it is getting dark. fortunately the winds are low so the fire is not spreading as fast as it might when there are high winds. we will keep you posted and will be right back. california should be proud.
6:26 pm
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6:28 pm
been a year old that was trapped under the rubble from an earthquake in turkey. his amazing story and how he managed to survive. >>pam: 5 oakland schools will be shutdown what parents have to say about it coming up.
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>>reporter: in oakland the i recce war veteran that was injured on tuesday night
6:31 pm
when the police fired tear gas into the crowd is now in fair condition here at higher than general hospital in hallie account. reporting locally i am j.r. stone with kron4 news. >>reporter: mayor jean quan is facing criticism for her role and the police actions trying to clear out the occupy oakland protesters. mayor quan has always called herself a mirror of the people but were recently asked if she authorize the clearing out of protesters she only gave a vague answers. i tried talking with her to get clarification on her position that she was nowhere to be seen. her press person said that she is unavailable and too busy in closed-door meetings. in oakland i am teresa estacio with kron4 news. >>reporter: continuing our coverage in oakland, 48 hours after the city removed
6:32 pm
protesters from the grass behind the plaza as you can see it has been reoccupied that is after some protesters dismantled a fence that was erected by the city to keep people off of the grass for health and safety reasons. in oakland i am hazzig manyud with kron4 news. >>reporter: the occupy can't is rebuilding in oakland just two days after the police came in and broken down. the city's plan to make the occupation go away is a failure. police say they're determined to say-- protesters say they're determined to stay will keep coming back if removed. the police tactics on tuesday clearly did not work. in oakland i am jeff bush with kron4 news. >>reporter: this and a long day for people that work around frank ogawa plaza. doctors' offices say that patients have been reluctant to come in for appointments.
6:33 pm
the offices have closed down early in the past few days is concerned--concern of safety for their customers. in oakland i am charles clifford with kron4 news. >>kimberlee: documentary filmmaker michael moore said he is getting involved with the occupy movement. today he sent out a tweet that read the following. >>kimberlee: the protests have captivated the attention of several other celebrities and talk show host. >>reporter: in san francisco occupy sf protesters are breathing a sigh of relief after a clash with police failed to happen. there were many
6:34 pm
pictures on twitter of the police mobilizing. maureen kelly with kron4 news. >>reporter: here in menlo city, we are looking at the earthquake that took place today on the hayward fault. the experts say this is not an indication of a larger earthquake any time soon they say the historical data reminds us that there they 30 percent chance of a 6.8 magnitude or greater earthquake striking somewhere along the hayward fault in the next 30 years. i and rob fladeboe with kron4 news. >>reporter: on the uc- berkeley campus, the tall is the close is building on the epicenter of the earthquake. it was basically centered often the trees somewhere. some students live here--students who live
6:35 pm
here at this hall say that they were taken off guard by the earthquake. me o--many of them are freshmen and this is their first experience with an earthquake. >>jacqueline: taking a look at our temperatures today. we started out in 38 in a bottle, we are warming up to 72 and 76 by 4:00 p.m.. our overnight lows are as follows. tomorrow afternoon will be in the upper '70's and here is a look at your extended forecast. all the way into the weekend and
6:36 pm
into next week the temperatures are looking great. i am kimberlee sakamoto with your tech talk headlines. research in motion facing two lawsuits from unhappy blackberry owners. they offered users free applications as a peace offering but that was not enough. two separate suits have been filed in the u.s. and canada. the class action suit seeks damages for breach of contract, and negligence on their part. it left millions of new users in europe, the middle east and africa and america and able to receive e-mails and messages. for the first time in three decades nintendo is reporting a loss. that is about $263 million. the
6:37 pm
company admitted that field of the nintendo b.s. hardware and 3d as software were weaker than expected. facebook is announcing plans to build a giant datacenter in sweden. the data center is expected to cost about $750 million. they said they chose this particular site be coz this side because the cool temperatures will mean less power usage. but they are getting a lot of criticism over this. we will be back after this break.
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>>catherine: in turkey, there is a growing number of graves on the outskirts of town. family members are marking them the only way they can right now with stone or a few flowers. one of the most highly prized relief items is a simple to end. thousands of people are homeless and there are not enough of these to go around. it does not help that the weather has been miserable and bitterly cold with the rain and snow. at least more supplies are reaching survivors but there
6:42 pm
have been problems. some of the trucks carrying food and tents have been booted even before reaching their destinations. one of the bright spots is the baby who was rescued this week. today the 16 day old girl was reunited with her overjoyed mother in the hospital. both of them are doing well. >>catherine: people were lucky enough to get a can't are crowding into them. the children look happy sometimes too, are three families are sharing tents. more are being shipped in by other countries. there are a lot of plans to put up prefab housing but that could take weeks. >>pam: coming next gary is joined by the 49ers coach of the week for in the high school football. remarkably attorneys for the dodgers say that bryan stow may be partially to blame in a beating that left him in a coma on opening day. gary has that story coming up.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
>>gary: good evening everybody the bryan stow situation is not only tragic but now the attorneys are heavily involved. lear's for the dodgers and the owners have filed a civil complaint saying that the two men charged with beating the giants fan should be held liable in the attack not mccord or the dodgers. the lawyer, one of them at drone at jackson said he has been doing cases like these for 23 years and has never seen one that did not taken least two people to tango. in other words he is saying that bryan stow should also be held accountable. if bryan stow is found 15% liable he will be forced to pay 15 percent of the damages the estimated price tag on his care for the remainder of his life is anywhere from 30 to $50 million. game 6 of the world series is in motion right now. texas has three in st. louis has three. after one
6:47 pm
week off the 49ers are back to business on sunday hosting the cleveland browns. >> we have to make plays. they give you the opportunity to mess up and what i mean by that issue yourself in the foot. we have to make sure that we do not do that. >> are we good enough to keep doing it, are we tough enough? are we disciplined enough in our study habits? are we smart enough? >> right now it's time where we separate ourselves from other teams and we have to continue to press forward and not let up. >>gary: for the first time in the nba labor negotiation there seems to be truly positive news. >> i think it is still too early in the negotiations to express confidence that we're at a deal. there is no question that we have made progress on some significant issues. >> we will continue to work through as long as we
6:48 pm
possibly can as hard as we possibly can to see if we can get a deal done. but we will not get ahead of ourselves at this point. >>gary: of lot of this is speculation. the young fellow for sports illustrated named chris maddox says they could be settled by this weekend. i think these guys are bright guys. they have a tendency to say the players are greedy and stupid and the owners are greedy and stupid. these guys do not get where they are by being stupid. i think they're smart enough to look around and say the you think anyone in the economy, maybe today with the dow jones up so high but most every day, people working one and two jobs do you think anyone will feel sorry for these guys? i think they will get it done now is sure sounds like it. that will be good. and jackie, i am sorry to say when you walked by him or i sweet, we will be watching violent--watching a
6:49 pm
volleyball. now pam, this is right up your alley. >>gary: and sports are at least headed in the right direction in regards to people that are responsible for the multibillion-dollar television contracts. the ncaa says that they will provide 2000 more dollars per year for the major sports athletes. that will cover the full cost of student athletes in football and basketball. that is where will go. 2000 at does not sound like much. i keep quoting pam, we both agree, maybe $25,000 to $50,000 per year. >>pam: used old that i did
6:50 pm
for me that was my idea. [laughter] >>gary: as i said you put $20,000,000.20 $5,000 away from them--a way for them each year in when they graduate they get a nice chunk of change. >>pam: how will you go with--how can you take away my idea? [laughter] >>gary: now watch this a 61 yd kick. i never have seen this and all of soccer. there it is. this is the university of san barbara. they be uc-davis 321. when we come back is coach of the week time period joe, i have
6:51 pm
to ask you, your win over galileo is 66 to 6. you poured it on and you did not ease up. >> it did not mean to happen it just kind of... >>gary: as i say pam, never rehearsed but some time is it you should. [laughter] >>gary: we will be back with joe in a moment.
6:52 pm
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6:55 pm
from the 49ers foundation joe's mission high school. now explain what happened, you said we did not poured one but if you hear a score like that 66 to 6 you think all my gosh! >> we had six turnovers, they fumbled the private airline there so many things. we only had to pass is the entire time. >>gary: and i didn't think i was kidding or did you think there was some jerk he yelling at me? >> i really did not know it was going on. [laughter] >>gary: now that is o.j. simpson kalmar, but what kind of keynesian having
6:56 pm
your program? >> we are building our program we have an average size key with a lot of steam. >>gary: here are some of the kids from mission team talking about their coach. >> coach has been harder on the team more, last year everything was like it part so the coach did everything he can to keep everything together. >> the confidence level was already up here and then shot through the roof. now we have to keep going. >>gary: who is next for you? >> washington high school there and--they are undefeated and they are defending champs. >>gary: pam, take a difficult old jail in. >>pam: he looks young. and
6:57 pm
>> i am about 44. >>gary: and you will be a dad next month. >> yes i will. >>gary: alright, we have joe from mission high and the are rolling, see you at 8:00 p.m..
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
ruth and bernie madoff's suicide attempt. her "60 minutes" shocker. >> but now, questions on whether she made the story up for sympathy. i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm brooke anderson. "the insider" is on. >> we decided to kill ourselves. i said i just can't go on anymore. i took pills. >> what did you take? >> i think ambien. >> do you believe the suicide story? >> "60 minutes" on the record. before ruth's bombshell new tell-all airs. >> how is she paying for her lifestyle now? >> she's got $2.5 million. >> we uncover where she is as barbara walters interviews bernie in prison. >> we spent two hours with him. >> i want to see where that goes. regis goes shirtless on live tv.


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